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  1. Damaged battery would do that. If it is lithium they can catch fire. Doesn't take much to break them a good drop on the floor can make them short out inside. Suppose you can use it on one of those hoverboards :0
  2. Welcome to the forum. Might want to snag Fist Full of Gold from Chris Ralph. Sold on Amazon but seems to be out of stock. If your new to prospecting.
  3. Going to bury the box some place and give her a complex treasure map and a detector to go find it? LOL
  4. Diamonds don't refract light but cz's do so if you look through the facets and see any rainbows they are cz's. Diamonds will also have inclusions and fewer the inclusions the better the diamond. Just the bits I learned on the way. Nice playgrounds hehe, ones around here have aluminum rings :0
  5. Is a popular swim spot but many of the folks wade out. Buddy found a large cent spill not too far down stream in the same area as well as a trime.
  6. As a matter of fact just found a plastic bag full of the little ones hahah. Funny you mention that because it drives me crazy in the local ponds here. Don't want to pass them up incase they are an ear ring either.
  7. Reminds me a few weeks ago I hit the river at a local favorite fishing spot. Found over 3 lbs in sinkers. I forgot my pouch and had to use the front pocket on my waders. Lot of times if there is a gravel or rocky bottom the sinkers get caught up. The shoreline might prove better hunting grounds where people cast from.
  8. Bet there is a lot more there where you found those, maybe some old coins?
  9. Curious if the tone is flatter on the bottle caps or do they have the same exact sound as a quarter? Usually iron hits bit harder on my no frills PI and I still dig it just because it bothers me I could be wrong 🙂
  10. Hows that coil workin in the salt? Any falsing or extra chatter?
  11. My Tejon has no user slots but only one user, does that count? 🙂 I wish you could just put a thumb drive on the control box and pick the saves you had and back up ones you create. Then your not really restricted at all, even be able to share settings with others with the same detector. The Kruzer and Racer only have save all for current setups and a factory reset. Not a big deal on the gold racer as it is super simple to use but the Kruzer has enough settings that can make it a pain to restore if needed.
  12. Pond probably 50-60's maybe slightly older but not very deep. Looking at the waterline on the rocks to the gravel bottom it may have been 3-4ft tops. It flows to a resevior pond that is backup water supply so when the main lake level drops they fill it from the smaller ponds. Doing so it drained this one down. I'm sure there is more stuff there, used to be a party spot for the kids by all the beer cans in the area.
  13. There is a gaggle of Nox fanatics here that can give you gobs of advise and tips. Welcome to the forums.
  14. Small skating pond has dried up a bit, enough to walk around in and detect. I'm amazed how much trash was in it but was able to poke around with my Gold Racer. Wish it had a bigger coil but love using it for coin and relic hunting. Pic of the pond, usually always has water in it and the lilly pads and arrow weed are still green on the edges. Bottom was dry enough to walk on. Ground had cracks and voids in the mud that gave some negative signals at times. Gravel and stones are few inches down but thinking there is stuff out of range of coil i was using. Brass candle stick base (rest w
  15. Any initials inside the class ring? I was able to return one to the owner he lost over 50 years ago! Nice run you had.
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