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  1. You make the S-Shaft ones for Nox and Legends? Legend is actually bit heavery than my Multi Kruzer, S-Shaft for that would be really nice and exceptional with the 5x9 1/2 when that is released. Should balance out really well.
  2. Name might be different depending on what your drinking :)
  3. Check ebay for Tesoros, people seem to buy and sell them quite a bit. Models with adjustable ground balance should work well in tougher grounds. Mojave will handle bad ground but doesn't have an all metal/pp and is fixed gb. Vaquero, Tejon and Outlaws are nice. Which ever you get make sure they have a concentric coil on it and not a dd. Deeptech Vista is about as close as you can get to the Tejon.
  4. Is there an internal fixed gb pot your refering to? Cibola gb at 10 ohms and works well without falsing.
  5. Thought bat mobile was black. Had one as a kid. Not sure what one that is. Love finding old toys like that.
  6. Copper is added for malleability. When working with silver it will become brittle and have to be annealed so it doesn't crack. Nice looking ring.
  7. So far works really well. I use my pp straight up and down to find the target then put the blade just outide and pop the target out. Tip does scoop pretty well for it's size. I hunt quite a bit at the river and lakes that have packed gravel and want to test the new one on durability. Should be like a little pry bar. Shovels are useless in the gravel.
  8. Update on the park probe. After using first one and knowing how brittle the 1095 is I changed up materials. The new one has a slightly less curve to the blade and rounder handle. Should be nearly industructable. So far even though the first not the right materials it works greate in popping up gravel and working around roots.
  9. Think the deepest ring I dug was 12" deep and was a 10k class ring. Was in a park where they had moved some dirt around and put in a sprinkler system. Majority of my rings had been far less. Small 2 tone gold/silver kids ring in the 8" range that dated to the late 1800's the deeper of natural sink. Majority of the rings where in the 4" or less range. If your grounds have a lot of natural iron and wet a very high frequency may be counter productive ie ground phase in mid-high 90's. I ran into that with the Gold Racer at 56khz but that is an unusually high frequency. I still do well in the 15-20khz for gold and it still hits silver well so if you ran at 26 you should be ok.
  10. Bet it does well on Monte's nailboard test.
  11. That should do really well around iron infested grounds. My poor Tejon might have some competition now 😞
  12. Actually skunks are the ones that pull plugs. Happens a lot when there are lot of grubs. Been using a probe here because grounds just too dry to dig.
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