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  1. Thanks for the info on the Rosette. Still puzzled on the head. It was done with lost wax and is hollow inside. wonder if it was some sort of ornament on front of a vehicle?
  2. Found this what looks like pewter head with a gargoyle on top and a strange old buckle with a glass front. Think the buckle used to have a photo or painting behind the glass. Other is an obliterated IH penny but was a good find for the day as it was 10" down mixed in iron near some recent digholes someone missed. Pays to be patient when working these beat up grounds.
  3. Might want to change the title of the topic Breaking the law... when you post your face in post hehe. I finding 2 tone and deep mode great for relic hunting. Basically sorting small iron from non ferrous and go by size of the target. Other day I tried to hit another old school built in the 30's that used to have an old farmhouse on the property. Evidently the house must have burned down because nearby was nothing but charcoal. The Kruzer struggled through that as all of it ran hot. Have to figure out how to work around that, not sure if anyone has tips on that.
  4. Glad the 11" is working well. If you had emi issues with the 11" then the 13 or 15 would slaughter you. Did you try frequency shift? I nudged my 14khz down a couple clicks so it doesn't blast my ears when I use my pinpointer. How does iron mask on that coil? So far I picked up a couple finds that my other machines would have missed or been very difficult to find with the iron in the same hole. For numbers the concentric will show different vdi especially on flat iron like b-caps. Surprised the 11 is that much different than the stock dd. I would think they would be the same. Regardless I don't really look at the vdi that often and go by the audio. Using mostly 2 tone mode with iron audio on n2 so iron doesn't cut out on the fringe. Very different than the way I run my Garrett and Tesoro where I use the fringe tone break. As an example if I break on a square nail iron disc 32-33 I rarely hear but a crackle in most my hunts and if there is another higher conductor nearby like a silver or copper etc. the crackle will be a recognizable signal even if the vdi says otherwise. Getting a hint of something else I can then approach the target at different angles and see if its worth bending over for. I am finding this to be a bit trickier on the Kruzer probably because I am not used to it yet. So anyways the n2 iron is worth a try. Nice finds!
  5. Welcome to the forums! Stay safe.
  6. My point is the Nox has extended features that the users can access on top of their presets or base settings and the Vanquish is limited. Same as comparing the Simplex to the Amphibio or Kruzer even single frequency Amphibio or Kruzer. You pay more to access more controls even comparing the Nox to the 3030.
  7. I don't think the Vanquish would take that many sales away from the Nox series if it was waterproof. A click n go machine appeals to a different market than the seasoned detectorist that may like to fiddle fart with different aspects of the machine even when it is counter productive that I am often guilty of.
  8. One of the big reasons I snagged a Kruzer was all the coil options. I can't see having just one coil for a machine especially with all terrain machines as it really limits your hunting capabilities. Just one coil, might as well hard wire it.
  9. Having a connector is promising so maybe there is an opportunity for the 3rd party coil manufacturers jump on this.
  10. Looking at the pics of the Simplex the connector looks the same as the Kruzer and Amphibio. Has anyone tried to just plug in one of those coils in assuming the pinout is the same? Would that hurt anything if the pins were the same? Maybe the Nokta people can chime in on this. I have a buddy that is looking at this machine.
  11. Is the coil hard wired or have a connector? If it has a connector then I would assume that at some point more coils may come out or it might be possible to use a coil from one the other models. They could be just prioritizing production and working on the new unit, just a wild guess.
  12. Here in the NE USA the AT series do very well as our soil is pretty mild. Just today some random person stopped by as they saw me out detecting with my Kruzer and he joined in with his AT Pro. On my way home I saw someone else in a field I had picked apart and they had an AT Pro or Max. Any good modernization of that series should keep Garrett in the game. For most detectorists the AT is very easy to learn and pretty powerful with very good audio. I have the Multi Kruzer and that machine I can see being incredibly difficult for the more casual user. Audio wise I think the Pro is much smoother than the Simplex and if the Vanquish was water proof Minelabs could have been ahead of the curve on the click n go market. Time will tell when it's out.
  13. Welcome to the forums, plenty of good brains to pick here.
  14. Looks like the house was gone by 1953 but I think it was there in 1938. Should be in the center of these captures. My guess it might have been a good drinking spot after the house was taken down. I find a lot of burnt wood and ash so have a hunch the house had burned down.
  15. There is a mound with bottles on other side of the foundation but I have my doubts it is complete. I might start digging those up and have a looksee. Fantastic research, had me stumped.
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