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  1. mn90403

    Goldmaster 24k Weekend Hunt

    I've had training and hunts with Lunk that were not as a result of his Gerry's detector gig. His association with Gerry enhances his ability to help people with technology. Mitchel
  2. I saw the nuggets too. Good gold, I think you are holding some back! haha Mitchel
  3. mn90403

    Making The Tones Like CTX 3030?

    Here were some other thoughts I had on that subject.
  4. mn90403

    Making The Tones Like CTX 3030?

    Here it is. I used your keywords. Equinox Sound 3030 Gordon Heritage
  5. mn90403

    Making The Tones Like CTX 3030?

    One of the Equinox testers in England had a 'program' for that. I read it and posted so let's do a search and see if I can find the thread. Mitchel
  6. mn90403

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    I'm headed to Rye Patch tonight. It is in the 20s (below freezing) at the beginning of the morning. Good video. Mitchel
  7. mn90403

    Gold Basin Rainbows

    I did have two nuggets!
  8. mn90403

    Gold Basin Rainbows

    Thanks Fred. I didn't see anyone. I camped behind the cabin because I didn't want to move and there was only a couple of vehicles out there maybe because there were signs it had rain and it was starting to rain again about 3 PM when I left. Maybe after Rye Patch I'll go back and before Bill's outing I'll stop in again. Maybe Shep is at the Q?
  9. mn90403

    Gold Basin Rainbows

    I'm surprised that no one said it: There is GOLD at the bottom of those rainbows!
  10. mn90403

    Gold Basin Rainbows

    I've stayed at a couple of the motels at Meadview in the past and once at the RV cabins but after an all night drive I can sleep almost anywhere. When I leave like that I don't have traffic and I get two days of detecting or a 3/2 if I stay over.
  11. Last Thursday night it was time for a Gold Basin trip. I knew I had a couple of days so off I went. The trip for me consists of leaving sometime in the middle of the night, driving 375 miles (6+hrs) and then beginning the hunt. I've done this many times since I first started going there in 2011. It is not an area where I've found a lot of gold but I've found some. Meteorites are also around but I didn't seek them this trip. When you go into gold basin there is always this sign. It is not the old Gold Basin road that is about 5 miles away but it makes for a good picture! These first couple of pictures were taken about 8 AM so I did pretty good with a couple of stops since I left at 1 AM. The hunt was on. I wanted to find something with the 6 inch Nox so I hunted with it for the morning and the afternoon. I'll save my details about that for another thread but I did manage to get a little .32g nugget with the Zed before the day was over. No skunk at least. My camping spot was near where I found the nugget. I slept in the 4Runner with all of the things outside. It was a great night without wind. This was the dawn the next morning looking out my bedroom window. After a bit more searching in this area it was time to explore and I ended up in a gully. You can get an idea of a partially dry washed and detected gully from these pictures. I didn't get any gold out of this stop but I did later. I called a friend and told him where I had been and what I had done and he suggested a place to go. It was very similar to the pictures (it all looks the same) but this time I was using the 7000! I heard a little mellow signal and dug down about 5 inches to bedrock and thought ... oh, no ... hot rock again but then the target moved and the bedrock stayed! In the scoop screaming ... a nice little .42g nugget! Two days, two nuggets for .75g total. This is better than I normally do in Gold Basin. The weather started closing in so it was time to go. It is better to stay longer there now because of the long drive but I was not going to stay in the rain. On the way out I had some visual treats. Mitchel
  12. mn90403

    90 Kilos Of Gold Species

    More info on the 30-35,000 ounces! https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/small-miner-big-wa-nuggets-20181003-p507m2.html
  13. JW, My biggest question is: How could you wait so long to go back to a place like that? Fantastic results ... and so many crevices yet to detect. I'm getting myself ready for my 6 hour drive to Gold Basin, AZ. I wish that I could say I have a place in mind where I've left some gold behind but that is not the case. I'll go back to a couple of places where I have found a few little nuggets in the past but not on my last couple of trips and then have to find a new little gully for this 2 day trip. I'll spend a night there and see if I can find a meteorite or two in my 'spare' time but nuggets are on my mind. Mitchel
  14. mn90403

    Settings Or Specimen?

    Why do you say specimen? It looks like a bunch of fused together small nuggets without any quartz. I think you should check your scale. I'd say you were in grams mode and not grains. Mitchel