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  1. Quite a haul! πŸ‘ Congrats on the gold. That's a beach hunt for ya. Think some YouTuber blew up the action camera while detecting? Yikes... πŸ˜€
  2. Now that's a find! πŸ‘ Nice going. I am not familiar with the Legend, must have gone off like a bomb. πŸ’₯ Congrats on a rare one!
  3. Thanks JCR. I like to show the odd stuff I find, forgot to post the trash and the larger stuff: I'm thinking the triangular shaped object is either a file or a knife. I dug the two large pieces of iron because the tones were interesting, knew they were iron.
  4. Not a great day today, never got much over 45 degrees but the wind was light enough to go hunting. Went to the big farm again. I was headed to the distant tree line, I found a hotspot there where a house stood long before recent memory. On the way I did a little random hunting where the barns and paddocks were behind the house, silver was found there last couple of trips. All I got there today was a button and some kind of gold plated broach. The button surprised me, haven't found too many here but that was going to change. It's kind of large, either held a big glass stone or maybe a timepiece. Went over next to the house, and dug a ~1930s lipstick case and a 1937 Canada penny. The penny wasn't in great shape, but again an odd find. I headed along what I thought was the "road" in to where the house was, and got some early stuff, a Tombac in pretty bad shape and a shankless gold plated button with backmarks: Also a tiny ladle shaped bit. The other side is a bowl, no idea what it might be used for but it's very old. Finally got to the spot I wanted to concentrate on, and the finds kept coming! Got 3 IHP's, 1881, 1887, and 1895. At last some old coins! These pretty much give the era of this house, the new one was built in 1903. Here's the total haul today, a mixed bag of stuff, mostly Victorian: I even got a ~.50 caliber 3 ring bullet. Great double D buckle with a brass pin, first time I've found one with an intact pin. An old spoon with no monogram or makers mark, a couple overall buttons and a four hole. Probably the most interesting bits I dug today were these two filigree objects: neither appear to be buttons, just stamped decorations. Pretty good day! I was hoping for a Barber or seated coin, the era is right, but nothing stood out. Maybe the residents at the time were very careful of their silver. πŸ˜€
  5. If we're getting into specifics here, does this mean leave the shield on or strip it off? πŸ€ͺ Then we get into the same infiltration issue we have with water on the original antenna. 😡 Depending upon the type of coax used, assuming it is the equivalent stuff, if the materials used are mangled by salt water (even my rivers are brackish) a cable probably won't last too long under constant use unless it forms the oxides Chase mentioned. πŸ€” Here's an article I found that may 'splain things a bit better: https://oscarliang.com/repair-2-4ghz-antenna-rx/#:~:text=The 1%2F4 wavelength of,receivers have different antenna length%3F Mentions shrinkwrap effects too. Just for giggles, and since I already did it, I'll try my setup in the river near my house and let y'all know if it worked or not. I'll also check the cable length, I certainly want to give my rig a fighting chance! πŸ˜€ I can always strip it later. πŸ‘ Thanks for the Imperial conversions, NC. πŸ‘
  6. Thanks. I do understand this, having done a bit of microwave transmission study in the military. πŸ‘ Just a bit tho. πŸ™‚ I'll see what works best with this in mind.
  7. Appreciate the additional info. πŸ‘ My question is does the coax need to be stripped at all? There is no physical electrical connection, the wave is passed via induction, isn't it? I'm considering shrink wrapping the end of the coax, putting ~30mm next to the coil transmitter bump, and letting the sheilding do the work. πŸ€” I'll let y'all know how it goes.
  8. My reaction is... I think I'd find another beach that was a bit easier, but I can certainly understand your dedication and perseverance. πŸ˜€ Good on ya. πŸ‘
  9. You did nail it here, Colonel. πŸ‘ Nothing pinpoints (or X-points) better than the 9", except maybe a 10x5 elliptical 😏. I'd be first to pre order one of those despite the price if XP decides it's heard enough of our "kvetching" about it, and makes one... 🀣 10x5 10x5 10x5 10x5 10x5 10x5. Did I write 10x5? Yep. πŸ˜€ Check.
  10. You'll be happy to know that I have found that your detector rod for the Deus 2 is more than great for the 13x11. Once the lower rod is shortened enough to make it "float" in the hand, it is a breeze to swing. I'm 6'1 and have no issues. Don't mean to reduce your counterweight sales, this is more kudos to the design itself πŸ€” I have mentioned before that this setup is lighter than an Equinox with the 10x5 Coiltek on your excellent shafts. I tried a centering device, and ended up breaking 3 of them (from torque and bolt pressure), and found I was detecting the rivets, or on occasion, the steel shank in my boots. πŸ˜€ Too close! I now appreciate and understand the stock attachment point. 😎 Due to its additional coverage I doubt the 11" will see much action.
  11. Sorry to read this George, it's tough to lose a buddy, and especially a detecting buddy. My Maltese is also named Sammy (for Sammy Hagar), he doesn't go detecting with me but he is always happy to see me when I get back from a hunt and always "inspects" my gear to ensure it is clean. πŸ˜€ I have experienced this same loss not too long ago with an 8 year old Maltese. My condolences to you. The one great comfort is the memory of all the wonderful time you spent with a faithful companion. A long run indeed. RIP Sammy.
  12. You can get one here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/255879771791
  13. Posting the other side might help identify it. It does look like a coin but not one I've seen. πŸ€”
  14. Beautiful ring! That's the same ID I dug some pulltabs at yesterday, so I'm guessing you dug a few too. πŸ˜€
  15. I totally agree with Jed. πŸ‘ I initially bought the 9", was worried that I'd never see the 13" so I bought the 11". Ended up being one of the first to get the 13"! Used it once and put on the 13". Since then I've found that the 13" is great in fields and on the beach. If you're considering getting a SteveG CF shaft, that will be a lot better for balance and feel. Didn't like either of them on the stock shaft. This year the farmers knocked all the corn and bean stalks down here, and planted cover crop, so it's a breeze to use the larger coil for relic hunting. Tried it on a local beach today and it nailed a quarter that was over a foot deep. πŸ‘ I may keep the 11"as a backup or sell it. Not sure yet.
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