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  1. From things I've read and heard, there is a small but loyal following for at least some of the CZ series (with single digits, -3, -4, -5, -6, etc.) and even claims that they are still today among the best coin detectors. I wasn't detecting when this series was available and don't know any more than a few snippets here and there in posts. They do show up on eBay and from (at least some of) the prices, I surmize they are still in demand. Would someone post an overview of the series, highs and lows, pluses and minuses, etc.? I think I've read that Tom Dankowski used to mod one of these models for extra depth. Also wondering if Dave Johnson had a hand in the design/engineering of this series or if they occurred in the time window when he was working elsewhere.
  2. I got lucky at the recent East Texas Treasure Show and found a nice used Fisher F5. I specifically wanted to try this detector because of the separate Gain & Threshold controls along with Target ID and the running Ground Phase and Mineralization scale. I hope it may prove a less powerful but versatile companion to the Vista X at a lower kHz frequency. I am surprised that I can not seem to pull anything up from the past in this forum on it. Any comments from those who have used a F5 would be appreciated.
  3. Hi, I own a CZ-5 since 1994 and still use it today. I noticed a rattling sound inside the control box recently and I wanted to open it and give it a clean but couldn't find any screws. Can someone give instruction on how to do it ? Thank you!
  4. I am super happy that I just got an absolutely "like New" Los Banos 1236X2 on eBay. It tickles the hell out of me now that I have what might be the only absolutely as new perfect los Banos 1236x2. This one is SN 90272. Likely never saw dirt. Came with unused coils...8", 5" and the rare 10X5 elliptical. I just ordered a new 10.5 coil for it to complete the set. While I was poking around on various forums about the 1236X2, I found this Hymn to them...by Keith Southern. Pardon if I am cross-posting, because I am not sure which forum it originally appeared on...but Keith The 1236-X2 might be the best detector ever built by fisher or any manufacture ..The Machine may not air-test the best or unmask in air-test the best but get it in the dirt where it counts and you will see it goes deep and pulls items out of iron with the best of them..It is a phenomenal detector.... I have pulled some real nice finds with mine and would never be without one...Get the 5 incher for the trash..run it in iron disc pre-set and by all means do not turn that silencer on... learn the language of the machine...If you run the silencer on you are basically running like any other machine out there... Remember quiet is nice but it kills masked targets and iffy deep targets...with the silencer off you will be hearing the targets that are discriminated out .. they will be pop's and sputter's and spit's..but not round sounding if that makes sense to you..what this allows is a good non-ferrous target to bleed through the discriminated out nail's (when set at the iron preset nails sputter big iron sound junky broken like) so you can hear the target with a nice audio response..these type targets will take awhile to get use to but once you hear the target a few times that is being masked you will know what to listen for...Also try to stay with the low ohm headphones like the stock fisher phones they replicate the detector sound so much better than the killer b type phones and such of high ohms they make it hard to discern a target...the audio which can speak volumes to you is best replicated at around 8 ohms or so..Deep targets have a fuzzy type sound that would be completely quite if the silencer was on..I have ran the 1236 against some big dog detectors in my personal test and the 1236 will hear deep targets just like the big machines but it has its own language...Again what is happening is the 1236 hears it all like ground noise and such and can report a target lurking below the mineralization..a lot of machines when canceling out the mineral also cancel the target since it cant break through the extra filtration of the signal going on from the ground reading..but the 1236 just blends it and you listen for the fuzzy round modulated hit.. Now the 1236 loves round targets be it low conductor buttons or high silver coins...I have actually found coins with the 1236 that I thought I would never find one being a 2 cent Piece out of a thick bed of nails that I had pounded on with probably 12-15 machines and the other being a 177? Spanish 2-Reale which is just about unheard of in my North Georgia area and it too was in a bed of nails.... I have found many relics with it also behind other machine's and in pure machine gun type iron... Once you get the language down and listen to some noise the 1236 is one hard machine to beat in mineralized dirt and it just can’t hardly be beat in nails...Remember iron sites are a important for making find's because where there is iron like nails and stove parts and horse shoes and busted kettles and such is the habitation sites and that where the finds are at but it is hard to get stuff out of these sites...and the 1236 is one of the better machines I have ever had at picking through sites like this....There's a couple more that will hang with it and they don’t have a meter neither.. Good luck with one of fisher's greatest
  5. Reading the recent conversation prompted by @Daniel Tnon his Manticore comparison at his hot dirt deep bullet site, I have been considering my All Metal capable detectors. I would normally use my AT Max if I wanted to run true motion All Metal. I have a good selection of coils for it. I also have a F5 with a NEL Sharpshooter coil. The F5 has a nice motion All Metal mode. My question is; Is the F5 motion All Metal mode inferior to a F75/T2 in motion All Metal using a comparable 11" size coil? I may want to consider getting a 11" size coil for the F5 if it is powerful enough.
