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  1. Dave, that's totally what I was thinking!
  2. WTG! Totally worth the effort at today’s gold prices, not to mention the fun factor.
  3. Dude...you just haven't found a big enough nugget yet...😀 I'm kidding, of course, but you're right - the warm & fuzzies generated by recovering a lost item for someboody absolutely rivals finding a gold nugget...even a big one. Well done, amigo!
  4. Sorry to hear of Fred's passing; I will miss him on the forum. My condolences to his family and friends.
  5. Jason, I figured you might enjoy a little comic relief. But in all seriousness, it sounds like there are more thugs involved in this criminal ring than just the theives. I hope you are victorious in your pursuit of justice.
  6. Aw, you beat me to it, Phrunt! The old boys must've hauled in barrels full of boot tacks to the gold fields.
  7. I got a kick out of the subtle humor of your first pic and caption, JP! 😂 Way to wring a few more drops of the good stuff out of those old patches.
  8. Hey amigo, some of those nuggets look vaguely familiar...😉 I especially like the sunbaker!
  9. Thanks, guys; much appreciated. I'll send my friend a link to this post.
  10. I'm strictly a detector operator, so when a friend asked me about the ins and outs of dry washing on public lands, I was at a loss. I told him that I would ask the knowledgeable folks here on the forum. Specifically, is dry washing considered casual use of the land, just as metal detecting and panning are? Is a mining claim and/or notice of intent or plan of operation required for motorized dry washers? Thanks in advance for your insights!
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