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  1. Iffy Signals Dec 1, 2019 - We took the Simplex and Vanquish to a 1675 permission and compared some signals throughout the day.
  2. Beach Hunter Dec 3, 2019 - Minelab Vanquish Beach Review Finds Silver
  3. Minelab Vanquish 440/540 User Manual Version 4901-0305-2 https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/414493/4901-0305-2 Inst. Manual, VANQUISH 440 540 EN_WEB.pdf Minelab Vanquish Color Brochure
  4. Iffy Signals Nov 29, 2019 - Minelab Vanquish 540 Depth & Recovery Test with 8" Coil
  5. So is Vanquish a finished, shipping product, or is it not? Most dealers say no, but Dick’s Sporting Goods apparently has them. They are showing as in stock on that company’s website. Regular dedicated metal detector dealers at the end of the line? What’s up with that?
  6. Does the switch to single frequency and watching for number changes work on big iron? Hoping, hoping (Thanks Steve, I felt a bit guilty hijacking that thread)
  7. I think that pretty well says it. It's not an Equinox and never was supposed to be. It's a new minelab entry level machine with the main thing that made the Equinox special....multi IQ. The ability of a machine to see coins others miss. Not necessarily deeper just better vision. It Will be very interesting to see it in action when it gets in the public's hands and goes through their test gardens. Segments and notching...25 segments on the 540...50 on the Equinox. So a segment will be more than 1 number. On the 540 perhaps it's 2 compared to the Equinox's 1 Deep? I expect respectable but it may be deep or the depth could varry depending on the model. It's not an Equinox. For people wanting into a fun hobby without breaking the bank and swing a machine with multi IQ. I think it could be an awesome little machine. But only time will tell!!! HH!! Tom Minelab Vanquish metal detector Minelab Vanquish 340 / 440 / 540 Technical Specifications
  8. I am not really looking for a new detector to add to my arsenal. I think my Deus, Equinox, and GPX cover the bases pretty well. I keep an MXT and F75 DST around mainly for nostalgic reasons (like a guitarist collects guitars) and because they were classic designs in their day with solid performance, features, design, and ergonomics bar none in the case of the F75. I laso keep my Tek Delta around because it was the detector with which I really learned how to detect and helped me form a passion for the hobby. Plus they all support concentric coils which are advantageous under certain conditions. So why was I still drawn to the two new low cost offerings by Makro and Minelab? There is always something refreshing about a stripped down, back to basics detector design that incorporates the latest tech and capabilities (e.g., Multi IQ for Vanquish, straight forward single frequency detecting with decent all metal capability, and a waterproof package for the Simplex). Why get another detector, when my main arsenal seemingly consists of detectors that should easily outperform either Vanquish or Simplex? The answer is simple, performance diversity. Hitting a site with a different detectors of diverse capabilities, features, performance usually pays of if you have the luxury of time and access. Last week, at several different types of CW relic sites in Virginia I was able to use the diverse capabilities of the three detectors I mentioned in the second sentence of my post and each delivered with keeper finds under the conditions to which they typically excel. The GPX penetrated deep into highly mineralized soils of those Virginia fields to snag a number of deep non-ferrous brass and lead targets including my first US Cavalry bit boss - a "bucket lister" for me. The Equinox with its Multi IQ capabilities and diverse modes (including gold mode) was able to ID and lock onto shallower no-ferrous targets in the mineralized muck of multiple non-ferrous and ferrous targets which enabled me to ultimately pull several non-ferrous keepers out of a single hole. And the Deus gave my tired arm a break while deftly navigating between huge chunks of big iron in pitch mode that enabled me to literally visualize the large target footprint of these big iron targets and as a result snagged some actual ferrous CW relics including stove leg and some antique door hinges and other unique ferrous keepers. So what does this have to do with Vanquish and Simplex? The Vanquish is a very capable entry level detector with some high-end features (Multi IQ) and a cool coil selection and neat stem design but, not surprisingly, very limited setting customization options and missing features that appropriately put in a couple of notches below the even