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  1. The famous Meteorite Men are together again! A new short film series starring Steve Arnold and produced by Geoffrey Notkin. Meet expert meteorite hunter Steve Arnold, one of the stars of TV's multi-award-winning Discovery Science series "Meteorite Men." In this exclusive YouTube series, Steve teaches you how to find fallen space rocks, and what equipment you will need out there in the field. Learn more by visiting Steve's official website: https://www.fireballsteve.com
  2. Yes, I agree...looks to me like you've got one there, congrats!
  3. Sorry about my assumption that it came from Q. That's a nice winter harvest of golden goodies; well done!
  4. All of your window photos are out of focus. The Gold Basin meteorite is an ordinary chondrite, so if you see any bright, silvery flecks of nickel-iron metal in your windows, you've got the real deal. Example:
  5. I'm not sure what the black mineral is either, but years ago, my dad detected a specimen that was very similar; yours is only the second with a black matrix that I've ever seen come out of Q.
  6. Way to go Norm! Sounds like you had a good winter season. Is your specimen attracted to a magnet at all?
  7. Just goes to show what a detector can find when wielded with proper technique. And as already noted, the desert tortoise anecdote is priceless. A wise man once said, "Compassion towards all creatures is the greatest virtue." Well done, Flak and son!
  8. The perfect gold fix when you can't get out prospecting. My buddy Dave has premium paydirt and an exclusive new product that simulates hard rock mining. Check it out! https://www.goldbay.com/paydirt-store/Hard-rock-mining-experience-p183010041
  9. The only way to get a definitive answer is to do a side by side comparison between the Zed and the Nox with buried targets. Sounds like there is a video post in your future?
  10. Mitchel, to me the question is moot, since the Zed has no discrimination. However, in high trash areas, I usually default to the old standard of only going after the deep, mellow sounding targets, and avoiding the screaming surface trash. As to your thread title, the Zed's Locate Patch option of the Ground Smoothing feature allows for a faster swing speed akin to the motion filter of the GPX 5000, providing a shorter, sharper signal response than Ground Smoothing Off. But even at that, I'm sure it couldn't hold a candle to the target separation abilities of the Nox.
  11. Nice chunk, JW! I felt your frustration over the thick grass, but in a way it led you straight to that golden whopper...go figure. Well done!
  12. What a whopper! Made me nervous, though, when chipping so close to the nugget with the pick, thought it would get marked for sure. Congrats to the lucky prospectors!
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