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Found 6 results

  1. Caught and killed. Mohave County sheriff just informed me this guy was responsible for the burglarly at my place in Gold Basin, he got in a shootout with a neighbor on another burglary. According to the deputy I just spoke with apparantly he was involved in 35+ burlaries and there in the Dolan/Gold Basin area at least 3 or 4 more people/safehouses involved in the ring as well. They recovered so much stolen stuff it filled a large warehouse, and they still have more. A prospector came up to my land this winter and told me their buddy just had their drywasher stolen in the 30 minutes they walked back to their pickup for a sandwich. Virtually every one of those houses off Gregg's Hideout and Rubicon road has been hit too, when you start talking to them. It's epidemic levels of thievery out there and the sheriff is not inclined to spend time curbing it from my experience with them. Be aware out there, it looks peaceful but there exists an underbelly of meth fueled scumbaggery, and it's getting more brazen. Anyways, just wanted to give an update as this case is now closed. There were 2 other parties involved in seperate phases which the sheriff has been presented evidence against and who he is monitoring, but this guy here and his buddies are who stole most of my stuff by the sound of it. I can say now that they picked all my locks and so are experienced crooks (4 supposedly hard to pick padlocks and a hitch lock), not cut, and they work the Gold Basin area as they got into my property by offroading during the night, a way that requires knowledge of the area. They are/were quite experienced thieves and some are still free and out there. They appear to drive around and stake newly arrived property out, then hit it when they think people aren't looking or are gone (or at night time).
  2. Sorry for the off topic post, I just wanted to get this out there quickly and please delete if this shouldn't be here. I had a ton of stuff stolen in Arizona, not sure what exactly yet as I have to drive down now to find out. They abandoned my RV on the road since I sabotaged the wheels to prevent theft (after they dragged it 1000ft ruining my axles and drums), but took everything inside, and took a 40ft Conex worth of tools and gold prospecting equipment. So much stuff I'm not even sure what all was in it until I can do a full inventory. So, if anyone sees someone in NW Arizona trying to offload a bunch of drywashers, crusher stuff, cleanup stuff, sluices, especially if they seem like tweakers, please let me know. Also, a Yamaha Grizzly ATV, green, 400cc. Tons of tools, most the battery powered stuff was Makita. Had a Troy Bilt gold vac, a smaller keene drywasher (is it the 141?), a bigger Keene drywasher (black), a puffer Keene drywasher. I'm forgetting a ton of stuff but, you get the idea, if some tweaker is going around trying to sell gold prospecting stuff for cheap to people, get a name if you can. Mohave county Sheriff is out there now, if anyone has heard anything at all, please let the sheriff know. Had all my detectors with me in Wyoming so none of them were stolen. If anyone hears anything, anyone mentioning anything about who did this, please let me or the sheriff know. The gates and the chain were cut, plus cut through 4 large boron carbide shackles. they had tools and it was planned. It wasn't in a place that someone randomly would have found, I suspect they are local and/or prospectors at this time. It sounds like some of my con buckets were stolen, which would look like dirt bucket to someone who didn't know it might be valuable so if they weren't prospectors, they must be familiar with it to take buckets of dirt. It may have happened a few weeks ago, I just now got someone track me down from some papers they found in my abandoned trailer and let me know about it sitting there in the middle of the road. It's been 110 or hotter out there so there weren't many prospectors around but one said he thought he saw my trailer moved at least a few weeks ago. If anyone has info leading to an arrest with at least some of my items found so I know it was them, I will give you $1000 cash. We can work it out anonymously if preferred. Thanks
  3. For those not following VaNursePaul's Facebook page we had a major theft at my house this morning. Paul had his travel trailer parked in my driveway and our detectors in his Toyota Sequoia parked next to the trailer. Sometime in the wee hours someone stole the Toyota parked right next to the trailer where Paul was sleeping. While we were making a police report they found the Toyota a mile away abandoned, no detectors. The homeowners policy only covers property stolen from my vehicle, not a visitor's vehicle. Paul is checking his renters policy, we're not too confident that the insurance company will make good. You know how it is with insurance, they like those premiums but hate to pay claims. The cops have the serial numbers and we'll be checking craigslist etc.. Anybody hearing of a really good deal on used GPZ let me know.
