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  1. Performed a factory reset and all is now right with the world. Seems a bit strange tho, I had just updated the firmware, so I thought that was the issue, however I went back to the old (1.75) firmware and had the same issue. Updated once again to V2.12 then did the factory reset and that is what worked to get all the parameter files to work properly.
  2. I am new to running the EQ800 and following the manual to the advanced settings, it says to navigate to the recovery speed menu, then press and hold the settings button for the advanced settings bar to show up underneath the recovery speed icon. I do all that and no bar shows up, just a grunt. Other menu items come up with the bar underneath. Everything I read says there are advanced settings available, but I am not finding them. Am I missing something? I am running the most recent version of 2.0 and rolled back to 1.75 and it didn't seem to work there either. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Steve, thanks for responding. When you stated you weren't sure what I meant, it made me go and look at the chart with a different set of eyes...... I was reading it vertically so where the MXT said ALT Relic mode trigger forward, I took that to mean that all the way to the bottom of that column where it described the MXTPRO function should also operate as described in the PRO description WITH THE TRIGGER FORWARD which I now see is reading it wrong. The trigger forward functions are replaced by the musical tone button functions as described and the columns don't mean to much. Even in a c
  4. Well, I must be missing something. I have an MXTPRO and when in C&J or Relic and I push the trigger forward it just locks into pinpoint mode and does not perform as in the text above. I have seen that comparison sheet all over the forums, but the manual that came with my pro, as well as real world operation is not whats on that sheet. Did I miss something along the way?
  5. How do you teach a tipi to use a GPS? As my father used to tell me as we looked for our vehicle after a day of hunting..........Indian not lost, Tipi lost....
  6. Tom, the real answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE...but people who are normally calm can panic, people with GPS can't get reception, people with maps can't see the landmarks, woodsmen find the moss growing on all sides of the tree, overcast sky obscures the sun....etc. etc. There are tons of technology answers to your question, but as others have mentioned, all powered tech.can fail you in an emergency and should never be relied upon 100%. If you are going remote, go prepared. I generally like/use gps technology but when I am in a remote area, I am always at least minimally prepared for an unplann
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