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  1. Hey everyone, so I received my shiny new Vanquish 540 at Christmas, and only had a couple chances to get out and do anything with it. But I got out a couple times, and tried some things, this post is a mix of a bit of a log of my first activities/attempts, and what I experienced, what I think I learned, etc... As well as an ask for any tips/advice/help anyone has to add for my next couple outings (things to try, things to improve, etc) First time out I went around my yard/lawn/gardens, and just got familiar with the machine, played with settings, got used to the tones, etc... I
  2. Looking for gold tomorrow. New to everything. What is the best setting for gold if anyone knows? I will do my best to calibrate the detector tomorrow and was thinking of trying to use some gold jewelery to attempt calibration test. I was told by someone in a hiking shop the Vanquish 440 does not have the frequency to pick up small fragments of gold, is this true? Would the “all metal” and a high sensitivity setting give me the best chance if there is not too much interference in the soil? Thanks in advance guys.
  3. Hey Everyone, New here, and new/returning to the hobby after a long time away (let's not go into how many years... lol) Anyway, have a shiny new Minelab Vanquish 540 under the tree that my wife got me for Christmas, and eagerly itching to get out and do some hunting... But in-line with my other hobbies, and my general nature as an individual, I can't leave anything alone. I'm an Electronics Engineer, Computer Engineer, and I build/diy things like crazy. I have multiple 3D Printers at my disposal, etc... So, I'm itching to come up with some ways to improve/augment/customize the v
  4. Hi there The first design Armrest for Minelab Vanquish. 3D print, Material PETG
  5. I notice that RNB now has a lithium battery pack for the Vanquish priced around $60. I have been using RNB battery packs in my Etrac for years and probably will buy one of these Vanquish batteries, if there are no bugs needing to be worked out. I intend to keep the Vanquish in my car trunk and will only use it sporadically. Regular rechargeables don't seem to hold a charge if they are not used for a long time. In contrast, the RNB batteries seem to hold a charge indefinitely. I want to be confident that the detector is going to work even if it has been sitting unused in the car trunk
  6. As you're all likely aware Minelab released the Vanquish, I consider it to be far more than an entry level detector even though it's at an entry level price. I feel it's up there with the big boys, in a lot of ways it's better than some of the top level VLF's. They've just limited some settings to keep it in the entry level arena and not intrude on the Equinox series too much. That doesn't for a second mean it won't perform well and is outperforming for ME top levels machines by other manufacturers. You can read about my Experience with my Vanquish on my long running coin th
  7. Head to head shootout ..... Ace Apex 499.00 Basic ..Wireless 579.00. Vanquish pro pack 2 coils, batteries, and wireless headphones 499.00. Which is the best bang for the buck in todays market???
  8. I decided to go to my local dealer and buy them..... here is a look at all three...
  9. Anyone who spends much time comparing targets with a Equinox and a Vanquish knows that a Vanquish will hit most targets an Equinox will hit. The performance is closer than people may want to imagine for most normal metal detecting, making Vanquish a genuine value. Vanquish came out with a different set of coils than the Equinox, to the chagrin of many Equinox owners, since they are not compatible. What is interesting is that the Vanquish coils are quite a bit less expensive, even in cases where they are physically larger than the Equinox coils. Part of this may be the windings and to
  10. Adds iron volume and some other stuff. https://www.minelab.com/usa/vanquish-software-update-1 VANQUISH 540 Iron Volume Control Detecting in heavy iron trash is enhanced with the new Iron Volume Control feature. 10-step adjustments let you decrease the volume of iron all the way down to a whisper, while leaving desirable targets (non-ferrous) loud and clear. To engage Iron Volume Control, simply hold down the All Metal button, while simultaneously using the Volume buttons to adjust to your liking. General Improvements for All VANQUISH Models The upgrade also includes improve
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/B2T-KpbHSpe/?igshid=mlzeufyjoyb5 October 2019 Edit - the Minelab Vanquish has been officially introduced. See this thread for the latest news and information.
