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  1. I walked out of my house this morning and was meet by a three legged dog . He for whatever reason was missing his right back leg .Now this dog was making his way with what he had and looked happy wagging his tail. I know you’re wanting to know what to Sam Hill this have to do with the TDI Beach Hunter. Well I’m getting there! I’m wanting the Beach Hunter and I understand what some problem it may be on the run time detecting for the young and strong. At my point in life I’m like the dog in I’ll live with it and make do just the way it is. Oh I’ve done mods on things and some worked out but others was a down hill slide from the beginning. You know how some old girls will hide their money around on their clothing ! Well I was checking my wife out to see if she was hiding some and she’s thinking the old man came alive. Heck all I wanted was enough money to put with what I had to buy the Beach Hunter . I’m about as unlucky as that three legged dog.He can still wag his tail and mine is too short to wag. Chuck
  2. Tony How about you and I bringing up this matter on a different type of batteries at the next White’s board meeting. I hear you loud and clear on the run time. I was in hopes it would be better than a TDI SL. Maybe Tom will say if he knows what is the run time on The Heavy Duty Battery that come with the Beach Hunter. Chuck PS Tom did say something about a run time from 5 hrs maybe up to 6 hrs. For me at my age I can live with that but younger people that’s not a long run time.
  3. Tom When the TDI first came out I found myself hunting on the beaches of Ms. It had the dual field coil on it and I never before dug so deep for a coin than ever with other coils. In my opinion if you going to use the Beach Hunter on the beach . This can be in are out of the water you just can’t go wrong using the dual field coil . The only thing I wonder is what’s next coming out of White’s ? Chuck
  4. So many new toys like the 24K and now the TDI Beach Hunter but so little money. I may have to put myself up for adoption. My trouble I’m sure will be someone who can afford me and my toys. I like what was shown about that you can hang the Hunter off your hip. Anytime I can reduce the weight off my arm I’ll do it. On the price oh don’t get me wrong I wish it was lower but the quality may be lower too. With the adaption in the way one would want to hunt makes it well worth the money. Here I was saving my pennies to buy the 24K but now being the beach is nearer than gold country. I do believe the TDI Beach Hunter is going to win out. Chuck
  5. Ridge Runner

    What’s The Most Quarters You Found In One Hole ?

    Here was a good one for me. I’d hunted this old Fair grounds too many times to count that last one that a Fair was 1945. I’d never hunted under this huge bush and I was pushing the coil under it as around it I went. After it was over I had found 5 seated liberty dimes under that one bush. Chuck
  6. Ridge Runner

    What’s The Most Quarters You Found In One Hole ?

    Boy you hit the jackpot on that one. I meet a guy at this old town that had been washed away in the 18 hundreds by storms on the coast and he found 18 silver dollars wrap up in a old oil cloth. The best I could do at a later date was find a silver half in great condition. Chuck
  7. I was doing my best to find something at a school that I could tell that someone had been there before me.I’d get a hit on a coin here and there but so far it was nothing to get excited about. I should have told you from the start I was swinging my MX Sport with the 6X10 DD coil. I’ve had this coil from way back when but it was my first time out with it. I was swinging that coil in hopes they had to over look something. Oh I had found one quarter with a few pennies but nothing to write home about. How little did I know that my next swing was going to give me a big attitude adjustment that I needed so bad. Bless that Sport it sounded off with a ID on the high side of ever being a quarter.After pinpointing with the Sport I pulled out my TRX with a better pinpoint on whatever it was. Much to my surprise out pop a quarter. I didn’t probe any further because I wanted to see what the ID level was now if anything else was in there . The ID level had drop but yet not where a quarter would read. Well the TRX went to work again and as before out pop another quarter. By now my day had reached a new high and it was something still in that hole. I repeated what I’d done before and believe it or not before it was over I’d done it again. The question I was going to ask in the beginning is have you ever found 4 quarters in the same hole? In about a 4 foot circle around the quarters I found 6 pennies too. I have found more than a dollar in change in one hole but never 4 quarters. That 6X10 DD coil from White’s is a great coin and I plan to keep it on for a while. I have the 6” concentric coil and 7” DD that I have been using but why buy something if you’re not going to give it a try. Chuck
  8. Ridge Runner

    Found In A Wash Today

    Tom we sent that one at the same time. Chuck
  9. Ridge Runner

    Found In A Wash Today

    It’s a tool to take the lug nuts off your car. One end with the blade on it is to pop the hubcaps off. It’s one more part out there to make it complete. That’s my take on it . Chuck
  10. Ridge Runner

    Why Are Some DD Coils As Big As Hula Hoops?

    Steve I thank you for your reply. It looks as if I something to read to help me understand the workings of a coil better . Chuck
  11. Ridge Runner

    Why Are Some DD Coils As Big As Hula Hoops?

    JW If it’s a concentric coil the bigger well give you more depth. The stock coil on my Sport is 10 “ round and the other is 10” but it’s 6x10” with both a DD. I’m talking about DD coils only and most now is a slim DD. The length can be whatever you want but the width is somewhat less than the other. What’s the difference if any between the two other than weigh. Chuck
  12. Lots of detector companies have stop making big round DD coils but others still putting out a large round one. What I’m wondering if the large round DD coil is better than a slim DD with less weight? I know swinging my 6x10 DD on my Sport is less effort than the stock DD that comes with it. I could understand if we were talking about a concentric coil being larger for more depth. Please enlighten me someone! Chuck
  13. Ridge Runner

    Digger Bob Where Are You

    Well I got a reply back from Bob this morning and all is well with him . A friend lost a family member and he’s doing what he can to help . If any of you have lost a family member then you know things don’t stop with their passing . I myself took over a year to put closure on my loss . If you don’t have a will then get one. Chuck
  14. Ridge Runner

    Makro Multi Kruzer Chattering

    Well the guy that made the first video I was watching has made a second one. It started off with him doing a comparison of a At Pro and the Makro Multi Kruzer on different targets at depth. He said he was running the MMK in three tones doing the test this time. He went from one two the other as his testing went with the MMK hitting the target and not always with the AT Pro. As time went by he didn’t pickup the Pro anymore and didn’t put the MMK down anymore. He was the same one in his other video that was saying how much it chatter in 4 tones plus loss depth in 3 tones. Here he was making finds that he never could before with other Detectors. Maybe next time he’ll put brain in gear before putting mouth in motion. Chuck
  15. Ridge Runner

    Makro Multi Kruzer Chattering

    Tom Thanks for your quick reply. Like a coin it has two sides and ones opinion runs the same. Chuck