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  1. mn90403

    Australia 2019

    That is a REAL load!
  2. mn90403

    3 Beach Hunts

    I've had a chance to go out to the beach 3 times in the last week. Each time there was something interesting to find or learn. Each of these hunts was to just about the same beach but each time conditions were a bit different. The first hunt was to an area of the beach where I found the sword/cross. There was nothing similar this time but as you can see it was LIVELY! I went in one direction on the beach and found nothing when I turned the opposite way I was surprised to find one of the live 44 Mags. Nearby was another and then there was a 38 and then a 22 long. As you can see there is some corrosion on them so they had been in the water and sand for a bit. All of the live rounds were found withing a 50x50ft area. Go figure. This hunt I was using beach 1 and the 11 inch coil. They were down 6-8 inches. After I finished gridding that area near it was the ring and chain. The chain was very crusted/black but has cleaned up nicely and is 13.5 g/.925. The ring is cheap. A few days later I went back to the same area with the 15x12 to see if I could find more of the ammo. Nothing was to be found so I headed in the opposite direction to the south. The beach was without targets. I was near the waves at low tide and nothing for a couple hundred yards and then a quarter. As it turned out it was mostly quarters but there was something unusual about this patch. I would get the quarter sound as a high pitch but then it would go higher. This was in the 5 tone setting. (I've tried some two tone and 5 lately because I constantly have to keep blowing my nose to make my ear pressure normal for better hearing.) I discovered that the higher tone was because some of the coins had fused together. You can see that in these photos: The final hunt was tonight. I went back to the fused quarter location and found a couple of quarters at the low tide but moved on down the beach. It was a lot of trash which you can see in the black container. I was walking at a brisk pace but wasn't finding much but I was at the bottom of the hill as I say. At the end of 2 miles to the south I had to return to my car but I was not satisfied with how the machine sounded. I had been using a lot of Beach 2 at 6 speed. I switched back to Beach 1 and lowered the speed to 4. I walked about half way between the water and the top of the sand. The sounds were louder but I still needed to get back. I was going to write about it and say it was just a trashy day. Then I slowed down and heard an interesting target. I dug and dug and down about 15 inches in the damp sand on the side of the beach hill I got a quarter. This must be the deepest quarter I've found, ever! The slower speed with the 15 had made a difference and it changed the entire hunt. I continued on this same line and found the two cheap rings (the corroded ring I had found on my way out) and the imitation nugget bracelet. The slower setting with the large coil seems to be very effective and I keep it that way for a while. Mitchel
  3. mn90403

    Australia 2019

    Oh, I didn't go to that link because I thought it was this one: http://www.goldprospectingaustralia.com.au/about-us NE's links send me to the website but I have to register. The link reads: Bad request. The link you followed is incorrect or outdated. Go back
  4. mn90403

    Australia 2019

    NE, thanks for the thread. I've heard about the good and the bad so to say. Thanks Rod, I've always had a fancy to stay in Bendigo and drive to some places from there. I think there are a couple of day trainers or something. I've heard that where Paul goes he attracts all the flies so I don't want to go near where he would be. 🤩 Mitchel
  5. mn90403

    Australia 2019

    Every year some of us have an 'opportunity' to go to Australia and prospect for a few weeks. Some of us pull the trigger and some of us don't. (I'm not talking 'Paul' type of trip where you outfit yourself for months.) Now is the time to book that type of trip. I'm sure many Australians book trips also. Which tour has the 'best' three week or so, all in or tag along trip and to what part of Australia? We'd be bringing our own detector, a 7000 and just want to get put on or near a gold patch or two. If you have been there and done that recently it would sure help to know your story. Maybe this is the year to pull the trigger. Mitchel
  6. Randy has put up a leader! Thanks Randy. On a day by day basis, if you feel the need to suggest a lyric change do it or ... you can submit your own 12 days of detecting. Mitchel
  7. Ok, here is a simplified 'list' version of the lyrics. We want to fill in some reasonable finds and a little fun too! On the first day: On the second day: On the third day: On the fourth day: On the fifth day: Five Golden Rings On the sixth day: On the seventh day: On the eighth day: On the ninth day: On the tenth day: On the eleventh day: On the twelfth day:
  8. Remember everyone, the first day of hunting gets repeated 12 times to finish the song! Also, I see now that I said on the first day of nugget shooting ... the first day of detecting will do. On my first day of de tec ting my de tector gave to meeeee a bulletshell in a willow tree! (Let's use a bit of the verse already written for us. haha) Let's have suggestions other than bulletshell and then we'll move on to day two.
  9. Lunk has inspired me to start a thread about the Twelve Days of Detecting (it is the season as he says)! So, to start off the 'contest' we need suggestions for the lyrics that go with: On the first day of nugget shooting my detector gave to me ... ???? (On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree ... got it?) Let's pick out the best one and then a couple of days later we'll move on to day 2. I think we should leave day 5 lyrics just as they are ... 5 Golden Rings!
  10. mn90403

    Twelve Days At Rye Patch

    Lunk said: Tis the season for nuggetshooting Well, I think we need some lyrics for the Twelve Days Of Nugget Shooting so ...
  11. Phrunt, You would refuse notoriety? But why? You could be called in for all the major projects! You could start your own Discovery Channel show. Watch out world ... I think you must already have the show written. Mitchel
  12. mn90403

    Went For A Wobble Again

    WTG Fred. That one cleaned up pretty good. It was a good time sharing a few stories from the past and hearing Jim McCulloch's stories for the first time. What a treat that was. I was out there watching. I didn't see much 'wobble!' The second morning I was there you were way off half a mile up this hill so you're getting your legs back. You were just maintaining that nice pace. The nuggets can feel Fred chasing them again. Mitchel
  13. mn90403

    Heavy Metal

    Ozzy says his last tour is next year. I saw him at the Hollywood Bowl on his anniversary tour a few years back and it was well worth it. He is one I still go and see if he can put on the show. Mitchel
  14. That is a special piece. Well done. I can say I've found some deep stuff too on the beaches. Goes much deeper than I thought and I think as deep as I need. I'm curious about the sound and the numbers. What were they? As to the 'oreo' ... I think of that as being black on the outside with a cream filling. I would think of it as a gold filled sugar donut. Mitchel
  15. mn90403

    Elko Area Gold Quality?

    Here is some information about northeast Nevada and the Carlin Trend. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlin_Unconformity I was there one time and heard about a guy who does really well. He is hired by the big mines to check out specific areas they are not going to excavate. Most of their mines take the dirt and put it on a pad and leach it for years. It is the source of most of the gold coming from Nevada. You may want to contact this company and see if they can help you with a little info. I know if you wanted a full report they are capable of giving you that but it's not your land. http://www.carlin-trend.com/?utm_campaign=Branded&utm_source=google&utm_medium=ppc&utm_term=carlin trend&utm_content=2114825xCjwKCAiAlvnfBRA1EiwAVOEgfGuTFPHSOevLyvsD6etD3NmN9BdDlIoPa3SmHVQgiKMwTcMtb3UIdxoCj20QAvD_BwE Mitchel