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  1. Coiltek in no way am I knocking Coiltek coils . I just believe that you Coiltek was not expecting the demand that would be for the 10X5 coil for the Equinox. I do understand that the C-19 hasn’t made the added problem any better by having to deal with it. I’ve had my money down for one and come hell are high water I’ll be here waiting for it. Chuck PS The only thing aging around my house is me . I just had my 39th birthday 41 times.
  2. 6000 owners I wish you the best of luck getting what you want out of Coiltek ! Coiltek has yet to complete the orders they have for the 10X5 coil for the Nox. Chuck
  3. We have two dealers that come on here sales Garrett they are Gerrys detector sales,Rob’s detector sales. The first in Idaho and the other In Arizona. They both big Minelab dealers but they sale other detectors. Both great guys! Chuck
  4. Guy’s I’m hopeful that someone on here would be the winner and a person that’s very knowledgeable with the ability to convey the workings of this detector. I can assure you that I don’t fit that bill . The Best To Whoever You Are! Chuck
  5. phrunt You just miss the power of the Lightning detector. It saddens me that you of all people didn’t like the name I submitted. Haha 😂 Who knows none of us may not like the name that’s picked. One thing you can’t help but like Dilek. I believe she’s one straight shooter. Reach your hand and feel the power for the last time . Chuck
  6. GPAA has the treasure shows lined up for 2022 . Hopefully they don’t get shot down but you can see below how they going to run . Chuck
  7. DetectingQuest.Com had a long article calling the detector Lightning and wondering how they came up with that name. The statement they made has been removed and it was somewhat long. bigtim1973 That’s the way it is with some getting the gold mine and with others getting the shaft. But you and I take a licking and keep on ticking. Chuck
  8. I just got back a email from Dilek and she said she didn’t know where they got Lightning from but that’s not it . The winners names will be announced on launch. I guess she’s meaning launch date but didn’t say when that was. Dang that’s telling me if I want it I’ll have to put money down to get it.Haha on me . Chuck
  9. King-Of-Bling I just think Nokta Makro is a great company and have made a number of great detectors in a short time. I was and still am looking forward to seeing this multi frequency detector .If it ever is I plan on swinging it for myself. I have the other that they wanting to out do and I’ll see for myself if they made it. If it looks as if it may be another year they may want to change the name from Lightning to Fusion. I just hope they don’t have a meltdown. Dilek we do miss your visits that you made often at times in the past . You will find the door is always open and the welcome mat is out too. Chuck
  10. Our cup running over with VLF gold detectors . When one says their detector is better than the next guys I say talk is cheap . I don’t care if it’s called Lightning are any other name they wish but it’s a long time coming. I know it’s important to get it right the first time but time is running out. I still wish Nokta Makro the best on the multi frequency detector but I do hope to see it this year . It would be great if they had a great PI detector going to hit the market soon. Chuck
  11. Well I’m went to their site and I did find one new detector called the Gold Finder 2000 . NM has it marked as new but don’t show any info on it are price . Chuck PS I did find it’s operating at 61 KHz but that’s all
  12. It’s a rep. At the Nokta Makro booth going around yesterday taking a video of everything there . He said due to the travel restrictions people from the company can’t come. So we may not be seeing anything this weekend. I’d transfer the video over but not sure how. Sorry! Chuck
  13. Village You are right and they not dependent on me buying one. Chuck
  14. Chase A-Men brother I see the light! I should they shining it right in my eyes. Chuck PS I just wish it was the Lightning. I can’t help it that I’m like a kid in candy store when it comes to something new in the detector field. I may never use it but it’s the joy of owning it.
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