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  1. When I had a Tejon I only like the concentric coils for it. I didn't care for the dd coils on it but if you have mineralized ground you need to use dd coils.
  2. That was bad. I only had a rash and itching. When I was in school I had a job with the DNR on a trout stream putting in logs on the curves. A friend there was really afraid of it and got poison ivy easy and bad. At the time I thought it was funny and pulled some out with gloves on and threw it in the river. He was going wild getting out of the river. Not so funny now looking back it. He was ok.
  3. Great area to detect. I have dug in poison ivy too. I've only got it one time.
  4. Sounds like a fun spot to detect. Send pictures of the spot.
  5. Great spot for relic hunting. Always nice when you get an IH. Were you using the Kruzer?
  6. I am impressed with it. It will my main coil this summer lake hunting. I like the razors edge tone when detecting. It is fast as it goes over targets. Depth is very impressive in my mild ground. I hate to say but my Anfibio Multi is the backup detector to my Equinox 800. Even with the 5x10 coil. I look forward to seeing what Minelab has coming.
  7. Found this brass tire stem and cap down deep. I don't know what it is off of or how old it could be. Strange it was in the water.
  8. Can't tell the date. Was using the Equinox 800 in Gold 1. This is the first Buffalo Nickel I found that could tell what the date was. In my regular ground, the ground balance is around 10. Ground balance on the wet beach on lake was 68.
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