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  1. Well, I just couldn't let it go. I had another ring 'disappear' from my car one day. I knew it had been on the seat. The seat had been cleaned up and it wasn't me. I asked enough questions and searched enough spots to know it had been thrown away in the dumpster the night before! We went out and searched it and there it was in the bottom. We have people go through our dumpsters all the time for bottles and cans and many mornings they are dumped so that was really lucky.
  2. Yes, I only threw two pieces of glass in the trash so I guess it 'lodged' in one when I took them out of the pouch. It dropped in the sand before the glass made it to the can. This is what I thought happened when I couldn't find the ring. There were two places it could be. Has anyone else done this?
  3. Yesterday I went out on a hunt. It was at my 'bit beach' which produced the gold cluster ring on Sunday. I skipped this beach on Tuesday because I went down to a beach about one hour south but that is another story. Yesterday the finds were 'thin' as the wave action had taken some of the targets back down the slope and I had also found many of them. As I was detecting I started to think about these waves and the slope and the thought came to me that I was getting good targets on this slope because the targets had been moved by wave energy. The targets had been moved by gravity and tides to the 'staging area' and when the waves came at the right angle and tide they were cast up to be found. I had looked at the energy charts for surfing and there was a lot of energy even tho the intervals were long. So these waves broke loose the sand and over came the gravity holding the targets in place and sent them 'flying' high up the slope. Now I'm just going to call them 'anti-gravity' waves for short. I'll look for storm or swell events that will create these anti-gravity waves to kinda use a science fiction term for beach hunting. During all of this idle thought getting targets I got another two rings. I got these in spite of two other detectorists coming on to my little beach but they hunted the blanket line and not the slope. The second ring looked to be silver and I put it in my Minelab pouch along with the other finds and trash. When I got home I told my wife I got another couple of rings and some change but I couldn't find the silver ring. I went back out to the car where I had emptied the pouch and it wasn't there. Where could it be? It was time for me to take my son to the park so I told my wife we were off but I went back to the beach first. I had emptied my pouch in the parking lot and I wanted to check there. It was not at my parking place. The only other place I could look would be near the trash can. I had taken some ragged glass bottle tops off the beach and put them in my pouch when I first started. As I was leaving the beach I stopped at a trash can to throw them away. I don't normally do this but ... So my son and I go to the trash can and I hunt around it with the detector without my headphones. I don't hear or see anything but I look in the can and I see that the beach maintenance people have taken a Styrofoam cooler with a lot of old french fries and other food garbage and put it in the can. I was certain this was the can but I couldn't find my broken glass. My son couldn't wait so off we went to play. About 30 minutes later it was time to go and I wanted to give one last chance to find the ring, again. This time I laid the can down and dug through all of the wet stuff and mess. The seagulls started gathering around. My son is looking in the can with me and we see the bottom. I find one of the glass tops but no ring. Luckily there were not many people around or someone would have wondered about an old man and a toddler looking through the beach trash. I wondered about it myself. It was just a ring. I put all the stuff back in the can and set it up with no ring. I wasn't going to have a happy ending. After I set the can back up I turned on the Nox and swung it about 3 feet from the can and I heard the 24-25 I was looking for. Sure enough it was the ring. We went on to the park. After I showed the ring to my wife and said here was that other ring. She knew nothing about the 'story' until I told on myself at dinner. She got a good laugh and so did I. Here is that cheap little silver ring. These are the other finds from the day. The day after I found the 5 rings which included the gold I found 3 more rings. That would be Monday. One is a silver bow-tie ring. The beach hunt I went to on Wednesday didn't produce much there was a stainless steel ring. Finally I have some other 'find' pictures without a story but that makes for 12 rings this week. The End
  4. That is a great looking bracelet. I wasn't able to hunt as long as you did but I used the 800/11 and it hits pretty deep in the damp sand. I tried some long walks with Beach2 in the low tide areas and it produced very little. It makes me wonder what a PI would do. One night I was out and there were a couple of PI guys and they were getting targets but very far between. That is the staging area so when the sand gets moving they are released and then thrown up the hill with the crusty quarters. I agree on the best week this year. I found a ring every day except today. I'll post the hunts up after I get the pictures. Mitchel
  5. Take a chance on calling the claim owner and tell them you can do a survey for them at no charge if they let you keep what you find. Sign a waiver for them so if you get hurt they are not liable. There are still a few claim owners that will let you hunt if you ask them in the right way.
  6. Thanks for the travel photos. It certainly looks like you are 'at home' on the road. We have our RVers here but they drag the car with them rather than drag the sleeping quarters. Mitchel
  7. Simon, You caught a glimpse of modern California. That scene is near the bike path and where some of the homeless travel between Venice and Santa Monica beaches. I am always down near the water and away from that area where this action was taking place. I doubt that she lost the ring. Mitchel
  8. Thanks for the look. That one was the last ring I found. It just happened to be a 20 but it is a cheap copper 'outsider' as I call them. It was a single and no other pennies were around so the waves kinda separated it into its own area. Its weight and number give me the impression that it is probably copper.
  9. As Joe said, it needs a better background but I'm photo challenged right now without a light box that I once had. My phone doesn't take very good pictures and I should trade it in and get another one. I don't understand the maker mark. It is that oval shape with very small icon inside.
  10. When it is a 14k/6g/33 diamond ring! And then there were 4 other cheap rings to go along with it and two cheap chains. These were from the same beach that had next to nothing on it for over a week. In addition to that loot there were lots of other targets. After I found the first ring and the gold ring in my 3 hour plus session I decided to switch from Beach 1 to Park 1. It just bangs harder on the coins and targets on the damp beach sand better than the B1 that I have used for years now. It also seemed easier to pinpoint. If I went down to the black sand line it would get noisy at 23 or 24 so these were all targets up the slope in a very compressed beach. I found nearly nothing on my mile hike in and same hike back out because there was nothing in the wet and the top had been waved over/blown out without a cut. It was a glorious full moon night with no one on the beach and most thankfully no other detectorists. Mitchel
  11. I use that scoop also Simon. (Well, the last time was in March.) I have 3 including one I found in the field that someone forgot. I think they've been around a couple of years.
  12. Oh, I don't mean Dave's picture. The Russian videos where it looks like gold is in dark, rich topsoil. I wonder how gold would be in that and not on some bedrock.
  13. I just happened across this video and thought I'd post it. I still find any of these simple videos to not include 'off the coil' sensing of a target. They show field restricted to just the edges of the coil. We all know the field is larger than the coil. I say I'm drawn to some of my targets like a moth to a flame. Some days I am better at this than others. It's the FRINGE that can make a difference.
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