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  1. Thanks Lanny! Hope all is well on your end. Rob
  2. Hey Arky, It's my understanding the Weaver Mining District lost all their claims a few years ago and the club is no longer running. Many of their claims have been picked up by individuals and some clubs. If you have any other solid information about Weaver, let us know. It was a great club with great claims originally. Rob
  3. Hey Manny, I have to agree with some of the others, if you are leaving targets, there is a chance that a small percentage could be gold nuggets. I used the SD2000, SD2100 and SD2200d for about a 8 year span in the mid 90's to early 2000's. I dug thousands of targets, many nuggets sounded like wire, nails and such. I'm confident if you are leaving any targets behind with the SD's, you have a chance to leave gold. I haven't met anyone in the last 25 years that can just dig lead and nuggets with the Minelab SD, GP or GPX detectors and leave all the rubbish in the ground. Like I mentioned above, the shape of the nugget, size of the nugget, orientation of the nugget in the ground (laying flat, sideways, at an angle), nature of the gold (solid, porous like a sponge or cystalline) will in fact effect the signal response. In closing, if you can still ID these targets without error, you have something over the majority of us on this forum. Rob
  4. Hey Guys, I want to point out something I hear all the time as a dealer. Many firmly believe "gold" has a certain tone or reading. Anyone who suggests they can just pick out gold due to the tone, but leave all the lead, brass, casings and other rubbish is being fooled by themselves. I can personally tell you over the last 20+ years swinging detectors, I have dug many targets that sounded like iron rubbish, double signals, breaking up, screaming loud and so on, that were large gold nuggets!! That is right, big gold nuggets, some various shapes, sizes and weights, but all sounded like the typical iron rubbish. I think the key to "guessing" if you have a gold nugget or not, in my opinion, is more of where the target is located for the most part. When you have detected enough, you gain a lot of experience on where gold nuggets have been found and where they typically could be. Everyone at some point will be able to start guessing if the target they are recovering is gold or iron rubbish and will get better at the probability. The last couple of trips out, I was working some very trashy placers and every target to me sounded crappy. However, one of the targets was a small 2 Gram gold nugget, so luckily I stuck with digging what I could until I burned out. Just my thoughts on target response. It will be nice when technology allows us to scan over a target and the Gold Meter on the screen says - GOLD, and don't jump back in forth from iron and gold. 🙂
  5. Hey Highlandhowler, As some of your friends suggested, I would consider the Roadrunner's Prospecting Club. It's a bit more expensive than some other clubs like the GPAA, but they have great claims. You might want to look into a Lifetime member for sale or ask if they offer shorter duration memberships. A lifetime membership is $1500, but I see Lifetime memberships being sold in their bi-monthly Bird Tailings mailer for about $400-450 plus transfer fees. Wishing you much success out here in Arizona. Rob
  6. Hey Guys, I only have a few left of this great new product from Doc. You can order online at - https://www.robsdetectors.com/docs-nugget-stalker-sd-gp-gpx-arm-cuff-covers/
  7. Hey All you guys, Thanks for the comments. It was great to get back out, it's been months. Just a few small gold nuggets got me fired up to get back out there soon. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  8. Hello Guys, Finally made it out to an area that was placered pretty heavily. We hunted all day, 4 of us with Minelab detectors. Only 2 nuggets were found, but hundreds of targets were recovered. Hope you enjoy the video. We would love for you to Subscribe to our Channel, Like and Share. Thanks! Two nuggets found by myself, 0.9 Grams and 0.5 Grams, total 1.4 Grams using the Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector with stock 14x13 Searchcoil. There were also a GPX 5000, SDC 2300 and a Gold Monster also detecting around the same ground.
  9. Hey Doc, No question, some more great products you have designed. Doc has been designing gold prospecting/metal detecting products since the day I met him, mid 90's. Since that day I have been selling Doc's products and stand behind them 100%. We have many of these items for free with the purchase of various Minelab metal detectors. Thanks for some more great products Doc. Rob
  10. Hey Guys, No question the old patches are getting beat down, even with newer technology. I think at some point, the technology catches up with how deep the gold is really being found. I think the biggest generation of finds was from the VLF to early PI's. I seen more pounds of gold found quicker during this time frame. There was some other decent jumps in gold finds and technology from the SD to GP series and smaller jumps into the GPX. I have done really well on old patches with the GPZ 7000, but at some point I think we start catching up and the old patches just don't produce as much if you're doing pushing with equipment or digging down deeper with equipment in the right locations. Here is one nice 7.8 Dwt piece I just scored from an old GPX patch of mine. Picture isn't the greatest.
  11. Hey Phrunt, Davsgold picks look very similar to the old Australia Walco picks. No question some great looking picks.
  12. Hey Mitchell, I'm sure you are well aware that general area they are hunting produced some good nuggets back in the day. I seen some ounce plus nuggets come from that area, if not in that area. GB_Amateur - I think Mike is using one of those Notka FORS Gold's, I believe that is the name. I added a picture of one below. I think the gun is for general protection. I think most prospectors agree, it's better to have a firearm and never use it, let alone get in some situation with a crazy person or some type of animal and not have one! Hope this helps, ROb
  13. Hey Guys, I have to agree, the NF Sadie has always been an all time favorite for bedrock hunting, working around objects and shallow ground. The Coiltek Joey 10x5 Mono prior to the NF Sadie was the all time favorite and most popular small coil back in the late 90' thru the mid 2000's. Both of these coils are still available from us, NF Sadie 8x6 Mono and the Coiltek 10x5 Joey Mono. The new NF EVO 12x8 is great, especially on the GPX series. I think this is where most will find the greatest advantage, but works great also on older PI's, SD's and GP's. A lot of time it comes down to preference of the user. There are great coils out there, but at some point you have to make up your mind on what you want. I recommend a small coil for bedrock hunting and tight spots, then a mid-sized prospecting coil like the 14x9 or 15" Round, then a large coil for very deep areas or covering large amounts of ground. I have always been a 3 coil guy, small, mid (95%) of my use, and a specialty or larger coil for here in the US. I don't believe you need every sized coil on the market. This year alone, the NF Sadie has been the hottest selling small coil here in the US. The mid size coil is the 14x9 elliptical (Coiltek or NF) hands down. This has always been the hottest selling coil size since the PI's hit the market here in the US. Rob
  14. Hey Digsalot, Thanks for the honest comments and business. We very much appreciate both. Doc and I are very close, known each other for about 25 years now. I will pass this info to Doc so he can get some good feedback. We have sold a good amount of these "Nugget Stalker" new picks. I have to agree, the pick selection in the US is minimal now. I have reached out to several Australia makers, but the cost of shipping is tough to make a buck here in the US unless I'm orders 100+ picks. Doc sent me some more information about them recently -
  15. Hey Guys, I think the NF Sadie is the best small coil for the Minelab PI's in my opinion. Yes, we still have plenty of them in stock if anyone is interested. The NF Sadie is a 8x6 elliptical Mono Searchcoil. Hope this helps a bit, ROb
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