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  1. It doesn't have an adjustable vco audio so my guess is it is like the default variable audio that is on the Tejon. If so you will probably have an easier time identifying objects as the sound varies more than just a flat pitch and not need to listen for subtle rolls or pops. I have both the 10x12 widescan and the 8x9 stock concentric. Though the concentric is shy in depth by 3" or so and doesn't cover nearly as much ground I find it a killer in high trash areas, far better than any dd I have used since it has a small scan area and your not swiping over other trash from tip and tail. If yours has a dd, try to snag the concentric.
  2. Looked at the specs on that it's almost 3 lbs! Not a bad design otherwise.
  3. Using a detector or Bobcat and dirt screen?
  4. I think the only thing I don't like about my AT Pro would be lack of light for the display that the AT Max has now and no All Metal Mode that is found on the Max and Gold machines and lastly can't adjust the iron audio tone and make it a bit quieter. I had purchased my Pro well before the MAX came out and was torn between the Pro and Gold units. Ended up with the Pro as it was usable at the beach in it's day. Run mine mostly in zero mode. Overall no regrets, Garrett makes some extremely durable machines. Be cool if someone came up with a collapsible shaft for hiking. Shaft system like that should work on the Ace series as well.
  5. If your doing good with the AT Pro you might want to check out the MAX. Interface is very similar and it has incredible depth. Target id's and gb numbers run identical to the AT Pro from my experience. My buddy is new to detecting and has one.
  6. Weight test would be crucial as another alloy or plated material won't be the same. How far off is the weight? https://www.uncommonwisdomdaily.com/counterfeit-gold-heres-can-tell-23868 There is a check list of tests listed towards the bottom of the page.
  7. Garrett seems to do well with their security division and they are very conservative and often too conservative on coil designs using the same base forms for multiple machines that is good cost wise but not sure how optimized they are for the different machines. As an example my AT pro i can use the tip or heal of the coil and the target is dead on while the AT Max it is way off as the AT Max is incredibly powerful. I had mentioned before that the AT Max hits the same depth as my AT Pro with a Nel Big coil. As far as Whites, they have done well over the years as they are often found in most coin and hobby shops. I believe many people buy them because they see them first hand rather than skimming the web and being overwhelmed with so many machines out there. First Texas seems to do well with the Bounty Hunters as they are all over the place and seem to attract the budget minded and first time buyers. Not sure why they don't do similar distribution of Fisher and Teknetics? Minelabs made a smart move with the Equinox series to take a chunk out of the all terrain all purpose market but that gap will close especially if the Simplex works well. Will like to see how that pans out. I think all these companies have too many models that are just too similar and tend to confuse the market. One would think it would be better to reduce inventory on models that don't sell and push more of the better product and reduce the costs/price of those units. I never understood price justification on similar models that are electronic yet certain ones lack features over the "better" model. The only difference in many cases might be just a rom with a program on it and the cases, poles, buttons all the same. Seems pretty wasteful and a little deceptive.
  8. Did some poking around and found a nice led back light that only uses 3v and tested well with 2 aaa batteries. With that in mind I made a housing to hold it above the detector and angled so it lights the buttons as well. I am thinking velcro would be fine to hold it in place. Still tweaking and adjusting the parts so they can either be 3d printed or I may make a small rubber mold and bust out a few copies in urethane. It won't be water proof as I originally wanted but not that worried as who wants to dig in the mud in the middle of the night... not like the pull tabs are going any wheres right?
  9. Have you hit the are again? If not try digging your mixed signals especially where there are pull tabs. I found a 39 wheatie under one the other day. Don't know how many times I had walked over that spot last few years. Now I have been hitting the same areas again and of course finding mostly pull tabs but you never know. I don't think that the detector makes as much of a difference as being in the right spot unless your picking at fringe signals. Just the fancier detectors make it easier. Knowing your machine makes more of a difference too.
  10. Passed the image on to one of my customers who does work with the Harvard Coop and knows head people there. She will hopefully find out more on that pin. The new pins they sell have plain text and are far different than this one. Will post what I can find out.
  11. Found this while scouting out another section of woods along a main trail. It's a Harvard Crimsons pin that was gold plated over brass. Also found a 61 silver Canadian quarter. Got excited at first until I whipped the dirt off the rim and saw it wasn't a really old USA coin :( . Also a musket ball and small round.
  12. Started back in the early 90's with a Bounty Hunter Tracker, didn't have much luck and the novelty kind of wore off. Got the AT Pro few years ago and really enjoyed the machine and then got the Tesoro Tejon which I was skeptical about. I wanted a nice analog machine and heard how great Tesoro's were. I got a great deal from one the major dealers and when I opened the box I looked at this kind of hokey and crude machine. Took it out and dug a lot of trash then I got my first gold ring and things clicked. It has been by far my favorite machine. Far more challenging to run compared to VDI's and takes a lot of practice and learning of the subtle nuances. I have gained a great deal of confidence with the Tejon even when I don't hear anything knowing what I trimmed out is truly junk and find it more pleasing than the continual beep the AT has. I still have the AT and use it when the weather is dodgy or I want to hit some ponds or rivers. Lastly I recently got the SeaHunter MK2 and find that machine to be far superior to the IB's in the salt though I don't have a lot of hours on it as the beaches are costly and annoying this time of year. Should do very well with it this fall-winter. Of all the machines I think I might have gone for the AT MAX or Makro Kruzer Multi if they existed at the time but cant justify the purchase as what I have works well. I am considering a decked out Deus or Orx for woods hunting just to get away from the wires but in no rush. Probably just go back to the Tejon as I know that machine so well.
  13. I have seen some that come with a charger, ones I picked up from Blackube have a usb cable with pigtail mini usb's coming off of it so you just plug them in. Each battery has a light on them so they are red until charged and newer models also have a green led indicating fully charged. They should do well in any device that uses standard alkalines. I think they will do better in cold weather as lithiums don't lose as much power as alkalines do in the cold. Will find out this fall.
  14. Well it's been 4 months on these Blackube AA lithiums on my Tejon and loving them! I am getting double the battery life with full power till they are drained. I did have an issue with one battery not taking a charge and Blackube immediately shipped me a replacement, who knows it could have been beat up in the postal. Anyone using these and relying on indicators on battery life might be thrown off though as they run at high power until they don't have any unlike traditional batteries that simply fade in power. Being lithiums they don't have a memory so if your going out for the day it doesn't hurt to top them off. They take about 2 hours to charge from fully drained. Now if they made 9 volts that would be cool.
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