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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/B2T-KpbHSpe/?igshid=mlzeufyjoyb5 October 2019 Edit - the Minelab Vanquish has been officially introduced. See this thread for the latest news and information.
  2. I had my first real hunt for the season today. I still have frozen ground 2” down in some of my spots. The small public boat landing in my town has a grass “infield” area. I first hunted it last season. Several quick 30 minute hunts. Very full of trash! Lots of people like to park and look across at the town. Also great view of the fireworks when the Bay festival shoots them off every year. I don’t know how I missed so many coins. I still have only concentrated on the fringe areas beside the pavement. I literally hit the same spots as last fall. Probably a dozen coins in 20 minutes. Very easy to pinpoint with the small coil. Targets were a solid lock on everything I dug. The few pieces of canslaw I dug were solid at 17. I got a 17-18 number very shallow. Of course I needed to get the trash out, so I dug it up. Very damaged zippo lighter. My second ever. It will get sent in to be repaired. I am not sure I will use my other machines this season. This thing is very fun and light. Very much worth the under 200 I spent on it. btw, I didn’t plan on my gloves matching the machine....just a happy coincidence.
  3. If the Vanquish was waterproof I would get one just to have the smaller coil.
  4. I have a Simplex+ and am thinking seriously of thinking selling the Simplex and buying the Vanquish 440.I have nothing really negative to say about the Simplex. I have the Nox 800 and think that the TID on the Vanquish will be similar to the Nox 800 for the same targets? Am I right?With the Simplex and the Nox 800 I have two sets of numbers to remember. Don't need that.Plus I like the tones on the 800 better than the Simplex. How do the tones on the V 440 compare to the 800?Plus I like the Multi-frequency aspect of the Vanquish.Thanks for any help you can give me.
  5. Yes I confirm the Vanquish is an excellent detector . I received my Vanquish 540 pro pack 10 days ago. For info I am an official tester for 2 shops in France and I have a very stict testing procedure, combining static tests and field tests. I have spent around 4 hours on the field with it up to now . I will give more details and pics in another post later but I already have a good idea of the machine and you will find below a comparison between the Vanquish 540 V12 coil and the Equinox 800 11inches coil. Important I on only detect inland , I am not a beachcomber , this test only applies for inland detecting . 1 ) The Vanquish plus : - Static depth test on a big copper coin 10g , 3cm diameter at 12inches depth in moderated mineralized ground: The Vanquish 540 V12 is better than the Equinox 800 11coil. The sound is definitely sharper . There is not an enormous difference, say 1inch depth difference , but there is definitely a difference. I use the Jewellery mode. - the Vanquish telescopic shaft is far better than the Nox shaft , you can adjust it very accurately on the field. It is much more compact in a rucksack. Also the S Vanquis shape is more ergonomic and it feels lighter than the Nox on the field, although the weight of the machines are similar. - The Vanquish is much easier to use than the Nox , just a few buttons thats all. I find the Nox too complex and I do not like the side buttons of the nox which tend to auto activate when the Nox is in a rucksak. On the Vanquish I simply swich on the Jewellry mode , sensiitivity to max , thats all. Also the noise cancel is automatic. On the nox you must go in the menu for noise cancel too complex …. - The Vanquish V12 elliptical coil is much easier to pinpoint than the 11equinox coil , I very rarely use a pinpointer with it. 2 ) The vanquish cons : - a fear I have with the Vanquish is that the electronic card is not protected against humidity , no IP protection , this could be a pb during wet atmospheric conditions . I will test this as soon as I can . - no lithium battery , just basic AAs batteries for power. A lithium battery would have been lighter and more reliable then the AAs. 3 ) Conclusion : An entry level machines better than their top level ones , only Minelab can do that … :-) More seriously I think that Minelab has learnt a lot with the Nox and they improved a lot of things that can now be found on the Vanquish. I understand now why Simon ( Phrunt ) is so happy with his Vanquish in NZ… :-) Again I will send an other post with pics and a more details as soon as possible Apart from this everybody is at home over here in France with the corona , so I have to stop the tests for the moment , I hope it will go better in a few weeks ...
