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  1. Watching for several days of strong wind, this time out of the south, not as good as NNE but still stirs the sand and removes some, it just opens and closes quicker. Found two documents one by J. Clausen, archie that worked with state and on several sites including the Winter Beach Survivors camp and a “1715 Treasure Ship”; the other by a private collector, Lou Ullian. https://1715fleetsociety.com/lou-ullian-personal-collection-treasure-photographs/ and finally picture of a restored set. Happy New Year everyone!
  2. Hi everyone, new poster here. I will try to post a few pics of today’s hunt. I found an old rock foundation on a hillside and this is what I found. Oh was using Equinox 800 with 6 and 11 inch coils. I also found a pocket watch but no pic yet
  3. My brother found this old tin in the early 2000s in the tin was a notice for the discovery of a load claim the king of Arizona dated either 1903 or 1905 the writing is in pencil so has faded away. Steve if this is not the proper thread please move it to the correct one, thanks.
  4. Out yesterday in 20+ mph wind hunting the Old House part of the field in front of my house. This isn't huge for y'all but it is for me as a total noob. It's also justification for searching in brutal weather! Found this mangled button but was able to identify it, it is a Horstmann Dragoon button ca. 1860-65. From what I could find in my button book, it is the only backmark with that pattern in it, and the "D" can be clearly seen (sorta) in the shield, as well as the wings. Equinox 600 located it as a solid 17.
  5. Howdy All! A week or so back I was hitting a backyard of a small preschool over the weekend when nobody was around. I got permission from the school after researching that the old house was the original farm house there from the late 1800's. Using my Nox 800, I found the usual sea of trash, lots of toys, a ton of modern clad and a few cool relics. The old Yale lock pictures below is pretty neat and the arm still functions (won't lock though, too much wear and tear) The buckle is something that I am trying to figure out.. I'm not sure if it's old or pretty modern. Any help would be appreci
  6. four of us were out yesterday detecting and we found some small bits of gold but i found this tin in a wash out at an old mine site and we were perplexed as to what the stuff in it was , well steve broke one of the chunks in half and the smell of coffee was quite strong so we think the old timer who this belonged to boiled his coffee down and then let these chunks dry into what would be dried coffee just add hot water.
  7. Out detecting my huge permission in front of my house today, had a special guest digger with me. 🤔 Over the past few weeks I have averaged about 3 buttons a day, yesterday found the 4 in the first picture. Bottom 3 are all concave buttons, I usually find flat brass or tombac. We were hunting what I determined to be the site of a house that was on USGS in 1917 (oldest map I can find), so probably much older, and I got a solid 19 on the object in the second photo. It weighs almost 8 ounces and is not magnetic. My best estimation is it is solid bronze, but could be lead although I cannot scr
  8. I recently returned from a Beach Hunt and was able to put some time on my new White's TDI Beach Hunter. I'll be posting photos of some of the finds as time permits. This interesting discovery had me laughing all the way home. Not exactly sure what it is, but about 5" long and looks to be a snorkel with a 2 headed and 8 legged octopus on the side. One end has a breathing mouth hole piece and the other has a small hole with brown stain around her rim. I'm sure you can't go down vary far with such a short snorkel, but I'm no expert either. Anyone have any clues?
  9. Ok I got the hammered coin...??? I called my buddy over and he dug the Eagle Breast Plate....My other buddy dug the Eagle Button...Hurt my feelings....
  10. I searched out an area that had a house on it but no one could ever find a foundation. It was pretty close to a pond so there wasn't a cellar hole. I hunted for iron signals until I found a small flat area and a part of a stone footing. In that area I found this steel case ww1 zippo and old pocket knife in the same hole. Guessing the house was probably a summer cottage near the water and eventually just torn down. Though not that valueble the history on the zippo lighter is pretty cool. https://www.zippo.com/pages/then-now Big thanks to Dogodog for doing some research on it.
  11. Found while detecting the beach, this is a German-fired Czech 10cm VZ21n fuze, for the Skoda Houfnice light field howitzer VZ 14/19 (given the German designation 10cm LeFH 14/19 (t) ) It would have been fired in preparation for the defense of the island of Jersey, Channel Islands, from allied attack. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skoda_houfnice_vz_14http://michaelhiske.de/Allierte/UK/Handbook/Pamphlet01/01_008.HTM
  12. Some finds from several hunts...starting to get out a little more now that the ground has softened up some.. mostly using the Nox but the CTX produced the quarter yesterday...for some reason I usually do well on Christmas Eve so I make it a tradition to hunt in the morning....wishing all my treasure hunting breathen a very happy holidays strick
  13. I hit a hunted out site with my Deus using my relic program yesterday. I pulled a few keepers..
  14. Blew off work for about an hour and a half and hit some old woods near my home. Bit of snow we got knocked down some of the under growth. Lot of lead flashing, tons of iron bits and surprisingly not too much modern trash. Found an 1858 flying eagle, few old buttons one of which was part of a 2 piece and what looks like a tire valve stem with a crown cap which I believe is pewter. Included is the trash. I used the MK in 3 tone with the superfly coil, does well with recovery but the bigger open coil can get snagged up easy. Will hit it with the Gold Racer as it is just easier in these areas with
  15. Went out with a couple of my buddies and hit a few sites. It was a slow day but we squeaked out a few.
  16. We hit a new site yesterday and this amazing Pipe Bowl showed up.
  17. I stumbled across this bottle on my last hunt. It is the Holy Grail of Pepsi Bottles AMBER Pepsi 1905 to 07 ...
  18. Was hitting an area with my Tejon and came across this medalion that I missed 3x before and my buddy missed with his Nox. We missed it probably because there are so many targets in the area you just become target fatigued. Also it was pretty loud and easy to skip over because there is a lot of copper pieces. I had my disc 1 at just above iron and so If I got a crackle I would check for any signs of additional targets with the all metal mode. 2nd disc set to pull tab to quck check for coppers and silvers. Simple hunting and pretty quiet. Not much aluminum as alum has a pretty flat tone and easy
  19. I hit a spot with my buddy Flagman and it turned out to be a goldmine...
  20. Snuck out for couple hours looking for some old coins and got this leaded pewter cross, not sure the date but don't see a parting line so guessing it is turn of the century, maybe older just not sure. Jump ring seems to be silver.
  21. Me and Flagman hit another good spot....https://i.postimg.cc/dQX7sWWS/IMG-2893.jpg
  22. I found this fragment of fuze on Monday. It's scary-sharp! Jersey, Channel Islands
  23. Me and flagman went out for a underwater adventure... The pics are of both of our finds...
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