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  1. Deep mode with 0 disc makes it very sensitive and deeper to tiny gold as with tests on an earring I would like to see if it's possible for an update adding notching. This is the first time I ever wanted notching. I would like to run the Gold Kruzer at 0 disc in deep mode and notch out what I don't want. Notching would be my disc if It had that feature. Would probably be good for nugget hunters also because 0 disc in deep mode makes it very sensitive and deeper. This would be a great addition. So for me notching would be perfect for jewelry hunting and I thing it would be good for nugget hunting also. The Gold Kruzer is a great water hunter for jewelry including micro jewelry. Maybe Nokta could add this.
  2. Nice finds. Good getting out. I could use some of that bourbon right now :).
  3. If the Vanquish was waterproof I would get one just to have the smaller coil.
  4. Good post Steve, I hunted one summer with the Gold Kruzer using micro mode. I only found 1 gold earring with a small thing hanging from in the water at small beach. I don't know if they are diamonds on it but they are small. Found other junk earrings. Lol, I doubt those earrings with big diamonds are in northern Michigan. I will try micro gold hunting this spring on big beach and in the water at Lake Michigan. Like you said, I'll find out quick if it's a waist of time, then I'll switch to something that goes deeper on gold rings. Thanks...Rick
  5. I agree it shouldn't have been report on a public forum. This should only have been discussed with Dilek in detail.
  6. In those last tests I was using the 9.5x5 dd coil. The 7.5x4 coil I would hear that white gold earring with a slow sweep. So that makes the Gold Kruzer with the 7.5x4 coil a true micro gold hunter. It passes the test when using 0 disc in deep mode.
  7. I put the white gold earring in a plastic container about 3/4" high and layed on the ground . With the Gold Kruzer in deep mode it would get a hit with a short sweep back and forth but with a normal fast or slow sweep you won't hear it. I guess the only detector that can get that small white gold earring is the Gold Bug 2. According to Tom Dankoski it is the best micro gold hunter.
  8. Just did some more air tests on the 10k white gold earring and with the Gold Kruzer in deep mode with disc at 0, it hits the earring with a smooth hit with the coil raised 2"+. Turn disc up to 22 barely gets a hit one way. Micro mode didn't didn't work lowing disc to 0. I'll be hunting with deep mode and try disc at 0 in sand and in the water if there isn't much iron. Deep mode screams on shallow targets. The earring was a nice smooth hit. Sensitivity was 92.
  9. Deep mode and Micro mode. I haven't been able to get out yet. Snowing today. In my tests I like them both. On my 10" test dime I don't see a lot of difference. A slight edge to the deep mode. Deep mode does scream on shallow targets which could be an advantage on micro jewelry hunting. What are your finding on both modes jewelry hunting and micro jewelry? Thanks...Rick
  10. Coils: Super 6 coil 8x5.5, 11x7 3/8 Includes shipping I have the detectors I want for water hunting.
  11. Paul, The Lobo ST I had worked better with concentric coils and was hot with the gb negative. Does the Lobo w/ gb work as well as Lobo ST w/ gb turned negative inside? Rick
  12. Has anyone used this coil? I'm thinking about trying it in the water and I hip mount the box so it might work ok. It's said to weight 503 grams which is light for a big coil. There should be a good depth increase over the 9.5x5 dd coil on gold rings. Or even hip mounted would be to hard to swing in the water. Nokta/Makro 13” x 15.5” GK40 DD coil for Gold Kruzer
  13. I rate it #1 for being a friendly and helpful place.
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