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  1. Congrats on another great hunt Compass. Hopefully one of these days you find the other half, good luck.
  2. Does the $1 gold coin not count for the tiniest USA coin (I guess if you go by weight that’s different)! The type 1 measures 12.7 mm and the type 2 is just a little bigger than the Trime at 14.3 mm. Kac — Congrats on an awesome coin.
  3. That’s some nice looking yellow, congrats on a great hunt.
  4. Thanks OBN, It’s not too bad considering there’s so much competition here. I need to go try the AQ in black sand to see I can get more gold. I’m hoping I don’t have to lower my sensitivity any lower to get it somewhat stable. Thanks Compass. Although I have found two other FG but this one felt light when I dug it so I thought it was a junker/titanium. I guess after digging so many holes and your muscles are bulging out it’s hard to guess the weight 😅
  5. I got out for nice long hunt with the AQ. I found quite a few targets to keep me busy. Five of the rings are junk and the other two silver. One of the silvers has real diamond chips. The gold ring came towards the end of the hunt and weighs 4.7g. I have found 5 gold rings with the AQ and a small pendant, so not too bad. Thanks for looking and happy hunting.
  6. Thanks Compass, sometimes I just get lucky. I went out there just hoping to find just one silver coin and this happened. The only downside is that I have to cover more ground and it’s a challenge walking in the dry, for me at least. I hunt Santa Monica and a few others and have found silver at all of them. I usually find the coins far from where all the dry sanders hunt. Thanks Valens and sorry about your loss. When it comes to the Equinox the best thing to do is stick to the presets, trust me they work very well. When I’m hunting the wet sand I mostly use presets with some tw
  7. I got out today for a little exercise and to give the Equinox a workout also since it’s been a while since I last took it out. I can honestly say it didn’t disappoint. I only did dry sand since it was high tide. The large gold ring and the pendant are marked 14k. The little one isn’t marked but I’m guessing is 10k. The last ring of the bunch is copper and gave me the same VDI as a penny. I found $9.75 in clad and it was thanks to a pocket spill of $2.47. Thanks for looking and stay safe out there. HH
  8. I knew you would be cleaning up with those settings. On your next test let us know how it picks up that chain without the pendant at 4khz. Keep the precious coming, HH.
  9. That’s a huge gold ring compared to the one I just found. Is the wire in the middle of the silver ring gold, I found one just like it last year. HH
  10. With the higher frequency and lower recovery no gold will be safe from you 😎
  11. From all the IPhones I have found only one was working. To make things simpler the owner call me since she was looking for it and we met up for a return. HH
  12. Thanks OBN. That’s a bummer on the adjustment on your AQ, but being in the water and with thick gloves is challenging. With all my other detectors I just set it and forget it, but with the AQ I have been bouncing between all metal and tones. Keep the nice AQ gold coming OBN, HH.
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