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  1. Land is being removed from prospecting all of the time these days and here is a proposal to remove a lot of it in one big chunk. We've already had much of this same desert area restricted so I say enough for now. Here are some details: This proposal by the National Park Conservation Association and CALWILDS will eliminate desert mining for well over 100 active mining claims, as well as restrict recreation on hundreds of square miles of SoCal desert. If you enjoy recreation of all types and mining in our desert between the Coachella Valley and the Colorado River, to include the Eagle Mountains, please help stop this effort. The proposal was submitted to Congressman Raul Ruiz (CA-25) in September 2023 for consideration. Tell Congressman Ruiz that you do NOT support this proposal by signing this petition. Petition · Opposition to the Proposed Chuckwalla National Monument · Change.org
  2. I've done things a bit differently and find myself now with a couple of little guys that will be 3 and 6 soon and let me tell you ... time still flies by. It is already Wednesday ... what happened with Monday and Tuesday? Stay in the moment as much as possible. I'm coming up on a milestone. No, not another birthday but an odometer reading. I'll soon have 250,000 miles on my car. I drove it when it was new and then my step-dad had it for 6 years and put very few miles on it. Since about 2010 I've put over 200,000 miles on it as the sole driver. I took some odometer pictures in the past but what did I do all of those miles? What beach or goldfield was I at? It is mostly a blurrrrr. Stay in the moment and enjoy that next nugget as long as your belly is full and your health allows. It is not a second chance sort of deal.
  3. That is a cool old truck that was found in the park. The underside says Lesney, England. It has had a little bit of hand paint added to it. The front grill says ERF. Research says it's from the 50s and can range in value from $10-$40.
  4. I attended our detecting club meeting on Friday night and this was my display. I found a lot of foreign coins this month, quite a few very worn wheats, a silver dime and silver quarter. You may have seen some of these items on another thread. It was a fun month but I didn't get out to the gold fields. Maybe this month I will.
  5. Same for me and I've known it since I got my 800 but the CTX/17 is just a little more work getting out of the car at the beach with my harness so it doesn't get put in the car often over the last few years.
  6. Your silence let me know you were out somewhere. The weather service puts out Severe Weather warnings for high surf but they have not been matched by my surfer sites and other than a few sets, the surfer sites are more accurate. That being said, I went out and was the 6th or 7th to get there one night ... slim pickings so you go to a side beach and get more. Nothing like yours but kept me out. One night my 800 was dead and I used my SE Pro for 3 hours and it killed my arm without a harness. I like your results better than mine. WTG
  7. I'm using the 800/15 with your Minelab bag! haha
  8. I went back yesterday and my first target was a silver quarter that the date can't be read. Only a few other objects. Waves have lessened.
  9. Yesterday I went out to a beach I haven't been to in a while and conditions were right in one location to produce some unusual finds. I found seven worn wheats, one silver dime (1959), an old Mexican coin (1940) and a medallion from Progress Refrigerator Company. That company was also the Louisville Tin and Stove Company started in 1888. The medallion says over 50 years of Progress so ... who knows when the medallion was made. One thing I did learn was that Progress made the vintage Coke coolers that are sold on eBay and other places. Interesting research and maybe someone out there knows more. The stuff was in a 50 yard stretch of beach and most of it was covered in a green patina. I normally use vinegar to remove it but this time I tried something different. I used Costco (Kirkland) sparkling water and it fizzed and fizzed the stuff away, perhaps better than vinegar. I still lost my thumb nails with chipping it away.
  10. Good stop! Some of the improvements on a site hide some goodies. I keep kicking myself for not stopping at a school auditorium near me that was torn down a couple of years ago ... and then there was a caferteria ...
  11. I dealt with PA too and perhaps it was because of still being under warranty.
  12. I know you Aussies well enough after just one trip that you aren't going to tell me the REAL places to find gold! haha This is the tourist guide that will keep people out of your patches.
  13. It depends on what you are looking for! This list of places to go in Australia was just too good not to share it. Guide to Best Spots for Fossicking in Australia | Mirage News
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