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  1. Gerry If you could get it down I don’t want to be around when you pass it. I do believe after that you will have a new outlook on life. Chuck
  2. JCR When I ask Dimitar about the lower shaft and he said he had them for 65 dollars. I also ask about a smaller coil and he didn’t say a word about that. Chuck
  3. GotAU that same coil is for sale on the forum here at a great price. I was trying a trade for my 6” but he has one. Right now I don’t want to spend the money because I’m saving just maybe for another detector. You just can’t have too many detectors. Chuck
  4. Rick I think this fan is 24 or 26” that is good for a two person craft but if bigger I’m sure a bigger fan would be needed. A lot of hovercraft you buy has just the pusher propeller but you split the air at the back for the lift. The good thing about two engines if one goes you can still get yourself off the water. Chuck
  5. Your right on it being silver but I’ll try to let you down easy in that coin is not old. My reasoning behind what I said is due to the fact I’m 5 years older than it . I would like to know just how well you like that coil ? It really is a great find and I wish you many more just like it . Chuck
  6. GotAU Here is a picture of the lift fan and the part you need to tie the fan to the engine. You have to make the plate to go on the other side of the fan . These lift fans as you can see are homemade. I didn’t make this one. Chuck
  7. GotAU The lift engine if it’s to fix what I have now has to have a 1”shaft and vertical shaft. The pusher is a horizontal shaft. Chuck
  8. GotAU for a lift engine a 5 hp is good . The pusher engine is up to you on how fast you want to go and size of prop . You may want to look at some videos on hovercraft. Chuck
  9. Thanks to Tnsharpshooter and Chase on pairing the MI6 . I just didn’t see Calabash using one and that’s why I ask the question . Thanks again guys. Chuck
  10. Hot dog Calabash the more I watch your videos the more I want to buy that Deus 11 . My trouble my wife is not buying the Bull we need it to hold up a wall in our house anymore. Calabash will the Deus 11 connect with MI6 Pinpointer? I sure like using it with my ORX. The Best To You! Chuck
  11. It’s okay to talk to yourself because I know being I’ve done it a lot.haha Thanks for the video! Chuck
  12. GotAU I’m sorry I didn’t see your address but have now. If all possible I’ll get it in the mail tomorrow. Chuck
  13. GotAU I seen one like what you’re talking about but that was not the case. The ones I built was a true gyrocoptor. Like said you can have both plans for a school project. Just about everything is wood and glue. I do still have a lift fan and the part that bolts it to fan and engine. The engine has to have a one inch shaft for it to work. I think the fan is 26” in diameter. This is something that has to be well balanced. You think about it and let me know soon because first who wants it got it . Chuck
  14. GotAU For a school project I’d let you have both plans. The oldest plans I like best but being so old they are hard to read. On the second plans I got as far as the frame but didn’t like it as well as the first and then trashed it. I just didn’t like the way the lift fan was but was really nothing wrong with it. Chuck
  15. Yes Rick I did . I forgot I built one in the 70’s and the other in the late 80’s . I did have the plans for two ultralight airplanes and started building on one but sold it before finishing it. The odd thing I never took pictures. I think my X wife did take some of my first gyro but don’t know if she still has them. Chuck
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