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  1. Strick I just saw this and you are not alone in having a kink in the cable. I noticed one in mine years ago whenever I'd change a coil. I had to fit the cable around inside the housing and if you were not careful it would pinch when you closed the cover. I haven't looked at mine in a bit but it's time to get it back out on a beach again. Mitchel
  2. Why demonstrate the first Manticore in Arizona? Then, why not test it on nuggets in this video? Was that one of the targets?
  3. It's not a 'nice' face as one would expect with the title. Odd is a word that comes to mind. I'd like to know what the green material is that the face is carved on. I don't think it is jade but it's not plastic either. The silver has been in the water long enough to tarnish but the stone is really not pitted. It does say .925 on the back. Just more clues.
  4. I did think 'nice' might be inappropriate word in the title.
  5. Best I can find so far is Sajen moon goddess style pendants.
  6. No chain around so I assume it broke and released the pendant.
  7. This find was on one of my favorite beaches. The conditions weren't optimal but sometimes you just have to learn about your beach to be ready for the good times and the good tides. This is silver and weighs 13.4g. We'll see what an image search comes up with.
  8. My recent trip to a gold patch showed me that the Equinox 800/11 can ignore hot rocks. This surprised me as when I first got my Equinox I went to this patch and found 2 nuggets. I remember it also seeing a lot of hot rocks. Since that time, I have put thousands of hours on the Equinox and learned how to use it better. This session I used the F2 and it was great. I had a smooth threshold in 'all metal' multi. I located trash and it told me what is what. If the Manticore is going to enhance that experience it may turn out to find some gold for me in addition to better beach performance.
  9. I happened to be wearing a t-shirt today that has the word Eureka on it. I bought it in Eureka, Nevada. A Greek friend of mine saw it this morning and he said eureka is a Greek word. He said do you know what it means? I paraphrased it according to gold useage but he said it just means "I FOUND IT" What does Eureka actually mean? "Eureka" comes from the Ancient Greek word εὕρηκα heúrēka, meaning "I have found (it)", which is the first person singular perfect indicative active of the verb εὑρίσκω heurískō "I find". It is closely related to heuristic, which refers to experience-based techniques for problem-solving, learning, and discovery.
  10. I'm reminded of a couple of posts that Gerry made. One was about the 6000 at the end of a year. It found more gold for him and his customers. The second post was about the Axiom. It found him more gold too. I guess something is working.
  11. Just about the time Steve was writing this post I was finishing up a day of detecting with my wife at a spot in Southern California where I've found many nuggets in the past. Half of our day was spent hunting for new gold near old gold spots and half of our day was spent on patches where many small nuggets (under 1g) had been found. This was a reliable spot for several of us for a number of years. My wife used our updated 2300 with the battery pack which made it much better than the loose batteries of the past. She had used this effectively in this area in the past. I used my 7000 with X-Coil for about half the time and the other half I used my 800/11. We started about 9 AM and hit 4 different spots. We didn't overlap. I went to at least 2 spots where I had placed FINDS on my GPZ map. I took extra care to go under bushes and that is where I found most of my bullet trash. It is where we didn't look or had thrown it in the past. Somewhere about 3:30 to 4:00 PM I came to the realization that a new detector was not going to change my outcome measurably. I need to find a new location with detectable nuggets. I think I have a better chance in Rye Patch right now than going back to that spot. Dashed in my mind was the thought of a Axiom purchase for nuggets at this location. Dashed also was the thought of a 6000 with Gold Monster. I know the GM has been used all over this patch by others. The 6000 may have a little chance but is IT worth it? This isn't my first skunk at this location after finding a couple hundred over the years. Deep nuggets are rare. When I got back to the car at our last location my wife had the only nugget of the day. It took her over 6 hours with the 2300 to find a .15g nugget. I give her credit and the 2300 which is a machine I find hard to enjoy. But that is our technology and I think it is good enough to find gold in most patches. I just 'discovered' this thread after my revelation, but it dovetails with everything that comes after Steve's post. What technology I will buy in the near future is less important than where I look for gold. I've said it in different ways before but now I have to remind myself. Days of .15gs will not get me very motivated.
  12. Nine Thanksgivings ago I found my largest nugget on Thanksgiving Day 2013. I've told the story a few times and posted it on a couple of other forums before I joined here. This link will give a look back and let you remember or get introduced to a few old timers mostly from the Southwestern United States where I found the nugget. It is an Arizona nugget. Introducing the Goose Egg Nugget (22.46 oz Speci) - GOLD NUGGET HUNTING - Nugget Shooter Forums (ipbhost.com) The night before I found this nugget I slept in my Isuzu Trooper and about an hour after I got up I heard this deep target in an area that had been hunted heavily for meteorites. After digging down into the cobbles out came the speci. It is nice to remember it but also sad because some of the people I shared the find with are no longer with us. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. This is my entry into Gerry's contest.
  13. The one that I held had a professional feel. It felt like it would be fun to interrogate the ground with it.
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