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  1. We not going to find anything sitting around here talking about it. Chuck
  2. In my opinion that’s what makes the Dual Field Coil on the TDI SL so great. But what do I know? haha Chuck
  3. Guys I don’t know about you but what Dilek said is music to my ears. Dilek Thanks for the heads up on some different coils to go with the Simplex +. I for one will be waiting for the good news they out and with money burning a hole in my pocket to buy what I want. Chuck
  4. George The best detector is always the one you don’t have.. Like the statement above give yourself and the detector time for you to get to know it . The thing is if you’re not happy with it then best you sell it and buy you another. The trouble with so many they get dissatisfied and they stick it in a dark place never to see the light of day again . The Best Chuck
  5. Steve That would be wonderful if like you say all the same coils for the Kruzer would be available for the Simplex + next year . If a guy couldn’t find a coil with such a large selection then they beyond help. Chuck
  6. Phrunt A new metal detector is like a beautiful woman. It too has curves in all the right places and I just got to have one. I have one other weakness and that’s coils to go with that new detector. Chuck
  7. Well here I go again having to eat my own words. I said I wasn’t going to buy another detector unless they had a small coil available. Today I sent Rob a check for the Simplex + but not with the wireless headphones. I don’t use any now so I didn’t see the need to spend the extra money. If I have the need for a small coil I got one on my Sport. Dilek it’s no rush on the small coil but tomorrow would be great if not sooner.haha Chuck
  8. Some like it hot 🥵 some like it cold 🥶 some like it in the pot 9 days old. This just shows you can’t please everybody. Dilek you have your hands full trying to please all of us . The Best To You Lady ! Chuck
  9. The only thing that would have made the video better if the TDI SL had been tan with that new coil . Chuck
  10. I’ve said this before and so many things is way back when. In the early 70’s I hunted with a guy that couldn’t talk and also couldn’t hear . He and I both hunted with a 66 TR from White’s. I found that this company made items to help people like him. One was it had a vibrate unit that plugged into the speaker plug that I put in for him . To me it worked great but he liked to watch the big meter that the detector had . You put it on your arm like you do your watch and it worked the same as the Simplex will. Sorry guys I just had to give you another history lesson. Chuck
  11. Jackpine I’m a believer in having a small coil but the size for me is between 6” and 7”. I’m hunting a city lot in another town that it’s so much trash a 2” would be just right. Garrett at one time made a coil that small . I’ve bought detectors that didn’t come out right away with a small coil like I won’t but I’m not going down that road again. Maybe when they do I’ll come back and buy it . The day of a customer having to eat whatever they throw at us is over. It’s just too many detector companies wanting our business and willing at least meet us half way of not all the way. What I’m wondering now is when a small coil is offered how it will reflect in relation to the price of the Simplex. Coils are never cheap as we all know but could one cost half the price of the Simplex are more maybe? If I was a full time beach hunter I couldn’t see the need for a different coil but I’m not . Nokta / Makro I must say have done their best to make and try to please anyone that wants a detector. You just take a look at Simplex with so much it has to offer and so little money. If you not sure about buying a detector from them because you’re worried about service . I can tell you first hand and yes I’ve said it before I got better service from them across the water than I did here . I didn’t get a replacement two are three weeks later. Heck I got it the next day and it didn’t cost me not one penny. Chuck
  12. I wonder if tan is the new look with White’s in their gold detectors? Like someone else said that they don’t do camo and neither do I . But it’s all about what tickles your fancy. Lord knows I haven’t had my fancy tickled in a long time . Sorry I forgot we talking about metal detectors. Chuck
  13. What I see now if I get the Vanquish I’ll have to get me a bright red shirt and have in bold letters across the front it’s name. Thanks Steve for posting ! Chuck
  14. Jim If White’s wasn’t making money they wouldn’t be selling it. It’s like you said in my way you’re not paying the Doctor for what he’s doing but what he knows . Chuck
  15. Jim If this TDI sales is like a dead fish and don’t move like White’s wants we’ll see it sooner. That tan box didn’t sale like they wanted before and they want to try to make another run at it . Think about this if you could buy both coils it may cost around about 500 to get out the door with them . Take that 500 from 1099 that you can buy the whole package for and now you find yourself paying 599 for the electronics you have in that tan box . Just how do you spell steal as in stolen. If White’s are someone out there would make a video to show and tell all . I could find myself with a tan box standing with other detectors. Chuck
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