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  1. Great job digging up all those coins and junk. Better luck on the rings next time.
  2. Good finds for sure, and I am confidant that you will be finding more. With the nox are you using headphones or are you using the buuilt in speaker? I ask this because where I have hunted I have never used any headphones and wonder if I need them. Thanks Caleb
  3. Love hearing stories like this, as it helps us who metal detect parks and beaches. Some places won't allow it now, so when I hear things like this I share them with the local politicians just like my grandfather did.
  4. Great save on the IH, great finds again. Good luck on your next hunt.
  5. Since I have been using my grandfathers 800, and reading the posts here I have learned from experience that one must dig items that one might think is junk to find the good stuff. Some of the items that I have dug should have been pull tabs or can slaw, and turned out to be 3cent pieces that are very small. I have also found some nice jewelry from those ID's that should have been junk also. I use the factory settings and am a newbie with less than 75 hours on the Nox, but from what I am learning I feel like I am making my way to learning the unit. This summer I will start p
  6. Does the back of it have a notch on the bottom of it? It will look like a V to hold a string in place. If it does it is probably a plumb line for an old surveyors unit. Saw one similar on the net and now I can't find the page it was on.
  7. I really hope that things work out for the best. Good luck and thanks for the heads up.
  8. Nice find on the gold, but a sun baker is a person who has been staked out on the ground by leather straps. Then someone poured honey on him to attract the ants and birds. When the bones are left for about a year, then it is a sun baker. As long as the rock was face up and the gold was always in the sun, then it is also a sun baker.
  9. EWC, I am also from ILLINOIS and would like to know which part you are from. I am in central Illinois about 45 miles South of Springfield. Welcome aboard to the best forum on the net and please share some of your insights and adventures with us.
  10. No matter what you do someone will say that you did wrong. With that said, I would go and give it my best to find something to give back to the relatives, as it may give them some type of closure of their loss. Good luck on your decision.
  11. Great finds, I hope I can someday get something like those items. Good Luck on your next hunt.
  12. Nice find, I hope that someone can identify it for you.
  13. Very nice find with a lot of relics to boot. Good luck on your next hunt!
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