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  1. I have a MI6 with my ORX that I got soon there after I got my ORX and I’ve been pleased with it from day one. So don’t be holding back not sure if it fills the bill for you. The only thing if the one I got goes south on me it will be replaced by another. Chuck
  2. Kac In the bigger city’s people take the public transportation as they do in San Antonio. Lots here take the bus to work and back home again. With the price of gas going up I believe more will be taking the bus . Now days most people drop a penny won’t think nothing of leaving it where it lay . Here in Texas I think the most snow I’ve had to blaze a trail though has been maybe 6” . Chuck
  3. One thing I always recommend and it’s going to cost you more money but the first time you want to change coils you will thank me under your breath. That’s a extra shaft. It’s just great to change from one coil to another with in a minute or two in the field. Chuck
  4. For you in a town that has Bus Stop’s and you don’t stop to detect may be passing up treasure beyond your wildest dreams. My father in law got interest in detecting some years ago. His first words was where can I hunt. I told him when he hunts all the bus stops in San Antonio get back with me. He was hunting this one bus stop and moved over just a little beyond it near a clay drain pipe. He got a good signal and the detector said it’s a dollar. He dug down about 6” beside that clay pipe and out pops a 18 something silver dollar. That old boy who put that drain pipe in had to be the one who lost it. Sorry had it been yesterday I couldn’t remember the date. Another time I’d had ask him if he had hunted this major bus stop at this mall. Part of that bus stop was grass but bye the time he got to it the grass was gone . The area to hunt was around 25 X 12 . Later I ask how well did he do . He said he was getting so many signals he just sat on the ground and moving the coil around just holding onto the shaft. He told me he found other coins but had found a little over 13 dollars in Pennie’s. He found rings also around bus stops and I’ve found some myself. You would be surprised at what people lose around them. Just think how many bus stops you pass on the way to work each day. Chuck
  5. NAGANT Heck why don’t you play it safe and buy both. I’d say it will be times when one works better than the other. It’s only money and I don’t care who says they going to take it with them but that’s a bigger joke than some I tell. The Best To You! Chuck
  6. Hard Prospector Sit back I got to tell you a story about this old cowboy . This old cowboy had been in this bar drinking a little too long and some guys said let’s play a trick on him. So he had his horse tied up outside and they went out there then they turned his saddle around. After about another hour of drinking the cowboy said I’m going home. So out the door he went staggering all the way. It hadn’t been over 10 minutes he came back howling that someone had cut his horses head off and he’s still breathing. One of the guys in the bar ask how could someone cut your horses head off and he’s still breathing? The old cowboy said I know he is. The guy ask how do you know. The old cowboys reply was I stuck my finger in his windpipe and he’s still breathing. Chuck
  7. For those of you that may not afford the new price I think I can help you there. I said in one of my post that you can get a tank just like mine at a junkyard. To save you the money of new hose I’ve found a outlet for that and it’s free . If you got a hospital in town you may have to do some dumpster diving but you can find all the hose you need free . I’ve been told anything like that they use it one time and throw it away. Now this is a FYI . If I was you it may be best to run some hot water through that hose that just to be on the safe side . I’ve been told but you won’t believe where they said they stick some of that hose . Chuck
  8. Erik I really admire a man like you that appreciate the finer things in life. I just want to let you know that after breathing off that tank for about an hour and you got a little gas on your stomach don’t pass it lighting a match at the same time. The company let me know they not responsible what would happen next. Chuck
  9. Sorry rvpopeye without the companies permission I can’t post it. I do know you can pickup a tank just like mine at your local junkyard. Chuck
  10. That’s if I hang it around my neck. Chuck
  11. The only problem I’ve had so far is it takes a hundred pound weight just to get my head under water. Chuck
  12. With all the new waterproof detectors I went got me some new equipment. I just want to know what all of you think about it! Chuck
  13. Gerry it’s another dealer on here that also a dealer for the same company that I know. He like you has been a Minelab dealer for years and one I know to the bone 🦴. I do know if I want something else other than Minelab I’ve got to ask for it . Don’t you find yourself doing the same thing in they have to ask about another ? I know you are a great guy and you know Minelab won’t let them down so being the great guy you are the first words out of your mouth is Minelab. Steve asked the big question and that was how many have you sold ?! Chuck
  14. Garrett makes one of the best pans but I don’t know the cost of their kit . I’ve been known to be wrong but you will be hard press to buy a kit on your 30 dollar budget. Chuck
  15. Been years that I had a Lab but they are a great dog to have. If it’s your dog I’d name it what I wanted. Some years back I had a small dog I named Dollar . He was short legged and when this happened he was still just a puppy. My wife was sitting in the living room with her feet on the floor with no shoes are socks on. Dollar walked across her bare feet and I guess he had to pee . So the natural thing to do was let it go. Poor Dollar went from a dollar to fifty cents real quick. Me telling her he was just marking his territory didn’t go over well . Chuck
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