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  1. It was on a sub forum on here...pretty heated debate I tried to find the post but gave up. He was trashing the EQ pretty good I believe even Tnhunter dealt with him. I agree this forum is solid for sure. Sinclair I may not have but 40 hours on this machine but I’ve been swinging for 27 years. I acknowledged That every situation is different. There isn’t any doubt this machine can do it all and do it well!
  2. GPZ 7000 😂jk...jump all over the 400 at $100. That’s a slam dunk right there.
  3. If you are gold prospecting then the 6” would be the coil of choice for sure(and tight spaces although not significant to me) . Now...6 x 10” elliptical was by FAR my favorite coil on the 705. That is the one coil I would want to acquire if it ever came available for the EQ that would be a killer tool.
  4. Tom I’ve been saying the exact same thing. This 11” picks every good target out of the ground and my area is stuffed with trash. I don’t see a need for a 6”. Ive put 40 hours on this machine and it Is simply amazing. I feel I’m breaking through and have no need to add another coil. To me you just get a little more mass or less mass when swinging the alternate coils and that’s it...not enough of a significant impact to make the acquisition in my opinion. Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all. HH
  5. I see...I guess I read to many posts and reviews sometimes. Now that I have about 40 hours on this eq 600, I’m more confident and excited than I’ve ever been since I started swinging in 1992. Tnsharpshooter a lot of my purchase had to do with your videos...I’ve seen them all(Multiple times). You have the best set up controlled comparison tests on the web. Anyone that knocks the EQ just don’t know how to properly become one with the machine or has alterior motives. I’ve seen quite a few ridiculous debates the last few weeks(I won’t mention his name) and it irritates me because people tryin
  6. Yea I just noticed that when I got home...I pack into my Minelab bag and have to compress the lower rod To fit it and didn’t notice it caused it to get loose like that. I can tell someone hammered this park because all I pulled up was nickels(13)...5 freaking quarters, 6 dimes in trash, and a truck load of pennies in trash. This machine is amazing now that I figured the fat nickels out, I’m branching out to other lower conductive targets. I see no need for the 6” coil at all this stock coil picks every good target out no matter the trash. I’m getting close to having this beast down. Ever
  7. Breakthrough! I’ve crushed 9 fat nickels in my first hour of hunting and this is what I’ve found out. When you hook into a small target and it jumps 12-13 the key to nickels is to have the vdi at 13 MOST of the time. 75% or so on average and every target so far has been a nickel. I went from one nickel to 10 in one hour and every target held true to that. Of course everyone’s soil is different but I have a feeling this holds true for many. GB_Pro and I are going thru this life one nickel at a time😁
  8. I'll let you in on a secret, as long as you don't tell anyone. Agree? (Whispering:) They've been out there too! That’s funny stuff right there .,,, lol as I’m sitting in my truck before I swing next to a creek lmao.
  9. Oh believe me I’m not trying to focus on an income here...it’s pure passion and enjoyment regarding our hobby. I make plenty of $ with my business. Many people probably think we are insane getting a $1 or $2 an hour in the 95 degree heat(it’s hot here). For me it’s the thrill and the challenge of the hunt! I like to hook into something unknown that will produce unknown results. GB I don’t like that secret very much and you have saddened me☹️Lol. I do still feel there are places in central Texas because no one else detects around here...most people look at me like an alien around here. Y
  10. I hate hearing about most of of the good finds being stripped away over time. That is why I’m taking to the water...to me that’s the new frontier.
  11. Oh wow you are so lucky to be north of France! I’m obsessed with ww2... I’ve always wanted to come to that area and actually dig ww pieces...it’s always been my top preference location wise. I watch a few hours of ww2 documentaries probably every other day or so...everything I can get my hands on. You are right at the end of the day we Just have to think out of the box and find the best locations. I’m getting a little tired of typical parks it may be time to knock on some doors and take some chances...I just feel goofy bothering people😔
  12. Excellent response Joe I really appreciate it and your situation fits mine to the T! I think the early vdi # dig and transition to more a cherry pick mentality will be my strategy. Also wow on the pennies...my first 15 good targets were all modern pennies...the EQ clearly would vote for Lincoln! I love when I hook into a quarter at 28 or 29 because it really is clear...just like dimes and above. I don’t get these people on a rampage saying the I’d sucks on these machines(I read a back and forth debate on another posting). I feel it is the best I’ve ever had...I simply know what coin is th
  13. My bad I didn’t see your response till after I replied to Pal let me analyze and reply...sorry. Ok so after looking at your ratio trash wise maybe I just need to suck it up and dig more trash. My ratio is 50-50 actually probably more like 60% good coins vs 40% trash. Guess that puts me on the extreme side of the trash scale. I have gotten pretty fast at recovering a target(usually under 30 secs) so I may just have to dig the 12-13 target regardless. Maybe some single digits too depending on the interrogation of the target.
  14. I can certainly understand your viewpoint regarding the notching. I must say that I think the level of trashiness here in central Texas is a real extreme comparing most places in the world...especially in the UK I suspect. You see, most people have little to no respect here and feel nature is one big trash can. Maybe I need to make a quick video showing my plight and throw in on here just to drive home how bad it is. It literally is almost impossible to find open ground to balance. Yes I know that is impossible and you are right but it takes a real act to find that open piece. I may just
  15. Well consider this an update to the original issue and consider it solved. Once I reset the machine and fine tuned all the settings multi is certainly deeper, vdi #s more stable and accurate, and more decisive when I hone in on a target. I swung for 3 hours earlier and feel I’m finally breaking thru! I know everytime what coin I’m over and depth 95% of the time. I’ve learned to raise and lower coil as I attack from each direction as I execute a proper interrogation of the target. I only have one semi issue that bothers me. Everytime I start my hunt I dig single #’s, teens, and of course t
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