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  1. Rob Allison

    GPX 5000 Lcd Screen

    Hey Sourdoughmoe, The best advice is to contact your dealer. I know you mentioned about "genuine" products. If the unit was purchased new from a Minelab Authorized dealer, you don't have anything to worry about. You would also get a 3 year factory warranty just in case there is an issue with the LCD screen. I would recommend, you contact the dealer and discuss this and see if he thinks you should send it back in. I would rather you see the issue get address (if there is one) and have Minelab take a look at it if there are any doubts. Hope you understand.
  2. Rob Allison

    Visiting With Jim Straight

    Hey Guys, Jim Straight is a Icon in the Gold Prospecting and Metal Detecting industry. He is also a long time mentor of mine, without his friendship and publications, I doubt I would have been as successful as I have been. His books alone are worth their weight in gold. The Nuggetshooter's Bible, 8th edition is highly recommended, but it's difficult to find now as it's out of stock and I doubt will be re-published. I sold hundreds of them over the years.
  3. Rob Allison

    14x9 Evo On GPX - Is It Working Right?

    Hey Sourdoughmoe, I think your detector is running just fine, per all the conversations we have had. I know many want to play around and test, test and re-test in test beds and such, but you really need to get out in the field. There is no question on all around sizes of gold, you will get your best performance with a PI. Yes, you might have a guy find a small nugget you missed with his VLF, or a guy finding a nugget at depth you missed using a much larger coil. You can "what if" yourself to death, so my personal advice is to get out there and swing in the areas you mentioned. If the gold is there, like you mentioned, I think you will do well and be glad you invested in a good Pulse Induction. After the first run in the area, you will be able to answer a lot of your questions and plan the second trip much better. Just my personal thoughts. Thanks again for the business and friendship.
  4. Rob Allison

    GPZ 7000 Vs GPX 5000

    Hey Stephen, Like the other guys mentioned, you can update to any version, or even go back to an older version if you decided to. Here are all 3 updates on this like - https://www.minelab.com/usa/metal-detectors/gold-detectors/gpz-7000?view=downloads Scan down to the bottom of the page, you will see all the firmware downloads. Hope this helps,
  5. Rob Allison

    Gpx 5000 Question

    Hey Sourdoughmoe, I would be happy with those results on a GPX 5000. Not sure why you get 2 additional inches when you raise the coil off the ground vs. scrubbing it on the ground for max depth.
  6. Rob Allison

    Gpx 5000 Question

    Hey Sourdoughmoe, Per our text message conversations, I believe depth is so over rated. There are so many variables when it comes to depth, it's very hard to answer a question like - "How deep will my GPX 5000 go on a 1 gram gold nugget?" However, this is what people expect is an easy answer to say, for sure it's 6 inches. First, without me seeing the test in person, we don't know how it's performed for starters. The customer could be running the coil 2 inches off the ground, while another customer is scrubbing the ground. One customer might be using high end headphones, while another is using an external speaker or el-cheapo's from Wal-Mart. We have no clue what their thershold is, one could be running NO threshold, while another is running their threshold like it's the volume of the detector, full out. Then you have ground mineralization, characteristic of the gold nugget being tested, settings, timings, coil size, coil type ....... As you can see, there are hundreds of combinations how someone might be performing a test to say you may or may not find a 1 Gram at 6 inches. Hope you understand, it's a complex question.
  7. Hey Guys, Being a dealer here in the US for many moons, I have seen many mods come from Australia used on US ground. I can personally say I seen some friends use Ismael's mods on some of the early SD and GP's and they got great results. Over the years, Ismael used to contribute to many online forums, including mine back in the early days. As far as Woody, his mods look fancy and some swear by them. I have also heard otherwise. I'm sure there are ways to mod Minelab's and get better performance on some locations and certain types of gold without having to upgrade every couple 2-3 years to get the latest and greatest. I personally never used mods, just believed in learning the detector well, pay close attention for faint targets and prospect for new ground.
  8. Rob Allison

    Gpx 5000 Question

    Hey Sourdoughmoe, Glad you kept the NF 8x6, it will be useful in the future for bedrock hunting and working around a lot of rocks, brush and such. It's one of the best clean up coils after working the area with a "prospecting sized coil" like the 14x9 you got. My favorite all around coil for detecting is and was the 14x9 elliptical Mono. If I located a good areas with nuggets, I would work it pretty hard with this coil and then come back at a later time with a larger coil like a 17x13 or bigger round in hopes of larger pieces at depth. At some point I would return with a small coil or a high end VLF for the dinks. I would also recommend doing testing outside, away from the house EMI. Thanks once again for your business and friendship. Wishing you much success with the new toys!
  9. Rob Allison

