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    It used to be blocking spammers was easy since most were automated bots. Unfortunately most now are real people. They used to be easy to spot due to poor English. So they took to copying real posts and posting them as their own. The tip off always comes in the form of links to some totally unrelated site. They now try and get overlooked by joining and posting for a week or two, usually innocuous posts. Then, they later take advantage of the forum edit function that allows you to edit your own posts to modify their old posts to include the stupid spam links. What they unfortunately do not know is I am always lurking and have a nose for this sort of stuff, so their efforts always go to waste. I not only ban them and delete all their content but add them to the Invision distributed spam list so they get nailed elsewhere. But there is always another one who does not know they are wasting their time here so it never ends. Long story short I have limited the edit function to 30 days after posting, so you can edit your own posts now for a month, which I think is good enough, but no more after that. Be aware though these people are hitting the forum weekly, and I do catch them, so don't be surprised if every now and then an entire thread or portion of thread disappears as I nuke these people. At this time however they are only a mild annoyance so I don't think I have to do anything more about the issue for now.
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    I was getting bored with digging stove lids, shovel heads and kerosene tins so I figured I would dig one more target and proceed to a different location. So I did.
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    As some of you know, I am a metal detector dealer (so half the stuff I say must be salesman-shit?) who enjoys the hobby and actually gets out in the field much more than the average guy or dealer for that matter. I also am very hard core when it comes to detecting and feel my detector knowledge, skills and tools used are the best I can get my hands on. I sell all the major brands and have been for 20+ yrs., so I am not really bias as to what is the best brand. Yes some of you will say I lean towards Minelab, but only for the models of detectors I feel will give me the advantage and edge. I want to go home with treasure and since my Field Staff Experts are some of the best hunters in the US, I better be on my A game all the time. I need to make sure I'm holding my own with those wizbangs and so brand, model and price is not a factor to me. I like to compare detectors on undug signals and see for myself what the results bring. I also listen to and rely quite a bit to my staff and their experiences as well all hunt different sites, locations and styles. But on some trips we do manage to get a few of us together and that is where the work starts as we pull out our detectors and see who has the best setup for a signal. After doing this numerous times over a weekend, we learn pretty good/fast which detectors are the Winners and the ones we'll be sure to not be swinging. I'm not going to say there are Losers as I enjoy certain traits of each. I've tested for most major brands and so far, have yet to find the ultimate gold detector. In fact, I get so tuned and focused, I don't think the ultimate unit will ever get built and be in my hands. I'm too damn picky and want perfection. Where am I going with this. Sorry, the Equinox for Gold? As most of you know, the NOX is a multi purpose detector that is capable of many styles of hunts including gold nuggets. Here is where the issue lay. It is classified by most to be a Multi Purpose detector and as it has been in 45+ yrs past of my own MD'ing career, a multi purpose detector is capable, but not as good as a genuine gold detector. OK, I know what so many think and feel as this has been the history of Multi Purpose detectors. Well since gold detectors are my specialty, and there are at least 10 models out there, I can say for certain how a detector performs for my areas as I have actually used them? I'm here to tell you the KNOWLEDGE that we have learned while in the field with a NOX chasing gold in 5 different states. If you don't agree with me and feel your trusty VLF dinosaur is doing you fine..I personally have no issues with that. Please don't think I don't like other VLF gold detectors, as I mentioned above, there are certain things I do like and or prefer vs the NOX, but overall and at this time..the 800 NOX it out of the park. Here are some pics of Au my customers and I, that are in the know have recovered with the Multi Purpose NOX. I'd like to see out there who is actually using the Equinox 800 and or even 600 for that matter for Gold Prospecting and some of your Success with it.
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    Headed back out to Gold Basin for another day oh hunting with the 7000 it was going to be a little on the warm side according to the weather reports so I got there early and by just around 5AM was firing up Zed, less than a minute later my first swing under the bush next to me I got a nice solid hit and about a foot down and out popped a nice big spongy 4 gram chunk. Then nothing but hot rocks and one little meteorite until the end of the day when I found the little .3 gram piece a boot scrape down in the side of another wash.
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    Hi all, Some post bush fire nugs from Gippsland, I went over an old patch just after the fires and before the beer virus lock down. The tree stumps were still smoking when I got these. The biggest is just over 1oz. It's amazing what can be missed with scrub all around.
