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  1. Hey Jeff and Lunk, All is well so far here with the family and Pop's. Thanks for the comments. Wishing you both well. Rob
  2. Hey Beatup, Ya, some guys don't want to finance a new metal detector or products via credit card or use their good ol' American cash, but do have a collection of gold they are willing to part with. Just gives the customers another payment option. Hope all is well on your end. Rob
  3. Hey Dogodog and Flak, Thanks for the comment guys. Back to you, stay safe out there - God's in control. Rob
  4. Hey Guys, Here is the shot of all the nuggets found that day, didn't think you wanted to see the trash. 🙂
  5. Hey Mike, I'm a bit late on this ad, but I'm sure you know the stock 14x13 is waterproof. If the coil failed, not sure if it's under warranty, but if it is, you should be able to get a free replacement. Let me know if you have any issues, I can help you out. Rob
  6. Hey Manny, Glad to hear you're still getting out. I used to be an avid gold dredgers, so I spent many years dredging all through Humbug Creek. Down low around the China Dam, it's deep in some sections and mostly fine gold from what I found. I didn't find many sizable flakes, so if someone rounded up 50 grams of flakes, that is awesome! We ran anywhere from a 4 inch to 5 inch 20 years ago down there. We always found gold, but not sure it was enough to pay for fuel, food and expenses, let alone the steep inclines/declines to get the big dredge into the water. That being said, it was fun and you're always hoping for a good crack/crevice to hide some goodies. Congrats on your success, wishing you many more nuggets to boot. Rob
  7. Hey Paul, I guess we have to use more elbow grease to rake and dig those gold nuggets out. Yes, K&J Magnetics is who I use for the most part. The more you buy, the cheaper they are, but they have good quality magnets, from lower end to higher end neodym's. There is no minimum order with them also, they will ship one single, small magnet if that is all you want. https://www.kjmagnetics.com/ Rob
  8. Hey Guys, What I forgot to mention is we do offer "clean gold" as a trade-in option for equipment. Many don't know this, but we offer spot value for gold. We also like to look at the gold first, as we had a few people send in some really low quality gold or gold filled with more black sands than gold ..... I'm sure other dealers/distributors might also offer this, so check with your local dealer(s) first before trying to outright sell. Rob
  9. Hey Paul, Great to hear from you and hope everything is well on your end. I can tell you from personal experience, everyone is looking for the magic wand that will just find gold, or at least non-ferrous targets and eliminate most of the iron rubbish. It seems like every time a new VLF or coin machine comes out, the gold hunters like myself believe it's the next best thing to chase gold nuggets in trashy areas. I have tried just about everything, and nothing really helped that much. I think when you start using discrimination, then you loose depth overall and potentially the deeper nuggets that others have missed in the early days. I agree, a good pick or rake with many good powered neodymium super magnets, not the cheap $10 super magnets or cow magnets. Purchase at least one good class 52 neo-dym super magnet and you will be set for snapping up the trash. Lastly, dig all targets that don't get picked up by the magnet .... 😷 Rob
  10. Hey Bud, Here are a few others ones, most of them I know personally - Dave at Gold Bay - https://www.goldbay.com/ Matt at Gold Rush Nuggets - https://www.goldrushnuggets.com/ Natural Gold Traders - https://www.naturalgoldtrader.com/ I don't believe I have ever sold any gold to them, but they have purchased metal detecting products over the years from us. Is it a time to hold or sell gold? Rob
  11. Hey Guys, I had to social distance myself, so I decided on a trip back to the old placers. Like always, digging tons of iron rubbish, this time I must of dug a dozen iron pick tips. I'm sure they were using the tips to pry open crack and it would just snap off the tips. I was working with my Minelab GPZ 7000 all day, moving rocks and racking sections of bedrock off. I ended up with 6.2 Grams of the good stuff in 5 gold nuggets total. I didn't get a picture of all the nuggets or a final shot, but here are a few I took during the earlier hours. A few pieces wedged in the bedrock cracks. Wishing and praying for health and wellness for you all during these crazy Coronavirus times. Rob
  12. Hey Steve, Ya, we can almost bank on that for a fact. When we were there back in 2013, the Geologist mentioned he was doing a bit of detecting with a VLF and was documenting what he found and where to the owners. I could see places where there were small dig marks anywhere from a few inches to 4-5 inches in the wall, right on or above bedrock. I'm sure all those targets were gold nuggets! I'm sure the owners made some deals with some good detectorist over the years to work on a split, if not the owners themselves. I know if I owned the mine, I would scan ever square inch of that exposed bedrock and the paylayer. 🙂
  13. Hey Guys, I know both guys, Lunk and Walker, both great friends and some of the best metal detectorists I have met in the last 25 years. Congrats on the deep one Lunk, those always seem to turn out nice if they are gold. The GPZ 7000 is an amazing detector for small gold and large gold at depth. Also, the GPZ does wonders on gold that is crystalline in nature or specimens. Wishing you much more success! Rob
  14. Hey Hard Prospector, I have to agree, when we looked at the property about 7 years ago, it was listed for several million. That being said, you could probably go in and scan the walls with a good metal detector and find thousands of dollars in nuggets. Personally, to mine underground, placer or hardrock in California to any extent, Patented or Unpatented ground is almost impossible, if possible, it would cost more than the mine is worth. It's a beautiful area, plenty of history dating back to the original gold rush in California and would be fun to own. If someone does purchase it, I wish them the absolute best of success there. I'm sure if they could do something, they would eventually uncover some huge gold nuggets and maybe a rich gold lode. P.S. Would love to metal detect it, I will be your Huckleberry. 🙂 Below is a picture of me getting ready to enter the Ruby Gold Mine back in 2013. I have a ton of pictures, but most of the pictures inside the mine didn't turn out well as it was pitch black.
  15. Hey Guys, A partner and I flew out to the mine several years ago as my partner was very interested in the purchase. We got the grand tour, all day, most of the tunnels. It's a great place, tons of history and I'm sure a bunch of gold left. However, being in California, I doubt you would ever be able to work it to get that kind of return back. My partner wanted to pull the trigger, but I talked him out of it. I think it's too much money and it would take a lifetime of just poking around to even get close to making it back. Just my thoughts, probably the reason it has been on the market for over 10 years. Rob
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