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  1. Way back when I was shopping for a machine I had looked at the F5 and ultimately went with my AT Pro. Was always curious how the machine performed depth wise and overall as a coin and relic machine. I do prefer pots over buttons for the finer adjustment and that 7.8khz seems like a good frequency for bad ground. Poking around I saw that one the dealers has it on sale at $299 and they Nel makes a Superfly for it. https://www.metaldetector.com/fisher-f5-metal-detector
  2. The positioning of knob on left side may indeed cause right hand users to inadvertently move the knob when it contacts their body, etc. Here’s a short video I did with a cheap fix. Enjoy.
  3. Hi I have a Fisher F75 device and it has a problem in the depth on the all-metal program. The depth is on a piece of silver weighing 15 grams to 5 cm. Please help and thank you
  4. I wish Fisher would make a digital CZ Quicksilver. Keep the same 5 & 15 frequencies with three options: 1) simultaneous dual CZ frequency, 2) a selectable 5 kHz single frequency, and 3) a selectable 15 kHz frequency. Four tone with adjustable tone break points for all the tones and the ability to change the tone pitch for all four tones. All four tones can be used anywhere within the TID scale. Keep the CZ modulation audio control. -99 to 0 to +99 TID. -99 to 0 is ferrous range. +1 to +99 for nonferrous. Non - normalized TID. 5 kHz runs 5 kHz target id,
  5. I have an F22 with the stock 9” elliptical concentric coil that I like taking out every now and then. Mainly playgrounds and parks. I probably get most things within 6”. I’ve dug some good deeper signals occasionally but most good signals are within that 6” range which is adequate. I do use the iron audio occasionally, tot lots with mulch I dig everything above the weed barrier. I’ve been wondering about the Fisher alternative coils like the 4” concentric for some really trashy areas around shelter. I’ve also come across some posts where folks refer to a 5” DD coil but unclear which on
  6. I see a lot of comparisons between the Simplex and other mid price/mid level machines out there like the F75, AT Pro, etc. These days it may be possible to find a used F75, AT Pro, etc for the price of a new Simplex or close. Maybe even with an extra small coil. Like a 5” DD or a 5x8. Throw in buying an extra coil for the Simplex and maybe even price. Simplex I think only 2 year warranty, so that will be gone eventually , non user/field replaceable battery. There are tons of arguments either way, more coil availability, supporting a US company (although buying second hand), Garrett a
  7. Well, i just got back from a short hunt detecting a park! Funny thing is, i only got to detect for around 20 minutes, and had just about finished up on the second of two clad and penny coin spills, when a young man (late 20's-early 30's) approached me, and asked if i had found a set of keys while out! I told him i had just started, and asked him a few questions about what, when, and where they were lost! He told me his name; (his first name was the same as my daughter's) and he took down my number to swap info! I said i would keep an eye out; he thanked me, and walked to his car! After
  8. I did some testing in my back yard to compare relative depths achievable in my soils with various coils on the Fisher F75. Caution: these are relative measurements specific to my soil conditions (including ferromagnetic mineral content and current moisture content). The purpose is merely to compare coil sensitivity for particular settings which push the detection depth limit under these conditions but otherwise should not be used as an absolute indication of how this detector with these coils mounted will perform under different conditions by other detectorists. My ground is of moderat
  9. Wanting to Take Bee for her maiden spin .....my mom’s nurse called and needed more supplies...Covid thing has been hard I have not seen her since it started .....But they tell me she is fine ....poor dear has dementia ....I am just Blessed I have a mom I can still see..... Of late I gotten where I like to do a Key West thing and watch the Sun sink over the beautiful Ocean And Sky call me a hopeless Romantic I do not care ...it is very empowering to me in a Spiritual way ....gives me hope for another Awesome day.. so I got home grabbed my gear notice the CZ6A was a B model I
  10. I Remember driving to Atlanta for the dealer seminar when they introduced the Fisher 1266x and the CZ 6 . Like most of the dealers that attended we could not wait to get our hands on these two new units ........to say the least they were way ahead of their time ......depth and versatility unlike any unit on the planet made by the oldest Proudest Name in The Metal Detecting World ....... little did I know that that these units like my 1265X would become My new girls Betty and Nadine .....Betty the 1266X and Nadine the CZ6.......Booth were Mean and Dirty....but when they whisper that sweet Ro
  11. I just got word today that the new lightweight 15” coils are in production. I have a prototype for the T2 - it weighs 750 grams (26 oz.). MSRP is $149. If anyone wants one, I can get it shipped direct from FTP to you. It looks identical to the previous 15” coil - just made with different epoxy and much lighter.
  12. Version 060518 Rev. 5


    Fisher 2018 full color catalog, 5.2 MB pdf file, 16 pages First Texas (Fisher) Forum
  13. Version 8730009


