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  1. My yellow ones seem to have a weird echo/reverb sound to them too but otherwise, aren't as bad as I've heard others complain about. My biggest problem right now is my scoop has 1/2 inch holes and approx half of my targets are falling through when I lift the scoop up to look in it and I end up chasing them.
  2. I think mine are decently loud. I downloaded a Db reader app for my phone and with the headphone ear piece on my microphone on the phone, the Nox seems to average 65 Db at 25 volume. It would jump to the low to mid 70s. OSHA requires hearing protection for exposure to 85 Db and above to prevent hearing loss. I'm not sure if I want mine any louder. The AT Max with blue Garrett headphones at a setting of 1 (lowest it can be set on volume) was approx 90 Db on the same app. The loudest setting for it actually peaked over 120 Db....which nears what a .22 rifle is.
  3. Just a tip for those that may not be aware or that don't mess with "advanced" settings...make sure your individual tone bin volume is set higher for underwater use and not just the overall volume. I noticed with my yellow headphones that the volume on my test rings was low and it honestly didnt dawn on me til I hit a quarter while out in the water and the hit was so loud it hurt my ears. It then clicked that while hunting on land I had modified the sound settings, and that my sounds were also set with the wireless headphones which have volume control. The yellow ones are different, but the individual programs are different too in that some are set with likely coin target tone bins having more volume than the likely trash tone bins. Which in the water, is where most of the gold jewelry is going to be....once I went through and changed the volume of the bins to match the coins, I didnt have any trouble at all and actually lowered the overall max setting by a few numbers.
  4. Congrats on the R button! That is one that eludes me for sure. I've dug the A, C, D, and I buttons but not the R. Most see the seated coin as the highlite but to me, I'd rather have that Rifleman button!
  5. Daniel Tn

    Least Expensive Pi

    I have a pristine big box Whites TDI with stock coil, charger, and 2 batteries. I mean it has less than 2 hours on it. I'd sell it for $900 shipped TYD or best offer.
  6. Low Tide -- The Troy X5 vs Tejon battles were brutal. I was on the front lines in most of those and have a few combat medals for my involvement in that. Lol. Good times...has been nearly 20 yrs ago and my blood pressure still goes a few points higher if I think about some of it. I'm very satisfied with my Equinox and it has surpassed my expectations for sure. I am also OK with other people that won't like it. All that matters is that I like it. I think certain people on the forums and YouTube get too caught up in trusting reviews from their favorites. On Dankowski's forum, if you aren't Tom or Keith, then your opinion or review means nothing to some members on there. Now that does irk me a little when some smart mouth negative ninny basically calls me a liar that is hyping things up, and that the truth won't be revealed til one of the others posts their review or video. But that's not here and why I have started posting here more and less there.
  7. This forum has became my favorite as well. Tom's forum use to be the place I mostly posted at, but isn't anymore. There are too many people there with deeply rooted bitterness.
  8. I have the 600 and 800. I got the 600 first due to availability, and I was thinking it would be a while before my 800 made it to me. I was wrong...days after getting the 600, I received shipping notice of the 800 headed my way. To be honest with you, other than the wireless headphones with the 800, I can't tell a difference in performance between the two. Sure, the 800 has more advanced settings for tweaking...but if you're not into tweaking, the 600 is probably all a person needs. Other than testing, I've not even hunted in the Gold modes and probably won't. Park 2 and Field 2 will be my most used modes, and then beach for when I go to the beach.
  9. Daniel Tn

