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  1. It’s not a bad start and hopefully a few more keepers dive into my scoop this year. I only hunt salt water, wet sand to about waist deep.
  2. Unfortunately the dime is so worn I can sort off tell it’s from 1858 and that’s all I can see. I was quite happy that I could see the outline of the seated liberty. I have found 3 seated dimes around the same area and all are in pretty bad shape but this one takes the cake. HH
  3. I haven’t been getting out as much compared to last year. This is my first gold for the year and first silver (1858 seated dime). I got to the beach at 5 am for low tide and surprisingly I was the only Detectorist out there. Maybe the slight rain and the lack of sand movement kept everyone else at home. There were almost no targets on the wet sand but somehow I managed to snag this 14k bracelet. The silver dime, Indian head and most coins were from a spot that has given up a few oldies in the past. Good luck out there and HH.
  4. All my trash I dig I just go put it in the trash can once the pouch is full and do that throughout the hunt. It’s time consuming but it’s part of the hobby and most hunters just don’t care to do what’s right.
  5. Do you ever hunt the beaches North of you where there’s more tourists visiting? You can always take a small backpack if you indeed want to collect the cans. I have collected a few cans in the past but now I carry a very small pouch and I have to walk to the trash cans to unload my trash at least twice per hunt.
  6. Where I’m at there’s no storms to move sand or make cuts so I’m hunting fresh drops. About 95% of the competition is gone once winter starts. I was thinking more along the lines of how much was the beach being used during those years. If it was more heavenly used back then you can wait for the storms to clear some sand and score some nice oldies.
  7. This is my second GoPro in 3 years. I almost didn’t dig it because I thought it be another can. Next time you go beach hunting go to one that gets a lot of tourist, that’s the ones I hunt and I do ok. Good luck It’s funny/sad because a lot of the people I see doing this are veterans in the hobby. I am new to the hobby so I’m still trying to figure out when to go. I don’t like going deep (just waist deep) in the water so low tide works best for me. How were the beaches around you say 50/100 years ago? You can always make a weekend trip to Washington or come south to CA to get your detecting fix ? If I were that close I would be there every other day. I’m sure you have many nice beaches close by full of goodies. One of these weekends I might have to take a trip down your way and see what I find. HH
  8. They say “the early bird catches the worm”, but how early are we talking here? I have been trying to make it to the beach two hours before low tide but by the time I get there somebody has already been there. The beach looks like it was bombarded, there’s open holes everywhere and junk targets laying besides them. It’s been hard trying to find the good stuff when there’s so much competition but I’ve managed somehow. Anyways, these are my good finds for July. The last 4 rings and heart are gold. The very last picture of a single ring appears to be silver with a little gold. I also found a working GoPro 6 in the water. Thanks for looking and happy hunting.
  9. Brian— Congrats on the nice earring, that thing is big. There’s plenty more waiting for you out there, good luck.
  10. Congrats on the finds. Was the guy swinging too fast an older guy with a hip mounted whites PI? Hope you find more good targets tomorrow.
  11. Chase I think you’re 100% right in your assessment, however who has a second to waste when there’s gold that needs to be found ??
  12. I did the update and used It for a coupIe of months and then decided to try the old version. I used the old version for about 3 hunts and hated it since the numbers were all over the place now. I did a reset and still didn’t work good so I went back to the 1.7 version and haven’t looked back.
  13. I always have to press the pinpoint button twice after noise cancel and so do other people I hunt with. I never use the pinpoint button for anything else, not even to pinpoint. When you say the screen froze, what does it do? Can you detect with it but not get any VDI #’s or just doesn’t work at all. Are you doing your test indoors or outdoors?
  14. If you only dig 12 and up you will be missing 90% of the gold. Most of the gold is small and falls below 12. Also gold chains fall in the 1-2 and earrings around 2-3. Rusted bottle caps are easy to recognize in the dry sand by switching your swing 90 degrees or bobbing your coil over them. There’s one other method I’ve heard about but have never tried it. HH
  15. The Equinox is a great machine for the water/wet sand and many people have found lots of gold with it. If you have a lot of black sand or you just want to dig deeper get the TDI BH. If the TDI is not deep enough for you then you can do the battery mod. You can also wait for the Fisher Impulse if you have that kind of time since who knows when that will be available. Good luck
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