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  1. Just curious what anyone thinks was the best of the Tesoro Umax detectors? I had a Cutlass II Umax years ago and it was really fun to hunt with when I just wanted to beep and dig. Bill
  2. Has anyone used a vaquero for nugget hunting? If so, how does it do?
  3. I'm helping an Arizona Archaeologist search for artifacts. The favorite detector used is the Tesoro Lobo Super-trac since it is simply a turn-on and go detector. Nearly any volunteer on the project can grab the Super-trac and be productive. I am refurbishing some of the failed detectors. Does anyone have an alignment procedure for the Super-trac? I notice about 6 potentiometers (variable resistors) on the PC board and I'm wondering if alignment checks might be useful. Thanks for any help. Ed, Tucson, Az.
  4. The Tesoro Pantera is a VLF discriminating metal detector that was produced around 1990 by Tesoro Electronics. It had a cult following due to its proficiency in extracting non-ferrous targets from dense ferrous trash. Information on it is rare so I am reproducing the material from the catalog page below. Instruction Manual at tesoro.com GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Pantera is a high performance VLF metal detector which is capable of rejecting ground mineralization and buried metallic trash simultaneously. It includes Notch Discrimination so that most common pull tabs can be rejected without losing nickels and small gold rings, or so that only a particular band of desired targets will be detected. Notch Tone Target ID provides a low tone for targets below the Notch Level setting, and a higher tone for targets above the Notch Level setting. Design emphasis was placed on performance and ease of use, while minimizing or eliminating those troublesome adjustments that could cause a loss of performance if not used properly. The Silent Search Discriminate Mode is based on motion, which means that the search coil must be moving slightly to detect a target. The motion required is so slight that pin-pointing is possible in this mode, however a No Motion pin-point mode is included, which with the 8 inch open center search coil makes pin-pointing a very simple task. A Ten Turn Ground Adjust control is used, which allows the detector to be adjusted to virtually any type soil. This control allows the operator to get the absolute maximum performance from this detector. The unit is furnished with an 8 inch open center concentric search coil. We feel that this coil will provide excellent performance in most situations. The open center greatly simplifies pin-pointing. The detector can be used as a pole mounted arm rest unit, or as a body mount unit. It can be converted easily without tools. SPECIFICATIONS Operating Frequency ......................... 12 kHz Coil Size ............................................. 8" Diameter Coil Type ............................................ Concentric Audio Frequency Hi Tone............. Approx. 800Hz Low Tone......... Approx. 600Hz Audio Output .................................... 1½" speaker and ¼" stereo earphone jack Weight .............................................. Approx. 3½ pounds Battery Requirements ..................... 12 volts DC (8 AA penlight batteries) Battery Life ...................................... 15-30 hours Optimum Temperature Range ........ 30° F to 100° F Optimum Humidity Range ............... 0 to 75% R.H. Operating Modes.............................. All Metal Expanded ED-120 Discriminate Notch Reject Discriminate Notch Accept Discriminate Click on catalog image below for larger view.....
  5. If the cover is missing or the plugs which fasten it are missing or broken, you can make a simple panel with appropriate holes to line ump with the holes on the case. Then you can get some of these - Amazon has them. I also have them because I needed two of them and they come in a bag of 20!
  6. I leave some pics of my tesoro outlaw ? , i´m waiting for some DD coils i order from Belgium, they are very hard to find for this model in europe, needs to have a 5 pin plug. I´m wainting too for Compadre to try out, orderer from the Netherlands. Thanks to ebay ? Tesoro´s in europe are very rare. Some pics of my companion.
  7. Has anyone tried the little 4” concentric on a mojave or silver umax or actually any other model? These are still available and I was wondering if anyone’s tried it and what specific applications they used it for. I was thinking it may have a place for densely polluted areas where a good find wouldn’t be very deep.
