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  1. It has been done before. McKinley Creek in Alaska in early 1900's a crew took out something like 1700 ounces by diverting a waterfall. It might have been more than that. I have a Dept of Interior report and a journal that pretty much jive with each other. I have also done samples that have shown heavy deposits in rhat area,
  2. MAY 11 1936 By now we have over $5000 in gold. John and I decided not to involve the law out here as we feel that might lead to worse trouble if information gets leaked in town. We both decided to handle any problems ourselves. I went up to the dig this morning and John held watch at camp while waiting for gravels. I dug a good part of the day while also hauling down buckets for John. The kettle is played out. I was able to get 52 buckets. These gravels were taken at or near the bottom and I was hopeful for a big day. I was right to be hopeful. The weigh was heavy once again. We got a haul of 72 ounces. We now have nearly $8000 in gold between us. For me this is nearly four years wages. I looked at John and told him we had a chance to get rich, we just need to find another pot hole in the old channel. John asked me if I thought I could find another one. I told him it was in the hands of God but I would try. I told John we had done what few miners had ever done, we had worked a glory hole. We just need to keep digging along the fault north where the old hydraulic boys stopped. The work will get much heavier now as we need to dig much more gravel to get to pay. We will soon be coming to summer months and creeks will slow. That is another thing we will face. I think we have another six or seven weeks before our water supply for washing gravels becomes an issue. After that we will need to rocker box the gravels which will be very slow compared to the tom in a fast creek or we need to get a pump. I'm going up to the dig on first watch with a bottle of my Irish tonight while John gets some rest. TO BE CONTINUED .....................
  3. Yes. I've lived up at Jed's dig site for over a month on a few occasions. Twice by myself with no cell service so you are really on your own. No grizzly in Cal but lots of black bear & lion up there. I was out there 3 other times with a crew and that was a lot of fun. Ten X ten tent and shower with a 2 gallon pump up sprayer that sits in the sun to get warm. Life can be so simple.
  4. I am thinking of putting a team together to work the faultline again. My partners are mainly investors except one. I'd like to work it old school to avoid all the permitting and Forest Service supervision. I've done 5 Plans of Operation in various locations on the property and had a plan approved for the faultline way to the south of where Jed worked but the FS can be a pain at times. We dug the old drift with an excavator and used a Gold Claimer Pioneer 30 to run gravels. There is still good gold out there also but we decided to lease that out & go into the faultline. That's a treasure hunt.
  5. Thanks Lanny. Got it down. I had a guy stop by one yr when we were down at one of the creeks. He told me they hit a good spot when dredging and got 80 ounces back in the 1980's. Now California doesn't allow it. Of course i've read the journal but posting it is making me want to put a team together and work it old school for a few months. I love living off grid.
  6. (1) Some of the rock old Jed was moving. All in a days work I guess. (2) If only Jed had one of these LOL.
  7. Lots of huge Cedar & Ponderosa Pine up there. Straight and tall. I's love to have a cabin up there - might never leave.
  8. Here are the remnants of an old miners cabin we found while exploring up on the mountain.
  9. MAY 10 1936 At breakfast I told John that I wanted to go up and dig again and see if the kettle would widen out some. I had put a dent in its gravels yesterday. So John caught a little sleep while I drove up there. I eagerly got to work shoveling gravel into buckets abd seeing if the rich pay would widen out. It seemed contained to this small area so I shoveled what was in there. After I took 10 buckets down to John to start his day I went back up and kept digging. I eventually took a break. I grabbed the rifle and took a seat on a log near the hole when I thought I heard something moving up in the woods on the mountain. I heard what sounded like a branch break and someone or something falling through the limbs of a tree. Then there was the sharp crack of a rifle shot. Rifle in hand I dove into the hole which was a good eight feet deep. I looked around but couldn't see anything. Then there was another shot and the bullet had struck one of my buckets that was near the hole. I was pinned down. John had to hear the shots and would come running. Camp was less than hald a mile away and sound travelled here. Eventually I heard John holler to me was I ok? I hollered back yes and told him what was going on. He had war experience. He told me to stay put and he'd try to scout the area. I waited for a good twenty minutes or so and John came back from the north hiking down the ravine. He said he couldn't find anyone but maybe we both better get back to camp. I didn't want to leave the buckets of pay so we both loaded them on the truck. There were 15 of them. Then we went back down to camp and got a surprise. Our camp had been robbed. They stole our gear and food but left the tom and grizzly alone. Our tents were ok as well. Lucky our gold was well hidden and not touched. We figured whoever these hooligans were they must have planned this out. Create a diversion at the dig site while the rest of them robbed our campand carried off what they could. John was madder than i'd ever seen him. He told me he would kill them if he found them, I calmed him down and said we still had our gold and more buckets to wash and we could go to town and get supplies to replace what they stole. So I took the truck to town while John washed gravels and kept a lookout on camp as best he could. I got back after a couple of hours and there was no further trouble. I helped John finish up the heavies and we weighed up the gold. What we saw in the pan made us almost forget about the robbers for a minute or two. We got 43 ounces out of the 25 buckets. I did some figuring and it was a better percentage per bucket than yesterday. John asked me if I thought this would keep going. I told him the kettle was nearly played out but maybe one more good day. We both stayed in camp that night and took turns on watch. I drank some Irish whiskey to ease my mind. TO BE CONTINUED .....................
