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  1. Great stuff again. 👍 The Mexican coin will give up its worth if you can get the mark next to the "R" more visible. It's either 4 or 8 Real, I'm gonna say 1830s. Some of those are quite valuable, yours is a "P.J." or "PJ". Cool bullet mold and thermometer back too.
  2. Nice gold and coin! 👍 Yesterday I ordered these, they came out in December 2020. They are "on ear" but supposedly quite loud. Aptx-LL, I'll let you know how they work as they are only $39. They might be great for hot days. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B08QRQMLVY
  3. Nice finds! Here in VA the ground was concrete for 3 weeks, and now we are dealing with heavy rain and flooding. I have a beach trip coming up. 😀 Most of the "Virgin of Guadalupe" pendants that I see from "Lensing" your photo are silver, so cool that you got a gold one. 👍
  4. Hope you have a great time and good luck with detecting. East Coast has been softened up by rain, especially the Mid Atlantic. We've had over 6" of rain in two days now, I feel sorry for the folks at sea level. Post some pics of your finds so we can dream... 😄
  5. No worries Steve. Note the rather heavy printed block with 6 stainless screws and the loop and plate. I use this rig not only to keep the detector safely tethered to my golf cart (I have a restraint for my dog to keep him from flying off), I also use it for a Limbsaver sling when I'm in the water. I'm sure it makes up most of the difference. 🙂 I also just used the weight of the Equinox straight off the Internet, not that of any of my configurations. It was not intended to be disparaging in any way!
  6. Then really it's mARRRRRRvelous! 😄 I hope I helped Steve a bit. He's a great guy. 🏴‍☠️
  7. Honestly, I weighed the detector after putting everything on. 2.99 pounds. 🙃 No weight saving over original configuration. Doesn't bother me a bit.
  8. Well ya got me beat, I dug 6 along a clothesline. IHP's are one of my favorites because of the well-raised date. Too bad modern coins degrade so fast, we should be leaving more of a legacy.
  9. I've never been one to steer my life by what others think of me. 😀 I'm pretty sure this will be a standout if anyone can see it. You really have a great business, and it's been a pleasure. Soooo, y'all can send me your GPX 6000's and I'll trick them out. Might even send a few back. 😁
  10. I wore it for 10 myself. Now that I'm retired I wear it a lot more. Here lots of us wore/wear it to work.
  11. It really fits in here, a lot of people wear Camo of some sort all year. Wanted to do something unique. Since I got back from the RV trip it's been either too hot or rainy, right now we have 12"/hour thunderstorms sitting over us after a 3 week drought. At least the ground won't be concrete anymore. 😀
  12. Got a package from @steveg today, I am proud to be the first to buy one of his "Woodland Camo" shafts and a counterweight setup. Version 2 of my Equinox was a DetectEd Redbelly shaft and cuff: The Redbelly is great, I've used it everywhere. Light, locks up nicely. I have no problem with it. Steve posted his new selection and I just had to have one. It's a bit more rigid than the DetectEd shaft, possibly because of the Realtree wrap. It might be a bit heavier but I haven't noticed it. The heavy clear coat makes it really shiny. I also bought the 7" counterweight with enough bags fo
  13. There is a "Trebor" company that makes rings in IL. That's Robert spelled backward. The ones I have seen are mostly sapphires, including black sapphire.
  14. She used to use an AT gold, guess she recently switched. Looks like she digs with one of the smaller Predator shovels like the Barracuda that I have. I'm going to move up to the Ranger soon, it digs a bit deeper and wider hole, not to mention having a D handle. Those little guys are great, but a good plug saves time.
  15. This group got me further into detecting for the most part, what they find is very similar to what I dig, albeit more. They aren't too far away. I wouldn't know what some of the things I dig are without them. Most of the sites they dig are more Colonial than Civil War.
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