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  1. Well after looking at features between them don't you guys think they should have at least included a salt mode for their lower end version? Can't tell ya how many times I have seen new people at the beach with their machines.
  2. Took my machines and tested the coils with my frequency tester on my scope without and with a Steve G lower carbon shaft perpendicular and layed across the coil. I could not see any frequency change nor any depth change. This was done on my Tejon (17khz, D2 (14khz and 40khz mf) and Gold Racer (56khz). Maybe if the carbon shaft is thick enough but no issue with the Steve G shafts. I don't think they pose any problem.
  3. I see the point but the actual cost of the full machine unlocked and low end locked is the same on a development and manufacturing point. Adding versions via software unlock does fulfill the tier model system and is better than a slew of physical models but still seems kind of pointless.
  4. Cheesy way of selling a machine with multi tier points but then again how many machines have dumbed down versions that are not up-gradable. Personally I don't see the point in doing either. Makes more sense to have a mid price range with all unlocked no gimmicks to appease all the buyers in that price range.
  5. I never noticed any performance difference with carbon vs stock abs. Oversized coils like the Nel Big may sound off on the middle shaft as I have experience but only when they were moved.
  6. Mine has big numbers too. Never noticed it as an issue as I pretty much use my custom programs with x/y.
  7. Typically people hunt silver by digging high tones or running discrimination very high. Silver can fall into the aluminum trash range and wrap to iron when stacked. Response of IB machines is not just based on metal type or purity but also size, shape, orientation and depth. Coils have a focal range then the signal will fall off. The focal range is effected by ground mineralization. EMI can also effect depth as the machine will try to recover balance as it is being interupted. As you go beyond the focal range of the target the frequency will drop off which results in phase change. This can make tiny silvers difficult to detect. I prefer mid to high frequencies as they give silver targets a softer response vs other targets because it pushes them up in the response range and gives me more detection gamut range in the aluminum trash range. Some people like to hunt with lower frequencies that will give silver a stronger response but that can effect small gold and thin brass/bronze objects. Old areas I typically hunt by size and depth listening for weaker signals. Machines with good audio modulation or vco are ideal. Overlapping swings and using the edge of the coil to see how targets fall off in signal will save you from digging a lot of trash. Aluminum almost always has a sharp fall off in signal vs other metals in their same phase angle.
  8. Really good question. I use the 9" but would definitely use a 5x10 especially for coin and jewelry hunting in high trash areas. Guess XP doesn't really listen to customer requests.
  9. Apparently that Indian artifact that jingled still has some powers. Been raining since you found it ? Nice run!
  10. Had a similar issue and was the coil. Garrett replaced it and it works well. Higher trash areas you may want to get the 5x8.
  11. Can only imagine what machines you use lol
  12. That's awesome. Hard to read the date on it, did you try flipping it over and looking on the piece that is missing? :)
  13. Nice area and very cool ring. Aluminum looks like slag, get lots of that where people toss their cans in camp fires. Probably among the most annoying trash to try to pull good targets from but also good sign that people sat around drinking and possibly losing good stuff. Definitely a good spot to pick through with a small coil.
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