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    RVing, Guitars, Photography, and now metal detecting.
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    XP Deus 2, Minelab Equinox 600, Garrett Pro pointer AT, Quest Xpointer Max, XP MI-6, Lesche Sampson, Predator Barracuda and Ranger, CooB Shark V10 sand scoop, Devil's Tongue Digger and Park Probe

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  1. Yes the 10x5 tends to ID some pennies higher than usual. 👍 I've had them go as high as 28 depending on their purity. It's a bonus to me tho because Zincolns are relegated to 18-19. If anything IDs from 17-19 I'll dig it, because it's generally older silver, but I do get some crusty Zincolns now and again 😀 I generally don't dig 39-40s because I'll use a single frequency to suss them out. Otherwise it could be a dollar, it happens. ðŸĪŠ I think no matter the malady, no matter the effects of old age in my case, it is always good to get out there. Good job testing!
  2. What a great story and testament to your skill. 👍
  3. Great find Dogo! 😀 Looks like you got another interesting object there next to the spoon. Coin? Token? Are the other coins all modern? Shame the stone is missing but you got the gold. 👍
  4. Wow, if only we had such a rich history here. Congratulations on such great finds! 👍 Nice job with the Deus.
  5. Nice IHPs, and it's always great to get a token. Some of them are valuable. 👍 what's the other disc on the left?
  6. So far 0.71 has done great by me, sure makes my metal detector find metal. 😏 Would be nice to see some gold tweaks, it kinda freaked me out that it didn't "see" a 7g 14k chain dropped on the sand in front of me. Had to de-filter my beach program a bit. Don't have too many gold chains lying around to test with probably because of that 😀 My worry is the same as some above, a new version might compromise older programming, and to what end? Yeah, give them time to fully test a new release. 👍
  7. I was talking about this with @dogodog, and he emphasized that it's good every now and again to take a step back, turn off the filters on a programmable detector especially, and dig it all until you're confident you're finding everything, and in what you're finding. At least return to a vanilla program just to make sure you haven't over-tweaked your detector. 👍
  8. I'll tell ya what the jellyfish were protecting after I prove it. 😀 Got a "hunchk" and I'll check it soon. 👍
  9. That is awesome! To make it look like me you'd have to cover it with camouflage, and a bandana. Woodland from the 80s Army! 😀 That's my jam. 😁
  10. Yikes, what's with you and fingernails, Cap'n? ðŸĪĢ Seriously, awesome hunt anyway. That first ring is incredible, and the copper one is cool. 👍 Great job, looks like you were digging most targets. TBH I found a fingernail last week myself. 😀
  11. I was shocked as well, but it sold out so there's that. 😀 Testament to its looks. Could be I found a knockoff. ðŸĪ” I collect knives that catch my eye, so I looked that one up right away. They also sell the Manticore... https://atlanticknife.com/collections/automatic-knives/products/heretic-knives-automatic-manticore-otf-blue-aluminum-elmax-steel-bowie-blade-022b2atq ðŸĪĢ
  12. Nice knife! Ring is cool too 👍 found it for ya: https://atlanticknife.com/collections/rough-rider/products/rough-rider-damascus-etched-karambit-folding-blade-linerlock-black-knife-1651?variant=3724418613288
  13. You definitely have to mind which pressure plug you use in the Deus! Sure it's a bit more fiddlly thing the Equinox, but I still like to drive a fancy vehicle now and again. 😁
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