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    Tesoro Lobo Super Traq , Tesoro Bandido 8" Brown Doughnut coil, Russian Built Proto Lobo v1, 2x KKMOON Pin pointers and a Beautiful and Talented Assistant "Bandido Girl". (Wife).

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  1. And then when they discover your remains, they will be. " All Dials Smiles". man.
  2. Hello Kac, Here's a build for you, comes with all the electronic components and was designed for the beach. I think this a Whites design the Surf Master. Might be P.I. (pulse induction)thought not sure. Bye L.L. & B.G. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Surfmaster-metal-detector-self-Assembly-kit/223453942130?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144
  3. R33 Pot got ya, right! but which way again? I did hear from others turning the pot is a bad idea but I got try the unknown . Now my biggest problem is where to get it fixed now that Tesoro's is gone. My Lobo ST needs someone, anyone at this stage to fix her up after an over voltage was applied to it. Anyone out there know how to fix a LOBO ST ? Please. Thanks' L.L.& B.G.
  4. Got to love the ST, I don't use the bs-mode too often but was think about using some conformal coating on the board and switches before going back to the beach. I tried some on a RC boat receiver then drown it in a glass of water. It worked but only when you take it out again. I think the water shorts it out some, but it recuperates time over time it's going in. Conformal coating comes in spray and liquid form. At the very least it will coat the board and repel the moisture and salt some. If you ever accidently drop it in the chuck. "GOD for bid". you might be able to just rinse it with
  5. Kac you can have the board, free of charge, with no leans against or encumbrances, I don't' know any thing about it or where to start or finish, I will post it in a envelope with some bubble plastic and apiece of rigid card for support and will even put on a brand new, New Zealand stamp for you. Then after it is built you could show us all what you did with it and then and only then, maybe take a look at mine to see what's-up with it and to use it for a comparison if you have the time. This is the outfit I was going to use for electronics, they have free shipping on orders $5
  6. Yes I do still have the board, do you want it? I will never be able to put that PCB together, I'm a mechanic and don't know anything about the thingy. I only bought this to open up communication lines with the Russian dude on e-bay. I ended up also buying his prototype and hooked it up to a 9"x6" DD Tesoro coil. I have tried to tune it in but still have some difficulty do so, not sure what's really going on with it. As you can see he has another populated board and the naked one going cheap I think and now he has that little doo-dad for the coil, what's that all about? I think I want o
  7. Hello Sanya, you sure seem to know a lot about this Detector Board and I wish to talk with you some more about it. Because I want to match one of these detectors to a stock Tesoro or another manufactures coil but not sure on what to get. Have you got any more information on this detector and what can you tell me about it please. Other questions too like how to match the coil and set frequency would all help me, will I need a oscilloscope for this job? Thanks' again, L.L.
  8. Hello to all, Yes I have a blank board if you would like to have one cheap kac. I bought it from a Russian guy on eBay just so I could open up communications with him. I have no idea how to build it and would be happy to see it put to good use. He still has one left and assembled PCB's too but if you would like the blank please buy mine. Here is the eBay link https://www.ebay.com/itm/Metal-Detector-Tesoro-Lobo-DIY-ONLY-PCB-1pc/183729092996?hash=item2ac71b7984:g:7pEAAOSw1r5bW2U6&frcectupt=true
  9. Yes kac I always wondered about that cleaner stuff is it any good? It all looks a little expensive to me about $45 a Litre I think. I just use water or sometimes mix it with vinegar. I do have a homemade recipe if you would like to try it. https://ultrasonic-cleaners.org/how-to-make-homemade-ultrasonic-cleaner-solvent.html Tried it once or twice but not what I really expected. This Blue stuff here is supposed to be pretty good, maybe I'll try some and let you know what I think about it, fairly cheap too. 2 x 8oz for $9 US iSonic and it's a concentrate 1:20 ratio.
  10. With the wealth of information that I have read here, from such knowledgeable and interested people in coin preservation. I have now invested in some new equipment mainly the Ultrasonic Cleaner. In fear of inflicting any damage to the coin and after reading what Swampstopper Al mentioned and suggested. He's right, "I just can not leave those coins alone." So we've bought a couple of extra items and acquired a good camera for those close up pictures. So if strick is reading this just get yourself a used Samsung ST50 or along those lines, their quite chea
  11. Well all this wonderful advice and a true concern for preservation of coins is starting to overwhelm me I think but I'm sticking with Ron deathray's friend. "I like them shinny". So I have now taken up DIY Alchemy and Metallurgy and have begun to make every penny pay for it's self by way of an auction. If you wish to purchase any of my Pirates Treasures please bid on them at Trademe NZ. The rest of some of my not so precious coins have found there way to the smelting pot and have begun a new life as ornaments. I thank everyone who participated in this discussion and ver
  12. I put up some better pictures for all to see. I hope you enjoy them. Paul.
  13. Thanks Mike I thought so too, well this story keeps getting better, for it was found here in New Zealand just the other day and have only just started detecting, about three weeks now. I bought the Lobo for seeking out gold but never got the chance to go into the gold bearing areas yet. So I'm trying my Lobo out at an old local sports field where I would find some Pre--Decimal N.Z. coins, kids toy cars and lots of ring pulls those dam things give me nightmares. Yes I will keep everyone posted on this cool find but I'm not to sure if I should have it restored or not just yet. I will wait till
  14. I just fired up the Lobo and placed the coil to the ground, then it beeped or quacked as some would have it but I like the sound's my Lobo makes. I'm starting to understand it with every hour we spend together and I think we have begun a fine relationship with each other, for she rewarded me with my very best find ever. The target was positive as I waved the coil over the ground , so I then began to recover the item and I popped out this badge which was covered with a fair amount of soil. Just like most of the other badges that I find I just put them in the bag and carry on but then when I got
  15. Thanks' to all for your replies and great answers, I do understand where your coming from with your words of wisdom. I think I'll take Steve's route. I love my pretty shinny little coins and I can spend hours cleaning and polishing my worthless Pre-decimal and Post-decimal (if that's a real word) N.Z. coins. I have one of each of these 1950's Half Crowns though the Far Diamond and the Near Diamond are near worthless I know . For now though I have my sights set on a much more interesting item, wait till your see my next post. This one is sure to catch someone's attention. I do hope we have som
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