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  1. Wow, that ring is a beauty! Great find, Dcraun..
  2. Used with the Equinox 800/600. CF Rod is black in color and counter weight ready version; Herke Arm cuff and neoprene cover. Includes everything you see in the pictures below. Used very little so everything is in very good condition. Prefer Paypal F & F, or add 3.5% fee. Shipped to your door, $160. Continental US only.
  3. I mainly hunt on land on permissions, so my digging is in soil with turf or farm field for coins and relics. My first PP was the old Generation 1 black Garrett PP. I have both the MI-6 and (2) Garrett PPAT Z-lynk. I use the the MI-6 with the D2 and like the wireless operation, when it works. It has trouble connecting sometimes, and I have had to re pair it a couple of times, like the D2 RC forgets it’s paired. I hope XP fixes this and soon. I use the Garrett PPAT Z-Lynk with my Apex. The second PPATZ is used as a spare. I like the PPATZ better than the MI-6. It seems more sensitive and always connects to the Z-Lynk headphones. It seems to eat the 9V batteries pretty quickly though and when the battery gets low, the PP sounds like a European police siren. I always keep a spare battery in the car. I thought that I would like the PP cutting out the detector audio on the D2 during PP use, but that feeling is mixed. Once a plug is extracted, sometimes the MI-6 cannot locate the target, so I have to turn it off, and sweep the coil of the D2 over the plug or the hole for a check. Then react accordingly. With the PPATZ, you can swing the detector coil over the plug and the hole without turning the PPATZ off and back on. When a lot of EMI is present, hearing the chattering Apex, and the PPATZ can get a bit annoying. Hence, I wish the Apex had a mute function, like the Simplex. Good luck with whatever you settle on.
  4. My MI-6 connects almost every time if It’s held close to the RC in the D2. If it doesn’t connect, a re-tune press of the button usually makes it connect. Annoying, not at all like my carrot with Z-Lynk. My son has a D2 and an MI-6 and has the same connection problem you are experiencing. Maybe a defective MI-6? Maybe it’s time to contact your seller, or XP for warranty repair. HH.
  5. Awesome find, Cliff! I gotta start digging more 86’s.
  6. Beautiful coin, Calmark. I know they’re out there so I have to keep looking!
  7. It’s a beautiful coin, Barry. Very little wear. Must have been lost in that soil a long time ago. Congrats!
  8. What are you swinging now? The 9” coil makes the D2 light enough to swing all day. I’ve been using the Apex for the last 18 mo. And with the 9” coil, it’s a little lighter than the Apex especially if I put on the 9x12 coil on the Apex. My son has the 11” coil and doesn’t care for the flex in the lower rod on the D2; he says it feels lighter than the ‘Nox 800 with standard coil.
  9. Small world, Bill. I still live near Mansfield, Ohio, and have also bought detectors from Dick Noel at Earths Treasures; one of the most interesting at the time was the Sovereign, about a year after you bought yours. Deepest detector I had at the time. I guess I’m in the minority as I’ve bought more Garrett detectors than any other brand over the years, mainly because of the quick learning curve and their simplicity. I use different brands now, but still have a Garrett as a go to for some situations. Happy hunting!
  10. I agree with Chase Goldman. What a version control mess. Plus, there needs to be list of changes/fixes from one version to the next so the person updating can review the list be sure they want the update. Also, XP needs to provide a method and older versions of firmware available should the user wish to roll back to an earlier version to prevent problems such as all those described above. XP needs to fix this NOW. For as much money as we all have spent on this product, this is disappointing.
  11. Nice finds, Jayhop. Especially the half-dime. Did you receive the D2 9" ?
  12. May I ask is the coil 9" or 11" ? Thanks
  13. I have an Ace Apex with three Garrett coils, Ripper, Viper and Raider. The Raider will give you a little more depth and ground coverage, especially on the beach. I actually prefer the Raider coil over the Viper for these reasons, and I hunt inland. I seldom use the Viper coil unless I’m in the woods or taller grass. I’ve not noticed much of a difference in separation capability between the Raider or Viper. The Raider is a bit heavier than the Viper, but I doubt the little extra weight will bother you. Good luck hunting on the beach!
  14. Chase is correct. You won't have any trouble selling it should you decide to let it go. Some of the characteristics I've seen with the Deus II don't sit well with me, either. I kinda had the same feeling a year ago when I bought the Garrett Apex. Saw bad reviews, and initially had a few bumps in the road with it. FF to now, and the bumps resolved, I have learned to use the machine and enjoy it. Sure, It's not a 'Nox, or a Deus, but it does reasonably well for what I paid for it, where and how I hunt. I've purchased a couple of different size coils for it for various sites, and have found a lot with it. So initial impression of the new machine is a lot of the experience of satisfaction, but spending time with it is the other part of the feeling of satisfaction with the machine. Chase is correct as well in that with the Legend and possibly other detectors being released soon, you're in a no lose situation. I suspect that if you decide you don't want the machine, your dealer will probably accept an unopened unit as a return, and send it out to another pre-order. Good Luck with whatever you decide, diggindaboot.
  15. Congrats on the beautiful coins. The ballpark looks like a real great spot to spend more time. Great job, NC!
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