  6. Starting to see some different results from the relic mode on the 540 than I would expect according to the manual and suggested use of the mode. Maybe some other 540 users can confirm or deny what I'm seeing. First off in my soil it's not the deepest mode because of the mineralization, it's actually quite choppy on deep targets. However, what I'm starting to see, and I've tested this a few times and even confirmed it on Monte's nail board. Relic mode appears to have better separation in iron than either the coin or jewelry modes. This is contrary to what the manual says but I'm seeing this more every time I take it out. I'd say it performs about 20% better and I'm taking about surface trash not deep stuff with the V8 coil. Anybody else seeing this same thing?
  7. coin spader - Some wind noise at the beginning of the video, sorry 😞 but was a decent hunt. Coin pics at the end of the video.
  8. I got to wondering what a small coil for the Vanquish sold for. And found no dealers selling any Vanquish coils at all. A couple have placeholders as if they are anticipating coils, but that would just be forward thinking at work. I notice the spec sheets and manual do not mention accessory coils. Coils are not listed as an item with a part number on the Minelab Parts website. They do show on the main Minelab website but it's pretty vague as to if you can actually expect to buy one. We all know Minelab has been limiting accessory coils as part of a "compartmentalizing" strategy that keeps it's units in distinct "boxes" so that one Minelab model undermines another as little as possible. I wonder if this has been taken to the final end game of such a strategy, where the coils are part of why you buy a certain model. Each Vanquish model has a successively larger coil, which inherently adds a little depth between models that would otherwise have identical performance. And what if the only way to get a small coil for a Vanquish was to buy the Pro Pack? I am not saying this is the official strategy but if it is I can see how a marketing person might love it. So here is my scavenger hunt assignment for you all. Can anyone find a Vanquish coil for sale with a Minelab part number and price? Or any reference on Minelabs site or in their literature that says one might expect to buy accessory coils? Minelab Vanquish 540 Pro Pack
  9. Here is Minelab's new Vanquish Video. It's a good video, I like it.
  10. I’ve had the Vanquish 540 out on 4 ghost town hunts now and I wanted to give my thoughts on it’s performance in these challenging sites. 3 of the 4 hunts were at places where the items are on or near the surface. At those places the 5 x 8 coil was used. At the other site the items can be anywhere from surface to 12 inches deep because the town was located in a now plowed field. At that place, the 9 x 12 coil was used. In some cases other metal detectors were used to find some of the targets and compare signals with the Vanquish The Vanquish set at high iron bias does a great job at discriminating out surface bottle caps and other flat tin where single frequency metal detectors struggle. First site I went to I only used the Vanquish with the 5 x 8 coil, coin mode, high iron bias, horse off, sensitivity at 2 below max. The site is loaded with bottle caps and tin cans, I could see them on the surface in many areas. I hunted for 3 hours and only found a zinc mason jar lid, a large brass ring about the size of a pocket watch, two deep soda cans, the type with aluminum top and tin sides and a few other modern things like a pull tab and modern penny found on the surface. Made me wonder how much I walked over because everything was either on the surface or big. At the other 2 sites, even with the small coil on, the Vanquish really struggles on targets in carpet of nails. This shouldn’t be a surprise. With the other metal detectors (I had along with small coils) targets could be detected from multiple directions. The Vanquish on a good amount of the targets could only see the target in one direction and in some cases couldn’t see the target at all. I had several targets I could see on the ground surrounded by nails but couldn’t get the Vanquish to lock onto them. I fell like if you only worked an area from one direction you would probably walk over about 50% of the good targets with the Vanquish. Not saying the Vanquish is bad, it just isn’t