  6. Now that Garrett has decided they are serious about staying competitive in the game, and Minelab appears to know their offerings are aging and have issues by announcing a new model, and Nokta has upped their game with a Equinox Clone, Where is Fisher.? Cosmetic changes to the Antique Gold Bug, and F75, Really.! ANY Rumors of Modern VLF or Pulse Detectors being tested for even Pre-Production.? Fisher Management -- If you have things in the works SPEAK UP, you can ONLY help yourself by doing so, if you do not, Your Loyal Old Customer Base is going to give up on you.! Let them know you are still a player, if you no longer have management with a passion for the hobby and business, Change Management, before you become the next Legendary Company after Whites to go out of business after losing the passion that made them who they were.!
  7. With a GPX leading the way marking bullets so that we could test...which VLF would you say did the best? T2 with stock coil. Deus2 with 9 inch coil and 11x13. MCore with 11 inch coil. All Metal modes on all 3 machines. Deepest bullet was 14 inches. Most were 8 to 10 inches. Take your best guesses and I'll do a write up later.
  8. Is there a new F-pulse out? Or is this just the earlier change where the bugs were fixed on the first ever model. I bought one of the newer ones that had those initial bugs fixed but I checked my box and it doesn't have this new and improved sticker on it. A guy in NZ bought one at our dealer today and his had this new and improved sticker on it. I captured the photo from his video showing his new pinpointer. See the yellow new and improved over to the left.....
  9. Howdy. Not new to metal detectors by any means, but just took possession of new Fisher F-75 Limited Edition. I see down LEFT side of screen: Discrim, Sensitivity, Disc. Level, Notch, # of Tones, and Process #. HOWEVER, when pressing the MENU button, ONLY the "All Metal" and other choices under it on the RIGHT side of screen are highlighted? I was able to somehow knock out Iron 15 and Foil 25, but now not sure how I did it. Am I missing something? PS: I've ordered 4 new detectors this past month and the F75 was the 4th. I believe it is going to take the place of my 20 year old Whites SLT Spectrum IF I can figure out some of the adjustments. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Have gone cross-eyed from reading the manual and trying to retain everything. THANKS to all in advance! "Bo"
  10. Hi everyone. I have technical Question about Gemini3. Does this detector work in cave (confined places)? And is it possible to check objects embedded deep inside walls with Gemini3 (by holding horizontally facing to wall)?
  11. One of the Meteorite Men, Geoff Notkin has a lot of things up for auction including two of his metal detectors! If you want to see a vast array of meteorites and possibly purchase one at auction go here: https://fineart.ha.com/c/ecatalog.zx?saleNo=8089&ic5=CatalogHome-AucType-PrintedCatalogViewer-071515 I have met Geoff on two or three trips to Tucson Gem and Mineral Show over the years and I've purchased a couple of his books. He is quite a character and quite a nice guy.
  12. Not sure if anyone knows but does the F5 have a true Threshold based discrimination (where you see no TID on targets below the threshold set)? Seems majority of digital machines simply turn off the audio when discriminating. Thanks
  13. yes i got a question I've noticed some metal detecting sites are showing the fisher f44 metal detector with boost mode on it , you can see boost mode on the picture showing the display , i was just wondering if thats a new version or a mistake ? thanks
  14. Someone is selling a Fisher 1212-X in NZ at the moment, looks mint condition, $50 NZD, about $30 USD at the moment with no interest in it. I'm very tempted to buy it. I've always wanted a classic, at the moment my GB2 is my classic but this looks the ticket. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/building-renovation/tools/other/listing/3380456910?bof=glG5OYbr I am guessing other than the coil it comes with I'd be stuck with no alternative coils though, no modern Fisher coils would work on it? I'd imagine its quite good at deep silvers with it's 4.2kHz frequency, 4kHz on my Multi frequency detector is a serious deep silver frequency. It looks pretty cool and for $50 NZD it's basically free. The other interesting thing is they marketed it with a lifetime warranty, in NZ it's illegal to say that is to the original owner, so technically it's still under warranty 🙂
  15. Question for Rob, Chris or Steve. Do any of you know why Fisher's Gold Strike never took off and became popular? I got to test one out several years back and it seemed to be a worthy gold machine.