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    So the other day my neighbor told me she lost part of her rosary when she was walking her dog. It was a multitude of events where her phone rang, kids ran out and the dog kind of pulled off enough that when she took her hand out of her pocket fast, it broke and flew across the grass near the sidewalk. She was able to find most of it but could not find the a piece that had a little cross on it with part of the chain and beads. This rosary really meant a lot to her. My neighbors know that I metal detect for gold but they did not ask me at first and tried themselves to find it, even going to point of borrowing a metal detector from their relatives. When they came back empty handed and I saw them in the driveway they told me the story. I said you should have just asked me, I would love to help! Plus for me I thought that this would be like leveling up in metal detecting skill set. I only hunt for jewelry when I go to FL to visit my folks, so I only get in maybe a few weeks of that. Plus I rarely detect in the parks, I just don't like all the people. So I wanted to know if I could really do this. So I asked her to show me some of the other parts of her rosary so I could get hear what the signal sounded like, what kind of ID number would show up, and how much sensitivity to use since it should be a surface find (it was only lost for a couple of days). Well I knew this was going to be a challenge cause the little cross came up around 15 and the chain was ferrous, I think it was a -4 all on the Equinox. I was not sure if the cross and the chain were still connected. Well when I got to the area she lost it, there was so much trash and EMI plus I could not discriminate because I was not sure if they were still connected or not, but i persevered. Knowing that I would not have to dig, helped eliminate a lot of targets too. Anyways it only took me about 20 mins and I found it! The cross was still connected to the chain, and when the signal came up it was a double blip of those exact numbers! I looked down and there it was. She was so excited and thankful and I was just as excited for her and knowing that I could do it! It was an absolute great feeling to help her out, I felt on top of the world at that moment. I would even say I felt a bigger high finding that for her vs when I find a nugget! Anyways here the pic.
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    Caught and killed. Mohave County sheriff just informed me this guy was responsible for the burglarly at my place in Gold Basin, he got in a shootout with a neighbor on another burglary. According to the deputy I just spoke with apparantly he was involved in 35+ burlaries and there in the Dolan/Gold Basin area at least 3 or 4 more people/safehouses involved in the ring as well. They recovered so much stolen stuff it filled a large warehouse, and they still have more. A prospector came up to my land this winter and told me their buddy just had their drywasher stolen in the 30 minutes they walked back to their pickup for a sandwich. Virtually every one of those houses off Gregg's Hideout and Rubicon road has been hit too, when you start talking to them. It's epidemic levels of thievery out there and the sheriff is not inclined to spend time curbing it from my experience with them. Be aware out there, it looks peaceful but there exists an underbelly of meth fueled scumbaggery, and it's getting more brazen. Anyways, just wanted to give an update as this case is now closed. There were 2 other parties involved in seperate phases which the sheriff has been presented evidence against and who he is monitoring, but this guy here and his buddies are who stole most of my stuff by the sound of it. I can say now that they picked all my locks and so are experienced crooks (4 supposedly hard to pick padlocks and a hitch lock), not cut, and they work the Gold Basin area as they got into my property by offroading during the night, a way that requires knowledge of the area. They are/were quite experienced thieves and some are still free and out there. They appear to drive around and stake newly arrived property out, then hit it when they think people aren't looking or are gone (or at night time).
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    Hey Guys, The question has always been, are most of the gold nuggets on bedrock? That is somewhat a loaded question, but I have found more nuggets on bedrock, or the paylayer on bedrock than not. Here is a gold nugget I picked up working some shallow paylayer (ancient channel) that the old-timers just overlooked. I had to chip the ancient channel apart, but finally knocked a nice chunk out that screamed on the Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector. The nugget was approx 3 Dwt's, so nothing to get super excited, but I did pick up about 6 other ones in the nearby area. Hope you enjoy. Rob
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    Not been out in a while since the lock down but things are starting to ease..A Little. Had some good winds Monday and Tuesday so I got wet both days. Mondays hunt one 1944 Class ring then a small young ladies 10k ring. Tuesday rocked with 4 14k wedding bands and 1 10k and several silvers. Silver needs cleaned .......Year to date totals.... 46 Gold rings and 46 Silvers... Good Luck to everyone and be safe..
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    I sent it home with a fellow so he play with it. Quite talented this fellow.
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    I finally got out this past weekend for a gold hunt. The weather has really been messing with me, as far as being able to get up to where I hunt. I finally got to use my new 15" Evo and I have to say, I really like it. I was only detecting for 5 minutes when I got this nice sounding target, that had a double worble, and I knew it was a nugget. Weather was great Saturday, but Sunday morning it was raining with high winds. Then it started snowing, so I got the heck off of the mountain. I was told by a friend who lives down in the area to be careful because a 800-850 lb grizzly in the upper gulch where I camp and hunt has been very active trying to find food after winter. Luckily I have good camp prep habits with all food and trash put in cab of truck in ziplock bags. I only found the one nugget in the trip cut short, but I had a great time being back on the mountain.
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    I was sitting out the "Rona" virus and hunkered down near Quartzsite in my toy hauler trailer earlier in the month. I wasn't really hitting the detecting very hard, mostly exploring an area unfamiliar to me. I found a couple small bits, ran into a "tiger" rattlesnake (very unique coloration) and a Gila Monster during my travels. I've hunted the desert southwest most of my life and only seen 3 Gila Monsters, ever. Nasty acting creature, hissing and making half hearted charges. Black mouth and flicking tongue are pretty convincing to keep your social distance. Then disaster with the Rokon and a reminder of the laws of gravity and old age. The culprit, a steep rutted road with a big rock on a banked turn. I considered changing to a lower gear for engine braking, but nah, I can do this in high gear. About halfway down I was reminded of that physics thing, something about "objects in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an opposing motion". The steep downhill put me in motion, unable to make the banked turn, the rock, it turns out is an opposing motion. I landed hard on my left side, my left leg under the 250 lb Rokon with a perfect sized rut to bang center of my thigh. Man that hurt, I'm going on 3 weeks now still hobbling around on a sore leg. As most of you know from my other Misadventures, this isn't my first crash so the die was cast. My girlfriend had been interested in getting a RZR so she could accompany me on my explorations and we had looked a couple used ones. When she saw my injuries this time, that clinched it. Even my 27 yr old son was making that clucking sound and head shaking. 'You're going to really get hurt one of these days, Dad'! So, we got serious and searched Craiglist in both AZ and S.CA. We found a nice, lightly used RZR 900 2 seater, with all the stuff, doors, roof rack, bead lock wheels and tires etc. More than I wanted to spend, but considering I might get a few more good years out of this 65 yr old body, probably well worth it. So, if any of you young bucks are interested in my Rokon, it's for sale. I'll post it over on the For Sale section for a full description.
