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  1. When I first got into nuggetshooting, I learned a great deal from Jim’s publications. And a few years later I was fortunate enough to hunt with him in the northern Nevada goldfields. And then several years ago I ran into him in Randsburg, where he graciously took me on a geologic tour of the area. I will always remember his sense of humor and passion for prospecting. Rest in peace my friend.
  2. Killer sesh, JW! A baker’s dozen is an excellent days haul. Congrats to you & Simon!
  3. WTG Oneguy! Hopefully the tick population was decimated by the cold weather this winter...I could do without the little blighters.
  4. As I recall, he was using the 11-inch round when he found his first nugget, and dug 2 more with the 5x10-inch elliptical.
  5. Jim, I want to thank you for getting your new publication out to me so quickly. Advanced Nuggetshooting With The Goldmaster 24k is a great read, packed with practical information and useful tips for getting maximum performance in the goldfields from White’s latest offering. Well done!
  6. Gerry, I’m excited about being one of the instructors during the upcoming class. Folks, this is an excellent opportunity to learn and grow your nugget detecting skills, master your gold detector and experience advanced instruction unique to Gerry’s field training...don’t miss out!
  7. I’ve purchased from Gerry’s Metal Detectors for many years before he asked me to join his team of detector training staff, and he always went above and beyond with exceptional customer service. No matter what type of detecting you have in mind, whether it be coin, relic, jewelry, cache, beach, gold nuggets or meteorites, Gerry will quickly find the detector that’s right for you...he’s like the custom tailor of metal detecting!?
  8. He was seriously thinking about it after that dig, Strick!?
  9. Actually that post was made by Klunker and not me, but I have been a huge fan of the Rubik’s cube since its debut in 1980! ?
  10. I have a suggestion, Mitchel: stick with the GPZ 7000 for hunting those GB space rocks! And take advantage of the 19" coil...maximum ground coverage is key when detecting meteorites. And with ZVT, you'll be picking up far fewer hot rocks than with a VLF, which means you can move faster, not to mention the significant depth advantage. And who knows? You may even swing over a golden lunker lurking in the depths...?
  11. You’re a quick study, Simon; I believe you’re about to unlock another level-up!
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