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  1. Got it ! Like it ! It’s just too hot! The trouble with the heat I’m just too young and tender to get out in it . Calabash Digger please keep the videos coming. I love them ! Chuck
  2. Steve If we were running a contest you said it best in less words than anyone. I truly think that’s all any of us want in a detector. Chuck
  3. Hi Fred I need to be more than a babbling brook but at this time with all the heat of every day over a 100 and lots of days at 105 the net is my out . Chuck
  4. I look what’s pre-order like the Simplex and another they call Vanquish is one soon to be . With all the Simplex has to offer I’d never gave it that name . Then we have another called the Vanquish and with a name like that we just don’t know if the name fits yet. The meaning that I like best is to defeat in a conflict are contest . I guess in time the unknown will be known. I have the ORX and for me it’s been one of the simplest to use . More than the simplicity is the like of weight and I can even make it lighter by sticking the controller in my pocket. I demand more in a detector than I did years back due to the fact it would have fell on deaf ears back when. Then I was one of a few but now one of many. I thank you for coming along for the ride and the pleasure of detecting. Chuck
  5. I’m not so sure if I really have a opinion but maybe each here may . So please let me hear from you on this subject. Thanks! Chuck
  6. Hahahaha I ask the Simplex question How they do it and Steve gave me a great reply. I don’t know what happen after that but somewhere we jump the track I must say everybody posted their opinion even if it wasn’t on my original question. I don’t have trouble with that because nothing better than a active forum. Not to express your opinion is a dead forum and none of us want that . Chuck
  7. What I’m hearing here that we have too many detectors to pick from . Each detector company all have a long long line of detectors they have up for sale.. Why don’t we just change how detector companies do from this day on . Best Buy list their items as if they had only three items in each line of whatever they offer. Here’s how they list them. Good, Better and Best . This makes it simple maybe for some but not me . If you take a little time and look around you the detector company that has the same thinking is not with us anymore. If I make something new I can’t trash what I have already. I’d still like to make some money off that item . I really need to do so that I’ll have the funds to move forward. I need to keep making my customers happy because I want to stay in business. If I sit on my hands and do nothing them nothing is where I’ll be . Them another detector company will be closing their doors. Some people wouldn’t be happy if you were to hang them with a new rope . I have to admit my thinking has been down the same road as others but I was wrong. Chuck
  8. Hey I may be wrong it’s a old listing that came up again. Don’t hurt to check. Chuck
  9. Hey Brain A guy just posted what I think you want on Rob’s forum . Chuck
  10. It’s sad to say you can’t take it to the bank and expect it to be good anymore. Now you would think that you could cash a Post Office money order at the Post Office but may not happen . I had received one and I had go to the Post Office anyway so I took it with me . I ask the guy behind the counter to cash it for me and he said he couldn’t. His reason was he didn’t have enough money in his cash draw. That was the brick wall I came into. I had to deposit with my bank like I’d done in the past . The sad thing it makes it to the point until it clears the bank then and only then will I send you the item you paid for . I’ve sold detectors to guys over on the west coast that cost more than 2 thousand without trouble. When they told me they had put the check in the mail I done the same on my end . They all had posted on one of the forums that we all know. I know one day I’ll get the short end of the stick but I keep chap stick handy . I just done a deal on the HF Elliptical coil from a guy in Mississippi and if he ever needs a reference I’m the guy. Chuck
  11. The thing is some dealers still have them listed for sale. I just wonder if Minelab gives the dealers a heads up when they plan on discontinuing a high end items like a detector. Maybe they do them like they doing on the Vanquish and that’s keeping us in the dark. The whole time feeding us bull a little at a time using video. Every time Minelab sends me a email on the Vanquish using video I think of this girl back in high school done the same thing. Here I am begging to see more. I hope this is not a let down for me Minelab. She was ! Chuck
  12. Thanks Steve for your quick reply. It always helps have someone in the know. All I can say is we came a long ways baby and still going. Chuck
  13. I got a email the other day from the company telling me how great this new detector called Simplex is . I’ve already been reading about the Simplex on the forum here but I had to go over all that’s offered on it again. I don’t know where they ever came up with the name Simplex. Oh don’t get me wrong it looks as if a bird brain like me could run it .What I want is how they can sell it at such a low price with all this Simplex has other than just detect ? I’ve had different businesses over the years and when I seen the price of the Simplex . I was thinking maybe they haven’t heard the words of profit/loss. I see it now, everybody and their brother plus their sister with her kids will be out there swinging this so called Simplex. I guess we could start a rumor that your hair will fall out if you use one . That wouldn’t do me any good half of mine is gone already. Dilek I wish you the very best on the sale of the Simplex. A guy like me with nine grandkids and my two youngest just got married I need a less expensive detector. The Best! Chuck PS At Christmas time I don’t sing Joy to the world anymore.haha
  14. Oh Beachhunter It came in today and I’m happier than a new Rooster in a hen house . I want you to know this coil is like new and I sure like the looks of it . Would you believe this week and next they saying it will be 103 if not hotter. That only leaves me to get up and hunt before breakfast are not hunt at all . Even at 10 PM it’s still sitting at 90 . At 78 I’m just to young and tender to hunt in heat like that. Stay tune because I will be back reporting on my almost new Elliptical coil. Chuck
  15. I was lucky enough to have a guy on here make contact with me offering his Elliptical for sale to me. Right now my money is on the way and by the end of next week it will be in my hands . I’m excited to give it a try on two lots almost down town that has lots of history. I’ll be posting my finds right here.
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