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  1. thanks for feedback, have ordered a garret, ed
  2. Thanks, I did switch of when not in normal profile so will have to reset.
  3. hi, thanks for the advice, have ordered a carrot and cannot wait to use it, ED
  4. Hi, am looking to purchase a good pinpointer to use with my Equinox 800. Talked to the sales guy at the shop where I purchased the detector and enquired about getting either a Garrett pro or the latest Nokta. The sales guy would only recommend that I get a Minelab pro find 35 as the others would interfere with the detector meaning that I would have to switch it off if I wanted to use the pointer. Has anyone had these sort of problems or was it just a creative salesman ?, any thoughts would be helpful, thanks
  5. Have seen several reviews of the Jeemak pointer but am not sure about authenticity of the reviewers. Normally if something is this cheap it rings alarm bells. Has anyone got one, are they any good? Would be interested to see if anyone has any experience of them, thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, know that this is not Minbelab specific but what is the most informative/interesting magazine for me to order
  7. Hi, Is it only possible to save one user profile? Or is it possible to save two, for example a park and a beach profile both saved. Thanks
  8. thanks, tried as you suggested and it works
  9. Thanks guys, really helpful ! Appreciate the replies.
  10. Hi, thanks foir the reply. Cannot find a pull tab notch and no mention in instruction manual.
  11. Hi, thanks for reply. The coins that I refer to are both 5 and 10 pence coins. My machine seems to pick up everything else, regards Ed
  12. Hi, I am new to using the Minelab Equinox but have previous experience with both fisher and Tesoro machines. Have only used the 800 a couple of times and have found it a joy to use. Have started performing some depth / different metal tests to familiarise myself with tones and numbers and found that my machine does not register fairly new 5p and 10p coins but will pick up pre 2000 5s and 10p ,s. Not that I particularily want to find these but I was wondering i f I have set the machine up wrongly and also if it will miss other similar items. Any replies would be appreciated, thanks
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