the right choice for a trashy ghost town. However, on a positive note. I did have one signal that the other metal detectors ID'd in the coin range and I thought for sure I had a dime or quarter. The Vanquish gave a broken tone and wouldn’t lock on, I thought crap, too much iron around for the Vanquish to pick out this good signal. Surprise, it was a flat piece of tin about the size of a half dollar. No coins found at either of these sites. Found suspender clips, watch parts, buttons, scraps of brass, etc. At the site with deeper targets is where the gap between the Equinox and Vanquish become more apparent, and rightfully so. Vanquish settings-Coin mode (relic mode is worthless in my mineralized soil), horseshoe on, max sensitivity, low iron bias. Equinox settings-Park 1, sensitivity 22, iron bias 0, recovery 4, horseshoe on, 50 tones. The amount of iron junk at this site is moderate with good targets mixed in at various depths. I found 12-15 targets at this site with the Equinox and went over them with the Vanquish. All the targets that were co-located next to iron and less than 7 inches deep, both the Equinox and Vanquish saw (a least from one direction) and gave a good ID. I got several like 5 or 6 that were too deep for the Vanquish to ID and one gave absolutely no tone at all on the Vanquish, it was a small button at 7 inches. Other items found were large buttons, small buttons suspender clips, scrap brass and lead, shotgun brass, etc Without going into a bunch of detail, I’m starting to see some trends regarding the Vanquish. First, the Vanquish struggles with small low conductors that are deep or mixed with iron trash. Second, the Vanquish just seems to cut off at a certain depth. No glimpse of any numbers, very little up averaging, just straight out slashes across the screen with iron grunt or simply no sound at all. Most other metal detectors I use at least chirp and flash a number on deep targets. Now these could be related to my mineralized soil. But I feel like it’s related to iron bias, I wish it could just be turned off. In any case the Vanquish IMO is a good park and beach machine, comes up a little short as a relic and ghost town machine. Could also be used to scout areas out and cherry pick the good signals then follow up with a better detector later. Still better than most other metal detectors in it’s price range though. I’m headed to another ghost town with it and some other metal detectors tomorrow. This time I’ll try and shoot some video and show what I’m talking about.
  11. As you're all likely aware Minelab released the Vanquish, I consider it to be far more than an entry level detector even though it's at an entry level price. I feel it's up there with the big boys, in a lot of ways it's better than some of the top level VLF's. They've just limited some settings to keep it in the entry level arena and not intrude on the Equinox series too much. That doesn't for a second mean it won't perform well and is outperforming for ME top levels machines by other manufacturers. You can read about my Experience with my Vanquish on my long running coin thread from the day I first got it, I've linked directly to my first day with it below. If you're into hunting coins and jewellery but don't want to spend a fortune to have a bit of fun the Vanquish is for you, it's easy to use, the detector's built in settings are based around making it as easy as possible and enjoyable to use, and it's multi-IQ technology is what's making it so competitive with the high end machines. I can imagine it will also be a very good wet and dry sand beach detector which very few detectors can boast, even high end machines and that's as a result of its Multi-IQ technology. We are in a good time with metal detecting at the moment, high end performing machines at very cheap pricing. Here is probably about 6 to 8 hours with the Vanquish detecting on ground I'd been heavily doing with the Equinox 800, the Vanquish is no slouch. It's possible there is 10 or so coins in that lot that were found with the Nox, but there is also about 10 or more coins missing from it that were modern currency and have disappeared 🙂 Silvers to the right 🙂 Also, if you're wanting to do the odd bit of gold prospecting it can do the job, it can find nuggets in the 0.0X of a gram range, especially with the V8 coil so for a entry level detector it's very versatile.