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    Hello Everyone, Wow, so sorry to hear about Fred. He was a longtime friend and customer. I had to dig through some very old pictures, but this was back in 2006 I believe. Fred would email me or PM me on my forums and say, Rob, you're always finding gold down there in Arizona. Fred wanted to come down to Arizona, down to Southern Arizona at the time. We planned a weekend outing and 4-5 friends all met up for a hunt. I had some pretty good success in the area over the years, but it was very trashy and extremely spotty when it came to nuggets. If you hunted hard, dug as much trash as possible, sometimes you could come out of there with a 1/4 ounce or better nugget. Most of us arrived Friday evening to set up camp. Saturday, we walked around for a few hours, I showed everyone what I knew of the area and where some gold has been found. The remainder of the day, 4-5 good friend all went their own ways searching for that elusive metal. Everyone was beat at the end of the day, but some decent nuggets were found. I believe 2 or 3 of us found nuggets, Fred and another guy didn't have any luck that day. The next morning, most of us were a bit tired digging all the rubbish and hiking around for miles. The next morning, we all did the same thing, everyone took off to either where they found their gold the prior day, or tried some new spots. That afternoon everyone returned back to camp to eat some lunch. I was lucky enough to find another nugget or two and a few more nuggets were found. Fred wasn't having the luck, but that was typical of this gold placer. I personally seen guys go, weeks and months without a single nugget find, but diggin handfuls of iron rubbish, bullets, bullet cashing and other crap. I told Fred and the others I was going to hunt for about another hour or so, but then come back and break down camp. I had to work Monday morning and had a 2-3 hour drive back to town. Fred was a bit frustrated and said he's never coming back, better yet, he was going to head back to California! I told Fred, get out of the trashy gully bottoms and try your luck for a few hours on the hillsides. Fred said, that is like hunting a "Needle in a Haystack", and I agreed, but sometimes you could nail a nice one with minimal trash on the hillside or slope. Fred agreed to give it a whirl, but I could tell he wasn't too convinced about having any luck doing so. About an hour later, I hear some yelling from a hillside over. I couldn't really tell due to the distance who or what was going on. I ended up walking that direction and finally seen it was Fred. He had this huge smile on his face. I remember asking Fred, "Any luck?" He said, Rob you were right, I got one!" He dropped a nice piece of gold in my hand and I about shit! It was a beautiful 3/4 ounce nugget with some quartz attached. Fred was so happy. We ended walking back to camp and doing the show in tell deal. I remember asking Fred before I left that afternoon.... "Fred, where did you find that piece?" He told me, Rob, I can't remember what hillside it was on.... LOL I think he was so freaking excited he found it, he dug it up and hauled butt back to camp to show it off. He didn't really pay much attention on where he found it! 🙂 I never really followed up with Fred on if he went back to hunt the area real well, I know he spent another day or so there, so I'm hoping he found at least another piece or so. Your friendship will always be treasured Fred. Rob
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    Hey Guys/Gals, A partner and I have been gold placering a wash for some time now in sections. Every once in a great while, we find a nice crevice like this one with our metal detectors. The old-timers couldn't get every crack or crevice, missing one here and there that might be rich in gold and gold nuggets. We were using the Minelab GPZ 7000 and Minelab GPX 5000 metal detectors. Hope you enjoy.
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    Hey All, A partner and I managed to escape this weekend to placer more of the wash we have been working. We didn't do as well as we hoped, but did manage a few nuggets that you can see in the video below. We were using the Minelab GPZ 7000 most of the time, but also had the GPX 5000 and Gold Monster on site. We had several trash targets that were wedged in the bedrock cracks that we though were going to be gold nuggets. Some of those targets were pick tips and pieces of old metal probably used as a tool to open up the bedrock. Hope you enjoy the video. We would love for you to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel by clicking the "Subscribe button," Hit that LIKE and follow all our new video by clicking that Bell icon. Wishing you all many gold nuggets in your poke.