    Fisher Gold Strike Operating Manual, 856 KB pdf file, 28 pages Fisher Gold Strike Data & Reviews Fisher Gold Strike Color Brochure First Texas (Fisher) Forum
  14. Version 8700160-E


    Fisher Gold Strike Color Brochure, 270 KB pdf file, 2 pages Fisher Gold Strike Data & Reviews First Texas (Fisher) Forum
  15. Not a gold detector per se, but anything that they can cram into this new shell will be water resistant. How about a Gold Bug Pro?
  16. Of all the different types of metal detectors, the two box is the oldest(?) but also one of the least used. Defintitely a detector for special situations, but with a couple possible exceptions, for the proper situation it's the best choice for the job. I'm aware of two standalone models still available new -- Fisher Gemini-3 and White's TM808. Garrett's Treasure Hound (see P. 43 of their latest catalog) and apparently a new kid on the block are attachments for specific standard (control unit + shaft + single coil housing) detectors. In particular what has me wondering (and confused
  17. I've been discussing qualities of Minelab lately (mostly in a negative light) and I decided to step back and ask myself why I use their Equinox 800 almost exclusively. It's worth starting out by saying I'm an old coin hunter (where 'old' is meant to refer to 'coin', although it also applies to 'hunter' 😁) the majority of the time, and and native gold hunter when the opportunity presents itself (not often enough). I've never detected near salt water and only occasionally (in shallow creeks) detected in water. Relics and jewerly aren't ignored but they typically only show up when I'm coin hun
  18. This is a prototype machine I acquired from Tom Dankowski many years ago. It looks just like any other 1270, until you examine the serial tag. This is a prototype that the old Los Banos Fisher had made to experiment with aluminum discrimination. The IRON disc is actually a “segmented” ALUMINUM disc that you can adjust with laser like accuracy. For example: Imagine you have your whole band of disc, from iron to silver, and you now place a magnifying glass over the aluminum portion of the disc. Now, if you are at a site that has an excessive amount of one certain kind of pull-tab, like a ne
  19. I have the Fisher F75+. If I have the discrim set at say 30, why do I sometimes get low VDI numbers like 6 or 7?
  20. Man, I need to keep up. First Texas introduced the Teknetics Patriot in 2017, a direct clone of the Fisher F70. I did not notice that they quietly discontinued the Fisher F70 in 2018, because they are still list on the Fisher website as current models. That and there were enough models left in stock that you can still find some new with some dealers to this day. But they are very near sold out now. Anyway, the F70 is definitely gone but not really, because you can still get it at a lower price as the Patriot. The Fisher F5 and Fisher F4 models have also been quietly discontinued, replaced by s
  21. Occasionally in posts I see reference to mineralization and how it affects detector performance. It is often vague with usage of words like 'mild, moderate, severe'. In fact several detectors have the capability of measuring it. Two of mine -- Fisher Gold Bug Pro and Fisher F75 -- have that capability. Until now I've typically paid little attention to it. (Magnetite) mineralization and its effects are clearly important in many detecting for native gold situations, but it's also meaningful for other forms of detecting, if nothing else when comparing notes on detector performance. Extr
  22. I recently ran across one of these fisher gold strike gold detectors not sure of the history of these other than fisher didnt makem for long whatever there reasons were it seems to perform very good depth and sensitivity wise, my buddy and I tested against his gold bug 2 and they seem very similar, it is a pain to adjust but it is what it is I have one and wondering if anyone knew if fisher made a coil other than the little 6" it came with that's avail or if any of the other model coils are compatible I'm trying to find a bigger coil for it. Thanx
  23. I think the F11-F44 was their futile attempt to go after the all terrain market that Garrett, and now Nokta Makro and Minelab have all entered and dominated. I have a feeling that, aside from the new coils, the F11-F44 wasn't so much of a new design as it was incorporating existing off the shelf designs from existing detectors to make a weatherproof detector. IMO they missed the mark, and I don't think these machines ever really took off. To be honest there just wasn't anything that stood out about this line. If you're the last one to enter a crowded market, you need to make something that
  24. Steve I plan on going civil war relic hunting this weekend in an area of a lot of action including cannon balls. I’ve read online how to put it in all metal mode, but step by step or whatever, would all metal be better than BP?
  25. This is less of a comparison and more of a question. It is a real head scratcher for me. I am not in any way trying to put down one detector and hype up another. This is just my experience. So, I recently had another try at the F75/T2/F70 platform. I have over 150 hours on these detectors and have now sold them all.......Why? My last go at this great group of detectors was with a 2016 F75LTD Special Edition with all of the latest features. After ten outings with it (about 40 hours) I have given up. Selling on Ebay right now with bids. My last work with it was at a city park that has
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