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    MD since 1998 , inland coin hunting ,
    independt md tester for 2 shops in France
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    XP Deus HF, Garrett Apex ,ML Vanquish 540 , ML Profind 35

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  1. Hi Slavomir, With so many detectors I wonder how you manage to choose the right one before going detecting 🙂🙂... Btw what is your opinion about the Deus + elliptical HF coil ? I have just received one a few days ago ...
  2. There is some falsing with the Apex , in the medium tones , but less than with a Vanquish . If I had to grade the 3 machines that I currently own I would say : 1. Deus - almost silent 2. Apex - some falsing in the mediums 3. Vanquish - a lot of falsing in the high tones This for my European conditions with mild soil / high iron trash
  3. Prev post deleted Sorry I made a mistake , I mixed the Reaper and the Raider . I have a Raider and not a Reaper . btw I did not like the Raider because too heavy 470g , then I suppose that it would be even worst with the Reaper for me ... I mainly use the Ripper coil / 330g a very good coil in the iron trash
  4. I agree , a lot of iron falsing ( high pitch ) with the Vanquish in the high iron trash. Over here for my European conditions I finally prefer to recommend a Quest X5 or X10 for a total newbie, rather than a Vanquish . The Vanquish is a very good machine but its audio is a little tricky ... The Apex has a better iron filtering than a Vanquish in the irons . However the best ones for me are the XPs Deus/Orx , almost silent in nail beds ...
  5. Hi , What about the tarsacci vs the deus in your field ? one better than the other ? thx for the infos ...
  6. Yes I had this faulty cable issue , hopefully only once during 8 years using the Deus ... 🙂
  7. Great idea , I dont like the XP charging clip design which is often a source of troubles ; they are fragile , sometimes they dont work.... This new one looks much simpler and better thx
  8. A hammered penny , unless you have something different , is a small silver coin 1,3g 18mm. The max depth on such a coin is probably 4 or 5 inches for a VLF detector .No VLF detector will hit it at 9 inches anyway . My advice would be to focus first on sounds rather to the numbers/display. Then focus on the freq , for such a small coin 30khz should be better than 14 . The freqs are very important on a Deus , try changing the freqs you will see significant differences ... And try the Deus fast nr3 program
  9. Ok lets say that the housing and the PCB do not move/flex good news. However it is not normal that the coil connector is so tight in the CB housing , I have never had such an issue before with a detector. I have a Vanquish and recently had a Quest X5 their coil connectors are very easy to plug/unplug . Garrett should take care about this kind of "details" , even if these connectors are probably not manufactured by Garrett themselves ... So to come back to the thread subject ; The things I dont like with the Apex 🥵 : - some false signals in the high iron trash - coil connector in the CB housing too tight - a random bug ? EMI ? for which I have sometimes to disconnect/reconnect this coil connector , hopefully it does not occur very often And for me the main Apex advantages vs the competition 🙂 : ++ it is light thx to its thin control box , especially with the ripper coil ( 1.1kg ) and this can even be reduced by replacing the rubber handle and the arm rest with lighter components. + it is very good in the iron trash , fast with short beeps on targets + it is easy to use/understand for both the audio and the user interface , it is a turn and go detector + the MS-3 wireless headphones are probably the best ones on the market
  10. I am not quite sure about this . I have a brand new viper coil sent by the Garrett after service and I still have some issues from time to time with it . Not critical but annoying . Weird .. One last thing , it is very difficult on my Apex to insert/remove the coil connector in/from the control box, especially with the ripper , a little less with the viper . And I have some concern with this because this adds a mechanical stress on the PCB at each time I connect or disconnect the coil. Dont know if anyone else has this pb ...
  11. Interesting your sons feedbacks from GM Denver thx ... It not easy at all when you have to deal with quality issues whatever the product . I have been working in a software company during 20+ years and I know it is not funny when you provide a service which does not work properly , too slow or(and) not reliable , I have experienced this ... But usually most of the issues can be solved with work , time and patience and I guess it will be the same for garrett and the apex ...
  12. I have been using a Deus since 2013 , the HF round coil since 2018 , the HF elliptical since 1 week ...🙂 . I use the Deus for coin hunting in the North of France , then European conditions For the HF round I use the following settings , so far for the elliptical they should be similar : - moderate iron trash : Deus Fast nr 3 mode - 5 tones - 14khz - high iron trash Deus Fast nr 3 mode - 5 tones - 30khz I dont modify other factory settings than tones ans freq I dont use the higher freq at 50k , because of the too important depth loss , but it may interesting for searching tiny targets in the high iron trash Hope that helps ...
  13. yes you cant go wrong with the ripper , the Apex is much more cumfortable to sweep with it , good depth , fast target centering ,very good in the iron trash . It is a big plus for the Apex ...
  14. This is normal the Deus HF coils have been designed to pick up tiny targets like very small coins ( down to 0.5g ) that we are frequent over here in Europe. I agree that it may be different with the US bigger coins . I will post more details on the elliptical because I received it a few days ago and I already did an outing with it . I have the round HF coil since several years now ...
  15. Yes but if we look at the figures they are not really good . Garrett has ( had ? ) definitely an issue with their Apex manufacturing quality , as I said in an other thread. Now the figures . There are 5 active Apex users on this forum at this time : Monte (4 Apex ), Jeff MC ( 1 ) , abenson ( 1 ), kac ( 1 ) and me ( 1 ). From what I read in the forum , 2 detectors and 2 coils have been send back by these users to the garrett after service. Which means a failure ratio of 50% ( 8 Apex , 4 issues ) which is really huge ...🥵 It is a pity because the Apex is really a good detector and I like it 🙂. Just I wonder why Garrett do not communicate a little more on this , at least we would know what is exactly going on ... And I hope that they will fix these issues . Hopefully mine is working well now even if I have an EMI ? or other ? issue from time to time for which I have a turnaround...
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