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  1. Looking to add a shovel to my arsenal. Want a small footprint and at this point don't need anything to heavy duty as I'm not really searching anywhere with much roots. Just need something bigger and a little tougher than my trowel. Oh, and it also needs to be reasonably priced. Thanks
  2. Kac ( Ken) was asking if anyone on the forum would like to give his new digger the Devil’s Tongue a try . The Devil has you will see comes with a different handle than most diggers you see . I don’t know how many others said they would give it a try but I had one within a week of my request. It was mine to keep no matter how my review of it went . I had planned on having my testing complete over a month ago . But due that my wife had too have a complete right shoulder replacement sooner than we plan cause the testing being put on the back burner. This digger cutting blade is somewhat like others you see but the first thing I like was the teeth were smaller. I know you’re saying so what. I’ve had trouble when the teeth and space between them is bigger. I found that roots will get hung up in the larger ones and then you have trouble freeing it. On the second picture you will find that the Devil Digger has a handle that you won’t find on others . That’s the one thing that makes this digger unique plus it’s set at a angle. This has to be a first I’ve ever seen. Looking over the Devil Digger I could see it was well made and you didn’t have to worry about it coming apart on you. I’ve done lots of welding over the years so I know great welding when I see it . I’ve now been out several times this month putting this digger to the test . The main ground I’ve been detecting in has about the first three inches of black dirt but below that is more like pack gravel. The two city lots had some carpet grass and that gave the Devil Digger adding testing with its cutting teeth. Being the handle was different I had to have my own one person class on using it . You can see this on my third picture posted. I made a point to use only this digger to be fair to it . I found it to do great cutting a plug in the grass covered area and plowing through that hard black dirt . The only trouble I had was when I hit that pack gravel below the dirt . I can’t say that digger was at fault because I have weak wrists. I do think it would help me if the tip was like the other digger on the first picture. One thing I don’t want to leave off and the Devil Digger is the lightest digger I’ve ever used . I don’t see where you can go wrong buying the Devil Digger. It’s a lot like a new detector you have to get to know it and you will find it will work for you. Chuck
  3. Hi, I'm baffled by choice. There are so many digging trowels on the market that I cannot choose what the best is. I have cut the options down to a handful. My choices are Garrat, Whites digmaster and the evolution extreme blade(with serrated edges). I intend using it to cut neater holes if possible on some of my pasture permissions where a larger dig may be frowned upon. Regards Ed
  4. I got this pick from Rob, excellent customer service by the way!!!! Rob was able to send the pick to me in time for me to give it a run before the season ends. My thoughts on the pick are a little mixed. I would say it is a good buy. There is a few things I would say should be changed or looked at. First, the blade side has the wrong grind angle, much like an axe vs a pick. This makes the chisel edge too thin and subject to bending marring or even breaking chips off when using it in a desert setting. Second, the handle has a taper to it. At first, I thought this would be great. As a lot of picks these days have to thick a handle. Done in order to give it more strength; but creates a bulky handle as a result. In that setting, a taper would be nice. The other thing that we run into, is to small a handle next to the head of the pick, resulting in a weak handle that breaks. In the case of the NS22 pick. We have the perfect size handle at the pick head going into the metal sleeve. The taper results in making it to thin in the middle of the handle. Now the handle does return to the normal size at the end of the pick handle. Again, at first this seemed like a great feature; in reality, it makes the part of the handle you would normaly use one handed to thin for a comfortable and solid grip. Therefore creating hand/grip strain. When using it two handed, It makes for an odd feel trying to grasp either end of the handle to get the normal grip during two handed operations. It would be better for the handle to remain the original size all the way down. It is hard to find a pick with just the right size handle. I think this pick has that perfect size with out taper. Just my thoughts. Third, comes the point of the pick. This pick has a wedge like tip. Some might like this type design. I personally do not, after trying it out with the NS22 pick. What I found was durning one handed operations it would make the pick deflect to one side or the other. Also, it didn't have the same penetration as a spike version would have. I do a lot of detecting in the Rye patch type area. In our dirt, it helps to have the spike to get a good depth per swing. With this wedge design it slows the pick down to fast to get that nice pick depth per swing. I plan to plasma cut my pick to the point style. I tried it in more gravel type dirt to be fair, thinking it might work better in that environment. It did not. Same result. Fourth, the wedge width is perfect for scrapping the top or clearing out the hole. The wings work great for that little extra piling effect when pulling the dirt from the hole. Except for the grind angle the blade side of this pick is great. I have already had the grind edge deforming. It has a bend from hitting a small gravel patch at Rye patch. The metal thickness is just about right. Changing the grind would be perfect. Fifth, the overall length of this pick is great, not to long or to short. You can use it one handed or switch to two handed for those bigger Zed holes when needed. Last, I did notice that my pick had a grind dig on the point side, top. It is a little deep, perhaps a 16th of an inch. This would be a quality control issue not a design issue. The paint comes off from use as expected, in case someone wanted to know about that fact. It does have a proper size pin holding the handle in place. Not one of those small pins you some times see. Overall, I would say that this pick is worth buying. I was going to special order picks like this from Australia from the original designer. But this pick came up and is close enough to satisfy my needs. Our Australia members will Recognize the overall design. However, for us in the USA this has design has been lacking in our market. The NS22 fills that void. Is it perfect no, is it a good pick probably. I plan to keep using it myself.
