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  1. Seems Minelab have the story and photos on their site: https://www.minelab.com/community/success-stories/largest-arizona-gold-nugget
  2. The GPX 6000 hasn’t been out long enough yet for Rye Patch to be hammered by it, so yes, nuggets can still be found there with it and other machines, as you witnessed during the training class. Nugget hunters have successfully detected gold at many locations throughout Nevada, many of which are detailed here.
  3. We grab our discriminating VLF machines and leave the 6000's in the truck, especially if there is lots of ferrous trash, but even then, you still have to dig the non-ferrous trash like lead, shell casings, aluminum and copper targets, etc. If the majority of the nuggets in an area hit a certain conductivity range, then they can be cherry-picked by just going after targets that fall within that range; you'll leave gold behind that falls outside of that range, but it's a good compromise and increases the gold to trash ratio, which is handy when you don't have much time to detect.
  4. The largest stone I recall finding at GB was around 500 grams.
  5. That’s a great find for GB these days, WTG!
  6. I spent a few days in that region back in the GPX-4500 era, so I know any gold detected in that environment is hard won indeed, GC, so kudos to you. My weapon of choice in those days was a 14” round DD “phase” coil that eliminated most of the volcanics in the region, yet retained remarkable sensitivity and depth, even on small nuggets. I suspect that the DD coil on the GPX 6000 may perform similarly in the EMI Cancel mode. Most of the gold I found were small pickers, but I was fortunate enough to swing over a 1/4-ounce lump. Even so, the real highlight of the trip was hanging out with local legendary nuggetshooters Jim Straight and his sidekick Jerry “Sandtrap” Balcer. Again, good job on the gold, GC!
  7. Whether you’re on remote prospecting trips or just weathering a zombie apocalypse, your rig has all the bases covered! Well thought out, Reese.
  8. My apologies for going off topic here, but inquiring minds want to know. I don’t doubt what you said here, JP; just wondering what the manual sensitivity settings are actually adjusting? My guess - a filter for smoothing out the threshold, akin to the stabilizer function of the GPX 5000 and the audio smoothing feature of the GPZ 7000. Back on topic, out of the box GPX 6000 faults I have seen first hand are the coil error and system error.
  9. A little coin/jewelry hunting with the EQX 800, and I'll break out the GM24k when things get iron trashy.
  10. I’ll see what I can do, GBA!😎
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