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    The Gold Monster has to be the easiest detector to use for Gold Prospecting, it's really just a turn on and go machine, someone having never used a detector before could pick up a Gold Monster and find gold. It has very nice loud audio from it's inbuilt speaker. The detector itself runs silently only making noise when you pass over a target so it makes targets very hard to miss, especially with it's boosted audio. A very tiny nugget can seem like it will be a much bigger target than it is due to this feature. It's simple to ground balance as it's all done automatically by the detector, if you find you need to ground balance it with dramatic changes in soil conditions all you do is pump the coil up and down a few times and it settles right down, no need to press any buttons. The small gold it can find is incredible, any smaller and you would have trouble seeing it. There is a discriminate mode to get rid of iron but I never use it as discriminate on any detector seems to lower it's sensitivity preferring to rely on it's gold chance meter at the top of the screen, if it's a big junk target it will let you know, DO NOT rely on it for small gold, if it's an iffy target, you must dig it. Some have reported touch sensitivity with their coils on the GM, especially the larger coil but I haven't found it to be an issue with mine, usually if I do get any knock sensitivity it can be resolved by pumping my coil a few times to ensure proper ground balance, by running in Auto sensitivity modes, or knocking back one or two levels on manual sensitivity. Overall I'm extremely happy with my Gold Monster, it comes with two coils and that's about all you need for it for it's intended purpose. A good value dedicated gold machine that works very well.
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