  5. Hi All, I'm new to detecting and this group. Have only been out a few times myself looking for coins/relics/jewellery etc. I'm a bit of a shed tinkerer and decided to knock up some picks from old leaf springs from a LandCruiser. Made two different sizes. One for my older son and one for my girl. Thought I would share them with you guys. I was pretty stocked with them! Cheers PS. They do not look like this anymore... I didn't want to get them dirty at first. They were almost mounted on the wall! hahaha
  6. Any suggestions on a good pick? My last one snapped the blade in half when digging in hard ground. (It was previously broken and welded so didn't expect it to last forever - got it for free from the next door neighbor) I got suckered into buying a medium sized pick 4 years ago, with the salesman saying the larger ones were for people that felt inadequate in certain areas. But I think a bigger pick would be better for digging bigger holes. What do the Aussie guys here use? I still have the medium sized pick but the tip seems to be too rounded and doesn't cut into the ground as well as my broken one that had a sharp pointy end did. I plan on digging plenty of 3 foot plus holes shortly, it would be great if the handle of the pick could incorporate a mini crowbar head on the end. (never seen that anywhere, just saying it would be good.) Once you get down a bit it gets tough swinging in a confined space. Cant be carrying a crowbar a mile from the car.
  7. Just a shout out & Thank You to Davsgold, pick arrived today !!! Also a Thank You to Phrunt & a few others that mentioned he was on this site. Been wanting one of Dave's picks for awhile. Now ground just has to thaw !! Haha !!! Can't wait to put it to work !!!!!!! I'm sure this pick will Dig It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Do you use a plastic scoop or cup to separate gold nuggets from that pile of dirt while metal detecting? Good use of a plastic scoop is critical as these tiny nuggets can be very hard to find. I use the "divide and conquer" method. Scoop up the material that has the nugget in it. Give the scoop a good shake to get the nugget into the bottom of the scoop. If you have a couple inches of dirt in the scoop and the nugget is on top, you may not be able to detect it when you run the scoop over the coil. I prefer to do this with the bottom of the coil turned upright so I can get the scoop right over that hot spot in the middle of the coil. If I confirm the nugget is in the scoop, I dump half in my hand and check again. If it is still in the scoop, I place the material in my hand on the ground where I can check it again later. If the scoop no longer beeps, the nugget is in my hand, in which case I discard the material in the scoop. I just split and check until I'm down to a bit of material, which in the case of these little mud covered nuggets sometimes is just a few little pieces of dirt which have to be check one at a time to find which one has gold in it. Once you get good at this it goes real fast, but care must be taken to not get a nugget in the scoop only to discard it. That is why you put all the dirt in a place where you can check it again when you are done. Sometimes you can get more than one nugget in the scoop at once. Another option is to simply put all targets in a pan and pan it all later. But since I'm following the gold I want to know just where each nugget came from so I prefer to locate them as I find them.
