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  1. Retirement gold is out of the question or realm of possibilities. When you hit it big there is no reason to stop! Mitchel
  2. I didn't hit the start button!
  3. Simon, You are connected. Line up the family permissions and remember, go first to those places where they don't think they have any gold left. What they don't know will put you on to big gold and small gold. Go off map young man! Mitchel
  4. I went out again today with the 3030 and the 12" coil. It's time to give some love back to this detector. I was finding both small targets and deep ones. I've learned a lot about sounds from using my 800. I dug one 'iffy' signal and kept digging and digging and I got down 20" in the sand before I got a piece of iron. It reminded me of some of my abandoned targets in past years. The 3030 will hear a few targets I simply can't dig. Many people say the discrimination on the 3030 is Minelab's best. I tend to agree. I don't follow the digital numbers as much as I look at my target trace on the screen and I can see the nickel or gold rings! It is nice to place a find on the map also. This might be a good time to buy a used one but I haven't checked the prices so I don't know but it is a darn good beach detector. Mitchel
  5. Simon, Use a harness because it will feel better! I now have a new method for using the bungee and the hipstick/harness. (I use the GPX harness.) I have a bungee with a big loop and I put the loop loosely over the screen and handle. It holds the weight and when I need to lay the detector down I don't have to unhook, I just take the loop back over the screen. When looping over the screen like this there is no torque on my swing arm. It just hangs. Mitchel
  6. I have a return shipping label so I guess it is on the way to me tomorrow after the holiday!
  7. I'm back. I'm sure glad to know you are back at it around here. I had wondered about the mysterious man from down under. I saw some good gold from Norm and company at Tom Wells Road. Lu won a salt lamp with a token. I got Curtis out there picking up coins. Last year he just sat in his stroller. Next year he will probably find more than me! Mitchel
  8. The article said there was another location with similar hope ... With all the hoards that have been found it seems someone there was mining and making things from it for a long time.
  9. How much gold is there? https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/news/local/perth-kinross/1081373/exclusive-gold-worth-300m-could-be-extracted-from-perthshire-hills-after-major-discovery/
  10. I've been satisfied with everything on service except the broken ears on the CTX 17" coil. They offered no help with that problem.
  11. Robert Verish is a Gold Basin meteorite expert. He has published many articles on the finds made there. Here is an article where he 'puts it all together' and lets you know what you have found or what you could find in Gold Basin. There are more updates if you are interested in the area but this is a primer. I know I could say that I've found over a pound of meteorites from there over the years. http://meteorite-recovery.tripod.com/2008/aug08.htm Mitchel
  12. I have thought about my original posting and the replies and have 'modified' the 'have you paid for it' measure. I would say now ... how much more would you budget if the detector you are currently using is still finding treasure and nuggets? Why get a new detector? Many of us could 'justify' getting an Equinox based upon known information and hype. The same can not be said for the Vanquish. I didn't say the same thing for a Monster. (I'd rather miss Monster gold while using a Zed!) I've had dealers tell me that what I have now (the 800) is better than that model (Vanquish) for what I do which is spend a lot more time at this detecting business than a two or three times a year type of family. There were two factors that made me buy the Zed. I thought it was a better machine and technology than my 5000 and I didn't want you hitting my patches with one before I did! I just thought if I spent enough time at it with a Zed it would pay for itself. I've found a lot of gold with it and some of it was unseen gold with other detectors but I've spent too much time on old patches rather than find new. One fact working in my favor which may pay off the detector without finding another gram is that the price of gold is going up and I've not sold any of my finds. I already have 'enough' gold to pay off the detector when gold hits $2000 per ounce. Mitchel
  13. Lacky Excuse me for saying Lanny. I was just reading that thread when I replied to you. A friend of mine recently had a mini-stroke where he could walk but not talk. It is a carotid artery blockage problem. That fix has a similar rehab to yours if not caught early. All the best. (I don't want to take Simon's thread too far away from his family pleasures.) Mitchel
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