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    Studying mining history and visiting historical places. Minelab/Coiltek/garret dealer performing one on one training on most brands of prospecting detectors. Cell 208-739-8079
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    Currently using a Minelab ZED, GPX 6000, GPX 5000 a Fisher Gold Bug 2, and an Equinox 800 Whites MXT.

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  1. Steve, very nice summary! I am glad the E1500 was the first detector to meet your pulse induction challenge of under 4 pounds and under $2,000 and it looks to have some good ergonomics also. I remember that the 6000 and Axiom were well suited for the states due to a majority of our gold is on the smaller sizes and we have a lot of quartz specimen types also here. Not to forget some of our goldfields can also be heavily mineralized killing most Induction balanced VLF’s. So for 1/2 of an Axiom or 1/3 of a 6000 we have a small gold detector now with a wide array of coil option, great EMI handling, and a static target ID. The SDC does have great ground handling capabilities, even better than the 6000, so looking forward to more user feedback results of the E1500 ground handling capabilities. Hopefully the Ultra Fine Pulse timings can handle the more challenging ground types in the goldfields.
  2. The Aussie forum had a chart but had some settings used that might of obscured the tests.
  3. That's a huge price drop there, probably Garret's first reaction to the competition coming into Aus... Not a word in the states about this package yet, but most likely will also happen here in the states when the competition's detectors start coming in, especially now with the competitors lower price points and added features. I think Garrett still needs to go a lot lower on the Axiom's prices to remain competitive in the current market place--AUS. $3,000.
  4. I have found the coil faults are usually in two places, one at the connector being a twisted wire or corroded pins. The other issue is where the coil wire is pinched where it goes into the coil, as this water tight compression ring is to tight and breaks the wires, definitely has been a bad coil design adding that ring. knock sensitive coils can be tied to windings having movement from lack of molding.
  5. Hi Red Bluff, I’m just north of you in the Siskiyou’s. There are a lot of factors involved, like is the weight of the machine and cost an issue? If not then next question is do you primarily detect in the creek or rivers and backpack in, if so then an SDC 2300 is a good option. Do you detect quite often and can get really familiar with your detector on dry land and want a very versatile detector, then the 5000, Algoforce, or Axiom is a great option. GPX 5000 does struggles on porous specs though and is a detector that’s requires a lot of learning time to get the most out of it Do you detect rarely and want a turn on and go detector like the Goldmonster then probably a GPX 6000, especially if you primarily find specimen gold or smaller shallow gold. Do you want a detector that can go deep on larger nuggets and also find specimen gold, then a GPZ 7000. I offer free training if you want to come up for a day and I’ll show you how simple the 5000 can be.
  6. E1500 is just another tool in the box, still has some cool new features though. The best thing is we got some competition in the market place now and that’s what’s been needed for a long time, especially at the price point it’s offered at.
  7. When I’m able to get a E1500, I’m going to try to see about making it water proof for detecting the rivers here. Luckily it’s only got a pod and battery pack to worry about and not a large control box like the other Pulse Induction detectors out there. Maybe Doc can brainstorm a cover for it that seals water out.
  8. The spiral wound coils in most cases have more sensitivity than a smaller sized bundle wound and more depth over a next size larger bundle wound coil, but these coils do hear more ground effects from mineralization. When Bruce Candy came up with the smooth timings on the GPX legacy detectors, spiral wound coils really took off. The spiral wound coils exceptional sensitivity ia probably why Coiltek and NF primarily make spiral wound coils now. Coiltek even claims 30% deeper over traditional winding. In hotter ground conditions you will most likely have to lower gain with a spiral wound coil to compensate for the ground conditions in contrast to where a bundle wound would be able to run a higher gain. Imho I would think the Sadie did not have enough room for the spiral windings, so NF ended up making it bundle wound. I would pick a 12x8 spiral wound Evo over the Sadie unless I needed the smaller size for rocky terrains.
  9. I know a lot of people that hate complex electronics and give up great stuff for more simple stuff, probably why the goldmonster sells so well. I would like to have a U.S. warranty center before buying one though.
  10. I’m sold on getting one, always wanted a target ID on a pulse induction detector and I really like Evo coils.
  11. I hope they call the next generation E1500 the E1600, that way I can get the detectors for $1,500 & $1,600 🙃and still be able to use the interchangeable coils and battery systems. When backpacking in the outback all I would need to do is bring one detector with two pods, then switch out the pod when going for smaller gold and vice-versa for deeper gold detection. This Algoforce has so much potential to expand. Currently most top end Pulse Induction detectors such as GPX 6000, GPZ 7000, SDC 2300, Axiom, Garrett ATX, have no interchangeability with coils or shaft systems., so if Algoforce can bring back the good ole days of SD/GP/GPX interchangeable components, then zippy do da. All the way. 😄
  12. We have tried the 15” Evo on a modded 5000 and it does add quite a bit of performance over a stock 5000. hopefully Mick will send you a list of settings for best performance.
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