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  1. Hey Guys, I can't tell you how many of the Goldscreamer Power Pack systems we have sold over the years. There are two kits available, one for the Minelab SD or GP series (4 pin) or the Minelab GPX series (5 pin). The normal price is $469.00 with free shipping, or $510 with free shipping if you want the "Slimline external speaker" included. This unit is worth every penny in my opinion. It's super lightweight, mounts right to the side of your detector with a control box cover and pouch included and also has the Signal Enhancer/Booster build into it. You also get a nice dual ch
  2. LOL. Ya, the nuggets with a hole are pretty cool.
  3. Hello All, Here is a nice batch of gold nuggets, up to 2.5 Grams, for sale. The total weight is 31.2 to 31.3 Grams (1 Troy Ounce). I'm asking $2 ,000, which will including shipping and full insurance. Pictures below of the gold for sale. Contact me through email - rob@robsdetectors.com or text message me at 602.909.9008
  4. Hello All, It's unfortunate on what happened with White's Electronics, a great American made company. That being said, I'm blowing out all the following for 25% off. I won't have these items long, as all of them are great products and well worth the purchase. White's 24K 6" Concentric Searchcoil - https://www.robsdetectors.com/whites-gm-24k-6″-concentric-coil/ White's TDI SL Camo Verision with 2 Searchcoils - https://www.robsdetectors.com/whites-tdi-sl-camo-metal-detector-with-high-q-searchcoil-7-5-searchcoil/ Whites's Bullseye TRX Waterproof Pinpointer - https://www
  5. Hey Steve, Yep, I remember asking him about the hat, but I can't remember what he said about it. Reg was sure a character if anyone knew him personally. In the early 90's thru the 2000's I met a lot of great people, Reg Sniff being one of those guys. A true detector technology guru for sure. Rob
  6. Hey Guys, I knew Reg and his Father for over 25 years. Reg was a guru when it came to metal detectors and PI design. I used to love to sit and chat with him in the Arizona goldfields about how coils and detectors worked. Reg used to love to tinker with coils, building, modifying and metal detectors. I know Reg was involved in several metal detector designs during the early days, most he wouldn't talk about. Reg and his Father used to venture out to Arizona from Colorado every year and we would hook up for at least a weekend hunt. We spent time around Rich Hill, the Bradshaw
  7. Hello Everyone, It's been awhile since I have been out. We have been placering a large wash down to the paylayer and bedrock. This time of year, you can only do so much digging, raking and detecting. Here is a short Youtube video of a partner and I working for half the day placering for gold with the Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector. Hope you enjoy. Watch, Like and Subscribe our "Nuggethunting" Youtube Channel to follow us on our Arizona Desert Adventures for gold nuggets.
  8. Hey Mitch, Copper nugget for sure. Common in desert regions and found a lot of copper, gold and silver nuggets all in the same washes. More commonly copper and gold nuggets in Arizona. Rob
  9. Hey All, As many of you might know in the mining/prospecting community, Icon Jim Straight passed away. Jim has been a mentor to hundreds, if not thousands of people over the years. Jim wrote many books, including the famous NuggetShooter's Bible, Advanced Prospecting and Detecting for Hardrock Gold, 3 Hours to Gold and many other smaller books. Jim also over the last 30-40 years was an active writer for many of the major prospecting magazines from Gold and Treasure, GPAA, ICMJ and many more. Without a doubt, Jim will always be looked at as a Icon in the prospecting and mining com
  10. Hey Guys, Okara - Ya, the picture was a give away, plus "TxxY" told me the story. Yes, we have met, maybe several times in the last 10-15 years. Hope all is well. Reg Wilson - Yes that is correct. I had several contact that were International gold buyer and there was a time when they could purchase big, Australia gold nuggets for less than spot. Sometimes the big ones are hard to sell due to the size. I think you are correct, those times are/were in the past, now for the most part it's spot or better, if not premium for big, unique gold nuggets or specimens. I know of a
  11. Hey Guys, There is a good chance later this year I will work a deal to have "Follow the Drywasher, Nugget Shooters Bible, 8th edition reprinted. Like I mentioned before, the book has a lot o pages and printing cost have doubled. The last time I distributed the book here in the US, I had to sell the book at $34.95. That being said, even at that price, I couldn't keep them in stock. I'm hoping I could keep the price around the same, maybe just a tiny bit more, but to keep Jim's books alive and going. Rob
  12. Hey Gerry, Without a doubt one beautiful, lifetime type find. All congrats to the finder for sure! Rob
  13. Hey Guys, The biggest issue with the SDC 2300 as a dealer and end user was the overall length. I'm about 6'1, but it seemed like I was always leaning/tilting down on one side to get the coil flat on the ground. It the unit had 2-3 more inches of length it would be great. I actually like it for prospecting really remote regions where a lot of hiking was required. I found a nice Camelback backpack with a 100oz water bladder and was able to fold up the SDC 2300 and hike in (looking like a hunter or hiker). This allowed me to have both hands free while hiking several miles in/out of
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