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  1. What's going on with FT (and their prices)??-----I see the Fisher F-19 (with either 5X10" or 7X11" coil) is now being listed for sale for $284 delivered.-----That's one excellent little detector and at a "give away" price (IMO)!
  2. Hello everyone. i am facing a choice which is better. Fischer f 75 LTD or black, and is there a difference between them, I heard that there is a new firmware, or minelab x terra pro as an option or the same equinox 600. all the time I went with garrett, but it seems to me that they are shallow. budget 600-700 dollars. I looked at the nocta simplex, but still fisher and minelab is a well-known brand with a name. advise what will be better. my soils are heavy, European, namely Germany, Bavaria. in some places clay. stones. sand. thanks in advance for the tip. sincerely Taras
  3. Fisher have finally updated their website, no longer a 1990's website, perhaps one of the kids of the staff did it for them for a few bucks, regardless of how, it's finally there and is quite good, a great improvement. First Texas Products Metal Detectors Unfortunately, the fancy new website doesn't make their product line any newer. It's still a work in progress by the look of it, it has an online store although not populated with products. Many links don't work on it yet either, for example you can't click on More Info for the T2 to see it's description. They have also changed the wording on many of their marketing spiels for the detectors, no longer are they full of outdated statements, often they were either false advertising or just outright lies, these are now reworded to be more realistic yet still good marketing without the outlandish claims. No mention at all of the Impulse AQ/Gold products on the new website or even a link to the specific website for that product line, very telling that. It's a fizzer. Good work Fisher, I'm glad you've done this, now we just hope you can get some new decent product to market. They still have the old website online too here Fisher Research Laboratory - manufacturer of metal detectors for homeland security, industrial and hobbyists alike (fisherlab.com) Why they haven't pointed that domain name to the new site is a puzzle to me.
  4. Admittedly I had lost all interest in First Texas and their detectors for some time, I haven't been detecting all that many years but I jumped through the First Texas ranks with a GBP, GB2 and two models of the Teknetics T2 along with their F-Pulse, now I even have an F19 on its way. It appeared with their lack of new products and very dated models they were just another generic detecting company, not something to really pay much attention to. My most recent of their purchases was the F-Pulse not all that long after it came out, while a decent pinpointer it is hardly something to be excited about a company's prospects over. Other than a coil that nobody seems to know much about and I haven't been able to find anyone that actually bought one they haven't really released anything for a very long time, and when they did it was just a rehashed older model, or as we like to call them paint jobs. Recently they started an Ebay firesale letting buyers dictate the prices they are willing to pay for their detectors, and people have been getting fantastic deals, but if you sit down and think about it for a bit are the deals really fantastic or are they about the price the detector should be in today's market, with the various competitors leaving these models well behind, it seems more like they're working out the prices people would be willing to pay and running with it, they've probably sold more of their higher end detectors in the past month or so with this firesale than they have in a year or two. Suddenly First Texas is being talked about again by people that had little interest in their detectors when they were full price. Many of us predicted this would happen one day where their high-end machines are basically entry level in the modern marketplace. I was thinking this is it, they're just going to clear out the stock and wind up the hobby detector part of their business, then I took at look at their Facebook group, I hadn't bothered to look at it forever as they were just a stagnant business. To my surprise it was very active, mainly with their marketing of course but active none the less. Every few days they're doing posts marketing their products, this really took me by surprise, and they had no indication at all they're doing an Ebay fire sale, another surprise, if there was a good place to announce it you would think it would be their Facebook group with 24000 followers, that's a broad reach of people that would see their sale that may not know about it. I think they're just settling into the new normal, working out the ideal pricing for models where they can get sales and will then return to their status quo of selling the same old models for the next decade. They appear to have a larger focus on metal detecting products outside of the hobby market on their Facebook group too, which probably demonstrates where a much of their detecting income is derived from. Their last marketing post was only 2 hours ago. Here are some of their recent marketing posts. So, they do have a pretty active marketing person on Facebook, and someone making up fancy marketing pictures. I hope they survive as a hobby detecting company, and I really hope they've got at least one more "New" detector up their sleeve, a Gold Bug 3 would be something many of us would appreciate, but I'm sure a F75 SMF would be more of a crowd pleaser for a bulk of Fisher fans.
  5. Yes, it's Steve!!!!!!!!!!!! https://web.archive.org/web/20130508060926/http:/www.troycustomdetectors.com:80/reviews/x5-herschbach-review.html
  6. With renewed interest in the Fisher range with their firesale, has anyone actually used their "newish" butterfly coil? It does look alright, looks very light. It's hidiously expensive to buy for us in NZ, $323 USD plus shipping from USA which will add another 800 or so USD to that price 😛 Although, I think I could encourage someone to ship me one at normal pricing if necessary. Here is a link to it on their site. I'm thinking it's time to move up from the GBP to the F19 to take advantage of the great range of Nel coils and the Detech Ultimate 13" I've got for the Bug, but this one is interesting as I do like the GBP's high target ID accuracy on coins in our soils here and it is so easy for my daughter to use, she doesn't mind it at all, light and easy to use and locks onto our $1 and $2 coins very well.
