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  1. Ever think of folding the stainless over the tip?
  2. Dealers still selling them at the $500 mark and Fisher still has it listed. That one dealer has it at a really good price. Thought it would make a great starter machine for anyone wanted to get into coin and relics.
  3. Wanted to update this. I tossed my little baggie of mangetite down and ran my Gold Racer accross. Mineral meter was pegged and even after I ground balanced over it the mineral meter still displayed which is correct. Next I tested the Multi Kruzer with the Superfly and did same thing and the mineral meter would turn off for some reason even in Gen mode. The meter would occasionally show something then turn off. I tossed the stock coil on did same routine and the mineral meter worked perfect in all modes. I next put the Superfly back on and did a factory reset and meter came back
  4. Way back when I was shopping for a machine I had looked at the F5 and ultimately went with my AT Pro. Was always curious how the machine performed depth wise and overall as a coin and relic machine. I do prefer pots over buttons for the finer adjustment and that 7.8khz seems like a good frequency for bad ground. Poking around I saw that one the dealers has it on sale at $299 and they Nel makes a Superfly for it. https://www.metaldetector.com/fisher-f5-metal-detector
  5. Shows when I ground balance then kicks out. Lowest I can run iSat is 1 on the modes, tend to run beach and Gen at 3 unless the ground varies too much then I may kick it up as high as 6 or so. Maybe the filter modes are filtering out the Fe sensitivity? Using the last update they had think dated 2018. I thought it used to stay on but curious if the new coil is causing it to turn off? When things warm up I will double check. Been bitter cold here.
  6. Not a big difference in width between the stock and viper. Think I would take the Mars Tiger in an open field over the stock and viper. The one time I got a chance to give it a run before we got snowed in the tiger ran like a champ, really quiet and stable. When My buddy gets out I can have him test the tiger on his max and see how it does. Do want to note the tiger is slightly heavier than the stock.
  7. Incredible how well your doing, funny that most people take years to find what your picking in just a matter of days. You got a good knack for this.
  8. The aluminum snow rake extensions are around $15 also and much stronger. You do need a hacksaw and drill to fit it though. One day I'll snag one of Steve G's handles.
  9. One of the reasons I got the Gold Racer was for all metal hunting and because of the FE meter. On the Kruzer series the meter is disabled in all modes except the Gen Mode so as I was hunting in filtered modes and noticed targets would sound off center or be skippy I would re-ground balance and often switch to Gen Mode to investigate. As for wrap I'm not sure I had that issue with those 2 machines or with my Tejon as those have overload protection. For ranges I still think the displays are relative to the machine but the range is the same.
  10. Nel still makes coils for the delta series connectors. You should be able to snag one of those easy enough.
  11. Chest line matches better on the one SchoolofhardNox has. You going to try to clean it up?
  12. Looks like a kg. You seem to be weeding out the trash nicely when you inviting the rest of us down? Might be this one:
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