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  1. Hello everyone, I have just joined up and this is my very first post. I'm surprised to see fellow detectorists here from New Zealand. I've been here in N.Z. for almost 12 years now and only bumped into one other detectorist just a little while ago, some newbie from Christchurch going back home after his first trip to Kyeburn Diggings up Dansey's Pass. Some older dude with his new Gold Monster 1000, he stopped off at the beach here in Timaru for a snack and his afternoon nap. No luck for him this time and he was complaining about all the metal the old time miners chucked about there. That's along drive to about 2.5 Hrs one way. We were just heading home after hanging out there for the afternoon, when he saw us just after testing out my wife's new BH Commando TK4. So we had a little bit of a tail-gate meeting with him. He wanted to showed us his GM 1000, it was nice to have a look at one up close and I took it for a bit of spin in the dunes. Anyway I'm not here to chat about new acquaintances, got much more important stuff to talk about. I would like to Hyper-Tune or Super-Tune my Lobo ST and need some help with it. I Was thinking about putting on an external ground balance potentiometer to get some more depth, but first I need to know how it all works. Because my wife and I are Newbie's too and I'm trying to teach myself, my beautiful and talented assistant the "wife" all the ropes about MDing. So if anyone can help in anyway it would be very much appreciated. A German guy did that to his Lobo and he seams to be happy with his mod I think his name is mschahl and another guy Keith they both seem to very knowledgeable about the Lobo ST. I would love to here about what is and isn't, the up and down's, the in's and out's and what mod's I could do with these two MD's the Lobo and BH TK4. Also I could get a new PCB for the Lobo and put it in a build box like the one shown or drop it straight into the Lobo but don't know where or who could build it for me. This way I can take out the factory one to keep for a back-up incase anything goes wrong with my build. Thanks' in advance for all your help and it's nice to be here, I don't feel so lost now. Paul.
  2. Winning bid of $200! That's got to be a deal! I paid like $448 the first time I had one.
  3. I like my little Compadre. While it looks overly simplistic its actually a pretty decent metal detector with a full range disc circuit. I bought it for my wife but then I modded it with a connector so I could switch out coils and now I run my Cleansweep coil on it. I just set the disc to accept my lowest reading ring and go beep and dig with it. Since I'm only hunting the top 5 inches of dirt or woodchips I don't need a manual ground balance and the sensitivity setting on mine is just right for my EMI and depth requirements. The 12 kHz operating frequency combined with the full range disc is plenty sensitive to the targets I'm after. And if you like to tinker, its a cheap detector to mod with. I like it and can recommend it to any and all. HH Mike
  4. The Tesoro Pantera is a VLF discriminating metal detector that was produced around 1990 by Tesoro Electronics. It had a cult following due to its proficiency in extracting non-ferrous targets from dense ferrous trash. Information on it is rare so I am reproducing the material from the catalog page below. Instruction Manual at tesoro.com GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Pantera is a high performance VLF metal detector which is capable of rejecting ground mineralization and buried metallic trash simultaneously. It includes Notch Discrimination so that most common pull tabs can be rejected without losing nickels and small gold rings, or so that only a particular band of desired targets will be detected. Notch Tone Target ID provides a low tone for targets below the Notch Level setting, and a higher tone for targets above the Notch Level setting. Design emphasis was placed on performance and ease of use, while minimizing or eliminating those troublesome adjustments that could cause a loss of performance if not used properly. The Silent Search Discriminate Mode is based on motion, which means that the search coil must be moving slightly to detect a target. The motion required is so slight that pin-pointing is possible in this mode, however a No Motion pin-point mode is included, which with the 8 inch open center search coil makes pin-pointing a very simple task. A Ten Turn Ground Adjust control is used, which allows the detector to be adjusted to virtually any type soil. This control allows the operator to get the absolute maximum performance from this detector. The unit is furnished with an 8 inch open center concentric search coil. We feel that this coil will provide excellent performance in most situations. The open center greatly simplifies pin-pointing. The detector can be used as a pole mounted arm rest unit, or as a body mount unit. It can be converted easily without tools. SPECIFICATIONS Operating Frequency ......................... 12 kHz Coil Size ............................................. 8" Diameter Coil Type ............................................ Concentric Audio Frequency Hi Tone............. Approx. 800Hz Low Tone......... Approx. 600Hz Audio Output .................................... 1½" speaker and ¼" stereo earphone jack Weight .............................................. Approx. 3½ pounds Battery Requirements ..................... 12 volts DC (8 AA penlight batteries) Battery Life ...................................... 15-30 hours Optimum Temperature Range ........ 30° F to 100° F Optimum Humidity Range ............... 0 to 75% R.H. Operating Modes.............................. All Metal Expanded ED-120 Discriminate Notch Reject Discriminate Notch Accept Discriminate Click on catalog image below for larger view.....
