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  1. Yes Calabash does serious tests , he tells the truth which is not always easy to do, especially when it involves a well known brand like Garrett .... btw I just had a discussion today with my dealer about his Apex feedbacks from customers , for the moment it is considered by the French users as a good machine for salt beach hunting . For inland hunting it is an other story and the users are much more negative ...
  2. Hi calabash , I have just watched your video. Very interesting . From my standpoint I usually do not do iron separation static tests I prefer to test directly in the field the detectors iron separation abilities . I just can say from my tests with the Apex that it will not be a revolution in iron trashed areas , ok it works but nothing outstanding with its chirpy audio .. It would probably interesting to add a Deus/Orx or a T2/G2 to your test because for me they are excellent on irons , and much better than the Apex and the MLs .. BTW it looks like you live in a very nice area , than
  3. ML has started the 1st multifreq with the sovereign it was in 1996 or 1997 I think , more than 20 years ago ... They were slow machines but already very efficient at the beach and still used now btw. Then came the Explorer that I used from 2001 to 2005 for inland detecting, and later other machines like the Etrac , CTX etc . The explorer had already the fluted tones that are typical of even the recent MLs multifreqs like the Equinox or the Vanquish. So comparing the old Explorer to the brand new Apex I still prefer the "old" Explorer audio. On the other hand the Apex is lighter than th
  4. What do you mean by "Apex tuning was not correct " ? From my standpoint ,I confirm Calabash digger results , I have tested mine during 10hours in the field (inland only / no beach hunting ) using the factory settings and trying to change freq , mode , sens etc but found no miracle setting up to now... As I already said I dont like the Apex audio whatever the setting . 😒 Moreover I had strong interferences 3 times during these tests ( EMI ? ) , I had to stop detecting and go elsewhere because the machine was unusable .. Never had such a pb with other detectors at the same location
  5. Good choice you cant go wrong with that one .. 🙂 Just a few things I use my 540 with a V10 coil which is lighter and almost as deep as the V12 stock coil. I use the JEWELRY mode which I find better on iron trash areas than the COIN mode and also because the JEWELRY discri pattern is set from 0 to 40 that allows to pick up some old very small coins that display only +7 VDI ! With the COIN mode such very small coins would have been be notched out ... Looking forward for your feedbacks , HH ...
  6. Hi calabash digger , I had the time to rewatch carefuly your video today. Actually I obtain the same results as yours on my bed tests, the Vanquish is deeper than the Apex with better audio signal on targets . Just one question it looks like you used a V10 coil on the 540 during this test right ? I just asked this because the 540 pro is delivered with a V8 and a V12 , and not the V10... Concerning the iron separation test( coin + nail ) , it would have been interesting to compare the ApexVanquish results with a fast detector like a Deus/Orx or a T2/G2. Probably the Deus/Orx or T2/G2
  7. Yes it is never a good idea to hide the reality. It wont be long before the Apex new users realize that the machine is not the fantastic machine promoted in the videos . This is already the case over here in France , my seller told me that he already has a lot of negative feedbacks on it . Probably because European users often detect in high iron trashed areas where it is the most difficult for the detectors . Garrett should spend more time on the product itself than on the marketing , I think that they released the Apex too early, they should have done more testing , this by experience
  8. Yes from what I saw during my tests , I dont think that the Apex will make any seriours waves or be a revolution in the metal detecting world ... 🤔 I would just have expected a little more from this machine after all the advertising done about it ...Especially it was supposed to be excellent in high iron trash areas as indicated in the Garrett marketing specs , and it is not really the case for me ... The last 5 detectors that I have tested are the Equinox , Orx , Simplex , Vanquish and the Apex. I have been happy with the 4 first ones . Only the Apex is a little disappointment f
  9. I went back to the above field today , this time with my Vanquish 540 to compare the Apex with the Vanquish . Actually I had also a little trouble in this field with the Vanquish because of the high iron trash level . The Vanquish is noisy on the irons ,however it is very accurate when on a target. The Apex filters a little better the irons but it is not accurate on the targets . So finally I prefer the Vanquish because at least I have nice sounds on targets... 🙂 However I think that Garrett could certainly improve the Apex by modifying the digital signal processing,making it softe
  10. If I was a beginner I would go for a Vanquish 340 or 440. Less expensive and easier to use than the Apex from what I could see during these tests ...
  11. I did an other outing 2 days ago with the Apex , a field near a small town . Inland detecting . Sandy low mineralized soil. I confirm what I have already said , I find the Apex audio unpleasant with its too chirpy sounds and some lack of target signal accuracy. 🤨 Ok I find targets with the Apex , but I would have expected more from a relatively expensive machine at 600 euros , so at the moment I am clearly disappointed with it. My Deus / Vanquish do much better on the same areas, especially on deep targets or in high iron trashed areas . For info I have been detecting around 9 hours
  12. I do not like the Equinox on/off side button either . It tends to autoactivate or even reset the detector when it is in a rucksack. Hopefully ML has changed this design on the Vanquish ... 🙂
  13. Yes the Deus/ORx coil selection is large . The most used coils over here are the 9inches round coils , because they are very poyvalent and lightweight. The 11coil is more suitable for big coins at depth in low/medium iron trashed areas and the small elliptic for small/tiny targets in iron infested sites . You cant go wrong with a Deus/Orx plus a 9inches coil ... The only thing the XPs are not the best at the beach from what I know ...
  14. I made a 2 parts carbon shaft for my Nox to save weight because I find the nox front heavy with the 11 coil. I saved 150grams vs the stock shaft. Saving weight was the only reason why I swiched to a carbon shaft on the Nox. Actually I did the same on my Vanquish , I switched the low and middle shafts to carbons shafts , saving 100grams doing that.. On the Deus/Orx there is no real need to do this they are so light that I use them without any change ... 🙂
  15. Probably the best machines at the moment are the MLs Equinox , Vanquish and XPDeus/Orx ( with no order of importance ). The MLs are more dedicated to low to medium iron trashed sites and beach hunting, while the XPs are more dedicated to inland areas from low to iron infested iron trashed sites. Yes the MLs have a learning curve because of their specific audio. I would say 10/15 hours to get used to them, so it needs a little patience . Perhaps you should look at some youtube videos to see if you like this audio or not ... Actually I find the Equinox a little too complex I prefer the si
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