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  1. Well it’s spit in one hand and wish in the other. I think you will find the one with the spit is running over bye now.. More are less of what has been said already is the Simplex is a tease of what Makro/Nokta has to offer. That’s only if you’re willing to spend the money to find out. What Dilek and her company don’t know is I’m in love with my Simplex and it’s not going anywhere but a smaller coil would be nice. To have it bye yesterday would be great. Chuck PS A concentric 7” please are 6” . I’ll eat humble pie and just say Thank You.
  2. When the Equinox 800 first came out I bought one and I had trouble turning it on. I thought it was me so when I sold it I told the guy about it. Later I found out it was defective from day one All I’m saying it can happen to the best of companies ! They don’t like their product going belly up no more than you do . I’d just say Dilek send me another so I can finish my testing. Chuck
  3. Sorry I’m not buying into this but I do have the Brooklyn Bridge still for sale. You need to let me know if you want it with or without Pigeons. Makro/Nokta has got a update coming they say on my Simplex + . It’s going to be so hot after I can’t carry a candy bar in my shirt pocket because it will melt. I guess the first half of my post should have been in the classified. Chuck
  4. It wouldn’t hurt to come out with a smaller coil while they at it . Thanks for posting. Chuck
  5. Thanks Steve! On that review of the Simplex you posted I could see he had the same as I . Thanks again for the quick response. Chuck PS Here I was thinking I didn’t get the plus part of the Simplex + .
  6. The manual that came with my Simplex shows I should have 5 Frequency Shifts on my Simplex but the detector shows only 3 . I’d like to hear from anyone on what your detector has . This has been talked about already but if just think about making a change you’re too late. Sometimes you have to push a button just right but again you could be too late because of that . I don’t know how others feel but after about the third time of having to deal with this I’m ready to set it aside. It would help if you didn’t have to cycle from the start point again. If it stayed locked at the last point until you wanted to move would be great. I’ll say Thanks ahead for your response. Chuck
  7. I said I’d see if I could find a White’s dealer at that Treasure show I went to if they had any 4 x 6 coils. I found out real quick you would be hard press to find anything relating to White’s detectors. The detectors they had a drawing for was a Nox 600 and two Makro/Nokta. I guess I didn’t win any due to the fact I’d got the call yesterday. Story of my life . Chuck
  8. It would be wonderful for Garrett to come out with a totally new case and detector without calling it Max or Pro . If they’ll do that I’ll buy my first coin are nugget detector from them. At the show more were interested in what Garrett had free than the detectors they had to sell . Chuck
  9. The main detectors on display was Minelab, Garrett. Makro/Nokta and XP Deus. If you’re wondering about White’s I too was doing the same. One of the dealers always had a big line of White’s detectors but today it was all Minelab.. I may have missed it but I didn’t even a banner. Garrett at this show is always has a large display of their line of detectors. Makro/Nokta had a good showing of their detectors from more than one dealer. Two of their detectors was put up for a drawing tomorrow. I did see lots of old White’s. Garrett and Fisher from years past . Some of the White’s detectors I had used too but was history now. Minelab and Makro/Nokta have more going for them than some others . The sad part it shows in so many ways some may be falling bye the wayside. Chuck
  10. I’ve had my Simplex for a while but due to sickness in the family and getting out detecting with it has been more a hit & run .. On what was said about the angle of the grip . Until the subject popped up I guess you could say I didn’t find it to be a problem at all . On the matter of wanting to change are add to a program is a big pain in the backside.. This needs to be that it locks in until you’re ready to move on to another setting. I have found that the ID is better than lots of other detectors over time that I’ve owned . Every time the ID came up with 91 I can assure you it’s a clad quarter. It goes the same for a lot of coins that was shown on the video. I’d made a statement on another post the Simplex is a good backup but the more I do get out with it I may be selling the Simplex short on what it’s capable of. The Simplex is simple to use as a pickup turn on and go . I wish at times it had a smaller coil on my Simplex but for my first I find I can live without it.. One thing has always been a thorn in my side is when I put my detector down it would fall over like a dead dog . That is not the case with the Simplex. I guess that’s where the plus comes in on the Simplex. It is one great buy for the money! Chuck
  11. This is the video I was talking about in another post. They do know how to make a great video. Makes you want to run out and buy one. Chuck
  12. I just received a video from Minelab on my email today . It made the Vanquish look as if it was a new detector being seen for the first time. I guess this video is for the ones that didn’t run out to Dick’s Sports and buy one. You got to give credit to Minelab they do know how to make a video leaving you thinking you can’t live without it. I must admit while watching the video my pulse rate came up. They were riding heavy on the Multi IQ by saying that over and over in what it can do for you the guy behind it . I do know if the dealers most of us know had the Vanquish to start I’d had one already. At this time I’m not so sure if it will ever be. Chuck PS Remember a name has already been picked for another Multi IQ . That’s reason enough for me ! Chuck
  13. Not this coming Saturday but following one I’m going to a Treasure Show and I know some of the Whites Dealers I’ll see if they have any . Some do nugget hunt so just maybe. Chuck
  14. Phrunt I have a 6” coil on my Eagle 2 that’s been on the over 20 years without a coil cover and it still looks great. Now that was the day before coil covers was come to be . I think now being we have them we just beat the Sam Hill out them because we covered . Dang I was just thinking for what I paid for that E2 I could have bought 3 Simplex +. I can assure you that money was harder to come bye then than it is now. Chuck
  15. Heck why buy the Nox 600 ? Do you get extra coil? Do you get wireless headphones? You can just go over to Bill Southern forum and on the classified it’s a Nox 800 . It’s got extra coils. You can buy it for about the same price as the 600 . Fact of life if you spend less you get less ! Chuck
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