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  1. If Minelab raises the overall price on the Equinox but gives us more coil selections, I will have no problem with that. I love the 6" round coil but being able to cover a little more area per sweep would be awesome!!!!!!!!
  2. Your Deus in Gold Field with the HF coils running 31 kHz or higher should have no problem hitting shallow .1 gram gold nuggets/pickers if your dirt is not too mineralized where you are prospecting. Checking the mineralization bar in the horseshoe graph profile should tell you. On the surface you may get a numerical ID of 98 or 99 with the horseshoe graph showing non ferrous on small gold. Depending on mineralization you may get no numerical target ID and bouncing ferrous/non ferrous response from the horseshoe graph on .1 gram gold nuggets or pickers at 2 to 3 " depth. Deeper than that you ma
  3. I totally agree. I got mine in 2012 used for $250. If you wanted to hunt freshwater creek, stream or river nuggets and freshwater gold jewelry pretty much submerged, it was basically the only VLF choice and a good one too. For freshwater jewelry it is still a good choice which is why I still have mine. I use it when I want to hit some freshwater lakes and swimming holes in my area. Sometimes I use it for tot lots and parks in really bad weather too or if I need a break from the Equinox. After 10 years mine still works great especially with the MS-3 headphones and wireless module or just the or
  4. That was the original question. We can talk about Minelab all we want........... Dances With Doves, I never used an X-Terra 70 for prospecting. I did use the X-Terra 705 with the 18 kHz coil vs the AT Gold with similar coil. Personally, the X-Terra 705 in prospecting mode could ground balance better than the AT Gold in all metal on hotter ground. As many folks in this thread have mentioned, testing a .5 gram nugget on a concrete floor won't tell you much. Even most 6 to 8 kHz detectors will hit that nugget even in a discrimination mode. Testing the same nugget 4" deep in a tub of rea
  5. That gold $1 avatar you have would definitely take the prize if this topic was open to gold coins also. 😉
  6. Great topic!!!!! I had to have a little fun here so, sorry for including a copper item which is actually from an earring so it isn't really a coin. Out here in Colorado there aren't too many old coins so finding an 1857 half dime was pretty exiting. Finding the miniature Lincoln penny was pretty fun too. All were found with the Equinox in moderate to high mineralization and all were deeper than 6".
  7. Have you actually been able to hold and swing both the Equinox, the Anfibio and the Impact? You might learn a lot from that experience and from working a bit with the controls. I am an older person and the Anfibio felt really heavy to me. The Equinox is not the best ergonomically either but there are many ways to make it lighter including aftermarket carbon fiber shafts which make the Equinox much more comfortable. As Kac has mentioned, have you looked at the Nokta Makro Multi Kruzer? It is a bit less expensive than the Anfibio and is based on the excellent Makro Racer and Racer 2 whereas
  8. I am seeing some rumors on other forums that the Equinox price will increase in February. Maybe this is just nay sayer rumors or possibly some misunderstanding about holiday deals and bundled deals ending on January 31st.........
  9. The Equinox 800 with a 6” coil in the Gold Modes on bad ground is already more sensitive to small gold than the GM 1000................
  10. I really appreciate Gerry’s willingness to say it like it is when he can. His previous post was absolutely brilliant. In this case, the AT “Gold” name should have been changed to something else long ago (or never have been used in the first place) to AT PRO+ or something more realistic. I will totally admit to originally buying my AT Gold because it was supposed to be a gold prospecting detector. It was my first detector with more than one tone and a display. It never filled that niche for me very well mostly because of the mineralized areas I was using it in. It is an excellent all purpo
  11. Even though I don't care for the ergonomics of the AT Gold (I'm not that crazy about the GM24K or the waterproof version's ergos either) Garrett could put the ATX in the gigantic AT Gold housing and update the faceplate and battery system. The AT Gold VLF is a decent small, shallow gold detector whether the gold is small nuggets or jewelry. To slightly disagree with Dances with Doves, the AT Gold is an all purpose waterproof detector that just happens to have Gold in its name. Personally, the Equinox 800 is a far better gold prospecting detector than the AT Gold and I own both. I would
  12. I have contacted some of the AT Pro sellers on EBay in the past, to find out why they were selling their AT Pros. I was curious because I too have no problem with the AT Pro personally aside from not liking the doorbell audio. I did not bother contacting sales that appeared to be from dealers/pawn shops. The owners that replied were either getting out of detecting or were “upgrading” to an AT Max, Equinox, Deus or more recently mostly to the APEX.
  13. Thank you for the short but not surprising review. Garrett has definitely designed a very nice looking detector that works well for the casual hunter or for a person that only wants to do limited depth work in milder soil conditions. For Garrett VLF gold prospecting, I would pick the AT Gold over the Apex without a second thought however. I keep a close eye on Ebay used detector sales. Very few Garrett APEX used sales recently so the clamor for and against the APEX seems to have died down substantially. The big sale of used AT Pros has not died down at all and the consistently large amou
  14. the X-Terra 705 is a selectable single frequency detector so just for that reason alone, its threshold based all metal prospecting mode is less filtered than the Equinox 800 Gold modes. Does it have some filtering, yes. Any detector in all metal mode that has some form of ferrous/non-ferrous discrimination (like the X-Terra iron masking) automatic ground balance tracking and gives some kind of visual target ID has some filtering going on in the background.
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