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  1. Your just as likely to hit a 3ft deep bobby pin with your Tejon! Seriously, none of these will hit a bobby pin (in perfect low mineralization dirt or sand) much past 1 foot. I tried out a Tejon for awhile. I liked the Vaquero and ground balanced modded Cibola better, but that's just me. The Anfibio isn't going anywhere. I'd say the Kruzer would be just as likely to go bye bye. Lots of new Nokta Makro machines on the horizon. I would question your dealer's motives for saying that. The Equinox is a great (not perfect) detector. Set up for your conditions and abilities it will do very well on most targets down to a foot with good ID and tones. It does very well in my poor soil conditions. The Kruzer is a lot more noisy where I hunt (even in 3 tones) but it has good ID and audio accuracy too. Quest Pro is a good (not great detector) and has some patent issues still ongoing. The Deus/Orx are awesome detectors for a target tone oriented person. I found the display almost impossible to read most of the time but that is just my 64 year old eyes probably. I like to see the numbers and depth, etc. and I like lots of audio indications too. The Equinox fits my hunting needs very well. Jeff
  2. Hi, very interesting question. I keep my pull tabs and ring tabs for comparison each year. Who knows why. I guess I'll recycle them someday. For surface to shallow ring tabs and in air tests in Park 1 multi I can get any where for 15 to 20 on a variety of ring tabs (beavertails?) In my high mineralized soil the deeper the target the higher the target ID can be if it is coin sized or bigger. Even with the Nox, a nickel can go up to 18 OR get its target ID pulled down into the single digits depending on the Fe3O4 levels if it is past 6". Most of my single frequency detectors have up averaged any mid conductor target at depth here. The Deus was really bad about that and so were most of my Whites, Fisher and Teknetics detectors in the past. Pull tabs and nickels could read in the quarter/silver range at deeper than 6". Running in 5kHz with -9 to +18 disced out I can see where you would not get a hit on surface to say 6" ring tabs in New Mexico (kind of like Colorado dirt maybe). Deeper than that anything can happen from my experience. I actually do have some ring tabs that hit 20 on the Nox in air tests in default modes. Jeff
  3. Makro Multi Kruzer, Anfibio, XP Deus/Orx and Quest Pro have multiple frequencies that are available as single frequencies only. Some older Minelabs, Whites and Fishers have multiple frequencies. Equinox can run simultaneously or be selectable=big difference. Equinox simultaneous multi frequency operation plus all of the other modern, advanced features are pretty hard to beat. Jeff
  4. Hi Horst, my ground mineralization is really bad. I have never used ground tracking.........and I have never just turned on my Nox and starting detecting. I have always done a coil pumping ground balance. It is great to hear that you are able to detect with your 800 almost every day. Many of us here in the US still have frozen ground or are just thawing out with another blizzard on the way for some of us!!!!! good luck Jeff
  5. Hi SLGuin, Your problem is similar to mine. The parks I hunt in have the same restrictions. I have to have a dependable pinpointer that will hit a 2" to 3" target or like you I may pass it up depending on the current soil conditions. I don't concentrate on micro jewelry like you do. If you have the opportunity to test some pinpointers the ones that will consistently hit tiny pieces of foil and gold earring posts are the minimum requirement. Some quality pinpointers just can't do that. Jeff
  6. Hi Paul, Welcome to this friendly forum. Those are incredible finds from the time of two amazing rulers. Thank you for sharing them with us! The oldest coin I have ever found is from the USA 1884! I would love to find 300 to 500 year old coins......... happy hunting Jeff in Colorado
  7. Hi, like Kac, I have heard that the Minelab Profinds are very sensitive and are also very iffy quality wise. The same goes for the early Fisher F-Pulse/Teknetics Tek-Point. The version 1 models had lots of bad printed circuit board problems. I sent my version 1 back after struggling with it and it works great now with the version 2 board. I bought a second one and use them both for gold prospecting and deep coin shooting. Being PIs they will go 3 inches easily and will hit tiny (I mean 1/4 inch long hair-like) screen wire, iron, foil and of course gold targets as in sub .5 gram nuggets and pickers. As long as you get the version 2 new or an updated version 1 you should be fine. I like the Quest/Deteknix X pointer for depth (an inch deeper than any Garrett I have owned) but not for sensitivity on tiny targets. I have always heard the Whites TRX is the deepest and most sensitive VLF pinpointer. I have never used one. Jeff
  8. Hi Hi you can use the wireless headphones without the module. If the headphones aren’t charged you can plug them directly into the Nox or if the WM08 module is charged you can also plug into the module. Turn on the WM08 and hold down the wireless button on the Nox until they pair up. Clip it to your shirt or jacket as close to the Nox control box as possible . jeff
