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  1. About the weigths : 11 x X35 --> 470g with coil cover 13X11 --> 590g with cc See :http://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/metal-detector/category/accessories-deus/ So quite a big weight difference between the coils ... Concerning field results , I only know the 11 coil old version ( not the X35 ) , it is deep on big coins at depth in clean soils if you use a low freq like 5khz
  2. Just one important thing when setting such bed tests ; ensure that there are NO iron bits remaining in the ground that will be used for testing. Otherwise the results will be falsed. The ground must absolutely be iron free .. A detector in the all metal mode can be used for extracting the iron bits before filling the box/bucket ..
  3. Yes nice set up I have a similar test garden with 4 boxes filled with different ground thicknesses. The targets are simply set down under the middle of the boxes. The first boxes are filled with inland mild ground and the 4th filled with sand and salt water. I use these boxes since 4 or 5 years now and they are VERY helpful to test different settings of a machine. Of course field tests are the most important but you learn a lot of things with these kind of test gardens... On the pics below I was testing the Garrett Apex ..
  4. I have the Minelab Profind 35 , it has a major difference vs the others : the iron disc , a big plus in iron trash areas or to locate big ferrous at depth. I have also heard people complaining about its reliability however mine is working perfectly since 2 years now ...
  5. I went today with my "new" Apex for a short outing to a third test location to double check that the "false signals " issue has been solved by the new Viper coil sent by the Garrett support . It is an iron infested path in a wood where I have tested the Vanquish 540 a year ago. - First the Apex/Viper is very stable , no more false signals .πŸ™‚ - Second I have been very impressed by the Apex , it is almost silent on the iron trash, with sharp beeps on good signals . I confirm that the Apex iron filtering is excellent and better than the MLs Vanquish and Equinox in iron trashed areas. πŸ™‚
  6. And it is the opposite with the Garrett Apex , their coil cables are too small for tall guys ...Just at the limit for me hopefully ... More testing from the manufacturers before delivering to the customers would probably be a good thing ... πŸ™‚
  7. Hi ,I had an issue with my ML80 headphones a year ago. The ON/OFF button was broken . I sent it back to my seller and they sent me a brand new one. May be it is related with your pb I dont know ... Anyway those ML80 buttons are fragile compared to the Garrett MS3 headphones for example
  8. Hi Dug2gld , what is the difference between the Tarsacci and the Deus , is the Tarsacci better than the Deus in iron trash ? thx ...
  9. Looking forward for your tests in the field . I found it excellent in high iron trashed areas , and very sensible to tiny targets . .. Yes it looks like a very nice coil ...
  10. Chuck, if I understand well you are looking for a beach detector and not a ML, why not the Apex ? I have never tested it at the sea but my seller ( Bruno of Lutece Detection in Paris ) has seriously tested it a few weeks ago at the beach in Bretagne ( French West coast ) . He told me that it is a very good beach detector ... And this guy is very experienced ...
  11. Hi Ridge Runner , If I had an advice it would be : do not live in the future but rather live in the present. If you look for a multifreq detector there are 3 excellent machines available right now : The ML Equinox , Vanquish and probably the Garrett Apex. I say probably for the Apex because I have not yet finished my tests and I need more hours with it , but from what I saw it is a very good machine especially in iron trash areas . Hope that helps a little ... πŸ™‚ Alain
  12. Yes it is for me what makes the difference for me beween the Apex and the ML mulifreqs ( Vanquish , Equinox , Etrac ... ). the Apex is almost silent in high iron trashed areas while the MLs are noisy and quite unstable there . On the other hand the MLs seem to be deeper than the Apex on big coins in low/medium iron trashed areas
  13. Concerning the rod , I prefer the Vanquish or Deus telescopic rods . They are faster to assemblei in the field. They can be adjusted very precisely and they are lighter than the Apex rod, at least for the Deus. Just my opinion A quick summary of the Apex pros and cons from my standpoint : ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - The things that I like about the Apex : . excellent iron filtering on iron trashed areas . fast and reactive/accurate on targets . sensitive to tiny targets like small/very small coins as well as b
  14. Good news, I have eventually received my Apex back from the European Garrett support ... πŸ™‚ My seller ( Bruno at Lutece detection in Paris ) told me that the pb ( false signals etc see above ) came from a faulty coil . So I received my Apex with a brand new Viper coil , plus a 5X8 Ripper coil that Bruno asked me to test. I decided to restart the tests from the beginning with the static tests on my tests boxes / different targets at different depths. The results were good for both coils , but I decided to try first the Ripper in the field , because I have been very impressed by its
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