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  1. Minelab is probably going to make them waterproof now that the Simplex is out. Why would any Equinox owners buy a Vanquish? Yes they have smaller coils that we want for the Equinox but still would an Equinox owner buy a Vanquish. Guess I can't say that because I have an Equinox and have a Simplex coming on Monday lol. I guess Equinox owners will be buying the Vanquish. Hope they make it waterproof.
  2. Probably no middle Equinox coils till they sell enough Vanquish detectors.
  3. That Tesoro 8" concentric coil is submersible. I take it out in the water all the time. It is so thin it sweep thru the water so easy. Nothing wrong with that Nokta 7" concentric coil which I will probably be using.. I just like that thin Tesoro coil in the water.
  4. It was good day out detecting. Nice find Tom. My best find was a shotgun shell lol.
  5. Sounds great. Mine is on order. Tom (Jack Pine) backed off getting one right now because of that problem. I guess I'm the lucky who has one ordered 😁.
  6. I sent that picture of the Tesoro 8" concentric coil to Nokta/Makro. I hope they make one.
  7. When people starting saying they want a big food coil. Nokta will make it. Look at the concentric coils they made for there other detectors.
  8. I think you would like a coil like this on your Simplex Tom. Very thin. Sweeps thru the water incredible.
  9. Tom I want a thin 8" & 9" concentric coils like this for the Simplex. Sweeps thru the water so nice.
  10. Yes, your right. Tesoros were good at that nice smooth sound on round targets.
  11. This was from a review on Simplex that Andy Sabisch wrote. “2) If the Target ID jumped around even when wiggling the coil a few inches side-to-side, it was always trash – can slaw, a ball of tin foil, etc. Remember, this is for coin hunting so relic hunting or hunting overseas, you simply need to dig those signals but for coin hunters, erratic TIDs = trash.” Foil tdi all over. If gold locks on this could be big, maybe.
  12. Wired, waterproof and lower price would have more people interested. I think if it had been waterproof that would have really made a difference. Rick
  13. How about an 8" or 9" round coil design for water hunting. I'm sure relic hunters would want it too. Rick
  14. I would hunt in 2 tone. I think it's just easier listening for the high tone. I haven't tried 50 tones. Rick
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