  8. I just purchased a NIB Silver umax today. I started to use my Compadre about 3 weeks ago to cover some hunted out HaHa ground that I've been pounding with the 800. I've become aware that the 800 has a little problem masking out silver targets in areas with a lot of nails. I know some of you will tell me I'm using the wrong settings ect, ect. But after trying all the so called great settings from other users I still came up short and feeling like I missed some good targets. So for shits and giggles I pulled out the lowly 5 3/4'' Compadre and hit a few spots. Well now I saw a dramatic silver increase in some of my nail infested areas. There's a lot to be said for setting your Disc near max and just hunting the BEEP = Silver. A light bulb went off and I almost forgot how great Tesoro machines were at discrimination. So a few days ago I got the bug to find a Silver umax, for better depth. Lucky for me a member gave me a tip on a new one. As soon as I get it I will give it a good run. I think sometimes old school detectors will give the new ones a run for the money. I hope all tesoro fans take their machines for a walk once in a while, You might just have a good time.
  9. I have a mojave and have always been interested in the silver sabre micromax. There’s a silver sabre with the brown 8” donut coil for sale on the friendly forum and was wondering if it has any advantages over the mojave. I’ve read about how good the SS umax is and it intrigues me enough to consider buying one. However, if it’s similar in performance to the mojave, I can’t see any justification in buying one.
  10. Are they concentric or Double D? One for sale sort of close by and has a NEL hunter coil too. It's the purple one and has Garrett head phones. Never ventured to the Delta side of Tesoro. Golden µmax and compadre in the past.
  11. Hello everyone, I’m a new member and I’m looking for a battery door for a tesoro lobo supertrack. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank You.
  12. Hi everyone, I wanted some info on a classic tesoro detector, the lobo supertraq; to begin I would like to understand from which series the tesoro has made the last modifications, I ask this because I believe that already the version with rod and gray box and 10x5 inch coil should have the latest electronic modifications; I saw that in 2018 a series called HT was released which has a 12x10 inch coil and the electronic box placed behind it; having found a version with a small 10x5 plate I wanted to know if it already has the latest changes, because the ht version is not found; another question, on the online manual I read that the automatic balance (I read around that it works very well) performs it only on all metal, so when it goes into discriminate it stays on the last point recorded in all metal, or it only refers to the fixed balance of the three-position diverter of the ground ??? last thing how is this detector on saline beach, even near the water, and in areas with dark volcanic sand? Thank you Hello
  13. Hello everyone, I'm a user of The Legend and Xp Orx. I want to do a manual and sound-only search and have some nostalgia, but I want a device that is resistant to minerals and has good discrimination, do you think it can be tejon or vanquero?
  14. I started out today Detecting by myself on a rather large property. After about 1 hour I decided to call it quit's. A little discouraged, I figured I needed a partner who could help me out with this daunting piece of property. So I decided to try and find someone to give me a hand. I was looking for someone who had a fair amount of detecting experience and was proficient with the 800 and a Tesoro machine. I called everyone I could think of and they all were busy. So back to the house I went, As I pulled into the driveway I noticed a fellow detecting my yard !!!! What the hell, I ran over and confronted him. He reached out to shake my hand but something was wrong. Something was off. After a few minutes of banter I realized maybe this fellow could help me with the big property and maybe I should ask him to help me. After all I was desperate for help. He told me he has been detecting for many many years and was very good at detecting. He has a Tesoro umax and runs a Equinox 800. So what the hell I asked him to help out, He agreed but on one condition. He would help BUT he could only help till October 31st and then he had to leave. We shook hands (kinda) and off we went. HAPPY PRE HALLOWEEN ALL !!!!!!!!
  15. Usually after a vacation I schedule one day after my return home to ready myself for the return to work. After hunting with Bob at Virginia Beach I really wanted to go to a park I have murdered the silver at, But the lawn needed mowing. I told my wife my plans and she said why don't you go detecting for a bit the lawn can wait ( damn I married a good women). I have hit this place hard for two years, me and my buddy have pulled over 100+ silver coins not including rings and charms out of the ground. I packed up the Tesoro silver u-max and the 800 and off I went. I always use the Tesoro for clean up so figuring finds were getting harder to find I started with it first. Quarters and dimes were on the found list, but nothing tone wise that peaked my hearing. I decided to check a place close to the parking lot and my truck. After a 100 yards I got a tone that was a touch different. I would have dug it straight up but there was a strange guy walking back and forth. Not sure what he was up to, so I walked a few hundred yards away. At this point the big coil was killing me and I decided head to the truck and swap to the 800. I fired up the 800 and went to my park 1 5khz program. I did pretty well on some pocket change and decided to roll back to the spot where the Tesoro tagged a good tone. The 800 said 28-29 with a nice tone, I was sure it was silver, but I've been fooled before. Well after digging I pulled a silver ring, not a fancy one but I'll take it. I decided to take a run at the other side of the park but was thwarted by blood thirsty mosquitoes and I forgot the Permethrin. After 10 minutes and a 100 bites later I was gone. I figure I can always make another trip. Overall I had a nice 4 hour hunt.