the Equinox 600. Some of the missing features are quite frankly head scratching as far as I am concerned (e.g., not fully waterproof housing, lack of user firmware update capability, no single frequency mode option, and while the coil selection is compelling, those coils are not also compatible with Equinox - a missed opportunity IMO - confirmed with me in person by Debbie S of Minelab at last week's dig). Sometimes manufacturers tease higher end features into their new lower-end offerings that are otherwise not available in their mid or high level offerings. Other than the decent coil selection, there is no such situation here. The Equinox envelopes the Vanquish completely. Bottom line, the Vanquish is solid and provides "multifrequency for the masses" but brings nothing to the table for Equinox users. That is not slam, it is a fact and frankly is not unexpected. If the coils were cross compatible with Equinox, I might seriously consider picking up a Vanquish solely for the opportunity to use the coils on Equinox while getting a fairly decent emergency backup or grab n go machine in the process. But with the coils solely married to the less capable Vanquish and without the capability to wring the most out of them, it is a pass for me. The Simplex on the other hand is limited to single frequency and the emphasis is on solid basic performance and ease of use. Yet Nokta has packed it with some high end features such as fully waterproof, wireless ready (and cheaper than the wireless variant of the Vanquish), firmware updates (updates and bug fixes have already been released), and the promise of some decent accessory coils consistent with the Nokta track record on their other recent detector designs. So there are slight feature advantages that in the Simplex design that provide something a little more compelling in the "basics" than Vanquish, though Vanquish does have Multi IQ going for it. Since I do not own a Nokta or Makro detector, the Simplex provides the performance diversity that the Vanquish does not, IN MY CASE. This would not necessarily be true of those who might own a Kruzer, Anfibio or Impact. For those folks, the Simplex probably looks to them the same way the Vanquish looks to me or the typical Equinox owner. At this price point, the performance diversity is worth it. I get Nokta's signal processing which is lacking in my arsenal, a decent VCO all metal mode (which I prefer over the processed discrete tones of the Equinox in the non-gold modes) and the prospect of decent accessory coil choices with user upgrade-able firmware in a waterproof package. It is still entry level and fairly basic, but compelling to me from a performance diversity standpoint, nevertheless. Remember, this is only my opinion and is applicable to my particular situation based on the detectors I already own and the type of detecting I like to do (primarily CW and Colonial relic hunting). It should not be misconstrued as Simplex is better than Vanquish or that these detectors can outperform their more expensive and capable cousins. So do you find either the Simplex and/or Vanquish compelling even if you do own higher end detectors already? Discuss your thoughts below.
  9. Getting Started With The Vanquish 440/540 Version 4901-0304-4 https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/412885/4901-0304-4 GSG, VANQUISH 440 540 EN_WEB.pdf Minelab Vanquish Color Brochure Minelab Vanquish 440/540 Quick Start Guide
  10. I think Minelab may have pulled the extra early intro trick one time too often. The machine is not supposed to actually be available until sometime next year. In the meantime the Nokta/Makro Simplex+ is actually shipping, stealing the thunder. The gap between announcement and actual shipping dates on Vanquish is so large that people will have almost forgotten about it by the time it's available, or at least it will just be old news. It seems to me Minelab is squandering a certain amount of excitement that results in people making quick impulse buy type decisions. Given too much time people calm down and find reasons not to buy. I can't say I am a big fan of machines being announcement way before they are available. Hopefully the trend reverses. It may be Vanquish proves to be the time it went to far and we we go back to manufacturers keeping a better lid on things until we can actually buy them. Minelab Vanquish 340 Data & Specifications Minelab Vanquish 440 Data & Specifications Minelab Vanquish 540 Data & Specifications Minelab Vanquish 540 metal detector
  11. Does the vanquish have any sort or ground balancing feature? Even if it is multi frequency, without ground balance, how is it going to compare to the simplex for example?
