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  1. Thanks for looking and the replies. I should note that I gridded this beach for about 2 hours and if it was 100 yards that is stretching it. I 'worked' it like a well hunted gold patch ... well, I still need to slow down on my gold patches you guys tell me! Mitchel
  2. Sometimes you just have to find the right beach ... the right energy. That is what I did this morning. I got out about 3 hours before low tide (4:30 AM) at a regular beach and found next to nothing. There was nothing that had been moved by the tide or the waves in one of my favorite beaches. This half of a mile beach was dead. It was time to go over a jetty and detect a beach that could get waves and energy from a different direction. That got me started. The waves overnight had been small and the tide was not really going to be very low but the beach had quite a slope to it. I found a couple of quarters. I gridded as I have done this beach before and the quarters kept coming. These were 'old' quarters as my wife sometimes says. That means they are tarnished and have been in the water for some time. Now enough energy had focused on this beach to move them up. What comes with old quarters? RINGS! The first one came at the bottom of a grid. It was the stainless steel black ring. More quarters and more dimes and then the bracelet, and then the second ring and more quarters and a little trash and I'm skipping some pennies. Then I get an 18 on the 800 and I did it and it is the 3rd ring. Another cheap one but still a ring. I'm closing in on 3 hours and I need to go move my car but I also want to complete my grid pattern. Then for about the 3rd or 4th time this hunt I get multiple signals but the 800 is fast enough to distinguish the sounds. I focus on a 'ring sound' and sure enough I get the 1.9g/14k ring. It was among 2 other quarters, a couple of nickels and a dime. These were all within a 5 ft circle digging down about 6-8 inches. It was a good day and a good lesson once again about the energy. The places I hunt need energy to move valuable objects. Some of the heavies will be at the bottom of the grid but the gold ring was near the top. Quarters will get there also with the right waves and wind. I don't need a negative tide to find some good stuff. Totals 38 Quarters 37 Dimes 14 Nickels 23 Pennies (I could have dug more but I do a little cherry picking to save my arm and time!) 4 Rings The beach is not always this good and looking for gold in the desert has its challenges also. You have to take what you can get. Mitchel
  3. There is another auction coming up in Reno on the 24th and there is a gold nugget necklace that is quite nice. http://holabirdamericana.com/2018/04/25/march-2018-gold-rush-auction-2-2/ It is on page 175 with other gold.
  4. mn90403

    Good Day Out!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... Relief for you guys and envy from me! Mitchel
  5. mn90403

    Recent Find With GPZ 19 Coil

    That is a good post. My 19 has not been out for a walk in a while. It is firmly lodged between my seats in the 4Runner. Mitchel
  6. More Pilbara hype? https://stockhead.com.au/columnists/the-pilbaras-biggest-gold-believer-reckons-it-will-turn-the-industry-upside-down/
  7. mn90403

    A Few Small Ones For The Z

    WTG Swifty! What he didn't tell everyone was that it was between 105-110 out there on Saturday with no wind. He also didn't tell you that in all of that sand there are some very hot rocks that mask gold. Swifty is a pro at it so he doesn't mention things like that. Mitchel
  8. “Australia’s all-time record annual gold production (314 tonnes) … might well be exceeded*,” said Dr Sandra Close, from mining consultancy* Surbiton. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/kids-news/australia-set-for-record-gold-haul-in-2018-as-mining-booms/news-story/0f985c566f657751313c4a5c590c0cc1
  9. Steve, Did you follow the dry washers on your recent trip or where did you go? What did you find? Mitchel
  10. mn90403

    Confused Reader

    Well, to be 'less confused' I do see to the right of the forum I am on a current list of postings which helps me keep up on the news. Steve, is there any way that area could have a thumbnail picture if one was with the posting so I could see that gold? Mitchel
  11. mn90403

    Confused Reader

    I've been reading the forum for a few years now and doing a bit of posting. I seemed to have a handle on things but recently I have become confused about the proper place to post and read. The Detector Prospector Forum was THE gold forum. It was all things gold no matter what detector was used. It seemed to be mostly a Zed forum but that is because so many of us find gold with it. More gold was found with other detectors but it was also posted here. Recently Phrunt and JW went out hunting with the Equinox 800 on the same day with the new 6" coil and they both wrote about it but put it in different forums. (One here and the other in the Fan Club forum.) I saw one story but not the other until I read the other one had been posted in the Minelab Equinox forum. Both trips produced gold that I wanted to read about but they were in different forums. I have other examples of confusion when I see gold and I see a manufacturer's name also. If I don't own it I don't really go there if you know what I mean. My experience a couple of weekends ago with the 6" coil was not as good as theirs. I located one piece (.2g) for someone else who had found it with a Zed but couldn't pinpoint it. Where should I post that story? ( In this forum?, Minelab?, Equinox Fan Club?) haha Mitchel
  12. mn90403

    Zed Gold Afternoon

    Well done JW. You seem to have many places to go within a couple of hours of where you live. You deserve a big score now and then. Mitchel
  13. mn90403

    Extension To The New Patch

    Chris, WTG again out there in the heat. Mitchel
  14. mn90403

    Popped My Zed Cherry Today

    Well done. You'll have many more to follow. Mitchel
  15. I spent a couple of days with my 6" coil in the gold fields of Southern California and the Sierras. The two places I hit had been pounded. I should expand on it more but you guys have a thread that lets me relate my experience a bit here. I've told of my all-niter as soon as I got the coil in Southern California. My expectations were greater for the Sierra trip. I used it on my first stop to patch hunt a club claim and hike the edges of the 80 acre claim. It is a good choice for that but it would be NICE if there was a bit more gold on the claim to begin with! More on that in another thread also. As it turns out I only found one tiny piece of gold, .1g and that was with the 7000. A friend of mine also located a target with his 7000 and he had me come over and dig the target. I was able to hear it among the hot rocks and once out of the hole it screamed. It was about .2g. The same area was being combed again with GB2 and I used the 800 with just one other tiny nugget found. You can't find what is not there. I need different ground to test the 800. Mitchel