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  1. Hey Jack Glad to have you! If you wanting to learn more about nugget hunting you came to the right place. Steve is more knowledgeable on detectors and detecting than anyone I’ve ever known. We have people all over world that’s willing to help you if the need comes up. My youngest daughter is going to have a baby boy March next year and they naming it Jack . That will make me grandpa 10 times. Again glad to have you and best of luck in the Outback nugget hunting. Chuck
  2. Mike The first time you come home with a gold ring plus a nice big diamond in it she’ll be saying Honey why didn’t you get that detector sooner. Son I can tell you after that you can’t do no wrong. Well almost no wrong! Glad you made it here and we all love show & tell. For what it’s worth I’m from central Texas. The Best! Chuck
  3. cristiano We here don’t care where you’re from but the important thing is you made it here. I’m originally from Mississippi but moved to Texas after dark and the next day went got me a pair of cowboy boots. The next day after that I had them boots on 👢 and they thinking I been here for ever. Let’s hear more about you as time goes by. We all love show and tell. The Best! Chuck
  4. It’s been some great buys on here but I believe this tops them all. For 500 you can get this great detector shipped to your door for free. You can see Rick hasn’t done much more than open the box . If you wanting to get into nugget hunting then this detector is for you. Chuck
  5. Strick I know what you’re talking about. Before I could get all my coins my X wife got into them and she took most of my rare coins that I’d found and collected. Chuck
  6. Rick In 65 I built a detector from a kit . Then in 66 a White’s BFO . Then in 72 a White’s TR . Not sure on the White’s 4900 not when are how long. Then in 92 a White’s Eagle 11 until late 90’s. Theses detectors found the major coins I’ve shown so far . Minelab was the first coin detector after all the White’s I had. If I remember correctly it came from Gerry. Chuck
  7. I’ll post more but got to look in my safe . I’ve got some coins in books. Thanks for looking! Chuck
  8. Here’s a dollar I found sticking out of the ground. I’ve never tried to unfold it.
  9. I have have some Indian head pennies I need to find. I’ve never found a large cent but did find a half cent . Hope one day to find a flying cent but that’s just miss me so far like others. Chuck
  10. Some of you may never seen these coins called 1943 steel pennies. I can’t say I dug them all but you put them all together not sure what was . Some you can see that are dirty and others have rust they for sure they were dug.
  11. Here’s some coins from Canada as you can see. Some I did dig but not all but too long ago to remember what.
  12. Here’s a odd ball . I don’t think I dug this because I have another similar to it. I’m talking about the backside of the coin .
  13. Here’s a few Mercury dimes If you would like to look at but I know I have some in books.
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