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  1. The Garrett MS2 headphone is out for me. I need dual volume controls. I guess I'll get the adapter so I can use my White's Pro Star headphones.
  2. I like the all metal with the iron tone. Thanks about the volume of the Master Sound headphones. It must be an older AT Gold I got. I'll get the MS2's. They look good quality.
  3. The headphones that came with the AT Gold are the Garrett Master Sound headphones. I have them at max volume. I either need the new headphones or the adapter.
  4. Also got a Nel Superfly. It's a sweet coil on the AT Gold. I'm going to like it a lot. I'm going to have to get a small coil. It came with an 8.5x11 coil. I have some hearing loss and the volume is a little low. Not by much. I'm going to get an adapter to use my other headphones. Has anyone else experienced the volume being a little low on headphones?
  5. Great finds. You are not able to run the sensitivity higher?
  6. Wow, some nice looking gold. A great hunt!
  7. Nice ring. Tejon is a sweet detector to use. 1 tone but it speaks to you.
  8. Some great finds. You got the right detector for the job. I like the Canadian coins. I find quite a few in northern Michigan. I found a few Canadian Large Cents and some Fish Scales, thin silver nickels.
  9. Great getting a gold ring. It's a nice one. Orx is working great!
  10. My ground is very mild. I turn the ground balance neg on my Tejon too. I agree, in hot ground, a normal ground balance would be best.
  11. The SuperSix 6x8 is a sweet coil. I'm guessing the SuperSix is quite a bit lighter than the 8" concentric. I'm sure the 8" is a nice coil. Concentric coils are know to do well in iron. For me the SuperSix is such a smooth running coil. I would have to get the SuperSix first and the 8" concentric later. My last Vista detector I never took the SuperSix off. Also to get more depth turn the ground balance negative (counter clockwise from where it is ground balanced). About 1/2 a turn.
  12. You could electrolysis it, just so you might be able to see what it is.
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