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  1. Minelab has released quite a few new detectors lately. Manticore, Equinox 700, 900 and recently the X-Terra Pro. What would you like to see in the new Vanquish model (if ever released)? New design? Waterproof? Less weight? Made a concept bellow (not real product).
  2. Hello everyone, I am a Minelab Vanquish 540 owner and I have the following problem, when I detect on the beach the detector runs normal. But when I am in the fields or in the mountains there is a lot and constant noise. What it’s wrong? I would like your opinion.
  3. Looking at grabbing one of the two (see title). Price difference is negligible (within 50 bucks of eachother). Leaning towards the AT Max (from 2018, but good shape) as it seems to usually fetch a higher price, so can likely resell it close to what I buy it for. Which would not be the case with the Vanquish. Thoughts? 🙂
  4. Picked one of these up yesterday. So far it seems to be pretty sturdy and well made. My question is this.....multi iq thing I know it runs in multiple frequencies.....but what frequencies is it running on?? Cannot find anything about it Hh Tim
  5. I have the equinox 600 and I was wondering if it is worth buying the Vanquish 440 as a backup. The use I would give would be exclusively for the beach. If anyone has it, I would appreciate it if they told me how it goes on the beach. Thank you
  6. Hello. I'm new here. 😀 I have recently bought a new 540, after having had an Explorer for years. Now that I'm back working from home instead of away, I have more time to use a detector, so I thought I'd invest in a good one. I have all kinds of places to go and search, but recently decided to try my luck in a small river nearby. I have never detected in water before, but my reasoning was that this stretch of water has been a ford for centuries, so surely there have been interesting things dropped at some point. Anyway, I have found a strong signal at 40/41 and managed to pinpoint it in the water. It's fast-flowing, but only about 8" deep, with smallish rocks and pebbles and gravel in the riverbed. I've managed to dam it up at bit at one side which has made the interesting area a bit shallower, but obviously I can't build a proper dam - it would be helpful, but I'd get into trouble! If I were in a field, my instinct would obviously be some sort of coin, maybe even gold, but I'm not very scientifically-minded really, so I wondered if you guys might answer a couple of questions before I try to find a way of getting at the object. (I do have a pinpointer too, which has also picked the signal up. I don't think it's all that deep, but of course as soon as I move a rock or pebble the hole begins to fill up again.) So, firstly, does the object being underwater affect the signals at all? Secondly, is there a good way of getting at things in water that you can recommend? (I have thought of taking an old colander and using it as a sort of scoop!) Looking forward to hearing about all sorts of things and learning some new things too. Kind regards, Jonnty
  7. I just received a new Vanquish 540 pro pack today. I was hoping to keep it simple for the wife to use. Currently she uses a Whites Classic ID with the Garrett Z-link module and headphones. The Garrett headphones are flawless. Doesn't matter what you turn on first and they connect quickly. The Vanquish with the ML80's seems to be a bit touchy IMO. If you turn the headphones on first and then the detector it seems to work ok. The problem I keep having is I keep hitting the blue tooth button instead of the button for the different programs. Then when I press the button to turn the blue tooth back on it takes longer to connect than it initially did. They shouldn't have placed that button so close and made it the same size as the programs button. I know on the Equinox it's on the side somewhere. Mind you, I just got this detector a few hours ago so I will probably get use to hitting the correct button once I use it some. I'm tempted to somehow cover that button where it can't be pushed so easily. Anyone else had this issue and come up with a solution? The Garrett's also have auto off if you don't use them for an extended period of time. What about the ML80's? Will they just stay on until the battery drains? I don't see anything in the manual about that. Thanks for your comments. Harold
  8. Hello, everyone, I am new to posting, so if I mess up, I apologize. I have a vanquish 540 and been using it for about 4 months, then I purchased the RNB 6000 battery pack in Feb 9 2021 for the 540 everything was working just fine until yesterday ( Sunday 03/14/21 ) while in the field hunting I hear a beep and the machine is off, I turn it back on and and it shuts back down in about 10 seconds, every time I turned the detector back on the run time would get shorter and shorter until it would not stay on. I checked the voltage on the battery pack and it was only 2 volts, but when the detector was on it showed full charge, I replaced the battery pack with the batteries that came with the detector and the detector worked like a charm, long story short, I recharged the battery pack, then did a voltage check and it only showed 4.77 volts, and 8 hours later 4.07 volts, I would think it should be around 6 volts at fully charged ? I just wanted to see if anyone on the forum had the RNB 6000 and if they have experienced anything like this ? Thanks
  9. With Deism vanquishing the airwaves, in other news: https://detecthistory.com/news/broken-vanquish-metal-detectors-what-vanquish-owners-should-consider/
  10. My wife inherited some land from her grandfather. It is told he buried 4- 1kilo size gold bars (size of iPhone plus) and 4 silver bars on the property. Would a vanquish 540 pick it up? If buried all together 2-3 feet underground? And what do you think the readout number would be?
