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  1. Not only did they have them at the farm houses, but also at some of the old churches. I have found several coins under the lines at them, and a few other items as well. Sometimes I look for where an old concrete pad has been for the posts and start there. Then I go towards the old outhouse from the doors at the back of the church. Good luck and happy hunting.
  2. I am unsure of that as each state has their own rules. Here in this county the court has told us they can have the items after 30 days in most cases. But you must place it in the paper for at least 3 weeks for it to be legal. Just remember if someone does claim it, they must pay your finders fee.
  3. Yes you can if you first put them on the railroad tracks and wait for the train go by. They have taken almost $30.00 worth just last month. They were in very bad condition before reshaping them for the scrap yard.
  4. GB, I know that you helped my grandfather with his 800, now I am also learning it so that it won't be left in the corner. Just tossing out some ideas to prompt further discussion. 1) What methods and efforts do you apply to ensure full ground coverage in the cases where that is one of your goals? Every time I go out I take a cooler full of beverages to stay hydrated and begin. I take the first beer out and drink it real fast so I can get going to the area. 2) Is your sweep a straight line path or an arc? I first start out with a straight line, but after about the 3 bee
  5. Here is exactly what the law states: (765 ILCS 1020/28) (from Ch. 50, par. 28) Sec. 28. In all cases where such lost goods, money, bank notes or other choses in action shall not exceed the sum of $100 in value and the owner thereof is unknown, the finder shall advertise the same at the court house, and if the owner does not claim such money, goods, bank notes or other choses in action within 6 months from the time of such advertisement, the ownership of such property shall vest in the finder and the court shall enter an order to that effect. If the value thereof exceeds
  6. When my neighbor finds a ring or a piece of jewelry he goes to the local paper and they will run an ad for 30 days for free. He asks the people who calls to describe the item and where it was lost. So far he has returned at least 6 rings that I know of. The other 50 or so has gone to market. That is what I will do if I ever find something like that.
  7. Glad to have you here, and don't worry none we won't hold it against you for being divorced. Just don't let the ex find out about all that gold you find, because she may want to get part of it. We will be looking forward from reading about your finds, and please send us some pictures also. Have a good day and happy swinging.
  8. Another grand find for you. Congrats and good hunting! Good luck on your next outing.
  9. Fantastic find on the door bell, looks to be in good condition, but missing a couple of parts. I hope you can find the rest of it. AS for the coins how can you keep hitting those nice beauties. Good luck on your next hunt!
  10. Great finds, who found the coin with the square hole in it? Cool looking gun and I hope it can be cleaned up a little more. Good luck on your next outing.
  11. Great finds with a lot of history. Good luck on your next outing.
  12. I have never found any of those, but have seen them in grandfathers collection. You can find them on the web all the time, but you are the first person that I know who has found one. Great hunt and don't forget to get back for some more. Good luck and good hunting.
  13. Nice looking hunt and some good gold also. What did the shark tooth ring up at, I hope it wasn't a high OUCH.
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