  7. I just bought a T2 SE with the black stem. After reading the manual and scrolling through the settings, I've confirmed that it has: Boost process DST The four iron volume options (based on 2+ tones) My question is: How is this machine different from the T2+? I've read that the + is a newer version, but it's not clear to me whether it actually has any features that the SE doesn't. (I guess I should've asked this before I bought my new machine, but I got a good deal and knew for sure that it would have Boost process, which is what mattered the most to me.)
  8. I have both machines. There's a fair amount out there about how good the all metal mode on the T2 is. I'm surprised that there doesn't appear to be as much about the all metal mode on the F75. Since both machines are built off the same platform, you'd think all metal would be similar on both. My question is: Has anyone tried all metal mode on both the T2 and the F75? If so, did you feel that it was deeper/more stable/somehow better on one than the other? Obviously, I'm assuming all else is equal on both machines (for instance, both either have Boost or DST or don't).
  9. Question for Rob, Chris or Steve. Do any of you know why Fisher's Gold Strike never took off and became popular? I got to test one out several years back and it seemed to be a worthy gold machine.
  10. One of the Meteorite Men, Geoff Notkin has a lot of things up for auction including two of his metal detectors! If you want to see a vast array of meteorites and possibly purchase one at auction go here: https://fineart.ha.com/c/ecatalog.zx?saleNo=8089&ic5=CatalogHome-AucType-PrintedCatalogViewer-071515 I have met Geoff on two or three trips to Tucson Gem and Mineral Show over the years and I've purchased a couple of his books. He is quite a character and quite a nice guy.
  11. Version 8730009


    Fisher Gold Strike Operating Manual, 856 KB pdf file, 28 pages Fisher Gold Strike Data & Reviews Fisher Gold Strike Color Brochure First Texas (Fisher) Forum
  12. I've always been a dance with who brung ya kind of guy with coils and pretty much the largest coil on the 75 i've used has been the stock dd. Been looking around at the aftermarket coils and am intrigued by some of the larger ones. I don't think i'd want to go with a huge one but maybe just a little bit bigger than the stock because i don't want it to weigh a ton. Just wondering some opinions on what success (or disapointments) you've had with aftermarkets.
  13. I have a T2 as well as a (pre-DST) F75. They're both great machines in many respects. One thing I don't like are the foam grips that both machines use. They get dirty really easily in the field and hard impossible to clean thoroughly. Does anyone use a cover/alternative grip on their machines? I remember seeing someone a few years back with a leather cover over the grip on a T2 that looked cool and provided lots of protection. I'm curious if anyone knows where to get one of those/knows of something similarly hefty you can buy that would provide similar protection?
  14. I got lucky at the recent East Texas Treasure Show and found a nice used Fisher F5. I specifically wanted to try this detector because of the separate Gain & Threshold controls along with Target ID and the running Ground Phase and Mineralization scale. I hope it may prove a less powerful but versatile companion to the Vista X at a lower kHz frequency. I am surprised that I can not seem to pull anything up from the past in this forum on it. Any comments from those who have used a F5 would be appreciated.
  15. Reading the recent conversation prompted by @Daniel Tnon his Manticore comparison at his hot dirt deep bullet site, I have been considering my All Metal capable detectors. I would normally use my AT Max if I wanted to run true motion All Metal. I have a good selection of coils for it. I also have a F5 with a NEL Sharpshooter coil. The F5 has a nice motion All Metal mode. My question is; Is the F5 motion All Metal mode inferior to a F75/T2 in motion All Metal using a comparable 11" size coil? I may want to consider getting a 11" size coil for the F5 if it is powerful enough.
  16. I just got a Fisher TW5 and the speaker is not working. Head phones are working ok, and cant find anything obviously wrong with the circuit board, speaker, switching or wiring. Maybe somebody disabled the speaker ?? Not sure, so a diagram would be much appreciated. I have the Operator Manual for TW6 and Gemini 3, nothing in them about troubleshooting the speaker circuit. Many thank for any suggestions you might have.
  17. From things I've read and heard, there is a small but loyal following for at least some of the CZ series (with single digits, -3, -4, -5, -6, etc.) and even claims that they are still today among the best coin detectors. I wasn't detecting when this series was available and don't know any more than a few snippets here and there in posts. They do show up on eBay and from (at least some of) the prices, I surmize they are still in demand. Would someone post an overview of the series, highs and lows, pluses and minuses, etc.? I think I've read that Tom Dankowski used to mod one of these models for extra depth. Also wondering if Dave Johnson had a hand in the design/engineering of this series or if they occurred in the time window when he was working elsewhere.
  18. Hi, I own a CZ-5 since 1994 and still use it today. I noticed a rattling sound inside the control box recently and I wanted to open it and give it a clean but couldn't find any screws. Can someone give instruction on how to do it ? Thank you!
