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Found 124 results

  1. I thought I would share this. A few years ago, my family and I went of a trip to Germany for a week in the summer. My grand parents meet some German folks when they went and we meet up with them when we went. They own a dice of land where a lot of ww2 relics were found before. I took me metal detector and was able to talk them into letting me hunt it. I found a few other things, but this is probably the most interesting one. It is a original ww2 German helmet! I am very happy to have found it. It is in pretty good shape for being so old. Let me know what you think!
  2. I got this one in an old yard, with my CTX. The owners are natives of the community and didn't have a clue as to who Barby was. Norm
  3. A few finds from a recent detecting trip to a Colorado ghost town/mining camp. Found a token, brooch with a stone, numbered tag, ring, thimble, brass lock, crucible, marbles, buttons and the regular ghost town finds, some you can identify, others still trying to figure what they are. Some of the items the ground was not to kind to. The Joseph Golob "Good For a 5 Cent Drink" token was one of the items that didn't fair to well in the ground. According to the Leadville City Business Directory, Golob had a saloon in 1889-1892 and in 1895 at 101 Harrison Street. The last information I could find on another token like this was on ebay and sold for $72.50, but it was in a lot nicer shape. The item I found interesting was a assay crucible that was manufactured in England. It was manufactured by the Morgan Crucible Company in Battersea, England. I also believe I found a lead button that was from assaying not far from where I found the crucible.
  4. Me and Buddy Flagman went to a site that I had land hunted and decided to get in the water. It was a blast and found a few good relics...
  5. Went out with my buddy Flagman and we pulled a few good ones....
  6. Managed a couple keepers at a new site last week including an 1863 CW Patriotic token with "Army and Navy" on one side and an engraving of the Capitol building on the reverse. A little crusty but I'll take it. A fishing weight carved from a lead minie ball, another lead fragment, and a large flat button. Enjoyed the hunt though it was a balmy 95F out there. Snagged the token and lead with my GPX and the flat button with my Deus. Cheers.
  7. This is from the lumbering days in Michigan. It would be hammered into the end of a log and logs were floated in lakes and rivers. This one must have broke when they were hammering on it. I was in Pickerel Lake detecting. http://mauriceeby.org/My_Books_files/Great Lumbering Era 4.pdf When I was a kid this was a boys camp. Now it's a county camp ground. I was detecting in the water where the beach is. That's a native Brook trout stream running thru it. n
  8. Weather has been awesome. Stopped at new site on way home from work for brief hunts and both Saturday and Sunday between family time and usual chores like mowing the lawn. I’m quite efficient at cleaning up my finds and putting them in my display and almost never post before I do. Among my favorites shown is the spur ( my first ) the brass sash buckle which may be 18th century military, the big toy car, the big iron spoon and model T door handle.
  9. CT Todd and I got out to a cellar hole that we have been meaning to detect for a couple years. The property is huge and we have done well at the other ones on it but just hadn't made it out to this one yet.I was finding lots of flat buttons and some other interesting relics. But then within moments of each other these two popped out of the ground..I have been waiting a long long time to find one of these. But the detecting gods were looking down upon me today and gave me two...Also found a copper, and seated dime
  10. I was detecting a site yesterday (1900 to 1940's) and made a few interesting finds. The video can be view on my "Gerry McMullen" facebook page. How old do you think this Dr. Scholl's brass metal insert is and does anyone know of collectors for such stuff? The other 2 items are sterling and the pin is stamped. Looks like a military type pin, and your help in ID'ing is needed. The flower was a little more black and when I rubbed it it shined, like a coin does. it looks like it could have had a stone in it. Anyway, I was hoping some of you could ID a couple of these and other folks can learn from them. Thanks in advance.
  11. Well Im a rich man I can retire This it what I found up front 6 inched down and the other 2, 20 yds from the first, 8 inches down ,20ft away from each other...... Wow I need a drink now.........
  12. Last week I had the opportunity to go back to Wisconsin and hunt my old homestead that was settled in 1845. Last year I found my first Barber Dime dated 1899 when I detected there. This year, the only old coin was a buffalo nickel from 1939 ( I'll post that pic later.). There were a couple neat relics, however. The Equinox 11" coil was used, Park 1, highest sensitivity possible, and speed of 4. Here are a few pics. The bell still rings, and it is a first for me. The lantern has a patent date of 1872, and the stove board has a patent date of 1878.
  13. I was playing around with the Vanquish 440 in the parking strip yesterday afternoon, when I got a very strong consistent signal in the 4 -6 range. I haven't been digging many signals in this range, as I don't get many, and all I have dug, have been trash. This one was strong and not choppy at all, so I proceeded to dig. Glad I did! I pulled out a James M. Cox presidential campaign stud from the 1920 presidential election. His running mate was Franklin D. Roosevelt! They lost to the Harding - Coolidge ticket. This is pretty degraded, but cool to find just the same. Gonna have to go back and dig those lower signals! I've included a picture of one in good condition.
