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  1. Hey HP! Im surprised nobody has jumped on this awesome machine yet. Its virtually impossible to find these, let alone yours is in good shape and clean. I would buy yours if I already didn't have one. This drywasher can find baby powder placer gold. -SDMiner
  2. Happy I could help you out with providing that Pro Sonic for you. What a killer deal for a full set up! Good luck and maybe I will see you in the desert sometime. -Mike
  3. Bob Peterson @ San Diego Metal Detector has 3 or 4 of them. He closed his physical location down, but is selling stuff from home. Bob 619 303 7345
  4. Quit wasting your time and buy Minelab.
  5. I received the same email. Now a proud owner of a "Slow Monster 1000".
  6. Loving the new look. As always, I think Steve needs a tip jar in the drop down menu. -Mike
  7. Hey Simon. Looks like you got that machine dialed. Good looking gold and scenery. -Mike
  8. Hey Sourdough. I would reach out to Royal Mfg. here in Southern California and see if Robert the owner can make you a custom size fabric screen or order one of his existing products if it fits. The Royal Drywasher and the Gold Buddy are very similar in construction as I have owned both models. Good luck! -Mike www.royalmfgind.com https://www.royalmfgind.com/product/royal-gold-9-7-8x-21-5-8/
  9. Not the best edit....but you get my point! Hope Minelab or Steve doesn't bust my chops for having a little fun...🦧
  10. Looks like Bill and Linda's web page has come to an end....😒
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