    Water Scoop

    Just some friendly advice. Your scoop choice should be based on the type bottom you are most likely to encounter. Is it rocky, shells, mud, clay, sand? I hunt both freshwater lakes, rivers, and saltwater beaches. One scoop won't cover it all. I have a Stealth 920 with carbon fiber handle. Most expensive scoop I own. On the saltwater sand and beach, it is priceless! But at the lake or river, it is useless. Our lake beaches are mostly mud/clay, shell, and shoal. While I love the light weight of the Stealth and the width of the basket opening...it just can't bite into the shell or rock, and does a horrible job with the clay. For that, I use a Nuttall diamond head. It is narrower than the Stealth and much heavier. But it can handle the clay and shells and some of the rocks. Now, in a river situation with lots of rocks...a scoop is worthless anyway. Unfortunately, I don't have any great suggestions for that other than to use a pick of some sort and waterproof pinpointer. I actually gave up river hunting due to not having an effective and efficient way to recover targets.
  10. Daniel Tn

    Equinox 800 Finds Gold Coin!

    Huge congrats!! I've found several goodies with those 18 and 19 numbers. Especially colonial flat buttons. I prob won't ever find a gold coin here. Folks were so poor they couldn't afford to pay attention.
  11. Daniel Tn

    Equinox 800 Relic Hunt Frustration

    Up til yesterday, I had not dug any nails with the Equinox. Yesterday I got into a new permission...sort of. It was a property that joins a farm that I have hunted for a while now. I had an idea how the soil would be and had an idea of what MIGHT be in the ground there, but in relic hunting there are no guarantees and stuff is where you find it. So after about 30 minutes of not finding anything, nor even getting any good signals, I began chasing "iffy" signals. Some of those one way hits, half high tone, half iron grunt. Every one of those were nails. My gut feeling and ears were telling me that they were probably nails or iron falses but I was digging out of desperation and just wanted to make sure. I was running Field 2, no disc, recovery at 7. Ground balance numbers were all over the place, but this field had areas where it was original soil and some areas where it had fill dirt. In the original dirt, it ground balanced in the 20s. In the fill dirt, it jumped all the way to the mid 40s when it would balance. I started with the sensitivity at 20 but was hearing all sorts of noise from the ground....sounded like a constant barrage of iron -8s and -9s. I ended up dropping the sensitivity quite a bit and that helped some. I finally got into an area that started coughing up some relics. I dug quite a few case shot lead balls and a few minie balls. On the property that joins this one, I have dug hotchkiss shell frags and the sabot to one of those. I was hoping to find some more frags and some of the iron cannister shot, and maybe a fuse or two. I know it's there but I either didn't get the coil over any of it, or it got lost in the -8 and -9 ground noise.
  12. Daniel Tn

    My Culpeper Take With The 800

    I didn't mean to muddy up your thread with DIV talk. I was just saying that some people might attribute this hunt to being slow (compared to past hunts) due to your choice in machines for the hunt. There are people out there foaming at the mouth to kill off the Equinox and have it dead and buried. They will take any approach they can to use for their base line of argument, no matter how far fetched.
  13. Daniel Tn

    My Culpeper Take With The 800

    My buddy just got back as well. He had a GPX 4500 and the Nox 800. He said his GPX battery died towards the evening of day 1, and that he hadn't dug a single keeper relic up to that point. He swapped over to the Nox and ended the day with several Sharps bullets and round balls. The next day, he decided not to even go to the hunt site, because in his words, "that place sucks, everybody I talked to didn't have anything more than a couple bullets". I talked him into going to day 3, because I told him that it usually takes a day or two for people to dial into where the relic concentrations are on a new property and that it always seems like nobody is finding much until the relic display on day 3, and then you see just how much was found. He said he didn't even bother with his GPX and hunted solely with the Nox on day 3. Found more bullets and some brass odds and ends. No buttons though. He did end up finding more than all of his carpool crew combined. He said there were several display cases on the trailers, but most of them didn't have much in them. He said he thinks most people brought them to show and tell due to the raffle for getting into the next hunt without having to sign up, otherwise they wouldn't have brought them at all. In any case, he said if he finds out its gonna be back at that farm, he is not even signing up for it. So it may have been there just wasn't a lot of stuff in the ground to get a coil over....I guess we have been spoiled with the past at some of the dug in winter camp farms when they were in their prime.