  9. Hi LipCa I think you got that backwards. I've had both and the F19 and G2+ seemed to be exactly the same PC board wise. The G2 is a bit different (older model). The only differences I can remember about the F19 and G2+ were the ergonomics=S handle vs pistol grip, paint job and control box sticker, and your other question, the stock coil. For me, I liked the 10x5" elliptical DD coil best for my purposes. It seemed to be a little more stable, just as deep as the G2+ 11X7" coil and definitely easier when detecting in rocks, brush and stubble since it is closed. Maybe it's just me but I have never particularly liked the 11X7 coil. They are interchangeable along with a multitude of other coils both from FTP and aftermarket. If I remember right neither will work with concentric coils.......I could be wrong which happens every minute of the day. Jeff
  10. Hi phrunt, I tried a newer (2018) T2+ recently. It still had EMI issues. That is why I said it is more sensitive. Probably was not the best choice of words. With my testing the T2+ actually ran quieter in All Metal mode than it did in its dual channel discrimination mode set at the same sensitivity level (70). What The Heck!!! I got to test the T2+ vs the F19 using the same 11" X 7" DD coil. T2+ was an inch and one half deeper on all test bed targets and in the field in both modes. In disc mode, T2+ target ID was not better than the F19. The F19 locked on well or just gave a tone. The T2+ would lock on with a good tone but would down average high conductors and up average low conductors!!!!! What do you dig????? I don't know where your coins ring up on the F19. Here in the US our coins are very spread out from the low 50s to the mid 90s. Using two tones the VCO tone on the 50s thru 70s targets and high tone on the 80s thru 90s can all sound just about the same depending on depth. Like you said, you have to look at the screen a lot when coin and jewelry hunting. There is no choice. The F70/75 series gives a lot more tonal options for sure. I am trying to be unbiased here but it is really hard. I absolutely love the F19, G2+, Gold Bug Pro form factor. FTP!!!!! PLEASE UPGRADE THE AUDIO ON THESE DETECTORS!!!!!!! Jeff
  11. Hi Majuba Man you have the Nox 600 right? That is an awesome price if it is new with all parts included. It works great on gold and finds lots of relics by default. Jeff
  12. Hi the Fisher F19=Teknetics G2+=Gold Bug Pro (newest version) are basically the same detector. They are proven gold prospectors, excellent relic detectors and pretty good coin and jewelry detectors. In my opinion they would be great at coins and jewelry if they had better audio options. Two tones in discrimination mode is really not enough for coin and jewelry. They have rock solid Target ID numbers, excellent All Metal mode and are pretty quiet in high mineralization and EMI. They are not known for being deep. Two other First Texas detectors that offer more audio possibilities are the F70=Tek Patriot and the F75=Tek T2. They are great on coins, jewelry and relics and can prospect too. They are hot detectors and are a bit more affected by EMI. They are definitely more sensitive and deeper. The newer F44 is also a perfectly good coin, jewelry and relic detector. It has excellent weatherproofing and waterproofing. 5 year warranties on those FTP products, Also, there are still some good deals on new Makro Racer 2s and Nokta Impacts, both are comparable to the f70/f75s. Jeff
  13. Hi Fskafish aufarmer is correct. You can buy a new Deus lite with puck, back headphones and HF or X35 coil for around $800. You can buy a new Deus with puck, back headphones, handheld remote, HF or X35 coil for around $1200. Used price for Deus lite with LF coil is around $600. Full Deus LF setup for around $900. Add $100 for same with HF coil. I bought the full setup used with 9” HF coil and 11” LF for $925 used with lots of extra parts and accessories 6 months ago. Couldn’t be happier. No way I would buy a new Orx for the same price. Jeff
  14. Sadly, this video demonstrates the results I had with the ATGold and an XP HF coil running at 14 kHz (the weakest frequency) on the Deus with similar settings to the Orx. Jeff
  15. Being a Deus owner and a former, very disappointed ATGold owner (my first detector with all the bells and whistles after many happy years with a Tesoro Lobo Super Traq) I was not the least bit surprised by Calabash Digger’s results even in his mild soil. Imagine how bad the AT Gold was in my 4 out of 5 bar fe3o4 nasty mineralized dirt both with lack of depth and with Calabash’s second video about recovery speed in iron!!! Whether in all metal or disc modes it was impossible to shut off the iron barrage or prevent iron tone smearing and masking without turning iron audio off and then the video showed exactly what can happen then! Very tastefully and fairly done Calabash!!! Jeff
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