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  1. I have a working 5000 that I bought in 2010. It was the best money could buy at the time and that is what I used to find my first nuggets. Before I used it nugget hunting I used it on beaches of Southern California. I've never sprayed it with anything and there is nothing frozen on it now but I might just want to give it a treatment, if I know the right kind. This is getting 'off-topic' and perhaps we should start a thread on how to keep your old machines in shape with the right spray?
  2. Will this do the same? I already have this can. https://smile.amazon.com/CRC-Heavy-Duty-Silicone-Lubricant/dp/B0042NWOLY/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Heavy+Duty+Silicone&qid=1632414101&s=automotive&sr=1-2
  3. WTG Chris. I hope people notice that your hipstick is of the new design without the canvas/nylon strap. I wore out my strap and when I bought a replacement the 'kit' let me use the old rod and put on plastic parts that will not wear out after 6 years or so ... haha Now, I wonder if you were using a detector that needed the hipstick? I miss northern Nevada this time of year.
  4. I went out into the bush when we had one of our 'lockdowns' but yours are a bit more strict.
  5. Said by a man who kills the beach with a 5000! I really do need to use it again on the beach. I used it for almost 2 years before I got a second hand SE Pro. That killed my 5000 at the beach for fear it would corrode from the salt.
  6. Have you ever contacted the manufacturer of that suit? They may pay you some money out of great concern for what happened to you. You should let them know you have never told anyone you were wearing THEIR suit and see what they say! haha
  7. Went back tonight and conditions are completely different at the same beaches. There are few waves coming in and few targets ... time to get some sleep.
  8. When the waves are pumping you have to keep jumping! I was out for 5 hours last night and got 2 more Gold, 2 more Silver, 30 Quarters and a scull digger surprise. Here is the loot. Here is the good stuff. Here are the rings. Here are some details with 10k/10g/Reads 10 on the Eq 800/15/B1 Here are the rings from the 2 days by day first and by metal second. The gold was 18k, 14k, 10k Thanks for looking.
  9. I mean ... who are the dealers? We have lots of Minelab Dealers but most of them don't sell a Garrett.
  10. What is the best way to get a 24k? (or any other Garrett Detector?)
  11. Sometimes there are just a lot of targets on the beach ... you dig and you dig and you dig and some of them are rings! Two of these rings are gold (18k/14k), two are silver (.925) and two are junk. When the energy is about it time to go out. These were the total finds for my session with the 800/15. There was about $10.00 in clad ($7 in quarters). This 3.6g/18k (marked 750) has some stones. I need to clean it in the ultra sound. I went back for a session with the 3030 and found this 1.6g/14k in the dry sand.
  12. There is just something I like about this video in addition to some things I don't. I do think it is worth a watch in this new world of small gold.
  13. Well done and told Simon. I'd say you have a keeper there for you area.
  14. I'm sure there is a better picture than this somewhere.
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