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  1. Yeah that's me LOL and I am sure quite a few others it gets harder and harder to get up off the ground after digging your targets, the getting down on the ground is the easy part its the getting back up after you are down there LOL, I have been on a search for something to assist me in getting back up once I am on my knees after digging targets that I have located with my detectors, well what I came up with and seems to help a ton is one of those kneeling benches, I have been using one for about a week now and this thing works fantastic, in assisting me back up to my feet, not only does it do as I intended but it can be flipped over and used as a bench to set on and take a break, folds up to a nice compact size to allow for fitting into a back pack, yeah I know just one more thing to carry but for me personally it is helping tremendously, and its not that heavy when packed into a backpack Link Provided https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CCS57Z22?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details&th=1
  2. I know many of you have my small Nugget Stash that you carry your gold nuggets in. People love the convenience of a container that can be opened with one hand. On the other hand many prefer an old amber prescription bottle because it's just bigger and easily found in your pocket. So what about combining the convenience of one hand opening and the size and shape of a RX bottle? Introducing the new Nugget Stalker® Nugget Stash. I carry one to put my gold in and another to carry my Tylenol and Blood Pressure pills in. -Doc Available at docsdetecting.com or Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/326106239673 (Nugget Stalker® is a Federally Registered Trademark in the U.S. and Australia. Gold Stalker® is a Federally Registered Trademark in the U.S. both registered to G.M. Lousignont "Doc") -Doc
  3. Does anyone know who makes the Extreme Scoop handles and would you know the weight of the 46" handle? Thanks, El
  4. I normally hunt areas where trowels are required. I have recently gained access to some more wooded areas and need to add a good shovel to my tool kit. It preferably won’t weigh me down, but needs to be rugged enough to cut roots without falling apart in a year or two. The next question is how do you forest hunters carry a shovel? Do you have some sort of back strap carry pouch, or do you just carry it in your free hand and try to keep it away from the coil? I would prefer to keep a free hand if possible, but also don’t want to waste a lot of time accessing a shovel for each target.
  5. After 10 years swinging a detector I still can't find a comfortable way to carry my pick. For the last few years, I've been carrying it between the straps of the Minelab harness but when I wear loose clothing it gets caught up as I'm trying to slot it into position. I've tried the DD pick holder but don't like the pick hanging at a 45% angle as it catches on bushes when turning around. I've tried hammer holders but they're mostly metal and the clunking and rattling are annoying. I've just purchased a Molle tactical vest instead of the Minelab harness and I have noticed a few hang their pick using the grab strap on the back. I like this idea the best but I don't want dirt and crap from the pick on my vest as my area is often wet with clay. Someone was making a 3d printed holder that holds the pick on your back, not sure if they're any good. The only option that I think my work is a small leather hammer holder. There won't be any clunking and it should enable the pick to hang towards the ground. Unless someone has a method that works well for them.
  6. Good afternoon to my fellow detectorists I'm looking for any recommendations for sand scoops for the beach, wet and dry sand. I'm currently using a 41 inch stainless steel scoop that's durable but it gets to be fairly heavy after a few hours. I was looking at the Extreme sand scoops but the titanium is way more that I want to spend right now. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  7. Anyone have any suggestions on what pick is to use for detecting? I've used a few but apparently I'm too hard on them. The Fisher I have now is bent and held together with Gorilla tape. Hoping for a decent point that can be pried on at least a little bit, a good sized hoe on the other end that can move material efficiently, and a magnet (that can be added if not included). Any suggestions?