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    One of my customers has a GM-1000 and an EQ-800. Not only does he like gold nuggets, but he is an avid old coin hunter who also likes to do beach hunts with me in MX. His Success with the GM-1000 is better than most, so I knew of he'd take the NOX out to the same area, he'd be quite impressed. Here is his words and the 2 pics he sent of his NOX gold over the weekend and his exact words: "Got a little over a quarter ounce this weekend. 5.2 penny weight. Man dude it's amazing how much better the nox is from the monster. No back and forth on tiny nuggets. Solid 1. Largest nugget was a 6. All hot rocks are a 12/13. Ronnie ran the monster one day to compare targets. The ones we scratch at to investigate with monster were hot rocks every time. Ronnie switched back and started banging nugs right away." The other pics are the gold rings he found with his NOX while on my MX Water hunt.
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    Nothing so special here, just a common 18k wedding band, really usual in Europe. I'm satisfied to see again gold after over two months of Covid Lockdown😷. The amazing thing is from where I pulled it out. I've been totally shocked by the use of a compass today, cause I found too much times myself uncapable to keep straight lines underwater in murky or windy conditions. So today I was testing not only the use of the instrument, but also a new weight harness I maked to relax my poor back and what a relief! I'm now doing snorkeling without fins and a neutral buoyancy trim. The place was a terrible one, rocky, aluminum infested, uncovered bottom by months and deadly pounded by competition of other locals... Before the lockdown I cleaned up the last drops of gold remained, when they were saying me "is over..don't do it again" and laughing,leaving me alone there: (terrible mistake💀😉)... At a certain point I was next to leave, when I decided to follow another line on the compass to come back to the shore... Thicker Sand, freshly deposited, no referral things to take note of, but......Bang! When I heard the CTX to punch a solid 12.24 I was amazed and already sure about the shape of the thing...In the middle of nowhere.... The end of the story is...I've been fooled by myself dozen of times, never been really able to cover entirely hot points in patterns and potentially leaving lot of good stuff behind..I'm sure about it cause I frequently passed again like in a circle from same spots already checked... To hunt wading is another thing than snorkeling or scuba diving. I have proof now that a compass can make the difference when I need to cover bottom in the right way. I'm noticing this fact after "only" 15 years😭....Take note and apply.....Hard payed experience....
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    Klunker and I are all ready to go to the diggings for the season. Wondering what did we leave off the list? What would you add to it?
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    I got out for a couple hrs yesterday with forum member Beatup's brother. It's summer in Sunny Yuma, approaching 100 degrees around 9:00am so we started right at sunup. We were 30 minutes into a desert wash that had produced good gold for him this past winter. We split up at the first junction of washes I went left, he went right. I had taken about 10 steps and froze mid-stride as an 18" DiamondBack rattler slithered through my legs from behind me. He paid me no mind, and gathered himself up under a jumble of rocks 10 ft away. He never rattled, hissed or made any aggressive motion, early morning temps around 70 degrees. All I can figure is he was under a small boulder and as I passed he decided we were heading in the same direction, the gravel wash being his own territory. The fact that he was decidedly moving on his way and didn't stop and rattle probably saved me a pair of underwear. As dear old Fred Mason would say, "don't kill them, you're the trespasser" and I rarely do. I have snake chaps, but generally have excuses not to wear them, oh well. The good news, I found a 1.5 gram piece and brother of Beatup found a whopping 5 grammer. As old Sgt Esterhaus on Hill Street Blues used to say "remember, let's be careful out there".
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    Nice color Rob. Can't wait to get out to do some detecting myself, but not feeling too good after my bleach and disinfectant cocktail, which was recommended by what I thought was a reliable source. Now I have been told that I should not have swallowed it but should have used it as a suppository. I just can't seem to win. Ooooh I really feel unwell.
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    Got out today for 2 hours and detected a spot that had been grown over by Florida vegetation. Someone came in and scraped the top layer off and cleared tons of brush. I thought I would see if anything old was there. Seeing the area was settled in the 70's, I was not expecting much. And that is what I found! I only found clad around the area where the homeless must have been. Around a blanket that remained, I found about $2 in quarters and dimes. Having exhausted that area and becoming exhausted in the 108% humidity, I thought I would try my trusty neighborhood football field again seeing the gate was opened up again. About 20 minutes into that location, I got a strong 6-7 that had that special sound to it. I flipped over the plug and had to get the camera.🙂 This is my 4th class ring , 2nd in FL at this complex. It has the date, school, name and boyfriend's name, so I'm hoping it will be able to be returned. Looks like it has been in the ground over 10 years just going off the date. It is 10K. The field continues to give up the gold and the 15" on the Equinox continues to earn its keep. I was using Park 1, ground balanced, 18 sensitivity, 7 recovery speed, and all metal. I'm including more pics for those who are not able to get out yet. I always enjoy looking at pics, so maybe others do as well. UPDATE--I got a hold of the school office, and a very helpful woman took my information. She said she would reach out to others to see if they could contact the owner of the ring. A day later, I received a text from the possible owner. I asked her about the ring, and she gave all the correct answers. Just the other day I was able to meet with the owner's sister in person for the exchange. She was very thankful and happy that someone would go to all the effort to return a ring; her smile says the same. She said she would likely see her sister this weekend. Today, I received a picture with the ring on the owner's hand. Always cool to know it was a positive thing on the receiving end. I didn't know it at the time, but after polishing it, it turned out to be white gold, my first! As an aside, I had to ask the sister about the inscription inside. She said her sister and the guy did not work out. 🙁
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    was good to get out to the golden triangle again after lockdown, picked up these
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    The past few weeks have been a bit hectic between restrictions and other jobs getting in the way of detecting but I have been out and about detecting most days. I threw a lot of the small gold in acid to clean it up and was surprised by the total weight when I chucked it all on the scales. Unless a few multi gram pieces get in the mix it often feels like I’m not doing well but the scales tell a different story. The small stuff really does add up even though I’m totally restricted to old patches on the small amount of ground I have access to. 73 grams at current gold price isn’t to be sneezed at. There have been quite a few days where I have been out prospecting, I’ve been making myself work ground I never been into before to try and increase my local knowledge and range of options. No gold that day but I now have a much broader idea of some the country available to me and intend to increase that over coming weeks. Somewhere out there is ground that has not seen any attention with a good patch hiding within. Pic of some hills were I was trying to access a fault line that has gold anomaly’s The next pictures are of some of the more successful days were I was able to make good wages.
