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  1. I had to go get the first of 2 flu vaccine shots this afternoon so I decided to go out and get some relic hunting in this morning. Went down a hill in back of my house that I think is a trash dump site dating back quite a bit. There was a tremendous amount of iron present, but the Equinox did what it does best - tell ya where the good stuff is. Ground balance was about 53, I was in my trusty Farm 2 mode with all metal on, F2/0. Sensitivity 22. Got me a small pile of trash, I was only hunting about a half acre overlooking the river. Found these old Mason jar seals, usually I find
  2. We headed out Saturday morning to the camp. Wife has given up on the Vanquish because all she digs is square nails. So we swapped detectors later in the day. She then found an ax head and a big chisel. I scored the dime and other stuff with the Equinox before the switch. We bought a curio cabinet to house our growing collection of history so I will include a photo of it. Hope everyone is doing well out there.
  3. Was getting my last digs in on some state property before they sell it off for housing development. The areas have been picked cleaned for quite a few years now so takes a bit of patients to squeeze anything out of them. Yesterday ran my batteries dry on the Multi Kruzer with external lithium pack and half way down on internals only to find a pewter figuring. Top and back are gone but was interesting anyways. Today I didn't spend as much time out because it looked like it was going to rain and I was using my Tejon with the 10x12. Hit a hill that I had picked up a reale on few years back
  4. Late afternoon trip to the camp with my youngest son today. He prefers trout fishing over dirt fishing so he ended up with 3 trout and I found what’s pictured. The lead plumb Bob at the bottom came up as a 35 on the Equinox and it was in a cabin site under rocks. My wife had previously found a Chinese lock at the site and now a Chinese coin finally showed up. I’ll hit it again soon and thanks for looking.
  5. Got out again this weekend and dug more bottle and did a little metal detecting too.
  6. The more I use this machine the more I love it!! The anchor button is a 1795-1810 military button, found in the iron. We have dug this field plenty of times! Small brass buttons today were under the iron or next to it! Bullet was at about 10 inches in the iron. Site was in South Chesapeake VA
  7. Was poking around the river bank where I found the barber dime the other day and found this eagle button. Civ war era. Last pass I used the MK, this time the old trusty Tejon.
  8. I hope this is appropriate to share, but I thought it is something you don’t see everyday. I found it at my local park, a few inches down. I cleaned it up very nice, and I’m sure it is still strong enough to use. It says made in England. I was wondering if any had an idea on an age. Any guesses welcome!
  9. Me and Flagman hit a new spot and looked what turned up.
  10. Hey everyone! I’m here in my spare bathroom, and I took a few pictures after cleaning. I found these old bottles a few days ago while hunting on a hill by my grandfathers house. The house was built in 1909 I think, and he told me it used to be a bottle dump in the nearby woods. It was my first time getting to look at the hill. Anyway, I was just asking if anyone knows anything about these little bottles/jars. The one on the farthest left looks like a cork top. The seem does not go all the way to the top(maybe blown in a mold?) it has a W in a triangle on the bottom and a number. The second bot
  11. Took the ark out to a new spot and a few good ones showed up...The O K KOLA is a very rare bird...
  12. I normally don't dig for bottles but when my Brother-In-Law told me about all the glass they were seeing at this site, I decided to go take a look. The site dates from and the bottle we were digging are from 1850's to about 1900. Nothing real valuable came out but there were some real heartbreakers (broken bottles) like log cabin bitters, California bitters and a few others. We also recovered marbles, coins and tokens, but nothing real exciting to mention specifically. We used a trenching method to recover the bottles. There was about 8-10 inches of topsoil then a layer of trash that exte
  13. Thanks for any help or direction you can give. The knife is wood on one side and celluloid (maybe) on the other. The spike is from the same field as the other iron piece I found. I couldn't help but hear Gary D.'s voice say something about a decking spike off a Spanish galleon.😁 I am now digging the deep iron in the area these came from. The other signals are either masked or most are gone due to being dug. Thanks again for your wisdom.