  8. Kevin Hoagland said he was going to do an article on his favorite detecting accessories and he said he was going to mention some of my products. He never told me the whole article was going to be exclusively about my accessories that he uses. 7 pages! Needless to say I am flooded with orders, which is very welcome. The article is attached in a PDF format. At the end the article also directs you to a You Tude video Kevin did that ties in with the article. Thank you Kevin. You made my year. Happy 2024 to all, Doc DDS GPAA Field Test write up yellow box.pdf
  9. Way back in '21 I posted a thread about gear. I'm always looking for interesting stuff for cheap, so here is my 2023 setup. I made a major change in my relic hunting gear this year, since I started detecting I've been using various belt bags, the lighter the better for the beach, but all my finds bags were belt. What I've found is that belt bags beg other bags on the belt, and the more you put on there the higher chance your detector will snag on something from time to time. Got tired of it. Chase has been hunting with me for 3 years now, and I've always admired his finds bag, a military style drop leg pouch with pockets. He says it is no longer made so I searched extensively and found this one which is as close as I could get, and probably much cheaper: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07STZ7X34 It's only about $30. It is the only one that has Molle straps over two of the pockets, and enough D rings to make me happy anyway, with a Velcro band for morale patches. Here's my rig after adding a few more pouches: I added a flashlight pouch for my spray water bottle (Hoover Boys Foo Foo), and a couple of brushes. The pointer slips neatly into the web holding the pouch, and it doesn't snag. On the right side I added two 16oz somewhat insulated water bottle holders on the D ring, because a 32oz steel bottle is just too damn heavy and "swingy". The other side D ring is for the pointer lanyard. I have this rig strapped around my waist with the pad on my right side and the bag on my left, it has a nice elastic leg strap that doesn't really bind or allow the bag to move around. The real advantage comes from holding the detector in my right hand, there is nothing to hit or snag on. I get a full swing👍 I'm pretty sure this bag can be used on either side. Modifications I made to the bag were cutting out the internal waterproof cover, and cutting off the top flap and strap with a razor knife so the main compartment is a "dump pouch". I added the IR USA flag patch and the clover because I was in the military and the clover is for luck. I have a clover pin another detectorist cast and sent a few of us for Christmas last year, but that's on my beach gear. 😀 It has brought me a lot of luck. The flashlight pouch is also from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07G3QYJRW The two water bottle holders are these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01GYIYQQA Total cost without the patches is around $60. I've paid a lot more for pouches in the past. 🙄 Tight, light and easy to carry all day. I encourage anyone that reads this to post their own rig!
  10. Is there a good set of knee pads to recommend for detecting? I was thinking about carrying around a rectangular one to use or possibly buying a pair of Carhartt double front pants that are designed to put their knee pads into. Apparently you can wash the pants with the pads in place which would make things simplified.
  11. Been contemplating ordering Docs Swingy Thingy, and the Saga Swing arm, since I added the Axiom 16x14 Mono Coil for sure going to pick up the Swingy thingy and Queegle bungee attachment but was wandering if it is worth adding the Saga Swing arm also, does it give you more control of your detector and coil, and can the Swing arm be removed when I am running the 11x7 Mono and DD without to much trouble, just to remove the added weight the 16x14 throws the balance off quite a bit on the Axiom, and at my age it is a bit of a work out swinging those big coils Thanks for any replies
  12. Hi all, I just bit the bullet and purchased a Nemo Blu3 portable dive system as another tool in my metal detecting arsenal. For those who don't know about the Nemo, here are a couple of videos that show what it can do: I'd love to compare notes with those here who are using a Nemo Blu3 with their Nox underwater. I haven't used it yet myself as I had to put it in my shipment to Vietnam, where I will be starting a new job in a couple of months. So I'm just doing a lot of research at this point. The only problem I am hearing so far is that the Nox can be difficult to hear underwater over the Nemo Blu3 regulator whether you use the Minelab "yellow" underwater headphones or don't use headphones at all. For anyone using the Nemo with their Nox (or diving at all), have you been able to find an alternative underwater headphone with better sound or another workaround? Thanks in advance!
  13. I have been using a Bunks Hermit pick for a few years now, I find it to be one of the best picks I have ever used very well made pick for prospecting, I also have his burro Pick as well, which I do like but not as much as Bunks Hermit Pick, but the hermit pick always felt heavy to me and always felt to short for me so I modified it, it came with a 2 foot handle, i wanted a pick I could use for nugget hunting and also use it as a walking pick as well as one that I could use to get up of the ground after retrieving a target, what I did was remove the 2 foot handle and replaced it with a 40 inch handle, and honestly this 40 inch handle as strange as it seems made the Hermit pick to feel lighter and it accomplished what I wanted I now can dig while standing up and I can use it to help me get back up when I go down on my hands and knees to retrieve a target and it also made it a great walking pick,Bunk produces some fantastic picks and I would not hesitate to purchase another hermit pick again from him, and no this hermit pick you do not carry in a holder on your belt, even at the 2 foot length Bunk instructs you to never carry the hermit pick while hanging off your belt as that spike could do some serious damage if you fell on it, I always carried it in my hand where if I fell I could throw it side ways or away from me my recommendation for anyone wanting to purchase a Hermit Pick from Bunk just purchase the head only and then add a shovel handle which can be purchased from Ace Hardware,Home Depot or Lowe's and most likely any good hardware store
  14. I miss the good old days when Gold Prospecting machines like the Goldmaster V-SAT. the Gold Bug 2, and Lobo Super-Traq didn't have screens. Models today are very top-heavy. On a recent trip to Northern California, I was plagued by my detector falling over while trying to isolate the target over its 5" coil. Can anyone recommend a good aftermarket stand? The Arm Cuff base just isn't cutting it. TIA!
