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  1. The Seeker

    I Found Jesus

    I hadn’t put attention to it but it does look like one. I checked and tried to spin it but it didn’t move at all so I’m guessing it’s not.
  2. The Seeker

    I Think This Is My First Gold Of 2019

    Great looking rings and locket, congrats.
  3. The Seeker

    Hi From Socal!

    Welcome to the forum from SoCal. Congrats on your EQ800 purchase. Hope to see you at the beach digging some gold. Good luck
  4. The Seeker

    Hello From Lone Pine, Ca

    Welcome from SoCal. I have made a few stops there on my way to Bishop/Mammoth. The 395 is a nice scenic route.
  5. The Seeker

    I Found Jesus

    I am quite pleased and hope I can meet my ring goal for this year. I look for Jesus as much as I look for honesty in politics. I really wish I was into detecting when I visited Australia during my time in the service.
  6. The Seeker

    I Found Jesus

    There’s been some sand movement in SoCal beaches and I got there just in time to get a few crumbs. There was another hunter there before me since I could see the opened holes and junk laying besides them. Luckily he left me a few keepers. I hunted 3 days for a total of $35+ in clad and 5 gold pieces. Good luck out there and happy hunting.
  7. The Seeker

    A Once In A Lifetime Gold Find

    Thanks Happa. I wasn’t going to dig it either but since it was going to be my last target I figured why not. HH
  8. The Seeker

    Show Us Your Favorite Ring Find From 2018

    Sorry for the late reply Gerry. You can sell the name brand rings on eBay, Craigslist , etsy, etc... Some places are better then others. I still have the Cartier ring but I will probably sell it to get some more accessories for my Equinox. HH
  9. The Seeker

    Hello From Socal

    Thank you Tnsharpshooter and idahogold.
  10. The Seeker

    Hello From Socal

    Thanks BH. Hope to see you at the beach sometime. HH
  11. The Seeker

    Hello From Socal

    Thanks Steve. You have a great forum and I enjoy reading all the very informative articles you write. Hope you have Happy New Year.
  12. The Seeker

    A Once In A Lifetime Gold Find

    I updated the post with some info on the spot I found it. Thank you all for the kind words. HH
  13. This particular find happened on July of this year. I went out today for few hours just to kill time. I wasn’t expecting much so I was just taking my time digging targets. I was digging lots of thrash as usual along with some pennies. I was using the Equinox 800 and since I wasn’t finding much I started just jumping between park 1 and field 1. After a few hours I came across this iffy target that would jump all over the place with negative numbers and hit 20-21 once in a while. I’m like another penny, I guess I will dig it since it’s my last target. I dug it and I see this weird coin staring back at me. I grab it and I’m a little confused now cause it sure doesn’t look like a Penny at all. After a few seconds go by it finally clicks, OMG this a fracken gold coin. Now I’m shaking And trying to figure out what to do next. After a minute or two I figured I should put it on top of the detector to let it breath and take a picture. Well, here it is and I hope this isn’t a dream. Thank you for looking and remember to dig everything because you just never know. I wish you all a Happy New Year. The last two pictures are after I finished cleaning it with water without any rubbing. The coin looks better in person but my camera phone can’t capture it good. I found the coin in a public place where construction was being done. A lot of old dirt was pulled and spread out, about the size of a football field and 12”+ in depth. A few of us hunted this site for a couple of weeks till they took most of the dirt back and cover the rest with clean dirt. I will make another post later with my othe finds from there. Happy New Year to all.
  14. The Seeker

    Show Us Your Favorite Ring Find From 2018

    Here’s my two favorite for the year. The first one is a 14k with 7 real diamonds and the second is 18k Cartier.
  15. The Seeker

    Hello From Socal

    Hello everyone, I am sort of new here as far as posting but have been reading all the great info this forum has to offer since I joined. I also browse all the finds forums for motivation since there’s always some great treasure being posted. Once I figure out how to post pictures I will share some of my finds. I live in Southern California and I hope to meet some other Detectorist, until then I wish everyone a great holiday season. HH Oscar