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  1. Hello All, I just got in a very nice conditioned Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector that was purchased from us. Customer was unable to continue with this unit, so it was purchased back in a trade deal. The unit includes all stock accessories and original packaging box. The unit has a Doc's 3 Piece Control Box Cover that has always protected the wireless remote, control box bottom and LCD screen. The customer also had a 19" Searchcoil that was never used. The total purchase was $9500.00 nearly a year ago. There still is a factory warranty included and some extras including the 3 piece cover, aftermarket carry bag, scoop and such. Asking $6500.00 Shipped to you in the US only. We will also include FREE Field Instructions here in Arizona for one day. The instructions must be scheduled with us. We will also add in lifetime support beyond the sale. Send us a PM if you would like pictures or serial number. Thanks! Rob Allison
  2. Hey Guys, Many have contacted me about a online link to order, here it is - https://www.robsdetectors.com/docs-22-ns-prospecting-pick/ Thanks!
  3. Hey Guys, Great thread on timing. This has always been the most confusing issue with the GPX series. I wish Minelab would of allowed the Special timings and Special menu on the LCD screen to be blanked out when you're not in Special on the toggle switch on the front panel. Many customers of mine over the years get confused on this, being in Normal on the Toggle Switch, but thinking cause the LCD menu screen says they are in Fine Gold, Sensitive Extra ..... and such. When you're in Normal on the Toggle, you will only be in Normal timing. When you are in Enhance timing on the Toggle, you will only be in Enhance. However, when you place the Toggle switch to Special, then you can use the 4 timings on the GPX 4500 or the 6 timings on the GPX 5000 in the menu screen. I think this is the most confusing thing Minelab did on the GPX series in my opinion.
  4. Hello All, Just a FYI, I have been waiting for these new picks to arrive. Doc @ Doc's Detecting has built a new Prospecting pick call the NS. Below are some pictures of the new picks. We have them in stock and available for sale. They are $89.95+ S/H Order Online here ----> https://www.robsdetectors.com/docs-22-ns-prospecting-pick/ The overall lenght is 22" inches, the blade width is 5 1/2" wide and from pick point to end is 11" The pick is built super well and well balanced. The pick blade is folded on each end to help pull back dirt and material when digging. Call us if you're interested. Rob's Detector Sales Surprise, AZ 623-362-1459
  5. Hey Bill, Congrats on the new finds at Rye Patch. Thanks for the long time continued business from us, we definitely appreciate your friendship and business. Wishing you and the rest of the guys up that way much success out there. Hopefully someone can get a nice lump under their coil. Take care, Rob Allison Rob's Detector Sales www.robsdetectors.com 623-362-1459
  6. Hey Garik, I shot your an email, but thought I would chime in here also. I would love for you to get out and get over a few nuggets before investing in anymore product. Many might say, Rob your stupid, sell.. sell .... sell, but to be honest, I want to see you get a few nuggets under your coil before investing anymore. You have several great detectors, the GM1000, Equinox 800 and a GPX 5000. Those three detectors are many prospectors absolute DREAM combination. Could you maybe get a nugget with a new 24K that you missed with the GM 1000? Yes, but unlikely in my opinion with your experience. Could you get a nugget with the GPZ 7000 you talked about vs. your new GPX 5000? Sure, but with little to no experience with a Pulse Induction detector, I doubt it would happen this early in the stage. Just my thoughts my friend. You have been an awesome customer, but lets get you researching and exploring, boots on the ground and a few nuggets!!
  7. Hey Guys, Historically so far from sales, the Coiltek Gold Extreme 10x5 and 14x9 have been the best sellers. This makes perfect sense, as many want better sensitivity to small gold, so the 10x5 is the ticket for that, plus works in tight spots and pinpoints well. That being said, the 8" stock coil is super sensitive also in my opinion, I found hundreds of dinks on bedrock and on shallow ground before going strictly with the GPZ 7000. The Coiltek Gold Extreme 14x9 is great for more coverage overall and more depth on larger gold. It's a general rule of thumb when you increase the diameter overall of any searchcoil, that you will loose some sensitivity to the very small gold, but increase in depth on mid to larger gold. I do wish Coiltek would have just made them waterproof, as some people want to snipe and dive with them. In my opinion, if the coils were all waterproof, sales would have increased at least 25% overall. I used to use the Minelab SDC 2300 specifically for hiking and prospecting in remote areas. The SDC ability to fold up and fit in a mid sized backpack allows this. It allows a prospector to have full use of their hands while climbing and hiking and not have to carry a detector fully assembled the entire time.
