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  1. I thought you were trying to get a Mojave? Congrats on the purchase and please let us know how you like at the beach or wherever you use it. HH
  2. I cleaned the contacts with the eraser and tried charging but after 20 minutes it turned off. I checked ohms of all 4 contacts and they checked out. I went ahead and used 2000 grit sandpaper to clean the contacts again and that took care of the problem. I put it to charged and it never turned off again. The last six times or so that I would try to charge it would always stop. Thanks again for all the help guys 👍
  3. Thanks for the link Chase. I saw/read that when that happened. My cable is like new on the outside so I’m good there. I just got back from collecting some gold at the beach (6hr+ hunt) so I’m charging the gold vacuum now 😏 I went ahead and cleaned the contacts like Glabelle suggested so we shall see what happens. If it doesn’t charge I’ll just grab my hammer and trouble shoot the problem since I have an electronics background 🤣 Thanks for all the help/ideas.
  4. I connect it and the green light starts blinking, a while later it just turns off. I plugged a new cable I ordered a few weeks ago and charges fine. Phrunt— I have no pets to damage the cable. I don’t even bend it back like it came packaged so I have no idea why it stopped working. I’m going to try the pencil eraser trick as suggested and see if that does anything.
  5. How many of you have had problems with the charger cable? I’ve had the 800 for 14 months now and both of my charger cables have died. Have any of you had this happened to you and were they replaced under warranty? Thanks Oscar
  6. The oldest item from these finds is a Merc, although I can’t read the date due to the crust on it. I was able to take some of the crust off it but not enough to see the date.
  7. I found a decent cut at this place and just hit it till I couldn’t anymore. I went to other beaches before this one and non had any good sand movement. This particular beach only had about 150 foot long cut and the rest of the 2 mile stretch was unaffected by the waves. I’m a fairly new to beach detecting but once I got my equinox last April I started going more often. I don’t know if it’s the detector or what but since I got the EQ I have recovered 42 Gold rings (1 return). I’m sure if you take your time walking the beach, looking for heavy targets you’ll get something good. Don’t forget those 1’s and 2’s can be chains, I have found two so far. Good luck
  8. You shouldn’t have any problems finding jewelry with this detector. Good luck out there.
  9. Welcome to the forums Flowdog. You have bought a great detector and joined an equally good forum. There’s a lot of great knowledge and people in this place to help you become a successful Detectorist. The presets on the Equinox are quite good and you should be pulling some nice treasure in no time. Good luck and welcome aboard.
  10. I swing an Equinox 800 and it has served me well for a year now. A scoop with a long Handle is best so you don’t bend down too often. I bought a no name brand off eBay for $100 and it’s still going strong after 2+ years, even digging in rocky beaches. Best time to hunt is during storms and low tides. Also hunting during summer for fresh drops at touristy beaches is good. Good luck and HH
  11. I have been keeping an eye on the weather forecast for the last week and it paid off. I found one beach with some nice sand movement and I hunted there for five days. I managed to dig 5 gold, a few silvers and $70.92 in clad. The diamond chips on the two rings are real and all rings are 14k. One of the 14k is plum gold and another is 14kpc (pc= platinum coated). Good luck out there and happy hunting.
  12. Could have been worse. If I would had missed it by half inch than I would be mad 🤣
  13. I think It’s a link for a chain or bracelet.
  14. I did a short beach hunt at one of my favorite spots and pulled the silver ring under a big pile of rocks. I couldn’t find anything else in the wet sand so I move to the dry sand and my first target was this little gold. This is by far my smallest piece of gold. Good luck out there.
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