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    Fishing, Hunting, outdoors, exploring the ocean floors, and having fun.
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    I have my grandfathers Equinox 800 and his old Bounty Hunter metal detectors.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the story and the pictures as it really shows the hard work that you go through to find the gold. Nice looking gold and glad to see your work paid off. Good luck on your next outing in that beautiful country.
  2. Glad to hear that you are doing better and pray that you get better each and every day. Hope to see you out there in the future.
  3. Welcome to the forum where all good hunts are shared. With your background I am sure that we can expect to see some very nice finds from you. I have heard that some of the streams and rivers down there have gold in them that may be detectable for you. Be careful as there are many people there that are not to nice to outsiders. Good hunting and good luck.
  4. Unusual pendent for sure, did you find the chain that it came from. Good luck on your next hunt.
  5. That is not the Memphis bridge as it has 2 humps on it. Sorry
  6. Thank you for sharing that video, it is very good but I hated to see a good Tracker IV go into the water.
  7. How come that looks like a grave that your digging? You are right about digging holes though as I have done so near a creek. There was an old log cabin about 50 yards away and almost every place we dug a hole we found something. Lots of coins near the creek edge and close to the house. Good luck out there and stop digging up old graves.
  8. Nice finds for such a cold ground and I am sure that was some hard work. Good luck and good hunting on your next trip.
  9. Welcome to the greatest forum on the internet with almost anything you could ever ask for in detecting. The people here are happy to share their knowledge with those that want to learn more about their machines and will help you in any way they can. You and your wife have a great hunt and stay safe out there.
  10. Welcome to the forum and I am sure that we will enjoy reading your stories of the finds. We also like pictures too. Good luck and stay safe out there I know that the snakes are mean this time of the year.
  11. I noticed a lot of areas that were good for a detector, and also some of the creek/river would have been a great place to find some gold also. I would have used the 800 to get me in the right place in the water and then set up a sluice.
  12. There is living proof that there are such animals out there and I have found a picture of one such animal to confirm my case about this. See picture below.
  13. When I found the 2 trimes that I have, it was with the Nox 800 and had no problem when I got over them. They both rang out loud and clear, but with saying that the NOX always hit the silver loud and clear. I know something smaller than the trime would be harder to find, but if it was under the coil just right it would ring out loud also. Good luck and stay safe.
  14. Thanks for sharing very interesting video and I will finish watching it shortly.
  15. Thank you for the update about this purge, I want to keep my grandfathers account open for a while longer so I will also post something from there if that is alright. Thanks for all you do Steve with this great place to learn something that so many enjoy.
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