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  1. Great post, Chris. I would like to add that different coil configurations can have their own unique method used to pinpoint a target with. There are three main coil configurations that we electronic prospectors are familiar with, the first and perhaps most widely used being the mono coil, with which Chris' pinpointing method works very well, especially on deeply buried targets. However, on shallow targets, the hot spot on mono coils moves towards the outer edge of the coil as the coil gets closer to the target, so that tipping the coil vertically and using just the edge can quickly pinpoint a
  2. Agreed, not a meteorite. Dolomite perhaps? Here are some simple home tests you can do if you suspect you may have found a meteorite: http://meteorite-identification.com/streak.html
  3. You're right, Tom; and it sure sounds like the summary section of the patent is describing the 3 overlapping feedback systems employed in the GPX 6000 to eliminate signals produced by changing mineralization and EMI. And hopefully the new method of discrimination for a future PI/ZVT hybrid detector, since it's oblivious to soil mineralization, will be accurate to full depth. Wouldn’t that be something.🤔
  4. 🎂🎁🎉Happy birthday Norm! 🎉🎁🎂
  5. Since I won’t be needing a harness when swinging the GPX 6k, this wearable speaker is the perfect solution for me.
  6. All you really need is a Bluetooth 5.0 aptX low latency speaker; plenty to choose from on Amazon. I already got one for the GPX 6000, and it also works great with the Equinox.
  7. One more thing: Debbie said that Doc's Detecting is already busy designing the protective covers for the GPX 6000. TIA Doc, you rock!
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