  15. I just replaced the handle on my Apex pick and am thinking of adding a magnet to the end of the handle. The handle is a 1" x 1 1/2". Oval What size and strength of magnet would i be looking for?
  16. Charging batteries on nemo for first time, doesnt seem to matter how long charging for but still only showing 1 green light on battery, does anyone have this problem ?
  17. Looking to replace my 18" Apex handle with a 24" and was on their website, went to order up the 24" @ $26+ and upon checkout they wanted $22 to ship...lol NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!! Really didn't want to head to local hardware and start "sizing" axe handles then having to sand, etc. for a tight fit...blah blah, etc. Anyone know of an online dealer that might sell a handle for something reasonable? $50 for a 2 foot handle ain't happening. Long shot I know....but thought I'd try?
  18. Hello I wanted to share with you the sad problem I had with my Nemo device. During the summer months, I try to make a living by doing underwater photography with the device, traveling around the coasts of Turkey and searching for precious jewels with the detector, which is my source of income. That's why your sharing is very valuable to me. As the end of the season approached, I encountered the problem that my device could not pump enough air even under 1 meter, and I was very upset because there is no dealer belonging to the company in my country to send it for repair. I got this amazing hookah system through a friend residing abroad, but our ways diverged. I contacted the company for a fault record, I know that they will definitely fix the device, but due to customs rules, I cannot send the device from my country. The only thing I can do for now is to have the electrician open the device and perform the maintenance that can be done visually. If there is a similar event that happened to you dear forum members, please share the way I need to follow for its repair. Thank you.
  19. I know this is a much heated debate - but what are your guys thoughts/experience on scoop slots - any preferences or situations you'd definitely want one versus another? And are the newer styles better or just hype? - Round (the oldest tech) - Hexagon (the most widely used new type now) - Slotted (just starting to see these added to scoops usually in the rear)
  20. Today I went out for a beach hunt in the morning. (Just one silver band.) I switched back to my little scoop that I pull to me. It is an all stainless steel scoop with a 6" basket. It is a delight to use on a shallow target beach because I can dig the targets faster that my big scoop. My big scoop is of European make that I'll fondly call Godzilla. It is a heavy sucker with 8" basket and a step on back. It is twice the weight of my pull scoop but I can get the deep targets that are 10" or more. A couple of days earlier this week it came in handy. It does not bend or give. It will overpower ALL sand. Other than it being so heavy it also seems to make pinpointing harder. I think the presence of additional metal mass throws off my ability to use the tip of the 15" inch coil on my Equinox. I thought about that today as I was using the smaller scoop. Does anyone else note a difference in pinpointing with your different scoops?
  21. I made up this crevice tool, it's for scratching the gold out of the cracks in the rocks and rock bars. The scraping part of the tool is hardened and tempered 5160 spring steel, and the basket twist handle is made from 6mm mild steel rods. I think it might just work ok, you know those little bits of gold that get jammed in the rocks that the pointy end of the pick is just a bit to wide for. The Crevice Tool cheers dave
  22. It has yet to be tested on the field, but this xtreme scoop is huge! I'm definitely not going to be missing targets anytime soon, and those zincers that sink into pooled water will finally be able to be extracted! Easily 3 times bigger than my previous scoop and looks fairly durable! Carbon fiber handle makes it light weight and has a great grip compared to the iron rod I am currently using. I'm excited to try this out tomorrow!
  23. Build quality of scoops from amazon are extremely poor. Xtremescoops has a 10 yr warranty on their scoops and I need something durable to last me more than 3 weeks of use. Main concerns are handle and weld quality.
  24. On the right holes dug by shovels back in the 1800s On the left mining by machines recently. I always fill in my holes mainly to prevent others from knowing it has been productive. As far as detector holes go they pale into insignificant compared to the damage done by mining.
  25. It seems carbon fiber handles are all the rage for sand scoops. I hunt inland lakes and the bottoms are a mixture of mud and clay. Have you ever broken a carbon fiber handle while pulling loose a full scoop? Also, I am replacing 2 year old scoop. What do you recommend for my kind of hunting?
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