  11. Given that Vanquish has been described as a simplified Nox, and that its settings (fixed or somewhat adjustable) can be approximately related to those on the Nox (e.g. the overall mode probably similar to Beach 1, high iron balance likely about 8, three different recovery speeds within recovery speed range on the Nox - but I'm not sure where), could someone comment on what ground balance mode on the Nox resembles what the Vanquish may have been set to do in this department?
  12. There is an interesting factory preset for custom mode: based on Coin mode with its fast recovery time and low/medium tone break at ID 2/3 but only ID 11-13 and 21-40 ranges notched in. What may be the intended purpose of it?
  13. On startup, the detector performs ‘Automatic Noise Cancel’, which I imagine shifts the frequencies mixture in order to try to minimize some types of EMI noise. Does it matter what the Sensitivity is set to when this procedure is invoked? e.g. if Sensitivity is low enough for the detector not to see the EMI in some channels, would the Automatic Noise Cancel also not see noise in those channels and potentially choose them as being OK, or would the procedure ignore the Sensitivity setting altogether?
  14. Everybody else has probably have seen it, but even though they poke fun at Garret, it feels friendly…
  15. After a brief encounter with a Mental Detector, I came to my senses and got Vanquish 440. Trying to learn what it does, I think I figured out what the actual correlation between the target ID values, notch segments display, and the audio tones is. Perhaps it could be useful to others: The target ID scale on this detector is non-linear, with the middle range between 0 and 20 stretched and both ends compressed. The break points between tones, except for one case of Low-Med in Jewelry Mode, do not correspond to break-points between notch segments. The yellow values, below the target identification guide graphics, represent the standard response (+/-1) for modern (Rama IX/X, 2008+) Thai Baht coins, when the target signal is strong.
  16. Would anyone know what material the detector’s shaft is made of?
  17. Does the vanquish have any sort or ground balancing feature? Even if it is multi frequency, without ground balance, how is it going to compare to the simplex for example?
  18. I started thinking about buying Minelab Vanquish 440. The closest distributor from Bangkok (according to the Minelab website) is in Kuala Lumpur - that's a different country. It looks like it is possible bo buy this detector in Thailand from online sellers - but I really don't know who they are. Is that a good idea to use the online sellers? If not, how do I do that from Thailand?
  19. I posted My Minelab Vanquish 540 pro review on another forum last week but have added quite a bit since then. Video link is at the bottom as well with some of the tests I performed for those that are interested. Ergonomics are good compared to most detectors out there, it’s light weight and I like the layout of the menus and screen. I can tell it’s aimed at the Garrett Ace series of detectors. The 540 pro pack is a good value for the money. But if a person is on the fence between a vanquish 540 Pro or the Equinox 600, I would pay the extra $150 and get an Equinox 600. Performance wise it’s a beginner metal detector and that shouldn’t be a surprise as the price reflects that. Menus are easy to navigate and straight forward. It’s a great metal detector for someone who doesn’t want to dig junk. ID is accurate and almost identical to the Equinox ID numbers. If a person runs the Vanquish in any of the modes and uses the stock high iron bias, virtually all iron trash and bottle caps are eliminated. I’m going to make some performance comparisons between the Vanquish and the Equinox for those that want to know how it compares. Not saying that one is better than the other because it’s all going to depend on what you want to use each one for. The iron bias on the Vanquish in high is about equal to F2 level 6 on the Equinox and on low equal to F2 level 2 as far as I can tell in side by side comparisons. Modes I’m sure have different weighted frequencies and it’s anybody’s guess what they are. So other than the weighted frequencies I think recovery speed is the big factor in each. All modes are 5 tones. Relic mode I feel is about like having the recovery speed on the Equinox 800 at 1, Jewelry mode about like level 3 and Coin mode about like level 4 or maybe 5. Recovery speed is not adjustable on the Vanquish. Recovery speed on the Vanquish vs the Equinox was based on coins with no iron near it. So, this is where it gets interesting. There’s got to be more going on than just recovery speed behind the scenes on the Vanquish because I was very disappointed with it’s unmasking abilities in any of the modes even with the small 5 by 8 coil. A few simple tests were performed. First, I laid 4 rusty nails in a row long way with a penny, dime and nickel between each nail. The coins were about 1.5” between the tip and heads of the nails. The Equinox 11” coil can easily see each coin at a