  12. I have been lobbying for a mid-range elliptical coil for the Equinox for two years now, since it is the kind of coil lots of gold prospectors like to use. Minelab throws my suggestions in the trash bin when it comes to coils unfortunately. Then the light bulb went off. The stock 11" coil for the Equinox sells for $229. I can get a 7" x 10" Multi-IQ coil for only $199 and a free metal detector to run it! It's called the Vanquish 340. No, Vanquish coils will not work on the Equinox. That would make too much sense. But still, $199 for a coil with a free detector included is a pretty hard deal to beat, don't you think? I was kind of blowing Vanquish off but now I'm actually thinking a 340 might be a fun little machine to have around. It has to be sweet on the arm at 2.6 lbs with an S rod. Just a thought. Minelab Vanquish 340 metal detector Search Modes - Coin, Jewelry, All Metal Custom User Search Profile - No Operating Frequencies (kHz) - Multi-IQ Noise Cancel - Auto (19 Channels) Bluetooth Audio - No Iron Bias - High Sensitivity - 4 levels Volume - 3 levels Target Tones - 3 tones (Low, Mid, High) Discrimination Segments - 5 segments Target ID's - -9 to 40 Depth Indicator - 4 levels Length - Extended: 1450 mm (57") Collapsed: 760 mm (30") Weight (incl. batteries) - 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg) Standard Coil - V10 10" x 7" Double-D Audio Output - In-built loudspeaker, 3.5 mm (1/8") jack Supplied Headphones - None Display - Monochrome LCD Supplied Batteries - 4 x AA Alkaline replaceable Waterproof - Coil to 1 meter/3 feet Operating Temperature Range - -10°C to +40°C (+14°F to +104°F) Storage Temperature Range - -20°C to +70°C (-4°F to +158°F) Key Technologies - Multi-IQ Forum threads with "vanquish" tag Minelab Vanquish 340 display and controls
  13. Here is Minelab's latest video explaining promoting Multi-IQ 🙂
  14. A reasonable Vanquish 540 video, seems a decent machine for the price.
  15. Minelab Vanquish 540, click for larger version.... Minelab Vanquish 440, click for larger version.... Minelab Vanquish 340, click for larger version....
  16. OK - so the big reveal has occurred and now it is time to start discussing what we know, what we don't, what we want to know (Equinox cross compatibility), the good, the bad, the ugly (definitely ugly) of the new Vanquish series. Here is the link to the specs. From there you can deep dive into each model and get more information. Some interesting tidbits about the 540 (I will focus on the 540 because it the full up model that is most comparable to Equinox). What I like: The standard/accessory coils look great, hoping for Equinox cross compatibility (V12 12" x 9" Double-D, V10 10" x 7" Double-D, V8 8" x 5" Double-D) Not a big fan of the housing but like the stem Good basic entry level detector. If you consider that two coils and wireless phones are included on the 540 pro pack, then the $499 US seems reasonable. Like thd red backlight. What I don't like: While I understand this is entry level, I really struggle with some of what is left off the detector -specifically single frequency operation appears to be absent. Iron Bias - fine, I guess, except you can't turn it off. Would have rather seen variable recovery speed, which also appears absent. 5 Tones only (cannot be reduced to 2 or 3, or increased above 5 and tone breaks are probably not adjustable either). I can live without greater than 5 tones, but locking into 5 and not being able to reduce to 3 or 2 is a tad disappointing. Questions and other Tidbits It looks like ground balancing is automatic Multi IQ compensation (not auto tracking, but auto Multi IQ balanced - i.e., what you get when you leave GB at 0 on the Equinox). Speculating here. Don't know what "Custom" search mode means because there is not much you can adjust. Not clear what audio accessories are included with the 540/540 Pro other than non-descript wireless headphones are included with the 540 pro. Note only 25 disc segments, so individual TIDs cannot be notched out. 540 Uses Rechargeable NiMH AA batteries. Not sure if they can be charged while installed or if they have to be charged externally. 340/440 use standard alkaline cells though I suppose you could put your own NiMH cells in there. Kellyco is advertising "Early 2020" availability and the following price points V340 = $199, V440 = $279, V540 = $369, and V540 Pro Pack (includes V8 and V12 coils and BT APTX LL Phones) = $499. I think the V440 most closely aligns with Simplex but lacks the wireless audio and total submersibility of the Simplex. Simplex lacks Multi Frequency. Pick your poison. Note that the coils are waterproof to only "1 m (3 ft.)" Not sure whether this is because the entire detector cannot be submerged (the housing needs a rain cover) so there is no need to specify anything greater or if the coils truly cannot be submerged deeper than 1 m, which would limit their usefulness as underwater coils with the Equinox, if they are even compatible in the first place. The limitations, though expected, really make the Equinox 600 look like a CTX vs.even the 540. Lol. More to come when I have a chance to provide a more detailed comparison of features between the Equinox 600 and the Simplex. Click on image below for larger version... Minelab Vanquish Controls & Displays All Models Minelab Vanquish 340 Detector Database Entry Minelab Vanquish 440 Detector Database Entry Minelab Vanquish 540 Detector Database Entry
