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  1. or 3D imaging as well... such as these: https://orientdetectors.com/product-tag/okm/
  2. Hi guys: I have been watching youtubes lately and I wonder if anyone had those GER detectors? I wonder why people not using this kind instead as it seems have more depth than our normal detectors such as minelab etc.? Obviously for sure its more expensive. or 3D imaging as well... such as these: https://orientdetectors.com/product-tag/okm/ Kind regards, Ethan
  3. Hi how does the Gold monster 1000 perform in western australia? I heard its very hot ground.
  4. ok i fixed it...i had to coneect the legend with earphone
  5. so when you update this time do you merely open the latest software which is threshold?
  6. HI yes i am using the new update tool only and yes 109 has been installed. it says recogized legend and then goes to attempting to communite.....for more than 5 mins nothing happen or even 10 mins..
  7. with the latest threshold update,,,, why does the updating software saying attempting to communicate for long time but nothing happen, while legend screen says bE?
  8. I want to go seach gold nugget only later in west AU. any ideas?
  9. Hi mate, Glad to see someone in same city!! I bet you bought the pro pack so it has 6' coil, which I only have normal 11 coil. Does 11 work for small nuggets like 0.2gm as well? Yes It has been raining heavy lately, Cant go anywhere. Thanks.
  10. Thanks Jeff. I also bought a minelab monster 1000 for dad.
  11. HI peeps I am very new to this machine and I am planning to go prospecting in remote areas in Australia. Has anyone used this looking for gold nuggets? Thanks, Ethan
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