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    Thought I’d give a quick update and some photos of the (good) stuff I’ve found so far. I have a little over 40 hours of metal detecting on the Equinox 800. This is the entirety of my metal detecting experience! Thanks to everyone on the forum who has helped guide me. I haven’t included the junk in these photos, but trust me, there is a fair amount! There seems to be less junk dug the more hours I put in though. So far I have found: Currency Two clad quarters Five silver dimes (A Barber, three Mercs, and a Roosevelt) Seven clad dimes Seven Nickels (A V!, two Buffalos, and four Jeffersons) Fifteen Wheat Pennies (Ranging from 1919 to 1957) An old Chinese Coin Jewelry Two enameled pieces (Either broaches or buttons) A Catholic medallion depicting Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and The Sacred Heart of Jesus Tokens A token from an old pool hall Relics A creepy cool stamped metal doll head! Just found this morning at a local park not three blocks from the house! Found the face first, and the back of the head a little deeper. Most of this was found in parking strips in a Helena, MT neighborhood, Except for the doll head… Still looking for that $5 gold piece!
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    In general with any VLF, the higher the mineralization, the less depth you will get. People talking about 10” depths are in low mineral ground. I never see a 10” dime in my ground. 8” maybe if I am lucky in a milder loamy turf type dirt, but 5-6” in more the norm in my rocky/sandy hard pack ground on a dime. In general, in sparse targets, lower recovery speed will give you more depth. However, as targets get denser and/or mineralization increases, you benefit from increased recovery speed. How do you know which recovery speed is best for your ground? Never by picking numbers based off reading anything on the internet, but by experimenting on found targets in your ground. Go detecting, get a target, and before digging, increase and lower recovery speed to see what setting gives the best signal. Do this a lot until you find what setting works best for your location. The setting for sparse target areas in general should be lower than the setting for a dense target area, but again actual testing should determine that, not these typed words. If you discover otherwise, use what works best! Using canned settings of any type is for novice detectorists. If you know your detector you have to let your detector tell you the proper settings to use, because proper settings vary by location. This requires effort, which is why people prefer canned settings. If you take the time, make the effort, you can determine what settings truly work best on your ground by varying and comparing settings on found targets before digging. Anything else is just flying blind. As far as struggling to make good finds... if that happens to me I find better locations to hunt. The secret is not the detector, it’s the location. As much as I like my Equinox there are a dozen detectors I could use and do about as well. It’s more about putting myself on good locations that makes my finds then what particular detector I use. I have been in parks that I swear should give up some good coins and they don’t. I go somewhere else and do better. Detectors can’t put in the ground what is not there. Finally, silver coins and Indian head pennys can be very hard to find in some towns! Some places have seen decades of expert detecting and finding coins like that can be a challenge for anybody. I sure don’t tell myself I am going to see an Indian head penny any time soon!
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    Found this with Equinox 800 on a early site..
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    I was sent some photos overnight of some incredible finds with the GPX and an X-coil that forum member Elijah found. I thought I'd put the photos up for people to see as they're pretty incredible, I really love the old coin, imagine the history that goes with an old coin like that, I can't even imagine how old it must be It must have been a very wealthy person that lost it. I would love to detect in locations that have ancient coins like this. It looks like they just take a big nugget and stamp an image on it. It looks like a bird of some sort? And check out it's weight!!!! That coins heavy! I wonder what you could buy with it when it was used as currency. He also found this, I'm not sure what it could be, any ideas? It's likely to be very ancient too.
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    There has been a lot of talk lately about gold being found on or off bedrock, I've personally done well finding gold in soil, even my biggest bit to date has been in soil. JW found this little soil ridge well up above bedrock, it's soil all the way to ground level 50 to 100 feet below along the top of the ridge, as you go down the sides of it the gold disappeared, oddly right at the top of this ridge has been a very productive spot for gold for us both. We did a number of posts about it at the time last summer when we were going there on the bike ride of death along a little track with a big drop. Today I was given a couple of videos of more gold being found and again the gold was in soil so I thought I'd show you the videos. Gold is where you find it 🙂 Rules don't seem to apply. These two videos are the 10" X-coil and filmed yesterday. This sort of thing is familiar to me, this is often how I have found gold, just in soil and oddly most of my biggest bits have been found the same way which I've often posted about in the past and they've been in spots hammered by everyone around here, so the likely reason I found them is nobody bothered to detect the soft loamy soil areas instead targeting mostly the bedrock. Here is the photo for the total of the day
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    An hour in the parking strip after chores yielded my first Barber dime. Made a noob mistake and scratched the back a little. But hey, I'm a noob! Also got permission from the neighbors across the street to search their strip too! Old neighborhoods with cool neighbors = silver! I gotta say, this is really freaking fun!
