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  1. The croakers look a bit like East Coast Crokers where I grew up and also similar the Red Fish/Red Bass but Red Fish taste much better.
  2. At your 'request' I just looked at them. It does feel gritty but all of them are also 'worn' so that the thin layer on the outside shows a plastic type of bead under it. At best this would be a large 'seed' placed inside an oyster and left for a number of months before removing them. I never considered that until feeling the grit and the layer is very thin but the color is good. It is strung with the rubber/expandable type of material.
  3. The fish I keep and eat or give to friend to eat. Sharks are released alive. The big shark swallowed the hook so I cut the line and as soon as it hit the wave it was gone. It may become food for the juvenile great white sharks that are in the area jumping.
  4. For the last few weeks I've been combining detecting and fishing on the same beaches just on different tides. Detecting has been poor and fishing has been good if you can miss the sea grass. Now there is some type of jelly in the water that is like a spawn and it turns gritty on the line. It has run me off the beach also. Tonight I got this 8-9 lb shovel nose shark. This one or a similar one has broken me off 3 times in that location. It had just turned dark and I had been broken off once tonight before I got the bite again. Sharks bite with a nice, smooth pickup unlike the other croakers and perch. I couldn't see the shark in the waves and I didn't want to break off my line again so I would surf it up with each wave but then it would go back out again. Took me about 20 minutes on lite tackle! A couple of days before I caught the 8 yellowfin croaker in about two hours just before sunset. The big ones are over 2 lbs. Then there are the finds. Not much to say about them at this point. Dankowski settings with the Manticore/11. It sees pretty deep but I have to dig if it says iron/red numbers and when it comes out of the hole it can be a coin. Not much gold on our beaches right now.
  5. Depending on the browser you use (This Session is MS Edge) I get shopping notices that pop up on the site. Now everything is UA and this is their line of boots. The problem with most boot manufacturers is that they don't keep track of the metal. Not all zippered boots have metal, but most are made of metal. I don't know if I would want a zipper on a boot if it was not metal. Has anyone used boots with non-metal zippers? I have a couple of surplus and police supply stores locally where I can go in with a pointer and know if it has metal toes or stabilizers. Feet are important folks. As I get older, I detect less and think I should just wear the same old boots but maybe a new pair will keep me out a little longer. Under Armour Boot Line Find the one you like and shop it online and you can find a site that will sell for much less.
  6. If I remember correctly, you've had a few other things to deal with in the last couple of months that didn't let you add to your finds collections. haha
  7. Steve, Thanks for knowing when to 'quit' and get the story down. Recently I've found good things (not as good as yours) and have a story to write about it and I keep detecting. Then I detect more and put those things in a bag. The bags build up and I don't have a picture and then I go to write the 'story' and it's not easy to remember the details with the new detectors I have! A GREAT find and a really good story to go along with it. Mitchel
  8. I think everyone should pay Joe a visit ... no matter how far we live!
  9. Slim knows his AQ! It has served him well on California beaches.
  10. https://www.sportsmans.com/footwear-outdoor-casual-men-women-youth/mens-outdoor/work-boots/under-armour-mens-micro-g-valsetz-leather-tactical-work-boots/p/1659249?channel=shopping
  11. Doc would say there is a 'story' behind every piece of gold and he would be right in this case too! I now have a crown that is porcelain over metal, and it is no longer gold, but I did keep the gold one.
  12. I think they already have. Our beaches have been hit very hard and they don't yield what they once did. I know guys who are just going to other beaches from normal because they say they are wasting their time. I tend to agree. We got the best beach detectors ever and some of the beaches have been hunted out.
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