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  1. A.M

    Loose Rods, Wobbly Rods, Rod Flex

    mine was good and then i went diving... Water pressure / drag on the shaft and now when I swing on dry land I get a clean flick at the end of the swing; as if the lock was not tight.. Will make my own CF shaft but in the short term some minor re manufacturing and all will be good. I have also repaired both my charging leads and looking at modding the handle... The control module chews the daylight out of my hand.. So while ML may do well with repairs, I can not afford 3 weeks or more every time it has a fault. Takes a week for postage, then they have to find the time to look at it and then send back... Postage costs too boot. After sending back 2 ProFind35's I am asking for a Profind25 as a replacement.. Postage costs are just pathetic...
  2. A.M

    Charging Cable Concerns

    These things cam happen and some people just scream - CHEEP... But when you have mass production and a new item... sometimes the QC checks may need to be reevaluated... And the Supplier needs to know. It is when feedback is ignored that things can look bad... It also means that if a batch problem, it will take a while for the batch to be identified and purged.. So I would expect to see a few more of these over the coming months...
  3. Just a heads up... Seeing a few of the charging leads coming apart at the head. Could be a batch problem as some I have seen look 100% OK and have had some use... Others seem to have started showing problems - see the 3 pics of my 2 charging heads AND the last pic.. (not mine) is at time of un packing; and was almost separated... One of mine is not crash hot and the other could fail with a little push. A simple weld will fix the problem, but will be e-mailing ML service to let them know.
  4. But if sealed correctly and another fitting added that would take a CTX or SDC or AT waterproof headphones, you have a neat solution...
  5. Wrong size thread etc no where near the 12mm dia that you need.
  6. A.M

    Nox Headphone Adapter

    That connector will not fit and the plug may not suit. The connector I manufactured is 100% water proof and the thread etc is the correct size to screw in and seal. The trick is getting the correct fitting, but am also guessing that it is a special; Just like the one on sdc2300.
  7. I am tight for $ so made my own conversion adapter - so that I can use my Koss or GGA on the NOX as well as the CTX and fully water proof... I just want software access to backup/edit my profiles on the NOX. Is there a new Exchange package ???
  8. For those wishing to do a bit of water hunting and have a Waterproof headphones set up for the CTX... Get an adapter made up. Cable gland M12 x 1mm pitch (I manufactured my own), Female M12 CTX3030 and make your own addapter. Trick is in setting the 3.5mm plug to the correct length in the gland - but if you think about it... Simple as. Same wiring as a CTX 3030 on the M12 F connector. From behind the F/M connector - notch at the top. Clockwise Tip/Ring/Sleeve 2/3/4 and if your not sure = Stay away :-) All care NO responsibility for you lack of skills or understanding... Any thing you do or get some one to do is at YOUR RISK.
  9. I will try in a day or so... Makes it less than ideal, but if the sensitivity is OK ; then it functional but maybe not as usable as "I " would like. May just stay with the PI Pinpointer .
  10. YES, other than the PI, they all seem to have issues of some level. But I found that unless I lowered to 1 or 2 (low end) the moment it touched sloppy wet salty sand it would go off. At 1 or 2 it was OK, but the field strength of the PF35 at that low level of sensitivity is useless... Nothing worse that a beach scoop and a hole that keeps filling in with wet sloppy sand but the target is still there. But a PinPointer can help to know if it is the front/back or side... Not going to help when your wading or deeper, but with sloppy sand and salt water a good pinpointer can save a lot of frustration. CTX3030 and 17" coil at low tide on a Queensland surf beach, and any number of variables can shift the pinpoint off a bit... So I like to have a pin pointer at hand... I did try a GB with the probe tip touching the damp and dry sand, but no better. However I did see a comment that you have to GB with the probe tip in the salt water ?????? Will have to try... See video. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xaigh788b2f9aaa/20171206_165141.mp4?dl=0 Note: PF35 sound at 30cm is approx 65db at 50cm 55db and at 5cm 78db Profind 25 at 30 58db 50cm 46 at 5cm 47db So some good improvements at 50cm being arms length..
  11. Has any one tried it in wet sand on the beach... I have sent video off to ML as mine does not perform anything like I expected on the beach. Hoping it is Faulty.