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  1. Looking for a bigger coil option for my GR and wondering if anyone has used the 13x15 coil on it. If so is it like swinging a wet dog? How does it perform? Thanks
  2. Hitting the area that has been picked through by just about everyone with a detector and managed to find a v-nickel nicely hidden with a chunk of iron bar about 7" down. Got a fairly short signal in one direction and long iron signal in another, the short had a spot on nickel ID but thought it might have been a piece of aluminum. As you notice in my mix of trash there is a bunch of small aluminum. You can blame Chase for that as it forces me to look for gold $1 coins in the area :( Bunch of memorial nickels were in one hole with a penny about 4" away from a can on the surface. The brass bits l
  3. So I have the Multi Kruzer and the Gold Racer, both use the same green wireless headphones. In the manual says I need a wireless module to connect the headphones to the Gold Kruzer. Problem is the case I have doesn't have a port on the side to plug a wireless module. There is no information on where to buy a module from Nokta for the Racer 2 and Gold Racer. I thought maybe they updated stuff and built in the wireless module but the headphones won't pair up to the Gold Racer. Did they just change the case so these machines can't use wireless headphones, discontinue the module and not updat
  4. Wanted a machine that has a much higher frequency than your typical coin shooting machine for a couple of reasons. I wanted more definition on iron in the ground, bit more numbers to play with in the low conductors and something that can handle the lousy dirt we have here with iron and coal. I also wanted a machine that would do well in high emi areas so I got the Gold Racer that runs at 56khz. Though my finds aren't impressive I took it through the local park in the worst possible spots. Area is a carpet of square tabs and bottle caps. This little machine make it a breaze to pick through
  5. For the same money (roughly), similar original manufacturing date and it has all the simple features like target ID in all metal, more tones and one button mode changes that are missing on the F19/Time Ranger, I would rather have a Makro Racer 2. It has many more features that are not on any FTP detector that I know of. That's why I bought one used. I wanted to compare it to my F19 and Patriot. I do wish it was 19 kHz and had a little bigger iron range. Otherwise, it is just as sensitive on small gold with the smaller coils in all my testing as my F19 and much more sensitive than the Patriot
  6. Anyone have any idea why my coil is overloading??? I checked up and down the cable to see if it was shorted to no avail.... It works fine with another coild. Trying to upload or link a video.... Standby---- https://photos.app.goo.gl/W1Nwk2kCRQixPE5H9 BTW Hey all you crazy Aussies-- Im still kicking---hope all is well with you all there...
  7. Makro Gold Racer and a small Nevada gold nugget it just detected The Makro Gold Racer has been one of my most anticipated new VLF metal detectors in years. This completely new model represents something I have wanted for a very long time – a high frequency VLF metal detector that does not skimp for features, in particular as regards discrimination options. A little background. First, I have been testing prototypes of the Makro Gold Racer, and this review is based on those prototypes. The final version due soon has a completely new LCD display layout, audio boost, refinements to other s
  8. I bought the Macro racer2 in Janurary 2018. Went on holidays in Oregon and detected on the beach all goo. Found a deep coin target and layed the detector down and started digging. The tied was coming in and a sneaker wave went over the detector. I dried everything out and the detector worked ok. I never used it all summer and fall. In December I charged the batteries and the detector worked fine. It turned on and went through the startup. In January 2019 it would not turn on at all no light on display panel or beeps. Totally dead. I opened up the rear case and there is power at the back of
  9. Hello, I am new at metal detecting and just but a Makro racer 2, also because of the Bluetooth option. Now I'm trying to connect my own BT headphone but I don't know how. There's no description of this in the manual. All the options in YouTube films doesn't work. Also there's no BT module which I can take out and f.e. replace with a BT dongle. Can someone help me? My serial nb from the system box is : 9001442/ 07150
  10. Version KKGR220316EN


    Nokta/Makro Gold Racer User Guide, 2.97 MB pdf file, 28 pages Nokta/Makro Gold Racer Data & Reviews Nokta/Makro Gold Racer - Steve's Review Nokta/Makro Metal Detector Forum
  11. Version BRGR081215EN


    Nokta/Makro Gold Racer Brochure, 2.66 MB pdf file, 4 pages Nokta/Makro Gold Racer Data & Reviews Nokta/Makro Gold Racer - Steve's Review Nokta/Makro Metal Detector Forum
  12. Version 12/2016


    Nokta/Makro Gold Racer User Guide, 2.5 MB pdf file, 29 pages Nokta/Makro Racer Data & Reviews Nokta/Makro Metal Detector Forum
  13. Version 1/2015


    Nokta/Makro Racer Brochure, 1.65 MB pdf file, 3 pages Nokta/Makro Racer Data & Reviews Nokta/Makro Metal Detector Forum
  14. Version KKR2050118EN


