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  1. Just back from our first prospecting trip after taking early retirement and moving to Kambalda in Western Australia . Did really well for a 5 week trip with 216 pieces for 376 grams. Biggest pieces 10, 11.5, 27 and 155 grams. No more working for the man ! Cheers, Rick https://youtu.be/jvZ3RyTN0Mo https://youtu.be/hvygdhqU_uQ https://youtu.be/yWINJjZdhp4 https://youtu.be/MODRP3GihW8
  2. I found this of interest. The Murchison meteorite - Museums Victoria.pdf The 50th anniversary lecture ......LINK.....
  3. I found this interesting. Gold_Fever Aust.pdf
  4. History stands corrected: Smith, not Hargraves, first to discover gold in NSW https://www.smh.com.au/national/history-stands-corrected-smith-not-hargraves-first-to-discover-gold-in-nsw-20200902-p55rtr.html
  5. Out Bush with Jane and GH. Pulled up at spot. Turned on detector, tuned it in, walked 4 metres. Got a quiet iffy signal dug down out pops 5.7 gram nugget. Not 12 metres from the car. Couldn't believe it, didn't even video it. What a start to the day. By the end of the day still only the one bit.
  6. I found these two in a long lost jar in the garage. The first has a slight show of silver plating. The last photo has me struck what it is, it has ton and gram and more on it. Anyone have a solution of its origin.
  7. Hi everyone. Been having some fun with the Zed on the gold lately. Here's some Video's hope you enjoy.
  8. I just had a look at this UTube they were in my type of ground.
  9. Here in Victoria Aus. we are in a second wave lock down (COVID-19) for 6 weeks. So did some more tidying up the garage and found some old finds in a jar that I had left unsorted. One was a gold field token from Castlemaine 1859. Another was what I wanted to fill a blank in my shilling collection it was a 1910 I had one for the obverse with a poor date side. The last was a King George lV (4) 1824 shilling it was just about worn out and hard to identify.
  10. Reg Wilson is a bit of a legend in Australian detecting circles and has kept a comprehensive photo collection of his finds over 4 or 5 decades. Now everyone likes gold images and stories - and there are plenty here! I've been offered existing topics to post on, but I believe the topic deserves its own thread to do it full justice. All images are those of Reg Wilson unless otherwise attributed. The album consists of hundreds of photographs of not only gold, but many gold detecting industry characters, some of whom are no longer with us, but who all contributed in their own unique ways to
  11. Here is a project that is on gold in Victoria. It is an interesting read from the gold stand point as well as the offerings to come. https://www.newkerala.com/news/2020/102787.htm
  12. The passing of a friend unfortunately has led to me taking ownership of a modified Tdi Pro. My machine is mounted on an Anderson shaft and is factory spec. My old mate had his machine modified to smooth out the threshold and to add some sensitivity. The specifics related to the modifications are not known by me, other than that they were conducted by 'Luke'..Oz Digger.. This happened some time ago. So the modified machine is probably not a keeper, I don't want two Tdi Pro machines.. The opportunity to do a comparison cannot and should not be ignored. My intention is to focus on small gol
  13. This thread is a place were I can share and continually update pictures of any of my current gold finds, kind of like a gold diary of sorts. Sometimes I’ll include narrative other times it will be just pictures of what I found for the day. I get out detecting regularly and I use a lot of different equipment some of which is not open for discussion. This thread is NOT about equipment but about the gold I find as I find it. I will try to include pictures of the terrain so people can visualise what the areas look like where I‘m detecting. I would prefer if others do not post up pictures to
  14. This was posted over on the Jeep forum about some strange occurrences in the Australian bush and the mystery of the Button man, any of our gold hunters down under hear anything of the mystery of the Button man? https://wranglertjforum.com/threads/do-we-have-a-serial-killer-on-the-loose.35913/
  15. So I have been watching some Parker's Trials and Aussie Gold Hunters.......... 😉 But on both shows now they say that if you "peg" a claim it is considered Pending and can be "prospected" (aka metal detected) by the public for about 8-12 months until it is no longer Pending. Is this really true? Do people peg to throw other prospectors off? Like send them on a wild goose chase? 😄 In the US I am sure that would not fly at all. I mean you do the work to find a good claim and then people can see on Tengraph where it is and go to town on it. There would be for sure some shooting going on
  16. When circumstance allow, I like to go prospecting in Victoria's 'Golden Triangle', one of Australia's nugget hot spots. I use my beach machines, a Tdi Pro and a Tdi Sl Limited Edition. The Pro can be used for prospecting without any real issues, the Tdi Sl is more challenging in this environment. I'm going to focus on my experiences in hot ground, infested with ironstone, hot rocks and heavy mineralization. Not going to focus on depth, power or anything other than what it takes to get the machine to operate smoothly with the correct ground balance. The Pro machine has a hugh advantage, simply
  17. In the hopes of continuing to keep things interesting I have some audio files I would like to share of the GPZ 7000. It will give you an idea of the incredibly subtle way the audio can respond to “iffy” targets. It is amazing how important the three senses are with metal detecting, sound, sight and touch.🙈🙉🙊 When you rely on one sense only I feel disjointed and disconnected. However the material has merit and will give detector operators an insight into what it is I’m looking for especially in regards to having a good range of motion. The target is gold, I put pictures of it up a fe
  18. Hi all, Some post bush fire nugs from Gippsland, I went over an old patch just after the fires and before the beer virus lock down. The tree stumps were still smoking when I got these. The biggest is just over 1oz. It's amazing what can be missed with scrub all around.
  19. This is an open thread for any good/bad Australian picture of gold or video adventure! Post away mates. Mitchel
  20. I found this information informative and interesting. It shows some of the similarities and differences of Australian and U.S. laws and regulations. Have a good day, Chet
  21. Yesterday was an overcast day which meant lower temperatures, the perfect opportunity to focus on a little spot I have that has very little shade cover. This year has been a weird summer, I have never seen the humidity so high without major rain associated with it, so even with the milder temperatures I was in a lather of sweat just wandering around. Fortunately the gold I was chasing is tiny and shallow so no major effort digging deep holes and getting the heart rate too high which then means elevated body temperatures. I’ve done a lot of testing at this location thanks to the low minera
  22. The United States has a deal with Australia about rare earths. It is a source outside of China. https://www.australianmining.com.au/features/australia-us-alliance-key-to-creating-critical-minerals-hub/
  23. Found a nice little run a couple of days ago, 2 days in a row just over 1/2 oz each day and another 23 grams this morning. Here's a pic of this mornings total.... I don't film many digs anymore, but the bigger chunk had a bit of depth. I was hoping it would be deeper and bigger...but alas, not to be, it went just under 10 grams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpUIZp0f7zQ
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