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  1. Not worth sending in for repair Steve.  My rod was just replaced with another one with minimal change in the looseness of the twist lock .  Taping is the answer in the short term.  Minelab did a super job on Email response and paid shipment both ways.  Kudos for that but did not solve the main problem which really was minor.  GaryC/Oregon Coast 

  2. Got mine on Gerrys second shipment.  Headphones look good.  I did return my unit to have a lower rod cam replacement.  Not sure what they did but it was a negligible improvement.  I was probably over sensitive to the perceived wobble in the shaft.  My X-Terra 705 is the same way.  Thought I would address the problem before it got worse.  Minelab was super fast on fix and return.  Can't say enough about the good service in this facility!  GaryC/Oregon Coast 

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  3. Amazing recovery.  When I was part of Ring Finders in California they would only notify me of the lost rings 75-100 miles from me.  Seems you drove that far and more to get that gig.  You are probably still drawing off that Karma today!  NICE!  GaryC/Oregon Coast

  4. That is amazing.  I had no clue.  I haven't hunted the beach too much but on the south jetty where the wind surfers go looks like a place to give it a try.  I've seen many lawn chairs out there on occasion.  Getting to the south jetty is the problem.  It's a long, long walk.  GaryC/Oregon Coast

  5. Thanks canslawhero, Cal-Cobra, Steve for the individual information.  I probably will learn the machine first as set up and then move into five tones with no rejection as I am accustom to.  So many ways to hunt with this machine.  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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  6. OK, I'm coming from using an X-Terra 705 to a Nox.  I have hunted in all metal for many years now with  the 705 and have become accustom to all the mixed signals.  Is this feasible with the Nox, lets say in Park 1?  I know there are lots of options to opt out of all metal when needed but will all metal hunting be the best use starting out with this machine?  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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  7. New to the site!  Like what I see and read.  Hope to get out more with my Nox which replaced my X-Terra 705.  Being a California transplant to Oregon recently will require loads more outings to get a handle on all the new for me reg's and permits these Oregon coastal and inland counties require for hunting.  Only have about six hours on my Nox now so haven't tried to do much fiddling with the settings as of now.  Still learning the basics with this new monster.  Just an awesome site here Steve!  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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