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  1. Hey SandWalker Glad you made it here and you jump in anytime to give your opinion on things. I like your name you’re going bye. Chuck
  2. Glad to have you and looking forward to your post . Chuck
  3. If I can figure out this smart ass IPHONE I don’t see any metal detector giving me trouble! Sure as poo stinks I’ll be eating my words! Chuck
  4. Tony As you know fresh water 🚿 water is no big deal but that salt water will make your detector history. Years ago I dropped a Whites detector in a stream and it went under. I quickly picked it up and water came pouring out . I disconnected the batteries right away and then went to my car . I started it up with the heater going full blast . I had the back of it so the hot air was blowing in . I wasn’t sure if that detector had not past on to where ever detectors go when they die . After about 20 minutes I stop the car and connected the batteries up . Here is the rest of the story. I gave that detector to a friend and now going over 40 years that detector is still working. Chuck
  5. I bought my Simplex + from a dealer and when this same dealer has the Vanquish I may buy it too . For the cost of one detector just last year I can buy two now for maybe less money. Whatever I buy it won’t be coming from a Sports store. I can see me asking a sales person all the about the Vanquish and them reading off the box on what it had to offer. I feel that the major cause of a detector finding it’s self in the dark part of a closet is because of no help after the sale. Some years back my mom like going to garage sales and ever so often they would have a detector. The best one I got for 5 dollars and it still had foam in the battery box . I’m one that don’t have to need a detector to buy it. I find myself the enjoyment of just having it . It has nothing of being better than one other that I have but just the claim to fame that I have have it in my hot little hands. I’m the biggest kid you will ever see in a candy store where metal detectors are sold.. Chuck
  6. Hi Johnny I had Dilek send me a message that she didn’t understand what I was saying. I was telling Simplex owners to let the V that stands for Vanquish to let the V want to be owners hold their Simplex. Also let them know that dealers do have the Simplex to buy if they do wish . The reason I didn’t say Vanquish but just used the V is because Steve said that we have different forums for different detectors . I’m good at opening mouth and then getting lockjaw. Then don’t know when to stop shooting the bull. Chuck PS Dilek like I said keep making a great detector.
  7. Hey glad to have you here. Had a friend up your way and of all things his name is Peter Parker. I’m here in Texas and along ways from gold country. The Best Chuck
  8. Great to have you here! Maybe someday we will see some show and tell from you on great finds you made. Always glad for any input you have to offer. Chuck
  9. I’m posting this to help our fellow man or woman. What we have out here is a lot of V -Want to be’s But the only place they can get them is at Shaft Sports. So you ask what can a Simplex + owner do . Well first just let them hold your Simplex and tell them they can buy it from a dealer that will be there after the sale . If they ask why holding the Simplex it makes them nervous. Be sure to tell them you got it on vibrate. Do let them know it’s waterproof too . If they want to know how many different Simplex + are they just let them down easy and tell them Dilek said just one . I myself was looking maybe to buy a V but you won’t find me at Shaft Spots buying it . At this time in my life with my Simplex + I’m not sure of the need of a V. Chuck
  10. Give Rob a text at Rob Detector Sales . The number to text only is 602-909-9008 . Tell him that Chuck Anders said to see him about the ORX . See if he will give you any discount on it . Using my name won’t get you anything but maybe it will. Rob is a great guy to deal with and he will be there for you long after the sale. Chuck
  11. Well only time will tell the true story! It’s like spitting in one hand and wishing in the other to see what gets full the fastest. Chuck
  12. No big deal! I spent two weeks at a time and couldn’t carry out all the trash I found. But every target could have been a nugget. That’s why I’m not driving the thousand miles and staying home coin hunting. Oh boy how do I miss it. Nothing like a gold nugget coming out of the ground and you the first to ever see that nugget you now hold in your hand . The problem people are dropping coins out of their pockets everyday but that nugget is never replaced by another. Chuck
  13. Lower Price Your pick at 80.00 each ship free to you in lower 48 . Buy both for 150.00 ship free to you in lower 48 . Chuck
  14. Yes this is my opinion not a review. I’ve had my Simplex for a while but trouble finding the time to get out to see what it had to offer. i had done some air test with coins and several different gold rings. Then started notching out items I didn’t want to detect. After that I went back over the coins and jewelry I’d used for testing. The first problem was in some case I’d narrowed the notch too much without chopping the signal some. When I got it in the field with it in park I started swinging. The first thing that jumped out at me was the Simplex has super recovery speed. Checking everything that the Simplex has to offer I couldn’t find anything that I didn’t like about it . Maybe at a later date I’ll give a review on it but just my opinion for now. I will say that the 254.15 I spent for the Simplex + is the Best Buy you’ll ever make for the money. I told a friend earlier today that I don’t see the need to ever pick up my Sport again. Another thing I said that I don’t see the need for another coil being I was so happy with the coil that came with it . All the detectors I’ve had in the last few years would fall over ever time I put it down . Well today the sky opened up and every time I put the Simplex down it didn’t fall over not one time.. Chuck
  15. Who knows this may be the cats meow. Only time will tell and some kind soul that will do a video for us. Summer is a long ways off but it was one guy in Africa done a video on the one we have now from the same company. My wish list for Christmas is getting longer. Chuck
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