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  1. martygene

    Beach Hunt #7 Is In The Books

    all i can say is WOW and congrats. those finds go a long way of paying for your machine.
  2. martygene

    A Peek Inside Nox Control Head - Video

    that's a whole lot of circuitry in there. imagine what it takes to figure all that out. i'm glad i just use it. and i thank those that do all of that for us.
  3. nice going. you'll get better with it too. keep up the good work.
  4. martygene

    Equinox - The Eagle Has Landed!

    far out dude!!! big congrats on the breast plate. happy for ya.
  5. martygene

    Armrest, Power Bank And Carbon Tube

    Pretty darn slick dude. I like the arm cuff thing, it looks like it will be easier than the strap. Where did you get the carbon fiber material?
  6. martygene

    How To Change 50 Tone To 5 Tone???

    Chase. a week is a long time for my memory. lol when my buddy yells over to ask what the TID was of my last dig and i have forgotten it aleady. this is why it takes me so long to learn different machines. lol short term memory or lack there of. my grand kids say I can hide my own Easter eggs. no wonder why i have cheat sheets in my pocket. but when i finally learn something i REALLY know it.
  7. martygene

    Equinox Bobcat Hunt Today...

    thats why i wanted to turn P2 into 5 tones .
  8. martygene

    How To Change 50 Tone To 5 Tone???

    roger that. i just couldn't seem to get that figured out. thanks
  9. martygene

    Equinox Bobcat Hunt Today...

    so what settings have started using for relic hunting? thanks
  10. i used Dirt Fishing Biil S. program on P1 and like it a lot. I want to do the same to P2 but can't figure out how to convert P2 default 50 tone to 5 tone. In P1 it was already 5 tone so i only had change things around. in P2 i can't seem to find out how to change the 50 tone to 5 tone. I just can't deal with 50 tones trying to learn this machine. thanks in advance.
  11. The manual shows how to do auto ground balance. do we have to do an auto ground balance before we put it in tracking ground balance or can we just do a noise cancel and then put it in tracking GB?
  12. martygene

    Target ID For US Coins??

    TID of Equinox stock programs. Mild mineralization, Noise cancelled and ground balanced between each program. Park 1 Park 2 Field 1 Field 2 Beach 1 Beaach 2 Sterling Ring 21 31 20 31 31 31 Indian Head 1872 19 15 18 20 19 20 Buffalo Nickle 13 12 13 12 13 13 Mercury Dime 25 25 24 25 24 23 Silver Washington Quarter 33 31 31 Large Cent 28 30 28 29 28 28 I couldn't get a reading on the Washington quarter at first. It drove me nuts as to why i could hear a dime but not a quarter. So I dug it up and there was a rusty bottle cap on top of it. I will rescan the quarter asap as i left the coins still buried in the yard. Things didn't line up quite correctly here.
  13. martygene

    Target ID For US Coins??

    I buried Sterling ring, Indian Head Cent, Buff nickle , Merc, Silver Washington and Large cent at 5 inches. Mild mineralization. Stock programs. Noise cancelled and ground balanced between each program. Indian Head 1872 : P1=19 P2=15 F1=18 F2=20 B1=19 B2=20 as seen here the biggest difference was between Park 1 and Park 2. I can post the entire list if we think it helps.
  14. martygene

    A Couple Of Nox Mods

    i have thought about moving the control box froward too. we don't have much room tho. then i wondered if we can get an aftermarket carbon fiber shaft that we could move the control box forward to get a better balance. I hoped we could get the balance without adding weight but i'm not sure that's possible. If anyone knows of after market shafts let us/me know.
  15. martygene

    Eq800 Modification

    i'd like more info on the shaft if you would be so kind. what kind? where ? cost? i think i want to do that too so that maybe i can get a better balance so it's not so nose heavy.