  17. I'm very interested Vanquish & Equinox Comparative test. What is the result on the depth of detection.
  18. While being bored this evening I came across this while reading Dick Stout’s standards. I don’t think it’s official and I don’t want to start any rumors or problems on this site as I am new (BTW thanks for the opportunity to be a member). Nevertheless here is the link enjoy! https://stoutstandards.wordpress.com/2019/08/01/2019-is-the-best-is-yet-to-come/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  19. PACK AND CARRY The new Minelab Vanquish is 2.8 lbs (1.3 kg) light with a collapsible snap-lock system instead of twist locks makes it easy to pack and go. The unique new design features both a telescoping rod and upper armrest section. The lever action locks do not use holes, so the rod can be adjusted to any length. The coil stays in proper alignment through use of square instead of round tubing. Extended: 1450mm (57") Collapsed: 760mm (30")
  20. As the specs trickle out from ML's big Vanquish reveal - it is possible to at least do a spec comparison to see how Vanquish stacks up against the competition. Depending on what you stack it up against is what determines whether the Vanquish is a winner. Vanquish vs. Equinox - Um, no. Thanks for stopping by. Though ML never intended it to stack up against Equinox, it is invariably going to be compared to Equinox due to some of it's similarities. However, other than Multi IQ, wireless, and some cool coils, it not unexpectedly, falls far short of even the Equinox 600. I have noted this in other posts, but even the 540 is not submersible and needs external weather protection, missing single frequency ops, variable recovery speed, cannot switch Iron Bias off, not clear how sophisticated ground balance compensation is applied, locked-in at 5 tones (can't go higher or lower), no tone break, individual tone volume, or tone pitch adjustments, no threshold tone, cannot notch/reject individual tone IDs (limited to 25 segments out of 50), AA rechargeables vice lithium ion (not clear if "in detector" charging is offered), and limited mode customizations. At $649, the Equinox 600 seems to be a much better value than the $369 V540 when you consider the limitations, though performance under nominal conditions should be similar. I think the lack of single frequency capability and inability to turn off iron bias could be detrimental under certain circumstances. And even though the coil is waterproof, I would not like to risk UNCOVERED BY WARRANTY damage by accidentally dropping the Vanquish into the drink if out doing some casual shallow water hunting. The XP ORX has some compelling features that are superior even to the Deus (although the Deus was clearly the overall winner) and at over $500 to $750 less, I have no issues using it as a very capable backup to the Deus (in other words, if my Deus crapped out and all I had as backup was the ORX, I feel like I would not be at too much of a disadvantage continuing on with the hunt). I cannot say the same for Vanquish at only $280 difference, I feel like two arms and one leg got cut off if I had to use that as a backup to my 600. Cut off the other leg if we are talking the 800. Vanquish vs. GO FIND - Go find has some advantages over even the V340/440 The GO FIND 44 at $199 has bluetooth and a pinpoint function vs. the V340 at $199 which lacks both. Despite having Multi IQ and interchangeable coils, I might even give the GO FIND 44 the nod over the V340 at the same price point. GO FIND 66 similarly has bluetooth and a companion app and at $249, it is closer than it should be with the V440 at $279. But V440 still wins. Vanquish vs. the Nokta/Makro Simplex - Close call but nod goes to Simplex IMO The V440 vs. the Simplex lacks full submersibility and wireless capability and even though the V440 Multi IQ is $30 less than Simplex, I have to give the Simplex the nod here based on specs alone because the V440/540 should have been full up IP67 compliant, frankly. And lack of single frequency capability can mean that the Simplex may perform better under certain circumstances than the Vanquish. We will really have to see how the two compare in the real world, but that will obviously, have to happen on dry land. Vanquish vs. Ace Series (the obvious ML target demographic) - We have a Winner! I will compare