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  1. Great finds JP, thanks for sharing and good to see more posts from you on this thread.
  2. You’re very welcome, Simon. Having had vertigo myself, as you mentioned, i can attest that it is among the worst maladies that one can endure, so I'm very happy that I was able to help you put an end to your ordeal.
  3. Fabulous finds! It was great hunting gold with you and the guys as always, Gerry.
  4. VL, once you get out in the goldfields and start swinging your grandfather's Nox, I'm sure he'll guide you to your share of gold, and you’ll become an old pro in no time. And it is a nice looking dime.🙂
  5. I always look forward to the winter months when I can freely swing the mighty Zed in the vast stretches of the desert southwest, uninhibited by the dense vegetation I typically have to deal with in the forested regions of Idaho. Searching new areas for a nugget patch is never easy, and long, fruitless days can really test your stamina and forbearance. Thankfully, the odd scattered nugget encountered here and there can spur one on to continue the magnificent quest. Such have been my days of late, patiently covering ground with the large GPZ 19 coil and anticipating that sweet sound of gold. Hav
  6. I have the Nugget Finder solid skid plate for the GPZ 19 coil; while the plastic is not as durable as the Miner John's plastic, anything is better than the Minelab skid plate (not to mention less expensive)!
  7. G'donya, Simon! Remember, any gold one finds with a detector, no matter the size, bestows bragging rights.
  8. Sounds like a great trip, and nice gold to boot; WTG!
  9. Would you like to learn how to take your nugget detecting to an exciting and rewarding new level? In 'The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide', author and experienced prospector Reese Townes shows you how to increase your gold recovery with a metal detector through his tips on detecting strategies, what to look for in the field to recognize gold geology and identify gold deposits, and how to expand productive areas to detect by applying his new Townes' Theory. Other topics include modern nugget detectors and prospecting equipment, safety while detecting and camping, how to hunt old mine workings, cl
  10. Absolutely, muchacho! We"ll have to pile into the Chef"s side by side, get out off the beaten path and find a couple of new nugget patches while we're at it.
  11. I wish! Unfortunately, Minelab are no longer using many of the dealers as testers any more, so they are just as much in the dark about new detectors as everyone else. Indeed, that is the very spot, Jason. Sure was a good patch back in the day.
  12. Yes guys, to avoid any confusion, all the nuggets pictured so far in this post were found by yours truly.🙂
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