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  1. And today, a property came up for rent at the end of my street. Rent would go up $200 month but would give me access to a gold creek and not 300 feet from where I accidentally found a large blue sapphire crystal in said creek like 5 years ago. hopefully the owner would let me take my highbanker in there and the owner next door says he has no issue with me gold digging in his part of the creek. beats sitting around all day with nothing to do. This spot has an easy wide path to creek vs where I have been getting in down 45 degree rocky tree and thorn covered slopes where a billy goat would have a hard time finding footing much less getting my gear down to the creek. I have a month to month lease where I am now and its only 1/4 mile down the street, easy move. Won't have to worry about expensive flood plain insurance being 50 feet above the creek. Flood plain insurance can be as expensive as a mortgage payment I discovered. Arranged a viewing for Tuesday.
  2. i acquired an 11 inch Tesoro white Widescan coil that goes another 1.5 inch deeper airtest on coins altho it is heavier than I would like.
  3. Ok, I found it. Tesoro Repairs done by : Centerville Electronics, Manassass, Virginia, phone 703-367-7999, ask for Bob or Paul
  4. They figgered out the wires and got my coil working for $30. Now if I could just tweak a little more depth with that R33 pot? I think I turned it too much as it quit beeping on quarters but still got the other coins? I was also told by the local detector shop that there is an outfit in Virginia that is repairing Tesoros now. But I lost the info already, dang it.
  5. a local electronics shop says they can solder the 4 wires to the pins for me under $20.I gave them your pin/wire configuration .Other people are telling me the LST was built especially for nugget hunting and gets poor depth on coins due to the higher frequency. Guess that would explain why I can get 12-13 inches on a mens gold ring vs 7 inch on a clad quarter.
  6. I will go to Wallyworld and get some tiny dental brushes for cleaning the spaces between the teeth. They could work wonders on cleaning the dirty connector pin sockets. I attempted to turn that R33 pot but detector got a bit chattery and it stopped detecting my quarter so had to rotate it back the other way. I always had the deepest finds with the 8 inch round or 9x8 coils and for some odd reason, mens gold rings could be had over 12-13 inches deep vs coins at 8 inches, wonder why that is?
  7. thanks, maybe will send the coil to my brother since he can solder way better than me. I never knew what was inside a coil connector in 40 years of detecting until now. maybe an old dog can learn new tricks after all?
  8. Rick, what coil do you use for coins? Are the aftermarket coils any better than Tesoro coils? I doubt I can fix my busted 9x8 Tesoro coil.
  9. or is it the white squiggly oval by the coil wire connector, to the top left? I see 2 small pots there.
  10. I guess I am blind, I don't see the circled Pot in Ricks photo?
  11. the small green wire has a 2nd wire inside inside with whitish insulation looks like. Am assuming the red wire must also have 2 wires inside it?
  12. I pulled apart the connector on my 3 x 7 coil, there are 4 wires soldered to 4 pins, 2 of the wires ends have translucent white insulation. the 4 pin receptacles on the 3x 7 connector are black instead of shiny, maybe they need cleaning?
  13. I only see a red and a green wire inside the gray cable and white fluffy whatever it is? Shouldn't there be 4 wires for transmit and receive coils? Which wire to which pin?
  14. what wire to what pin? Am assuming it does matter?
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