    Nokta/Makro Racer 2 User Manual, 1.91 MB pdf file, 32 pages Nokta/Makro Racer 2 Data & Reviews Nokta/Makro Metal Detector Forum
  15. Hello Everyone! I am new to the forum and to metal detecting/prospecting. Hoping to meet some local folks with the same interests and everyone in between! Chris Mitchell (TXAUHunter)
  16. Just got a new makro gold racer pro kit when I opened it and it was short the extra bottom shaft for the small coil then the cover to the screen was scratched all up but the screen was not. The dust/rain cover had lite gunk on it and the adapter to make the charger fit usa plugs was in the the bag with the blots for the coils I would have expected that to have been in the blue box with the cigarette lighter adapter and the adapter for the headphones was plugged in to the headphones like they had been used. I contacted the company I bought it from and they are sending me the lower Pole that wa
  17. Dear Valued Members, We got requests from customers for longer shafts for our devices. Please note that we are now adding a longer middle shaft to our accessories line up that will be compatible with the Fors / Racer and Kruzer series. The length of the shaft is 4 inches longer than the standard one included in the packages. We hope this will satisfy the need of taller customers who have been asking for this. The part number and pricing will be sent out to dealers tomorrow. We apologize that it took us long to take action on this. As a matter of fact, all your requests /
  18. I got my new coil and played sick at work to run this thing on our claim. So the claim has lots of desert bed rock and very small gold on it. I have picked it over with the makro and the monster. Others have done the same with a sdc2300 and gb2. So, needless to say the pickings are slim these days. Matter of fact I have been skunked the last two times. Both of those times with the monster using the small coil. Not so this time out. I only found one small nug. It is .8 grains it was about 1.5"-2" down in a bedrock wedge. I am very happy with this coil. I really like the size and shape. I
  19. Tried out a new detector on Saturday:Due to some unavoidable delays, I finally made it out with my Makro Gold Racer on the weekend to see what it could do.I don't know about where you live, but winter here just didn't want to let go this year. I mean, we had one of the coldest, longest winters we've had in forever, and snow, snow, snow (we're about four feet over the average mountain snowpack at the higher elevations as I write), but Old Man Winter finally took a breather, and so I got a chance to head to the mountains to swing the coil again.The place I picked was one that didn't have a lot o
  20. I bought my Makro Gold Racer a while ago and finally got the chance to get out with it. It works fine around my home. The first gold area I took it too, it went bonkers with a pulsing noise and the display target reading bounced all over the place. I was in the all metal mode with tracking on. I thought it might be EMI, since there was a massive radio tower about 1 mile away. I took it to another area away from any known towers and it did the same thing. The ground in both places is highly mineralized and variable. In the last place I turned up the iSat and that helped some. I also turned dow
  21. Dear Valued Members, This is to inform you that as of March 1, 2018: Racer (or as some people call it, the Red Racer) has been discontinued. Racer 2 - the wireless module has been moved to inside so the wireless headphones will not require a dongle anymore. Racer 2 and Gold Racer pricing has been adjusted as follows: RACER 2 STANDARD MSRP: $499 RACER 2 PRO PACKAGE MSRP: $649 GOLD RACER STANDARD PACKAGE $599 GOLD RACER PRO PACKAGE MSRP: $749 We will continue to work hard to offer you the best products at the best prices in this industry as we promised in the official
  22. The page is still there but all the links to it are gone from the main page. Maybe Makro needs an archive section for discontinued models because there is still good information there for current owners and future purchasers of used machines. It makes sense with the new Kruzer series that something might have to give, and some detectors you can only lower the price so far before its not worth it anymore. Hard to believe the Racer came out just three years ago and amazing all the things the company has done in that three years. They move so fast it makes other companies seem to be standing
  23. Law 7.77 of metal detectors states that in order to get something, you have to give something up. (What are you giving up from Gold racer to Gold Kruzer?) What edge / advantage will the predecessor Gold Racer have over the soon to debut Gold Kruzer? Is the Gold kruzer undeniable the better machine? The MSRP on the Gold racer is more expensive when you dont count in the nice addons the kruzer has. The gold kruzer is bundled with $119~ wireless headphones in addition an extra 7.5"x4" Waterproof DD coil. My fever is getting me all itchy and I wanna pull in a Gold racer before the
  24. Hi just bought a new Nokta Impact and wondering if Makro Racer 2 wireless phones will work on it ?
  25. Hello Finally the big rains and snows are slowing down, so my partner and I decided to hit the hills. we tried a patch of ground in the thick manzanita between 2 sets of old hillside diggings. we were able to hit our own patch. Awhile back I let my partner use my Gold Racer and I havent been able to get her to give it back. ive been using the Racer 2 which is also a great gold detector. today we made a bet who could find the most. if I won then I would get to use goldracer next time. But I lost to my partner on the gold racer with her skills again. So I will still be on the Racer2.
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