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Metal Detecting & Prospecting Library

Steve Herschbach

This page has links to a collection of online "books" about prospecting and metal detecting subjects of interest. Most of these were actual printed books or brochures that are now available as html or pdf documents. In the case of pdf documents especially you can download and save these creating your own library of essential information. Many of these are out of print and hard to find so we are very lucky they are being scanned and made available on the internet. Be sure to also visit Steve's Guides - articles about basic metal detecting and gold prospecting subjects collected from forum posts on this website over the years.

Metal Detecting

  • How Metal Detectors Work by Mark Rowan & William Lahr - Originally published by White's Electronics as a booklet P/N 621-0395. Basic technical information on how induction balance and pulse induction metal detectors work.
  • Metal Detector Basics and Theory by Bruce Candy - Bruce is a co-founder of Minelab and the man behind their most advanced designs. This information delves into much greater detail than the above link and has many more illustrations and diagrams.
  • Metal Detecting Terminology - Metal detecting terminology and definitions, with an emphasis on Minelab technology wording and descriptions.
  • The Sport of Coin Hunting by Charles Garrett. The basics of finding coins with metal detectors. The author designed and built his own metal detectors, and Garrett Electronics was established in 1964 to manufacture and market his inventions.
  • How To Search Sand & Surf by Charles Garrett. Treasure recovery at the beach including coins and jewelry.
  • Introduction to European Metal Detecting by Charles Garrett. Metal detecting for coins and relics in Europe. The author designed and built his own metal detectors, and Garrett Electronics was established in 1964 to manufacture and market his inventions.
  • Gold Prospecting with a VLF Metal Detector by Dave Johnson. Dave is the Chief Designer for First Texas Products and has been involved in designing most of the VLF gold prospecting detectors sold over the last 30 years. This is an excellent primer on using VLF detectors to prospect for gold.
  • Coil Size vs Detection Depth by Carl Moreland, on this website forum. A chart with notes from PI guru Eric Foster illustrates the relationship between coil size and depth on PI detectors.
  • The History of Metal Detectors, with Emphasis on Gold Prospecting from First Texas (Bounty Hunter, Fisher, Teknetics) by Dave Johnson. A talk given to the El Paso Chapter of the GPAA February 12, 2008.
  • Metal Detecting Technologies for Gold Prospecting from First Texas (Bounty Hunter, Fisher, Teknetics) by Dave Johnson. A short essay of key technologies for gold nugget detecting.
  • Understanding the PI Metal Detector by Reg Sniff. An excellent, understandable primer on pulse induction metal detectors.
  • Metal Detector Information - Get lots of great answers to basic detecting questions along with info and field reviews of Tesoro detectors.
  • Common Questions About Metal Detecting from White's Electronics.
  • Fisher Intelligence 5th Edition by Thomas Dankowski. Thought provoking articles on aspects of metal detecting not often talked about.
  • Advanced Nugget Hunting with the Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector by Pieter Heydelaar and David Johnson. This out-of-print book is a good basic text on nugget detecting. Although it uses the original Fisher Gold Bug as an example the information applies to most nugget detectors. Part 2 by David Johnson is an excellent primer on hot rocks.
  • The Painful Truth by Thomas Dankowski - There is more good stuff left to be found but hidden from current technology - read why. A follow up to Dankowskis classic Beneath The Mask article.
  • Head-To-Head Comparison Testing by Thomas Dankowski. It is not as easy as it looks! Why people get different results testing metal detectors, and how to do it properly.
  • Halo Effect & Related Ground Oddities - from Fisher by Dave Johnson. An explanation of factors that can possibly enhance detector depth - myth or reality?
  • White’s MXT Engineering Guide - by Dave Johnson. An inside look at the metal detector design process, with details about the White’s MXT and GMT models.
  • An Engineers Guide to the Spectrum XLT - by Mark Rowan. The details behind the design of the innovative White’s SignaGraph display, first used in the Spectrum XLT detector.
  • Steve's Guides - Articles about basic metal detecting and gold prospecting subjects.
  • Metal Detector User Guides & Catalogs - User guides, catalogs and brochures from various manufacturers.

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