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  1. Hey Guys/Gals, Ya, at least let me have a jab .... LOL All kidding aside, congrats on the nice gold nugget find. "Iron sharpens Iron," so we can all learn from each other and increase our knowledge to find more of the shiny stuff. Rob
  2. Hey Bishop, Congrats on the Arizona gold. I used to love chasing that bedrock and digging the small and large gold nuggets from it. The GPX 6000 is a great metal detector and you can get even more depth with the new 17" coil that is now out. However, chasing exposed bedrock, I would stick with the stock 11" and cover the bedrock real well, but if you find some decent gold in a wash that has some depth, consider the larger coil at some point. Wishing you much more success! Rob (Arizona)
  3. Hey Guys/Gals, More back in stock, 9-13, but they will go quickly. Just a FYI for anyone still searching. Rob
  4. Hello All, I have a bunch of demo, like new items for sale. Trying to clear out some items and get them into your hands for a great price. (1) White's 24K Metal Detector - Used twice in the field - $500 shipped. (1) Fisher Gold Bug 2 with 10" Searchcoil, Demo Unit, never used in field, Display only - Original version - $500 shipped. (1) Makro Racer Pro Package - Demo Unit, never used in field, Display only - $500 shipped (1) Makro Gold Racer - Demo Unit, never used in field - Display only - $500 shipped (1) Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector, Used, good condition, all stock accessories - $5500 shipped You will happy with any of these units, great prices! Contact me at - (623) 362-1459 or (602) 909-9008 cell or text. Email me at - rob@robsdetectors.com Ask for Rob.
  5. Hey Condor, No problem my friend. I didn't have them listed on my site yet, didn't expect to get what I got when they showed up. I ended up selling most to close friends and then a few others found out I still had a small batch left and snagged them up. They are great coils, big asset to the GPX 6000 for depth and coverage for sure. Rob
  6. Hey Steve, Thanks, all mine are sold after some customers realized I still had some. Anyone else looking, I recommend contacting the dealer you deal with and getting on a list with them. I think these coils will be coming in, but very slowly. Thanks for all the continued business, friendship and info shared on this great forum of Steve's. Rob
  7. Hey Condor, We still have a few left in stock, but selling quickly. Rob
  8. For Sale - Used Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector with stock accessories Asking $5000 firm shipped with the the US. Local Pickup in Arizona available. Unit will sell quickly at this price, first come first serve on this detector. New price on this unit is $8000. We can accept any major credit card (shipped to billing address only), Paypal, Cashier's Check, US Money Order or Wire/Bank transfer. Here are some pictures below. Contact us at - 602-909-9008 cell or text 623-362-1459 office line rob@robsdetectors.com - email The GPZ 7000 is "King of all Gold Detectors." This unit has superior depth and mineral ability in the most mineralized goldfield of the World. We also offer a 30 day warranty from date of purchase.
  9. Agree, sometimes I just gave up if they were too small. Wishing you all much success. Rob
  10. Hello All, I have a good conditioned, used Minelab GPZ 7000 available for sale. It works great, good condition and comes with all the stock accessories minus the harness. It also has Doc's Control Box Cover/Screen Cover included. I'm asking $5500 Shipped anywhere in the US, or available for local pickup here in Arizona. Contact us for more details - Rob @ 623-362-1459 office or cell phone/text at - 602-909-9008 Email - rob@robsdetectors.com I don't expect to have around long, great prospecting season is only a few months away and this is a great detector. First come first serve on it.
  11. Hey Guys, I don't want to get too far away from the placering mostly in a gulch, but a few bits of advice for any new mine dump hunters- If the dump is a good slope, it's always best to dig a small shelf below the target area, as I have chased targets all the way down the hill, even lost a few. Only dig a tiny bit at a time, small targets and fragments of gold will easily fall down deeper into the dump, so try not to get too crazy when you dig. I've dropped small fragments of gold, very crystalline out of my hand and never recovered them due to it working deeper into the dumps rocks. I normally always started at the bottom of the dump, as a lot of times Gravity and Mother Nature has worked some of the best gold down near the bottom edge, kind of like dredge tailing piles (top and bottoms seem to be best). Just a few pointers from experience and lost gold.
  12. Hey Goldseeker5000 and all, Thanks for all the continued comments. This method, whatever you want to call it, can be used in many locations like you mentioned. At one point in my metal detecting for gold phase, I concentrated in mine dumps. The same method is used, but mostly just raking as that tailings are normally on a slope and gravity can be a real help. Using this method on mine dump can be rewarding, but you have to understand how they dumped the material and what is where. Majority of all mine dumps is waste rock, wall rock/country rock and low grade ore. Normally the best, high grade ore would be placed into high grade piles, not tossed into the dumps. However, when they would hand steel or blast and muck the ore into carts or whatever they used to moved the material at that site, high grade ore could be missed in with waste rock. Normally, they would dump the material in layers, so if you get into a good layer, which is normally where there was some high grade stuff missed with waste, you can do well. I would only target "free milling, coarse gold" locations. I didn't mess much with sulphide ores or complex ores that required chemicals, but rather in locations where it was above the zone of oxidation and Mother nature done most of the work for you (physical and chemical weathering) and left the good stuff behind, GOLD. Most of these locations were shallow, free mining gold mines, primary commodity being Gold, secondary could be Silver, Copper or whatever in any order. Keep in mind, some good gold mines gold listed in the databases as Silver or Copper as Primary and Gold like the secondary or third listing. High end VLF's normally 50-71khz worked best. This is where the Fisher Gold Bug 2 really stood out in my opinion, the ability to find very small particles of gold within quartz, ironstone and ore. One of the last ventures on a dump was one of my best, finding many pounds of small gold laced ore right on the outer, surface of the dump. I'm thinking they got sloppy or something happened. All I had to do is detect the surface and rake a few inches to stay within the best layer, once I got beyond that, it was nil. I did find another layer on the other side of the dump that was about a foot or so deep, but much smaller and didn't last very long. Hope this helps a bit, Rob
  13. Hey Guys, Thanks for the comments. To add to Valens comments, actually you don't need to spend a fortune to get over some gold. First, make sure you're going to known or near known areas where gold nuggets have been found, if you're targeting nugget gold. Secondly, a good VLF detector will be fine to start with along with basic hand tools (good pick with magnet, scoop). With a high end VLF, White's, Garrett, Fisher, Minelab, Tesoro and others, search for shallow areas or exposed bedrock to find that first gold nugget. From there, if you start finding a decent concentration of gold, you can start placering the area to get down into the deeper areas. Once you collect a decent about of gold, you can look into a used or new Pulse Induction metal detector. Many think you need to invest thousands of dollars to find nuggets, when actually if you have a plan and some areas in mind, you might just surprise yourself. Hope this helps a bit, Rob
  14. Hey Gerry, Great looking piece of gold and congrats on your first of many nuggets at depth to be found with the new Minelab GPX 6000. I wish I had more free time to visit other State's goldfields, hopefully some day when I retire. Speaking of retirements, what is the secret, "sell more detectors?" Thanks for sharing, Rob
  15. Hello Areospace, I will let Gerry answer the question more directly, but I will just toss in that any PI in my opinion will find a 3/4 to 1 ounce piece at a foot or better with no problem if you are paying attention. It might not be a screaming target, but still something you would investigate and dig hopefully. There are so many variables when it comes to depth and some like to use the "stretchy rulers." Wishing you much success out there and hopefully a nice whooper under your detector coil. Rob
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