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    Metal detecting ,Bottle digging ,
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    Fisher F44, Bounty hunter tracker IV, Discovery 2200,devils tongue hand digger

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  1. I came up with my name because I like metal detecting old farms
  2. could be some time of broach for a hat
  3. I have found about 5 of thee in the year even a cool double sided one ,and I have also refurbish a few of them cleaning them up sharpening them and still using them to this day. A reason i think they discarded them and threw them away is probably the handles broke on them or they just lost them .
  4. I was just asking cause there ben times where people have found old coins and stuff in them
  5. Was that bottom picture a container and did you open it ?
  6. Hi i'm wondering if anyone has a metal detector headphone jack adapter that they could send me ? just send me a PM and ill give you my address thanks .
  7. Nice finds That pin is neat but I have no idea what year that in is from maybe mid 1800s late 1800s or early 1900 I honestly have no idea ?
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