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  1. Hey Steve, No problem on moving the thread. Another point I had was - The money to justify another coil to find smaller gold, smaller than what the stock 14x13 can find, in my opinion is not worth it. I have seen several threads of guys with a smaller X-coil that are now finding dinks. My overall mentality is, do I want to go back to old spots and find 1-2 grams of dinks hunting all day, or just concentrate my effort going forward exploring new ground in hopes for more sizable gold. I guess it comes down to time, as mine is very limited so the risk/reward for me is to concentrate on new spots and potential of larger gold with the stock GPZ 14x13. I have played this game, chasing smaller gold with smaller coils for over 20 years now, going back to the SD series, GP series, GPX series, and should I do it again with the GPZ ...... Rob Allison
  2. Hey Steve, You and I have known each other for a long time, even had some great times metal detecting together. That being said, the X-coils at this point scare me off. I had an opportunity a month or so ago to test several different sizes from someone that is affiliated with the manufacture. I was a bit excited at first, then found out I would have to cut/modify an adapter/chip from another GPZ coil to use one of the X-coils. To me, the trade off to damage or destroy a $600 - $1500 coil to just get an adapter to work on an X-coil is not my cup of tea. I don't need a smaller coil that bad to do this. That being said, other guys like to modify/fix/tinkle or whatever might enjoy this. I find the GPZ 7000 stock coil plenty sensitive enough to find gold down to a grain in size. However, a smaller coil like an 11" or so would be nice for tighter areas or areas with more vegetation. We were kind of promised a smaller coil originally from Minelab and that never happened. I think one more smaller coil from Minelab would have eliminated most of this stuff about smaller coils. Keep in mind, at one point I sold more Coiltek searchcoils across the US than any other dealer. I could probably sell a ton of the X-coils, but not at the cost of sacrificing a detectors warranty. For the benefit of all GPZ owners, I hope someone like Coiltek, Nuggetfinder, Minelab, X-coils or whoever can find a better way to make a coil that will just plug right into the GPZ and work. Just my thoughts, Rob Allison
  3. Hey Guys/Gals - Swegin - I believe I have it figured out, but Thank you for wanting to help. IdahoPeg - Thanks for watching. I'm hoping to have at least one more posted this weekend or early next week.
  4. Hey Guys, Thanks for all the comments. The camera I'm using is a camera/video recorder. I believe it's a Sony, but now I have to double check. I have been uploading the videos in HD, but it takes 6-7 hours to upload a video that size to YouTube ..... Beatup - Thanks! Alaskaseeker - Thanks! Mn90403 - So for the audio, I lay the WM12 wireless remote under my camera and stand. I place the GPZ 7000 off to the side, as if it's too close to the camera or pick it will scream. I don't place it in manual, just move the detector to the side. I have been using Semi-Auto in the morning to initially ground balance over the Ferrite ring. Hard Prospector - Ya, I need to probably bring in a vac-pac and drywasher and see what type of smaller gold is hidden in the cracks. I have been talking about doing this for years, still haven't done it. Jasong - I have been pretty good, or lucky about not hitting a nugget in a crack in a long time. If I think it's a decent nugget, I won't take chances. However, on the smaller gram and smaller gold, I just hammer away with the pick, but around where the target is so I can undermine and pop it out. The Hermit pick is sharp, so it would easily damage a gold nugget. Swegin - Thanks! Andy - I got the itch to get back out there. That being said, it's getting hot and humid, so I might back it down a bit. Steve - Thanks. I wasn't sure on the video stuff and don't want to make it look like I'm spamming. I will post some more soon, thanks for the encouragement. Hope all is well.
  5. Thanks Beatup! Always good to get out and get over a few nuggets if possible.
  6. Hello All, Out here in Arizona, USA, it's been very hot and now humid as the Monsoons are right around the corner. That being said, I have been poking around an old placer location loaded with iron rubbish in search for overlooked gold nuggets. I have made it a point to start very early, right at day break and hunt until the heat runs me out (typically 4-5 hours). I was using the Minelab GPZ 7000 and placering a wash bottom down to bedrock like the old-timers would. I'm lucky every so often to get a nugget here and there wedged in the bedrock cracks/crevices that the old-timers missed or overlooked. It's always a mystery to wonder what the old-timers really discovered in some of these really rich coarse gold placer areas. I'm not sure of the rules about Youtube videos, but I have attached two of them for your viewing. Hope some of you that are not able to get out right now can enjoy the adventure with me.
  7. Hey Goldseeker5000, When I checked out, I didn't see anything that showed the progress bar as far as funds for the goal. Could you update us here and let us know if possible.
