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  1. Litz wire is a good choice, I'll try some experiments with it in the future, for now I'm winding them with regular magnet wire - do you have a good source for Litz wire? About the 60KHz, I came to that frequency through testing, I tested my system with multiple frequencies and found that gold worked best right at 60KHz , and that iron, silver, nickle, etc., worked well with either low or high frequencies - and if the detector can't see gold, well, it really has to find gold .
  2. Kac, I was wondering if you could add another part to your test. Could you take a silver quarter, and measure the VDI at different depths? Like at 2.5", 5", 7.5", with the quarter in the same orientation, I'm curious to see if the VDI changes with distance on the same target. -S
  3. Hi Kac, There is a little "something" happening in my custom coil that I can't replicate with an off the shelf one, I may experiment with some in the future, but for now I need to use my wiring configuration for my system to work properly. -S
  4. ....so, when we last left our hero's....we were giving a rundown of some mechanical hardware which I proceeded to put in boxes on my kitchen table.....and not touch since then.... But , I did do some parts soldering on the new board today......only to find out that I'm not as good as I used to be when it comes to putting down LLC packages, (sigh), it was the heart of the power supply. So I decided to put that aside for now and moved on to populating the oscillator, it's a pierce crystal oscillator running at 120KHz, it's then divided down to 60KHz, this is going to be my operating freque
  5. Thanks Mike, For now I'm only making one, and until I get the coil wound and do some real world testing I'm not sure if it's worth seriously pursuing. I'm a builder/designer, I've worked with magnetic's instruments in the past that gave me the foundation for what I'm doing here. I know the old revision will discriminate well, but I've made some updates to the new revision that are meant to improve the design, hope it works. About the two tone option for ferrous and non ferrous material, I have my design set up to do something similar to that, when I get further down the road I'll b
  6. Tom is it tricky to register at the forum? I'm having some trouble.
  7. Getting some parts in: Display housing, main pcb and other miscellaneous parts. Display housing parts and display pcb Display board in housing Internal frame to hold pcb, batteries, and other connectors Inserted into the carbon fiber housing, with front feet attached Display frame laying on top of the main tube housing Coil form Wire attachment area and cover Spent some time today cutting carbon fiber tube, doing a little spray painting, nothing major. I'm not looking forward to cutting out the opening
  8. Yeah Joe, I've been dabbling with the design for several years, it's just now gotten to this point, you know, life happens, you step away from it, may not get back to it for months or years. I can't do everything else I used to, but this thankfully is keeping my brain busy. And I'm surprised how light the parts are coming out, aluminum is really pretty, and I wanted to go with it, but the price is just to high. I haven't used Shapeways, but I'll definitely look into them and get a quote on my next parts. Yeah I used 3d Hubs when it was folks in there garages and you didn't always get w
  9. Hi Guys, in answer to the questions: Kac, LCD instead of Led's is an option, but that would mean interfacing to a screen which would mean a micro and programming which I'm not good at, so for now I'm stuck with led's Coil mounting in the center, yep, that was how I designed my original one, but I wanted to keep the wiring short to the coil windings, but I do prefer the center mount one for the reasons you mentioned, I like the center mount for the next iteration. I'm not real clear on the dual circuit you mentioned, not to sure what you mean. I'm not sure why I didn't
  10. Hi Folks, Thought I would start a thread showing my first attempt at an analog detector, I've been working in the electronics field for many years mostly in the analog/rf area. Hope everyone enjoys the process, and any input or suggestions would be appreciated. I'll try and post as I go along, but this is my after hours hobby, so updates may come every few weeks. I apologize if this goes overboard on the images. So here goes..... Here is the overall unit, the display will tip up and turn on. Closeup of the display Display tipped up, it will show RSSI across
  11. Thanks Joe, No I haven't toured the Garrett facility, it's in Dallas and I'm in San Antonio, that's a long haul. No I'm not an engineer, I'm an electronics tech, I've been in R&D for over 30 years, started as a bench tech building and troubleshooting analog and rf custom equipment. I dabble with microcontrollers, but It's not what I'm best at, so my first system is analog, my next one will be based on an ARM Processor. But back in the day the tech's did it all, the board design, the assembly, etc., and I got to work with some exceptional engineers. Now I mostly do board design and
  12. Thanks for the welcome Pop, I would love to hunt, I know of several places where I could get permission where there is silver, but having some physical problems limits what I can do. So, being a tech I thought I would do the next best thing, (and it's fun), that's design up some cool detectors. -S
  13. Hi Folks, I'm developing a new VLF analog prototype detector and am using a concentric coil I've seen in the book "Inside the Metal Detector", it has the TX coil in the center with upper and lower RX coils that are balanced. So I have some questions for you experienced folks: Does anyone know if this style of coil is still used? If not, does anyone know why it fell out of favor? Any pro's and con's? Thanks for your help, I'm considering showing some of the pic's as I progress, I have the next revision pcb on order, we'll see how it goes.
  14. So a big hello to everyone. I'm really new to all this, and have yet to do any detecting, I'm more into designing detectors than using them. I'm hoping to get feedback from the users here to help me refine my designs, I think I can develop some really useful and fun machines. I'm currently working on my first analog prototype, to be followed by a microprocessor controlled one. I'm integrating some features that I think are missing in most if not all the current designs, and am looking forward to hearing all your feedback, what you like, what you don't, what you can do without, etc. Don't know
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