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  1. Hello Sanya, you sure seem to know a lot about this Detector Board and I wish to talk with you some more about it. Because I want to match one of these detectors to a stock Tesoro or another manufactures coil but not sure on what to get. Have you got any more information on this detector and what can you tell me about it please. Other questions too like how to match the coil and set frequency would all help me, will I need a oscilloscope for this job? Thanks' again, L.L.
  2. Hello to all, Yes I have a blank board if you would like to have one cheap kac. I bought it from a Russian guy on eBay just so I could open up communications with him. I have no idea how to build it and would be happy to see it put to good use. He still has one left and assembled PCB's too but if you would like the blank please buy mine. Here is the eBay link https://www.ebay.com/itm/Metal-Detector-Tesoro-Lobo-DIY-ONLY-PCB-1pc/183729092996?hash=item2ac71b7984:g:7pEAAOSw1r5bW2U6&frcectupt=true
  3. Yes kac I always wondered about that cleaner stuff is it any good? It all looks a little expensive to me about $45 a Litre I think. I just use water or sometimes mix it with vinegar. I do have a homemade recipe if you would like to try it. https://ultrasonic-cleaners.org/how-to-make-homemade-ultrasonic-cleaner-solvent.html Tried it once or twice but not what I really expected. This Blue stuff here is supposed to be pretty good, maybe I'll try some and let you know what I think about it, fairly cheap too. 2 x 8oz for $9 US iSonic and it's a concentrate 1:20 ratio.
  4. Thought I would make every penny, or detector find pay for it's self and have no problem parting with it. Especially when there's a profit. With metal detecting, compelling coin collecting, D.I.Y. metallurgy and ancient alchemy. I have produced Pirates Treasures and cast molded ornaments. I'm pretty sure someone will want some.
  5. With the wealth of information that I have read here, from such knowledgeable and interested people in coin preservation. I have now invested in some new equipment mainly the Ultrasonic Cleaner. In fear of inflicting any damage to the coin and after reading what Swampstopper Al mentioned and suggested. He's right, "I just can not leave those coins alone." So we've bought a couple of extra items and acquired a good camera for those close up pictures. So if strick is reading this just get yourself a used Samsung ST50 or along those lines, their quite cheap after being 15 years old now. The picture quality is great, easy to use and I think it has about 12.2 Mega Pixels. I Also recommend a free picture viewer which allows me to crop and enlarge with very little ease, so try using Irfan I'm sure you will be impressed with it. I will leave you nice people with a few pictures of detector finds and were taken with our used Samsung ST50 cropped and enlarged with Irfan. All the Best, L.L.
  6. Well all this wonderful advice and a true concern for preservation of coins is starting to overwhelm me I think but I'm sticking with Ron deathray's friend. "I like them shinny". So I have now taken up DIY Alchemy and Metallurgy and have begun to make every penny pay for it's self by way of an auction. If you wish to purchase any of my Pirates Treasures please bid on them at Trademe NZ. The rest of some of my not so precious coins have found there way to the smelting pot and have begun a new life as ornaments. I thank everyone who participated in this discussion and very much appreciated your advice on cleaning coins. I will from now only refer to a coins in there oxidised condition as Toning thanks to Swapstomper Al.
  7. I put up some better pictures for all to see. I hope you enjoy them. Paul.
  8. Thanks Mike I thought so too, well this story keeps getting better, for it was found here in New Zealand just the other day and have only just started detecting, about three weeks now. I bought the Lobo for seeking out gold but never got the chance to go into the gold bearing areas yet. So I'm trying my Lobo out at an old local sports field where I would find some Pre--Decimal N.Z. coins, kids toy cars and lots of ring pulls those dam things give me nightmares. Yes I will keep everyone posted on this cool find but I'm not to sure if I should have it restored or not just yet. I will wait till I get some solid advice on how to preserve this artifact. When I get a new camera or borrow one I will post better quality pictures for you.
