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  1. you worked for it.. nice going..
  2. an update that will eliminate iron masking ... lol
  3. Try Detector Electronics in Massachusetts.... I think they are XP US distributors
  4. I missed the Reaper... can someone enlighten me please? thanks
  5. I gave up on it in paired mode. I'm just using it as a stand alone. Along with all the other problems I am not happy having to turn it off when I can't find the target with it and have to use the detector to see where it is and then have to turn the PP on again to continue ...
  6. Searching for my honey hole by the BeepGees... Or Ohm by the Hummers...
  7. What was that you said? Lol.. knowing about all of that is one thing, but making your own curcuit board is incredible. Keep us posted. This info is amazing.
  8. Why not use Relic program ? I didn't use it much but it surprised me. I couldn't believe the big iron I found in a corn field that I have detected a lot, always trying to avoid the iron. Those little blips in disc can be big iron. It's actually hard to believe how well disc works.
  9. What a great write up. Lots to try if I can ever get out.
  10. Lol... where the heck do I find it in that menu?
  11. Really interesting, thanks. I've never changed mine from default either... can't wait to check it out.
  12. Just trying to keep up the updates is probably delaying it too
  13. details man, details... we need more details .. LOL fantastic review. I got mine yesterday too but because I'm not well I didn't get to it. I just took the rod out of the box ... all i can say is WOW ... my review? SLICK
  14. Looking beautiful Steve. Now, fill the tubes with Helium... lol
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