  8. Hey Reese, I purchased 25 for now as promised. Keep us updated on when the goal is met and when shipping starts happening. Congrats on the book, excited to see and sell it for you. Wishing you the best, Rob Allison
  9. Hey Guys, Thanks and I agree with you, I think the GPZ is the simplest big detector to use. That being said, many customers want to know all this technical stuff when they haven't even purchased the detector or used it yet. I guess the main reason is the potential customers download the instructional manual from Minelab's website, read it briefly and don't see any of this info for the most part in the manual. They then want to question, why isn't Minelab showing any of this important info on how the detector runs ...... I appreciate all the info JP and others. Great learning for all of us.
  10. Hey Guys, Jasong - Yes, I was in the same area, but not the exact location. In Semi-Auto the unit seems to run smoother from what I noticed vs. Auto mode. I used to always run Auto, but found at times it got noisy even after a ground balance with the Ferrite. JP - No question you are an expert on all this, but I can tell you, it' down right confusing. You wouldn't believe how many emails I have gotten from this thread, asking me if I really understood all this X-balance, G-balance, temperature change, using the Ferrite or NOT, what mode to be in, and should you use the Ferrrite. Most of all the customer have stated, "it don't show any of this in the instructional manual?" I must tell you, the customers that were on fence about buying a GPZ 7000 just jumped back. Reading this for a new customer, or someone thinking about purchasing is way too confusing. I'm real surprised Minelab hasn't clarified any of this. If it wasn't for you, most of us wouldn't have a clue about all this technical stuff.
  11. Hey Jasong, I have been using Auto since the unit has been released and found plenty of gold. I guess I could have missed stuff, but I would never know. In Minelab's instructional manual, I'm sure they recommend running in manual. I found in the manual where Minelab states this - That being said, I tried Semi-Auto a few times in the past and didn't notice much change. I tried it again today, but believe it or not, it seems to really work well (go figure). I ran Semi-Auto all day, used the Ferrite ring twice. I pumped the coil up and down throughout the day, no real change in threshold. Going back to what JP said originally - why can't you just run in manual ground balance all the time, like many would do with fixed ground balance on the GP or GPX units? I have never went into Manual balance on the GPZ 7000, so I'm clueless on how it performs. Would you use the Ferrite Ring also in Manual?
  12. Hey Flak, Ya, I never noticed much difference in Semi-Auto to be honest. I might have to play around with it again to see. I love the GPZ 7000 beyond the weight. I toggled the idea of going back to a GPX with a EVO coil, but it's hard to put down the GPZ 7000 when you know how powerful it really is. Also, maybe different type of gold I wasn't able to find as well with a GPX, especially the very porous type gold.
  13. Hey Fred, Great to hear from you. Ya, I know you have went many times and would agree, the experience alone is worth it. That would be the reason I would go, in hopes of finding some decent gold, but the adventure and seeing Australia first hand would be a blast. Maybe some day when my Daughter is out of the house and I'm closer to retirement I could see Australia first hand. Heck, by that time, I might be too old and broke down ..... 👴 Hope all is well on your end Fred.
  14. Hey JP, Thanks for the information. I guess I should have told you, I don't reset my settings when asked, I keep them always. For the first 6 months or so when the GPZ 7000 was released here in the US, I never used a Ferrite Ring and never Quick Started my unit. I would just verify my settings, press the ground balance button, swing slowly side to side and then start hunting. It seems like the detector ran the best back then, without the ring and no Quick Start. Believe it or not, I also found much smaller gold, but after the first update for some reason, it seemed like my sensitivity changed and I wasn't able to hear the small porous nuggets as well. Then after the first firmware update, the Ferrite Ring was introduced in the Ground Balance portion and then came Semi-Auto mode. I tried the Semi-Auto, but never seen any real advantage to be honest. Could it be the ground is not as mineralized? Thanks for all your help in advance.
  15. Hey Condor, Thanks for all the reports and at least you have done it and experienced it first hand. For the last 20+ years I have dreamed of giving Australia a run, but due to limited time off, the business and family, it hasn't happened. I also know, beyond just the experience, the gold is not always greener on the other side. I guess this was always the struggle, do I take all my time off for the year, travel to OZ, give it my best shot and find out I only found a few ounces of gold if I'm lucky in 3-4 weeks. That being said, it would be more for the adventure and saying you at least done it. You have done this and gave it a great go. I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the X-coils and detector. That would just downright suck. Let me know if you need help with Minelab, I will do my best as a dealer to help you get back up and running. You have always been a close friend and loyal customer. I still remember our hunt in Yuma with Bill Southern. Wishing you safe travels back home my friend. Rob Allison
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