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    I have my grandfathers Equinox 800 and his old Bounty Hunter metal detectors.

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  1. Nice hunt with some nice gold for your troubles. We had a boat that did the same thing and found a bad ground connection, someone had put the wire connector to the block and then tightened it down. I removed the bolt added a star washer and re-tightened it down. Never had that problem again.
  2. Welcome to the forum and glad to have you here with us. Can't wait to read some of your hunts and see your finds from down there. Good luck and good hunting.
  3. Nice finds, way to go on the saves. Good luck on your next hunt.
  4. I am sorry about the snakes getting you worried, as for me the only good snake is a dead one. I hate snakes! I know that they keep the pest's at bay, but I just hate snakes of any kind. A friend thought he would pull a prank on me once and from behind put his Boa on my neck. That lasted about 2 minutes before it's head was removed. My friend could not believe that I would kill it and only jump to get away from it, he learned real quick how much it cost to replace it. Grandfather was bitten a couple of times by rattlesnakes and hated snakes also.
  5. Welcome to the forum and I hope that you have read this thread on the forum. That would be the first place to learn a lot about the area you are interested in and Steve H. should be able to help you out a lot. Good luck and stay safe out there.
  6. Welcome to the forum and glad to have you here, good choice of detectors and hope to be seeing some of the history that you find. That area is beautiful with lots of history, and you never know what you may be digging up. Good luck and stay safe out there.
  7. Since looking at it again, it looks like it has felt on the bottom of it. Should that be the case it is more likely that it is a pawn from a chess board.
  8. My grandfather told me once that his grandfather taught him to do it when he was a kid. The trick he said was to place one sack inside another sack, then weight it down to hug the side of the bank to catch what flows through it. I have seen him pick up almost a 1/4 ounce like that before. That was with 5 or 6 sacks tied up while we worked some place else. It won't hurt to try it and when you see some gold in the sack you can learn how to set it in the water.
  9. Very nice days reward on the gold, and I am glad that you had another place to sluice. Good luck on your next hunt. Grandfather used to use a couple of burlap sacks with some weights to catch some gold when the water was to high. He said that the water moved faster and would also move some of the gold when things got high. When the water went down some we could pull the sacks out of the water and sure enough there was some gold in them. We kept the sacks close to the banks and held in a position with some nylon cords. I would like to know if you had ever tried that method and if so did you catch anything.
  10. Great hunt and some great finds to show for your hard work. Good luck on your next hunt and stay safe out there.
  11. Welcome to the forum again and I hope that we will all know what you found after all the digging. Good luck and stay safe out there.
  12. I didn't know what it was made out of and that scraps both of my thoughts on it. Being on the Gulf working I don't have my grandfathers old books to look things up.
  13. I have the Equinox 800 and it is a great machine, I also know that the 600 is also an excellent choice. The 800 is waterproof where the 600 is not, so think about where you are going to use the detector the most. Good luck on your choice and good hunting.
  14. I have a question about the spoon and it is this, does it have a groove from the bowl to the end of the handle. If it does it would be 1/2 of a lead ball mold. They would be stood up and then filled from the handle end and after the would cool they would be separated. Don't really know for sure, and it could also be a simple baby spoon from a poor person.
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