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  1. ??? I never said that I can get more out of the ground than in the air. I said the opposite , you get less in the ground than in the air , around 30/100 less with a VLF. There is a depth loss due to the ground , it is just as simple as this .. Btw I have done this test in ground and salted sand , the detection limit is at around 12inches for a big coin ( copper , 10g) for all the machines ( MLs , XPs , Quest , Teknetics , etc ... ) that I have tested either in moderately mineralized soil or salted sand . Only a PI can go deeper than this , I also noticed that with a PI you get exactly the same distance in moderately mineralized ground than in the air with a PI , 12 inches in the air means 12inches in the ground . It is probably different in high mineralized ground ..
  2. From my ( long ) 🙂 VLF MD testing experience I have noticed that it is easy to estimate the depth in ground from an air test , you just have to remove 30% from the air distance to get the depth in ground , this for moderately mineralized soils . Then for the big coin of the above video at 17inches in the air , this means 17 - 5,1 = around 12 inches in the ground. I am not surprised by this , it is what I have measured on my bed tests for other detectors like the MLs Vanquish , Equinox , or other monofreq detectors running a low freq like 5khz. Then no revolution here for the D2 from my standpoint ...
  3. I have a mountain bike too but I mostly use my car for MD because my detecting locations are often 15/20+ km away from home and it would take too long with my bike . I rather use my MTB for ... biking in the countryside around home , I have great fun with my MTB ...
  4. ---------------------> calabash its bad what you ve done with your Nox . Next time use a legit repair method , hit it with a hammer ... 😀 😹
  5. It depends where you are ... Over here in France and probably in Europe the overall response will be a Deus for inland hunting . Over here the Equinox is rather considered as a beach detector and very few people use it for inland coin/relic hunting ... Not because it is a poor machine , but just because it is outperformed by the XPs in the irons , and we have tons of irons over here 🙂 . Also because it is much more cumfortable to sweep weighing 0.75kg compared to 1.3kg for an Equinox ...
  6. I forgot to ask you if you are a coin/relic hunter or a beach hunter ... Anyway if I had an advice it would be to take the time to learn the D2 because the XPs and the MLs ( Equinox ,Vanquish .. ) are very different beasts , and you will probably need a few months before learning/mastering the D2 PWM audio which is very different from the Equinox audio as you will see .. btw I am not a nugget hunter too , no gold around here and I am also too far from the sea ... Just a coin/relic hunter ... HH
  7. Yes at least 20/30 hours in the field is the minimum to have a first good idea of a detector . I would say 50 hours with the Deus2 which is a sophisticated detector with multiple settings and modes. I would say rather 150/200 hours if you want to test all the D2 kinds of hunting: beach hunting , diving , gold prospecting and inland coin/relic hunting I dont know your MD experience ,how long you have been detecting and with which machines , but the field is by far the most important criteria for evaluating a detector I remember having spent around 80/100 hours with the Eq800 to fully master/understand the machine , this just for inland coin/relic hunting. This despite my 20+ years MD experience ... It takes time to learn detectors , just like with music instruments ... Looking fwd for your feedbacks
  8. Actually it is not my opinion I was just trying to understand/summarize your D2 assessment vs the Equinox. I have no personal opinion at the moment because I dont have the D2. I just have others opinions at the moment.. which is a first start ... 🙂 Up to now there have been in this forum more positive ( calabash , g. blackwell and a few others ) than negative things about the D2 vs the Equinox I will do my own tests as soon as I have my D2 "Lite" ...
  9. Then if both have the same technical grade, from your results the Equinox is at the moment a better deal than the D2 because it is much more affordable , 1000e vs 1600e over here in France ... Ok lets see your results in the field for the final assessment thx ...
  10. Interesting thx, sorry to be annoying but to summarize a little, how would you grade both detectors after these 1st impressions , say : Equinox 3/5 , Deus2 4/5 ? or Equinox 4/5 and Deus2 4/5 ? Or something different ? thx
  11. Because the beach is something really new for XP with the D2 , and there is a huge difference between a D1 and a D2 at the beach/diving ( IP68 20m proof etc ) . There is now a light and performing detector for the beach and this is something really new .. For the land the difference between a D1 and a D2 will not be as important I think , except perhaps for mineralized soils . Just my opinion ...
  12. I have never needed to adjust my volume segments individually . Having the same volume response from all my targets , except the ferrous , is exactly what I need . So no major omission of flexibility for me here ... I am not a beach specialist , but I agree with calabash , I rather see users moving from the Anfibio to the D2 than the opposite , simply because of the detection comfort criteria , with a D2 weighing around 800g vs an Anfibio ( 1,7kg ! ) ... And there will still be a big difference between the D2 and the new Legend ( 1,4kg ) This is the downside of NM detectors , they are heavy ... Some people dont care about their detector weight , but the majority prefer lighter machines. This is probably the most important reason of the XP success story ...
  13. The D2 9" signal on the gold coin is a little scratchy , but at least there is a signal while there is absolutely nothing with the excal . thx for the video Mr C ... 🙂
  14. I just had a discussion with a French dealer yesterday , yes the D2 9" and 11" coils prices will be at 399e . The RC 750e and the WS6 350e 🙂👍. Available in April , then we ll have to wait a little 😒 ... At the moment only the D2 full packages are available at 1600e . I will probably order a 9' coil + the WS6 headphones in April , as I already have the D1 rod . Then total for me 749e , which is a good deal as it looks like that the WS6 has all the settings that I need.
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