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  1. Can you believe gas was under a dollar before. It’s weird how prices change on things over the years. I can’t understand why this happens but I’m glad I’m not the only one having this problem. Please post your worthless opinion again.
  2. I have an almost brand new (used for about 30 minutes) Tesoro Mojave for sale. The only thing missing is 9V battery. The price is $400 shipped plus 3% PayPal fees. Thanks for looking.
  3. I don’t have to read anything that I have read plenty of times. The only way I can barely run the detector with minimal falsing is with presets. Out off the 30+ detectors out there there’s only a handful that work as they should but nobody discusses this because it’s taboo. Have a nice day.
  4. Setting up the AQ isn’t hard if you have owned a PI before. The only thing I have found different compared to the other two PI is that you have to go slower. Due to the power it’s more sensitive to changes in speed and coil control, at least that’s what I think, but I may be wrong. The rest of of the knowledge you brought up about reading the beach and knowing when and where to go is what truly matters. I don’t care how great your machine is or how perfectly you set it up. If the beach is sanded you will only find thrash more often then not.
  5. Thanks MN. Hopefully I can clean that beach up when the next storm hits. HH
  6. I have found some other teeth and have no idea what they are from and those are somewhat melted. I found about four gold ones and those are pretty much intact since like tvr said the melt point is higher than what the crematory uses.
  7. I got out 3 times and was able to snag some decent targets. This hunt was done at the rocky beach I frequent during winter. There were lots of targets, more than I could dig in one hunt. I got about $8 in clad. The first row is all the good jewelry, one small 14k (.73g), and the rest Silver. The second row of rings are all junkers. This second hunt netted about $12 in clad and a small/light broken 14k pendant. The last hunt wasn’t all that great but I somehow managed to get a gold tooth that weighs 3.6g. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Hunting.
  8. I hope it’s not overpriced and it performs quite a bit better than stock or else I don’t see myself getting one.
  9. I didn’t find this one with the detector however I was lucky enough to have become a member of the club a few years back. Sometimes miracles do happen. The only place that I can think of is the coinstar since I hunt those whenever I’m at the store. I am always on the hunt eyetecting wherever I go.
  10. I haven’t been south of Hermosa since September of last year unfortunately, so it wasn’t me, this time 😇. I did venture north of Malibu but only swung for an hour so I don’t find anything. Congrats on the finds and gold schoolofhardNox.
  11. Thanks for the info. I didn’t do too much research other than trying to find out what it was. I did find out the date though. The date on the coin is 1354 SH but if you add 621 you can convert it to our calendar year and it’s 1975.
  12. I agree with GB_Amateur, it appears to be a $1 gold coin. The VDI are correct for the $1 coin and if it’s smaller than a dime you’re on your way to join the gold coin club, congrats.
  13. Me and the wife were looking thru some older money and foreign currency and I came across this coin. I had seen it before but I didn't pay it much attention. I honestly have no idea where or when I found it. It’s a 1/4 Pahlavi Mohammed Reza Sha made from 1945-1979. I weigh mine and it’s exactly 2.03 grams. I know it’s not an American gold coin but I’m still happy to have it in my collection.
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