  5. Hi All, I am looking to get a Tesoro very soon as I had one years ago (Laser Scout - UK version) but I'm torn between a Tesoro Cibola and Vanquero. Also are these machines good on dry beaches also how about wet sand? Is the C better than the V and if anyone can help? I'm hoping some members here may have some information as to help me on this subject.
  6. I read a tip on super tuning the Tesoro Tejon and didn't see any difference in depth at all. In the tip they said to do an regular gb with sensitivity @ 10, then turn the GB + 1/4 turn (approx. 8.33 on a vdi with scale of 100), then turn the sensitivity back just until the machine stabilizes. Did some quick depth tests and found id made no difference at all. I tried similar technique on my AT Pro and had a loss in depth of approx. 1". Am I missing something here? Is super tuning some sort of myth?
  7. Got a used Tesoro LOBO, but with or without coil, it just screams when I turn it on. Adjusting threshold no help. Any ideas, or anyone need it for parts? Thanks, Jeff in AZ
  8. Hello new here and to detecting. I bought a new Lobo st in 2004/2005 played with it a bit and pulled the batts and put it away for a few years. i didnt have much luck with it . i have a gold piece 24k about .51 grams and .400 long .200 wide and .050 thick, how deep should i be able to detect this piece. ive got several silver dimes and quarters older pennys going back to 1890s. im setting up a test field with the coins in zip lock bags. and rope markers added some junk and nails as well . should i be able to detect a 1971 penny at 6 inches in any mode? im getting nothing, and i see videos at 8 ,10 ,12 inches and nothing on the gold at 3 inches, could there be something wrong with the detector?
  9. I found this site that has posted all of the Tesoro Brochures for each model. Great walk down memory lane for those who love their Tesoros. https://www.treasurelinx.com/tesoro.html
  10. I know it needs to be in the classifieds and maybe thats where i will put it, but thought id ask what a gently used tesoro vaquero in perfect working order would sell for?
  11. Hello, Live on the Kenai Peninsula and bought a Tesoro Lobo st last winter in Arizona, the snow is going away time to learn the machine, Anthing I should know about the soil up here and any special mode to use up here, Looking for everything from coins to nuggets, Thanks
  12. I have been using the 9x8 concentric coil mostly for park hunting and trashy areas and wondering how good the 12x10 wide scan coil is on depth and small targets or would I be better off with a Nel Thunder or something similar? I find the 9x8 a little tedious on big fields. Thinking of getting that coil along with a lower pole and other parts as back up since Tesoro seems to have evaporated.
  13. One popped up on eBay just now - couldn’t resist - Buy it Now - I did No coil. If I understand correctly it takes standard 4 pin coils for the Lobo super trac and similar. Have to figure out what coil to get for it. This will be my third one - Probably made enough off the first two to pay for it - but out of respect for Dave Johnson - who designed it and pronounced it to be his favorite design - I guess I’ll keep this one. Rick Kempf Gold Canyon AZ- where there is no gold
  14. Version 2001


    Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ Instruction Manual, 403 KB pdf file, 22 pages Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ Data & Reviews Tesoro Metal Detector Forum
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Tesoro 2013 full color catalog, 25.2 MB pdf file, 20 pages Tesoro Metal Detector Forum
  16. Version 2007


    Tesoro 2007 full color catalog, 2.77 MB pdf file, 12 pages Tesoro Metal Detector Forum
  17. The lobo needs repair, does anyone know where I can get the Loved Lobo repaired? I just got going and then there it was gone! lost my pin point mode. Why is this happening to me ? I just want to MD all day long. Someone told me to get rid of it, but we just got together. How could I do that to her. So any help would be of great help, at a moment like this. I can't send it back to the factory because the factory don't want it either now that it's all gone quite. Think I'll sit down and cry now.
