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  1. mn90403

    Australia 2019

    As most of you know I did pull the trigger. I just wanted to acknowledge this thread for helping me to say yes to Australia and Victoria in May. Mitchel
  2. mn90403

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    I found this thread:
  3. mn90403

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    Let me ask about batteries. I have the 7000 that has a battery pack and I could take my 3030 battery. I have the Equinox 800 which has internal batteries. I could take a 2300 which has the rechargeable batteries. Are all of these allowed? (Check In or carry on?) Mitchel
  4. mn90403

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    Jin, Thank you very much for those links. I've been getting the official Victoria State Maps loaded on my phone. Prospecting Areas Maps: Beechworth Historic Park Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park Greater Bendigo National Park and Bendigo Regional Park Heathcote-Graytown National Park Kara Kara National Park Kooyoora State Park Maldon Historic Area Paddys Ranges State Park Wychitella Nature Conservation Reserve
  5. mn90403

    Drive To Nearest Gold?

    Quick facts Dunolly is a town in Victoria, Australia, located on the Dunolly - Maryborough Road, in the Shire of Central Goldfields. At the 2006 census, Dunolly had a population of 969. Cool! Mitchel
  6. mn90403

    Nurse Paul In Oz - V.2019---

    That one is a beauty. You seem to be getting on well without Paul. Will he be able to find you when he makes it back in May? Mitchel
  7. mn90403

    Metrotech 220

    It's JW's fault!
  8. mn90403

    Smallest Bits Detected.....???

    Where's the pics? (I don't find small gold!)
  9. mn90403

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    Ok, I'm out of likes for the day! As a kid I'd take an undershirt and wear it front, back, inside front and inside back before it was 'dirty' but I never did wear anything for a week. haha I had not thought of that aspect about the Wickeds. Has there been any groups that 'target' them for theft? (Maybe they think anyone that has one is so destitute they would not have anything to steal?)
  10. mn90403

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    Rip Curl and Quicksilver ... I've got to see them! I lived on Maui and surfed there for 2 years and went to the North Shore of Oahu to see Pipeline.
  11. mn90403

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    That is my thought. I just checked on my T-Mobile account for Australia ... a confusing explanation online so I'll call them but most likely I'll get a local sim card for the 3 weeks.
  12. mn90403

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    I think getting the card would be good because I'm 'lost' without a Google account and my points on the map. Does she sound the same giving directions there as she does here? haha (I guess they have accents?)
  13. mn90403

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    Yes, beaches can be fickle. How is your SP01?
  14. mn90403

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    I see that Ocean Grove has a beach or two. Does it get any waves and tidal action in May?