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  1. Ridge Runner

    Orx Tone Break?

    Like Steve said I do have a ORX that should be here maybe Wednesday of this coming week. Here is this old courthouse that sits in the middle of a city block and I have permission to detect. The lady who I guess you’d call her the overseer said others has detected it but found only bottle caps . If I do find any coin I plan on donating to their history display they have. Chuck
  2. Ridge Runner

    Orx Is On The Way..

    Calabash I too have one on the way and should be here the first of next week. Chuck
  3. Ridge Runner

    XP Orx Top Tips For Digging Deep Targets

    Like a friend said that his Doctor told him to come back in a Year . He said now I know I’m going to live another year. I ask why is that ? His reply was because I have appointment with my Doctor in a year . Remember we two days before Valentines be here next year. Steve for what it’s worth Rob don’t have ORX in stock but I’m getting one when he gets them in . Chuck PS Thanks for a great forum.
  4. Ridge Runner

    XP Orx Top Tips For Digging Deep Targets

    With me the IRS always has their hand out. I can’t remember when I got something back. Guys years ago I hunted with a guy that couldn’t hear are talk but would watch that meter on his 66 TR and he done good. If he can do it I know I can. Chuck
  5. Ridge Runner

    XP Orx Top Tips For Digging Deep Targets

    Groundscanner It’s bad at 39 and holding but it’s pure hell when you’re pushing 78. Chuck
  6. Ridge Runner

    XP Orx Top Tips For Digging Deep Targets

    Steve A new video just was posted on the net yesterday showing the ORX being used for nugget hunting in Australia. What they were showing I’d say it was doing great. Seeing is believing but sometimes do you believe what you see . Chuck
  7. Ridge Runner

    XP Orx Top Tips For Digging Deep Targets

    Gary is really great explaining about the ORX in his videos. He has a easy layed back way of getting over to you what he wants you to know about the ORX. Chuck
  8. Ridge Runner

    Treasure Magazine Ended

    Mike T This new digital magazine may be the way of the future but I think I don’t care to cross over . I’m like you in I go back to the hard copy in hand and read one article then lay it aside. I’ve been giving away all my old Treasure magazine away but I know I don’t remember every story and I could just read them again. I’ve got enough Treasure stories in my mind that I’ve accumulated over the fifty years detecting to last me to the end.ha Chuck
  9. Ridge Runner

    Seated Half Dime And Military Button Kinda Day.

    Calabash You done it again with some great finds and another great video. Thanks Chuck PS It was one time I wanted to take the shovel away from you and dig the target myself.haha
  10. Ridge Runner

    No Gpaa Vegas Gold Show 2019?

    I wish it could draw some of our big dealers from gold country. I’m talking about like people Rob, Bill, Chris,Doc and AB Prospecting Supply. With a lineup like that we’d have the best Gold Show anyone had ever seen in Texas . Chuck
  11. Ridge Runner

    Treasure Magazine Ended

    I had went bye in the past at Grove Ok.where their office was I know until the end For a number of years the printing had moved to the west coast . The times I did drop by the office I only found one guy there . if for any reason they would start up again I’d be willing to put my money for another two years. Chuck
  12. Ridge Runner

    No Gpaa Vegas Gold Show 2019?

    Maybe it’s because GPAA is coming back to Texas this year . Chuck
  13. Goldbrick I’m said nothing about anyone getting screwed. If the seller is happy and the buyer is happy then all is well. All the math I put down was just what it is and that’s bull sh__. The thing is the Tar cost 600.00 more than Nox . On that alone the Tar should do better. You say the Nox gets more depth than the CTX . If that’s what you say I’d say that’s great. Just tell me how the CTX got in this test when it was between the Nox and Tar. When we go buy a computer within a short time it’s outdated. Could it be the CTX is outdated by the Nox? Goldbrick by me saying that about the CTX I’ve open a can of worms that I may never get the lid back on . Goldbrick I wish you the best and never stop questioning anything I say . I’m a old fart and been detecting for a long time but that don’t always make me right.haha Chuck
  14. Maybe it would be best to take a look at the cost of each detector first before doing a comparison. You said the Tar. got 13” on the quarter and the Nox hit it at 10” Let’s look at it this way the cost of the Nox is 899.00 divided by 10”= 89.90 It cost you 89.90 per inch on the Nox to detect that quarter What’s the cost of the Tar. about 1500.00 1500 divided by 13”=115.38 cost you 115,38 per inch on the Tar. The thing is the Tar cost lots more and for your money you should be getting more depth, This based on what was said the original cost of the Tar. Chuck
  15. Ridge Runner

    Treasure Magazine Ended

    I was with Lost Treasure from day one and with True Treasure before that . I too was in about two months of two years and I didn’t get the last issue . I myself just like the book in hand and willing to pay but what I want and what I get is another story. Chuck