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  1. THANKS FELLERS! I won't be using Notch settings, but will occasionally knock out the lower end like 15 to 25. Will rely on XLT experience to deal with tabs and crushed cans or lids. I can see the F-75 may run deeper than the XLT but don't get me wrong. The XLT was really good on coins close to surface.
  2. Spot-on, Pimento!! THANKS. Am quickly learning the F75's settings can be easily changed by accident!! I did a Reset and will make custom adjustments from there. Machine is similar to my older Whites XLT Spectrum but a lot more static noise. My XLT was steady as a rock on pennies, dimes, and quarters. This F-75 has a learning curve. Thanks for great help!! "Bo" Cash
  3. Howdy. Not new to metal detectors by any means, but just took possession of new Fisher F-75 Limited Edition. I see down LEFT side of screen: Discrim, Sensitivity, Disc. Level, Notch, # of Tones, and Process #. HOWEVER, when pressing the MENU button, ONLY the "All Metal" and other choices under it on the RIGHT side of screen are highlighted? I was able to somehow knock out Iron 15 and Foil 25, but now not sure how I did it. Am I missing something? PS: I've ordered 4 new detectors this past month and the F75 was the 4th. I believe it is going to take the place of my 20 year old Whites SLT Spectrum IF I can figure out some of the adjustments. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Have gone cross-eyed from reading the manual and trying to retain everything. THANKS to all in advance! "Bo"
  4. THANKS, Fellers!! GOOD TIP, Steve! I'm into do-it-yourself big time and just crafty enough to make my own. (Also crafty enough to tear up stuff too)! I seriously doubt I would ever wear down an original coil enough to hurt it anyway. Y'all take care and have a great week, "Bo"
  5. Howdy Have hunted around quite a bit for a coil cover for the ROUND 5 1/2 inch Gold Racer coil. None found so far. The 5" diameter cover for my Fisher Gold Bug does not begin to fit. Any advice? Thanks so much in advance. "Bo" in western NC
  6. Jasong: I think you hit the nail: My area of NC was supposed to have had volcanoes over 500 mya. So how this rock got exposed really has my curiosity. I do remember "Scoria" from college geology over 50 years ago. AND this one "fits." Too hard for fingernail but in spite of fact I Thought it would scratch glass, it did not. Seems that glass has a hardness of about 6.5 if I remember................... So here is what an old science book said: (and the "magnetite" would account for it annoying the detector.) Scoria is a volcanic igneous rock. Also referred to as scoriaceous basalt, a term commonly used to indicate a basaltic pumice. It is commonly composed of approximately 50% silica and 10% calcium oxide with lesser contents of potash and soda. It is an extrusive igneous rock whose major minerals are plagioclase, pyroxene and olivine. Minor mneral contents may include apatite, biotite, hematite, hornblende, ilmenite, magnetite, and quartz. It has a relative hardness of 5-6. Thanks so much! With a science/biology background, I still love learning! Take care, "Bo"
  7. When trying to learn new Makro Gold Racer, I found a strange rock in my creek this week. Am in an area where the original NC Gold Rush started in the 1830's so after decades of part time coin hunting, I'm trying to broaden interests due to a disability. Makro Gold Racer read solid 36 climbing to 37. Garrett AT Gold read solid 37 bumping to 38. Fisher Gold Bug Pro read 40-41. My minor background in geology goes back over 50 years, but: 1. It is black 2. It is porous 3. It does not float 4. Rough texture 5. Streaks black 6. Feels and almost weighs like Pumice, but I think heavier. 7. Much harder than a fingernail, but does not appear to scratch glass. Photos below if I can figure out how to attach them. THANKS for any suggestion as to what you think this is. Take care, "Bo"
  8. PLEASE bare with me: 1. I have a perfectly good White's XLT Spectrum (1999), keeping it for now. I set several custom programs on it years ago but prefer to get something "not so advanced" where owner has to set many manual settings. 2. I have a new Garrett's AT Gold on the way. It can be returned. But I'm looking for something to "possibly" replace the XLT that can not only do it all but detect small gold deposits. 3. Nokta Legend:: Listed as "Advanced" machine. 2 rechargable battery packs. Wireless headphone. None of this appeals to me. I don't mind a wired headphone. AND the XLT is still a machine with so many variable settings that I choose not to change what I programmed over the years. I have had bad luck with any company's proprietary batterys and rechargable batteries in general. My White's battery packs finally died and are no longer available, so run AA batteries and am much happier with throw aways. And THINK: How does one "Plug in" a charger when in deep woods? Carrying extra AA batteries is a no-brainer. However, 2 pluses for the Legend are backlit and audio tones. AA batteries are one big plus for ordering the Garrett AT Gold. 4. Moving to Equinox 800: Praised for its pin-pointer (I love the XLT pin-pointer). Top reviews are many. BUT.........lithium ion rechargable and only ONE (I assume proprietary) battery comes with it at that. I see "Beginner" friendly. That appeals to me because I truly don't want to go through the arduous learning curve the XLT presented to me 23 years ago when new. So decisions, decisions. my plans were to run the AT Gold and sell the Spectrum IF the AT Gold "might" take it's place and be a better choice for small nugget shooting. OR................ keep either the AT Gold OR XLT and maybe get the Equinox 800 too. I just don't want to get stuck in deep woods overnight with a dead detector battery. AND: I see the Minelab GoldMonster uses my preferred AA batteries, and is listed as "Gold" and Beginner friendly. Would it detect coins too? I won't rule it out as if it will fits for a purpose, I'm willing to go to $950 it sells for. I could keep one all-purpose machine and one which specializes in gold?? IF I have not totally scrambled your brains as I have my own, what would you do? Thanks for putting up with me, "Bo"
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