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  1. PVC may be too flexible for a shaft and too heavy. You could look into carbon fiber. I had thought of making a telescoping shaft for a detector I want to build and looked at the stuff these guys sell : https://dragonplate.com/carbon-fiber-tubes/ There is also kevlar tubing there too that might be bit less money. No idea the costs so doodle out what you need then price it. Parts to hold the coil itself should be easy enough to get 3d printed on a fdm machine in ABS. Popular company for that stuff is 3d Hubs. They take industry standard .stl files. If your trying to make an S style grip you can use aluminum tubing and bench top tubing bender to form it. 6061 is usually a good choice for that with a fairly thin wall thickness, guessing 1/32 wall should be plenty.
  2. Finally got a break in the weather and hit an old field with my tejon that I actually got the 10x12 widescan for. This place has been hit really really hard by a lot of people but I did manage to sniff out what looks like a King George. Not sure on the date, have to be careful with it. Might just leave as is. Also in the mix is an old 50 cal musket ball couple copper lincoln and a ship pin.
  3. Nice find for a ball field, they usually get picked through pretty good.
  4. This might help: http://meteorite-identification.com/streak.html Keep in mind many foundries use coal to melt their metals in such as the Capola Furnace: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cupola_furnace This is what I believe is a non magnetic meteorite piece I found, it is very dense 3.72g for it's size. I think it might be just a fragment that was left. It rings in on my detectors in the gold/nickels range. Too small to send out for confirmation as they want a USA quarter size sample which is bigger than the piece!
  5. Hitting some the spots near where I found an old spill can came across this about 7" down. Usually don't dig iron but thoughts of a jar full of old coins crossed my mind. Old hunting trap, might do some reverse electrolysis to see if there are any makers markings on it as a clue for a date. There was a foundation nearby that looked like poured concrete so not sure the period it was made. Building might have been a garage or chicken coupe maybe, hard to tell. Nails around are all square with rounded tops.
  6. Does a magnet stick to it? I believe most meteorites will be attracted to a magnet.
  7. Does look like coke, find a lot around here as many of the old homes used coal for heat. From what I read there should be striation marks where it melted as it passes through the atmosphere. I only found one but it is unconfirmed as it's too small to sample. Nice collection you have.
  8. Cool the kid found the necklace they planted for him. Wonder if it was on the surface? I have a hard time seeing my screen in the sun so don't think it will work very well in bright conditions. As my luck goes I would get some scam call telling my computer has a Wirus just as I'm over a good find. Don't think bluetooth will transmit through puddles. Average cell phone is close to $1k so having a dedicated phone with it you might as well buy a Nox or other machine in that range. Orx is less $$ than most cell phones these days. Think it's a similar to one that there is a DIY kit I have seen on ebay only larger. Might be fun for someone starting but XP is far ahead in that game.
  9. Thanks for that. I would have thought the T2 and F75 would have used same coils, guess not.
  10. As a Garrett owner I like my machines but if your in heavy iron or high trash areas you will not do any better with them. For high trash areas I use the Tesoro Tejon which is analog and has no vdi. Tesoro is no longer but you can look at the Deeptech X as a competing product. I find that analog machines do very well but can have a steep learning curve. I find my Tejon able to snipe out a dime from a big chunk of iron without issue, can for the most part hear the difference between valuable targets from square tabs in the low conductor range by their sound but do have trouble in many cases with ringtabs that have been folded over. As a rule you should dig those anyways as I don't think there are detectors accurate enough to discern between many of those trash items and the good stuff as they simply conduct the same. Analog machine for me offers better audio. In your region you could check out the Blisstool Beast v6. It is made for harsh areas and lots of knobs to keep you busy for many years! If the Blisstool was waterproof I would snag one in a heartbeat. Bottom line for me I go with silent search method in trashy areas as I find it less annoying to sift through than having to fiddle with notch discrimination that tends to chop out good targets. I often make a few passes over an area and cherry pick ranges to snipe out good targets and once your in the low conductor (gold aluminum range) you should dig those iffy targets, more often than not they are rings or small bits of jewelry. I have found for me that a vdi really doesn't offer much more and often can cast doubt on whether or not to dig. The machines aren't necessarily wrong but I think too much information isn't always good.
  11. Really nice finds. With that scuba gear bet you do well just off the wading areas at local swim holes. Should be tons of rings.
  12. Cool my guess was right then. Wonder if it's just really old, maybe had wood top and bottoms? Area dates to mid 1800 when it was active.
  13. Nice! Mine the handle is 90 to the blade so your wrist is in a relaxed position. Seen a few others with T handles when i did my pat searches. I cold formed my blades from sheet stock and after all is done I temper them so the edges last. If it wasn't for the bayonet style that shipped with my Garrett I wouldn't have been inspired to do something better for the grounds I hit. I'm sure the straight handles work fine in softer soils but killed me here.
  14. Found this one in a patch of woods where I have been finding some old coins. Not sure but looks like what is left of a harmonica, top and bottom seem to be missing and rivits long rusted away. I was able to snag parts of the center which was wood. Not sure why that held up and rest is gone. Maybe the owner had a drinking issue which preserved the inners? 🙂
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