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  1. Nobody has used the Tarsacci underwater for more than 2 hours.
  2. It started with my blood pressure medicine. I see my doctor once a year and they would draw blood. He told me my sodium was low and told him I will take extra salt and he said ok. I seen the doctor 2 weeks later and he said sodium is normal. This was over a 3 year period and must have got low for a year and this happened. The doctor at the hospital is trying to see if something in body letting it get low. So I don't know if it's me with low sodium or the blood pressure medicine.
  3. Now I'm going to start exercising, I might get a weight machine and other exercise machines or pay by mon and go to an exercise area and get into better shape.
  4. My thighs were spasming all the time and then my legs started kicking spontaneously and wasn't sleeping well. Getting up was hard to get moving till I walking around. I thought I was walking like normal and it was life changing event on legs. The spasming is gone. I feel like I have new legs. I can't remember the last time I felt like this. I feel like a kid again. The low sodium over a longer term did this. Thanks, Rick
  5. Get well soon Joe. You'll be back in the water soon. Try getting a wet suit. Even when it hot out just get the whole wet suit wet and the water gets inside of it and it feels very nice in hot weather. I have one that 1.5 mm and I'm getting 4mm. I'm using separate pants and top with no sleeves and I wear a long sleeve shirt to keep my arms out of the sun.
  6. If it can use a concentric coil I would like one too.
  7. The 6" coil. I used it in lakes all last summer.
  8. I have relegated my Equinox 800 as water resistant. I will be using my Orx or Gold Kruzer deeper. Or get something else.
  9. Anfibio is rated waterproof to 16'. Tarsacci is rated to 30 min underwater. Both ip68 why the difference. I can't find what the Equinox rating is.
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