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  1. Appearances can be deceiving.... here's another photo to show where I'm measuring without the plug stuck in it... On my shaft the upper arm cuff fits fine the lower part of the arm cuff there's a gap in between the shaft and the lower arm cuff... that's what caused mine to crack!
  2. I received the new redesigned lower plastic piece yesterday but I didn't have time to post. As you can see by the photos the new piece is designed a lot stiffer with thicker crossmembers and a thicker Center Post and what you can't see is that the alignment has been changed.... the new piece I received fits the shaft tightly, the old one was loose and fit real sloppy.... I believe he fixed the problem of breaking the equinoxes control pod inserts! Now as to the lower arm cuff not fitting properly I have a photo included with the size of the flat spot, Steve if you could measure yours I w
  3. I don't think he has a specially made plastic part yet. Hey Chase, when you get that new shaft put together, let us know what you think about the fit and finish?
  4. I'll take one step back farther, as soon as I noticed that the fit or alignment wasn't right I contacted the seller who couldn't help me so I contacted Tony hunt... Tony's first explanation of this problem was that it was pulled from the mold wrong! He didn't tell me don't use it because it'll break your Equinox! He said he was going to send me out a couple new ones... And so the story from him keeps changing... Then it was a couple broke, and now I'm the only one having this problem! So why redesign the lower piece if it wasn't a problem?
  5. The tele-knox shaft is not what I expected! Although made very well I'm having a couple major problems... First the lower plastic piece that bolts the control pod to the shaft doesn't line up properly, and even though I had the bolts tight there was wobble in the control pod to shaft... so when you tighten up the allen head bolts it pulls on the inserts at an angle, add the wobble and bang all the inserts bust out of the control pod! Almost enough to make a grown man cry! Second because the shaft is not round it's flat at the bottom where the rail is... the bottom arm cuff will crack! I'v
  6. I'm actually on my third control pod, the first flooded the second just started going into reset mode all by itself you'd be metal detecting along and bang you'd look down and it was resetting...
  7. Had the same problems this morning... and a big thanks to our Wizards on detectorprospector! this also worked for me!
  8. I wanted to also add that I did the Tony Eisenhower mod to the Minelab waterproof headphones... it made a huge difference drowning out all the background noise and now I'm happy with my headphones!!
  9. it's too bad about the yellows.... I'll ask Minelab tomorrow when I call them. I've only worn them about 7/8 hours to me they're one of the most comfortable set of headphones I've had, no pain whatsoever from my ears or head!
  10. Here's my finds from one beach with the Equinox, in about 70 hrs! The little ladybug toe ring weighs .4 grams! And the one that has like spun gold on it rings in exactly like a penny 21 it's 585 European gold
  11. Already got an RMA... I will put it in the mail on Thursday! But what a horrible time to go down right on 4th of July weekend!
  12. Stock shaft. I've never even took the Pod off to look at it... I hope your right on the head phones!
  13. My Equinox has been under the water at least 40 hours before this happened! The first thing that I noticed was interference, like the cell phone being too close... then she just went dead!! Bummer! And for anyone thinking about getting the Minelab waterproof headphones? Put on your headphones, turn the volume on your machine down to somewhere around 14 and see if you'd like to hunt like that? That's how low the sound is on the Minelab waterproof headphones! Surely the waterproof headphones were an afterthought for Minelab because I don't think you could hear them if you were und
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