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  1. Ridge Runner

    TDI Beach Hunter Finds Odd Snorkel Of Some Type

    That look like a pipe to me. Now I know where they get the expression Blowing smoke up your butt. Chuck
  2. Andy I’m going to be gone from the middle of next week and be gone for little over a week. If you will PM your address why don’t you let me surprise you. I’ll talk with you before I leave. Chuck
  3. Andy Tell me what you want and I’ll see what I can do for you. Chuck
  4. Great buy and definitely a bargain for someone out there wanting to get into detecting and the one been at it for years Chuck
  5. Ridge Runner

    Last Days For Tesoro?

    Johnnysalami1957 TRUE ! Chuck
  6. Ridge Runner

    Lol.... The Idiot Is Back Guys!

    I had the Equinox 800 and I sold it not for one reason he shows. I sold it because Minelab didn’t have a small coil and it was going to be a while before they would. Oh I’m still kicking my butt for doing that . Really this guy may not know it but he’s just learning what his detector can and can’t do . Just maybe if you overlap on your coil swing you won’t miss that coin on edge. I wish he had a feather up his butt and I had his Nox because we both be tickle to death. Chuck
  7. I see so many new things coming on the seen from other detector companies and I wonder why I can’t have the same. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day and that’s why I said 2019 . I have the Sport and it would be great to notch out one ID number at a time. I see some detectors have a internal battery. I myself don’t find it that great unless you can make it a quick change that I can do. I see others getting notice for a up date on their detector and that’s another item you can add to my list. I see on the 24K it came out with two coils and that’s another great thing I’d like to see. You may not remember but when the 66 TR came out but I do it had two coils . It had the standard large coil and it had a small coil too. I know nothing is free in the world but I for one is willing to pay. I say this if you will give me what I want , not what you want to give me . White’s is a old company not some new kid on the block and I’m one of your old customer that wants the best for you . I’m always in the wants for something so you can be sure I’ll be back. Chuck
  8. Ridge Runner

    Tips For MX Sport Relic Mode?

    Thanks Steve for setting this up and I’m sure over time it will help lots of people.. The only reason I said maybe using the 6x10 DD is it has less a foot print and you still have the benefit of a DD coil in high mineralized soil if so be. I’m going to back out of here and let the ones that’s in the know say. Chuck
  9. Ridge Runner

    Tips For MX Sport Relic Mode?

    MidTN Why don’t you post over on coin and relic to see if someone there can help you. They may not swing the same detector but I’m sure they know what coil works the best. Chuck
  10. Ridge Runner

    Cemetery Coin Hunting

    Mark If you have to hunt inside a gate then it would be best for you to get permission and let that person know what you’re looking for. If on the outside then I say happy hunting..Even if I do hunt inside I don’t get near a grave plot. I take this like nugget hunting in if I’m a member on a claim and like this got permission then I don’t have to be looking over my shoulder. Chuck
  11. Ridge Runner

    Tips For MX Sport Relic Mode?

    MidTN I myself not into relic hunting. I wish I could help you but over the years that’s just something I haven’t got around to doing.. I guess If I did it would be one relic looking for another. At this time do you have just the stock coil ? I’ve posted this elsewhere the only coil I don’t have is the 13” but all the others prove to be great. I’ve been wrong but maybe you’d be better served with a different coil when relic hunting. My problem would be what to say get this or that . I may be way out in left field but the 6X10 DD would maybe fit your need. The only trouble it’s going to cost you 179.95 to find out. The Best Chuck
  12. Ridge Runner

    Your Nox May Need Training

    Gentlemen I know what you say is true and the guy I sent it to knows what you say is true . I like to add a little humor in what I write and that’s what I was doing here . The guy had never found a Indian Head penny before and he told me he had the same ID on it as soon other pennies. On my side of the coin I just wanted to help this guy to make him better at what he was doing . Chuck
  13. Ridge Runner

    Cemetery Coin Hunting

    Hey GaryC If that’s the only mistake you made in your live you doing great . One hot day and on a downhill slide right away. One cemetery I haven’t been to it in years and I couldn’t find it . I just got to hunt one that had lots of parking. I dug so much beer cans and caps but only two pennies. The people in that cemetery has to be laying up in the day and party all night . I know one large chunk of metal was off a beer keg. Then for a change of pace I went to a old school that’s not in use for years but again came away empty handed. It may had been best I’d just stayed home and got some beauty rest. Lord knows I need it. Somebody said years back “ I shall return “ and I will too. Chuck
  14. Ridge Runner

    Cemetery Coin Hunting

    Hi GaryC If you will please go back and you will see that I hunt only where they park. I may be a bull shooter but yet taking up grave robbing. The Best Chuck
  15. Ridge Runner

    Your Nox May Need Training

    Phoenix50 I’m sorry to say the ones I did have I sold long ago. I’ll be glad to bring you one if you will send me airfare so I can bring it. I just want to make sure it don’t get lost in the mail . Heck you do that I’ll bring you a whole hand full. Chuck