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  1. my local detector dealer told me the Apex uses a built in lithium battery and a replacement costs a bunch of moola if it ever goes bad? He doesn't like them for that reason alone. Is this an issue or not? Main reason I decided not to buy one. -Tom V.
  2. I won't part with my Bazooka sniper, the little one, easy to setup, catches the finest gold, easy to fit in knapsack, and no classify, easy to put rock on top to hold in creek.
  3. Lobo does not have 9 volt batteries, only 2 packs of 1.5 volts batteries
  4. can we get together when the weather warms up perhaps? I have a 2 inch dredge and wheeled highbanker I don't mind sharing. I'd like to see your finds and go out digging too. I am retired now , living in West Lafayette, Indiana. I am sure its a bit of a drive to you but I have no schedule anymore, just need warmer weather and hope the virus ends soon? Can you post some photos of your Illinois gold, 1st I have heard of gold nuggets in Illinois? Send me a PM please. Thanks for the reply. Assays run about 40-100 dollars. I found gold and silver in Galena I had metal detected in SW Wisconsin s
  5. I was out at a creek in central Illinois where I had map dowsed for gold . We got a few specks of color but hours of hard work for not much yellow. Then I noticed blue clay lumps in the creek gravels , looked around for the source, and eyeballed the upstream creek bank wall. It was a VEIN of blue clay like 200 feet by 15 feet up the wall from the creek. I tried to pan some out after working it for 10 minutes in my gold pan. No Gold. Other spots in Indiana that have blue clay, it is loaded with gold, altho the gold rich blue clay is usually under creek gravels, not in a vertical wall. On
  6. Might have it fixed? I put upper rod in my vise, clamped it down, had to use BIG wrench to loosen hard to turn camlock. Pulled S rod off. Noticed the camlock squeaked by itself. Noticed grime/grease on end of upper rod. Took light sandpaper and removed that. I remembered my squeaky garage door and how nothing would work until I got hold of white lithium grease in spray can. I found my can and sprayed the camlock down really good, put it all back together, and NO MORE POLE SQUEAK.. Will have to see if it holds up now?
  7. OK, I removed the LST control box and was able to cut and modify an electricians tool pouch by CLC Workgear at Rural King , and slide the Lobo control box all the way into it, cable out the bottom, pouch has 2 inch belt loop. I am swinging the coil and rod around but there is an awful squeak at the top camlock where the S rod attaches. Camlocks are as tight as I can get them. That squeak is VERY annoying.seems to be worst at the end of each arc as I sweep and reverse direction. what causes the squeak and how to stop it? As far as I can tell no Clean sweep for Lobo ST. I do have
  8. ok, thanks. I resurrected my 20 year old Tesoro Lobo ST. I modified it a little a few years back, cranked up a certain Pot inside 1/4 turn, was sposed to get more depth at the expense of more chatter and less accurate discrimination. I still could not get a coin past 8 inches? Well, stupid me, when I tested the machine this time, I happened to notice the black sand mode switch was engaged !!! This cuts depth in half in favor of more stability in Hot ground. I flipped this back to Normal mode, cranked Sens not quite to the Orange line, sudden air test depth boost to 10 inches on a quarter in
  9. big seeded hunt coming up in 2 weeks in central indiana and all I have is my old Headhunter Diver water machine. Thick mowed grass hunt. Should I get something with a small coil like an old Tesoro Compadre or Ace 250 or? Will I need my Garett Propointer or just eyeballs to pinpoint? And I do have tennis elbow right now, what to do about that as well? Wear a compression band around elbow and forearm? I know my Garrett Propointer sometimes picks up interference from the Garrett Ace 250 which would be bad news in a speed hunt. Any tips on competition hunting appreciated. Do I need headphones
  10. makes the fines worth catching too,almost... Am just glad I did NOT sell my 401K positions back in March, was down over 100K from Feb, now am up 140K from March. I put in for retirement Aug 4, sold my condo, closing Aug 15, trying to move to the gold fields of central Indiana. But finding a new place to live out of state in the virus epidemic is proving difficult? Any tips for finding a new rental house out of state when rental offices are all locked up? I don't wanna buy in case we get another recession /virus/market selloff part 2 this fall/winter. Keep my cash freed up for a housing b
  11. cool, so don't ignore trash target sounds? wish I could find a used 2300 ? -Tom V.
  12. I can't really justify yet another detector.Heck, I just raked in 20 G's in stock market trading last 3 days.Might as well stick with that. Sounds like you guys are all dialed in for rings, good luck . I will stick with whats working for me ,for now... I did find a new gold bearing creek with my map dowsing, just 75 miles from home and we did get permission to check it out.Gold was there, a dozen specks anyway, here in NE Illinois. Will go back again in 2 weeks and try to find a richer spot. My first bonafide gold creek in NE Illinois in 40 years of looking. -Tom
  13. so,whats your ring finding technique if you don't mind my asking? Dig it all or something better? -Tom V.
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