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  1. It should sparkle when cut. I don't see that. Another test is to rub it on the back of a tile. A meteorite would be black.
  2. The XP Orx w/ a hf coil would not be a bad choice. Will be great for jewelry hunting and the waterproof kit works great. I put it inside of my wader and use the wireless headphone.
  3. Baking soda is an abrasive and will leave fine scratches. I've soaked of mine Hydrogen Peroxide. I think now best would be to clean them dry with toothpicks and maybe a toothbrush. And even then it will probably leave some fine marks on a coin. So rare coin never clean.
  4. Looks like it could be a fossil. I don't know about the indentations. It's strange. It looks like other spots are starting to collapse in.
  5. Jewelry store can also easily test if you have diamonds.
  6. I sold my Equinox 800 & Lobo ST. I'm down to: XP Orx w/ 9" hf coil Gold Kruzer w/7.5x4 dd, 9.5x5 dd, 9.5x5.5 concentric Deeptech Vista Gold w/ Super 6 8x6 & 11x7
  7. I'll bet it's gold. It looks like it is open under the stones.
  8. I've only been able to test the gold modes with the Orx in the house as I'm snowed in. I like how good it hits gold jewelry. IAR at 2 discs out my old rusty nails. That's where I'll be at. I will be using it a lot in lakes in northern Michigan. Can't wait to get out in the spring. It also seems to run smooth with high sensitivity. I give an edge to the Deep mode on coins but I think the Gold modes will be what I will use the most.
  9. I would get the Orx. It's an easy to use very powerful detector. After using the Equinox for 2 years I switched to the Orx and sold my Equinox. It is very hot on gold in both gold modes.
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