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  1. I have never found one so I am jealous. Post the video if you have time.
  2. That is an old coin for the west coast. You must have been stoked.
  3. Some great finds there. Thanks for posting the video.
  4. goldbrick

    Saying Good Bye

    Strick, do you sell detectors on consignment? LOL My problem is whenever I think about selling any of my detectors I experience "separation anxiety" and my resolve quickly turns to inertia.
  5. goldbrick

    Little Morning Nox 800 Hunt

    Thanks for the succinct reply. Honestly it sounds wonderful but my problem is how many detectors are too many? I just seem to buy them yet rarely sell any.
  6. goldbrick

    A Cool Find

    This is just an awesome find. Imagine the stories the watch could tell.
  7. goldbrick

    Little Morning Nox 800 Hunt

    What's your analysis David? Is this detector the Deus killer? Should we ditch our Deus' and Impacts and jump on the Minelab bandwagon? A "tongue in cheek" question of course because I love those detectors and they are not going anywhere but if Strick buys one of these I will probably be forced to. LOL
  8. goldbrick


    The stuff of dreams, for sure.
  9. Either grip as long as it is attached to a detector that weighs less than 3 lbs.
  10. goldbrick

    Sorting Through The Rubble

    That's a pile. Gotta love it.
  11. goldbrick

    XP Deus Hunt Using Both HF Coils

    Thanks for the assessment David.
  12. goldbrick

    Cache Hunting

    I liked your story. Thanks for posting.
  13. goldbrick

    Some Fun Detecting Videos

    Ray, I really enjoyed your friends video. They are finding some nice relics. I subscribed so I hope they keep filming. Thanks for posting.
  14. goldbrick

    A What's It Question

    That steam whistle is an awesome relic! Congratulations on the find.
  15. goldbrick

    Some Fall Relics

    We had some good times relic hunting lately. I won't be back until the desert starts heating up. I am having a blast down here in the nice weather.