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    Metal detecting ,Bottle digging ,
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    Fisher F44, Minelab Vanquish 340,devils tongue hand digger

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  1. Around my area(Wisconsin )I have a lot of old brides and And lakes Where i can go magnet fish. I can go out to the rivers but ill have to wait till the spring when the lake thaws out to go to them
  2. I just bought this magnet off of brute magnetic's For magnet fishing and I hope I find some neat finds i will keep you guys informed on how it goes and if i find anything! https://brutemagnetics.com/collections/top-mount/products/brute-box-500-lb-magnet-fishing-bundle-2-95-magnet-rope-carabiner-threadlocker
  3. I came up with my name because I like metal detecting old farms
  4. I have found about 5 of thee in the year even a cool double sided one ,and I have also refurbish a few of them cleaning them up sharpening them and still using them to this day. A reason i think they discarded them and threw them away is probably the handles broke on them or they just lost them .
  5. I was just asking cause there ben times where people have found old coins and stuff in them
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