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  1. Garrett’s Axiom is fun to use and fun to swing for an older person like me. I don’t even need a harness. And it is a very versatile PI. The SDC2300 is definitely not fun to swing at least for me. I prefer my GPX 4000 over the SDC 2300 for long sessions. Algoforce is not in North America yet. If you are considering a gold prospecting VLF, the Manticore, Equinox 800, 900 or the Nokta Legend are solid choices in the do it all well type Swiss Army knife detectors that include gold prospecting, waterproof and simultaneous multi frequency operation for excellent mineralized ground handling.
  2. Garrett has updated the chart on their website that corresponds to the 3rd post in this topic also.
  3. There are two different Quick Start Guides. I downloaded the original Quick Start Guide on the day of the release. It looks like this: Original Release Day Quick Start Guide Updated Quick Start Guide https://www.detectorprospector.com/files/file/236-garrett-vortex-quick-start-guide/ High Resolution Iron Discrimination setting has been added in the Menu heading for the updated Quick Start Guide. That feature has also been added to the list of features on Garrett's Vortex website. Whether it is an iron bias control.........?
  4. If I am using a recently made SMF detector using its Multi settings in moderate to high iron mineralization, I can't dig it all and I am expecting top of the line performance both for depth, audio response and target ID accuracy, I need adjustable iron bias, adjustable recovery speed, good ground balance options and some good audio options. I am okay with automatic frequency shift during startup, automatic triggered by the user or manual frequency shift like that on the Vortex. This is the kind of detecting I do most often. If I am in a dig it all situation for coin sized targets, I don't really need highly adjustable iron bias, highly adjustable recovery speed or lots of audio options. I don't get that situation very often but the Vortex VX9 as it is right now seems fine for that if MD-MF works really well.
  5. I haven't tried CD's seafood yet but I am going to make it a point to do that next time I'm in Myrtle Beach. Hopefully they serve chicken for folks like me with shell fish allergies. I want the Vortex to be the best possible detector it can be at release. Anything that gets said on these forums that helps to make that happen is fine by me as long as we don't piss off Garrett. CD is a pretty good photographer, a good detectorist and wow, he can really talk! There were almost 150 subscribers on his live stream yesterday listening to him talk for over an hour. Again, if anything that was said or written by those 150 potential Vortex buyers gets Garrett's attention and they improve the features on the Vortex.......great.
  6. It's Spanish and it say "XP presents the latest in detector technology." I don't see where it says something new being announced or released. Definitely a YouTube presentation/event.
  7. As far as I know, there are no post production Vortex units in any tester's hands, only pre production prototypes including the one that was used in GoneDiggin's Vortex video. Also, why would anyone expect a $599 detector to totally compete or even smoke a currently produced $1500 SMF detector. We already went through this with the Legend which has turned out to be an outstanding value for the price one pays, but the Legend is not quite at the level of the Manticore or Deus 2. I own all three and I don't have a problem saying that.
  8. Other detectors that I have used like the Equinox 600, 800, 900, Legend, Deus 2 and Manticore can already do what Brent Weaver is describing. Adding Garrett’s Vortex series and the slightly less featured Score models and the X-Terra Elite really makes the choices great for those that detect in higher mineralization. So, if the Vortex can out detect those other detectors as far as target ID accuracy on deep targets in higher mineralized dirt then yeah, that would be a game changer. If it can’t out detect them but at least respectably competes……..I am good with that too.
  9. You did that already too. I agree with you on that. Like you and I have said, if the Vortex is competitive with the Legend or specifically the Equinox 600 or their clones, then Garrett has achieved quite a feat in my opinion. I’ll have one soon and I won’t pull any punches. I take Brent Weaver at his word: “Garrett’s unique MD-MF technology also analyzes the target and the surrounding soil matrix using multiple dimensions of conductivity and ferrous content……..Garrett’s MD-MF technology helps to preserve detection depth and target ID accuracy in these mineralized conditions.”
  10. If the $599 VX9 without wireless headphones and one coil, can compete with an Equinox 600 $495 (cheapest price I've seen with no wireless headphones), an X-Terra Elite with no wireless headphones $479 or Nokta Legend with no wireless headphones $595, I think Garrett will have really accomplished something with the Vortex series. The $499 Nokta Triple Score release promotion right now is an amazing deal by the way. I doubt that price will last for long with all of that added stuff. We will know soon.
  11. According to Mr. Weaver in the Garrett videos, MF stands for multi frequency, not Multi-Flex. For me, that's a good thing since I don't care for the APEX Multi-Flex technology.
  12. I am really glad that Mr. Weaver called MD-MF multi dimensional multi frequency and not multi dimensional multi flex. I am not a fan of the Apex Multi Flex technology. If MF in MD-MF stood for Multi Flex, I would have moved on and skipped trying to buy a Vortex.
  13. I don't own either one. I was an Equinox 600, 800 and 900 owner from the time those Equinox models were first released. I tested and detected with the Equinox 600 in its multi vs selectable single frequency settings. The difference is like day and night. Multi had very accurate and solid target IDs in moderate to high iron mineralization even on deep targets. Any single frequency option had bouncy IDs and up averaged everything badly to where a US nickel or similar target ID aluminum pull tab sounded and gave target IDs like a US quarter at 3" depth and that is with a 50 digit target ID system. The X-Terra Pro is an Equinox 700 with no Multi IQ and with a 119 target ID system. I found the Equinox 900 to have really unstable target IDs even using its multi settings. I can only imagine what the Pro would be like here with just the single frequency options and 119 target IDs. I would buy the X-Terra Elite or a new Equinox 600 (great sale prices right now) in a heartbeat over the X-Terra Pro 24/7 and enjoy using its Multi IQ technology and only resort to their single frequency options in an EMI emergency situation. I and many other Equinox owners that new the story about Multi IQ vs single frequency use and target ID stability and accuracy tried to warn people about the X-Terra Pro. Unless your soil conditions are perfect with virtually no iron mineralization........Some listened. Some obviously didn't and were disappointed. Other than for monetary reasons (exploiting the Equinox form factor and reputation and piss off Nokta by competing with the Simplex), I cannot understand why Minelab even released the X-Terra Pro except maybe for beach and submerged hunting where its Beach mode apparently does very well. I was under the impression that Multi IQ was supposed to obsolete all single frequency VLF detectors according to Minelab.
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