  10. Shale and granite depending on the location. We are finding some promising signs there. Nice chunky gold. Yum yum.
  11. A quick note from me at this point. So the ancient river channel had flowed wide from east to west. The fault line upheaval had lifted the east side up anywhere from 60 - 100 ft so as the river ran over it became a big waterfall. The old river carried gold all the way from its source. So at some point the old river had moved (hundreds of thousands of yrs ago according to our geologist) and left the area high and dry. Some of the big hollows or as Jed called them kettles could be stacked up with gold. Then over the years the fault was buried again inder more gravel and rock. The old time hydraulic miners had exposed some of this when they worked it but never finished the northern area which was still partially or completely covered. Add to this puzzle that bedrock was thrown all over the place by the quake that caused it. Now you have a treasure hunt. If you get lucky you get rich. At this point of the journal Jed seems to be on to something.
  12. MAY 9 1936 Last nights watch was quiet again. I am hopeful the hooligans are long gone. I got an early start at the crack of dawn working the dig site. John was finishing up some panning leftover from yesterday and I got 10 buckets to get him started and then came back up to the dig. We think it is now needed to have a man at camp at the creek while one man digs. We can't trust to leave the camp alone during the day. I started working where John left off yesterday. I got down a little deeper and worked into the fault. Suddenly I hit an area of fairly easy digging with good gravels and rounded stone not too big. As I started working at it with the spade it dropped off about five feet in depth so as to be lower than the ground adjacent. It was a kettle in the old creek channel and it was about ten or fifteen feet across. I shoveled out some of the top layer to the side and took a quarter bucket sample from a few feet in depth in the kettle. John and me had set a tub with water we carried up from the creek so we could sample pan once in awhile. I filled the pan with some gravels and went at it with hope. I was not to believe what I saw. There had to be a quarter ounce in the pan. I had to sit down and think on this. What did I hit here? I panned some more and the pan was full of gold at the bottom. I finished the quarter bucket. I didn't have a weigh but there had to be one or two ounces in total. It didn't take me too long to get 10 buckets as the digging in the kettle was not too bad. I took the buckets down to John and told him what I found and gave him the pan. We weighed the gold from the quarter bucket and got over an ounce. John went to work on the tom and I dug like a man on fire. I dug 75 buckets in all. I got over to the creek and helped John clean out the tom and we panned the heavies. We were both dead tired at dusk when we did a weigh. We had 106 ounces total. We both just sat there looking at it under the light of a lantern. I couldn't even believe it. When I claimed up the ground I talked with a geologist who knew the area, He told me you could get yards to make an ounce or ounces to a single yard on the fault. Somehow I had hit a glory hole. I had heard of this but never thought about it much. I'd already made more gold than I thought i'd get for a season. I knew one thing for sure, from now on we needed to be real careful about anyone coming out here and seeing this. In these times a man could be robbed or worse for far less. We had some dried beef and crackers and beans and a drink of whiskey and John went up on first watch while I drank another cup and went to sleep. TO BE CONTINUED ................................
  13. Make sure to read the new posts today & also posted pictures. Also enter your gold total guess.
  14. To everyone reading the journal I am going to give you a chance to take a guess at Jed's total gold count. I can say that his season was contained to 1936. Another hint I can give is that the faultline is known to produce extremely large deposits concentrated in hot spots. One more hint comes from a geologist Jed worked with and it's pretty much what our geologist told us : "The ground along the fault can be yards to the ounce or ounces to the yard or no gold at all." There is np prize for guessing correctly but just bragging rights. It will be the closest gold in ounces without going over. I will keep it open until midnight on this Saturday January 29 Pacific time. Good luck.
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