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  1. Did an air test between the Max with stock dd and AT pro with nel big when my buddy first got it. Stock dd vs nel big air test is 50% deeper on the AT Pro but in the field that can be much less and really depends on ground conditions. I don't think it is worth the weight to swing though, it is really heavy. ID accuracy at depth is definitely better on the ML at depth in bad ground though when I got my AT Pro back from service Garrett had put in the latest firmware and now id's and audio are better paired up, in other words as the signal drops off I still have id #'s If your looking for a
  2. Does this issue happen with the viper coil at all too? Curious if there is an issue with the coil or the control box. Could be the coil where something is over heating and failing which might explain why unplugging the coil and putting it back fixes it. I am getting the viper coil here, 6x11 is a bit more versitile for what I want to use the machine for.
  3. If you have to run your sensitivity that low then that is the issue my buddy had with his. Could be something broken internally not sure. Garrett fixed and sent his back but I haven't checked it out for him yet. He says it is much quieter. Max should be noisier than the AT Pro in comparison as it has much more power to it. In other words depth wise the AT Max with stock coil is close to same depth as an AT Pro with a Nel Big 17x15 coil to give you an idea. You should be able to run it on most grounds though with maybe couple clicks down on sensitivity where the AT Pro you can run flat out
  4. Did you install the latest update for the Apex? Wondering if that fixes anything your running into. Will be getting one soon and the stock smaller coil. Need something light to poke around the woods with, your forest look a lot like the ones we have here in New England.
  5. The Max is very gainy so first nudge up the iron disc a few clicks to see if that helps. If that doesn't work and the machine makes noise when not in motion there could be emi issues. Couple clicks down from max sensitivity shouldn't hurt depth much. If you generally have trouble ground balancing it even with sensitivity dropped down you may need to send it in for service. Buddy had to do that with his as he may have banged it up when he moved.
  6. Do zincolns count as coins? Nice run.
  7. Are those onyx? Nice looking ring. I believe 10k is common with thinner rings as it is more durable.
  8. I stumbled on the issue I had and being new to the machine I brought it to attention here thinking it was something I was doing wrong or missed a setting that would help. Knowing the capabilities of all my machines is key to know which works best and where. Every machine has their annoyances and limitations. I still use the Orx, find it a blast to use. If I am targeting a specific area that has more critical needs I have machines for those areas but for the most part the feather light machine makes detecting fun and the day enjoyable.
  9. X35 should do well in the salt. Typically with IB machines that have a salt mode they tend to be stable in the low teens and lower for frequencies and ground balance can run as low as 00, wet sand tends to be mid way to 10 on average between my different machines. The XP is not any different. If your in the wet sand and your ground balance is high then lower the frequency and you may have to manually adjust to eliminate falsing. One thing that will help is work along the shore and not up and down (wet, dry wet) so you don't have to fiddle so much with ground balance. Water proof kit
  10. On the Orx switch to freqency mode hitting the top middle button and same button click to the frequency option. The -+ buttons will change major frequencies in 3 ranges and the top left button will access the subset frequency offsets of those. 13.3khz worked well but with past experience anything between that and high teens will work fine in the salt. Frequencies below that and especially lower than 5khz start to be very weak on gold. I wouldn't use the Orx in the surf especially the HF coil with the battery in the shaft and not really sealed but it can make a nice towel line an
  11. I did snag a Mars Tiger 10x13 that is very emi resistant and beefy and use that on my AT Pro as it is a very quiet coil but it is heavy so I tend to keep that just for freshwater hunting. I also have the 9x12 concentric and found it to be a bit noisier and because of the larger detection area it is not very good in high trash areas, larger concentric is suitable more for relic hunting and where there is a lot of flat iron. Superfly is a very good coil, hard to beat it's light weight and performance.
  12. Really good test. Usually you can hear the emi as a flutter if you have an all metal mode. I think the emi basically interupts the signal so the machines have difficulty settling in on an id. Higher frequencies help. When I ran the Gold Racer 56khz it was pretty much immune to emi and very handy. The Orx seems very emi resistant as well and for me the Kruzer is the most sensitive to emi with any both coils I use but the Nel coil seems just slightly less sensitive and smoother. Of all my machines I think the Orx is the surpising one where everything on it is wireless and how smooth it seem
  13. I got mine quiet using 13khz on gold 2 and reacitvity at 2.5. Make sure you have it in salt mode by holding down the hash button (top right one) for 3 sec. To turn off salt mode just hit the same button for 3 sec again. You may have to drop the sensitivity but I was able to run at 90 without any issues. Lower frequencies do better in the salt than high frequencies.
  14. Increasing the disc mode is much like the disc mode on the Gold Racer and I assume other ib prospecting machines as it control the break point between what is an iron signal and what is not so essentially a tone break. I used to use that and in conjuction with the id filter running same number to make the Gold Racer a single tone VCO and be able to trim out iron or foil so I didn't break my brain with the iron grunt. In the case of the Orx with small fringe iron objects I believe they deliberately have a wider ground phase range to make it quieter in gold fields. This is possibly why it w
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