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  1. Sorry Mitchel, I would but I will be out of town during that time and will regrettably miss out on the super hunt. Good luck, and find lots of prize tokens!
  2. This article describes a gold pan developed by the ancient Mayan civilization: https://www.keeneeng.com/pamphlets/goldPan.html
  3. I use an aftermarket discriminator when prospecting with my GPZ 7000. It is 100% accurate at identifying iron, doesn’t require batteries, and it will even remove the iron from my digs for me...it's a neodymium super magnet!
  4. At a Q&A session with Minelab CEO Peter Charlesworth and Engineer Mark Lawrie at the Minelab Partner Conference 2 years ago, I asked if there would be an update for the GPZ 7000 that would include discrimination. Their response was that discrimination is not possible with the ZVT tech.😩
  5. Thanks Steve for cleverly circumventing a specific dollar amount. 🙂
  6. Again... Please, nobody say they would be willing to pay as much as the GPZ 7000!!!😅 I remember when the GPZ 7000 was but a rumor, one or more posted that they would be willing to pay $10,000 U.S. for the next Minelab flagship gold detector if it had the features they wanted. And then the GPZ 7000 was released at the exact same phenomenal price! Coincidence perhaps, but I think not.
  7. Please, nobody say they would be willing to pay as much as the GPZ 7000!!!😅
  8. Agreed Steve, and I'm convinced that Minelabs' next flagship gold detector will be lighter weight than the GPZ 7000.
  9. I guess you could see it two different ways: on the one hand, the lighter weight alone could be perceived as added performance and would justify an increased price point. How well that would fly would depend on how many people would actually view it that way. The other perception that I think would be more common is that a lighter weight, equal performance detector Is not worth an increase in price because you’re paying more for less physical detector with no real technological performance advantage. Now if it was a lighter weight AND improved technology than the GPZ 7000 with X-coils, a higher price would be justified to most. And I don’t recall Minelab ever NOT improving their tech on each new flagship gold detector anyway, so I feel the lighter weight, same performance detector scenario is extremely unlikely. That's what I think. Of course, a lighter weight, improved performance detector at a LOWER price is what we all want, but that scenario has never happened with Minelab either; maybe they will make history this time?
  10. A couple of my favorite 2019 gold finds was this 5.6 gram piece at nearly a foot and a half with the GPZ 7000: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zzmm1pgdrpaswe7/Nugget dig.mov?dl=0 And the recent 3-way specimen with White's GM 24K:
  11. Here's mine: my first ever gold ring, found with the Minelab Equinox 800, a collection of silver firsts, also with the Equinox, and my recent triple-mineral gold specimen, found with the White's Goldmaster 24k.
  12. Guess nobody got the humor; perhaps they would if the email was titled “Gold Prospectors Bum...”? 😅
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