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  1. Condor I don’t know what age you are but don’t sell something you going to need . If you were like me being I’ll be 80 next month I can assure you that I can let a lot of things go I’m not using anymore besides a Kidney.
  2. Condor If you’re the donor it’s said it will take about two to 4 weeks to get back to normal daily activity. On selling your 7000 it may be a good thing because less weight if we talking about the above person being you. Chuck
  3. I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about them . The only thing I know is they say their location is in Queen Creek Az. A friend ordered some dirt from them for panning and they got his money but didn’t get what he paid for. If you have any info please PM it to me. Thanks! Chuck
  4. I’m thinking about buying the Wireless Deteknix adapter for my Tarsacci. I’m wondering if anyone has used this for their Tarsacci? Chuck
  5. Steve I can tell you sitting on that fence hurts . I have a friend wants me to buy a 6000 with his money and we hunt together with it . I personally don’t see that honeymoon lasting too long with two guys on one 6000. I was telling my youngest son that I’d like to buy a Can Am Ryker motorcycle and he said do it. I said your mother would kill me and his reply was it’s easier to ask forgiveness than get permission. That’s another boy just like his dear old dad. Chuck
  6. The only thing I’ll say is I’ll be here if and when it comes out. I just can’t sit around and wait being I’ve got the ORX already with the Simplex and this New to me that is Tarsacci I need to get out as of yet not so. I see myself now with a detector in each hand and one attached to my butt with a windshield washer motor running it . Chuck
  7. Hey Northeast I just put myself up for adoption. So if you adopt me I’ll dig for you. The only thing good about me is I am house broke but that’s all . Chuck
  8. Palzynski If what you say is true then I hope the HF coils from my ORX work on it. Chuck
  9. Midalake Thanks for the humor! You could be like the guy next door and that’s when he married his wife now that made the tenth one. Chuck
  10. Midalake I had headphones on before detectors had a plug for them . I went to Rat Shack got the female part and drilled a hole in a new detector. Now sometimes I have hunted without headphones but don’t see me doing that with the Tarsacci. I’d guarantee you will find more wearing headphones than not. It’s that faint signal that may pay off for you that you didn’t hear if you didn’t have headphones on. I know that I don’t know everything but I got my wife thinking I do . One time she ask me something and I said I don’t know. She said I thought you knew everything and I s
  11. Not sure if I have a problem. When I put the pigtail on it cuts off the speaker and to my thinking it shouldn’t do that. That’s unless I plug in a 1/8 headphones into the pigtail.. I just wanted to have the pigtail on to keep the dirt out of the plug on the Tarsacci. I thank you ahead for any reply I get. Chuck
  12. If the gold was Bull S... we’d all be rich. Chuck
  13. Valens Legacy I’ve sold that bridge several times but the funny thing I never owned it . I always wondered who did own it and now I know. Chuck
  14. I still got the Brooklyn Bridge for sale and I will throw in all the pigeons on it but no takers. The same with that gold show but sounds good. Old Dave show the money is not in the gold mining but in mining the viewers of the show. Poor Dave gets his pantyhose in a knot and he gets mad are starts crying. Think about where is the money coming from to buy all this new equipment. You know it’s not coming from the gold found . Oh well I guess anything is better than nothing but the smoke they blow burns my eyes. Chuck
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