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  1. Thanks. I read the other thread. The Wooly administration of it and the connection to the social influencers is confusing for someone that tries to avoid all things 'social' on the internet. We are on Steve's social site. He could drop on a dictionary of key marketing words and increase his traffic. I'm glad that he doesn't.
  2. Minelab has sent me a couple of emails to 'join the team' and I have attempted to sign in but the Wooly marketing website requires a twitter, facebook or instagram account. I don't have these and no one responds. What is this 'team' all about? https://ambassador.wooly.com/minelab/signup/join/S0MyWXFUTGc4c05zMWcwOXBBVkFTUUQySjRUTWdCMnRFVUJ6cHhKQlFsM3I4blFzV1lPcld4VDJYOW96NEQzTHBSSjBOVVUxdmtaTW45VUp1bVdOcWc9PQ== Mitchel
  3. I'm listening to folk songs based upon the Roud Index and Spotify. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_folk_songs_by_Roud_number
  4. It has a nice flash. Good find.
  5. Your Pennsylvania Minelab dealer has sold a lot of gold nugget detectors!
  6. I'll speculate more on why Minelab doesn't consider North America a sales target for gold detectors or something like that. It goes hand and hand with their idea of not making the smaller coil for the Zed.
  7. I think Fred meant this for here from the last episode ... also! Old Halls Creek....I was close to there... once again they dug a couple of nuggets and walked away....BS, again. and every thing they touch breaks.... hard to believe, fred
  8. I watched the end of Parker's Trail tonight and lo and behold there was a screen that said "New Show Aussie Gold Hunters 10PM Next Week" That is great news in my book.
  9. Simon Why do you need a spam box? haha Treat your email inbox like a nugget patch. You have to read EVERYTHING. You'll know it is trash as soon as you see it and you'll never wonder if you passed up on a nugget. Thanks for the follow up. Will the replacement be the same design? Mitchel
  10. Think about finding a rock with some rust on it. The outside of Lunk's meteorite is kinda rusty. Here is a link to one of Fred's hunts. As you can see none of the rocks are as dark as yours. My last Gold Basin trip I found one little meteorite in the 'gold area' but when I went to the 'meteorite area' I looked for a couple of hours and struck out. When we get past the restrictions I'll stop by and show you some that I've found or meet up with you in the basin. Mitchel
  11. Me too! The only problem would be that I grew up in Florida and I would have been learning about blue springs and limestone caves and all of that would be without any gold. That's a great little nuggie. I saw part of your take when I was there. What was the large one for the season? Did you finish filling your box? Mitchel
  12. Flak No telling how long that tortoise had been in the hole. The immediate eating indicates thirst. Good save no matter what because it was a goner in the pit. Mitchel
  13. JP, I can read what you say and believe what you say but I can also see that it would be a hard concept for me actually hear. Of course to the trained ear these concepts and descriptions have meaningful responses associated with concepts. I would liken it to bird watching. If your ears are good and you hear a sound or a bird you have never seen then you are without a clue until you see it or see a dead one or someone else shows you or teaches you. I'd have to take a chance on setting the Zed up in a certain way and just dig everything, not knowing what I am hearing. Any repeatable is a digger! Mitchel
  14. Where was the location of the first stop on the private claim? Where was that place near the road in the pasture? I drove by thousands and thousands of pastures where alluvial gold may have made its way. If the fields of Victoria have never been prospected or metal detected and only the forests and gullies were targeted there will be lots of gold still to be found. Maybe the maps would prove me wrong. What percentage of private land is virgin would you suspect?
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