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    MD since 1998 ( coin & relic hunting , inland )
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    XP D2 WS6 9" , XP D1 WS4 9X6, Quest Xpointer Max

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  1. Very nice finds , and your pics are splendid . I am curious did you use a camera or a smartphone to take them ?
  2. Bad luck , probably the coil lithium battery is faulty . Dont worry too much about this they will send you back a new coil or fix the issue . Personnaly I have never had a coil charging/battery issue since I use XP wireless detectors ; the D1 9" since 2013 , I have hundreds of hours with it , and now 40 hours with the D2 . You had a good idea to order a 9" coil btw , for me it is the best coil of the D2 coil set , ultra light and performing , I am sure you will enjoy it ...
  3. For me the D2 is a toolbox where you pick up what you like/need . Personally there are 2 things that decided me to change from my D1 to the D2 : the SQUARE audio that I prefer to the historical PWM D1 audio , and the additional depth due to the multifrequency . 2 ( very ) good reasons to change for me ... However I still have my D1 as a backup but I will probably sell it . On the other hand I agree the D1 is still an excellent detector especially in plowed fields. But in woods , forests or parks the D2 goes deeper I have no doubt on this ...
  4. 14K gold ring with diamonds ... Wow impressive ... Could you post a bigger pic of the gold ring Jeff ? it deserves it , thx a lot ...
  5. I have tested the Apex during 20 hours and I have never really figured it out 🙂 ... Either in clean or in iron trashed areas ... Garrett needs to redesign a totally new machine if they want to have a chance to survive in the VLF detecting world because the competition will not wait for them , either ML , Nokta , or XP ... Just my opinion
  6. Very nice finds and pictures . Yes difficult to beat the XPs in the iron trash this is their DNA .. What modes-settings were you using btw ? thx
  7. On the video the Legend works very well , the signals are clean I like them . The Orx is excellent too I am not surprised by this , I know this beast ...🙂 The Apex ... Humm ... A symphonic orchestra ... Difficult to understand this audio , I cant even imagine with a beginner ...🤢
  8. this detector didnt drive me crazy enough to stop detecting ... 🙂, I just sold it and bought a (much) better one ... Short but very good video , it shows that home testing is always interesting , thx ...
  9. This could be discussed as the Manticore coil set doesnt include a 9" sized coil , which is a very commonly used coil and which often comes as stock coil for many detectors . For me the Mcore 8X6 is too small , and the 11 is too big , I mean for my kind of coin/relic hunting in the European iron trash ... This was already an issue with the Equinox . I dont understand why ML repeates the same error with the Mcore ... This knowing that they already have the mold for a 10X8 , currently used for the Vanquish . Incomprehensible ....
  10. I use my WS6 as headphones alone . It is the simplest configuration as I have just to charge 2 devices , the coil and the WS6 . For me having to charge 3 devices is a little bit too much , and I dont need to change programs or settings in the field then I have no real need for the RC .. I have 30 hours with the WS6 up to now , I am sure you will enjoy it ... 🙂
  11. Yes XP uses a proprietary wireless since the Deus1 which was released in 2010 . I dont know the XP wireless latency but it is very low as it is not hearable , either for the D1 or for the D2 ... It is very reliable , I have never had a pb with the XP wireless after hundreds of hours with the D1 , and now with the D2 ... From my standpoint it is not important wether its proprietary or not , I just need something that works , and it is the case for the XP wireless ...
  12. It depends , sometimes I find roman coins on the surface ... And I still find new targets in fields where I have been detecting during 15 years ... Then for some reason some targets tend to move up to the surface . It would be a good topic for a master's thesis ...🙂
  13. I am not sure I have correctly understood the "ivy on the ground is a dead giveaway" sentence sorry ... Ivy is everywhere in the woods over here , it is not a pb except for finding small targets and a pinpointer is very useful ..
  14. I have around 30 hours with my D2 WS6 Master 9" coil, I have only hunted open fields with it up to now. However the fields are cultivated now in November then its time for woods hunting .. As I have almost never used my D2 in woods then it will be a good occasion to see how it works there . I have no real concern because fields are usually more difficult to detect than woods because they contain much more iron trash . Hundreds of bits of iron that have been spread by the farmers tractors . And I know that the D2 does the job very well in fields .. Today we decided with a cousin who has a Deus1 to go to little forest which belongs to the district . We start first with a path where I have already found several coins with other detectors , and I am curious to see if I can find new targets here .. With my trusty D2 settings : SENSITIVE , 5 tones , SQUARE .. 🙂 Actually there is a lot of iron trash in this path , but it is not a pb for the D2 and the SENSITIVE mode which filters the irons very well with very "crystal" clean and reactive signals on targets . After a few minutes I find a coin which is laying on the surface . A 5 centimes Napoleon III 1862 , a nice coin with a nice green patina , cool 🙂... I wonder how I have missed that coin with the other detectors ... Then we decide to move to an other area of the forest where there are 1st WW camps . We start with a few 1st WW bullets , casings ... Then I find an other coin , a modern and very common 5 centimes 1964 . I am a little surprised we should have found more 1st WW relics, and up to now nothing ... At this moment I have a clean high tone signal , it is a 1st WW button , 1st WW buttons are quite common , but this is a splendid "Infanterie de Marine" button , in a brand new state with a very nice brown patina 🙂... Wow what a button ... Thanks to my Quest pinpointer which has helped to find it in the ivy .. It is 5PM now , time to leave as the night is coming ... Happy to confirm that the D2 is an excellent machine for woods/forests too , and that SENSITIVE works very very well for both fields and woods , no need to change the settings .. A very nice outing btw , with beautiful Autumn colors ... We will be back ... 🙂 1) The path and my cousin with a Deus1 : 2) A first coin : 5 centimes Napoleon III 1862K 3) The 1st WW button "Infanterie de Marine" 4) The place where I found the button : 5) 2 coins and a button : 6) A better pic of the button :
  15. I would use a VLF detector too , like the XP Deus2 , using deep modes like DEEP HC or RELIC , with a 11 coil especially if your roman coins are big coins ... I have tested a GPX 4500 a few years ago it is unusable over here because of the iron trash density , unless your are looking from coins from a coin spill or an hoard in a very limited area ...
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