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  1. Yea its going back, its the machine itself since headphones do not work either mlgdave
  2. thanks Steve will do on both! mlgdave
  3. I have been a gold nugget seller since 1999 (in fact I am probably the longest running seller on the net, ask Steve :-)) I pride myself in best prices, 100% money back guarantee and many many many thousands of satisfied customers if you havent found your nugget yet ill shoot you some piks. 2-3 grams would be $45 per gram today (nov 18th/2017) mlgdave
  4. well dang, then the slightest "bump" and its off. I hope that reset to original firmware fixes it if I can do that? mlgdave
  5. And then I thought ok, lets see....so I started scrolling through the settings and when I got to "more" the sound came back on....... mlgdave
  6. and then I turn it on today and NFG. Is there a way to revert back to the firmaware update before the july update and see if that helps? Or "original factory settings"? mlgdave
  7. Turned it on this AM and its working 100% normal.........I guess thats how good this forum is! :-) mlgdave ps..........now to go find some stuff for you all to look at!
  8. and Oh yea, when I go to "reset audio and detection settings" it does NOT go through the cycle (the spinny wheel thing) it just goes directly to the check mark and asks me to put the ferrite on the ground mlgdave
  9. I updated to the latest firmware in september, sunday when I was detecting I would lose my sound through the wireless, I plugged in headphones and no sound from the machine through them either EXCEPT for turning it on, and also when the WM wireless connects I hear that (but probably from the unit not the headphones) Anyone else have issues, I do see 2 other threads but have tried both fixes including updating again. No dice, need the GPZ! mlgdave
  10. I let Ben use his gold monster where I knew for 100% positive we had small crystals fall of the bigger one. WARNING - foul language and MUST SEE Mlgdave
  11. Ditto Lunk, we re gonna light up the DetectorProspector guys! Mlgdave
  12. Hi all, some of you have known me for many years as Mlgdave, owner of Goldbay.com and now I also own The Colorado Quartz Gold mine in California and ramping back up to run and mine 140 and 180 feet underground. This week me and my partner worked an old stope and found and extracted a killer piece! (more to come) I am living at the mine full time and should have some good stories and finds for you guys over the next few months/years Mlgdave