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  1. Thanks for posting. You can never learn too much when it’s your detector. Chuck
  2. Phrunt Don’t you know by now a woman wouldn’t be happy even if you hung her with a new rope ! You go ahead and buy that detector you want. RIP if you can! haha Chuck
  3. Glenn One thing about our past we have the memories today to play back in our minds. Chuck
  4. Glenn I’m like a friend about his guns it’s just the joy of owning one . My wife’s idea of ruffing it is some high dollar hotel and be sure it has HBO . Well I’m not to that point yet and I may never have the need for a backpack but again it’s the joy of owning one. Of what I could see in your post some thinking went into making it. It’s odd that something hasn’t came across my email from XP being I get their message all the time. If got the ORX and the Simplex but just maybe the Vanquish. It’s like this one if by land that’s the ORX . Two if by Sea that’s the Simplex. The third is the Vanquish just because I want it. Glenn I love your state being I’ve spent a few hours dredging and just enjoying life there. Have a great day! Chuck PS Some years back in the 90’s I wrote a story on how a nugget could hide behind a grain of black sand. It ran in GPAA mag . Where did the time go ?
  5. Phrunt I’ve seen this video before and it is a simple test between the two detectors. I do believe it shows that in the Vanquish you getting a lot for your money. Thanks for posting the video here for all to view if they so desire. Chuck
  6. Jim Well that’s great! They took a great detector and made it more versatile . Chuck
  7. Glenn It looks well made but on that same note it could cost me more than my ORX. Here I just bought a new gun and I don’t have a case for it yet .. I think I need to sit down and prioritize my thinking on what I need next . What I should say is what I don’t need at all . Chuck PS They say you can’t take it with you. Well stand back I’m going to give it my best to do so.
  8. Chase Go write this down wherever you like that Chuck totally agree with you. After it’s all said and done the first question they ask on a new detector is how deep will it detect . I guess I’ll just have to limp through life with my ORX, Simplex and my one day Vanquish. That’s unless something new that catches my eye 👁 I can’t live without. The Best! Chuck
  9. I too was planning on buying the 540 pro pack and it would have been great to see the you in action in one of your videos with it . I think people is selling the new line of cheaper detectors short because of its price. Their thinking is I’m paying less so I’m getting less. Well if they pull out their pocket change and buy one they then may question themselves . That question would be why am I spending on a high dollar detector when this half price one does the same. The detector I just got back before the speaker went out was punching a hole as deep as my Nox 800 that I sold. To keep from starting a fire storm I’m relating only to the area I detect in . Chuck
  10. Tnsharpshooter I don’t know about you but I find this odd that a regular Minelab dealer that we know don’t have a Vanquish. Nothing for show and tell that’s for sure. Maybe they don’t want to sell one to people that’s been buying from them for years. The only real problem I have is why did Minelab send all those videos to my email address. Oh well I got another detector back today so my need is not as great now . Chuck
  11. I was gone part of the morning but when I got home it was a pleasant surprise at my door. My I believe new Simplex was waiting for me. It came on a two day priority mail that I believe that Dilek had something to do with. It came back double boxed like I sent it . Life is great when you’re dealing with great people and a great company. You know up front who you want to spend your money with. Dilek I sent you a personal message but let me say it again. Thank you so much ! Chuck
  12. Jeff I am kid and grandkid poor but not one as of yet want to metal detect . I’m no rush to bay a Vanquish but I just like to try something new. Over the years I always told everyone to buy the best they can afford and up to now I do that myself. I find myself not wanting to dig as deep when younger and that’s why you see me buying the Simplex and wanting to buy the Vanquish. Now I just have fun playing with a new toy. It’s like when I go fishing anymore I don’t put bait on the hook. I started this post early this morning and here it is late in the afternoon. Chuck
  13. Chase My friend and I use that term even if our paths never cross. It’s because I like what you say and how you say it. I think of others on here the same way because they too just want to help others. I look at Rob being he’s around the same age as one of my sons as a friend. I see no reason for me to be in a rush to run out and buy one . I’ll just sit back and wait it out but if I pass on before I get one no big deal. No need to worry I don’t think the world will stop turning! The Best To You My Friend! Chuck
  14. My reason for asking this question is because Minelab dealer like Rob’s Detectors don’t have none to sell. If I never get one it will be a cold day in hell before I go to Dick’s Sport to buy one. I don’t know why are what’s the thinking of Minelab by limiting it to a big chain and not to the little guy at the same time. I like the personal service like Rob and others like him offer . I’ll pass on some guy that don’t know what end is up and nothing about what he’s selling. Chuck
  15. Well I took the time to read the warranty and it says I along is responsible for shipping back to repair center. It also says that I need a RMA ( return material authorization) . My RMA was send it in and be sure to say what’s wrong with it. This was told to me by the guy on the other end and the phone number came from the label on the box it came in. It also had the address where to ship for repair. The warranty says if you do just about anything on taking it apart could void your warranty. This info was the same that was posted on the forum dealing with the address. I hope I receive a new Simplex back being if opened it may not be sealed correctly. That waterproof detector may not be that anymore. If and when I get it back I’ll test it first to be sure it’s working but after it will get a water test . I don’t want to find another problem down the road. Chuck
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