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  1. It seems that it could be copper sulfate that can be an inhibitor to fungus and used in fertilizers. So copper coins could be very beneficial to those fields. Feel bad about removing them all now? :)
  2. Yup your spot on, took me a bit of research on that and found one that matches it's profiles and size. No idea how old.
  3. Not sure if it as from many years in the salt or the fact that the epa just allowed a local treatment plant to process a chemical waste facilities waste water..... One of the many reasons not to spend $5000 on a detector in some these parts :)
  4. Found this at the beach. I have found a few axe heads and ignored some but this one had an odd shape to it. There might have been some boat building or repairing and think it might be for that. Also found a 44 copper wheatie, too bad that was a year too late.
  5. I'd be more impressed if it was an 8 track :) Actually in pretty good shape for sitting in the dirt for so long.
  6. Is the top soil that loaded with iron or is it just in the clay? Only times I found anything in the clay up here in the northeast is if there was a building or foundation where the ground was disturbed. Other than that general hunting even in farm fields everything sits in the top soil. There was a post about worms and how they cause coins to sink. To me this explains why some the very old coins I find in the pine forests are very shallow, even a merc on the surface and in an adjacent fertile farm field stuff is much deeper. Think that post was in the Simons thread silver spill.
  7. I have been running into severe iron issues to the point I am going to give my beach Pi unit a go at the areas I want to pick through but what I have done that seems to help using my ATP which gets masked easily by iron and have a pretty good degree of success is I gb the machine so it doesn't false. With the ATP I also drop the gb 5 clicks to run it a bit hotter to gain some depth. Lastly I set my iron discrim so I can just barely hear an iron nail. As many know, the Garretts don't have iron audio adjust and though the machine vid will show the variations, lack of iron audio adjust will obliterate any sense of something else in the pass. Getting the iron on the brink of a sound will give you a chirp of something else as iron can drag your signal down you will be just higher than the scratch. Lastly work a bit slower if you need depending on the frequency of iron targets. Your Orx or Nox 600 should be fine, they have a faster recovery speed which should help quite a bit. Lower frequency will also get you more depth.
  8. Possible to have those good dealers have their own thread on the forums? I know that if it wasn't for this forum and if I relied on the big dealers I would have made some horrible choices on stuff I recently purchased.
  9. There is a couple dealers here, wouldn't hurt to buy from them. Certainly you will get more info on the machine and honest opinions more so than a large dealer looking to push machines out.. I can't tell you how many times people ask me about machines as they are interested in detecting and think their interests are sparked more by the tv shows. Once most find out how tricky it can be and the hard work behind it their passion fades and machines get shelved or sold.
  10. One broken axe head and one old stanley masons hammer 1860's or so. Usually skip big iron when possible as it gets heavy and slows me down.
  11. Make sure there is no gps data on your pics, might look like a war zone if people find out where it is. Have seen that here :)
  12. Was doing some iron tests with my seahunter and the larger coil. Had a medium iron nail raised about 4" next to larger and smaller with a dime in between and surprisingly Ithe disc on the SH seemed to cut out the iron with setting around 3. Could hear the dime about 7-8" up. I am guessing I will get better results in the real world as the Pi air tests are junk imo. With the same test I was able to pick up on the dime about 6-7" away with my ATP stock coil by setting the iron disc to just scratch out but still audible. I was able to squeeze out a beep. The Tejon with 10x12 widescan struggled on the same test. In the field I do pretty well with the Tejon but finding some of these beat up spots tricky to sift through. If I get a break in the weather I will do some scouting with the Pi and have a buddy tag along with his Nox800 to double over on targets. See if I am hitting more duds or not. Too bad the SH doesn't have a gb. Lastly the stock 8" coil with discrim doesn't seem as effective. Not sure why the larger coil does better, maybe the there is too much gain on the smaller coil? Bugs me because last I tried the big coil I dug about 4lb of iron at the beach with the bigger coil because I had the disc at 0 assuming it really wasn't functional.
  13. Looks like it will add another lb or so to your swinging arm.
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