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  1. Wow IB, that ring is a real gem, pardon the pun. 👍 Awesome find, and smart. Going to attempt a water hunt myself tomorrow, praying the jellyfish aren't back yet. 😎 I'm going to be wearing quick dry shorts with zipper pockets. The less I carry into the water the better. 👍
  2. Thanks! This beach has crazy surprises, so it's worth the ransom I pay for nearby parking. Shame none of the earrings were better than costume jewelry. Almost ended up with a bagful of Hot Wheels, luckily I saw the woman take her kids to the bath house. I tossed a couple of toys where the kids were playing that I found. They just left all their stuff there. Oldest coin from this beach was an 1816 8 Maravedis copper, that was a shock. It was near a 1916 Libertad nickel from Cuba. ðŸĪ·â€â™‚ïļ
  3. Thanks DWerk, Even though some of our State Parks here have beaches, getting permission can be either expensive or non-existent, and where paid, not really worth it. This beach is about a mile to 2 miles, in some spaces very big, and others seemingly not worth it but it has been. I hear about and have seen others there but not regularly. I've found anything from old coins to tungsten rings, and even got two gold rings in one week. One time I got 4 or so dollar coins and a handful of quarters in one spot. It's a very odd place.
  4. Hmm, Virginia State Parks are tough nuts to crack. ðŸĪ” I guess you have some competition? Usually bouncy people = bouncy finds. I'm rarely disappointed at volleyball courts unless I see footprints going back and forth in the sand...
  5. Thanks Brad, On the Deus 2 nickels range from 61 to 65, older ones can be as low as 58. I've seen what I call "really fancy pull tabs" come in as high as 80, but usually they are 61 to 65. A half ring or twisted one will be lower, and the pleistocene rings are sometimes in the 40s. I'm just going to dig them all. The one benefit I enjoy with the Deus is its tonal variations, set up properly most aluminum has a distinct sound. This beach has its regular hunters and is a "bargain" beach for the most part. I've only hit gold in the water, and generally have to wear waders to get it because of all the jellyfish. The only other option is extreme low tides. I've been told by people down your way that I'm doing better than most, I guess the recent heat wave (and probably work) is keeping both beach goers and hunters alike at home. While I can always find something of interest at this beach, my next visit will be with every intention of a water hunt at least waist deep, the water in the river is a bit cold still so there may well be better stuff out there. Right now I'm not seeing any jellyfish.
  6. Thanks VL, I'm glad that you are looking at more time for recreation over vocation. Being retired is as good as one could imagine, I don't miss the daily routine of work at all, and I find myself busier now. My wife and I are getting on a bit in age, she doesn't like to have me gone for a long time these days. For some strange reason she enjoys my company, but sure doesn't mind the jewelry. ðŸĪ”
  7. Thanks RVP, It would have been a lot better if parking was free, it cost $3 an hour. ðŸŦĪ It's possible that the vendor was serving the pirate community, or that I am missing a new trend. ðŸĪ” ðŸī‍☠ïļ
  8. Finally got a chance to hit my local big beach after a trip to Myrtle Beach and the Outer Banks. My Myrtle Beach post is gone, and I haven't posted my Outer Banks trip. It was fun hitting many beaches in OBX, but not incredibly productive, other than finding one silver ring and a couple dollar coins. It's been a while since I posted anything, but it seems to be all good now. 🙂 Got up at 6am to get there by 8, it's an hour drive. I like getting there early because there is no one there. It's a really stony beach so I have to use my stainless scoop, didn't want to trash the titanium one there. I only hunted for 4 hours, it's getting pretty warm here. My first good target was a dime, about 8"+ down, the D2 really sounds off well on coins down to about a foot, you will get a faint high tone and the same ID as if it was closer. I love that. I'm using a pretty modified Beach Sensitive program. My next target surprised me, it was a mostly high 70s ID with some lower tones, it was in the wash where the river waves come in. If I get any good signal in the water I'll dig it, only skipping iron that sounds off in all directions. It turned out to be a silver bracelet chain, black from a long time in the water. It took 3 scoops to get it and my scoop is big, so it was pretty deep. Later on I was on the high beach, and started getting multiple signals in a small spot. There must have been an earring vendor there over the weekend, I ended up with 10 of them, all different except for a pair still on the card. Not surprising that the vendor may have dropped non matching stuff, but to find a brand new pair on the card was a win for both me and my wife who scoffed them up for 4 July. ðŸĪĢ Here's the haul, 26 coins, 11 earrings, all costume variety, a gold plated Bobby pin, and the small silver bracelet. Someone was skipping pull tabs which is why I got so many nickels ðŸĪ” The rose earring came later from another place. I heard Steve H. loud and clear and am reducing resolution on my photos from now on, so sorry for not being able to zoom in much. It was good to put some silver in the bag! Especially a small chain. Here's the trash, pretty horrendous for me but I wasn't about to leave any gold behind. ðŸĪ” Bottle caps were all sight picks, as was the Taylor Swift sticker 😁 Even got an old pocket knife. While not the most productive place for precious metals, this beach always has its surprises.
  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hFcLRSJEeYo&utm
  10. Since I don't use the cuff strap I just buy 4" wide 1/4" thick Neoprene stick on pads, they wear like iron and provide the necessary chafe resistance. 🙂 Not my favorite color but not bad at all. ðŸĪ”
  11. What a great lot of finds, Glenn! 👍 That's so cool to get a surprise like that. Excellent photos, and glad also to hear the good Cap'n is well.
  12. When you get in water over your waist physics works against you. ðŸ˜ĩ You push on the scoop and go up ðŸĪŠ Hope you got some good stuff!
  13. Try the Predator Ranger. D handle, weighs 2 Pounds. 11" blade serrated on both sides. I can't recommend it enough.
  14. Welcome to the Dark Side Redneck, It'll take a while but I suspect you will love the D2. I'm so used to it now it's like hammering nails with a trusty hammer, I use Tekkna, Relic and Beach Sensitive. That's all I need.
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