  12. I posted My Minelab Vanquish 540 pro review on another forum last week but have added quite a bit since then. Video link is at the bottom as well with some of the tests I performed for those that are interested. Ergonomics are good compared to most detectors out there, it’s light weight and I like the layout of the menus and screen. I can tell it’s aimed at the Garrett Ace series of detectors. The 540 pro pack is a good value for the money. But if a person is on the fence between a vanquish 540 Pro or the Equinox 600, I would pay the extra $150 and get an Equinox 600. Performance wise it’s a beginner metal detector and that shouldn’t be a surprise as the price reflects that. Menus are easy to navigate and straight forward. It’s a great metal detector for someone who doesn’t want to dig junk. ID is accurate and almost identical to the Equinox ID numbers. If a person runs the Vanquish in any of the modes and uses the stock high iron bias, virtually all iron trash and bottle caps are eliminated. I’m going to make some performance comparisons between the Vanquish and the Equinox for those that want to know how it compares. Not saying that one is better than the other because it’s all going to depend on what you want to use each one for. The iron bias on the Vanquish in high is about equal to F2 level 6 on the Equinox and on low equal to F2 level 2 as far as I can tell in side by side comparisons. Modes I’m sure have different weighted frequencies and it’s anybody’s guess what they are. So other than the weighted frequencies I think recovery speed is the big factor in each. All modes are 5 tones. Relic mode I feel is about like having the recovery speed on the Equinox 800 at 1, Jewelry mode about like level 3 and Coin mode about like level 4 or maybe 5. Recovery speed is not adjustable on the Vanquish. Recovery speed on the Vanquish vs the Equinox was based on coins with no iron near it. So, this is where it gets interesting. There’s got to be more going on than just recovery speed behind the scenes on the Vanquish because I was very disappointed with it’s unmasking abilities in any of the modes even with the small 5 by 8 coil. A few simple tests were performed. First, I laid 4 rusty nails in a row long way with a penny, dime and nickel between each nail. The coins were about 1.5” between the tip and heads of the nails. The Equinox 11” coil can easily see each coin at a recovery speed of 3 and even 2 with a controlled sweep speed iron bias at FE 2. The Vanquish couldn’t see the coins even with the small coil with iron bias set at low. I had to put the Equinox at recovery 0 iron bias 9 to perform as bad as the Vanquish. Next I placed a coin below a nail 2” the nail was 6 inches away. The vanquish couldn’t see the coin in any mode at any sweep speed with the V12 coil. It could see the coin with the V8 coil. In my yard I have 3 dimes buried at 4, 5 and 6 inches. My soil is bad 4-5 bars on Fisher F75. Most detectors can’t hit the 6” dime and not call it iron. For example XP Deus with 9” HF coil, Makro Multi Kruzer, Fisher F-19, and Teknetics T2 with 7 by 11 coils all call it iron. Equinox and eTrac hit it fine and ID it as a dime. The Vanquish in relic mode is useless in my ground I can’t even hit the 4” dime. In jewelry mode calls the 6” dime iron, in coin mode it hits it one way but ID’s 26, so not bad. But this is clean ground as in no iron near. I took it to my local park to try out for a few hours and I was pleased with it’s performance. But I wondered what I was walking over based on my test with recovery. My question was kind of answered on one signal I got. It was a long weird signal in the 25-26 range. Good but too big to be a coin or so I thought. So I grabbed the Equinox and sure enough there where 2 dimes about 4 inches apart. One was about 3 inches deep the other 4. The vanquish couldn’t separate the two coins unless in pinpoint mode. Next, I took a trip to the Great Salt Lake Marina and State Park here in Utah to see if it could perform in the mega salt environment. I ran the Vanquish only in the jewelry mode as I figured it was the one best suited for the beach. I was able to push the sensitivity to 8 out of the water and 6 in the water without too much falsing. This surprised me because I can’t run the Equinox out there unless in the Beach modes and even then, it’s pretty noisy. But stability comes as a price and that price is depth. I located about 9 targets with my other detector that were anywhere from 2” to 10” deep. Of the 9 the Vanquish could only see 2 of them and they were both junk, one was a piece of can slaw at 2” the other was .22 brass at 4”. The other targets were a swim cap buckle, .22 long brass, 1 nickel, 2 dimes and 2 pennies. They were all in the 7-10” range. Now on a normal salt water beach with no black sand the Vanquish will probably perform better. I haven’t had the Vanquish out to a relic site yet but will try in the next few weeks weather permitting. Most likely will do signal comparisons between the Vanquish and Equinox. I worry how it will perform in my iron infested site, we will see. It’s going to be a good metal detector for my daughter, which was my intentions of buying it in the first place. She won’t be digging many rusty nails or other junk and can cherry pick coins easy. It should also work good on the beaches in California when we vacation. Overall good value and I think Minelab did a good job for the market it’s intended for. Comparing the Equinox to the Vanquish is kind of like comparing the Simplex to the Anfibio. The low priced models just aren’t going to perform at the same level although they have good DNA.
