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    I try not to buy mining equipment and prefer to build my own. The trommel used in my Avatar was built by me as many other items I use in the field. I built the Viper-Vac and shown others at Treasure Net how to build the Viper-Vac and have a far better product than whats being sold by others and a much reduce final cost.

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  1. Here are a few other photos of the trommel. All those holes were drilled by hand, total of 1434 holes.
  2. Hi Steve, thank you. If you decide drop me a PM if you have any questions.
  3. Some additional photos of where my quad is at. This center carbon fiber rails will support the gimbal / camera while counter balancing the forward weight with a second battery on the rear.
  4. Steve another amazing find, as you said its all about putting the coil over the target and very likely any quality VLF's would have found those nuggets, but amazingly two of your best finds have come to you in the last few months with the Nokta FORS Gold in your hands. Steve of the VLF's that you have kept in your MD lineup while deposing of others, on this particular trip why did you reach for the FORS?
  5. Steve I am in the process of building a drone now. Lots more advance than the DJI, its all carbon fiber and will have live video back to ground station. This quad will fly out to about 5 miles. and with the HD video down link the image quality will be outstanding. Two cameras will be on-board. One to show where I am flying and the second on a controllable gimbal where I can point the camera in all directions. Has a failsafe system so I flip the switch and the copter returns to the GPS cords. where it took off from and lands on its own. The quad will have 17" carbon fiber props so to cut down o
  6. Steve, this post will open Nokta's eyes. They seem willing to listen to the needs of the end user, that being those who purchase their equipment. Maybe Nokta will fly you out to Istanbul and you work with the engineers to get a chest mounted control box with all the controls, screen, earphone jack all in the correct positions.
  7. Nokta, is out to make a name for themselves and it's this type of customer care that will make Nokta rise above the others.
  8. I found the $20.00 gold piece in an old farm house in Missouri when I was back where I was born.
  9. Steve I bet you would like to find one of these,1877 Twenty Dollar Double Eagle. The coin is worth the weight in gold due to the wear on the coin. Looks to have been carried in the pocket a lot.
  10. I am set to go swing the FORS Gold this Saturday. Been a long time coming after so many obstacles from knee surgery, shoulder replacement surgery, and the passing of my father. The plan is to hit an old mining camp and hit the trashy areas and some areas Barry “Clay Diggins” has told me about. This will be the first outing with the FORS before heading up to Rich Hill sometime next month. I did go out to a local park and play with the FORS Gold to get familiarize to the controls. You can bet I will be wearing knee pads as I cannot risk shearing off the knee cap again as I did on the replaced k
  11. Sorry to hear of your problems. Call Garrett and explain your issue to them. They will pay for the return shipping and fix the problem and your MD will be back in your hands in short time. Garrett has great service as I found out on a ATX.
  12. Hi Dilek & Gene, It’s nice to see that Nokta and Kellyco are in the forums and backing up concerns of warranty service and knowing that those who purchase a Nokta MD have someone to contact in the event of service. Dilek I will be contacting you soon, life is beginning to get back to normal after my father’s passing and great news from my brother in his battle with cancer. Keith
  13. Rick the other websites may have been outside of the USA, remember it was a Google search.
  14. I have seen other websites selling the Nokia line. Can't recall who but I found them after a Google search.
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