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    Fishing, Hunting, outdoors, exploring the ocean floors, and having fun.
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    I have my grandfathers Equinox 800 and his old Bounty Hunter metal detectors.

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  1. Great looking hunt with some nice saves. Good luck on your next hunt.
  2. Nice hunting that you had last year, and so glad that you came through everything alright. I hope that you stay safe and healthy this year so we all can see the pile of rings double in size. Good luck and good hunting.
  3. Nice find for sure, the old gold is always the best. What was the words inside the ring? Good luck on your next hunt.
  4. I have a feeling that you are going to enjoy your new toy, and I hope it brings you luck. Good hunting and good luck, I can't wait to hear how it works for you.
  5. Wish you could scan it into the computer so others could get it also. Just a thought as some places can scan large drafts for emailing.
  6. Nice catch on the coin, and I hope you get some of our weather down there just so that you can say it was cold. Today was about 30 and now it is about 22, so sorry that you feel cold when it is in the upper 50's. Good luck on your next hunt.
  7. I have never heard of one being named that, but I think you ought to call him Nox. Cute little fella but that won't last long before he starts knocking things over.
  8. Very nice hunt and the ring was still a good find. Good luck on your next outing.
  9. What did that ring up on the Nox? Nice piece of gold and it looks heavy. Good luck on your next hunt.
  10. Glad to see the nugget showing up for you to find just to break the bad streak of luck. Now that is over have a great hunt and find some more, Good luck.
  11. Dan, Great hunt and some nice finds on the silver. Good luck on your next outing.
  12. Riccardo, Welcome to the forum and we enjoy reading of finds from around the world as long as we see some beautiful scenery with the finds. I am glad to see you on the forum and can't wait to read some of your post's from your hunts. Italy is a grand location with a lot of history. Good luck and happy hunting.
  13. In Illinois I have been using Park 1 when I get into the creeks and streams, however when I am in Missouri I have to go to Park 2 for some reason. I think that there is more iron and lead in those areas that does something to the settings that make it better to go to a different setting. Most of the time I do use Park 1 though and have been very pleased with the outcomes.
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