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  1. When in doubt reset the cable modem. If that doesn't work grab some drinks and snacks and call offshore tech support and they will guide you through resetting the cable modem....
  2. Good to see couple old coins in the mix too. Congrats.
  3. Out of curiosity, try setting recovery to lowest value. Ground balance it over an area with no targets. Set recovery speed to highest value. Re-ground balance over same spot and see if the numbers change.
  4. Water hunting I take the covers off especially at the beach. The rest of the time I keep them on especially in rough grounds with rocks around to prevent chipping.
  5. Ground balance zeros the machine to the ground creating a baseline. Recovery speed effects how a targets signal is condensed. Slower will blend targets, too fast you can condense the signal and make it difficult to pick out fringe targets. Ideally run recovery speed so it maches the size of a target. This is a good starting point.
  6. Good ole pi would find all the nails for ya and then some 🙂 If your getting bigger spikes on needle you may want to dig those but should be ok ignoring the tiny blips. I'd concentrate efforts on the larger than nail range of targets to clear the area. Still amazes me how the old simple machines still do well in some conditions.
  7. Not the happy ending i was expecting, thought the forums were getting a little risky. Congrats anyways!
  8. Smaller the iron the easier it is for the Tesoro's I have. Larger nails can be a problem on it. I wouldn't compare the Tesoro to the 9" hf Orx coil at all, 2 different animals. As for your machine at 90khz, does it iron wrap on large silver, stacked quarters or large silver coins on edge? Your machine non-motion? If so how does it handle around modern aluminum trash? That is an issue with most analog machines unless they have good audio modulation it can be difficult to judge depth and seek deeper targets. Your machine has nice discrimination for that coil. If you haven't started manufacturing you may want to consider putting the control box under the arm cuff to balance the machine out. That makes a world of difference more so than just a light weight machine. Selling price? Will it be available in the USA?
  9. Only bronze coin I had on hand was a usa large cent and also tested with a seated dime. GB the machines in area of testing. Put 3 nails on brick separated by a block of wood and discriminated out the iron then put one coin directly below to test. Gold Racer would give a broken signal with stock coil in disc 1. In all metal mode you could tell there was multiple targets but not enough to stop you in tracks. Apex with 9" ultimate got iron only Cibola with 8x9, picked both coins out but would break on tone in one direction. Tejon with 5x10 wide scan would hit in one direction but very broken in another. Tejon with 8x9 hit target well in both directions, little broken in one direction. D2 9" was iron only in 14 khz range and 40 khz range. X,Y screen would indicate multiple targets. Not sure if I would dig that though, usually hesitant on the speghetti lines but still new at the machine. Like I suspected the concentrics did better of the machines I tested.
  10. Depends on the machine and where the phase is split between ground and target discriminators. Some machines have agressive settings making them easy to coin shoot and do general detection but can mask out easily while others are able to detect below desireable target range ie minerals. Extremely high frequency machines with very sensitive coils can make detecting for coins and relics exhausting when there are large concentrations of targets. I see in one your videos you tested against the Orx with 9" HF coil. that machine in particular with that particular coil masks out terrible around iron. I had one and got rid of it as thin iron would make only the phase meter jump and machine didn't any iron response around rust. As a coin shooter and jewerly machine its nice but not for relic or old sites. I recently got the D2 and it does not have that issue, nor does my Tesoro's, Multi Kruzer, AT Pro, Apex or Gold Racer. All of those with DD coil will respond to iron over other targets so if there was a nail over a silver there is a good chance the silver will not be heard and only the iron. This is not fault of the machines but just DD coils in general. Again Concentric coils don't have that issue.
  11. Tesoro's used coplaner concentric and DD (wide scan). They also used much lower frequencies. High frequency machines will push high conductors up close and give the user less of a gamut between targets in that range. High frequency machines also give a wide gamut on low conductors which can give the user a more finite discrimination at the lower end towards iron. In general the lower frequency machines are easier to do coin and most jewlery hunting. Concentric coils have a less directional signal which tends to blend targets allowing the user to use threshold discrimination to trim out the lower signal revealing higher conductors. This only works within reason and obviously can't toss a rail road spike over a trime and expect to pick it out with any IB machine but is effective when there is high iron contamination, halos from rust in the ground and small flat iron like old tinned can pieces.
  12. Monte's success was more due to using concentric coils over dd's where you can trim out iron from higher conductors. Tesoro's have always been good at that. DD coils and in particular smaller and eliptical offer better separation in high trash areas over smothering round dd's. 90khz would probably be too ground sensitive. In the areas I hunt hot rocks and coal would be the issue. The depth of the machine is determined by the power of the machine and coil design. Good relic frequency ranges are 5-30khz range, more ground noise the lower frequency makes it easier to discern targets from it. Many early nugget machines were in the lower frequencies.
  13. Ever see the size screws they use inside an iPhone....
  14. Late posting here but when things are held down with mounting tape you can use fishing line to split it from the part. Just slip along an edge and work it back and forth like a saw, take your time. Changed the battery in my iPhone and hear ya on the reality that it isn't always as easy as people say.
  15. Been using the rechargeable lithium 9v as well as aa's. Have had the aa's going on 6 years now, they look like hell but still run good.
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