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  1. Unfortunately someone decided that they needed the 2 caravans I had left on one of my mining leases more then I did, even worse one of them was Paul’s little van from camp yank. While pondering new accomodation for the next yank invasion I spotted this As soon as I seen ‘Special’ I thought of Paul! She is going to need a bit of remodeling but will make fine yank worthy accomodation I reckon. Plenty of room for you in there too Steve if your brave enough to bunk with Paul.
  2. This is a really great paper describing how you can use the latest technology (AI) and algorithms to locate meteorites. Now just imagine what else you can find if you have the time and knowledge. There are a few here on this forum who will be enlightened by this article but certainly not surprised. It is just a matter of time that we process massive amounts of data quickly. https://arxiv.org/pdf/2009.13852.pdf
  3. This is the title of a book about producing gold in WA. I've just read a review of the book and think the book would be a good read. It appears now because a company is about to begin production. I don't own any Australian gold stocks but maybe I should. https://www.investorideas.com/news/2021/mining/02125Aussie-Gold-Production.asp
  4. Prospector unearths three gold nuggets near Castlemaine, sparking hopes for mine https://www.theislanderonline.com.au/story/7110780/could-one-gold-prospectors-finds-unlock-hidden-underground-riches/
  5. These videos and pictures were taken this morning at an unnamed gold digging at the western side of Horseshoe Bay.. the diggings are in the saddle of the two hills in the first picture.. the first video is of the quartz reef in which gold has been found, it runs for over a hundred metres and once you've worked out its direction it's easier to follow.. I've never found it the other times i've been up here, but this morning I followed it down the ridge into a gully where it became really obvious again.. the next video shows where prospectors at the end of the 1880s to the early 1900s sank shallo
  6. During the last few days I've been having a looksee in new areas on the island away from the old gold diggings.. The geology here is very similar to the areas surrounding the diggings with many quartz veins running through granite outcrops.. where the creek I'm following meets the ocean many igneous intrusions can be seen running through the granite shield that forms the island (which itself is also a massive intrusion).. No gold yet but plenty of snakes! I'm also making the most of the running creeks (they're dry in the dry season) to sluice and pan so I can work out which areas might have so
  7. Here is a bit about some recent history of prospecting and fossicking in Queensland. Good news for JP's business but some gold will be taken out of the ground. There’s been an upsurge in the number of people fossicking for gold, sapphires, emeralds and opals in Queensland’s hotspots for precious metals and gems. More than 18,000 fossickers’ licences have been issued in just the last two financial years. https://statements.qld.gov.au/statements/91243
  8. This thread is a place were I can share and continually update pictures of any of my current gold finds, kind of like a gold diary of sorts. Sometimes I’ll include narrative other times it will be just pictures of what I found for the day. I get out detecting regularly and I use a lot of different equipment some of which is not open for discussion. This thread is NOT about equipment but about the gold I find as I find it. I will try to include pictures of the terrain so people can visualise what the areas look like where I‘m detecting. I would prefer if others do not post up pictures to
  9. Chime in w/ Your deepest depth target and what detector and coil, and what the target turned out to be! Enjoy this "Mega Dig" w/ Big Payoff at the end of part2! Happy Holidays" from a balmy warm 33f Idaho . 😆 Ig
  10. An interesting area because it was first discovered when large gold specimens were found on the surface. An outcrop was soon identified as the source, named Matrix Reef. It is located on the Berlin Goldfields, on a hill. A number of rich gullies run off the hill. No 0, No 1, No2, No 3 gullies, all rich and nuggety. Lots of detailed information available with a simple Google search. Again located in Australia in the state of Victoria.
  11. Nice Couple" Good Times! Good Gold! 😆 Enjoy" Ig
  12. Cheers" from 20f Idaho! Way to go Bill! 😃 Ig
  13. The police found it! https://www.9news.com.au/national/queensland-police-find-rare-four-billion-year-old-meteorite-five-years-after-it-was-stolen-five-years-ago/29ef3c3a-bec6-4337-af84-31336bbfdc4d
  14. Just back from our first prospecting trip after taking early retirement and moving to Kambalda in Western Australia . Did really well for a 5 week trip with 216 pieces for 376 grams. Biggest pieces 10, 11.5, 27 and 155 grams. No more working for the man ! Cheers, Rick https://youtu.be/jvZ3RyTN0Mo https://youtu.be/hvygdhqU_uQ https://youtu.be/yWINJjZdhp4 https://youtu.be/MODRP3GihW8
  15. I found this of interest. The Murchison meteorite - Museums Victoria.pdf The 50th anniversary lecture ......LINK.....
  16. I found this interesting. Gold_Fever Aust.pdf
  17. History stands corrected: Smith, not Hargraves, first to discover gold in NSW https://www.smh.com.au/national/history-stands-corrected-smith-not-hargraves-first-to-discover-gold-in-nsw-20200902-p55rtr.html
  18. Out Bush with Jane and GH. Pulled up at spot. Turned on detector, tuned it in, walked 4 metres. Got a quiet iffy signal dug down out pops 5.7 gram nugget. Not 12 metres from the car. Couldn't believe it, didn't even video it. What a start to the day. By the end of the day still only the one bit.
  19. I found these two in a long lost jar in the garage. The first has a slight show of silver plating. The last photo has me struck what it is, it has ton and gram and more on it. Anyone have a solution of its origin.
  20. Hi everyone. Been having some fun with the Zed on the gold lately. Here's some Video's hope you enjoy.
  21. I just had a look at this UTube they were in my type of ground.
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