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  1. Delicious. Keep swinging people.
  2. Goldbug2 6 inch concentric little foot is all I carry on my bug. I'm liking makros GR with the round 5" dd. I find the small and the big nugs with the small coil. Cleaning house. Nothing left. Live for baby coils. Nothing runs smoother. Better. In northern california iron laiden gold fields. in my opinion.
  3. So much emphasis on id and discrimination. I almost always run all metal modes and dig all targets and ids. Some of my favorite finds are iron relics from the past worth much money and very interesting interesting pieces of history. Not to mention the amount of gold I have found under iron, hot rocks and attached to rusted nails and sorts. Dig it all
  4. I am abosolutly in love with my gb2 I sleep with it at night, I give it massages and swing her all night and day long. The most sensitive easy to use machine in my opinion...just have to have an understanding of the machine and where your working. Yes it is a job specific tool... And is unbeatable at that. Area searching through different ground and rough terrain will pull your hair out and is not gb2s preffed use... Run a g racer or gmt. But using it running bedrock cracks uncovered placer working or scraping tops of tailing piles for crushed specimens I have never used a machine that can keep up. 90% of my gold comes from my gb2.
  5. Strange black wire with paper clip? Guy told me it was junk .... I shook it and heard noise inside.... Found this pleasant surprise flying around in the control housing. Anyone have an idea on this.... I'm thinking they grounded to the coils female wire jack plate and back to the ground plate on ground reject switch... Little help here fixing up for a good friend yard sale special ? 20 bucks. They hurt her though lol seen better days
  6. Will do. Im glad to see Makro take an interest in a pissing match here talks big game. Makro claims it has made the most sensitive metal detectors ever made lol (it's on the box dont quote me) I would like to know....gb2 has claims as well. I'll be in contact with coil serials and the issues I was having with the 10.5. Feels good to get a response timely not waiting a week for replies from turkey via internet ?. Simple tech questions all I wanted. I will give you bench data when I get a chance to perform
  7. Ily Steve lool. Like I said I tuned them both for one of my sweet spots and performed an air test with those settings and a very very small nugget. I may not be setting the gr good for where I am at or have figured out how much I can get out of it without sacrificing stable operation. I'm an old school analogue junkie gm2s gb1 and 2. I'm still playing with the gr it has many variables and ground controls to affect performance good and bad. I know the bug I dream about it in my sleep I can run it max sens audio boosted and pissed off with that 6" and walk through a mine field of hot and cold rocks and tune it in and out picking up below them.i may not have given the bug a fair run for her money. It sort of is a bunk test if they are not both at default or both at best settings. As for issues I glady exploited all the companies weaknesses and advantages I believe I was fair on that. Opinions are fueled by experience and what you prefer. I just wanted to offer a glimpse of some likes and dislikes from a hardcore gold hunter who uses detectors hard, often and successfully in challenging rocky ground/mine tailings. I wouldn't be surprised if in a soil test the makros DD punches down and get nuggets deeper in rough ground.... Who knows. Since I've been using them both side by side in the fieldit's hard to tell whose performing better on the ground when I'm finding micro nuggets ...grains with both Gb2 and the mak attack. I'll post my bench test with the coins when I get a chance to do so. Perhaps I'll have different findings with a default settings. Lol anyone know a gb2 factory setting heh I think it's audio boost sens maxed out ?.
  8. And how should I perform this bench test to be accurate. Eviromental Setting, measurement tool,testing procedure and Should they be in audio boost for what your looking for or normal operation. Gb2 is a different animal in its self what operation modes/adjustments you want that in for comparison. are you familiar with the goldbug 2. It has no default settings as the Makro does
  9. that is true Steve, reasoning for the gb2 to be almost impossible sometimes to use in certain ground types. Emphasizing what I like about DD. Smooth running. But are you saying DD is more sensitive to gold than concentric? I've always been explained the opposite
  10. yeah and for me being precise I'm doing a bench test at home with a wooden ruler. Not a precision scientific test nor would I consider my findings exact or correct and this could be plus or minus an inch of error on both detectors, there could be interference or unseen variables. Not to mention both machines were tuned off the same ground to run correctly in use. This was not a max out all settings for depth. I wanted to see how it would be field tuned . I am no engineer nor professional nor a certified critic. For a true test I do believe a DD on the gb2 if it was available would lower depth and not testing a machine with a higher khz and a concentric coil. Against a lower kHz with a DD coil and settings that reduce sensitivity and depth. Thanks for your concerns though my Makro runs fine. These are personal opinions if you have official air bench test results for the Makro from the manufacture, post them I'd love to see the difference between what you gather than what I saw and see an official test.
  11. Yeah if I turn up my sensitivty 80 plus on the Makro I might get close to the same but that's too high for the racer i wouldn't run that on the field it pops and sounds off target ids past 75 sensitivity in the air. Gb2 I always run 9 or 10 max. I could max out the racer and tell you how close they are on an air bench but that's not how it would be in use. I already tried contacting Makro about the 10.5 coil having problems when even lightly touched or my detector is moved and I got barely a response on that and haven't got a email from them in a week after I replied back asking further information and may I add that I'm using both shooter coils on the detectors and gb2 uses a concentric which is more sensitive than DD. So?
  12. I will have to tell my partner to try concentric I might be getting a 10.5 concentric for the Makro see how that feels on her
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