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  1. I came across this topic on Wednesday and on Friday I experienced the same thing. After every hunt I fully charge my detector and headphones. This time I did a partial charge on both for a 6+ hour hunt on the next day. I get to the beach and I turn the detector and headphones and they are not pairing up. I tried twice to pair them up as if it was a new set of headphones and nothing. I did a factory reset and still wouldn’t pair up. On my 3rd tried after the reset they finally paired up and I was able to get down to business. That day started bad right off the bat. When I got there I went to get my scoop and found out I had left it the night before. I was lucky to have parked two spots from the night before. There were some people doing work on a house and they found my scoop and returned it when I asked about it. The day started quite bad but there was a silver and gold lining at the end.
  2. That’s some good hunting/recoveries. Congrats on getting back on the gold train. HH
  3. That type of cleaning is only meant for coins with no real value. I clean my silver coins using that method since they are worth under $50. If I ever find a valuable coin I will only pour water on it and there will be no rubbing, soap or any other chemical. Congrats on the great coin.
  4. The WM08 module is not needed at all. All you have to do is pair the headphones to the detector. It takes about 15-30 to get them paired.
  5. I’m located in Southern California. I found the merc last year and just put it in the picture for size reference. I hope the 600 has been treating you well.
  6. These are some of my recent beach gold finds with the 800. I’m glad they are not fish or else I would have throw them back for being too small 😅 I’ve had the detector since April and really enjoy using it, so now my excalibur II just collects dust. Good luck out there and happy hunting.
  7. I really hope you got some leather chaps to go along with those boots or else people might look at you weird 😂
  8. I hadn’t put attention to it but it does look like one. I checked and tried to spin it but it didn’t move at all so I’m guessing it’s not.
  9. Welcome to the forum from SoCal. Congrats on your EQ800 purchase. Hope to see you at the beach digging some gold. Good luck
  10. Welcome from SoCal. I have made a few stops there on my way to Bishop/Mammoth. The 395 is a nice scenic route.
  11. I am quite pleased and hope I can meet my ring goal for this year. I look for Jesus as much as I look for honesty in politics. I really wish I was into detecting when I visited Australia during my time in the service.
  12. There’s been some sand movement in SoCal beaches and I got there just in time to get a few crumbs. There was another hunter there before me since I could see the opened holes and junk laying besides them. Luckily he left me a few keepers. I hunted 3 days for a total of $35+ in clad and 5 gold pieces. Good luck out there and happy hunting.
  13. Thanks Happa. I wasn’t going to dig it either but since it was going to be my last target I figured why not. HH
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