  16. Anyone have an idea what's a fair price for a decent 1266X ? So far I have found some for $375 ----$450🤣1st Texas says sorry no parts maybe that's the reason ??Can anyone know the difference between the 1265 x and 1266 x ?Looks like the conc.8" coil on the 1265 x would work better than the spider coil on the 1266 x ?
  17. Can anyone tell me the main difference between this two fishers f-5 vs. f-70?Thank you gents.
  18. Hey guys, an older friend of mine has a nice condition CZ70a Pro that he would love to hunt with again after many years but there is one problem: It is missing the upper shaft/stem/handle assembly. Apparently the handle broke off years ago and the upper shaft was lost or tossed. He has the control box and lower shaft. Yes, I know he could pouch it but he really wants to mount the box on a shaft. Unfortunately the mount used for this detector was only used on the CZ70, CZ70a and CZ70a Pro. I spoke to Fisher and they no longer carry parts fo that model. Does anyone have that the upper shaft/stem/handle assembly they would be willing to part with? I've attached pix for your reference of what he has left. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, I have spoken to Anderson Shafts about possibly making something but if I could find the actual part that would be very cool. Many thanks, Bill
  19. Through most of 2020 I detected a large park which had been previously detected but still produced decent old coins for me. In one post I told of a well used path to a small waterfall which confused and frustrated me. The path (approx 150-200 m long) is right next to a creek ('stream' for you New Englanders 😉) and it was likely used for watering cattle in the late 19th and early 20th Century. The path was hard packed gravel and crushed stone, occasionl larger pieces of limestone, with soil filled in between all that aggregate. This path gave thick iron response to the Minelab Equinox and produced almost no coins. (I do remember one Zincoln -- I would.) Back then I tried both the 11" stock DD coil and the 6" DD with similar results. With both coils I recovered shallow (meaning mostly within the first 1" depth) lead bullets as well as brass casings. Most were 22 cal. but a few were larger and those in particular I was able to date at over 100 years old. My conclusion is that this path was used by hunters prior to it becoming part of the park. So in summary, lots of small iron (nails and wire), as many bullets and casings as I cared to recover, but no coins. And the recovered targets were mostly located in the top 1 inch. Some time after my report, kac suggested returning with the Tesoro Vaquero and 8"x9" stock concentric (the only concentric I have for it presently). He and dogodog recommended setting the threshold to where Zincolns just break up. I found out from the park caretaker that the path is scheduled to be covered over completely with a boardwalk so if I was ever going to return, I better make it quick. A week ago I took his advice as well as kac's and doggo's. But in two hours of hunting with the Vaquero I recovered almost nothing. One lead bullet somehow snuck past the threshold and I think I got an aluminum can base, but specifically no coins and practically no trash either. I had been committed to using concentric coils only and took my Fisher F75 with its tiny 3"x6" concentric as a backup. Returning the the vehicle I swapped out the detectors and returned for 2 more hours. I only use silencing discrimination (and silencing masking) when I have no choice so I set the F75 up in Default process, 4H (4 tones with nickel zone joining the high conductor coins in the highest tone). Low tone is 0-15 which is nominally the entire iron range. With this detector I decided to dig anything 'interesting', at least at the start. As was the case in 2020 I immeditately started recovering lead bullets and brass casings, all very shallow as before. Two more hours and still no coins. I gave up. At the far end of this wooded path there is construction of a new paved path in the open area of the park. (I've bitched many times before that I hate these backfilling-party upgrades!) For the last hour of this session I decided to search near that path, also at or close to where I had hunted previously. All the coins found that day (just two clad dimes and two copper Memorials) were found in that last hour with the F75 and its tiny coil. Here are the coins I found that day and the next day (described below): The next morning I returned to search several dirt piles -- the dirt having been removed ("scraped off") so they could backfill the walkway with crushed stone before paving with asphalt. That 2.5 hour hunt was exclusively with the ML Equinox 800 and 11" coil with my standard park/school coin hunting settings. The dirt piles produced only a clad dime -- what a disappointment. For the last hour I just searched part of the park I had hunted previously. One wheat penny was in the ground up trunk of a recently cut down tree (not surprisingly with