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  1. It's called demand. Just not enough of a potential sales base to support the investment. It is really a niche of niche - Only a small subset of hobbiest detectorists enter the water, only a subset of those dive. And fewer still make a living of it like you do.
  2. Are you referring to the gold mode VCO audio otherwise not sure what you mean by this.
  3. Totally agree with this. The 12x15" is really built for coverage, not much additional depth over the 11" and if you are concerned about junk target density, Chuck, having more targets under the coil because of the greater coil span, it might be counterproductive.
  4. I have never relied on Equinox iron bias for crown caps. In my experience dealing with crown caps at the beach with the Nox, crown caps do give primarily high tones, so those less adept at picking up the telltale clues are often fooled. Specifically, they give notoriously unstable target ID readings and marked iron grunts off the coil edge when in AM. They are pretty easy to ID in that manner and I will usually move on without bothering to even scoop them to be certain. I have no reason to believe that the Vanquish would not behave similarly.
  5. Steve - No worries. Ain't no way I am getting out for awhile anyway. Busy with stir crazy kids and work. Did get out a couple weeks back in 95F heat, found some keepers, but also started seeing stars too. Drank 10 bottles of water to keep hydrated. Luckily, the permethrin I sprayed on my trousers and socks worked as I did not bring any 8 legged hitch-hikers home. There is a reason I hunt the fields mostly in spring and fall and the beaches in summer. Fall sounds a lot better for a meet up if we can swing it. Safe travels back to OK.
  6. Nice keepers, Steve. Sorry I missed out on your latest trip back east.
  7. Steve - thanks for the report and pic. I take it you were running at 18 khz?
  8. Makes sense, the swimmers itch larvae can't swim so they need something like that to stir them up and then allow them to attach onto people.
  9. Actually what you are likely experiencing is called "Swimmer's Itch" caused by cercaria (flat worm larva). The rash is similar but results from a completely different mechanism than chiggers. Chiggers don't actually bite but inject an enzyme into the skin to liquify it and then feed on that and the result are the telltale pinprick type red bump rashes. Flat worm larva detach from snail hosts in 60F degree or higher temp water and them burrow into the skin of their hosts. They cause irritation similar looking to chigger "bites" but die soon after doing this are relatively harmless because they are not a vector for disease. Chiggers do not live in the water but they do like to live in waterside plant life. You can read more about swimmer's itch and how it is different than chigger "bites" here. The other possibility is that you are picking up chiggers as you walk through plants that line the shore of whatever body of water you are working. Everyone enjoy your lunch now...
  10. You won't get these answers until after final release for public sales and unbiased testers and not Garrett youtube stars can get their hands on the machine and report on it with true machine to machine comparisons. I plan to do that myself once I can get my hands on one. The machine, unlike Deus/Orx and Nox has only one, non-adjustable recovery speed. I suspect it will be faster than the AT series but by how much, who knows at this point. Probably faster than your ET but not quite as fast as your Vanquish (which in turn cannot be run as fast as either the 600 or 800 at their fastest settings). A narrower coil can't really disguise slow recovery speed. I think they were just going for a lighter coil that can cover a lot of ground. The depth performance loss vs. a wider coil is perhaps an inch or so at most because of the total area covered by the coil with its elongated length to width ratio vs. most ellipticals. The good news is that there will likely be a lot more Garrett and 3rd party coils available for Apex than for Nox or Vanquish. Except for the Eurasian "hacked" coils, what you are seeing is likely all the coils that will be offered for those two Multi IQ machines. I am hoping ML comes out with a Multi IQ machine that has the speed of the Equinox but the sophisticated target ID and discrimination patterns available in the FBS2 machines (eTrac and CTX). Cheers
  11. Wow, you are buying a red detector with a 1/8' socket, something you said you would never do and as demonstrated the ID numbers are the same as Equinox. I think you are slipping Nuke, I thought you had greater resistance than that.
  12. Hey GB you're not supposed to laugh at that, I was being semi serious - but I don't blame you based on ML's track record. What was it that the Wayne's World guys used to say..."Yeah, that will happen...when monkeys fly out of my [bleep]" I guess I can dream that ML is actually listening.
  13. Perhaps ML is compiling our wish lists for Equinox (switchable pitch (vco)/tone ID audio, mixed mode, true threshold, and target ID normalization options) for the Multi IQ version of the CTX.
  14. Who are you directing the question at? Recognize, that user "Hello" tacked on a recent question to a very old thread started in February 2018. So the original topic and issue is moot at this point even though the thread has been resurrected. Hello does not have his detector in hand yet.
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