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  1. You’re a quick study, Simon; I believe you’re about to unlock another level-up!
  2. Ask, and ye shall receive: ctmenquiry@coiltek.com.au
  3. My old friend, the late great Smokey Baird of Lovelock, Nevada, knew Ben Thompson and said he used to live out at Barrel Springs, working his claims there. I got into the northern Nevada area just after T-Bone was killed, and I knew "two-pound" Dick Bailey before he found his big nugget, back when he used to work as a tire repairman at the Burns Bros truck stop at Mill City.
  4. Yah, even fine, flake gold will eventually break the bottom of a glass vial. It happened to me once with some fines I had panned; fortunately it broke while in my pocket, so I was able to recover the gold.
  5. Well done Simon, you've discovered that, although often overlooked, a properly adjusted audio is key to maximizing the performance of Minelab's detectors. Enjoy the level-up!
  6. I'm no subatomic particle physicist, but I am a vegetarian, and I haven't noticed any more charged particles than usual in my salad. Sorry Frozendaze, but I just couldn't resist!😂 Seriously though, I'm in the same neck of the desert and I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary when swinging the Zed through the green stuff.
  7. Okay Steve, now your going to have to elaborate for those of us with enquiring minds...could be the start of a cool new thread where everyone relates their own scariest desert prospecting story.
  8. Here you go Oneguy, a couple of sub-grain specks found with the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 in Quartzsite, AZ: close-up of same: and another: Nice 1919 merc you got there, btw; my oldest is a 1920.
  9. Sweet saves, my friend! You do realize that snow is a 4-letter “s” word, right?!
  10. Best of luck on your golden adventures down under!
  11. Congrats to the lucky finder!
  12. Dr. Erik Melchiorre will be at the Quartzsite Gold Show, and will be happy to analyze your sample with his XRF spectrometer.
  13. That’s a super awesome double whammy!
  14. And the firsts keep coming, amigo: I’ve since dug my first silver half dollar (1957 Franklin) and first silver Roosevelt dime (1964).
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