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    I find myself waiting again for something new they call Apex . I had been thinking about buying the Vanquish 540 pro pack but about the time I was going to pull the trigger on it another toy pops up. The trouble is I can’t have it today and not even tomorrow. Just like always I find myself in line waiting on something or someone. Well I’m not standing in line for nothing anymore. I’ve had a Nox 800 but sold it and I’m still kicking my butt for doing that . I had a detector that out shined all others and like said stupid sold it. Enough is enough so I called Rob and ordered a Nox 800 , 6” coil with a extra lower shaft and a MI 6 XP Pinpointer for my ORX . I ordered this just this past Monday and by 6 the next morning the check was in the mail. I wish all of you the best that’s waiting on the Apex. Just mark me off that waiting list . Chuck
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    Finished up my road trip today on a good note. Started the trip up in the Texas panhandle where I did quite well at an old park. Dug lots of silver, wheats, couple of rings and a couple of tokens. I've been doing a little relic hunting in southern New Mexico the last couple of days at a 1850s fort site. Manage to put the coil over three good buttons, some percussion caps, fired mini balls and some buck n ball lead. My detectors of choice were the Minelab CTX 3030 and the Minelab Equinox 800. I used the CTX primarily for coin shooting and the Equinox for relic hunting. Second picture is from hunting in Texas. I'll be headed back first thing in the morning to Central Texas to unwind and get ready for another work week, thanks for looking.
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    I've been updating this guide for almost twenty years now. It started back when there was little to offer in way of objective opinions on gold nugget detectors. That's not so much this case these days, but this is still the most comprehensive roundup available, along with some admittedly personal opinions about the models. These days we honestly have almost too many options, which can be confusing for beginners. So a few years ago I added my own short list of three models I recommend as safe picks for anyone around the world. The list was updated mainly to change my notes on the various Fisher 19 kHz models, where oddities in the First Texas marketing have now left the Gold Bug models high and dry as other FT 19 kHz models are available with better prices. I added warnings that the Minelab X-Terra 705 and GPX 4500 are in the process of being closed out and discontinued. Also added a big warning up front about counterfeit detectors - very common now in the nugget detector world. See the full guide here
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    I have decided to go full bore persuing my passion for gold and Writing. July 1 I will be my last day at my full time job. I have decided to go up to my favorite spot in the mountains of Montana and persue detecting for gold, working on my third book, starting the fourth book which I will be writing at same time as third book. I will be up on the mountain for 4 months camping at the spot I will be hunting. I will be keeping a daily journal of everything that takes place in this 4 month period. This is the fourth book which will be called A Quest For Gold. It will be an account of the 4 month long do or die, make it or brake it gold hunting adventure. My goal is two grams a day or two oz. a month. This amount will equal my wages from my full time job. My job has become the equivalent of a cancerous tumor sucking the life out of me and my wife and I talked about it. I don't want any regrets at the end of my life or when I can't get out to hunt any more down the road. I will be filming everything that takes place and I will be uploading it to YouTube videos documenting the entire 4 month adventure I will also be doing videos on detecting & geology in mountainous regions with a heavy emphasis on detecting gold skarnes there. I will be pursuing promoting the book, and I will have cell service up there, so I will be able to get orders filled for The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide as they come in. I will give weekly updates on here for the gold I find. I will be giving gold detecting & geology field training up there, so if anyone is interested, email me or call me. My contact info is on my website on contact page. Price will be $250 for a 5 hour course. There will be alot to learn so it will be worth every penny. Any comments, go ahead and ask.