damage from the blades of that tool). The other Wheatie was in along a path I'm pretty sure I had detected previously, but was less than 2" deep and thus sounded like a shallow Zincoln. (Lesson to self: Be careful what you mentally reject digging....) Oh, what's that other thing? Near the end of the first day in a dirt pile I got a signal in the nickel zone of the F75 (25-35 on the 0-99 scale) and thought maybe it was in fact a nickel. Imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be a 10kt gold child's ring weighing 0.43 g. (still about $10 in gold content at today's price). That's my first gold jewelry find since December of 2018. Ignoring the foil and pulltab ranges has its advantages... and its downsides. Finally, the non-valuable non-ferrous finds over these two days. The finds along the 'noisy' path to the waterfall (4 hours of the 7.5 hour total) are the lead bullets and brass casings, the aluminum bracket at far upper left corner, the chrome plated strap clamp (off womens clothing?), and the two items right above it -- one a small cap (but not bottle cap) and the other a small gear, possibly from a clock. To the right of those, also found along the wooded path, is heavy gauge copper wire wrapped around a fine gauge copper wire -- something electrical I guess. Everything else was from the rest of the (open) area I hunted over those two days. The tag with printing is religious and not old. Note the interesting toy cannon from a WWI(?) playset. I have no idea what those two embossed mating pieces (pot metal?) to the right of the toy gun are. That rectangle at the lower left is some kind of nametag, etc., not a buckle. Lower far right is a thick amber glass jar piece, probably part of a canning jar. Crown cap is pre-plastic liner era (I seldom find those as they rust away over 50+ years). Upper left is a decorative knob off of a piece of furniture. Finally the upper right -- what this was doing in a pile of scrape-off dirt at a park I have no idea. Here's a picture of a nearly identical piece I found googling: And some info on the company that made it: I'd much rather be showing you pictures of early coins, especially silver, and I'm sure you would, too, but the earlybird detectorists got those worms, leaving the decaying insects for me.
  20. I see a lot of comparisons between the Simplex and other mid price/mid level machines out there like the F75, AT Pro, etc. These days it may be possible to find a used F75, AT Pro, etc for the price of a new Simplex or close. Maybe even with an extra small coil. Like a 5” DD or a 5x8. Throw in buying an extra coil for the Simplex and maybe even price. Simplex I think only 2 year warranty, so that will be gone eventually , non user/field replaceable battery. There are tons of arguments either way, more coil availability, supporting a US company (although buying second hand), Garrett and Fisher get back to you quickly and service pretty darn good even if you bought used. I’m not a fan of my ACE300. It works. Just tones and buttons, display, not for me. So guessing the AT Pro would not be for me either. I love my F22 however. Guessing a bit different from the F75 but perhaps tones, VDI, etc is similar. I hear good things about how well balanced it is, was a benchmark in its day. I already have a 600 multi and Seahunter pulse and most of my hunting is in midwest parks and homesites so waterproof/salt not necessary. Although weatherproof is nice for rain! Would you get the used F75 or the Simplex? Better yet, would you trade a Simplex for an F75 if the right deal came along? (I have a Simplex already but waiting for warm weather). Would anyone even make that trade? Thanks for your thoughts.
  21. I stumbled across this video of the F75 finding a silver coin deeper than the Equinox, and then he goes on to show the F75 performing better finding a coin between iron. What are your thoughts on this one? I never did bother buying a F75 even though a SE edition came up for sale extraordinary cheap nearby to me, my experience with my T2 had me thinking my Nox was better in almost all situations, was I wrong? I'm a bit puzzled by this video and I guess it could be soil conditions or something but I've found my Nox far better on deep silver than my T2 and I sure have experimented a lot on untouched in ground silvers.
  22. Way back when I was shopping for a machine I had looked at the F5 and ultimately went with my AT Pro. Was always curious how the machine performed depth wise and overall as a coin and relic machine. I do prefer pots over buttons for the finer adjustment and that 7.8khz seems like a good frequency for bad ground. Poking around I saw that one the dealers has it on sale at $299 and they Nel makes a Superfly for it. https://www.metaldetector.com/fisher-f5-metal-detector
  23. Hi I have a Fisher F75 device and it has a problem in the depth on the all-metal program. The depth is on a piece of silver weighing 15 grams to 5 cm. Please help and thank you
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