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  1. Hey guys, A mega patch? Don't I wish! Nothing so grandiose I'm afraid, merely busy working my summer job; not a lot of spare time to frequent the forum like I do during the winter months..
  2. That's a nice haul for a week of detecting, Peg...WTG!
  3. Dave, that's totally what I was thinking!
  4. WTG! Totally worth the effort at today’s gold prices, not to mention the fun factor.
  5. Dude...you just haven't found a big enough nugget yet...😀 I'm kidding, of course, but you're right - the warm & fuzzies generated by recovering a lost item for someboody absolutely rivals finding a gold nugget...even a big one. Well done, amigo!
  6. Sorry to hear of Fred's passing; I will miss him on the forum. My condolences to his family and friends.
  7. Jason, I figured you might enjoy a little comic relief. But in all seriousness, it sounds like there are more thugs involved in this criminal ring than just the theives. I hope you are victorious in your pursuit of justice.
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