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    Waiting on Cabela's to provide a tracking # on my very first metal detector: Minelab Equinox 800
  1. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    Did you pay for shipping?
  2. So... the 800 will be my very first detector. Ultimately I want to be a nugget hunter, but I'm starting as a coin and relic hunter to get a feel for the job and it's routines. Those factors in mind, whats the best pointer that's gonna be with me through it all?
  3. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    When I spoke with the Cabela's Rep on the phone yesterday, she said that they have a system in place directly with Minelab, and they provide Cabela's with tracking #'s. We don't have the tracking #'s yet, because Minelab hasn't given them to Cabela's yet.
  4. Season Opener!

    Weird that he knows, and clearly identifies an "S" mint mark, understanding that means it's minted in San Francisco, but everything else about this strange golden colored token like thingy has him completely baffled.
  5. That's a nice 08'. Strong and full LIBERTY, and I think I'm seeing at least 3 diamonds. Kinda tough to tell the back from this pic, but if the shield has strong lines, yer coin is probably a VF+ making it a $7 - $15 coin anyways.
  6. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    Sure, but if everyone realized that, then there would be nobody to account for the low murmur and ramblings throughout the crowd right before the pitchforks an torches came out.
  7. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    In my experience, yer 100% on the money! So... The key to running a successful drop ship internet business is to first have relationships with manufactures that can provide precise inventory allocations in real time. Second is to have back end scripts written on your website that will provide some sort of identification of quantity, or at the very least an "In Stock" / "Out of Stock" the very second it is really "Out of Stock". The latter is more typical, because its in poor business taste to make available quantities known to the public. All evidence shows that Cabela's has this relationship with Minelab, and such a website. Ergo, if they took your order, charged your card, and gave you an order #, you made it, and you WILL get it soon. The only people that may have some difficulty are those that were in the middle of ordering the exact moment stock ran out. Even in that case, they should have received some sort of, "Sorry this item is currently out of stock" once they hit the final "Complete Transaction" button.
  8. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    On your verification email, there is a link where you can "Track Your Order". I tried it and it led me to a page where you enter your order number, name and zip code. It just led me back to my order history page.
  9. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    I just hope this isn't some backorder ploy by Cabela's. I got in at 10 am yesterday morning. Here is what my Cabela's account says (black outs by me):
  10. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    I bet there's a VERY high probability Cabela's will be sold out by midnight tonight! The first round was a covert release... this round will be VERY HIGHLY publicized around the forums today.
  11. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    BOOM! Just ordered mine from Cabellaaa's!!! Got an online confirmation #... Still waiting for the email verification and tracking #.
  12. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    Yeah. Learning how to use the 800, or any detector for that matter, will indeed be a whole other thing. I have yet to put my hands on a machine, but I've already logged hundreds of hours as a detectorist sleuthing potential locations. As a matter of fact, one location I've been most excited to detect was discovered to be severely compromised. As most of you will probably relate, it's one thing to search Google satellite images, and street views in your jammies and slippies, and totally another to actually go to the location. I found an old log cabin church built in the 1850's right in the middle of the city. Satellite images, and street views showed it to be PERFECT. It literally is in the back yard of house in a neighborhood. The beauty of it though, is it all backs up to public access. Behind this neighborhood is an old library with a walking path instead of an alley separating the neighborhood from the library grounds. Lots of huge oak trees and grassy areas leading up to the church, which looks out over the back courtyard of the library. The icing on the cake is the church is somewhat next to the parking lot for the library. Easy in, easy out, discrete location, and the church itself is fairly non-descript. It's about the size of a large detached garage with a loft. To the casual passer by it looks like a small horse barn style workshop in someones back yard. I happened to be in the area on Friday, and thought I'd check it out to see if it's everything I thought it was going to be. SURE ENOUGH, the entire area is surrounded by makeshift construction fencing protecting bulldozers and front loaders in the middle of a giant hole in the ground. Apparently, at the end of last summer, the library decided to start ripping up the walkway and parking lot. The ground is LITERALLY turned upside down. Almost 200 years of pay dirt... GONE! That said, I REFUSE to give up on the location. You can bet when I finally do get my hands on my 800, and when the ground thaws, I will be back there with my hard hat, and reflective vest dropping my coil on any slivers of ground they haven't ruined.
  13. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    My story is simple: I've never once, ever in my life, have ever been out metal detecting. I currently own zero metal detectors. As a new years resolution, like with every year, I seek a new way to expand and improve my business in some fashion. This year it happens to be incorporating metal detecting into my picking repertoire. To be honest, I'm a little embarrassed, and feel like a slow learning dope for not recognizing the activity until now. Metal detecting fits both my working, and personal lifestyle... and just who I am as a person. I very much sympathize with everyone who's been waiting since September 2017, as I've only been waiting since mid January. It's forums like this that have 100% sold me on the EQ 800. With a full blown case of cabin fever (It gets worse every year), I too am impatient and frustrated. As a matter of fact, I'm only here for the moment to help pass the time until I can be out in my back yard this spring, clearing spots with my new 800, so I can set up my tents, camping stoves, and such for the first time in 20 years.
  14. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    That's what I figured too. If this next round of releases doesn't have greater accessibility, then I'm going to start to worry about getting mine by my hopeful April 1st date.
  15. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    I think it comes down to, "spoken for by who?" In our digital age, there are pretty reliable matrices in place to measure who is and isn't actually loyal to a manufacturer, purely based on sales. I don't think greed has anything to do with it, outside of any manufacturers normal motivation to maximize profits in a supply and demand scenario. Moreover, being 45 years old, I don't see any evidence of corporations being any more or less "greedy" than they were 100 years ago. The thing that has changed in a HUGE way though, is how we access favor, credibility, and relationship with those we want something from. Sure, 50 years ago, the person at the front of the line for blessings was the guy whose wife baked a pie for the pastor every week. Now, its the person who comments the most/best on his Facebook page. That said, I get it. I too am an impatient consumer regarding this particular product. I also wish my local dealers were on the Christmas cards list of the president of Minelab, but that just isn't the case.