  13. I have the equinox 600 and I was wondering if it is worth buying the Vanquish 440 as a backup. The use I would give would be exclusively for the beach. If anyone has it, I would appreciate it if they told me how it goes on the beach. Thank you
  14. I've heard several guys comment that the Vanquish has a more solid id on targets than the Equinox. Isn't that what you would expect from a machine running half the number of segments. I'm certainly no expert but that just seems to make sense to me. With 25 on the Vanquish and 50 on the Equinox. I suspect even less jumping on the 440 & 340. You just simply have a larger area to drop the signal into which given the opportunity might cover more segments if they were available. Just thinking out loud...🤔😁
  15. I found an interesting YT video Vanquish 340..This makes it easy to convert S -Shaft to direct -Shaft ...For example, if you ever want to do that ..I consider this a sophisticated Shaft design at the Vanquish ...
  16. Just got back from 3 days in Oceanside, CA it was nice to get out of the cold here in Utah. Came back to 9 inches of snow this morning. Didn't take a PI this time because I wanted to see how the Equinox 11" coil and Vanquish V12 coil compared to each other on the beach. Area I hunted was North and South of the pier. This beach can be awesome after a big storm. I've been there before when one day you can literally pick up targets off the hard pan because the sand has been totally stripped away and the next day 2 ft of sand has washed back in. Sand was pretty deep this time all 3 days, in areas at about a foot you would hit a rocky layer where the targets would settle. Tried hunting in the water with the Equinox a few times but it was just too rough and took way too long to recover good targets. So most of my time was spent between the towel line and waters edge. Nothing exciting found, a bunch of change, and ear gauge and 1 junk ring. A few people have said that the Vanquish appears to be Equal to the Equinox in Beach 1 mode and I would have to agree. I ran the Equinox in Beach 1 sensitivity at about 21 and the Vanquish in Jewelry mode, iron bias low. sensitivity 1 notch below max and both machines were very quite. Switching off between the two I didn't really notice any difference in depth both machines recovered several nickels and quarters at the 12" mark and pennies and dime around the 9" mark. Most stuff I recovered was 6" or more in depth. Target ID on the Vanquish is rock solid on good targets, even the deeper Quarters and Nickels I dug gave a solid ID. ID's that were jumpy always turned out to be a corroded piece of aluminum or zinc penny. The only area the Vanquish struggled was in places where there were multiple targets and especially targets mixed in with iron. Because this beach is replenished from time to time with sand pumped from the harbor and other areas, there tends to be places where boat parts, fishing hooks and other junk congregates. I had several instances where I had to use the Equinox because there were just too many targets to separate out the good ones. One in particular I ran into with the Vanquish but had to switch to the Equinox turned out to be a small piece of aluminum, a stainless ear gauge, and a quarter mixed with iron trash in a small 1 foot by 1 foot area. The Vanquish was unable dial in on one target although I could tell there was more than just iron there due to the mix of positive numbers. Overall I would have to say the Vanquish is the most capable beach detector I've seen in it's price range (unless you need waterproof). I felt quite confident I wasn't missing much when using the Vanquish unless I was in a junk filled area. Great detector for a beginner, child, to loan out or as a backup for your Equinox. One thing I did notice when changing between the 2, the Vanquish is a little nose heavy compared to the Equinox. If you're getting one for a small child to use I would suggest getting one with the smaller coil or switching it out to the smaller one on the 540.
  17. The Minelab Vanquish was first reported as in development in April 2019 and is finally now shipping to dealers worldwide. I am not counting the early pre-release to one big box store, Dicks Sporting Goods. This also was not unexpected. Almost all dealers except a few told customers not to expect the detector until early 2020. In that regard the Vanquish is pretty much on target. Still, I wanted to officially note that it has been nine months passing between first mention and general widespread availability. The trend, and it’s not just Minelab, has been for ever earlier mentions of detectors on the way. The Nokta/Makro Simplex and Fisher Impulse are a couple other recent examples. It appears that waiting up to a year or more is not out of the realm of possibilities. I’m just putting this out there to generally address the inevitable “when’s it going to ship” questions that arise when new detectors are announced. The answer is, later rather than sooner, and don’t hold your breath.