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    Our beaches in southern California have been shut down for a number of weeks. I did manage to sneak in a couple of nighttime hunts but they were nothing to write home about as they say. Even without the metal detecting pressure the conditions just weren't right. Some of that changed this week and the beaches were also opened on Wednesday. I couldn't go that day but I did go on Thursday in the daylight! haha I had some 'moderate' success at one of my favorite beaches. There was a bit of a slope to it but no real cut. The tide was not very low but I could detect the top of the hill, avoiding a few people. I managed one junk ring, a cheap bracelet, a lock and key and some salvage scraps missed when a sailboat was yanked off the beach a few months back. There was also the Australian coin! It was a good enough hunt to encourage me to go back today. And the wind waves had changed the shore for the better. It was a bit steeper. I did the best I could with the incoming tide and the extra number of people trying to social distance. It took away some of my grid areas so I had to modify my hunt. Within the first 15 minutes I got a nice silver ring. It wasn't high and it wasn't low on the hill. I made a note of it of course but kept to my pattern for this beach which produces with a grid. You can find rings mixed in with coins. You keep a tight pattern and you will get directly over your target if it is there. Funny thing was that was not how I got this ring. I heard it 'off coil' in my fringe at the bottom of my turn and had to seek it out to then see the 28 which made me think it was a quarter but it is much better. It is a little small for me but it is 10g/.925. Most of the coins were found up and out of the now rising tide but I didn't have much time so I wanted to go back to that heavy ring line and see if there was more. This brought me down to where the people walking area was against the water. I left the perpendicular grid for a parallel sweep. It wasn't long before I had a couple more rings! Both of them are stainless steel and of no value but I found them the same way. They caught my attention 'off coil' and then I dug down the 5-7 inches to get them. Once I got over them they had numbers like 10 or 16 with my settings at 23/6/50/no iron bias. I reversed myself on the beach to keep my pattern and skipped a few pennies (20) to not waste time as my zone was about to be under water and I could lose things in the surf. Near the end of the session I got my last ring. It is a 10k/2g but I'll take it. There was one additional silver chain section and some junk jewelry pieces. I hope there is more when I go back! You never know with a beach but I had to go. It was fun. Mitchel
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    Time for another gold fix, had a fantastic session a few days ago with a run of solid water worn pieces shedding out of an ancient cross fault that has seen a lot of water action. These little guys just lit up the GPZ like no mans business. Old patches + new approach has been paying dividends lately.😎 That’s 12 grams not 1216! 🤕 🤪
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    Got out for a swing session finally. Took the 4500 and a 9x15 NF Advantage. Total 1.1 grams 1 heart shaped cornflake 2 rock"ettes" in the bottle by noon ! Thars a bigun waitn out there this season. Hapy Huntn.
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    Today started out a little slow at an old church ground, after about 7 cents and 1 1/2 hours I packed it in. Not wanting to give up so soon I decided to try a fair ground near an old fire house. I used to go there as a kid. Thinking I would find a ton of trash I put on the 9 inch to help with all the aluminum slaw. While I was trying to remember where the Ferris wheel and tilt-a-whirl where i stumbled onto a dime and penny. Thinking I needed to move up the field 100yds, I Was swinging as I walked not caring to much as this field is big and I was hitting a million signals. Half way I got a strong silver signal and dug a really nice Silver and Amethyst Ring about 2'' deep. After a few clad and an 1 1/2 hours later I got bouncy gold level signal. Normally I would not have dug this, but something just sounded strange and strong. Good thing I did because, It was a 14k and what I believe to be ruby and small diamonds. Thinking this is the best day I've had in years and knowing It was my night to cook dinner, I headed back to the truck swinging wildly and smiling ear to ear. About 75 yards from the truck I got another really strong silver tone. I almost passed out when I popped a silver and gold Tiffany ring. Days like this are very rare for me and the MK has made detecting a lot of fun. Topping this day might take a few years.
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    Those flat, featureless beaches can be overwhelming. You just need to be sure that you are in a high traffic area which will be relative to low and high tides. If there are some low areas or depressions then so much the better. And finally, if you have found an area described above then dig a few test holes......you don’t want “quicksand”. The sand needs some bulk to it...... coarse/larger sand or shells will keep targets in range. I detect in bare feet if it safe enough and the texture of the sand between my toes will dictate where I go. Don’t hunt large areas if it’s not productive......zig zag down the whole beach until you find that first heavy target. Light weight targets don’t count as their origins could be from anywhere. You want coins, preferably green and crusty, lead sinkers (if too many then the beach may not be a popular swimming beach). Be prepared to walk and detect for miles until you find that area Mother Nature has waiting for you. Gold will be your reward. Hopefully this will get you started.....the above concepts have served me well for 20 years. Tony
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    I had a rather awesome hunt today, scored a barber grand slam and a dime trifecta... Started the day hunting after a 6 1/2 drive to my old stomping grounds. First site gave up the barbers, rosie and a wheat..... Ending the day by doing a test hunt at a backup spot, looks like both are going to produce very nicely. Scored 2 wheats and the merc in 30 minutes.... Found the barbers with the Equinox 800 and the others with the CTX.... My wife kicked me outta the house for 8 days....so...I did some research close to where I grew up and arrived today for nothing but digging, eating and sleeping First spot was across from the old railroad depot next to a dried up man made lake from back in the day..... Second hunt was an old city park.....
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    After a bit of a drought of finding cool coins with the Equinox, I found another V nickel detecting in the neighbors parking strip in between thunderstorms. It was pretty worn and pitted, and not of any numismatic value, so I cleaned it up a bit.
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    Mostly unnecessary. Two frequencies help but only if they are spaced far enough apart. The CZ was 1:3, the DFX was 1:5, BBS/FBS is 1:8, V3 is 1:3:9. 1:3 is marginally minimum, higher is better. Honestly, the V3 would probably have been better without the middle frequency. The main reason for it was to perform zero-motion disc, a feature that never made it to production. With 5, 10, 15, and 20 kHz, 5+20 (1:4) makes the most sense, although 5+15 might be a little more stable in salt. It would not make sense to throw in e.g. 10kHz as there is practically no additional useful information and it marginally reduces depth.
