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    Garrett Ace 400, Minelab Equinox 600, Garrett Pro pointer AT, Lesche Sampson, Predator Barracuda,CooB Shark V10 sand scoop

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  1. All right Cap'n! Great thing you did there. Another great recovery story, with a rewarding ending. 👍 And you nailed it with the 10x5! 😁
  2. Surprised those mercs are in such great condition! what is the large coin/token with the eagle? Glad you got out, and great stuff again. Sorry no gold.
  3. So they knew enough to find the accessories? Yikes. Watch eBay for a while, and if you have a detector store or pawn shop near you that sells used gear, tell them. That's sad Calabash. 😵 Sorry that happened to you.
  4. Yikes! I was merely suggesting a post where interested people would give ideas for a "be all" pouch. There are lots of choices out there, my current one is one I posted recently: This fairly recent invention by Calces365, the company that made the water-ready pouch I used all summer, but blew out the zippers because I dug so many coins at the campgrounds I visited. 😀 This has a solid bottom pouch (left) that I keep my composite trowel, folding frisbee, and brushes in. It also has a Velcro top mesh pocket inside and a small flap pocket that holds "keepers", but it wouldn't hold 200 coins. 😁 The other side pouch unfolds to be a huge trash pouch with a mesh bottom. When the pouch is open the flap that holds it compact doubles as a holder for my new hand digger, the Devil's Tongue by kac. Both pouches are on a Velcro belt that keeps them in place. That belt will also keep the Carrot in place with the Velcro. Best part of it is the price: US $20. I'm still thinking of getting the Garrett pouch, guess it's just Gear Acquisition Syndrome. 😵
  5. I'm thinking a pouch design thread would be a good one. Just gotta find someone with the chutzpah to make it. 😀
  6. Happy Thanksgiving, all. This forum and those that have given me permissions over the past year, as well as my new friends and hunting companions have made this first year of detecting one of the greatest I can think of in my life. I never thought retirement would be this much fun or interesting. If that ain't something to be thankful for... 🤔 🦃
  7. Now you get to find what was under and around all that stuff. 😀
  8. That's a great find and good on you for going the extra mile. Could be the photos but it doesn't look like it was too deep either. I will often investigate some signals that persist even if I lift the coil, but if it gets past my shovel depth I'm done 😀 Good call. 👍
  9. Quite interesting what you can find at old house sites. It was great that USGS did that in the past. Congratulations on the eagle A and ring. 👍 Was there a lot of iron?
  10. Thanks Dan. This is what I was hoping for. 👍
  11. The oval ring with "Edgewood Arsenal" on it is interesting, that place has some dark history: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edgewood_Arsenal_human_experiments 😬
  12. Strick, what a hunt! 🥳 😳 looks to me like you found an old store site, or the marching field for that academy. Even got a Barber. Congrats on gold as well. That would be a dream day for me. Best in a while here. 👍 that's catching, not fishing. 😀 Great story too. Way to go using old USGS dot maps. I see you got a fork for your spoon collection 🤣
  13. That's a really great end to a really great story! Probably one of the best I've read in a while. Thanks for showing everyone what someone can do in these situations. Must have been fun and taught your child something too. Good on ya. 👍
  14. Shame the video cuts out during the headphone discussion. All I saw was "Bluetooth Low" before it froze, and then she went on to talk about wired headphones. Hoping that "Low" was followed by "Latency". 🙃
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