  18. OK - so the big reveal has occurred and now it is time to start discussing what we know, what we don't, what we want to know (Equinox cross compatibility), the good, the bad, the ugly (definitely ugly) of the new Vanquish series. Here is the link to the specs. From there you can deep dive into each model and get more information. Some interesting tidbits about the 540 (I will focus on the 540 because it the full up model that is most comparable to Equinox). What I like: The standard/accessory coils look great, hoping for Equinox cross compatibility (V12 12" x 9" Double-D, V10 10" x 7" Double-D, V8 8" x 5" Double-D) Not a big fan of the housing but like the stem Good basic entry level detector. If you consider that two coils and wireless phones are included on the 540 pro pack, then the $499 US seems reasonable. Like thd red backlight. What I don't like: While I understand this is entry level, I really struggle with some of what is left off the detector -specifically single frequency operation appears to be absent. Iron Bias - fine, I guess, except you can't turn it off. Would have rather seen variable recovery speed, which also appears absent. 5 Tones only (cannot be reduced to 2 or 3, or increased above 5 and tone breaks are probably not adjustable either). I can live without greater than 5 tones, but locking into 5 and not being able to reduce to 3 or 2 is a tad disappointing. Questions and other Tidbits It looks like ground balancing is automatic Multi IQ compensation (not auto tracking, but auto Multi IQ balanced - i.e., what you get when you leave GB at 0 on the Equinox). Speculating here. Don't know what "Custom" search mode means because there is not much you can adjust. Not clear what audio accessories are included with the 540/540 Pro other than non-descript wireless headphones are included with the 540 pro. Note only 25 disc segments, so individual TIDs cannot be notched out. 540 Uses Rechargeable NiMH AA batteries. Not sure if they can be charged while installed or if they have to be charged externally. 340/440 use standard alkaline cells though I suppose you could put your own NiMH cells in there. Kellyco is advertising "Early 2020" availability and the following price points V340 = $199, V440 = $279, V540 = $369, and V540 Pro Pack (includes V8 and V12 coils and BT APTX LL Phones) = $499. I think the V440 most closely aligns with Simplex but lacks the wireless audio and total submersibility of the Simplex. Simplex lacks Multi Frequency. Pick your poison. Note that the coils are waterproof to only "1 m (3 ft.)" Not sure whether this is because the entire detector cannot be submerged (the housing needs a rain cover) so there is no need to specify anything greater or if the coils truly cannot be submerged deeper than 1 m, which would limit their usefulness as underwater coils with the Equinox, if they are even compatible in the first place. The limitations, though expected, really make the Equinox 600 look like a CTX vs.even the 540. Lol. More to come when I have a chance to provide a more detailed comparison of features between the Equinox 600 and the Simplex. Click on image below for larger version... Minelab Vanquish Controls & Displays All Models Minelab Vanquish 340 Detector Database Entry Minelab Vanquish 440 Detector Database Entry Minelab Vanquish 540 Detector Database Entry
  19. A decent video comparing targets on the Vanquish Vs the Equinox. The Vanquish really looks like the perfect first detector for someone, easy to use, built based on the Equinox so performance is pretty damn impressive.
  20. My reason for asking this question is because Minelab dealer like Rob’s Detectors don’t have none to sell. If I never get one it will be a cold day in hell before I go to Dick’s Sport to buy one. I don’t know why are what’s the thinking of Minelab by limiting it to a big chain and not to the little guy at the same time. I like the personal service like Rob and others like him offer . I’ll pass on some guy that don’t know what end is up and nothing about what he’s selling. Chuck
  21. Good, short and realistic YouTube video on the Vanquish 340. Goes over the features and basic performance by an experienced reviewer. Jeff
  22. Here's a video of the Minelab Vanquish 540, Equinox 800 and eTrac comparing some targets while relic hunting. The area is challenging because there are not many targets left and the EMI is terrible. Steve if this should be under Comparisons feel free to move the post. Thanks
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