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  1. Maybe you get the chance to come the uk lots of detectorist come here on detecting holidays
  2. Hi there . I have been detecting just over 2 years I have awsome finds from all ages roman , saxon etc. I brought the coiltek 15 in the pinpointing is off I have all 3 minelab coils I had tiny hammered coins among iron all my finds have came from the minelab coils and the coiltek 15in is 300 gram heavier than the minelab so over few hours you start to feel it in your arms lol . So my personal view on the coiltek is no real difference in depth with minelab so my moto is dont fix that isnt broke so finding loads with minelab coils .
  3. I have in another post .
  4. These are my 3 treasure finds I had in less than two years a 1500bc bronze age hoard , 1250/1360 medieval coin hoard and a 1450/1550 silver religious devotional heart pendant
  5. Thank you I been told it could be puritan .
  6. I had a few hours out yesterday morning in the uk not to many finds but did unearth and 1600s james 1st silver halfgroat and this superb 16/17th century pewter spoon it's rare to find a intact one .
  7. Hi my name is pete. I live in cumbria uk . I use a equinox 600 and been metal detecting for just over two years . I have found two hoards among lots of awsome finds look forward to exploring this forum.
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