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  1. Got cha... I was thinking that the cable on the bone ones was a eighth inch plug and not the multi pin one...
  2. that is why I stopped using the MI6 and went back to the carrot.
  3. https://www.google.com/search?gs_ssp=eJzj4tVP1zc0LCoyLjAwyDEwYPSSrihQSEktLVYwUshITUwpyMjPS1VITEksKEktAgAlyg4w&q=xp+deus+2+headphone+adapter&oq=xp+deus+2+head&aqs=chrome.2.0i512j69i57j46i512i613j0i22i30l3j69i60j69i61.13946j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 is this what you are looking for ?
  4. a little off topic Mr.PimentoUK is that I have heard that all detectors can only output 5 volts maximum as directed by the FCC. do you know anything about this or is it urban legend? thanks
  5. My email has been sent. Can't wait. Looks incredible.
  6. great info everyone. Much to think about and try here. I've been mostly using Fast or DeepHC with a lot of tweaking. I'm finding I'm liking 3 tone audio so far. More tones of full are too much for my ears and mind to pay attention to. Fast for trashy areas or high iron. DeepHC for less trashy and wanting to go as deep as possible. I WILL try the general next. I always thought that moist soil was better for detectors and halo effect made coins seem bigger and easier to pick up on the machine. been raining a lot here in Western NY so this should be interesting. thanks again for all the info.
  7. Give us your review please. I still havent tried it. Been using fast and deep hc. Maybe a good discussion of the 3 of them would be good for us all.
  8. like we can change the volume in disc but can we change volume in other tones? eg. say 3 tones, lower vol in disc, but can we do that in the other 2? i know that we can change the tone in other "bins" ( doah, I can't think of the proper term for the bins) but I love to be able to change the volume in each one. If not can one of you that are in touch with XP ask to see if that could be done in an update? thanks
  9. I just got mine from Char. Only used them twice but am loving them already. The WS6 were driving me crazy because I have hearing aids and the WS6's keep hitting the volume rocker switches. I had a pair of headphones that took the WS4 puck and the WS6 fit fine but I kept getting feedback with them so that was frustrating. The XL's paired up beautifully and sound great, and NO FEEDBACK squealing !!! Comfortable for me. I can really hear those softer sounds now that I couldn't with the WS6's.
  10. Use the antenna cable. The coil can't communicate with the controller while it's under water. Antenna cable works great
  11. I have the same knuckle problem cdv... Steve, I want one ... lol.
  12. I had that problem too. Turns out I needed to use an older 2.0 USB cable and plugged into a 2.0 USB socket on the computer... 2.0 have a white part in the opening and not a blue one.... at that worked for me... hope it may help others...
  13. i had the problem last Sunday as the power lines were in the back yard. ugh. eventually I had to try Deus mono and tried each frequency until i got to a higher one ( can't remember now. that was a long time ago) and then i was able to detect and i seemed to do well too.
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