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  1. You can tell that because of the Jack Daniels cans? haha
  2. Norvic, Will the Coiltek fit on that shaft without a conversion? Mitchel
  3. Will the Go Finds do it for you? Inexpensive and light from the start ... I just don't know about the wet sand part. I find a lot of stuff on the wet beaches with the 6" Nox. It can find a quarter down 10 inches if you listen carefully. You want to keep it fun for a young guy and also realize that he may find something else he wants to do. Finding a few good objects early makes a lot of difference. Mitchel
  4. When I first saw this thread I thought you found more lead (Pb)! I wonder how many others think that until they see that great nugget. Mitchel
  5. You know I'm coming so you searched there first! haha That is excellent. Mitchel
  6. I have to agree. Gerry is ON IT. Mitchel
  7. Over the weekend I saw someone take a new 2300 and place on one of the new coils. After using that coil for a bit of time he switched back in about 15 minutes. The new coil found a tiny little nugget. I don't remember which one of the 3 he used but he ended up buying a second coil by the end of the weekend.
  8. I was reading that some banks or ATM exchanges charge 3% or more each time. I just thought I'd avoid extra fees if I knew how.
  9. I know a topic I haven't brought up yet. Exchange. What is best? My bank has Westpac as a partner in Australia. Are there still fees on a debit card? Is it better to exchange some before I go or get some from the ATM when I land?
  10. I'd like to detect so good when I'm there in about a month! Nice post. Mitchel
  11. I have the rain/wind breaker covered. I also have a double thick pair of jeans that sees me through some of our sub freezing winter detecting here. One thing I also got recently are some Costco outdoor weatherproof socks. They are way better than the white athletic socks I wear for everything. It is a great boot sock. Keep the suggestions coming.
  12. Ok, I'm feeling the upcoming event on the horizon. I've checked the weather for the month of May. It will be 60-65 for a high and around 50 for a low. We'll see but that is how I'll pack my bags! https://www.accuweather.com/en/au/melbourne/26216/may-weather/26216?monyr=5/1/2019
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