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  1. Jim At different times I’ve had both detectors and like you I put them up for sale. Then after I told my wife I could kick my rear for doing that. My wife tells me that she’s here for me anytime I need it kick . You do have a great price on both and it would be a hard call to say what of the two I like best. Chuck
  2. This is a great price for the ORX and I have one with both HF coils. I do know it’s a great detector and for us older guys the weight is next to nothing. It’s one you can swing all day and not have a sore arm the next . Sometimes we sit back saying I’ll think about it and the saying that fits this is You snooze you loose. The best to the buyer that’s smarter than the average Joe . Chuck
  3. Norm The correct name is skid marks. You would think as much Bull we shoot on here we wouldn’t have that problem. This old boy had killed a deer but told his wife not to tell the kids what kind of meat it was . That night they were at the table eating. The dad ask his kids did they know what kind of meat they were eating. Both said no . The dad said I’ll give you a hint. Your mother sometimes calls me this . The girl turned to her brother and said Willie spit it out it’s a a_ _ hole. Chuck
  4. Well I know now I belong to the right club. What name should we give this club ? We’ll start out with this The Dirty Seven! I’m sure it’s got be seven of us on here . Chuck
  5. I can tell that one thing Camo don’t work when your wife is looking for you. Chuck
  6. Hey Norm You and I couldn’t hunt together . Some guy come by and would be telling about the two guys down on all fours looking for something. Our problem was we both got down and was looking for something to pull on to help us get back on our feet. They call this your golden years! Chuck
  7. Joe D. I worked for the phone company for 35 years and maybe that’s why I’m a ding a ling now. Don’t get me wrong my elevator goes to the top but my lights sure get dim . If you can’t make fun of yourself then who can you make fun of !
  8. You may be fast on the trigger but it may be slow in coming but let’s us hope not. I’d be happy if I can get my hands on the 6000 before Christmas. That would still give me a fair amount of time in the field before it started to get hot again . Chuck
  9. I’d say you will have trouble getting them to pay that’s USPS . I really don’t believe any of the others are any better. Anytime I send a detector out it’s double boxed and then it may not make it in tact. Hope Tarsacci will help you out! Chuck
  10. I’d see if would burn . That will answer your question real quick if it’s coal . Chuck
  11. Joe D. Your Dad is going to think them boys is a few grapes short of a fruit salad. Chuck
  12. I have three detectors that have a internal battery and one I’ve got two coils that’s like the detectors they too need to be charged. Let’s not forget they come with wireless headphones. Then I have three other detectors that I can use recharge batteries if I so wish . None of the three have wireless headphones. To me the great thing about them is when sitting idle I can just remove the batteries. I’ve never had any trouble with the ones that have a battery in them but every so often I’ve got to make my rounds charging each up. It’s been said the next Nokta/Makro will have a
  13. Maybe some but not all remember the day of the paid toilet . You would find them more so in bus stops . Anyway I had a short little poem I’d always say.The cost was a dime and my poem went like this . Here I sit broken hearted paid a dime and only farted. If that don’t bring tears to your eyes nothing will. Chuck
  14. Well I don’t care who you are are how old but if you hear your name called and you don’t get there soon it’s too bad. I won’t go into explaining it to you but if it hadn’t happen yet it will. One day you’ll be sitting there and say I know now what’s Chuck’s talking about.haha Chuck
  15. I want everyone to know that I have yet farted out loud in a public place. I must admit my pucker power is getting weaker! Guys some how we’ve got to get back on the subject of detecting. You can tell it’s hot outside due to our off key subject matter. Getting old is not for the weak because you got to be strong to make it. Like Always The Best To All Here On The Forum! Chuck
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