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  1. I actually used some high temperature silicone grease used on an old bi-metal thermometer I had to conduct the heat to the back of the unit. Probably the same stuff. Viscosity on that is the same when it is below freezing and above 200F. Will see how good it holds up this season, been pretty cold, snowy and rainy and I don't take that machine out in bad weather. The washer made the biggest difference. Glad Detecta pointed that out.
  2. dbsmokey is selling a cz 21 with 8" coil in the classified section. Not sure if you didn't see that.
  3. Not a half baked bad idea. The issues I see is with the coil mounted on a plastic base because if that coil warps or bends it will start to go out of wack. Also wear and tear and chance of beating up the connections. Might be good on the beach shown but around here we got all kinds of sharp rocks, iron etc.
  4. Slow marketing dribble usually heightens peoples expectations and lets them down once released as they usually expect more that what it really is. I only joke with a hint of sarcasm but do like the company. Hope something cool comes out.
  5. I was only comparing what I noticed between the machines I have and noticed with similar coil sizes 10x12 on ib and 12x14 on Pi the IB is much stronger in the air but out in the field it isn't so. Does EMI effect Pi's more? I have horrible EMI in my area around my house.
  6. 82 was the transitional years for copper pennies and 83's were very rare.
  7. I thought a Pi air test is useless as it needs the ground to send the signal back unlike a IB machine. Comparing my 2 IB machines and my simple Seahunter which is a PI, the PI is much much deeper in the ground than it's air test would show and the opposite with my IB's. I noticed the SH is somewhat weaker on silver than lower conductors. Not sure if high conductors are weaker on pi's in general?
  8. Is a pouch classified as clothing? No nude beaches here, don't want to think where they keep those coins either....
  9. Good amount of clad change. Check through them carefully, separate the copper pennies from the zinc and look for 82 and especially 83's. Look for bad strikes and double strikes too. I use a small scale to find the coppers which weigh more than 3g.
  10. Good possibility it is a real gold coin. I would think if they made it as a pendant it wouldn't be set into a bezel. Bezel may or may not be pure. Put it under a magnifying glass, look at the scratches and see if you see same metal color or if there is copper or zinc below. Sitting in the dirt I'm sure there are some scratches. Congrats!
  11. I was able to fix it for now as the o-ring was split and all working like new but I'm sure it will wear out again. I'll look on AliExpress for those, wider range of parts that don't typically show up on ebay. Was afraid if I used a 10 turn I would wear out my thumb. Thanks Sven
  12. Definitely one the best series out there.
  13. I almost got this scoop from Deeptech but the handle is too short for me as I don't want to squat down. The scoop part looks effective but holse might be too big for the small stuff. Other option is a mud shovel but need to see if the holes are small enough on those too.
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