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  1. Goldseeker5000 It’s not so important how are why you died but how you lived. H.P. I wanted to bump your ad up and that’s the only thing I could think of to say to Goldseeker. I’d trade you something for it but only thing I’ve got now is my wife and I think she’d go kicking.haha Oh don’t get me wrong she may have a few fender binders here and there but still got a lot of miles left on her. The Best! Chuck
  2. Just a heads up to let you know that I got the books I ordered from you. I also got three of them in the mail today going to friends. So between you and I have made some guys happy. Well they will be when they get them . Thanks again! Chuck
  3. Heck I’ll name it myself. Just give me to die for Pulse detector are a VLF beyond anything we have ever seen before. Please don’t blow smoke like some have in the past but when you get it it’s just short of a joke. I do remember the name I’d picked and that’s Lightning. Chuck
  4. One thing about it if it wasn’t for bad luck you wouldn’t had no luck at all ! When it rains it pours! It’s just one of those years when nothing goes right! The Best To You! Chuck
  5. Dilek Great video showing a great looking backpack but does it have a great price to go with it? Being you got my attention are I got yours I’d like to know more what’s coming out the door of Nokta Makro other than a backpack. Dilek it’s always good to hear from you knowing you’re one busy lady. Take care! Chuck
  6. RvPopeye I keep a small inverter in my car are truck because you just don’t know when you may need that little power house. I’ve got one a friend gave me years back and it’s I believe 800 watts. I used it in a home made camping trailer. I had a cable ran back off my truck to the trailer to charge the two batteries to run the inverter while driving. . Your light weight generator is nothing more than a inverter . You can buy a regular generator lots cheaper but hurt your back moving it around. I’ve yet to have trouble with one. Chuck
  7. If any of you need a backup are just want to get into detecting Monte got some great buys here. Chuck
  8. Jeff That’s a great price you got for that coil even if it used . I just got one for my Simplex the same size as yours but it cost over a hundred plus. Chuck
  9. Goldseeker It’s nothing greater than a cool breeze blowing back in your face and the dust from your drywasher with the taste of gold in it. I hope this helps you understand why so many do it. Chuck
  10. Hey Peg Just on your few words you said got me more excited about receiving mine. I found out the book gets cheaper by the dozen but I found out you still get them at a great price at just 4 . I’m looking forward to giving one to three of my nugget hunting friends and one to my best friend with that being me .haha The service is sensational! You know when your order was received and when shipped with a phone number if you have a question or a problem. Looking forward to your next book. I’m a lover of lots of pictures and with that I’ll put my name in the pot for yo
  11. Hard Prospector I just can’t believe you haven’t sold this by now. Had we not had the distance between us you would sold me half the items you listed. My wife this Christmas wanted to buy a shovel for someone. I told her you just can’t go and buy a shovel for anyone. She wanted to know why not. Well you have to take them and have them fitted for the shovel handle. What can I say my wife is blonde headed. Later she said I can’t believe that I believe what you told me was true. Chuck
  12. Northeast and Goldseeker 5000 I was told that the cost of a pound or maybe a little less would run about 12.50 to say as much as 20.00. His last words was at the most 25.00. I think if it will fit in a 8X11 envelope may keep it under 18.00 but won’t know until you walk in the PO with it. Goldseeker5000 will your site take a debit card? I’m thinking about ordering 4 copies. I’m PM both of you! Chuck
  13. Ok Northeast I will check tomorrow on the cost and get back with you. Chuck
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