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    MD since 1998 , inland coin/relic hunting
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  1. Perhaps this one ? : Deus2 coil + RC + BH01 headphones 1368,90E , available in July https://www.maisondeladetection.com/196-detecteurs-xp-deus-2-fmf
  2. Good news , more affordable D2 packs coming : XP DEUS II PACK 22 FMF RC 1299E already available XP DEUS II PACK 28 FMF RC 1299E July XP DEUS II PACK 22 FMF RC WSA2 1448E July XP DEUS II PACK 28 FMF RC WSA2 1448E July etc .. Look at https://www.metaux-detection.fr/fr/detecteur-xp-deus-ii etc ...
  3. Yes the D1 and D2 are the Kings in the irons ... and for lightness. And the D2 has improved the detection depth vs the D1 ... What else ? 🙂
  4. Great report Jeff , thanks ... If you hunt trashy areas you will probably like SENSITIVE which is even more reactive than GENERAL ... I am very impressed by the D2 too btw 😉...
  5. When you buy a detector , the after service is done by your dealer and not directly the manufacturer , whatever the brand . Then you should contact your dealer first . Have you contacted your dealer about this issue ?
  6. Nice hunting ... Eventually French is easy to learn as you can see .. 🙂 I would just suggest to try the SENSITIVE mode , it is better ( faster and more reactive ) than GENERAL or PARK in the irons ..
  7. A D2 paid off in 2 or 3 months ... This will be difficult to beat ... 🙂 🙂
  8. Yes the Deus1-2 are easy to use , even for new users . This because these detectors do the job for you , they perfectly filter the irons and they are very reactive and accurate on targets . No need to continuously "translate" what the machines are telling you because their language is very easy to understand ... On the other hand I would not say that the Deus1/2 internal signal processing is simple btw , their softwares are probably quite complex with thousands of source code lines ... Their secret sauce .🙂..
  9. I have a D1 since 2013 and I prefer to use 5 tones rather than FT because the D1 FT sounds different from 1 , 2 , 3 or 5 tones because of a little pitch effect that I dont like . Sometimes I use FT in polluted areas because it helps to identify aluminium foils with a very low tone and you cant do that with 5 tones where all the low conductors are mixed together in the lower tone .. btw I used 5 tones on the D2 during my testing . I had not enough time to test FT but will try it when I have my D2 ... But I will probably keep the 5 tones as it is a Deus top setting
  10. And what were the different detectors depth results ? One deeper than the others ? thx
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