  14. got out Sunday, it was perfect to detect, hit the woods, a new spot, picked up a few keepers
  15. Definitely copper, and in pretty good shape. About 5 inches down, showed strong 24 -26 in all sweep directions. Nox 800. Pretty stoked!
  16. Haven Only recently purchased my 800, I am only just barely learning how to use it. one of the first keepers came from an old campsite that I assumed was probably depression era. I got a solid 13 and assumed it was a nickel. to my surprise it was a part of a WW 1 Dough-boy toy soldier. It is very heavy, over 15 grams and appears to be made of cast lead. My CTX id it at 12.10 and the Gold Bug Pro at 13. I managed to go back to an area that I detected last fall with the CTX and found several more coins that I had missed. I blamed that on the fact that there was so much trash and the recovery speed is so fast on the Equinox, but no silver. I stopped for lunch and thought about that. I decided to put on the 6 inch coil and go back over that same area, same results more coins all coming being next to multiple ferrous objects. It was getting late in the day and I only hunted a small part of the area that I had previously hunted but wanted to try one more thing before I quit for the day. I had been using the Nox headphones. I switched to the wireless module and used my headphones that I use with my GPZ and went back over the very same small area, same results more coins. Again no silver but, I have hopes. The next day, I went to another area that I hadn't been before and found these nice coins Norm
  17. We were out on another section of the Cutoff today, and Dave had all the luck. First he found an interesting medallion about 2" x 1 3/4", of brass, with a large star in the center, with 4 smaller stars in a circular pattern beneath. Later he found a token for 2 1/2c from Miller's Famous Resort at the N.E. corner of 8th & Main (no city). Pics below. My luck was only a few blackpowder cartridges, and old shotgun shells. I won't boor you with any more pics of those...LOL. We'd appreciate any help on these two items. Jim
  18. My friend (whom doesn't want to be identified ) found the hammer last year metal detecting. He left it because it was no value to him.He heard recently they reopened the murder case. So he gave a call to the investigator. Met with them on site and found it again for them. http://www.plumasnews.com/story/2016/03/30/news/more-evidence-uncovered-in-keddie-murders-case/988.html
  19. Here's what I know: 1) Specific Gravity is between 6.1 and 6.3. (Weight is 55 g or a bit under 2 oz.) 2) It's not attracted to a magnet. The brown color is dirt, not rust. 3) The hole indicates it is likely some kind of hammer head, but for what? 4) It was found in my yard, just a couple inches from the street curb, and about 2 inches deep. My house is 50 years old, one of the first in its subdivision, and previously the land was pasture with no nearby buildings shown via historicaerials.com. (There likely were fences in the vicinity.) 5) From its reaction to a file, it is a relatively soft, white metal. 6) Based upon the metal flow at both ends it was (ab)used in a way not intended. 7) There is a mold line along the center of the two side faces, so it's cast. 8)) I can't find any manufacturer's marks. Your help in determining its intended use would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Keep in mind I'm in MA. This button is made in Cincinnati. Other buttons I found in the area were all made in CT. Don't know much about it.
  21. Went to Oregon on Saturday and scored one of these babies. I don't find them often (less than 10 in 40+ yrs of MD'ing) but when I do, it puts a smile on my face. Pay attention to those little odd finds so you don't throw them out. I'd love to see some of the ones you other hunters have saved, so please show some pics. I'm sure the Aussies have a few as well. Last pic shows the weight.
  22. Found this what looks like pewter head with a gargoyle on top and a strange old buckle with a glass front. Think the buckle used to have a photo or painting behind the glass. Other is an obliterated IH penny but was a good find for the day as it was 10" down mixed in iron near some recent digholes someone missed. Pays to be patient when working these beat up grounds.
  23. I dug this button recently with the teknetics t2 se using the 5 " coil in factory default disc mode with 4 tone along an old sidewalk strip. The iron back is very corroded. it was a terrible bouncy signal but something about it said dig me and l was happy l did . l think it might date from 1880 - 1920 but I'm not sure. any info would be much appreciated .
  24. Was stomping around the old cellar hole area and came across old pony horseshoe about 5" wide, nice bronze oar lock towards the lake, a domed shaped low silver content plate that I guess is from some pottery and has a nice pattern on it and lastly a military button that I thought was brass but is gold plated? Button is just under 5/8" dia, pretty small. Back is missing the loop but there is writing but that is filled in. I am a bit scared to clean it more. Has hand with sword on front on grooved background. Stars going completely around and some writing that I don't want to damage trying to clean. Not sure if anyone has come across a button like this before.
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