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  1. Cool, like catch and release! What a better way to re-nourish your favorite hunting spot with your favorite finds! Almost endless fun 🙂 You're luck it wasn't in the trash.
  2. Try to be consistent with the speed of your swing and keep as level to the ground as possible. This will help keep your numbers more stable. Steady swing will also help you judge the size of a target by how long the signal lasts as you go over the target. Dig what seems like coin sized object and make a mental note of the numbers and the sound it made and you will soon get the knack of it all.
  3. kac


    Always had a feeling we were being stalked hahah. Welcome to the gang.
  4. Really cool, what year do you think that lock is?
  5. Before the sun broke out in full force today I did a quick run about 1 1/2 hours to test out the Nokta waterproof headphones on my Multi Kruzer. Ran it at 19khz looking for small jewelry, found 2 1/2 earings, cruddier one might be gold brighter one is plated. This pond is brutal with iron as you can see the black chia pet looking thing on the side. It is a hard drive magnet I stick in my scoop to catch nails and bobby pins. You can see some of the rocks that also stick to it. My GB was low to mid 90's so ended up using Gen Mode in the quieter areas and 3 tone for the most part. Headphones are little better on audio than my Garrett waterproof ones, audio sounds similar, maybe bit less tinny but you do need to kick up the volume. I usually run the machine on 3 but use 10 on these. Vibrate mode proved to be useless because of all the iron in the ground there as it just constantly runs. Bottom line if you got a Kruzer or Amphibio, well worth the investment if you plan on splashing around.
  6. I prefer my analog in bad ground over my digital machines. just much quieter to run.
  7. I use one of these for various tumbling including clad. It handles 18lbs at a time (including media). Walnut shell seems to work good on clad. I used the fine and ran it for 4-6 hours. You can pay a lot of $$$ on a tumbler and they all basically jiggle the contents around. https://www.harborfreight.com/18-lb-vibratory-bowl-with-liquid-drain-hose-96923.html
  8. This sparked interest for me as there is a patch of land next to local puddle that was used for bbq's from the 60's-80's. Dirt is hard packed and a complete bed of aluminum square tabs, ring tabs, beaver tails and can slaw. I had cherry picked out the copper, silver and a handful of nickels but there are just way too many aluminum targets to pick through for any gold. I have never worried about a crushed can, those are usually large and loud enough to ignore on just about any machine.
  9. So what would be the numbers on id's with an xp machine with raw numbers? Anything like the Gold Racer? Maybe split this thread to another in the right category?
  10. XP machines normalize their ID's as far as I know. If you change frequencies your id's for a given target is pretty much the same, correct? That chart is the raw unfiltered id mapping from Nokta/Makro user manual and is same chart used in both the Gold Racer and Gold Kruzer. These are prospecting machines with higher frequencies than the MDT 8000 and others. So Are the ID's the same across all frequencies on the MDT? I don't like boxes 🙂
  11. That brings me to another question. If you take the natural response of a single frequency machine, would a gold machine like the Gold Racer be better in high aluminum trash areas for cherry picking out gold? I am sure general coin shooting would be trickier as you start to lose the gamut on the higher conductors. Here is the ID scale on the Makro Gold Racer @ 56khz. I have a stupid thought in my head that I maybe able to use that to cherry pick some parks here that are just blankets of aluminum. I have sniped out the easy copper and silver but the can slaw is brutal.
  12. Can you hear the iron off the edge of the coil? I do that quite a bit to check on bottle caps when coin shooting. Get bit of a grunt on edge tip or tail and I move on.
  13. That's a lot of square and pull rings, where you in the water? I usually find those along the towel lines but in the water I find more of the steel caps as people like to fling them from the shore. Snag a piece of aluminum tube, I use McMaster Carr www.mcmaster.com for small quantity stuff and industrial cool stuff. 6130 should be fine for that and you can just drill a hole through a piece of wood to work a small bend like that without damaging the tube without a bender.
  14. If you plan on an all terrain machine, one that can be submerged under water as well used on land, plan on waterproof wired headphones. Wireless headphones are great until the control unit is dunked then you have no signal.
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