  9. Hello all. I'm pretty new to this forum. Great stuff posted by many. My question is: What type of sand scoop do you folks prefer for beach hunting, both ocean and/or river. I saw a guy a while back, on a northern California beach, with a long handled scoop which was driven into the sand like a shovel (by foot). The entire head also pivoted. It appeared to be made of aluminum or stainless steel. Any pictures and or links would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  10. After a few prospecting adventures I've decided I need something to hold my pick on my belt. I've been using my Garrett Carrot holder but its dome keeps coming unpopped due to the weight of the pick if I bump the pick on anything, as usually we prospect in pretty tough terrain this is always too often so I've been looking for an alternative. kiwijw seems to have a really good one but I've been unable to find one like his anywhere, I've been trying all the local hardware shops but all theirs seem to be full tool belts that hold 20 or so items, I just want a pick holder. I've just had no luck finding something I like, so far this is the best I've found so I've ordered one as it was only $6 NZ delivered but if anyone else knows where I can find a better one, let me know. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hammer-Holder-with-Metal-Hooks-Tool-Holder-Fabric-Oxford-Tool-Bags-Storage-Holder-Electrician-Hanging-Belt/32826013809.html
  11. I was wandering Ace hardware the other day and spotted this sexy little heavy duty claw digging tool hanging on the rack priced for around $15 if I remember right. Made of aluminum and really solid with a comfortable handle I JB welded two neodymium bar magnets for searching iron infested signals on the top hopefully out of the way enough to stay in place.
  12. I just started working an area with lots of exposed bedrock. In addition to my EQX 800, I carry a few lightweight tools to help open up cracks. So far, this combo has proven pretty effective. I haven't really tested the battery life with a long day of hard use. Happy hunting!
  13. So ive been about 2 months trying to find a coin elite pouch, i actually got in touch with the guy from digginitees who sales them and asked about them and he just said yea i sell em soon as i get them tryin to get more, again that was quite a while ago, does anyone know where a person can get one?
  14. Got this on Amazon for around $10. Not too bad! Nice size.
  15. I got a new White's Ground Hawg Shovel in September, have used it on 3-4 hunts, and yesterday I was digging and it folded up like a cheap suit The metal tubing before the head, just bent over ? I wasn't in rocky soil, wasn't wailing on tree roots, it was normal California soil, no clay, no crazy bermuda grass roots, nothing crazy. Does anyone know if White's provides a warranty on this? I hate to loose $59 on a new "heavy duty" shovel ?
  16. For the longest time since I purchased my first metal detector in 1997 I've been either using my pockets or those cheap pouches that come when you buy a new metal detector. Today I bought a couple $10 pouches and used my wading belt for fly fishing. A tool belt will probably work just as good but I have my tool belt full of all the stuff that I need and I didn't feel like emptying them out ? I also bought a dandelion tool to help me dig around some of those deep targets and not ruin them. I also put a folding saw on order with a 7-inch blade because sometimes you run into a root. It is tough when you know it's a really good find and can't get to it or worse yet, put a gash in an 1875 IH that was in mint shape. Believe it or not I've had to walk away not having the proper tools and not made it back. I also put some extra dry paper towels in a plastic bag and paper towels soaked with vegetable oil in another bag the preserve relics. I have an old retainer case for good finds and also a couple Airborne containers for coins. You can separate the coins with bits of paper towel if you want. It would be cool to see what other people use for their detecting tools. I think I'm only missing a spray bottle of distilled water. Feel free to post pics or share what works for you.
  17. I'm in the process of moving to Texas and will be very close to Lake Travis. I need to add to my gear a decent sand scoop for fresh water hunting, can someone recommend one that won't break the bank. I'm not sure what type of soil/sand/dirt I'm going to encounter, so, I may have to wait until I get over there later this month, thanks.
  18. http://www.equiteemfg.com/shaken-rake-sand-sifting-tool-motorized-efficient-sand-sifting-rake/ Motorized sifting plastic tined rake with screen for beach or cleaning horse barns, might be handy for small placer gravel mining and beach detecting too ?
  19. 18" or 24"...….any preference and if so, why????? Thanks!!!
  20. After I've broken several times, I've done this reinforcement. I hope it lasts a long time
  21. Apologies if im posting a lot, but im really into this hobby. My finds arent stunning by any means, but it does show that this machine is very capable! Its only a matter of time before the treasure is found, hehehehehe. Cheers Peeps! Edit: You may think this is a lot of finds for the amount of time ive been hitting it, but kindly take note, i was informed one location was the spot of an old wishing well. LOL. Andy
  22. Here's another, a second interesting product I've run into recently. This one has a bit of a giggle factor for me, but I could be wrong. See what you think.
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