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  1. Hello All, Well, here we go all, going to test the new Nugget Finder "Z Search" Searchcoil for the Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector. The coil is super light, well built and includes a lower shaft. This coil will plug right in, no modifications needed. I will be carrying these coils once they become available from NF. I don't have a solid MAP price yet and already have a good amount of pre-orders and pre-down payments to hold some of the first ones in the US to be sold to the public. I know this is going to be a solid searchcoil for the GPZ 7000. I'm super excited to test the
  2. Thoughts? Customer sent me this, looks more like a Military unit. Not the GPX 6000 look I expected. A prospecting store in Australia has this info, a customer sent it to me to check out - https://tryhardprospecting.com.au/is-this-the-ultimate-sdc-aka-mf5/
  3. Hey Guys, Thanks for the comments. Strick - Good question, but I think the simple answer is the gold was in a thin lens to start with. It wasn't a round ball, or cube that got pounded and flatted like that over the years, but rather a thin lens (tiny vein) running through the quartz or schist. The thin lens broke away from the quartz or host rock and then got worn down. The piece was always flat, just got smoothened out. Hope this helps, Rob
  4. Hey OneGuy, Yep, that is correct, not a ton of fines. There are fines, but not in any quantity that is worth running in my opinion. We have ran a drywasher many times in spots on bedrock and other times the Drywasher and Vacuum and didn't really do well enough in my opinion for the time/effort. Rob
  5. Hello Everyone, First, wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New year, it's less than a week away. I haven't been out much, nor doing any videos. I figured I probably need to toss something on my YouTube Channel before I lost all my Subscribers.... LOL This spot a friend and I have been working on and off for over a year. It's a dry wash bottom and we are placering it. We are removing the large boulders and gravel and trying to work the bedrock for nuggets. In some spots we have attempted to vacuum up the gravels on bedrock and dry wash them, but to be honest the resul
  6. Hey Everyone, I'm listing three used, but in great condition searchcoils for a customer of mine. These coils can be used on a Minelab E-Trac, Explorer series or Safari. Picture is below. Customer is asking $200 for all of them (package deal). John - johnj.bohemian@gmail.com 18'' Detech Excelerator 15'' Coiltek WOT All Terrain 8'' Minelab Explorer
  7. Hello All, I'm looking to sell a few ounces of very clean Arizona placer gold nuggets. All the stuff for sale will range from about 1/2 gram up to 3-4 grams in weight. All the nuggets were personally found by myself using a metal detector. I'm asking just spot price on this beautiful Arizona gold. I know at this price, including shipping & Insurance to you, it won't last long. First person that contacts can have it all. I'm looking to sell no less than 1/4 ounce batches, so I'm not looking to sell individual pieces, just batches of 1/4 ounce or larger. Contact me
  8. Hey Guys, Thanks for all the comments. All found with the Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector. I wouldn't say any were really faint, as we were placering down the wash to hardpack or bedrock. In some areas, the hardpack was still covering the bedrock, the old timers didn't get all the paypayer and the places where there is still caliche on the bedrock could mean nuggets! P.S. I don't own or operate a Backhoe. Rob
  9. Hey Guys/Gals, It's been a bit since I posted anything. The forums are very slow, at least mine here. I have to get all you guys/gals more fired up to post more stuff so we all can learn from each other and share experiences. That being said, the COVID-19 really changed how we do stuff, let alone set out mass FEAR to the World. There is no doubt it's real, but I will just leave it there and talk about gold nuggets! I managed to get out recently and had a nice run of luck with the Minelab GPZ 7000. I rounded up over an ounce in one day working any old channel. All the go
  10. Hey Guys, Like Steve, I carried Hodan Prospecting picks for many years until John turned the business over to his Son. From what I know, his Son ran it for a few years and didn't have the passion John did. Hodan Picks are long gone, unless you find one used or in some package. They were great picks, famous for the Walking Pick, 36" Handle. John Hodan had a great run of high quality, lightweight prospecting picks. P.S. The Nuggethunting.com site is one of my first, original websites. It's very outdated and I need to remove it. Rob
  11. Hey Guys, I can't tell you how many of the Goldscreamer Power Pack systems we have sold over the years. There are two kits available, one for the Minelab SD or GP series (4 pin) or the Minelab GPX series (5 pin). The normal price is $469.00 with free shipping, or $510 with free shipping if you want the "Slimline external speaker" included. This unit is worth every penny in my opinion. It's super lightweight, mounts right to the side of your detector with a control box cover and pouch included and also has the Signal Enhancer/Booster build into it. You also get a nice dual ch
  12. Hey Steve, Yep, I remember asking him about the hat, but I can't remember what he said about it. Reg was sure a character if anyone knew him personally. In the early 90's thru the 2000's I met a lot of great people, Reg Sniff being one of those guys. A true detector technology guru for sure. Rob
  13. Hey Guys, I knew Reg and his Father for over 25 years. Reg was a guru when it came to metal detectors and PI design. I used to love to sit and chat with him in the Arizona goldfields about how coils and detectors worked. Reg used to love to tinker with coils, building, modifying and metal detectors. I know Reg was involved in several metal detector designs during the early days, most he wouldn't talk about. Reg and his Father used to venture out to Arizona from Colorado every year and we would hook up for at least a weekend hunt. We spent time around Rich Hill, the Bradshaw
  14. Hello Everyone, It's been awhile since I have been out. We have been placering a large wash down to the paylayer and bedrock. This time of year, you can only do so much digging, raking and detecting. Here is a short Youtube video of a partner and I working for half the day placering for gold with the Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector. Hope you enjoy. Watch, Like and Subscribe our "Nuggethunting" Youtube Channel to follow us on our Arizona Desert Adventures for gold nuggets.
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