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  1. Strick The only meds that may help you is in the form of another detector. Every time I sell a detector I’m kicking my rear the next day. Go buy another detector and call me in the morning. ha ha Chuck
  2. sdbirder Don’t that make you feel good all over to give back something that could have been lost forever for them ? The best part about this hobby is doing the right thing and seeing their face when you find what they lost. Chuck
  3. Did anyone take note of the locking tap under the red handle like on my ORX below ? It looks as if you can adjust the grip on the shaft that runs under your arm. You have to be fast to start stop not too over run what I’m talking about on the Vanquish video.
  4. Gentlemen I really hope you’re wrong but I guess it comes to where the most of the market is . If I was Minelab I’d take a count of the number of the Equinox did we sell . Then if I Minelab can make it better will they replace their Nox they have now . Minelab has drop their price of some detectors before making it possible for some who couldn’t afford it before. That was in nugget detectors as we all know. So nothing is stopping them from doing the same here . I bet everyone on here has a backup detector to their Nox and maybe one to backup the backup. This new low end detector is going to have to be the cats meow for me to buy a backup to the backups . I still hope you’re wrong but if not I guess I’ll say please pass the humble pie . Chuck
  5. robin You may not know this but extra detectors is good for holding up wall in your house. That’s what I’ve been telling myself to justify having more than one. The day one will do it all I’ll still have more than one . They may just stand in the corner and I may never use any but it’s the joy of having them. The day I can’t hunt anymore I can say “I remember when.” Chuck
  6. Nuke em Over the years I’ve been detecting has been with a single frequency detector. I’ve still got a detector that runs on a single frequency and another that has more than one frequency but only one at a time . I’ve had a Equinox 800 and found it to be a great detector. Oh yes I sold it to try others . I too sold others that I’d had for a long time just waiting to see what’s next . On the statement said by you and made by another that a single frequency is obsolete I do believe is true. Not to the point you can’t run in a single frequency but as many as you’d like. For the price that Minelab offered the 600 and 800 I can’t see anyone settling for less Remember when you buy less ,less is what you get.. If this new detector from Minelab is less than the 800 then I’ll go get myself another 800 . A friend and myself have been taking turns kicking my butt for ever selling my 800 . I think he’s start liking doing it too much . I’m waiting like I did with the Nox and If it steps beyond I will have my money down. Chuck PS Another statement was made on the forum that you can’t do it all with one detector. Well just maybe one day that won’t be true.
  7. DeltaDigger It wasn’t a true test for depth being most was just covered but some between 5 & 6 inches. The lineup next to the quarters the one that has a stone has a small metal loop and the ORX hit it about 4 inches solid. I was running in coin fast and no headphones. I know from past experience it’s best to always use your headphones but nowadays you just don’t know who will walk up on you. The Best Chuck
  8. DeltaDigger I don’t have the X 35 coil but I do have the 9” round coil. I’d say I get good depth with it. I haven’t been out with it as much as I’d like but due to sickness in the family. I do hope that will change soon. What you see was my first time out and in a high trash area. I found with another detector it’s no way I could hunt this spot. I was running at 31 KHz due to the trouble I was having with my Whites Pinpointer at 14 KHz . Chuck
  9. For what it’s worth department years back I was covering control surfaces on the C 47 in the military. One time a guy came with two control surfaces he wanted redone and he said they came off a P 51 Mustang but never seen the plane. When I had a upholstery business I redone the inside of a old cub this guy had . He would fly along the coast at Corpus Tx. and here people be swinging with a shark swinging just a short distance away. He told me it’s some big sharks out there and people didn’t know the danger they were in. Chuck PS I’ve got a steel ball in my left shoulder because I crashed my gyro copter . I came to the conclusion it’s not the fall that kills you but that sudden stop.
  10. Whatever new comes on the market I don’t think it needs to be too simple. If you’re a new kid on the block maybe simple is for you. For myself I don’t want to put too much stress on what’s between the ears but I do want something that has the ability to reach beyond what came before .If it can’t do that then why would I want to walk out the door with that detector in hand . Chuck
  11. If I’d found something that big nobody would have ever seen my face . In my opinion you’re opening a can of worms you may never get that lid back on . That’s why over the years I never let anyone know what I found. Above all if had a show it was never a location told . I know this is the reason I’ve hunted all these years alone . Chuck
  12. Look up in the sky it’s a bird . No it’s Dilek coming to the rescue to help anyone that has trouble with any detector they put out . I can assure you that this Lady won’t stop until you’re happy and your detector is fixed. Like myself she just replaced the detector . I don’t know why but some of the best service comes from Detector Companies outside the US . Chuck
  13. Hi Tom Well you hit what one would call false bedrock. Like you said you’re finding gold on top of this . What I’m about to say and to do some would say a big question why but only cost you a little time. If you can get your hands on a hand post hole digger try this . Dig a hole pass that false bedrock and as you dig pan the material that you bring out . That false bedrock was made over time and between it , it’s a true bedrock that your post hole digger may hit . Remember things have been going on long before man came on the scene. Who knows you may hit another false bedrock of different material before you reach the real one . From what it’s worth department . I miss your face and voice coming from White’s. Chuck
  14. FWest Sometime back I bought a dual field coil from a guy on here. I had what looked like one but it’s nothing in the center coil. Now if you would like to have that coil and willing just pay postage it’s yours. PM me your address and I’ll get it to you. You can see what it cost to ship when you get it and then mail me back that amount. Chuck
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