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  1. FWest Sometime back I bought a dual field coil from a guy on here. I had what looked like one but it’s nothing in the center coil. Now if you would like to have that coil and willing just pay postage it’s yours. PM me your address and I’ll get it to you. You can see what it cost to ship when you get it and then mail me back that amount. Chuck
  2. No big deal just put it in reverse and back out . Chuck
  3. Trailryder 42 In the state of Texas you can hunt any historical site if privately own and you got permission to do so . I don’t care what property you hunt on just get permission. You can hunt on school grounds and I’ve yet to get ran off but make sure to cover your holes up . On dealers if you plan on nugget hunting be sure to deal with one that’s in gold country. The guys have already named some great dealers to work with. I call home in San Antonio and been at this longer than you are old . That’s if the 42 is for your age . If true you still got baby fat . Chuck
  4. Over the years I’ve always liked hunting with a small coil and balance was never a problem. When I did use a large coil I’d just shorten the shaft and as long you don’t have steel toed boots on you’re okay. Here we are wanting lighter detectors and then turn around adding counter weights. I just find something wrong with this picture. Chuck
  5. Tnsharpshooter You will have to excuse me but I’m blind in one eye and can’t see out the other. What I’m trying to say is even with good glasses I can’t see the screen on your Deus . I do hear good and I thank you for your trouble. Keep the videos coming Chuck
  6. I found when the TDI first came out the coil it came out with was great . That coil was the dual field that I found myself digging deeper than ever before. If you wanted to beach hunt you may have been better to buy the regular TDI SL . Chuck
  7. To see how good your equipment is get your hands on some cons and run it through. The main thing is catch all the tailings your equipment didn’t. Then it gets down to work panning everything. If you don’t have a lot of cons to run then I’d dig up some gravel. To me if it came from a gravel drive mixed with the other material would be great. Now between the two you got a good river run and a true test . You may have to make several runs and trying to improve your equipment each time. If you ever get to the point that all your gold is in your cons and not the tailing then all will be beating a path to your door. You can run this test in your backyard. I went to Walmart and got a kids play pool for 15 dollars . Set your equipment inside the pool filled with water and this way you can’t lose any of your material. You’re just pumping the water out the pool and back into your equipment that’s in the pool with nothing lost. Hope this will help ! Chuck PS I think that pool was about 7 or 8 feet across plastic
  8. Most of your video shots was at a distance and it’s hard to see what’s going on . At the same time I understand you don’t want to give away a secret that one day you may want to sell . Chuck
  9. When I look at what you’re trying to accomplish I think of myself in some of the things of my prospecting past. Never give up on a dream because that’s what makes life worth living.. The Best To You Chuck
  10. Some got it and some got to go get it . With that foot ware I wouldn’t be caught dead in . Chuck
  11. Like Steve said I do have a ORX that should be here maybe Wednesday of this coming week. Here is this old courthouse that sits in the middle of a city block and I have permission to detect. The lady who I guess you’d call her the overseer said others has detected it but found only bottle caps . If I do find any coin I plan on donating to their history display they have. Chuck
  12. Calabash I too have one on the way and should be here the first of next week. Chuck
  13. Like a friend said that his Doctor told him to come back in a Year . He said now I know I’m going to live another year. I ask why is that ? His reply was because I have appointment with my Doctor in a year . Remember we two days before Valentines be here next year. Steve for what it’s worth Rob don’t have ORX in stock but I’m getting one when he gets them in . Chuck PS Thanks for a great forum.
  14. With me the IRS always has their hand out. I can’t remember when I got something back. Guys years ago I hunted with a guy that couldn’t hear are talk but would watch that meter on his 66 TR and he done good. If he can do it I know I can. Chuck
  15. Groundscanner It’s bad at 39 and holding but it’s pure hell when you’re pushing 78. Chuck
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