  19. I am super happy that I just got an absolutely "like New" Los Banos 1236X2 on eBay. It tickles the hell out of me now that I have what might be the only absolutely as new perfect los Banos 1236x2. This one is SN 90272. Likely never saw dirt. Came with unused coils...8", 5" and the rare 10X5 elliptical. I just ordered a new 10.5 coil for it to complete the set. While I was poking around on various forums about the 1236X2, I found this Hymn to them...by Keith Southern. Pardon if I am cross-posting, because I am not sure which forum it originally appeared on...but Keith The 1236-X2 might be the best detector ever built by fisher or any manufacture ..The Machine may not air-test the best or unmask in air-test the best but get it in the dirt where it counts and you will see it goes deep and pulls items out of iron with the best of them..It is a phenomenal detector.... I have pulled some real nice finds with mine and would never be without one...Get the 5 incher for the trash..run it in iron disc pre-set and by all means do not turn that silencer on... learn the language of the machine...If you run the silencer on you are basically running like any other machine out there... Remember quiet is nice but it kills masked targets and iffy deep targets...with the silencer off you will be hearing the targets that are discriminated out .. they will be pop's and sputter's and spit's..but not round sounding if that makes sense to you..what this allows is a good non-ferrous target to bleed through the discriminated out nail's (when set at the iron preset nails sputter big iron sound junky broken like) so you can hear the target with a nice audio response..these type targets will take awhile to get use to but once you hear the target a few times that is being masked you will know what to listen for...Also try to stay with the low ohm headphones like the stock fisher phones they replicate the detector sound so much better than the killer b type phones and such of high ohms they make it hard to discern a target...the audio which can speak volumes to you is best replicated at around 8 ohms or so..Deep targets have a fuzzy type sound that would be completely quite if the silencer was on..I have ran the 1236 against some big dog detectors in my personal test and the 1236 will hear deep targets just like the big machines but it has its own language...Again what is happening is the 1236 hears it all like ground noise and such and can report a target lurking below the mineralization..a lot of machines when canceling out the mineral also cancel the target since it cant break through the extra filtration of the signal going on from the ground reading..but the 1236 just blends it and you listen for the fuzzy round modulated hit.. Now the 1236 loves round targets be it low conductor buttons or high silver coins...I have actually found coins with the 1236 that I thought I would never find one being a 2 cent Piece out of a thick bed of nails that I had pounded on with probably 12-15 machines and the other being a 177? Spanish 2-Reale which is just about unheard of in my North Georgia area and it too was in a bed of nails.... I have found many relics with it also behind other machine's and in pure machine gun type iron... Once you get the language down and listen to some noise the 1236 is one hard machine to beat in mineralized dirt and it just can’t hardly be beat in nails...Remember iron sites are a important for making find's because where there is iron like nails and stove parts and horse shoes and busted kettles and such is the habitation sites and that where the finds are at but it is hard to get stuff out of these sites...and the 1236 is one of the better machines I have ever had at picking through sites like this....There's a couple more that will hang with it and they don’t have a meter neither.. Good luck with one of fisher's greatest
  20. Now that Garrett has decided they are serious about staying competitive in the game, and Minelab appears to know their offerings are aging and have issues by announcing a new model, and Nokta has upped their game with a Equinox Clone, Where is Fisher.? Cosmetic changes to the Antique Gold Bug, and F75, Really.! ANY Rumors of Modern VLF or Pulse Detectors being tested for even Pre-Production.? Fisher Management -- If you have things in the works SPEAK UP, you can ONLY help yourself by doing so, if you do not, Your Loyal Old Customer Base is going to give up on you.! Let them know you are still a player, if you no longer have management with a passion for the hobby and business, Change Management, before you become the next Legendary Company after Whites to go out of business after losing the passion that made them who they were.!
  21. With a GPX leading the way marking bullets so that we could test...which VLF would you say did the best? T2 with stock coil. Deus2 with 9 inch coil and 11x13. MCore with 11 inch coil. All Metal modes on all 3 machines. Deepest bullet was 14 inches. Most were 8 to 10 inches. Take your best guesses and I'll do a write up later.
  22. Is there a new F-pulse out? Or is this just the earlier change where the bugs were fixed on the first ever model. I bought one of the newer ones that had those initial bugs fixed but I checked my box and it doesn't have this new and improved sticker on it. A guy in NZ bought one at our dealer today and his had this new and improved sticker on it. I captured the photo from his video showing his new pinpointer. See the yellow new and improved over to the left.....
  23. Howdy. Not new to metal detectors by any means, but just took possession of new Fisher F-75 Limited Edition. I see down LEFT side of screen: Discrim, Sensitivity, Disc. Level, Notch, # of Tones, and Process #. HOWEVER, when pressing the MENU button, ONLY the "All Metal" and other choices under it on the RIGHT side of screen are highlighted? I was able to somehow knock out Iron 15 and Foil 25, but now not sure how I did it. Am I missing something? PS: I've ordered 4 new detectors this past month and the F75 was the 4th. I believe it is going to take the place of my 20 year old Whites SLT Spectrum IF I can figure out some of the adjustments. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Have gone cross-eyed from reading the manual and trying to retain everything. THANKS to all in advance! "Bo"
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