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  2. FT probably doesn't care as they don't design nor manufacture the battery and are moving away from NiMH in the next Impulse iteration anyway. I would advise against opening it up because that just makes contained disposal that much more difficult and the gas and chemicals that are contributing to the condition are some nasty stuff.
  3. Nokta comes close to providing such access and tapping into the pulse of their user base. The designer of the Tarsacci MDT 8000 is also similarly approachable. It's also not often that users are willing to pay for the privilege of essentially beta testing a detector. So it is kind of expected the designers would take such a vested interest in the feedback, good or bad. Looks like it has been a pretty successful experiment in product development that should spur other manufacturers to sit up and take notice.
  4. Yep, that is why the limited tone options on the Orx coin modes is extremely limiting. If I do use Orx for detecting, it is usually in Gold mode where the vco-like audio is much more expressive. Similar to pitch in the disc modes. Tone is king on Deus especially when all you are getting is double bars on the TID display. But I also don't discount the displayed information as it is just an adfitional input for making a dig decision. Yeah, I can get away with just the WS4 phones and a coil on Deus, but that is not my preferred configuration.
  5. The chest itself weighed 20 lbs from what I have read, I revised my post.
  6. There are still plenty of treasures out there but the most valuable ones are closer to home than you might think...
  7. Lol. That's not something anyone can likely easily, if ever, prove in a court of law...as opposed to the opposite. Fenn's mistake was that he never insisted that the finder come forward and reveal the find and where it was found. That should have been the price of admission. But there would also be no way for Forrest to enforce that rule and would make it more likely that someone who found the treasure would not even inform Fenn (which is probably something Fenn couldn't stomach). As far as those who lost their lives - I have sympathy for them and their loved ones but they should a
  8. I've found small brass relics in the 40's, but yeah, its mostly going to be modern junk down there if hunting a modern site, maybe the occasional micro jewelry bit (earring stud). 49 to 69 I pay attention to for buttons, nickels, and gold jewelry. Deus makes it a lot easier to deal with modern trash in this range because full tones distortion really reveals the irregular aluminum junk in this range, if Orx had full tones well...you know. If you get your hands on a Deus target ID chart off the internet, pay attention to the 18 khz column because Orx normalizes all TIDs to 18 khz operating fr
  9. The Fisher Impulse AQ "Special Edition"uses NiMH not lithium cells. Nickel metal based batteries and Li Ion batteries are susceptible to damage from exposure to extreme hot or cold conditions during use or excessive charging and it usually manifests itself as swelling or rapid loss of capacity. If the battery was used and charged in accordance with AQ specs, it is likely that it had an underlying defect that hastened the failure. They should not be used or charged further once swelling occurs and should not be shipped . Fortunately, NiMH cells are not as unstable and susceptible to fire as
  10. Definitely go with what works. All the Equinox firmwares are acceptable, it really is just a matter of some minor tweaks and features. If any of the firmware versions was seriously flawed, I doubt ML would retain the ability to dial back to it. Confidence in your machine goes a long way towards success with it, so stick with what works and don't fix what isn't broken. Good luck and happy hunting.
  11. Um, well OK then . No one seems to be able to take anything at face value anymore. Wonder why that is? It seems if people don't get they're way, they chalk it up to some conspiracy. Seems like that is what many of the Fenn Treasure Seekers have done now.
  12. I will say this - the ML's were the second worst of the four WP headphones I tried from a sound quality standpoint. The worst were Gray Ghost generic Amphibians with no volume control. Tony E modified them to make them a tad better using his drivers but they were still not as good as his custom phones. Did not try the Patriots. I like the LS Pelsos which are hard to come by now. They are waterproof, but designed to handle a dunking but not submerged detecting because they don't use Piezo drivers, but definitely loud and good for non-submerged surf work with wave and wind noise being atten
  13. Why not give the classifieds here a shot too. Saves you some ebay fees and I know some folks here are looking for remotes.
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