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  1. Just when I step out of the hobby, they do something like that to perk my interest. But still, the same thing would be true for me. Can have the best machine in the world but it's not any good without places to go with it. With gold prices soaring at all time highs, it makes sense to release a new gold prospecting machine.
  2. I will have it when it comes available for sure. I've just gotten used to swinging larger coils and even though the MDT is 11", it's still an elliptical and seems small to me. I don't run to the concentrations of iron like some do...so bigger coils tend to fit me. Most of the time my Nox is wearing the big coil. I only put the 11 inch on to compare it with the MDT. My finding is they are pretty close to the same depth if the Nox is wearing the big coil...but if a larger MDT coil also ups the ante, then it will be one of the deepest non pulse machines out there. This is in the relic world a
  3. I did this video last week at one of my bullet places with some hot dirt. I mainly was just trying some new settings on the machine to see how it would respond. I dug several bullets and towards the end of this one, you'll see a deeper bullet "live" dig between the Equinox 800 and Tarsacci. It wasn't meant to be a comparison video but I had both machines with me and was signal checking as I went along. The Nox is usually pretty good for me but I was kinda surprised that on some of the deeper bullets, I didn't get the best of signal. By mistake, I cut out the settings for the Nox....w
  4. It could be possible, as I have a coil for the Tarsacci that was made for testing in the US in the infamous iron dirt of Culpeper, Virginia. I'm not sure what exactly is different about it spec wise, but it is the same size and uses the same mold as the stock Tarsacci coil.
  5. Yep, Bass Pro bought Cabelas out. Now both stores carry the same items. It is kinda odd strolling through one or the other store and seeing Bass Pro/Redhead stuff in Cabelas and Cabelas stuff in the Bass Pro store. At one time they were big competitors. Dicks Sporting Goods can pound sand. I wouldn't take a free bottle of water from them if I was dying of thirst.
  6. The highly mineralized soil part of your equation is going to make this tougher on you VS someone else that is just wanting to eliminate iron. Any detector has trouble dividing the ground minerals from iron and then again to divide the iron from non iron...particularly in ground where the mineralization IS a form of iron ore. What typically happens is that the non iron targets will start to "read" as iron on most machines, or at least the ID is dragged down into the iron range (or up, depending on how you look at the iron scale). Now, for nails and such...that is hard to say too. It d
  7. NASA Tom has eluded to this on his forum and I have experienced it myself with the Equinox in particular. That being, just because the detector is quiet...i.e. not erratic or pulsing...does not mean that it is safe guarded from emi. It is called silent EMI, and sometimes it is hard to pick up on it. The Equinox seems to be more prone to it than a lot of other machines and in most of my documented cases, a depth reduction of 2-3 inches seems to be the average (compared to the same settings in a non emi area). Tom says the Fisher CZ series is the least prone to emi of any machine
  8. It is no secret I have a huge dislike for most people in general. The more nosey they are, the bigger my dislike of them. I figure I mind my business, and they should mind theirs. But that is often the opposite of what most do. One day I had a crazy idea and the even crazier part is, that it works, and works extremely well. I have an old park close to my house that I like to detect, but it is popular with snobby people that walk/job the walkways around the park. They will give you the stink eye big time. The crazy idea was...I had noticed the local city workers usually wear a hi vis saf
  9. If you are a fisherman, you will get this and if not, it will be Greek to you. The setting adjustments on the 600 vs 800 remind me of a 5 speed trolling motor vs a variable speed trolling motor. On a 5 speed, with each "click" movement, it jumps quite a bit over the previous setting. You have 5 of those speeds and the biggest one is top out speed. The variable speed motors have a rolling dial...the max and low end speeds will be the same as what is on the 5 speed. The difference is, you get to control those "in between" speeds instead of just jumping from one to the other. A person ca
  10. The explanation of the Beach mode stability and performance in mineralized ground was put to me, in this way: is a combination of it using lower transmit power and the frequencies are lower weighted than any of the other modes. Lower frequency machines have traditionally done well in mineralized ground. For results in the air, the other modes do detect coins and jewelry better. But that comes with a cost in being bombarded with false signals and noise in mineralized ground. A good signal can simply get lost in the noise. On most forums, particularly the Nox forum at Findmall, when people
  11. Just my opinion but I think a big part of the Equinox mystery is that there is so little hardcore factual info about what makes it tick. I'm always looking for an edge and keep an open mind toward listening to what others say and or their experiences/data. I currently have all the little books/guides on the Equinox and every one of them is filled with hearsay and guesses as to how this or that works. Not at all what I was hoping for. Take the detect modes for example. On most other detectors, those modes are nothing more than saved programs that have different discrimination patterns and
  12. That is awesomeness! I swear though, I know her doppelganger; she is an archery shooting friend of mine. They could pass for sisters for sure.
  13. GB_Amateur -- One site in particular made me take note as to hunting in different modes. I was hunting a Civil War camp and hunted about half of it in one of the modes. I can't remember which but I did do a video of it and the following hunt. Anyway...that first day I recovered several minie balls and larger pieces of camp lead, etc. I came back the next time and finished the camp area...then kinda skimmed through it in a different mode. During that skimming process, I realized I was going to have to rehunt the entire area...cause now I was finding small brass, buttons, etc that I had someh
  14. I had the luxury of being able to go back to some of these swim areas when the water level was dropped this past fall/winter, and recovering all/any targets that remained after hunting all summer and early fall. It was clear to see why these had fallen through my scoop. Just a short list....small split shot sinkers, .22 LR bullets, swim trunk drawstring eyelets, etc. These were all mostly single digit hits on the Nox, with some venturing into the 10-11 range. I didn't find any jewelry doing this, althoughI was hoping to. I use a Stealth 920 scoop, so it does have fairly large holes. I bough
  15. Editor note: split from https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/9945-my-salt-water-report-card/ I agree with ya on some of your points and grades. After a year of using the Equinox, I can give a fair assessment on where it ranks and how it compares to other detectors for the uses that I do. If I were solely a beach hunter, I would personally feel more confident with a CTX 3030. I personally feel it has more depth to it in that arena. Even in freshwater, I put a good season of water hunting in with the CTX and all last year with the Nox. I found more rings last year
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