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  1. Yes it does, specially when not many people are going to the beach and there’s no sand movement to find the older stuff. HH
  2. Well, I ordered the parts from out off the country and got my EBL batteries (set of 😎 on the 28th. I amazed on how quickly I got them 😳 now I just need the box and a detector to connect them to 🤔
  3. Thanks a lot. I really hope more come my way, even without diamonds I will happily take them 😎 HH
  4. Congrats on the great hunts Compass. That 21k ring is a beauty, is it a spinner?
  5. The ring looks much nicer than what it really is, at least that’s why I think. The center is not a big diamond but a cluster of 9 small diamonds in three different sizes. Don’t get me wrong, I still like it since it’s made of the metal us beach hunters go cuckoo for 👍 Thanks compass. The ring weighs 4.77 grams and it’s about a size 5.5 so it’s chunky for sure. Hope your rake nets you another chain your next time out.
  6. That’s a lot of digging and coinage. I used to get at least $3 in change every time I went out but now I can’t even break a dollar unless I venture into the dry. Hope there’s gold in your scoop on the next outing, HH.
  7. But luckily a gold one, 14k. I got up today for an early low tide hunt. I got to the beach at 1am and started my hunt with a buddy. An hour plus into the hunt and all we had was just aluminum and a couple of pennies even though we were covering from the mid upper slope to the waters edge of a negative tide. Since things weren’t looking good I decided to just cover a 10 foot wide section crossing between the damp and wet sand. About and hour later I dug this 14k beauty with real diamonds. I gridded that area and found nothing else in that section. The rest of the hunt was uneventful but my mission was accomplished so I was happy. Thanks for reading and good luck out there.
  8. I like your setup Steve, so I put my order for the batteries and box. I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping the AQ gets back to me before the parts 🥴
  9. Another nice looking battery OBN. You keep making them smaller, it probably won’t be long before you make one the size of an Apple Watch and lasts 12hrs 🤔
  10. At one of the beaches I go to I come across some cougars from time to time. Maybe with a nice loud speaker I can attract one 🤔
  11. Those are some nice battery setups OBN. I can’t wait to see the finished product and run time with them.
  12. I hope nobody accidentally goes into the water after running the machine for a while or it might end up like the Equinox. Looks like my machine will make it to Fisher by tomorrow morning.
  13. Thanks Compass. Unfortunately that day I didn’t take a back up. The first two times I hunted with the AQ I did take a back up but not this time. Once I get it back I will have to start carrying a second detector for a couple of hunts. I have never had any problems with any other detector. This one that I have babied so much putting it on the back seat on something soft and then covering repays me this way 🥴 I really hope it’s an easy fix so I can get back out there and try to find my first gold. During the hunts I have the habit of always checking my settings to see where I’m at. I did replace my battery with the fully charged back up so that should have taken care of the static build up. I sort of figured the running hot part was due to it being a high power unit that likes to a consume a lot of volts/amps. Thanks for all the great info you provide us OBN.
  14. This was my 3rd and last hunt. I went out for a low tide hunt and I was the only one at the beach. I think it’s mostly because people are going at night and leaving when the sun goes up. Things were looking good, I was pulling the correct targets that should lead to some gold. Within 1.5 hrs I had pulled the 5 rings and ear ring. I continued hunting but the next half hour I wasn’t getting any targets anymore so I decided to throw a nickel on the ground. I was running all metal and max sensitivity. I ran the coil about an inch from the nickel and I could hear it but not that strong. I decided to start raising the coil and kept swinging until I couldn’t hear it anymore. At about 8-9 inches I couldn’t hear the nickel anymore. The battery was still good but I decided to try my backup that was fully charged. I got the same results on the wet and dry with the fully charged battery. I have no idea what happened with the AQ after only 3 hunts but I did noticed the back of the control pod was rather warm. I don’t know if it was warm because this is a high powered detector or some other reason. P I shot an email to Rick which he forwarded to Fisher and I got a call back within two hours. I spoke to Felix and he sent me a shipping label so the detector is heading back to FT. I am bummed that this happened specially when I was on a roll but sh*t happens. I hope they are able to figured out what happened quickly so that I can get back to swinging and learning it some more. Good luck out there, HH. The 3 rings and ear ring are silver. The other two rings, one is tungsten and the other is junk. When I was about to dig the junk ring in my head I was like this is a big ring, pulled it out and I’m like 🤯 The pictures show all the targets I dug this hunt.
  15. Thanks, I was using the Tarsacci for both these hunts. Thanks, these are dry sand beach finds. The tide had already came up and I didn’t want to go home somewhat empty handed. Thanks Compass. My area didn’t get any sand moment during the last high tide so I didn’t get much gold. I also couldn’t make another trip to your area to try and get a piece of the pie. Besides the cross the other two jewelry pieces are junk, you can have those 👍🏼
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