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  1. Hi, thanks for the replies/advice. Brought an evolution today and just had to go out and try it ! Very wet ground here in Suffolk but couldn,t wait. Less than 20 mins got a strange signal, tried it from several directions and still not what I was expecting(using my nox 800). Dug a small sod and retrieved a 20p coin.Replaced plug and swept detector back over and got another strange signal. Re dug and got a corroded button. Replaced plug, re swept the nox and this time got a very strong, clear signal. Re dug(smiling by now) and retrieved a nice hammered silver. Just goes to show, always re swing over previously dug holes. Regards Ed PS you cannot beat a large bar of Cadbury,s.
  2. Hi, I'm baffled by choice. There are so many digging trowels on the market that I cannot choose what the best is. I have cut the options down to a handful. My choices are Garrat, Whites digmaster and the evolution extreme blade(with serrated edges). I intend using it to cut neater holes if possible on some of my pasture permissions where a larger dig may be frowned upon. Regards Ed
  3. Jeff/Chase, thanks for both replies. Excellent advice which I will obviously take. Regards Ed
  4. Hi , as your advise have performed factory reset and can now pick up £1,£2, hammered silver and gold signet ring using field 2, happy days. As Jeff stated the reset does still have the new F2 in iron bias_ my question is that the factory reset has both Fe and F2 set at 6 leading me to believe that the detector will now operate with both running.If not how do I delete/disengage one of them. Has anyone tested to ascertain optimum settings? Regards Ed
  5. Hi, have completed factory reset and customised Field 2 and can now pick up £1,£2, gold ring and hammered silver so thanks for the advise. One last question- iron bias now has both FE and F2 options. Do I use both of these or should I only be using 1? If I should only be using 1 how do I get rid of the other? Regards Ed
  6. Hi, when testing was in the back garden, have checked in several different locations and still field2 will not pick up as my previous mail and signal as field 1 ,park1 and 2 and beach 1 and 2. Steve, if I factory preset will I have to re download the latest updates? Regards Ed
  7. Hi, thanks for taking time to reply. I didn't ground balance but was set at 0. Recovery was at 3 and iron bias was FE3. Will try factory reset, just waiting in case its a common problem. Had not recently tested my nox and wish I had, the problem may already have been there but I didn't notice. It is obviously a fairly recent problem as a couple of the hammered silver coins that didn't register were only found a couple of months ago so they obviously registered then. Regards Ed
  8. hi, have just updated my equinox 800 with the latest software. On checking my favourite profile (field2) found that it doesn't pick up gold signet ring, some hammered silvers, pound and 2 pound coins. Field 1 does pick all of these targets up. Anyone got any ideas as to why this should happen? Good job that I checked or would have wasted a lot of time and effort. Regards Ed
  9. thanks for feedback, have ordered a garret, ed
  10. Thanks, I did switch of when not in normal profile so will have to reset.
  11. hi, thanks for the advice, have ordered a carrot and cannot wait to use it, ED
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