    Big Nugget Found With GPZ 7000

    Hey Gerry, I like that picture and Thank You very much. It was interesting how it was found. I have to Thank the Great Lord above, as I really think it was found at a perfect time with a great friend with me. Yes, beating a 1 Pound solid nugget will be hard in the US, as I have been searching for over 20 years for this piece. I would love to beat it, as anyone would, but my goal is really accomplished. I know you have found some great whoppers also and you deserve it. I think there is a reason why some find them and others don't. I believe it has to do with a lot of hard work, research, boots on the ground and even a bit of Karma could help! I'm a firm believer, if you go around helping others to the best of your ability, things always seem to come back your way at some point, maybe not so much in material things. Thanks for all the comments. Continue to search, its out there! P.S. Lunk - We need to get another trip scheduled at some point. It was fun the last time we hunted together with the SDC's. Steve - Thanks for the comments!
  10. Hey Doc, No reason to send a check, maybe the Truth Hurts! I remember getting the calls about you going out of business. Heck, I wasn't sure if it was true or not. I guess we would be lying if we didn't believe some would want us to go out of business for one reason or another. I doubt I will ever more to a warehouse, I'm still pushing a long in a small office and garage. That being said, I think we both live by the same business ethics. Take care, Rob Allison Rob's Detector Sales
  11. Hey Doc, I wish you would stop bragging all the time! Haha .... I'm proud to be one of your close friends. You have always treated me like a damn Son when it comes to being a dealer. You're the best US Distributor anyone could ask for. Your Honestly, Integrity, Trust and Work ethics have placed you on top of the Metal Detecting Industry! Your bud, Rob Allison
  12. Rob Allison

    Black Friday / Holiday Sales

    Hey Chuck, Just happen to see your post here. Thanks for the plug on the business. We are running a 10% special up until Cyber Monday, so you can use the discount code that Chuck mentioned or give us a call. Minelab is also running a Christmas Giveaway up until Jan. 31st on these metal detectors - Minelab GPX 5000 - FREE Pro Sonic Wireless System Minelab GPX 4500 - FREE Pro Sonic Wireless System Minelab SDC 2300 - FREE Pro Sonic Wireless System Minelab CTX 3030 - FREE 17" Searchcoil Minelab Safari Pro Pack - FREE Car Charger Minelab Go-Find 20 - FREE Carry Bag and Minelab Hat Minelab Go-Find 40 - FREE Carry Bag and Minelab Hat Minelab Go-Find 60 - FREE Carry Bag and Minelab Hat We are still including our Christmas Bundle with the Minelab item as an extra. 15% Military Discount also can be applied to Minelab metal detectors, but can't be bundled with any other discount codes, such as the 10%. If you would like to join our mailing list, you can do it here - http://eepurl.com/daIPhP Rob @ Rob's Detector Sales Thanks!
  13. Rob Allison

    Some Nevada Gold Nuggets

    Hey Steve, Congrats on the recent success hunting new ground. This is something that is difficult for many, they want to continue to pound old, known fields. Trust me, it's difficult for me also, as I know I can almost always pull a few small ones from old patches if I'm willing to spent the time hunting slowly. What I tell many of my customers about finding new patches is this. It's very hard to re-program yourself to explore new ground as the chance of getting skunked (recovering no gold) is very high. However, if you would happen to find a new location, there is no telling what the potential could be (grams, ounces or pounds). I recommend if possible this 50/50 method. We all like to bring home a nugget or two if possible, so I will hunt either some gold ground in the morning and hopefully eliminate the skunked by getting a dink or so. I then concentrate the second part of the day searching new ground. This method sometimes allows you to get a piece of gold, eliminate the skunk and explore new ground all on the same day. Each time in the field, you are at least making an attempt to find new locations. It's all a process of elimination in my book, you hunt the best you can on that ground and then you don't have to hunt it again. I recommend having a "Plan of Attack" prior to the hunt. Know where you're going to hunt some old patches or ground, then have a plan to attack some new country on the outskirts of known gold locations. If you do this enough, I would almost guarantee some new gold and hopefully some decent patches to your poke! Just some suggestions that have worked for me in the past.
  14. Hey Steve and members, That is correct, the XP 9-inch elliptical HF coils have shipped. I will have my first batch mid-week if all turns out well. I have another order right behind it, as I think they will sell quickly as everyone has been waiting for them. I have them now listed on my site - https://www.robsdetectors.com/xp-deus-9-5-elliptical-waterproof-dd-high-frequency-search-coil/ Just a FYI.