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  1. Ridge Runner

    Garrett AT Pro Now Being Offered With 5"x8" Coil

    That 5X8 DD coil should be one hot coil. I’ve yet to find a detector that can take one coil and do everything. I think it’s great when a company comes out with something and got the coils to back it up. I think it’s good for the customer and great for the detector company when they offer more than just the one that comes with the detector. My hat 🎩 is off to you Garrett! Chuck
  2. Smart Man ! Chuck PS But a great buy for someone .
  3. Ridge Runner

    Can Your Detector Do This?

    Of my more than 50 years of detecting I’ve yet to come across anything that resembles that . To all the detectors that can’t pass the test don’t worry about it because more than likely you won’t either. I’m not saying it’s not a great detector if it can do it . Here you got all this trash above ground so you can see it . You put the same setup you got in the ground for a year and not knowing what you got it may be a different story. Then bring that great detector back and the rusty nails have rusted more but now you have a halo effect from all those rusty nails. I don’t believe you going to see anything but rusty nails. I hope someone can prove me wrong. I’ll meet you back here in another year and then you can run a in ground test. If it still can pass the test I’ll want to buy that detector off of you are another like it . Chuck
  4. Ridge Runner

    Detailed Review Of White's New Goldmaster 24K

    Buzzard You going to pull the trigger on that 24K and then be asking yourself why did I do that. I know because I’ve done the same and sorry later that I did . Chuck
  5. Ridge Runner

    XP Orx Compared To XP Deus

    Chase Goldman I don’t know if you took note that when the ORX was put down the stand make in with the arm rest is about worthless. When you sit it down it comes to rest right under the grip and falls over every time. Unless you plan on carrying a table to set it on each time it’s going to fall over like a dead horse. I like a stand that keeps my detector upright and if it don’t I make one that will before I go out the door with it . It would be great that your high dollar detector fell over in a puddle of water while you digging a target. I know what’s on the inside of a detector is very important but so many times they fall short on the design outside. Chuck
  6. I myself like a smaller coil than 9” for high trash . I’d like to hear from you the Deus user opinion. Chuck
  7. Ridge Runner

    XP Orx Compared To XP Deus

    Chase Thanks for clarification on the coil in relation to the controller and how it works. I know I sound hard in respect to the ORX but if you going to include a feature don’t do it half way. If what you come out with can’t compete in price why bother? Chuck
  8. Ridge Runner

    XP Orx Compared To XP Deus

    To bring the price down on the ORX maybe it would have been best for the cable that’s ran inside keep going. Then they could plug it into the controller and forget about having a wireless coil . Like it’s been said over and over again that cable is not a problem. I guess one good thing they do know some of the ORX have sold . I’m counting the dealers that’s made a video on the ORX. I’m sure one detector company is saying keep doing what you’re doing. Our sales is at its highest point ever and as you don’t make a change it will stay that way. Chuck
  9. Ridge Runner

    XP Orx Compared To XP Deus

    Chase Goldman That Force you’re talking about has upset everybody’s apple cart. It may stand or stay top detector for a long time.( For the money. ) Some may try to outdo but it will be a cold day in someplace before they do. I can’t see are believe any detector company think they can come out with something that’s less and ask more for what they have to offer . I’ve been known to do stupid things and I was thinking about getting the ORX . Now after reading what you had to say and being if I was to buy the ORX it was because of less weight. After some thought another pound won’t hurt that bad after all . Chuck
  10. Ridge Runner

    XP Orx Compared To XP Deus

    Mr. Chase Goldman I thank you for your honest opinion of the what and what not the ORX has to offer. Now over time the XP Deus has had updates couldn’t they do the same for the ORX ? On the price I say that’s a big joke . I can buy another detector that offers multi frequency and it’s a true multi frequency detector. Then buy a small coil and still not spend much more than the ORX will cost me. I guess they can say wee wee wee all the way back home with their ORX . Chuck
  11. Ridge Runner

    XP Orx Intro Video Review ( In English )

    They have the English version of the owners manual on the ORX now too. Chuck
  12. Ridge Runner

    What Is Your Wish List From White’s In 2019

    I want it to be a sad day for everybody when I go. You ever see a armor truck in a funeral procession?? Just for fun I told my wife to write out a check of my total wealth and put it in the casket with me . Boy is she going to be surprised when I cash it . Chuck
  13. Ridge Runner

    New XP Orx Page Added

    A new video in English has been posted about the ORX and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to move it to here . It’s on YouTube. Chuck
  14. Ridge Runner

    Twelve Days Of Nugget Shooting - Lyrics

    One bottle cap two boot tacks and a target I could never find. Sorry it’s as near as nothing you can get! Chuck
  15. Ridge Runner

    New XP Orx Page Added

    I’ve listen to so many videos in other languages about the ORX that when it’s one in English I may not understand it. I just got another email from Deus telling me what I got to look forward to in the ORX . That’s great but, but the proof is in the pudding and I’m need to get my hands on one to know. Who knows Hello World may get his hands on one . If so I know I can understand him. Until then. Chuck