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  1. I’m wondering if detector is still under warranty and sent to repair center well Whites cover cost still ? It’s lots of dealers and distributors out there with Whites detectors in stock with accessories and they too may not be happy about this closing either. Whites closing is like loosing a old friend being I started with them in 66 . Chuck
  2. You can’t help but like her . I’ve got to go put my name in the pot for one of the coils for my Simplex + . This year has a ways to go before its over and just no telling what we’ll see come from Nokta/Makro. Hey Dilek why don’t you tell us what you got cooking for us in the near future. The Best To You and Your Company . Chuck
  3. Kac Now dig this coming from Minelab. Minelab said the reason I couldn’t register my Nox is because my dealer had already. I text that this morning to the dealer and he comes back saying I didn’t do that. I told him it don’t make any difference being I went back yesterday and completed the registration without trouble. Chuck
  4. I had email about trouble I was having but no reply . I went back today and was able to register everything without a problem. Chuck
  5. Chase I miss his post on the treasure found and it wouldn’t been a repeat had I known that. Thanks Steve I’ll give that a try next time I want something known. Chuck
  6. Steve I too have put my life on the line doing what I want more times than one and I do it over again. I don’t let anyone dictate to me how I’m going to live my life and never have. My family I hope will be sad if I get killed.. They don’t care you were doing what you want but just your not here with them anymore. That’s all I was saying and nothing more. Chuck
  7. Of all things here it is on the news today that the treasure has been found . It just said it was found by a guy back east. I’d like to post the story but not sure how. Chuck
  8. Just on value alone is why it’s more silver to be found than gold . One day you will find that gold one that’s been waiting on you to find it. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor to finding that whatever it is to make your day. I say dig all and it will come sooner. Chuck
  9. Some lost their life because of it. Tell the fresh air part to the family that lost a love one . Chuck
  10. Tnsharpshooter As always Thanks for posting. Chuck
  11. Like my cheap Simplex and that’s the first thing you see when you turn it on.. Steve what we’d like to see and what we see is two different things.. Old saying I got: wish in one hand and spit in the other to see what gets full the fastest. I don’t know why but the spit will win every time. Randy you could be right on a typo. I’ll post the outcome when I know. Thanks for the replies. Chuck
  12. I had registered a Nox 800 online before and never had trouble doing so . The Nox 800 I just received is another story. After filling in all needed to register it, it comes back can’t register because problem with serial number. The S/N on the back of control head and on the box plus invoice are all the same. I’ve talk with dealer and also email Minelab. I hope to hear from Minelab today. A friend ask if it had the update that Minelab offered some time back . He said I had to hook it up to my computer to find out. It’s too bad that don’t show up when you turn on the detector on it’s face . Life wouldn’t be interesting if it wasn’t for a few rocks in the road . Chuck
  13. I find myself always going with the 9” coil and don’t see the need for the other. I hadn’t plan on buying the other but at less than half I couldn’t pass it up . If I ever find myself in gold country again I’m sure I’ll be using both. Even then that will depend on the lay of the land . If not a lot of large rocks I’ll stay with the 9” round. Chuck
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