recovery speed of 3 and even 2 with a controlled sweep speed iron bias at FE 2. The Vanquish couldn’t see the coins even with the small coil with iron bias set at low. I had to put the Equinox at recovery 0 iron bias 9 to perform as bad as the Vanquish. Next I placed a coin below a nail 2” the nail was 6 inches away. The vanquish couldn’t see the coin in any mode at any sweep speed with the V12 coil. It could see the coin with the V8 coil. In my yard I have 3 dimes buried at 4, 5 and 6 inches. My soil is bad 4-5 bars on Fisher F75. Most detectors can’t hit the 6” dime and not call it iron. For example XP Deus with 9” HF coil, Makro Multi Kruzer, Fisher F-19, and Teknetics T2 with 7 by 11 coils all call it iron. Equinox and eTrac hit it fine and ID it as a dime. The Vanquish in relic mode is useless in my ground I can’t even hit the 4” dime. In jewelry mode calls the 6” dime iron, in coin mode it hits it one way but ID’s 26, so not bad. But this is clean ground as in no iron near. I took it to my local park to try out for a few hours and I was pleased with it’s performance. But I wondered what I was walking over based on my test with recovery. My question was kind of answered on one signal I got. It was a long weird signal in the 25-26 range. Good but too big to be a coin or so I thought. So I grabbed the Equinox and sure enough there where 2 dimes about 4 inches apart. One was about 3 inches deep the other 4. The vanquish couldn’t separate the two coins unless in pinpoint mode. Next, I took a trip to the Great Salt Lake Marina and State Park here in Utah to see if it could perform in the mega salt environment. I ran the Vanquish only in the jewelry mode as I figured it was the one best suited for the beach. I was able to push the sensitivity to 8 out of the water and 6 in the water without too much falsing. This surprised me because I can’t run the Equinox out there unless in the Beach modes and even then, it’s pretty noisy. But stability comes as a price and that price is depth. I located about 9 targets with my other detector that were anywhere from 2” to 10” deep. Of the 9 the Vanquish could only see 2 of them and they were both junk, one was a piece of can slaw at 2” the other was .22 brass at 4”. The other targets were a swim cap buckle, .22 long brass, 1 nickel, 2 dimes and 2 pennies. They were all in the 7-10” range. Now on a normal salt water beach with no black sand the Vanquish will probably perform better. I haven’t had the Vanquish out to a relic site yet but will try in the next few weeks weather permitting. Most likely will do signal comparisons between the Vanquish and Equinox. I worry how it will perform in my iron infested site, we will see. It’s going to be a good metal detector for my daughter, which was my intentions of buying it in the first place. She won’t be digging many rusty nails or other junk and can cherry pick coins easy. It should also work good on the beaches in California when we vacation. Overall good value and I think Minelab did a good job for the market it’s intended for. Comparing the Equinox to the Vanquish is kind of like comparing the Simplex to the Anfibio. The low priced models just aren’t going to perform at the same level although they have good DNA.
  20. Back at it again today, But this time, I had a definite goal in mind! To intentionally try to squeeze out a few more old coins! And, oh yeah, to get rid of my now sore "detector legs" from Friday's somewhat short hunt! A little side note question first! Am I the only one getting sore legs; and other parts, when digging a bunch of targets at the beginning of a season, or long hunt?? Or are the rest of you just too "afraid" of what the rest of us will think, to mention it??.... No matter, I'm sore, and "Proud" of it!!🤣😂 Anyway, I went out today with a more focused purpose, and more time to put it into action! Did about 5-6 hours today! Same setup, with the Vanquish, and V8 coil! I more or less wanted to repeat the other days hunt, with a wider range of coins, and some added emphasis on finding some oldies, in some curb strips! Our oldest neighborhoods are generally from the 1920's forward! And have had many roadwork and "beautication" projects, that have destroyed prime "old coin" hunting grounds! But you work with what you got!! So knowing that some of the "tree lined" streets still had their original trees, (i grew up here), I would focus on them for the oldies!! Between those, and general hunting of this park, adjacent to some of them, I should at least, be able to get a few shallower "older" coins! My V8 park hunting produced plenty more modern coins, as expected, and was good fun! But also, self-limiting, as that coil doesn't get the depth needed for those elusive oldies that may be there! The soil under the St. Augustine Grass here, tends to be very rich, and easy to dig, with lots of earthworms, so the coins get buried pretty deep, over the decades! Not unexpected, but i was jumping back and forth, from the strips to the park, so I kept the same coil on the detector the whole time! I also have the V10, and V12, so I will go back with those at some point, and test my theory! And of course, the Nox!! So, to the Good Stuff! One each from just beneath three different "parking strip" old trees! No deeper than about 6 inches, but hidden up against large tree roots! And thankfully, not grown into them!! A 1942 Silver Merc!! 