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    Went out to the horse ranch in Helena with my dear friend today, to do a little horse maintenance, and some detecting in the pastures. She was using the newly arrived Vanquish 440, and I was using the Nox 800. First time I have detected with someone else, and it was her first time detecting ever. It was super fun! We didn’t find anything truly noteworthy, but did unearth a piece of flattened irrigation pipe that had been buried for some time. And my friend found her first relic; and old padlock. Not super old, but she was excited and that made me smile! Afterwards, I hit a new parking strip in the neighborhood with the Vanquish, and found several coins in short order. Lincoln memorial pennies, and three clad dimes. I really like the ease of use of the Vanquish. Pretty much a turn on and go machine. Good times!
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    This is why I ditched all my other VLF nugget machines. The only other one I have that I use is the 24K because it can run off batteries for situations where charging is less than convenient, has better ergonomics than the Equinox, but mainly better coils for prospecting, including a concentric coil option. It’s a great little scrubber. Minelabs refusal to make a solid 6”x10” coil for the Equinox is particularly irritating given its strength as a gold prospecting detector. The Equinox/24K combo leaves me lacking for nothing when it comes to VLF gold prospecting. It’s a push on small gold between the two but I’d give the 24K the nod there if pressed on the matter. Depth on large gold - Equinox, hands down. It was apparent to me back when prototype testing that the Equinox was a superior gold prospecting detector, even with coils that are not optimized for that purpose. However, I decided to not push that aspect of the machine very hard. Partly for the reason that Gerry mentions, but also because many prospectors are set in their ways, and Equinox is a different beast requiring some out of box thinking and willingness to experiment to really get the best out of it as a gold prospecting unit. I was getting enough guff at the time over shilling for Minelab that outside of offering some tips I decided to just lay low on this aspect of the machine. Prospectors can be a pretty harsh bunch if they think you are pushing something off on them. But yeah, Equinox, Multi-IQ, gold nuggets... 👍🏼 Minelab Equinox in Sierra Nevada gold country
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    Here is a video of a bit of gold found with the 20" X-coil on the GPZ in Russia during a wind storm a few hours ago. The wind was so bad at times he could hardly stand up. It's just coming out of winter there so when the ground has been covered in snow for months and frozen I guess you go prospecting as soon as you can as you would be missing it 🙂 It's happened to me before, you get to a location and the weather is terrible but because you've gone that far you just keep going 🙂 It paid off this time as he found some nuggets. It's heavily hunted ground by the looks of it, this is a photo when he first arrived showing everyone's dig holes
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    Pics of the last few days detecting session when I’ve been able to get out and about. Sure enough the weather improves then I get stuck with other jobs so things have been a bit limiting at times. I hit up an old favourite and had a ball pinging bits and pieces on what I thought was flogged ground, one was really deep. The stand out signal for the day was the loud one I got sitting right on top already wrapped up under glass. 🙂 This is the second time I’ve found someone else’s gold, with another one years ago with Paul K from this forum when he was out visiting us from the States. Nice super deep chunkster and the lost test nugget. Yesterday, seeing how I was having so much success on old patches I thought were done to death, I took a punt and went to another long defunct spot further out of town. Time was limited but the pickers soon started rolling in. 🙂 With todays high gold price I am not going to sneeze at finding gold like this, especially when you consider how many people are stuck not being able to go detecting at all. 😞 These pieces were ultra deep for their size but were clean and obvious above the ground signal, the key was to go low and slow and not rush, as soon as I heard a slight pitch change I would slow down even more and try and centre the coil right over the target, once I got the height, speed and centering right the targets just popped out of the threshold. The hardest thing was to force myself to go slow and not try to cover too much ground too quickly. I have so many crumbing spots to revisit with this new Rona mind set . 😷 😎 JP A sign of the times, gold and hand sanitiser 🙂
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    Popped a V-nickel out while detecting tailings pile for gold. It cleaned up pretty good for a dug V. When I used to coin-shoot V's were my favorite to dig for some reason? This is my 2nd V from this area while looking for nuggs….. I'll take it...lol
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    Short stint with the Equinox this morning yielded another first for me. She's a little rough, but I like her anyway! 😍
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    Full of confidence and ready for ATTACK I headed up into no man's land gpz and 19 in hand and found these. Total finds for the trip not including the 2 bits in the post above. This specimen contained 5oz of gold Cleaned to show gold. A 35ger and 23ger
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    Can't go wrong with an Equinox. And realistically outside of true detector nerds most regular folks out there can't go wrong with a Vanquish. OK Chuck, orders from Dr. Steve. No more looking at new detectors and wanting new detectors, waiting for new detectors, or buying new detectors. I am officially diagnosing you with new toy syndrome! The cure? Use the detectors you have or are about to get and go out and metal detect and find stuff! And I do believe I will take my own advice on that!
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    I received this info this morning from Fred''s wife this morning and she asked me to share it with his friends. There will be a memorial for Fred on Zoom, May 23rd @ 3:00 P.M. Pacific Standard time. Topic Memorial Zoom for Fred Mason Meeting ID # 723 9037 3254 Password # 5xJyyV If anyone would like to share this info on any other forum, please do. Norm
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