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  1. I had that problem too. Turns out I needed to use an older 2.0 USB cable and plugged into a 2.0 USB socket on the computer... 2.0 have a white part in the opening and not a blue one.... at that worked for me... hope it may help others...
  2. i had the problem last Sunday as the power lines were in the back yard. ugh. eventually I had to try Deus mono and tried each frequency until i got to a higher one ( can't remember now. that was a long time ago) and then i was able to detect and i seemed to do well too.
  3. Samie same... frustrating and annoying...
  4. now to try to figure out how to use it... i hope you guys can help us less techy learn it.. thanks for the download links
  5. I ain't saying nothing Skate ...😁
  6. I wish I knew. I want the 9 inch one. Lol
  7. it is my "feeling" that higher disc loses depth. I do dislike how XP wastes all those lower TID's and jams them together at the higher ones. You could notch out up to 30 if you want and it won't cause dept loss if that helps ya.
  8. how does the straight shaft feel compared to the "S" shaft? any type of comparison would be interesting to hear about. thanks
  9. thanks... I'll probably use the carrot until I do the update and see how that goes...
  10. in a way, I'm glad that I'm not the only one. Maybe it will work better whenever I decide to upgrade to v7.xxx
  11. My MI6 is one that I've had so that might be part of the problem. But while using it with the D2 it is really weak. While it's on and I go to the menu on the controller I can max it out at 50 but it still does not work well. I have to almost touch a coin to set it off. I charge it fully. I've tried both of the audio settings. The Garrett carrot is at least 5 times better. Are there any other settings that are available to make it work better? Or .... toss or replace? thanks
  12. does the silencer change back to a certain setting after going off the magic program and then back on?
  13. shaking my head, and scratching my beard. why?? why can't we use any disc in full tones in any program? does anyone have any idea? can someone that is hooked up to XP ask for me/us? (off topic) things are getting weirder and weirder. I just did a buy it now on eBay and now can't pay anymore on eBay using PayPal. I don't like the other options and don't want eBay to have any of my debit or credit card info. Bye Bye eBay...
  14. Are you updating the remote first and then the WS6's? I had trepidation but mine went fine...
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