  4. Posting this here just in case. Yes, it was old, just like me. It even took on some of my old age idiosyncrasies; it was heavy when full, started hard in the morning, ran intermittently depending on mood, took a lot of tinkering to get it to perform properly, created a lot of dust and its exhaust smelled bad. But it was a trusty old friend that was always there in a pinch. It’s ability to draw material and gold upward out of a crack was second to no other method. You may have guessed by now that I am talking about my trusty gas powered vacuum. It is the old original Vac Pack. Unfortunately someone thought they needed my Vac Pack more than I did and rudely helped themselves to it. Yes, I should have known better than to leave it where I was working, but circumstances dictated that I do just that. I was working in my “secret spot” that has lots of exposed ancient bedrock and my trusty vac was producing enough gold to keep a smile on my face. But part of getting old is that you just can’t do the things you once did and old age infirmities make hauling equipment and full buckets of material over rough ground an almost impossible task. In recent years I have developed peripheral neuropathy, the result of which is no feeling in my feet and legs. This translates to not being able to walk very far and extreme instability. I have to use a cane at all times for stability. So what I carry and how much must be limited as much as possible. So, I chose to carry buckets of material back to the truck and leave my vac concealed behind the bedrock. This is in a place that no one drives into and even if they did they could not see the equipment without walking all the way to it. I have been working this place all summer and had no problems leaving the equipment and have not seen one other person. In the past I have left mining equipment in numerous places and never had a problem, but all it takes is one time and just the right person. If you see or know of anyone trying to sell a gas powered vac I would like to know about it and possibly get a look at it. As I said this is the old, original Vac Pack brand. It says Vac Pack on the bucket. The bucket is 5 gallon black with the letters in faded gold. The engine is the old Gray colored Echo brand leaf blower motor. The bucket has a traditional wire carrying handle, but I replaced the old thin grip with one of the new snap on orange handles. This should make it easy to identify. So I guess its back to using the old methods, screwdrivers, crack tools and a brush. I already miss my trusty friend.
  5. I was reading an Aussie forum and was shocked to read the following, hits home pretty hard. Anyone have any ideas how to protect your gear when out swinging? Poor choice led to bad luck. IDAufinder Today at 6:02 am I haven't posted for quite some time but have been reading some very interesting posts so I thought I would share an ugly one. I had hoped to share some good news along with some pics of the finds I should have by now but I got bit by the nasty thief bug!! I finally had everything I needed to retire to the gold fields of the western U.S. and start beeping to my hearts content but I made the poor choice of taking all my cash with me. On the second day out I was out in the middle of nowhere Nevada and had hauled my detectors, coils and my Honda CT90 out to a spot my Dad had told me about to do mostly scout work and a little beeping and at the end of a long day I got back to my camp trailer to find my lock cut off and my door pried open. Some thieves had got in and found my money and stole some of my electronics and it was obvious by the tracks that they were on ATV's. The thieves got away with $5500, my little tv, a 4000 watt inverter and my satellite system. I had almost bought a small safe to lag bolt to the floor under my bed but I didn't (I'll have one next time!!). So I learned a big lesson, don't trust a padlocked and dead bolted door to keep your valuables safe!! The good news was that I had my Minelab and all my coils and my Gold Bug 2 and coils plus my 3 guns with me and enough cash on me to make it back home to Idaho. I am now working to get my finances back enough so I can retire to a life of chasing the elusive nugget again and I am hoping by the end of May that I will restart my dream.
  6. Heres another aspect to be aware of, at ten grand a pop these detectors are going to be tempting bait for thieves so best keep them locked up and not left in trucks outside at night. i wouldn't be surprised at someone being robbed at gun point of their gpz, especially in the remote desert areas some of you folks go to...
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