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  1. Forum is set up for left handed photographers, just rotate the phone 180°.
  2. Price of metal now they will probably make them out of plastic. Never knew they gave pins like that out.
  3. Very cool seeing ww1 buttons. Not a lot different than the civil war buttons we have. Nice run.
  4. I think the issue was the shear number of targets and the larger coil making it difficult to isolate them. Not a bad thing to cherry pick just the higher tones but still tough with a coil too large. Just saying as I had similar aluminum trash in my yard but I purposely dug the aluminum to clean up.
  5. On the AT Pro and AT Max and other machines for that matter if you break on a target type like an old iron nail, make sure you can still hear it as at least a crackle or broken signal. Then when you come across that crackle just swipe the coil in another direction and you should at least get a bip of something else if something else is there.
  6. On the AT Pro, Max and I believe even the Apex, old iron nails break at 33 so If your going to disc out try to keep no higher than that. My custom mode on my AT Pro I usually have iron disc at 33 but run more often in Zero until my brain hurts then I'll jump to custom. On my Apex it has a straight up notch discrimination vs the AT series that have threshold disc up to 40 then go to notch. On the Apex I have a custom mode that is basically like jewelry mode so 40-99 is on and only the very bottom notch on iron is kept on. This silences much of the bigger iron junk but if I nose off the targets I can still hear blips or minor grunts whithout being overwhelmed with audio. Any kind of discrimination you risk losing good targets. I suppose if there was a perfect machine that could filter out aluminum and keep the gold everyone would use it 🙂 I had a 9x12 concentric on my AT Pro for a while. Nice coil but not good in high trash as it didnt have enough target separation. They have a 6x9 concentric I never tried but again concentrics shine when there is a lot of iron. Flat iron is knocked down to the nickel range so it may make the task in that area your hunting that much tougher as bottle caps and flap pieces of sheet steel will end up in the aluminum range.
  7. I don't think any of the machines just blow the others away, some edge others out in some circumstances.
  8. I've been looking at the 5x8 for my AT Pro but torn between that and the one from Mars. I have a Mars Tiger on it now and works really well in the water, nice and beefy so I don't worry if I snag up on a log or bounce off a rock but bit heavy for land hunting. I really like the settings I have on my Kruzer, can hunt just about anywheres with it but like all vlf's they have their limitations and not a whole lot of difference between them in the field. I find the really high sensitivity on the Kruzer is actually conter productive in some (not all) of the ponds here where I have trouble ground balancing it. The AT Pro handles those areas much better. As for a new machine just wait and see what Nokta and Garrett have coming out. A smaller coil will get you where your going. The Max is no slouch on depth thats for sure. If you need to squeeze out a bit more sensitivity just manually drop your gb 5 clicks or so. Too chattery go up 5 or so.
  9. Not much you can do and notching out variable trash like siding bits, can slaw and foil chunks will certainly reduce your chance of finding something good. The notching is pretty wide on the Garrett machines and do work well with trash that have consistent signals such as square tabs, ring pulls etc. Recently had a metal roof put on here and have tons of bits of aluminum. I acutally was listening for them so i could pick them up so my dog doesn't get cut. I feel your pain and can only imagine how annoying that is. On my Kruzer I used the 4 tone mode and blocked out everything then unblocked known good target types that I had various old coins, common coins and common gold targets like wedding rings, small gold. I thin used the notch audio the kruzer has which still allows me to hear the targets but makes the notched target ranges quieter. People familiar with the kruzer know how odd the 4 tone really is but with slow sweeps I have been able to pick out some targets in old camp grounds that have burnt aluminum trash and square tabs etc. At end of the day though the trouble with high density trash like aluminum is it can obscure smaller deeper targets below. Detectors only report what is on top. Only time they don't is with concentric coils with iron another target occupying the same space where the concentric will combine the 2 targets and report as one. I think with the Max or any machine for that matter a small coil might make your hunt a little easier but still slow and tedious.
  10. Compass gets the credit on those, which they were mine though 🙂 Nice rings, that yellow is really clean! Got to be 14-18k to stay that un-tarnished
  11. Usually if the 950 mark is with 18k it is a 2 tone ring using platinum and gold. Can be confusing to see 950 also used for silver but considering there is an 18k mark I would expect them to use platinum over silver. Acid test would be the best way to check on a stone.
  12. 950 is usually a platinum mark. 925 is 92.5% silver and highest mark used. 18k refers to gold. So having 950 and 18k (high end gold) suggests the ring is 2 tone where some is platinum and some is gold. Would be a high end ring worthy of an appraisal if you were to sell it. Don't go to a gold or pawn shop as they only give you scrap value and often less than that. For safer keeping give it to your wife and you can get extended search time 🙂
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