  8. Hey Afreakofnature, Ya, I was incorrect when I said 30-40 pages, as with Jim and I talking back in forth many years ago, he wanted to add that many more pages. However, like you mentioned, it was around 15 pages. I have many copies of Magnificent Quest. It's more about different stories and adventures, but a good read if you like Jim's books and writing style. No question, Jim Straight & Chris Ralph wrote great books. I still sell all of Jim's beyond the 8th Edition and Fist Full of Gold by Chris Ralph.
  9. Hey Guys, Just to correct some information, there is more info in the 8th edition. Please refer to this forum link below on my Rob's Detector Forum from Dec. 2015. I quote the following - https://forums.robsdetectors.com/topic/11756-jim-straights-new-nuggetshooters-bible-new-edition-volume-8/ Jim corrected me in the reply and stated 15 extra pages.
  10. Hey Guys, To answer your question, Jim Straight sold the book rights of the 8th edition, so the publisher owns them. I tried to outright purchase the rights to the book, just so I could continue on Jim's Books. The publisher didn't want to sell, but kept promising the re-print, but it never happened. I committed to over 1,000 copies, most dealers wouldn't do that, as it could take a lifetime to sell that many realistically. That being said, even with that size order, the publisher didn't even entertain the idea. I doubt we will never see this book again, beyond maybe bootleg copies that someone might photocopy or something. As for book, my number # 1 is Jim's Nuggetshooter Bible. Reason being, Jim worked on this book for over 15 years, adding information to each Volume over the years. I still have one of the first Nuggetshooter bibles, signed by Jim that is only about half the size of the 8th edition. I agree, Chris Ralph's Fist Full of Gold is probably number 2 for me. I guess since I have known Jim Straight for 30 years, it's hard to not be partial to his book(s). Also, back in Jim's prime, he knew in my opinion more about the Western Caldera and how to really find gold nuggets in the Southwest like no other. Jim would throw out small hints in many of his posts if you could understand them. He would always tell me, Rob, did you really understand what I wrote ..... Jim was and always will be a Legend and Mentor to me. God Bless you Jim, hopefully your publications, books, forum posts will never fade away.
  11. Hey Guys, I was one of only a few guys that were selling Jim's 8th edition. I had about 300-400 copies several years ago and they all sold out. I tried to pressure the printer to re-print, they kept telling me if the demand was high enough they would. I told them I would purchase 1,000 copies of the 8th edition in advance, but it still never convinced them to re-print. We sold them like hotcakes for $29.95. In my opinion, probably one of the top 3 prospecting/metal detecting books anyone could own. Good luck finding a copy now, I know a guy that rat holed about 10 copies and asked me if I wanted to buy them after Jim died for $100.00 each. Na, sorry bud!
  12. Hey Jasong, Damn, that is disheartening. I will keep a ear and eye out for anyone looking to sell or trade stuff that might be linked back to you. Thank God you had all your detector stuff. Any chance you can share this on my forum, or I could copy/paste if anything to help get the word out in Arizona? My forums - https://forums.robsdetectors.com/ Let me know if I can help. Also, Doc spends a lot of time in the general area I believe, you might also want to inform him. Rob Allison
  13. Hey Guys, I have been carrying Detech searchcoils for years and they have really came a long way. There has been a lot of demand for this new, giant 32" coil here in the US. I have about a half dozen pre-orders on them already for Minelab Pulse Induction owners, mostly GPX users. If anyone is looking for one here in the US, I can get you one for sure. https://www.robsdetectors.com/detech-32-concentric-search-coil-for-minelab-gpx-gp-sd-series-gold-detectors/ $1,299.00 US with FREE Shipping/Insurance P.S. A friend of mine is excited to run one in Florida on some beaches he found some very nice Spanish gold coins. There hasn't been anything this large out yet, so many beach and cache hunters will love this one beyond all the gold nugget hunters.
  14. Yes, what terrible news. Barry and Leigh are close friends and it was tragic to hear this. Thoughts and prayers during this time for Barry and family.
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