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  1. I once met a guy who owned a book store in Elko, Nevada. He told me that as a general rule all the ancient channels had run towards the west from the rocky mountains long before the Sierras. At the time I didn't know what he was talking about. They used this and of course a lot more information to discover gold in the Carlin Trend and some quite large nugget patches up that way. I guess now when you find ancient river gold high in the Sierras he knew what he was talking about.
  2. I can't quite see the shafts but if you like them that is what is important. As to the extra power, I've never been able to deplete my 800 in less than 10 hours of hunting but I like the counter weight idea you have there. Mitchel
  3. You're the man! What a great outing for a great guy. I'll contrast it with my 2 hour outing on the beach here and I found less than $.50! What coil do you use with the 5000? Mitchel
  4. [UCLA Meteorite Gallery] March 2021 Newsletter http://mail.artnet.net/skins/elastic/images/contactpic.svg From UCLA Meteorite Collection <meteorites@ucla.edu> on 04/03/2021 05:49 PM Details Plain text
  5. Walker, did you want to see a picture of it? This was not a sunbaker.
  6. It has been shared before and at the time but the years have passed since then. I still have that nugget and some other pictures of that day elsewhere.
  7. The desert in Arizona is spelled Mohave. The desert in California is spelled Mojave.
  8. This was in a wash. This was as I first saw it. I was in a new area and it was only my 5th or 6th nugget I think, under 10 anyway. I heard it with my 5000 and I think the 8" coil. I looked down and I can remember what I said to myself. "I think I know what that is!" I was without a camera at the time and didn't know my directions back to my car and I was afraid I would never find it again so I carefully lifted it out of the wash, went back to my car and got a camera and after more than half an hour I returned to the spot where I found it. I neatly replaced it where I found it an
  9. This was my best sunbaker from 2012. It has 1.5 ounces of gold with a total weight of 3.5 ounces.
  10. There may more of a market than you think on eBay for the whole piece.
  11. JP, Is this your definition of 'fringe' detecting? Hearing at first a faint target and then interrogating it to Ground Zero. If your target is very deep/small then Ground Zero is proportionately small. Some like me might think it an iffy target but an experienced detectorist would say it is a clear target in that situation. Big targets are forgiving and can be heard with many settings unless they are too deep. It is the little target sounds that require concentration and optimal settings for each of our styles. Maybe these are the fringes the 6000 will excel at without doub
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