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  1. JCR It would have been great to see a demo on the 5.7 coil showing just what a hot little coil it is . I plan on using it on a lot where a house burned down some years back. First I’m going to hit it with bigger coils and work down to the smaller one. I have the Gold Gain coming maybe in a week are more with what’s called the super 6 and I’m planning on running it over the same ground. This property is almost what you would call downtown and the town is with a long history. Chuck
  2. I’ve got my iron volume set just loud enough to know it’s there . The main discrimination set so not to miss gold rings. The secondary discrimination set to pickup silver only. All other settings as suggested. Making me think 🤔 not doing the thinking for me. Chuck
  3. Bird in hand is better than two in bush. In this case Detector in hand is better than one promise . We’ve had someone that’s been talking about two PI detectors and yet have anyone of you seen them. We have so many great detectors right now that we have no need to sit around waiting on something that may be no better than what we got now . I hope I get more out of my dime than I did last time . Chuck
  4. Well what we got out of this makes me think back in the days of paid toilets. I’d say here I sit broken hearted paid a dime and only farted. We got about the same out of Garrett . Chuck
  5. Nikko Sorry I’ve run out of crow I ate that up myself. I do have some road kill left. I was hoping being we had a short time for the naming contest the heavens would open up and Nokta would fall out with their new PI’s in hand. I’ll say it again It’s more important to get here than worry about a name. Yet I can understand it’s better to be right the first time because you won’t get a second chance. We not sure what tomorrow brings about 10am and we found out a PI has been in the USA for a while. I still say if Nokta has a PI at all we’ve got a tester with lockjaw here in the USA. Chuck
  6. You do got to be careful and know what you’re looking at. You can buy a lot of look a like on Amazon any day of the week. Just go do a search for arrowheads for jewelry on Amazon and you will find some beauty’s. Chuck
  7. Dimitar loves what detector he’s putting out and I really don’t think he really cares what you want . I don’t think he cares what anybody wants. I don’t see him doing any different until his sales completely stops . Chuck
  8. Well I be a monkey’s uncle that’s the same thing White’s had in their 2019 catalog called the V3I are VX3 . Could it be that Garrett realizes they have been sitting on a pot of gold other than the 24 K ? Only Garrett knows at this time but we shall soon find out so they say. Chuck
  9. In my opinion you have got a stolen piece of art that someone wanted to hide before they got caught with it. That’s no just run of the mill art work. Chuck
  10. JCR This nut has got a Vista Gold Gain on order with a extra coil called Super 6 and planning on getting the 5.7 when he orders again. I’ve just run my limit for the month of May and maybe longer. Chuck
  11. But I was out trying this Vista X metal detector and my first target was a James Avery 925 silver ring. The house that was there burn down and the lot is almost downtown of what I call my home town . My son bought the property and so I can hunt as I please. I started hunting it yesterday but at 95 degrees I didn’t last long but plan on going back early one morning. The guy next door said the lady who lived there lost a lot of gold jewelry but did find some after the fire . The only problem they had a front in loader came in to clean up and the gold may have went with it. Chuck
  12. When someone says they getting too old to detect anymore then maybe you need to go on down to the funeral home and check in . I got my father in law interested in detecting and I think he was in his mid 70’s then. The first thing he ask and I told him this city has thousands of bus stops just let me know when you’re finished hunting them. I told him about one bus stop he should hurt at this mall . The area was about 15 X 30 and later he told after a while he just sat on the ground digging up pennies. He found them more than other coins. The total for pennies was in dollar amount was 13 dollars he told me. He didn’t say how long it took him to clean it out. Sometimes you got to think as I say outside the box . I meet one guy he like to hunt along sidewalk between it and the curb if it had grass. People getting out of their car drop all kind of things and it gets lost in the grass. A lot of us have hunted school yards over the years. The first thing we hunt the play ground area like swings. If it’s got trees around them can be good. Just hunting along the fence has been good. If it’s got any kind of bush around it the kids get in behind them and lose money. Heck when I die I want a metal detector put in the coffin with me plus extra batteries. I just don’t like it when I get somewhere and find out the batteries in my detector is dead. Chuck
  13. One thing we all need to remember Ron and that’s Minelab has made every kind of detector on the market. For that reason they don’t have to figure out what works because they already know. Just like I was talking about the SDC 2300 within a short time they could come out with a lighter detector and not waterproof with the option of different coils it will sell . They don’t even have to think of a new name other than maybe say SDC 2300 light. All I’m going to ask who’s got it in stock. Chuck
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