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  1. thank u for this info ... to.other members am looking for Alaska parks...... whats uncle sam boys attitude in this matter .......say u wanted to spend the summer up panning .....heard from guy that once lived in may creek ( middle of no where inside a park) ....get ready for gear inspection .....i guess rex creek not worth it ......
  2. thank you steve for giving me a better understanding on placer vs hard rock .........i guess those 2 woman from from the UK just got lucky at the Taal volcano ,,,,,,there father was a geologist and the nuggets were fist size ,,,,,,that was the first time those women used metal detectors and the first time at Taal they said the father sent them here to find the gold that was years ago .....so placer might be found from old (millions of years ) lava flows ....my understanding of Taal is nobody ever looked on the crater island ,,,,,thanks again steve
  3. the last yank i heard in that river lost his boat and homemade dredge he did find some small nuggets before walking the plank
  4. am not into geology ,,,,i dont know hard rock mining either .....what i know 5 types of lava .....what,, where and how would u look for placer in this lava or this area ??? ......this is in a gold rich area ....could a gold bug 2 find anything ?????? any information would be helpful thanks
  5. wish i was good at riddles ........this hunt sounds great.....THANK YOU MR FENN 5 million thumbs up to a great american
  6. any thoughts on a river named the river of gold by the spanish in 1622 .....today panning yielding 1 gram a yard ........heard many stories but after a thousand years of gold hunting what could be left in the area ???????
  7. how strict are these rules enforced,,,,,,,,,,,, lets say a spoon or a crevice tool on the banks of a river ?????
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