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  1. There are a lot of good detectors and idea's at White's. Someone will take it and maybe make it better.
  2. Is it possible White's could reorganize and start up again?
  3. Nice hunt. I don't find that much stuff at my lakes and beaches in northern MI. I have all my junk jewelry on small ledge at a window in my kitchen. The other day I looked at them and I took one off only to find out it was gold. I guess I didn't check it well.
  4. I have another one that's whole that I found in the same area.
  5. Minelab didn't tell me anything. Just that they had it and I will be getting it back soon.
  6. Good to hear. Your replacement will most likely not leak. Mine is doing good in the water.
  7. This is from the lumbering days in Michigan. It would be hammered into the end of a log and logs were floated in lakes and rivers. This one must have broke when they were hammering on it. I was in Pickerel Lake detecting. http://mauriceeby.org/My_Books_files/Great Lumbering Era 4.pdf When I was a kid this was a boys camp. Now it's a county camp ground. I was detecting in the water where the beach is. That's a native Brook trout stream running thru it. n
  8. Was out in the water. I modded my scoop to catch those. They hit really nice with the 6" coil. I put them with my collection of gold and silver jewelry I've found. I was happy finding them. Gold is next.
  9. I thought that's the way it works. That Minelab sends a mailing label. When I had an MX Sport and had to send into to White's they sent me a mailing label too.
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