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  1. Very nice hunting with a great outcome! Good luck on your next outing.
  2. Great find on such trashy area! Hope it cleans up a little better for you, and wish you good luck on your next hunt.
  3. Well I didn't know you were in Florida and I can understand about the gator scaring the fish away. Since you had the gator there I would have used a week old chicken just to say I caught something, but you would have needed a bigger pole. Still a good catch on the ring!
  4. Nice finds even though you had to dig a lot of trash to get them. Remember that in the past the detectors did not go as deep as the Nox on coins. I am learning this in a park that has been gone over by a lot of people. I have even had the parks ground keeper tell me that there is nothing old left, and that is when I show him a dime I found. They just look at the detector and shake their head on what they missed. Good luck on your next hunt!
  5. Great find on the ring, sorry for no fish though. Did you try using the beach settings to find the fish? Good luck on your next hunt. Use a slow crank bait for the fish, it is getting cold and they don't move as fast.
  6. Great write-up on your first detector's. Very interesting reading and like the way you keep your equipment cleaned and looking nice. Nice piece of gold also, good luck on your next hunt with whichever detector you swing.
  7. Were we suppose to read what you wrote, I just look at the nice pictures. Just kidding!
  8. Thanks for the information as you and many others on here always give us newbies great information and good products. I am still hoping to get out before the freeze here in the Mid-West.
  9. Congrats on the find and your 2,000 likes, only a good detectorist could ever do it. Grandfather had a few of those crosses (similar) when he went to a lot of religious functions in the early 70's. I showed the picture to grandmother and she recognized it as something from that time. They went to see a lot of evangelist's in the late 60's and early 70's. I knew that I had seen it before and I asked her about it. Thanks for sharing it.
  10. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving wherever you may call home. Stay safe, eat much, and drink heavily.
  11. Sad to hear about this and hope those 2 never get another chance to be around decent people again. There is no need for people like that, and I fear in today's world it is only going to get worse.
  12. Not a space rock for sure, but it is quite beautiful Should you have a metal detector I would run it over it to see if it has metal in it. Then I would break it in half to show what is inside.
  13. Both the 600 and the 800 has a learning curve that takes time to fully understand, but once you learn the unit it will be one of the finest detectors that money can buy. I was given my grandfathers 800 a few months ago and am learning how to use it even today. With that said I can assure you that it is well worth the money he spent on it, and from what i have already found with it it has paid for itself several times. Good luck on your decision!
  14. Once again you give us a fantastic hunt with plenty of gold to look at. I hope some day to be able to learn from you. Thanks for the story and picture. Is that ounces or grams?
  15. Looks like it has a lot of quartz in it, so I would guess that is what it is. You might want to check it for some gold inside it. But what do I know as I am new to this also.
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