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  1. Andre’s Pencils look really good for cleaning. The looks great after you cleaned it.
  2. You get it in a grocery stores. I don't know what it used for but I like to heat first and when when you put the coin it it bubbles like crazy and dirt pops right off. I only use it on copper coins. I soak it for a few hours.
  3. No way I would drive over that bridge. I'd be worried walking across it. Tight roads on the mountain. No guard rails. I think you should get a dirt bike to go there. Nice photos showing everything.
  4. Steve, How do the Gold Racer and Gold Kruzer compare?
  5. With the Gold Kruzer the first year I hunted in Micro mode. The next year I hunted in Deep mode. This year switch back to Micro mode which is the better than Deep mode for micro gold like the mode says. Disc set at 22 takes out nails. This detector is a true relic hunter too. A true relic detector to me means it will hit on iron relics which I like a detector to do. I like the GK24 9.5 x 5 dd and the GK19 7.5 x 5 dd. I like concentric coils but I don't like the concentric coil with this detector. I would really like to see an 8" coil. I think you would enjoy the Gold Kruzer. Depth
  6. Good hunt. I enjoyed the photos. Almost felt like I was there.
  7. Good report. Concentric coils pass this test very well with 2 nails with a coin in between. DD's don't like this test very well except some detectors with dd like the XP can do it. Tesoro's worked very great in iron with concentrics.
  8. I like how the handle is attached. Looks like it holds it tight.
  9. It looked fast in the videos I saw but that doesn't mean much. We'll be hearing soon.
  10. Try lake and river hunting. I'm in northern Michigan and have run out of areas on land to hunt and the last 3 years I have been hunting the lakes. You probably have good streams to hunt too. My streams are all fast water trout streams.
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