the $279 V440 vs. the Ace 400 at $340 Weight is about the same at 2.8 lbs for the ACE vs. 2.9 lbs for the Vanquish (slightly larger V12 coil might account for that delta) Coils: 8.5 x 11" DD for the Ace 400 vs. 9 x 12" DD for the V440 Target ID/Notch segments: 12 for both Frequency: 10 khz for the ACE vs. Multi IQ for the V440 (though I wish the V440 had a 10 khz single frequency option) Sensitivity Levels: 8 for ACE vs. 10 for the V440 Modes: Coins, Custom, Jewelry, Notch Discrimination, Pinpoint, Relics for the ACE vs. Coin, Relic, Jewelry, All Metal with Pinpoint and Notch Discrimination features. I give the nod to the V440 because it probably excels in wet salt sand vs. the Ace due to Multi IQ in Jewelry mode and you can "quick switch" into all metal and instantly remove any disc. Ground Balance: Both provide level of automated vice fixed GB compensation Noise Cancel: You can "shift" frequency with the Ace 400 vs. Dedicated quiet 19 channel search for the V440 Power Requirements are equivalent for both: 4 AA cells. ML was obviously gunning for the ACE 400 with the V440 and they seem to have blown that competition out of the water. But compared to Simplex which was also aiming for the same target, the differences are less clear and it is hard to declare a winner until we get some real world reports. The Simplex is going to get a head start, though, with its imminent release while the Vanquish will probably not hit the streets until early 2020, but Kellyco is taking pre-orders now. Not really a detector I would consider "pre ordering", frankly. So that notion is humorous to me. UPDATE: Phrunt made some great points that made me rethink how I presented this. As I thought about it more - I tried to figure out what was really bugging me about this whole Vanquish thing and I think I have it sort of figured out. Bottom Line: The V440 pretty much succeeds at what it is trying to be and accomplish. Namely, it is a clear ACE killer and does it at the right price point and with the right features. Problem is, it also is taking on the Nokta/Makro Simplex which is vying for the same slice of detector market real estate. ML killed the ACE on paper with the V440, but I think the lack of wireless and full up waterproof construction is going to make the Simplex look more attractive to many buyers. The reason is that it is simple to wrap your head around the ruggedness that is implied by a fully waterproof detector and the convenience of wireless. Those in the know, know that Multi IQ is great compared to single frequency, but I think that is more of a nebulous "sell" feature to the masses, so Simplex may win that battle. No matter what, Garrett needs to step up and do something radical at this price level otherwise it will be eaten alive. The other conclusion I have come to is that the V340 and the V540 are somewhat irrelevant. If you are considering a V340 either look hard at the V440 or get a GO FIND. If you are considering the V540, consider saving a few bucks and go with the V440 or make the leap to the Equinox 600. IMO. So what do you folks think about the new kid [almost] on the block?
  21. More Minelab drama. Yay! https://www.minelab.com/usa/vanquish October 2019 Edit - the Minelab Vanquish has been officially introduced. See this thread for the latest news and information.
  22. 14 September 2019 (Europe, Africa, North and South America timezones) may be a noteworthy day in metal detecting history. Both Nokta/Makro (at Detectival) and Minelab (on their own site as well as the sites of some partners) have given us details and hypberbole on their soon-to-be-released detectors -- Nokta/Makro Simpex and Minelab Vanquish. There certainly are a lot of differences, as well as commonalities. I look forward to others posting the details. (But I'm sure I'll add my own after some more contemplation.) "Competition is good" has been a mantra here for months if not years. We have it now, at least in the near entry-level detector zone. October 2019 Edit - the Minelab Vanquish has been officially introduced. See this thread for the latest news and information.
  23. https://www.instagram.com/p/B2T-KpbHSpe/?igshid=mlzeufyjoyb5 October 2019 Edit - the Minelab Vanquish has been officially introduced. See this thread for the latest news and information.
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