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  1. Thanks Gerry, Hopefully Minelab gets another batch of coils to you soon.
  2. Thanks JW, Agreed...I certainly wasn’t expecting much after the Monster, but, as the late, great Robert Palmer used to sing, “...the proof is irrefutable.”
  3. Thanks Strick, Good luck and let us know how you do.
  4. As a matter of fact Fred, I did hunt the area very thoroughly with the GM 1000 last summer, and while I did find gold at that time, these nuggets, for whatever reasons, remained undetected.
  5. Thanks Peg. Steve already posted what you’re looking for a couple of months ago here: Further on down in his post, he has an excellent bit about how to set up the EQX 600 for gold nugget detecting.
  6. Good afternoon, Paul, Although they’re still hard to come by, it sounds like you’d have a better go with the 6-inch coil, as it sees less ground than the 11-inch. Good luck out there!
  7. I finally got my hands on the long-awaited new 6-inch coil for my Minelab Equinox 800 (thank you Gerry); definitely a sight for sore eyes! I had a couple of hours to kill this afternoon, so I took it to an old nugget patch where I had found a few bits with the Gold Monster last year. The Nox is ultra-lightweight with this small coil, making the detector nearly effortless to swing. Set to all-metal in Gold 1 with Sensitivity at 24, the EQX was zipping pretty hard on the hot rocks, but notch-discriminating them out helped tremendously whenever they started to get thick. Straight away I got a hot rock signal reading -7,-8,-9 on the EQX display, but in the mix were some jumpy positive numbers of anywhere from 1 to 5...hmmm, definitely worth investigating. After removing the first inch of soil with the pick, the small hot rock was out. Moving the coil back over the target zone now displayed a solid 2 on the display screen, with an occasional jump from 1 to 5. After another 3 inches of depth, the target was in the scoop: The small, heart-shaped nugget was undoubtedly apropos, since I was already quite enamored with this little 6-inch sharpshooter.😍 Just 2 feet away I hit a persistent signal of 1; this time, the gold was only an inch deep...easy money. Swinging down slope only a few more feet and I had a repeatable 2 on the display; a screamer at 2 inches, this bit had some thickness compared to the first two, and was in a small clay-filled crevice in the bedrock. The fourth target was a ripper from the get-go, but as I was removing soil from the hole, I noticed a much fainter signal as I waved the scoop over the coil. A quick sifting revealed a tiny little speck of yellow: No doubt about it, the 6-inch coil is super hot. With the main target still screaming in the hole, I finally had it in the scoop after removing 3 inches of soil: a mini arrowhead-shaped golden beauty. I couldn’t be more pleased with this new coil, a solid performer on the gold fields. Well done Minelab.
  8. Lunk

    Recent Find With GPZ 19 Coil

    Decent chunk...onya JP!
  9. Lunk

    4 More White's 24K Nuggets

    Nice finds and great pics; I'm liking the lichen.
  10. Lunk

    Rough & Round The 24K Does Another

    The gold looks great against the black, Gerry; I would leave it as is. Nice find!
  11. Lunk

    Yes It Is Another 24K Nugget.

    Another dandy, Gerry, WTG!
  12. Lunk

    Crystalline Gold Finds With New White 24K

    Little beauties; well done, amigo.
  13. Lunk

    1st Specimen With White's 24K

    WTG Gerry, it’s a dandy!
  14. Lunk

    Pistol Dig & Help ID

    Awesome find Gerry!