  14. A couple of weeks ago when the snow was still a foot deep, I decided to walk a local creek. I walked about an 1/8th of a mile and found some pretty unique items. The first was, what I think is an Axe head or some kind of utility item. The second is a strange rock that looks like flint. Not sure if this is the case or not. This little creek has a lot of Lenape and colonial settlement history. I wasn't going to post this because I thought, maybe it's not what I think, But the longer I thought about it the more I wanted to get some answers. I hope my fellow DP members can point me in the right
  15. Relic hunting in my old 1850’s military site, not much found, lots of modern trash and clad. I did manage to dig a big piece of iron just to get it out of the way and glad I did. Happened to be this old straight edge shaving razor from the mid to later 1800’s. Look close and you can see the brass hinge for the long gone wood guard. Checkout the link for more pics.... https://forums.tarsaccisales.com/forum/4/glad-i-dug-big-piece-iron Aaron
  16. I am really starting to love this machine! In the soft sandy soil of Virginia today we hit a colonial field that I have been in with my deus, others were there with the minelabs and garrett’s. I was hearing the good tones in the iron and digging brass, 1700’s buttons and other colonial pieces! Last week this machine was doing well in the red dirt in Northern VA. Its a keeper!
  17. Was out for 4 hours total today to the local football field and surrounding park after that. This is the same place I have found the silver half dollars, the steam engine oiler, the possible 1800s campaign token, many gold rings, etc. Basically, I never know what I'm going to find. I have cleaned out a lot of jewelry, so I'm hitting different areas that are around the field. I got a strong signal and knew it was iron. I initially thought it was a railroad piece when I just uncovered the eye...or a ring bolt brought here from Oak Island. It took at least 10 minutes of digging because it was fla
  18. Testing the Tarsacci in the red dirt of VA. I followed a GPX and I thought the Tarsacci did well!! It heard the targets and ran well in that soil! I found 3 bullets and some brass. Next week will be testing it again, this time a 3 day hunt in the red dirt! Thanks to all that helped me! 🙂
  19. After Part 1 I didn't find anything in that field anymore. I decided to go to a place that @Chase Goldman and I went when he was here, a small area where a house was with a small cemetery. He will attest that this site is so trashy it's hard to take - even in Field 2 with all metal off. We both got tired of hunting it fast! I toughed it out and got the Equinox as quiet as possible. I was determined to find something in all that scrap. Roof steel, can slaw, nails, you name it - and most odd there must be a hundred cat food cans buried there! You get a nice 32 and say "$#&+" when you di
  20. Tonight I read this story and wondered if anyone here had seen this. I think I would have about died if I would have uncovered it, and sure wouldn't have just let someone take it from me. Here is the link to the story: https://www.yahoo.com/news/bronze-age-spear-found-metal-202457797.html Gorey, Jersey
  21. Yet another spring like day today. Started out relatively warm, about 48. I decided to do some scouting on land I haven't visited as yet so I will know where to go in the future. In particular I was looking for another house that was in one of the fields back in 1917. I think I found it. Found what looks like a drawer keyhole, and then an aluminum child's ring with no stone. It is very fragile and pretty mangled, but highly decorated. I visited three separate areas, two yielded coins. I dug the 1967 quarter and a 1937 wheat penny. Went way out in the field near the river and found an
  22. Another fabulous weather day here. Started out at 32 degrees, ended up about 63. I had a forum member special guest who may or may not identify himself, but he did a lot better than me. We started out on an old un-hunted landing, visited a very trashy point nearby, and finished up back at the landing and in the farm. 8 hours for me! Total blast. I like hunting alone but it's nice to have an esteemed visitor. Top down in the photo: Ford hubcap (I think) but certainly a Ford part. What I believe to be the "rest" of this vehicle is in the woods nearby. This little cap was a surprising 3
  23. Found while detecting the beach, this is a German-fired Czech 10cm VZ21n fuze, for the Skoda Houfnice light field howitzer VZ 14/19 (given the German designation 10cm LeFH 14/19 (t) ) It would have been fired in preparation for the defense of the island of Jersey, Channel Islands, from allied attack. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skoda_houfnice_vz_14http://michaelhiske.de/Allierte/UK/Handbook/Pamphlet01/01_008.HTM
  24. Got 2 more Phoenix buttons yesterday. Brian ("cal cobra") and I got out to one of our "backpocket sites" . This site has given up reales, early seateds, and 2 gold coins over the years. It is now super pounded and stingy. But we went to ply our luck yet again , looking for more stragglers 🙂 Here's a small #30, and a large # 27. Also a pix of the other age indicators I got. Eg.: Green blacksmithed copper slag, etc... Hopefully Brian will chime in with his finds. How many phoenix buttons did you get Brian ? 🤔 🤣 We love finding these. They've sort of become a "sport un
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