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  1. Hi , Most of the metal targets , perhaps 99,9% of them , are small/medium sized targets , this is the reason why experienced users do not bother with the 0,1% big sized targets , because the probability to find one is very low. Considering the depth , do not expect more than 20inches for a 20x20 cm or 40x30cm ammunition box when using a single coil vlf detector like an Equinox , Vanquish , Garrett , Deus etc ... With a PI like a Minelab GPX you will go deeper but you loose the iron discrimination , and apart from the GPX price , you might find not very funny to dig on a tin can at 3
  2. Hi , Concerning the balance, the Vanquish is front heavy with the V12 coil ( the V12 coil weights 440grams without coil cover ) . I found a solution to this issue using the V10 which is an excellent coil , much lighter ( 360grams ) and almost as deep as the V12. Also I never use coil covers , this saves 60grams this can help a little also ... Front carbon shafts would also improve the balance Concerning the noisy audio, perhaps you could try your 540 inland in mild soil . Normally it should be quiet except on trashy sites, if it is not the case may be there could be pb with the
  3. Even at 200 I would not jump for a CTX , I do not like boat anchors ... 🙂 Wish everyone a nice Christmas ...
  4. Yes I agree with PimentoUK , the air gap must be small( 1 or 2cms max )when testing a detector depth , . This means that if you test different targets , they must be buried at different depths so that they are at almost their max detection depth , with almost no air gap between the coil and the ground surface. I use 2 test targets when I test a new detector/coil , a small 2g bronze coin and a bigger 10g copper coin. I use 2 plastic boxes filled with moderated mineralized ground with no iron , one for each target . The 2g coin is buried at 16cm and the 10g coin is buried at 28cm . It took
  5. Nice test , curious to see what would would have been the results of the deus or orx , which are really excellent in iron trash masking conditions ... I do not know either the kruzer , gold kruzer or at pro btw ...
  6. Hi , I am not a jewelry hunting specialist but I have tested an Orx 2 years ago and it is very similar to the Deus which is my primary machine. So the Orx settings for jewelry I would say : COIN FAST factory mode, just change to 30khz frequency. 14khz freq is good for medium / big targets in clean areas ( low iron trashed ) but too low for tiny objects like jewelry , and with 50khz there is an important loss of depth.. 30khz is much more reactive than 14khz and more sensible on tiny targets . I would recommend you to test the different settings at home before going in the f
  7. From 13.5 to 14.5 this means 7% depth improvement between the Detech 13round vs the stock 7X11 on the 5cents . On the other hand the coil weight rises from 420g for the stock 7X11 to 540g for the Detech 13 , which means 28% increasement . So to summarize only 7% depth improvement for 28% weight/balance loss with the 13 ultimate... If you add to this the important iron masking of a big coil like the Detech 13,, it looks like from this teststhat the 7X11 T2 stock coil is a very good compromise .... For info I have tested a 13ultimate on a Detech Chaser 3 or 4 years ago and it had
  8. glasswalker : the only reason you say the V10 is better is because it's nearly as good as V12 but lighter? ---> Here a more detailed comparison between the Vanquish coils from the tests I did with my 540 ( inland only , no salt beach hunting ) : V8 ( 8iX6i ) , V10 ( 10iX8i ) ,V12 ( 12iX10i ) : - Depth perfo on big/medium coins ( low iron trashed areas ) : V8 ** V10 **** V12 ***** - Efficiency in high iron trashed soils ( old nails etc ) : V8 ***** V10 **** V12 *** - Coil weight / detector balance : V8 **
  9. I forgot to say that if you are 195cm tall , probably the Vanquish stock shaft will be too short for you . Then you will have to make at least one "do it yourself" accessory , a longer lower shaft ... 🙂 BTW the Vanquish is a very good machine , but it takes a little time to get used to its audio because this detector is a bit chatty , especially in iron trashed areas. Usually people get used to it after say minimum 10/12hours detecting. Start to use it in a clean area , avoid gardens , parks etc during the first hours ... HH
  10. - I prefer a S configuration vs a straight shaft. This for 2 reasons : First I find easier to sweep a S shaft because with a straight shaft the detector center of gravity is lower than with a straight shaft . This means that with a straight shaft you have a pendulum effect that does not exist on a S shaft . Second when you put your machine on the ground a detector with a straight shaft often rotates to one side due to the high position of the control box , and the control box side hits the ground at each time , which is not really good for the electronics .... - I think
  11. Thanks for the UK conversion kit info, Great idea , would like to get one before the brexit 🙂... Btw I mostly use a V10 coil on my 540 . I only use the V12 in specific cases , for example when finishing an area to go at max depth ( I noticed that the V12 goes 3 or 4cm deeper than the V10 on big coins on my bed tests ). The V12 is too heavy for me to be used during long outings . Attaching 100g at the back yes I will try this and let you know .... For me the V10 is by far far the best coil of the Vanquish coil set , it is powerful and light . I dont understand why ML does not
  12. Sorry but I do not see the advantage of a 3D printing armrest vs the stock one. I have no problem with the stock Vanquish armrest which I find tough enough , just my opinion ...
  13. Ok thanks for the armrest pics but not really interested by that because it will not lighten the Vanquish I think . I would rather be interested by a new control box design even if I know that it will probably never be done because too complex ... Btw I recommend to replace the Vanquish lower and mid shafts by carbon shafts ( see Testing The Vanquish 540 - Page 9 - Minelab Metal Detectors - DetectorProspector.com ) . This is quite easy to do and it significantly improves the vanquish balance . I went detecting with my 540 today and the Vanquish is really more fun to use with these carb
  14. Hi Making a waterproof Vanquish would be too complex and expensive to do to my opinion. Because the control box needs to be entirely redesigned from the front digital display to the rear part of the box ...
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