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  1. Personally I am happy if my Vanquish misses 5% of the good targets , and hits the rest ( 95% ) .. After 30/40 hours testing the 340 and the 540 I can say that the Vanquish either the 340 or 540 is very sensible to targets of all sizes/metal types . With the V8 coil I can even hit shotgun pellets , not sure that entry level detectors of other brands can do the same ... Perhaps there is a little concern with specific ( nickel ? ) targets in specific positions , but from my standpoint the Vanquish does an excellent job , either using the All Metal mode ( that I prefer ) or the other COIN JEWELLERY modes...
  2. As the Apex design is 2 years newer than the Equinox , perhaps it uses a faster processor than the Equinox , which means faster recovery time in the field. Just a guess ...
  3. Sorry you are right I missed the "almost" in JMC's post ... BTW the elliptical Apex 11 X 6in coil is equivalent to a 8,5in round in terms of coil surface , so clearly it should be better in terms of iron masking and also lighter than the Eq 11in stock coil. The answer in a few weeks ...
  4. Actually I never found on my Eq 800 the settings to do as well as my Deus HF in thick iron trash. Even setting the Equinox reactivity and iron bias to the max ,the Deus HF "deus fast' factory mode outperforms the Eq, this without modifying any setting on the Deus. But I have very special areas ,very old antique houses that have collapsed with plenty of roof rusted nails , perhaps one every 5 or 7 cms ( 3 inches ) , at the surface and the same at depth ... A nails carpet ... Will be interesting to see how the Apex performs there .... Extreme conditions , but I know that if a detector works correctly there , then it can be used everywhere else ... 🙂
  5. I am quite sure that the Apex will be better than the Equinox in dense iron trash areas . This could be appreciated in Europe where the most important thing for a detector is its ability to manage dense iron trash areas. Also it is a light detector , this is a plus ... Of course for those detecting only in moderate iron trashed areas ( NZ etc 🙂 ) it is different ...
  6. These videos are probably an idea coming from the Garrett marketing dept , but the detector itself may be a ( very ) good machine. I have more confidence in the engineering guys than in the marketing ones , this is true for Garrett but also for car manufacturers etc .... 🙂 So yes the best thing to do is to forget all these videos stuff and wait for real field tests ...
  7. Yes I entirely agree , the Apex is never showed in action in these videos . I wanted to hear the Apex audio , at least a few seconds , no way . Never seen such stupid marketing videos .... I largely prefer the FT Fisher approach with the Impulse AQ and the design engineers directly discussing with the users , like on this forum ...
  8. I have a friend that uses a Vanquish 340 with the All Metal mode to find 1st WW iron relics here in France . From my standpoint ( coin hunting ) I recently discovered that the Vanquish AM mode is perhaps better than the coin or jewellery modes because it gives a better understanding of the soil contents , ferrous or non ferrous , this without any filtering . Just my opinion The Vanquish is a very accurate detector and Irons can be very easily recognized with their low tones . It is also a deep machine because of the MultiIQ , so perhaps the Vanquish could be a good machine for what you are looking for ( irons ) , this with an outstanding value for money ( only 240e over here , the price of a coil .. )
  9. Hi I have a Pro Find 35 never had any issue with it , very reliable up to now . I find it excellent and the iron disc is a top and unique feature. On the other hand my seller is quite upset with the Profind 35 because he has had a lot of customer issues with it he says . I do not what issues exactly I will ask him ...
  10. Ok I have weighted the 11in coil when I did the Simplex+ test a year ago , then this gives the following figures: - the Simplex 11in coil : 480grams - the 8.5 : 480grams - the 9.5X 5 : 420 grams Comparing with the Vanquish : - the V12 12X10 : 440grams - the V10 10X8 : 360grams - the V8 8X6 : 310grams ( All weights without coil cover ) btw the Simplex 8.5in coil should have been lighter than the 11 coil as it is smaller .. Weird ...
  11. Yes but probably most people use their Simplex for land hunting only and they would prefer lighter coils I think ... Apart from that do you know the weight difference between the Simplex 8,5 in and the 11in coils ? Thanks ..
  12. The same for the Deus WS4 headphones , they are excellent , light and comfortable with an excellent audio.The bigger WS5 headphones are a little less interesting because you do not hear the surroundings with them and they are a little heavier .
  13. VANQUISH 340 / ALL METAL MODE VS COIN AND JEWELLERY MODES : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today I decided to go back to the previous field with the 340 ( see above ) . The situation has changed because the field has been ploughed so easier to detect now. Usually I use the JEWELLERY mode and I only use the ALL METAL mode for identifying doubtful signals which usually are big irons often at depth. This time I decided to test the ALL METAL mode. At the beginning I had some concern on this new audio with additional noise coming from the low tones irons. Eventually I get used to it very quickly and discovered that this ALL METAL mode is very interesting.. I found that the ALL METAL mode gives a more "natural" audio feeling of the ground contents than COIN or JEWELLERY. AM does not "cut" the iron signals like the COIN and JEWELLERY does. You get the direct output from the soil contents without any discrimination filtering. First plus it is very easy to identify big irons because they can be recognized almost immediately at the first sweep. When using the COIN or JEWEL mode it takes more time , you need to activate the AM button mode , then come back to the previous mode .. Second , hearing the irons strongly helps to notice a change in the soil iron trash density. then to locate high iron trashed areas , which means human presence , then more interesting targets .. Third , I have the feeling that the AM mode is better to find good targets among the ferrous trash than COIN or JEWELLLERY . I will do more testing on that this summer ... Anyway during this outing I found 3 coins with the 340 / AM mode ; a modern aluminum coin dating from 1943 , and 2 older , a copper coin dating from the 16th , and a very small and thin copper coin dating from the 14th or 13th I think. I could not id the last coin because too corroded. Very happy again with these finds which confirms that the Vanquish is very sensible to tiny targets as well as bigger ones. Thanks to the MultiIQ .. 🙂
  14. Carbon fiber yes but carbon is expensive so that the Vanquish price would not have been the same with carbon shafts. However I have replaced the lower and middle shafts on mine with carbon shafts , this was rather to save weight than protecting the paint ... Actually. I saved around 100grams with these 2 carbon shafts ... Yes the Vanquish is very easy to set up , no mess with the settings , just set the sens to max , choose the detection mode , and the machine is ready to use ... Vanquish 540 vs Etrac , the Vanquish will be lighter 1,3kg vs 1,8kg . I have been using an Explorer XS in the 2000s and this machine is not the lightest ... I am not a beach specialist I use my Vanquish inland only , however I am looking forward for your beach tests with the Vanquish...
  15. Actually I meant having a good signal when sweeping the coil first to the right, then to the left ( or left and right ) : sweep1 <--------- target <--------- = good signal sweep2 --------> target ---------> = good signal But beginners learn these things in the field , after a few hours it is easy to recognize good targets from big irons , so it is not a real issue as VLFs are very accurate on targets , and particular the ML multifreqs like the Vanquish 340 , 440 or 540. Would be easier to explain this in a video than in a post btw ....🙂
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