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  1. It’s odd for some it’s the accommodation and food portions but for me if I missed a few meals it wouldn’t hurt me. On the number of grams of gold is found you just don’t know how that’s going to come out. I remember one trip to Arizona after two weeks I couldn’t hold all the trash I found with both hands together. That trip not one fly speck of gold. The adventure of different everyday life has to be part of your trip. To answer a question is yes I’m thinking about going there this year. I’ve got to get my rear in gear if I am going. The down side I’ll be going it alone so I know zero people when I get there. I thank each of you for your reply be it good bad are indifferent. To me one week is a short time to be there but more than that gets costly. If I’m going I’ll let you know and do the same when I get back. My five pounds of gold I find may really be five grams with a true weight. I can’t help myself being from Texas. Chuck
  2. Dilek For what it’s worth department I just sold over 4 thousand dollars of my detectors and the first thing I bought back was a Legend. You may not seen my post when you put out your last video with me talking about you saying You got to love that girl and her company being you always keeping us informed. For myself I like calabash and his testing different detectors. Lady you just up the good work you’re doing for me the customer and your company. Chuck
  3. I hadn’t looked at the price for detecting but I be dog gone they’ve gone up a hundred. My biggest problem now is my wife don’t want me doing what I’ve been doing alone for years. Thanks guys for any reply . Chuck
  4. I’ve been to Nome before and the lower part of Alaska but never been to AKAU Resort. The last time I went to Alaska I put over 12 thousand miles on that cargo van before I got home. I know a while back someone said they were going sometimes this year to this resort but I’m hoping someone has been there on here before. Of all things my wife is telling me I need to go but when I ask if she is going to pay for it she says you got the money. You would think if she really wanted to get me out of town she should be willing to fit the bill. Please let me hear from you if you been there . Chuck
  5. Has anyone here had the Legend out nugget hunting? If so what coil was you using? Chuck
  6. I myself have had one and found it to work great. With the price it’s being offered to you, you can’t go wrong. Chuck
  7. I started with a metal pan just like that back in 61 . The pans we have today is only way to go because of the ruffles being the metal ones didn’t have any. The shaking back and forth is called stratification. A big word for a simple thing to do. Chuck
  8. GotAU I know nothing about killing a skunk but I can tell how to keep them from smelling. First thing you do is run up to one and grab it by the tail but be sure to lift it off the ground fast. If you do this like I said he won’t spray you and then put a clothespin on its nose this will stop it from smelling. Be sure you read over my instructions because this is something you don’t want to get wrong. Chuck
  9. A little of something is better than a lot of nothing. No matter how small the gold is it’s still gold. Bird in hand is better than two in bush. One more Never leave gold to find gold. GotAU? maybe one of my statements will ease your pain. Chuck
  10. Slad74 Glad to have you here from central Texas but I was hatched in Union Mississippi. You will find a bunch of great people here that is willing to help you at the drop of a hat . I come from a long line of stump jumpers. The Best! Chuck
  11. Back in 68 I drove 150 miles two weekends to come back to my home town to hunt this house that had two adobe rooms on this wood frame house . The area was about 10 X 15 and total time about 30 hours. Those two rooms had more trash than I’d ever seen. The walls was pushed out and the house was gone. You have to remember this was in the day you had to dig everything. Before it was over I found 30 coins all in the 1800’s . It was American and Mexican coins with the oldest a 1854 half dollar. The last day I was there I was looking around where the house was and was running the coil over some bricks that had been the fireplace when I seen a coin covered in dust. That coin was a Indian head coin . I never got to hunt where the house was because bye the time I could get back I couldn’t get in there anymore . The place now is government housing for old people. Chuck
  12. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder I’ll say you’re looking good. Last year my wife was going to buy her brother in law a shovel and I told her she will have to take him with her when she buys it. She wanted to know why and I said you got to be sure his hands will fit the handle. Yes she did believe me for a while. Chuck
  13. Hey John Good to have you here . You will find me just down the road from you in San Antonio. The Best To You! Chuck
  14. Bill All your doing is telling it as you see it for yourself in the field and for you at half the price of some others. Keep it up 👍. Chuck
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