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  1. cool, so don't ignore trash target sounds? wish I could find a used 2300 ? -Tom V.
  2. I can't really justify yet another detector.Heck, I just raked in 20 G's in stock market trading last 3 days.Might as well stick with that. Sounds like you guys are all dialed in for rings, good luck . I will stick with whats working for me ,for now... I did find a new gold bearing creek with my map dowsing, just 75 miles from home and we did get permission to check it out.Gold was there, a dozen specks anyway, here in NE Illinois. Will go back again in 2 weeks and try to find a richer spot. My first bonafide gold creek in NE Illinois in 40 years of looking. -Tom
  3. so,whats your ring finding technique if you don't mind my asking? Dig it all or something better? -Tom V.
  4. where do you get the small dry bag? Does it go on a rope around your neck or a carabiner to your belt ,or what?
  5. how about if you put a sticker on the car that says anybody stealing from this vehicle will be cursed and some sort of nastiness will follow them the rest of their life? No doubt some bad apples will think twice as hard before breaking in and attribute any bad things happening to them afterwards to that sticker.. I didn't know about water ruining key Fobs? I had mine in the Wabash river in Indiana and it was ok afterwards but I was told dealers charge like $175 for a new key fob,OUCH... I am looking for a water proof cell phone and I see the new Apple SE for April 24,2020 release date, at only $399 is waterproof to 3 feet for 30 minutes? I tend to leave my phone in a shirt pocket and of course when one leans over, out it comes and down below it goes. And if you were leaning over to look at a spot in the creek, UH OH !!
  6. way to go dude, gives me a little hope for 2020.
  7. those are rubber floats, black as I recall. Hard floats are made of marlex plastic and don't need air. I trashed mine and got Marlex hard plastic floats from a place in Oregon instead.Worry free.
  8. so where do I get parts now? I need the coil to rod connector bolts , washers, wing nuts for my Tesoro Lobo ST, like 6 each. -Tom...Ace hardware has the plastic bolts but not the large wingnuts or washers.
  9. I read about old timers /Indians/ early settlers camping in spots in NW Illinois, SW Wisconsin and SE Iowa area from 1690-1900. Famous for galena. The ores were so shallow and in limestone crevices. They would spy a bit of shiny galena and dig it out with a knife and make bullets and trade it .Next thing ya know, somebody dug a hole and made a mine. I went down in one of these old mines in Plattesville, WI I think it was , in a town park /museum. Easy getting down the super steep stairway but took me 1/2 hour to get back up 50 feet it was so damn steep. I was out of breath after each short flight of stairs. I myself found what looked like greenish white rock going down the side of a hill on a relatives property. A rather steep angle , about 60 degrees and 2 feet thick layer. I sent a chunk in for an assay expecting copper maybe. Assay said no copper but .001 ounce/ton of gold and .002 of silver. Not rich enough to mine for free mill gold but at least I can say I struck a gold mine, of sorts. Even the galena diggings on this property had gold. I sent a galena crystal in for assay and it came back as 0.13 ounces a ton for gold. I often wondered if the old tailings piles, after smelting , might have a pile of gold in ? I guess I could always go and get some samples to send for more assays and find out?
  10. what is a truck grove? will the tips work with my Nokta Gold Kruzer? i can't afford to buy one of every machine out there.
  11. I dunno, I heard they imported miners from Cornwall, England who worked in coal mines, to work in mineral diggings in the states.
  12. I always wondered how did the old time miners in the USA from 1799-1900 approx, learn what rocks had gold values after the placers were worked out? There were few books, no color photos/no internet on the subject or mining schools, so where did they get the info, school of hard knocks? After all, it is not just quartz that can have gold....there is greenstone, limonite, red clays, pyrites, sulfides, and many others that I only know about because of internet tips /books/videos from Chris Ralph,Jeff Williams, Steve H, and others. Maybe word of mouth was a BIG factor in the old days? -Tom
  13. Maybe Steve knows the answer to this question? I sure don't understand it?
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