  12. Hitting a NEW PERMISSION, fields surrounding a Manor House with the Nokta Makro Simplex, Minelab Vanquish and Garrett Apex
  13. Version 4901‑0305‑3


    Minelab Vanquish 440/540 User Manual, 2.47 MB pdf file, 21 pages Minelab Vanquish 440 Data & Specifications Minelab Vanquish 540 Data & Specifications Minelab Metal Detector Forum
  14. hi all i just got a Vanquish 440 & took it down to my favorite super trash infested freshwater beach well i have used the nox here so good time to test the Vanquish when i first started out it chattered a lot due to the blanket of nails & bottle caps & heavy minerals (but it wasent picking the bottle caps up 😃) thats a good thing well i hunted a bit & the only thing i could do to calm her down was lower the sensitivity to around half as there's not to many adjustments to work with . the nox has quite a bit more control as i hunted i got more used to th
  15. http://www.minelab.com/victoryunearthed October 2019 Edit - the Minelab Vanquish has been officially introduced. See this thread for the latest news and information.
  16. These guys do release some great leaks, but like I point out above they are also not shy of making stuff up. People tend to quote them as if it’s all facts, even when every new release proves much of the stuff gets made up. So this time I’d like to point it out here for future reference, so that somebody quotes these guys on the next release, I can refer here to point out how unreliable the information is.
  17. just bought a 540 pro-pack for just over 4 bills (new), incredible value compared to an eq600,or 800! i got both coils, wireless,rechargeable batts, coil covers, and bonnet.what's not to like? also, the guy "instrumental" in bringing the vanquish forward claims its almost a "'dead nuts" match (performance wise) to the eq600,or the 800.time will tell, but could be an "outrageous" sleeper compared to either ,or both eq's.he calls it the "equinox 540" no bullshit! (h.h.!) j.t.
  18. Hi everyone! Hope y'all doing great! Yesterday i recorded a 1h Live Video on my own Facebook Group. I used a iron slag so simulate a mineralized soil and compared signals. Let me know your thoughts. Would really like to "ear" Calabash Digger opinion too! Most of you probably don't know, but that dude is one of my role models... Calabash, if you are reading this, let me tell you something: If you need anything from Europe that can help for your videos, let me know! I'll be glad to ship some Roman iron, Medieval iron, mineralized pottery fragments, Iron Slag like the one in this vide
  19. Picked one of these up yesterday. So far it seems to be pretty sturdy and well made. My question is this.....multi iq thing I know it runs in multiple frequencies.....but what frequencies is it running on?? Cannot find anything about it Hh Tim
  20. If the Vanquish was waterproof I would get one just to have the smaller coil.
  21. I read with wide eyed wonder a thread on another forum where it is stated that with the high Vanquish iron bias setting, or higher Equinox iron bias settings, that a dime stacked on a nickel returns a ferrous result. This has been called a bug, and some rather strident demands are being made that Minelab do something about it “or suffer the consequences.” Iron bias is a variable filter, and the using it is a direct trade off. On an Equinox the F2 setting of 0 is as close to “off” as you can get. You will get nearly all non-ferrous and lots of ferrous will identify as non-ferrous. As you i
  22. Yesterday i took my XP ORX to my dealer and swapped it for the Vanquish 540 Pro . I know i have said a few things in the past about it and i said i wouldn't buy it . Well i have . When i opened the box i saw the red (still yuk) , thank %$&* for a box cover lol I unpacked it and put it together and apart from the awful colour i thought it was well made . Apart from the battery cover which i think will cause trouble . I think there will be a few breakages . I also noted the different shade of red of the cover. The control box buttons layout is fine but like other machine
  23. So I've been getting a lot of clad coins with both the Equinox and the Vanquish 440 in the local parks, but even in the older ones, silver coins have escaped me for a couple of months now. In between thunderstorms this afternoon, I hit the neighbor's parking strip, and in less than ten minutes, I pulled two silvers and a wheatie! My first silver quarter, AND my first Canadian silver. The quarter is pretty trashed, but I'm glad just the same! Felt good to break the slump!
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