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  1. The Fisher Impulse Gold is new ground balancing pulse induction (GBPI) metal detector with probable availability in 2021. The new Fisher Impulse Gold is a gold prospecting model being developed alongside the Fisher Impulse AQ model, which is intended for beach and water hunting. The Impulse Gold is expected to offer excellent depth and superb sensitivity to small gold nuggets due to an very low pulse delay capability. The compact design and light weight is also attracting a lot of attention. A major design difference from the AQ model will be the inclusion of a ground balance control to d
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  2. The White's XLT metal detector was introduced in 1994 as the Spectrum XLT. It was cosmetically refashioned as the XLT E-Series in 2001 and finally discontinued in 2010. The XLT is a 6.59 kHz VLF metal detector aimed primarily at coin, jewelry, and relic detecting. "XLT® is high-performance simplicity and versatility at it’s best. High tech treasure hunting is as easy as turning on the XLT® and selecting a Turn-on and Go! program. With 5 expertly-designed programs to choose from, you’ve got virtually every kind of hunting covered. It’s easy to enhance a program, too, for your particular hu
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