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  1. It’s said the Mini for 4 to 8 and the Midi for 8 to 12 years of age . Running at 15 KHz and good to three feet of you want to get it wet. It’s amazing how much these kid’s detectors has to offer, Tones discrimination and pinpoint all for so little money., I like the Mini with a sad face If the target not good and the happy face if it’s a good target.haha Chuck
  2. Just got a email from Nokta/Makro telling about two new detectors for kids that is waterproof. One is the Mini Hoard for 99.95 and the Midi Hoard for 119.95. For the money and being waterproof too has got to be another great buy like the Simplex. Chuck
  3. Kac The tree I was talking about was none of the three you said. I do remember running the coil over the side of the tree it had hot spots that would set the detector off . The farm land was a sandy with clay mixed in. I’m thinking it may have been a Elm . Here I go with another story. A friend told me about a big Oak tree he got a strong signal about two feet off the ground. I was all for checking it out. Sure enough I too got a strong signal. You could see a holler about 8 feet off the ground where anyone could have dropped something in . I could see already that b
  4. We just about have it already with the ORX and that 5x9 HF coil . Chuck
  5. Joe It wouldn’t take me long to work around that little problem. Those sandals on my feet would be coils and that look alike radio is my detector. They be pointing at me laughing and not even notice what I have hanging around my neck . I’m not at my best without clothing. Chuck
  6. Kac Somewhere here on the forum I wrote a story about that. A friend dug a good size hole next to this big tree thinking he had treasure. I had to prove to him that he was detecting a high mineralization in the ground and the tree had the same problem. Chuck
  7. Joe D Thanks for all the pictures. Like Mel Fisher he started the day always with a positive note . I too do the same bye saying this day is the day. Texas has a treasure coast and all know the location of the ships. The only little problem we have on getting to it is it’s a National Sea Shore now. If they catch you detecting there they don’t put you in jail they put you under the jail. I told my wife about the time I need to be put in a Rest home drag me off down there with a metal detector in hand. This way I’ll have a place to stay and she won’t have to pay for it. C
  8. Kac I’m sorry to be the one to inform you that’s not a old coin . I was born in 1941 so you can see where I’m coming from. Great find and the best thing it’s silver. My hair what little I have on my head is silver too . Chuck
  9. If you are a real treasure hunter it’s not just metal you’re looking for. Did you know when 7UP came out it was in a short long neck beer glass? Did you know when soda came out it was in a round bottom bottle? The reason was to keep the cork wet so not to leak . Here’s another book written back when.
  10. GB In my case you are totally wrong. A country and western singer by the name of Roy Clark had a song he’d sing Called Thank God and Greyhound she’s gone .. But in my case he’s gone. Chuck PS My wife would kill me if she knew I was putting out this bull.
  11. Oh well that treasured dream is gone but I can still go buy me a lottery ticket. Chuck
  12. When I got into detecting back in the 60’s it was just me . I just wanted to be a treasure hunter and as soon I could get my hands on a detector I haven’t stop. I’d hunt everyday after work and the major part of the weekend. On vacation I’d hunt every day I was off . This guy confronted me wanted me to go hunt this place. The trouble was he said we had to make this hurt at night. I knew I was about to step off in deep something but I said okay. That day came and it had to be the darkest of darkest night. It was so dark I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. He had me hun
  13. I can tell you where this is all going. The people who lost a family member hunting for this will now sue the estate of Fenn . Especially if it can be proved that the treasure never was . I don’t know why it is but before a guy pass he was a worthless SOB but after he comes a saint. The more the money involved the more to saint hood he comes. I’ve always said if I get killed out there doing what I want so be it . So many was out there on adventure and living a dream for a treasure be real are not . They have stories to tell that will last them a lifetime. I say they got
  14. Chase it was a big write up on what’s called The Guardian. I was in another town when it came up on my and wasn’t having any luck posting it. I did send it to some friends for them to read and didn’t have trouble doing that. I may try again. I got the story posted at the bottom of my first post . Chuck
  15. Fenn’s treasure May be a fake. That’s the story on the news. Fenn past away last Monday at the age of 90 . So if you want the truth you now have to dig him up. What the news has to say is he was more a outlaw and had been in trouble with the law more ways than one time. Tap on apple news and you should get the story. Chuck https://apple.news/AZ3CgoilQS1eAbJS A7eLmQ
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