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  1. True but ebay isn't a bank and wanted the ability to auto deduct fees from accounts. PP is backed by a Synchrony who is a bank. I don't have the confidence that ebay has the same level of security though they should. Just saying.
  2. Be nice if they make a 5x9 1/2 for the Legend then it would be really good for that purpose. Too bad about GK being discontinued but if it was knock senstive then it would be useless. Any machine that is noisy or knock sensitive is counter productive.
  3. What about a rechargeable amplifier? Saw this on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Neoteck-Headphone-Amplifier-Rechargeble-Computers/dp/B01MS22YWV/ref=sr_1_12?crid=31CN8GPHKQUN4&keywords=headphone%2Bamplifier%2Bportable&qid=1669778792&sprefix=headphone%2Bamplif%2Caps%2C300&sr=8-12&th=1 Might be some 1/4" jack versions out there or use an adapter. Some have equilizers so you could tweak the audio to fit your hearing loss. Has anyone tried one? Don't see why it wouldn't work.
  4. Ya Ebay dumped PP and luckily I never tied my Bank Acc to them as they recently had a data breach. Might just close my Ebay acc. Great prices btw.
  5. One tiny coin! How does that compare to a willow tree? Congrats.
  6. Threaded piece with bolt holes must have been used to mount something, maybe a threaded rod went to it? Others look like crude rope guides. Might have been from a wagon or farm equipment? Love finding odd bits and trying to figure out what they are.
  7. Still a few left on Backwoods Ebay store here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/275500132395?hash=item402516682b:g:H3MAAOSw1zxi1LiJ&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoLV%2BCYH8kAb7Fzagnt15sBnu1rzkUlLtxvsi8bTi90plR0v0gJJZBzI6806FvkZFMyqq7Rc2vYxLMuvohsEVIvftE5UYC32uRwZpF4ZhvcwHwiZ45VYFJh20h79aMCRtiIO0CxBpM0zLtLo0xzAZFMmpWjk57Peg3aE0k2LuglTce9uWuxykMabRnh59UNLvGszE72Vbm53Ka2mBSwEuWZw%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR9a2q_CQYQ Als can call Rich directly if you like as he does the foot work for me. Let me know if you have any questions etc. Thanks so much, Ken
  8. Here in New England and in particular the coastal areas we have quite a bit of magnetite and iron ore so pretty much all IB machines act very similar and id numbers are not very relevant unless your park hunting for coins and jewelry. Other than sanded beaches the real coast line looks like this: Only machine I have that punches through this stuff is my PI if I don't mind digging the tons of iron trash which makes hunting very slow. Depending on tone breaks for me has been a mixed bag in old grounds, running frequencies from 5khz to 56 khz and even SMF haven't had any earth shattering difference in id quality once you start going for deeper targets so what has worked is to keep my hunting at least in the older sites I hunt is to just kiss out the cut nails if the area has a lot of them and dig the softer deeper targets. Ironically I'm down to a few machines. My Tesoro's with concentric coils and the Gold Racer where I watch and listen for target id behavior rather than a particular number and only use the id's on that as a crude guesstimate of metal type. I think the fact that none of those particular machines lock onto targets helps me in many cases in as I can listen past the targets above but it can take some work to isolate a target. Jeff ever think of using a dirt filled tube instead of foam to better represent the ground in your test?
  9. You test and see how it handles 3d masking? Put a cut nail above a silver and see if you can tune out the nail and still hit the coin. Tejon does well with a cut nail above a trime.
  10. So threshold varies between headphones? My guess is there are variations between the brands and how they respond to the unit. Not a big deal really. I use the Makro Multi Kruzer and with the wireless headphones volume of 3-4 is plenty loud but if I use the waterproof headphones I have to set the volume to 10. More of a quirk than a bug.
  11. Possibly a wax seal stamp, wold have a post on the back that fit to a wood handle. Careful cleaning you might see a pattern on the rim side.
  12. Some nice finds there. If that was a coin of sorts then the rim would be on both sides. Could be a button that might have been enameled.
  13. If you are really interested in the hobby and want to know more about the evolution of the machines Inside the Metal Detector is a good read. Amazon sells them. People will all have their reasons for what ever machines they think are ground breaking from their successes but end of the day the machines are very similar.
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