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    Gold nuggets, meteorites and treasure with metal detectors
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    Minelab GPX 6000
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  1. Congrats on another successful trip, amigo. Thanks for sharing your insights on the capabilities of the GPX 6000.
  2. Thanks for the invite, Jennifer, as I would certainly like to see your washplant in operation, and go for a detect; it’s been a long while since I’ve been out that way.
  3. You’re welcome, Jennifer. I'm glad you and others are enjoying the Torus as much as I do, and I also want to thank Doc for making this brilliant wearable speaker known and available to the detecting community; it’s a great alternative to headphones.
  4. Yep, looks like I started the Torus craze back in February...😁
  5. Great post, GoldPan”Dan”, and congrats on the fantastic nugget finds in “Wyoming”😀 Looking forward to seeing you at one of Gerry’s training classes soon.
  6. Silver has a density of 10.5 grams per cubic centimeter.
  7. Poor Brian, he may have to legally change his name to “Brian” now...🤣
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