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  1. To be honest I could never compare to Klunker with a gold detector. My excuse was I had a good day job so who cares about a couple lousy nuggets? Now that I have recently retired that excuse won't wash. I will either have to admit defeat (which I am loathe to do) or come out on top using techniques that don't call for the use of a detector. After my big find we will have to call Norman "Klinker " instead of "klunker ". LOL
  2. It had been a year since I had a chance to hunt with my friend Strick. We finally were able to get together for 4 days of relic/coin/ring detecting. On day 1 we went to an old standby location (ghost town) we had visited many times in the past. Strick found 2 silver coins, an 1876 and 1877 Seated Liberty dimes in the space of 1 hour. I found a few buttons. Day 2 we took his boat up the Delta to a party beach where I hunted in the water for the first time ever. I had a blast using my CTX 3030 just wading up to my waist. I found 2 silver rings which beat the costume jewelry Strick
  3. That is interesting. Some detectorists have come down with Equinox derangement syndrome, much to their detriment I think (hint,hint,Strick. LOL). That elliptical coil on the Deus is deadly in pitch mode in relic scenarios.
  4. It looks to use way less water than a sluice which may have some utility in certain scenarios.
  5. I like the Utah tag. I find it interesting that it has the Beehive which was the state symbol and a Seagull which is the state bird but other than that it is very plain with only the embellishments on the corners. Maybe it is home made rather than mass produced? I tried to research this tag but so far failed miserably.
  6. Looks like a fun hunt. The chauffeur's badge is awesome. Congrats to the lady.
  7. I enjoy finding unusual items such as this. Thanks for posting it.
  8. That is a primo button. What an excellent find.
  9. Thanks for these videos. I rarely fail to learn something from them.
  10. I am glad to see the weather has moderated and you are back to filming. I appreciate you posting on this forum as I don't view many others unless it is Tom's forum. I have had a similar experience with the Tarsacci. I was hunting behind a friend who was running a Deus with the elliptical coil. I detected a number of targets with the Tarsacci that my buddy who is a seasoned detectorist did not hear with the Deus. The shocking part was almost all the targets were shallow. I bought the Tarsacci for depth but there is something going on with this detector I have not got a handle on yet. I am
  11. Hi Paul. Congratulations on your Tarsacci purchase. My limited experience with this detector closely mirrors your own. While not my number one choice for either relic or gold nugget hunting I think this detector will be used on a regular basis by me in scenarios that utilize the strong points of the Tarsacci. I don't have enough experience in iron infested relic scenarios to have a definitive opinion about it's performance there. I do think it has much better separation than many may think but depth wise in iron no detector does well so I think I will stick with my Deus in the nail beds.
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