  18. Has anyone done a tone mod on their Vaquero or know how to DIY? Also looking for a schematic diagram!
  19. This is another of my favorites, the Golden Sabre II. Whats really nice about this one is that it is a true analog audio and the tone break point really mix. Sometimes that mix tone will make me shiver....... HH Mike
  20. Hello to all this week i received my 5.75 tesoro concentric ,rare as a hens teeth. Anyway last nite i mounted my Lobo number 2 with that coil.Same set up as LOBO 1 full carbon straight shaft,light as a feather . So this morning i hit my test spot on the foreshore ,30 min later i had few signals medium and low but like in those videos of metal detector reactivity on you youtube were the machine act like a machine gun ,anyway i dug the 1st it was 50 cents of Euro(????????) then another one then another on then 1 euros etc etc etc i enlarge the hole and was moving dirt and 1 hour later i reached 41 euros.................dont ask me what they were doing there offering maybe some of them were at 25 cm deep. I may go back tomorrow with another spate and my lobo with DD that may help ,found also 23 p later a ww2 button and some scrap.Needless to say i was more surprised than excited i had to reduce the sensitivity to 10 as it blast deep unwanted stuff otherwise.Tesoro .........any Instagram account or Twitter :) RR
  21. Thought I would throw some love at the Tesoro forum since it has been quiet here since Steve set it up. I recently purchased a Vaquero Black with both the 12x8 and the 5.75 widescan. I am still choosing my locations and learning the settings, but there is just something about running a Tesoro... so much fun!! My intent was for it to be a good grab and go for tot lots, curb strips and edges of basketball courts, though I do have a Compadre as well. But the 12x8 also lends itself to walking into the field as well. While I am still trying to understand the true depth of this unit, it is definitely meeting my initial expectations, and I believe it can also be a good unit to hit areas that I have already covered with my other detectors, and possibly squeak out an additional find or two.. especially with the 5.75 coil. I have already found a couple of junk rings and a good ratio of clad for the actual swing time I have posted... looking forward to finding some gold, or something with a little age to it. HH Tim.
  22. I just havent been able to find the sweet spot on my vaquero ground balance the last couple times i used it cant seem to find that constant hum, either to negative or to positive, can someone help me out?
  23. Current Tesoro Metal Detector Models and Pricing* August 2018 Tesoro Compadre - 12 kHz, 5.75" round concentric coil, single 9V, 2.2 lbs, $160.65 Tesoro Mojave - 12 khz, 7" round concentric coil, single 9V, 2.2 lbs, $251.10 Tesoro Silver uMax - 10.6 khz, 8" round concentric coil, single 9V, 2.3 lbs, $254.15 Tesoro Cibola - 14.5 khz, 9" x 8" concentric coil, single 9V, 2.5 lbs, $369.75 Tesoro Vaquero - 14.5 khz, 9" x 8" concentric coil, single 9V, 2.5 lbs, $454.75 Tesoro DeLeon - 10 khz, 9" x 8" concentric coil, eight AA, 3.0 lbs, $509.15 Tesoro Outlaw - 10.6 khz, three coils, single 9V, 2.2 lbs, $551.65 Tesoro Sand Shark - Pulse Induction, 10" round coil, eight AA, 5.4 lbs, $577.15 Tesoro Tejon - 17.5 kHz, 9" x 8" concentric coil, eight AA, 3.0 lbs, $602.65 Tesoro Tiger Shark - 12.5 khz, 10" round concentric coil, eight AA, 5.4 lbs, $636.65 Tesoro Lobo ST - 17.8 kHz, 10" x 6" DD coil, eight AA, 3.5 lbs, $679.15 Tesoro Cortes - 10 khz, 9" x 8" concentric coil, eight AA, 3.0 lbs, $721.65 *Lowest price in U.S. dollars as normally advertised on the internet Tesoro Metal Detector Catalog (latest 2013 issue) Tesoro Mojave (new for 2017)
  24. I found a Tesoro Silver Sabre Umax, the old one with the red pinpoint button. Has a 8" coil and looks to be in good shape 150.00 with a cheesy pinpointer. Any thoughts for making it a backseat toy? Update! I got it for 100 bucks and it's like brand new! My wife grabbed it and now it's hers. I put a fiber lower rod on it with a nylon coil bolt and it works great. She has a treasure pro and this is lighter for her and easier to operate. It's the small box one Steve like the modern silver uMax.But with an all metal pinpoint button and a threshold control. I'm trying to talk my sister out of her unused Compadre but for some reason it likes the closet at her house.
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