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    The Fisher Impulse AQ is a new pulse induction (PI) metal detector that will have a release date in June 2020. The Fisher Impulse AQ is the first of a series of new pulse induction detectors from Fisher Research. The AQ (AQua) is a waterproof model intended for beach and water hunting. Pulse induction technology offers extreme performance on highly mineralized beaches that greatly inhibit the depths attainable with VLF metal detectors. The new Impulse AQ is noted mainly for its discrimination capability that is unique among pulse induction metal detectors for its focus on jewelry range targets. New Fisher Impulse AQ pulse induction metal detector The Fisher Impulse AQ is expected to offer excellent depth and superb sensitivity to gold jewelry - the machine is highly optimized for finding gold rings in particular. The most anticipated feature is discrimination better than that currently offered on any other pulse induction metal detector. The discrimination is focused more on high value gold rings than coins, and may actually exclude many coins if enabled. This is not considered a problem for many serious beach hunters as a lot of time is wasted recovering coins under difficult conditions when gold rings are actually the desired target. The compact waterproof design and relatively light weight is also attracting attention. Other Impulse models are expected to be aimed at gold prospectors and possibly even the relic/coin detecting market. Fisher Impulse AQ metal detector Threads on this websites First Texas Forum are tracking the latest developments. Information will be added here periodically. All information here is preliminary and subject to change, especially pricing and final specifications. Latest pulse induction technology Waterproof to 1 meter / 3 feet Ergonomic balanced design Detachable NiMH battery Battery under armrest may be swapped out with a fully charged battery (optional) Standard battery run time 4 - 6 hours Larger external battery option 11 - 12 hour run time possible in future 12.5” Mono Coil, weighs 400 grams or 14.1 ounces Optional 8” mono coil possible in future Yoke type lower rod for extra coil stability in water Knob controls for easy control location and use in low visibility conditions Detector complete with battery approximately 4.2 lbs Weight of detector with battery on belt approximately 3.4 lbs Length 43" - 48" adjustable Warranty 2 years parts & labor non-transferable Price under $2000 Controls: Volume 1 - 9 Threshold 1 - 9 Sensitivity 1 - 9 Auto Tune Speed (ATS) 1 - 10 Reject (Iron Mask) 1 - 12 Pulse Delay / Frequency Adjust (Noise Cancel) 7 uS - 11.5 uS Mode Switch: Power On/Off Battery Test / Frequency Adjust (EMI Noise Cancel) All Metal (Monotone) Tone (Two Tones, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous) Mute (Block the Ferrous Tone) Volcanic Sand Battery Check LED First Texas - Bounty Hunter, Fisher & Teknetics Metal Detector Forum Fisher Impulse AQ First Production Unit Photos Fisher Impulse AQ Operating Control Functions Fisher Impulse AQ Discrimination Explanation Fisher Impulse AQ controls
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    The Garrett Ace Apex is a new multifrequency metal detector being readied for release in July 2020. The Ace Apex redefines the number of features available in a metal detector for under $500. It is to be very light weight at 2.5 lbs and have rechargeable batteries plus proprietary wireless headphone capability. There are two multifrequency options and four single frequency options to choose from. The price without headphones is $424.96 and with wireless headphones $492.96. More information will be presented here as soon as it is available. In the meantime, look for threads about the new Garrett Apex on the Garrett Metal Detector Forum. Garrett Ace Apex metal detector - new for 2020 Garrett Apex Full Color Brochure SPECIFICATIONS Multi-Flex™ Technology Single Frequency Options - 5, 10, 15 and 20 kHz Multi-Frequency Options - Simultaneous MultiFrequency and Multi-Salt Integrated Z-Lynk™ Wireless Headphone Technology Fast Target Separation/Recovery 1/8" Headphone jack Backlight Ground Balance, Auto High Resolution, 175 points Iron Audio™ Iron Volume Control Notch Discrimination, 20 selectable segments Eight Iron Discrimination Segments Volume Control Pinpointing Water/Weather Resistance - Waterproof coil/stem and Rainproof control box Six Search Modes, with International and US Coins modes Large Digital Target ID, 0 to 99 scale Five Audio ID Tones included with hybrid binary and proportional audio system Eight Sensitivity / Depth Adjustments Target Depth Indicator 2" / 5cm segments Standard Searchcoil 6" x 11" DD Viper™ Length (Adjustable) 43" to 56" (1.09m - 1.4m) Total Weight 2.5 lbs (1.13 kgs) Battery Source - Rechargeable Lithium Ion, built-in Battery Condition Indicator Warranty 2 Years, Limited Parts/Labor Garrett Ace Apex multifrequency and selectable single frequency metal detector Garrett Ace Apex metal detector with backlight, rechargeable battery, and wireless headphones
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