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  1. I found this fragment of fuze on Monday. It's scary-sharp! Jersey, Channel Islands
  2. Found yesterday on my local beach, these are sheathing tacks and a square nail from British fifth-rate, HMS Severn, which wrecked in a gale in December 1804. No lives were lost. The Lieutenant in charge at the time was exonerated at court martial and commended for getting the ship aground and saving the ship's stores.
  3. Hey everybody- look what we found. This is a fragment of a giant tree saw. We found it at our site in the mountains. Really cool. Here’s the latest video of the exploration
  4. The early jug is one of my best finds ever. Started out as a slow day and I had a ear ache all day in the water. At the end of the day the ear pain was way down low on the list....2 jugs and some early glass....
  5. We had been finding some minnie balls at a location but today it had something else show up. It was a first for me.
  6. Found while detecting the beach, this is a German-fired Czech 10cm VZ21n fuze, for the Skoda Houfnice light field howitzer VZ 14/19 (given the German designation 10cm LeFH 14/19 (t) ) It would have been fired in preparation for the defense of the island of Jersey, Channel Islands, from allied attack. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skoda_houfnice_vz_14http://michaelhiske.de/Allierte/UK/Handbook/Pamphlet01/01_008.HTM
  7. I found this 19th century British 24 pounder Boxer diaphragm shell in 2018 with my PI machine, which I no longer have (I now use a 'nox 600 on the beach)
  8. Running the Deus today using the Hot program with full tones, i was delibaratly digging out the big iron ,this program is great for telling what kind of iron you have i dug about 12 large iron s , and we know Iron can mask so i was digging it out and then i got a solid high tone that was clean and high 85 solid hit up comes a sterling silver spoon
  9. Got out to another new permission along an area river today. I'm trying to zero in on an old river crossing spot that was used from the mid-1850s thru the late-1890s, and this property was my next step. Found quite a few old paper shotgun shell bases and a couple musket balls...then this old, brass black powder flask came out from under this old oak tree. Even though it's in poor condition, this was a really enjoyable find for me as it's proof that I'm getting closer to finding the area I'm looking for. I've included an image I found online of a complete flask. The write ups I looked at all pu
  10. I've got a lot of extra time on my hands right now. Transition between seasons and school starting is slow for my business this time of year. So I've been spending some time metal detecting and making videos. Hope you like it. Book value is $500 plus.
  11. Found this at a local recreation center. 1939 worlds fair pin. I was using a Whites CM4.
  12. Hi everybody. I found this gold pocket watch and these great 19th century spectacles at a pioneer site today in the mountains. Check out our videos for more great finds!
  13. Hit a new spot with Flagman today....this turned up...
  14. Found this one in my own yard. I'm guessing WW2 maybe.
  15. Went to the water with my buddy flagman to look for relics....Turned out to be a great day! https://youtu.be/vqjFJofhOq8
  16. Before anything else, let me apologize myself for not responding to some comments in my previous threads! Been very busy!! But sooner or later I'm going to respond! Another great Session with my GPX 5000! Started out with the Commander 11 Mono for 2h and then switched to the Commander 15x12 Double-D for 7h! (Lots of iron and the soil was quite mineralized on the hot area).😄 16th - 17th Century!😁 My brother-in-law found that massive key while using my Equinox 800!!! Looks like a 18th Century Relic! He just started metal detecting! Love my GPX 5000!!
  17. Hi everybody- another beautiful weekend in the PNW and some great relics and history uncovered. Check out our expedition!
  18. Hello all, I'm currently up in Georgia working on family property, getting ready for hunting season!🦌 I'm with my son and dad, so no time to detect this trip! But there's always time to hunt for flint and arrowheads! Most all the fields are planted now, so hunting areas are limited to washes, and recently cleared areas! Finishing up work this morning, i did some scouting in an area cleared last winter! Had some rains since than, so figured it may have exposed something! We found some knapped piece's yesterday! And were back there again! My son had scouted the area, but mi
  19. Just saw this in the news. Not sure about copy and paste and all that but... Here is the link. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/amateur-detectorist-finds-astonishing-bronze-age-haul-in-scotland/ar-BB17MFV2 Bob K
  20. I thought I would share this. A few years ago, my family and I went of a trip to Germany for a week in the summer. My grand parents meet some German folks when they went and we meet up with them when we went. They own a dice of land where a lot of ww2 relics were found before. I took me metal detector and was able to talk them into letting me hunt it. I found a few other things, but this is probably the most interesting one. It is a original ww2 German helmet! I am very happy to have found it. It is in pretty good shape for being so old. Let me know what you think!
  21. I got this one in an old yard, with my CTX. The owners are natives of the community and didn't have a clue as to who Barby was. Norm
  22. A few finds from a recent detecting trip to a Colorado ghost town/mining camp. Found a token, brooch with a stone, numbered tag, ring, thimble, brass lock, crucible, marbles, buttons and the regular ghost town finds, some you can identify, others still trying to figure what they are. Some of the items the ground was not to kind to. The Joseph Golob "Good For a 5 Cent Drink" token was one of the items that didn't fair to well in the ground. According to the Leadville City Business Directory, Golob had a saloon in 1889-1892 and in 1895 at 101 Harrison Street. The last information I co
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