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  1. I don't remember where I found it. I found it on land. Still could just be a rock lol.
  2. Strange how flat and rounded they are. The rock I have fits in hand.
  3. It's symmetrical both sides. It is flat on both sides and the edges rounded. I kept it because it looks interesting. Could that be a blood stain on the rock after hundreds of years.
  4. Metal detecting is obsessive compulsive addictive once you start detector lol.
  5. My buddy has been using an Advantage for a few years and has tried nothing else. I let him try my Equinox 800 and I had doubts he would like it. I was surprised how easily he took to it. I showed him the settings and off he went detecting with it. His first target was a silver ring. He ended the day with the silver ring, wheat penny, silver dime and a V nickel. He loved the Equinox 800 and now he has one. I don't think someone with little or no experience would do well with the Equinox. I think a simpler detector would be better where you can set the disc and dig when it beeps. Get some experience detecting and if they like it, then move up with a better detector.
  6. Probably diamond I hope. Sure has a sparkle in the photo.
  7. I like the toy soldiers. I've only found 1. I thought there would be a lot of them lost. Good luck finding gold.
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