  9. I just fired up the Lobo and placed the coil to the ground, then it beeped or quacked as some would have it but I like the sound's my Lobo makes. I'm starting to understand it with every hour we spend together and I think we have begun a fine relationship with each other, for she rewarded me with my very best find ever. The target was positive as I waved the coil over the ground , so I then began to recover the item and I popped out this badge which was covered with a fair amount of soil. Just like most of the other badges that I find I just put them in the bag and carry on but then when I got home I couldn't find it and was worried I'd have to look for it again. Then my wife said here it is thank goodness she found it, so we cleaned it up with some water to take a closer look. This is where it get's interesting, I can see now that it's a R.A.F. Squadron Badge. So I look for the Squad number and it showed 518, then I thought I've heard of this Squadron somewhere before, then it hit me D-Day these guy's radioed Churchill directly from the plane confirming the weather was good enough for the landing of D-Day. I could not believe what I had in my hand, a Squadron Badge from the 518 Squadron. So I did some background work and found out that it's the real deal. Some insignias show the hand holding the key to the right but mine was facing to the left so I checked some more on this and it is supposed to face left. I do hope we have some WW II historians with us so they could give me some more information on what I have found. I also know there were 28 flights in the Squadron with 8 men crews so that's only 224 men in this squadron. I also found out that to this day, some of the where bouts' of couple of these guy's is still unknown one from Australia. Man this is real live history I have here, there's so much information on this Squadron and it's a great story too, so if you haven't heard about these guy's you should check it out for sure. Now if you are familiar with this story, please pass on what information you could supply me with. This must have a lot of historic value and speaking of value what would you think it would be worth to the right buyer? My question now is, should I have it restored or do we leave these kind of things alone? This is my best find ever and a day I'll never forget. I found some real live history about 70 Year old iconic world history. This is Great I Love My Lobo. B.T.W. My camera is Sh#*, so please excuse the photography and my other camera is also no, is a digital microscope and can only zoom out to 50X. http://www.oldnautibits.com/features/aerofeature5.php http://www.aniodhlann.org.uk/tag/518_squadron/ https://www.wikiwand.com/en/No._518_Squadron_RAF https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/raf-518-squadron-coastal-command-480919770
  10. Thanks' to all for your replies and great answers, I do understand where your coming from with your words of wisdom. I think I'll take Steve's route. I love my pretty shinny little coins and I can spend hours cleaning and polishing my worthless Pre-decimal and Post-decimal (if that's a real word) N.Z. coins. I have one of each of these 1950's Half Crowns though the Far Diamond and the Near Diamond are near worthless I know . For now though I have my sights set on a much more interesting item, wait till your see my next post. This one is sure to catch someone's attention. I do hope we have some WW II historians here with us. Happy hunting. Paul.
  11. Hello to All Members, We have been finding many pre-decimal New Zealand Coins. After washing off the dirt they are covered in a layer of patina, that dull brown stuff which we have been reading should not be removed for poor technique will devalue the coins worth. Toothbrushes, bristle brushes, chemical compounds and polishing cloths are a No-No, but they look so nice and shiny to a novice like me. Also just to let you guys know that electrolysis is not the way to go that ate a few of my good coins. We have been reading that valuable coins are "Best left to a Professional", so it can be done the proper way! What do they use? How do they do it without depreciating the value of the coin? Is there a knowledgeable Coin Expert who is willing to divulge their secrets, not for me but for the sake of the coin? Failing that, how should the coin be presented to a potential buyer or collector with this patina on it? Because it doesn't look very nice like this, underneath is a beautiful coin and I would like to get fair trade value for them. Will they appreciate our respect for the coin in this condition by leaving it this way? Some are very nice and valuable judging from coin evaluation sites and others not so much. How can I decide which coins to show? Even some pennies are very sought after and small silver ones which are a rarity. What do I do, What do I do? Hum.
  12. Hey thanks' guy's you sure are a good bunch. I hope I can get it fixed soon. Still using it just no PP.
  13. I think your just trying to make me feel better by saying these nice things about the Lobo. That might work, but for now I'm still having buyers remorse. Just looking at my empty wallet and wiping the tears away. Thanks any how.
  14. Hi Simon, Yes that schematic and other pictures are from that Russian site. I have been typing to him through E-Bay trying to get one of his completed builds, box and all. I did buy a PCB from him in hopes I could find someone to assemble it for me because I lost out on the built PCB he had for sale. However after talking with him again I find out he will be building some more assembled boards and even an under elbow unit mounted in the box with battery compartment. That's the unit I really wanted to get. I was going to run both on the same machine one at a time of course, to see what kind of performance it would give me. I do hope he finishes it soon. Yes Lobo did have an early model and even some under different names, like the Ozzy one the Dingo and for some other retail stores without the Tesoro Brand name on them.
  15. The lobo needs repair, does anyone know where I can get the Loved Lobo repaired? I just got going and then there it was gone! lost my pin point mode. Why is this happening to me ? I just want to MD all day long. Someone told me to get rid of it, but we just got together. How could I do that to her. So any help would be of great help, at a moment like this. I can't send it back to the factory because the factory don't want it either now that it's all gone quite. Think I'll sit down and cry now.
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