  16. Good friend Joe D tossed me a 8x9 coil for one my Tesoro's. Coil was never used but was missing a cover. I had made a cover previously but for some reason it didn't fit that well and was too tight. After measuring again I noticed there was a variation on the other coil. I believe the older coils may be a little different so I redid the cover for those that are looking to replace ones they have or have none. Models should be printed on an FDM. I used ABS and works fine. Zip contains a step file for those that want to fiddle with it and an stl that is ready to be sliced. New Tesoro 8x9 coil cover.zip
  17. I stopped using alkaline batters few years ago and use lithium 9v on my pinpointers and Cibola. For some reason the 9v batteries are a little too tight inside for the Cibola box and covers won't seem to close. I extended the box area just a bit and improved the upper tabs so they close better. Step file and print ready stl in zip. Any tweaks needed just give me a hollar. Cibola-Vaq fat bat box cover.zip
  18. Since Tesoro has been out of business for quite a while is it possible to acquire the pot settings on the Micro Max? Or for that fact any board information on some of the detectors.
  19. I have had my Golden uMax for years and only used it lightly as I have other detectors as well. Anyway I have recently been able to get back to detecting due to some improvements in my health. I finally have had time to appreciate the notch settings on this machine. Nickels no longer hide from me. It is just like a new machine and I have noticed that you can't hardly even find used ones for sale. I think I will be hanging on to this detector for sure!
  20. Just curious if anyone has/still uses a Pantera? I know very little about the detector except that it had exceptional notch discrimination in its day. Bill
  21. Not mine. I doubt if the seller will get that, but I thought it was a crazy high price. Seller also states that there were rumors that there were only 150 mojaves made.
  22. Pots worn out on my Tejon and I have the info for the ground balance pot but not on the others. Threshold and I believe 2nd disc are the same Sensitivity, primary disc and VCO/Tone might be the same I can't get a good reading on them as they are worn out and still soldered in so any info would be a huge help. Thanks
  23. With all of the new machines out or coming out, I was just wondering how many of us Tesoro fans still use them on a regular basis? Also if all these new machines are so much better, Why so few Tesoro's for sale? I own a NOX 800 and NM multi kruzer and like them both, But seem to find myself drifting back to the low Khz Tesoro's. I'm a coin guy and love silver and copper coins. Gold to me is a welcome surprise but it's not what makes me smile. Running my Umax over the 800 as of lately really seems magical. I feel like I'm much more in tune with the tones vs blended audio of the 800. I'm also a big fan of concentric coils, they just perform so much better in dense trash. I know everyone chases depth, but I do not. Most of my coins rarely go beyond 7'' with the exception of big silver (oddly) Ha Ha. Beginner detectorist's IMHO rely to much on their screens and discard the fundamentals of detecting for a machine that they trust without knowing what that means. Something awesome about a 1 tone machine with a hundred nuances.
  24. My last coin and silver of 2021 was a barber half. Since that day I have not been out, Here in PA we had some really cold days and some snow. I thought my next hunt would be in April. Well today we had a high of 47 and the ground crust thawed enough to try a hunt. I kept having the feeling that I left something behind last time out, So back to the park I went were the barber came from. The first coin out of the ground was a clad dime followed by 2 quarters. My next great tone was by an OLD oak tree a mere 10 feet from where the barber was found. Roots galore but still no coin at 7 inches, having a feeling it was something good I slowly excavated another 2 and out jumped another 1/2, This time a really nice 1945 Walker. I ended 2021 with a total of 47 silver coins 5 of which were 1/2's, So starting out 2022 with a 1/2 might/ (hope) be a good omen.
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