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  1. I should have checked first before posting old in the title but guess old can be relative. My Niece and Nephews would agree it's old. The hand craft look to it means the master was hand crafted. Having a good amount of backround in casting soft metals I knew what to look for. Usually modern pewter is britannia 8 (lead free). Pre 1770 there was no lead free pewter. The weight was a good indicator. Last bit that in the 70's and up with the use of silicone molds many spin casters used cheap zinc then plated them. Zinc can't be used in the older organic rubber molds as they can't take the hig
  2. 2k likes? Makes me feel old hahah. Glad there is enough others to read my dribble to get me there! Thanks!
  3. Well bugged me enough I hooked up my new toy digital microscope to the pc. Looks like it is modern junk probably spin cast in the 60's-70's by the parting line on the edge. Also note the jump ring was plated. So my guess someone made a clay cross and did a nice design and has a nice style to it, then busted out a rubber mold and spun bunches of them. Oh well, back to looking for old coins....
  4. Snuck out for couple hours looking for some old coins and got this leaded pewter cross, not sure the date but don't see a parting line so guessing it is turn of the century, maybe older just not sure. Jump ring seems to be silver.
  5. Doesn't the SeaHunter MKII use similar/same multi frequency as the Infinium? Never noticed it having any benefit but it does hold a smooth threshold here in the NE.
  6. If you got a small scale it is easy to sort the zinc from copper and copper alloy, zinc's will weigh in at 2.5g approx and coppers over 3g. Not sure how to go about turning in the degraded zincs, pretty sure they will jam up the coin machines here even with the dirt off them haha. Think I have a local bank I hate and might try to cash them in there.
  7. Other than the additional audio setting for 99 tone the performance between the Amphibio and Kruzer are the same. An MK with the Superfly coil is a pretty deep hunter and the combo may edge out the Amphibio. Would love to see a comparison on that. I opted for the Kruzer for the S-handle though the 99 tone would have been cool to have.
  8. That's one way of getting the finds to go shallower. Maybe there just isn't any lost jewlery? Rings and ear rings I have found have always been where the highest concentration of people had been.
  9. Some info on them here on wiki including number minted etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_dollar
  10. Way to go! Been looking for those in my parts where I found quite a few other coins in the same time range. Curious did it ring in close to a beavertail?
  11. Should be some good help here for ya. I have found other peoples treasure on tv and the web too, just not as gratifying 🙂
  12. Was trying to figure out what rubber they typically use, thanks. I'll check Mcmaster.com to see what thicknesses they have. Want to pad the bottom of my Kruzer cuff to change the pitch. I do like the aluminum cuff idea the best though. The fuzzy one might be a problem if it gets wet, be like having a soggy plush toy on your arm 😞
  13. Interesting they even say what generation the coils are rather than just hide it in a batch code. I looked at the Tornado and price wise it was $195 than the Nokta 13 at $170 and both on the heavy side. I wanted the lighter and smaller coil especially because of many spots I hunt have some serious hills.
  14. Thanks. You are right on gravel paths sometimes they just dump new gravel over, sometimes the scraped it down and put more down to level it so that can be a huge variable. I did neglect to point out don't run the machine too hot. I make that mistake constantly. By punching up the gain so the machine sounds off on every tiny bit can be really counter productive. The machine may pick up on the targets but your mind won't with all the noise. I try to make a couple swings and and bring the gain up until it starts to chatter on the ground then back it off just a bit. I have discovere
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