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    Fishing, Hunting, outdoors, exploring the ocean floors, and having fun.
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    I have my grandfathers Equinox 800 and his old Bounty Hunter metal detectors.

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  1. Well if the Scottish could manage to clone Dolly the sheep in the 90's I'm sure the Chinese could clone a Gerry the Detectorist/Detector Salesman in the 2020's. I think you're onto something strick.... we will now have clone Gerrys selling clone detectors all across China to deal with! Since Gerry has yet to deny that he has been taken advantage of does it mean that he's part owner of the site? Just kidding of course, but I do like to keep an open mind.
  2. Great find and glad that you saved it from an uncertain end. Good luck on your next hunt.
  3. I don't know which picture is the most beautiful, but I will say that you found some nice gold. Good hunting and good luck out there.
  4. Great finds for sure, now can you please send an invite with GPS numbers so I can meet you there. Good luck on your next hunt.
  5. Glad that everyone is doing alright from the quake, and hope that the gold pops up out of the ground for you.
  6. Great hunt with some very nice treasures for sure. Good luck on your next hunt and I would be hitting that area again.
  7. Thank you for sharing the story with us as I felt as though I could see were your were at detecting. I believe that in no time you will be wanting to upgrade your detector and then you will have to learn the new one. Good luck and good hunting.
  8. Not me, but 1 of these days I may feel one here in Illinois that kicks California into the ocean.
  9. Thanks for sharing the information and I don't think that anything can be done against them unless the FBI would get involved.
  10. Great hunting trip that will stay with you and your wife for a while. Best wishes to your wife on her retirement and good luck to you on your next hunting trip.
  11. Your first coin is always special and gives a person hope of greater things to come. Be assured that in time you will come across many more items that will keep you going back to hunt some more. Coins today, rings and things tomorrow. Sidelines are a good place to find coins and items so keep up the good work.
  12. Stay safe while your out detecting while you can, because the animals are also getting ready for winter also. They try to add a few pounds before the snow gets to deep so be careful.
  13. I know that in Illinois and Indiana there is more gold than what people realize. The problem is finding a great spot to be able to dig it out of the ground and not get into trouble with our laws. Here in Illinois I have always been able to find a couple of ounces each year panning and sluicing the creeks. Just have to find the right spot and then your set for some fun.
  14. My Tracker IV will still beat the 505 on nails. Great hunt and some nice saves again, good luck on your next hunt.
  15. Fantastic hunt and with all the silvers I know that you are one happy person. One of these days I will come across something like that. Good luck and happy hunting.
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