💖🎊 No nail board test from Monte this time!!🤣 Two 1919 Weaties!! 💕(Same date, two different trees; weird!!) So now, I at least know that my theory; while producing only a few oldies; is actually sound enough to follow-up with, In future hunts! I can live with that!! The rest of the hunt produced alot more pennies than I wanted to dig, thanks to two fairly large "penny dumps" in two separate curb strip locations! (Over 100!!🤯) I basically just sat there with my pinpointer, and located them till my legs got numb, and I had enough!!😂 Still more in both spots for another round! I guess there are non-detectorist that hate the pennies as much as we do!!🤣 A rough count puts it around 140 coins total! And I skipped alot of penny's, believe it or not!! So I'm "Tremendously Happy" with the 2 Silvers, and 3 older Wheats, over two days! They actually give me some hope for more now! Or maybe, those where the last two Silvers left in Florida!! So I can leave now!!🤣😂
  21. The weather has been slightly cooler, and dryer here this week! (85 with about 75% humidity!) And my sore foot is manageable now! So yesterday morning I went on a sunrise beach hunt with the Nox, and 11" coil! Conditions were very sanded in, and I only found a few coins, a junk earring, and a lead weight; among the usual junk items! I didn't stay long, as I wanted to do a park hunt too, and not reinjure my foot! I didn't actually get to do the park hunt till about 4pm today! And decided to use the Vanquish and the V8 coil! I was really only wanting to dig some shallow recent drops of quarters and dimes, on the edges of the park's "weekend soccer field", in a small area, before dark! and avoid most of the trash that is there! It's not very groomed, and is full of short weeds and various grasses! When I drive by, I see the players and family's gather, like clockwork, every weekend! So there is generally a constant supply of easy clad to find, under the nearby trees, every few months! Today was really no different than any other day I've been there, other than the detector and coil I used this time! I really enjoy the V8 coil for obvious reasons, and in no time I had a decent amount of clad! I had a few iffy targets that I kept track of, and went back around to, after the initial run through! A few were mult-coin spills of a quarter or dime, mixed with some pennies, and maybe an additional quarter or dime! Those were found rechecking the hole, and I knew by the V8's response, that there were others nearby! One particular target gave me some aggravation, as it was under some weed block, and there was also a mat of small roots to dig thru! This was in a dug out area of one of those exercise stations! I initially got a very clipped "quarter" signal on my first pass, and came back to it later, when the quarter signals got to be fewer! So back to it a second time, and not wanting to dig a big hole, it took a while to locate some targets through the obstacles, and small hole! I knew I had some iron mixed in, when the first pinpoint was a rusty nail! These "targets" were roughly about 5 inches down, and being a "dugout" area, actually got me down about 10-12 inches below the sod area! So detect, dig, pinpoint, a few times, and finally locate the "Beautiful Sight" of my dodgy target! A Bright Smiling 1951 Silver Rosie! 😃 Very satisfying, as the only silver I've found here before, was a nice money clip, and some cheaper jewelry! The silver coins where "all" vacuumed up years ago, and any left have gotten deeper, or totally out of reach!! My main theory though, is that all the rusty nails had masked this one! And with my small V8 coil, and the added depth I was able to get, in this "low" spot! I found one of the few that were missed! When I got home and washed off my coins, and set them out to dry and examine! I got another nice little surprise, in the few pennies I picked up! A 1920 Wheatie (And yes, looks like i nailed it!! 😔) That was probably even more rare here, as it predates the park by about 30 years! So, nothing earth shattering by most of the standards of what you all find elsewhere! But for my area, and the start of detecting season here, this is about as good as it gets! Short of private permissions, which are hard to come by here!! The pictures include my previous day's beach finds in the upper right! All the crusty nails where around the immediate area of the Rosie! And the Wheatie is near the Rosie in the picture! I have no clue which hole that came from! That was just a bonus!!👍👍
  22. Hi there The first design Armrest for Minelab Vanquish. 3D print, Material PETG
  23. https://www.instagram.com/p/B2T-KpbHSpe/?igshid=mlzeufyjoyb5 October 2019 Edit - the Minelab Vanquish has been officially introduced. See this thread for the latest news and information.
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