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  1. If you are really focused solely on high conductors like silver, Multi IQ frankly doesn't bring that much to the table. You should really consider giving 4 khz single frequency (SF) a go with some caveats. If power line EMI is not an issue (low operating frequencies tend to be more susceptible to general power line EMI - but noise cancel can still be used to attempt to find a clear shifted 4 khz channel) and iron junk target density is not an issue (Iron Bias is not operational in SF - but you don't seem to be utilizing its advantages anyway), then 4 khz might be a good option. See
  2. As a relic hunter, lead is gold. Now if they find a way to separate aluminum from gold, lead, and brass, then we might have something to talk about...
  3. Yup. Thanks Tom, though my wife thought I was OK even before I found it. She was very insightful and pragmatic about it: “So basically that coin is valued at about half the cost of the detector you used to find it right?” I said, “Yeah”, enthusiastically. She said, “So why aren’t you still out there looking for the other one?”
  4. Probably a cost they are willing to bear because of the small percentage of users that submerge their units and the smaller percentage of those that will suffer failure. Otherwise, official acknowlegment of a flaw and the resulting blanket product recall would force them to replace units that would never see a drop of water. Again this is all speculation in the absence of any official ML response on the suspected issue.
  5. Agree, but the Apex is not the one worth jumping ship for. Hopefully, 2nd gen addresses the shortcomings (tone limitations, recovery), but they appear to be brand fixtures at this point. Rooting for Garrett to prove me wrong, because having multiple coil options is a great thing.
  6. Yes. Just another false rumor that some of the final production units were not manufactured in Malaysia borne of the fact that ML refuses to explicitly acknowledge the issue and instead quietly replaces them under warranty leaving users to speculate widely as to the root cause. At least ML are standing behind the product warranty. But on the other hand, the silence on a problem that is obviously not just isolated to a few units (especially based on those individuals who have reported multiple failures) gradually erodes brand confidence and trust in my view and makes me wonder how this is go
  7. Any bluetooth headphones that use the low latency APTX-LL codec should work. Low latency ensures that you hear the target response consistent with the position of the coil over the target. Most non-low-latency Bluetooth phones introduce a signiificant delay such that by the time you hear the target signal your coil has moved inches beyond the actual target position during your swing. Here are a couple phone models on Amazon that are known to work with Equinox and that are considerably cheaper than the ML branded accessory phones. Avantree AS9P Paww Wavesound 3.0 with noise can
  8. Sea Hunter II does not have adjustable channels like the Infinium.
  9. Hard to say what is going on at this site. It is a mix of Colonial, CW, Victorian, and early 20th century. Spanish and Mexican Republic Reales, Capped Bust Silver, Seated Silver, Largies, IHPs, Trimes, Shield, V, and Buffalo Nickels and Gold coins have all been found here along with both Union and Confederate CW relics (plates, minie balls, buckles, buttons and other brass items). It seems to be a multipurpose site through the years - Colonial home site and picket/lookout area during the Civil War, as well as a couple cache's of relatively modern early 20th century silver coins. The person
  10. Yes, that button needs to be depressed as it turns on the Minelab Wi-Stream radio that transmits to the WM08 first and searches for a WM08, if it finds none after 30 seconds, it turns off the Wi-Stream radio and switches on the Bluetooth radio and searches for BT headphones waiting to pair. If you have a set of BT headphones already paired (or one or more WM08 modules paired), you can shut off the detector without turning off the wireless radio first and the Equinox should automatically connect to the last paired set of headphones or WM08 module(s) if they are powered on without having to go
  11. Thanks. I honestly do not know the answer to your question. But to paraphrase Robert Duvall's character in the movie Apocalypse Now, I would imagine that it "smells like victory." Of course, he was talking about napalm...
  12. Yep. I finally lived up to my moniker, Mitchel. Though I have snagged beach gold, I had been chasing this one down for some time.
  13. Andy - I really enjoyed talking shop with you at DIV and came away with some really good tips and tricks. Hope to get the Tarsacci out for some more field tests. Was in a groove with the Deus today. When you are swinging with confidence in your detector and your abilities, it almost seems like the ground is transparent. Swinging Tarsacci made me feel like I was swinging in a fog. Need to force myself to put more hours into it. I think the site I was at would be well suited for Tarsacci and am sure I would have hit just about every target I found with Deus, but Deus had the "x" factor to
  14. Ha ha. I hear you. First thing I did once I was able to stand was to get it back to the truck for safe keeping then I resumed swinging without fear. Those $1 gold coins are tiny.
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