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  1. I would add the Weight and balance criteria to this list . It is an important parameter especially for children , women and more generally people liking cumfortable to sweep detectors . For me the Vortex CB is compact and will be lighter than its competitors . However as you said the Raider stock coil is probably heavier than the competition
  2. Unless the Vortex shows better perfos ( depth , separation ) than its competitors in the field, I will not order one at the moment . Mainly for "mechanical reasons" : first the Raider stock coil. The Vortex will be front heavy with it and I dont want to spend more money to buy an other coil like the Ripper. Second I dont like the shaft . Apart from this I like the Vortex electronics and CB . I like the European 🙂 THIN COINS mode too. Looking fwd to the field tests though ...
  3. I dont like the Vortex stock coil ( the Raider ) . I have tested it on the Apex and this coil is heavy , unless Garrett has changed its design but I dont think so .. I wonder why they didnt choose the Viper which is much more cumfortable to sweep than the Raider ... Another mystery for me ..
  4. It looks like Garrett has improved a few things and fixed issues after the Apex experience . More performing electronics with much more stable TIDs .A new and better coil connector . A submersible CB . It is a pity that they still use an outdated shaft design but this is not the most important . And I would have preferred a Viper instead of a Raider as stock coil. I have tested the Raider on the Apex it is an heavy coil and the Viper is much more cumfortable to use. Then for me not a revolution but the Vortex looks like a serious detector The prices are reasonable and I like its modern look Looking fwd to the field tests now ...
  5. Looks like an other SMF , unless this one is more performing than the others ... ?
  6. Sorry it is in French , I hope there is a way to translate it in English https://www.boursedirect.fr/fr/actualites/categorie/a-la-une/en-ukraine-les-femmes-prennent-le-relais-pour-deminer-afp-441169785b602e0c2f4f1a72fc918f8831ac74e6 Looks like the woman uses a Minelab F3 , however I am not a specialist ... Very courageous people btw , as it is a very difficult and dangerous job ...
  7. For me Garrett cannot compete with Nokta on the current VLF detector market simply because the production costs are much lower in Turquey than in the US . Especially with the current Turquish inflation . Impossible to beat a SMF SCORE2 at 370$ , or a SCORE at 300$ .. Of course if Garrett proposes a breakthrough with a more performing technology , then the situation will be different ... The answer in 2 days ... 🙂
  8. Personnaly I never found a way to eliminate aluminium because it can be anywhere on a detector conductivity scale . From very low conds ( alu foils ), intermediate conds ( pull tabs , medium alu fragments ) , up to very high conds (big alu fragments , alu cans etc ) . If a detector can do this , then yes it will be a storm ... Perhaps next Tuesday ? 🙂
  9. Looks like your philosophy works ... 🙂 The simpler the better , I dig everything too .. Just listening the detector's sounds . No need to permanently look at a screen for IDs ..
  10. Weird I see nothing concerning this conversion kit on the XP official site . Or I missed something ?
  11. Normally a DB software has a perfo analysis tool which allow to diag perfos issues . These are a lot of reasons why lags can occur ; they can come from the DB itself ( indexes , etc ) , or from the HW ( disk , network ). I dont remember the Oracle analysis perfo tool name but it allowed us to diag a major perfo issue . The reason was the DB RAID disk system incorrectly configured plus DB datas fragmented on disk . I remember an other perfo issue which was an Oracle bug on a specific SQL query . The dev team bypassed it quite easily by changing the query syntax . I hope Invision has such perfo analysis tools , so that your support can understand and fix this issue ...
  12. Bad luck I ve never had any issue with Quest , either with the X5 , or Q30+ or Q60. Or with the Xpointer Max that I have been using during 2 years now . I rather have the feeling that their reliability was above average . On the other hand a local MD dealer told me that their after service ( European after service ) is not the best and could be improved
  13. I could not access temporarily to the posts this morning and now it is very long to access to the forum posts . Looks like Invision has not fixed the issue . Perhaps the DPs datas are too big for Invision , I hope it is not the case and just a bug that Invision can fix . I have had a similar situation in my previous job , a non reliable DB with hundreds of users blocked on a strategical application. We finally migrated to an other DB system ( Oracle ) but it took several months because we had to almost totally rewrite the application . This was done at the beginning of the 2000s. And it is still running in 2024 which shows the Oracle reliabiilty ..
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