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  1. After I read Norm's account I've had a bit of a thought about mentors. I'll have to say I've paid for some of the best and each of them has added a little bit to my thick head. I grew up in flatland Florida and don't have a natural affinity for gold ground. No matter how much I've tried to have a 'break through' of sorts it just seems like You are going to find more than me. To that end of not feeling confident I'll work backwards on who has contributed to my gold nugget chase. Last year I spent some time with Reg Wilson. Prior to meeting up with Reg I took a class from Gerry McMulle
  2. I was doing some Deteknix testing when they had an office in the eastern part of Los Angeles county. At the time the detector was coming out but not available but the Wifi and headphones were available. I used the Wifi for a bit with my 2300 because being wired to it caused me not to use it. There is a thread here about some of that or I PMed Steve but Steve knew the lawsuit stories and 'stayed away' from reviews for the company. After doing the testing of a couple of versions and several trips to the office it was time to 'settle up' on the one Wifi that I had and I wasn't even given
  3. That is a good report for how the detector responds. My last couple of trips have been deep beaches with little to show for my effort. I'm wondering what I would find with an AQ in those types of beaches. The rings I find sound good no matter what metal they are made of. It falls into that physical shape category that supersedes the metal the object is made of. It seems to be the opposite of chains which become 'invisible' to all known detectors at depth.
  4. Well done School! Dig it all and good things are the result. How close to the wet sand do you go with the GPX?
  5. Just click translate. Then you still can't tell! haha
  6. https://www.lovecpokladu.cz/home/fanky-depot-8203
  7. John Wasson has passed. I attended his lectures several times at UCLA. The lectures will continue including this Sunday on Zoom. https://newsroom.ucla.edu/stories/in-memoriam-john-wasson-cosmochemist-and-co-creator-the-ucla-meteorite-collection https://meteoritical.org/news
  8. You have to be out swinging when the window of opportunity is open. I haven't had an open door in a couple of sessions.
  9. Simon, I remember now that I put both the BZ and WM on the back of my hat for a time.
  10. Oh, I wear a cap now that has flaps to keep the sun off and it is not possible to attach a WM to the back like the adjustable caps. Make sure you have a cap that is 'open' so you can put the clip over it. I would still wear headphones and had to wrap that cord around the back also to keep it out of the way. Simon, make a hat with builtin speakers!
  11. Dale, I was mounting a WM on the back of my cap a long time ago. I had to wind the cords around it because I didn't go out and buy short ones but you are right, a hat trick can work.
  12. I got an email from Amazon about the Tao earlier in the day. It made me read it because it is low latency.
  13. I use the GPX harness when I use the 17" 3030 in the same way I use it with the GPZ. It becomes weightless at the beach. I don't remember using it with the SP01. I had used it with the BZ. The SP01 is an enhancer and not just an amplifier. There is a difference in the field. I think having noise cancelling headphones with a separate power and volume control is better than boosted noise. I now get 'worn out' by swinging the 15" coil with my Equinox 800 on the beach. I don't use anything with it and periodically have to take breaks and move my fingers, work my back and such. The 11"
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