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  1. For those of you that don't know me I recently had a severe volume spike in my tinnitus due to my 50% bilateral hearing loss. I've had the ringing for the last 10 years at a very very low tone that was only noticed if I listened for it, now it's on a whole other level. To explain the ringing, it pretty much sounds like the threshold of a GPX on full blast in your head. This weekend I tried to go swinging the Monster and GPX 5000 and found it to be very difficult to concentrate on listening to the machines as my brain was affixed to the ringing in my ears. Im hoping new hearing aids this week with a better masking tone will help. Any suggestions from anybody else who has tinnitus on what they do to enhance there detecting time to make it more enjoyable? -Mike
  2. Steve's Pick Holder is made by a company called Raine Tactical. Any military or law enforcement establishment should have them. I know Jobe Wholesale provides them for prospecting shops. Link attached. http://www.militaryuniformsupply.com/raine-hammer-holder-tool-belt
  3. I'm not much for carry bags for metal detectors but I figured it would be really nice just to throw the Gold Monster in the truck and take off instead of wrapping it up like a precious cargo to head to the desert. I found a Minelab Excalibur bag on eBay and I figured it was big enough and said what the heck and bought it. I'm pretty happy with the way it worked out. And yes that is the new Doc's Gold Monster cover and arm cuff that is the cats meow when it comes to protection for this machine.
  4. I highly recommend Doc's Carbon Fiber shaft for the GPX 5000. The stock upper aluminum shaft weighs 7.4 ounces and the Carbon Fiber shaft weighs 4.3 ounces. It doesn't sound like much difference in weight, but every little ounce shaved off counts and I also do not have an aluminum shaft above the coil causing the machine to lose sensitivity and other issues. -Mike
  5. Hard Prospector: I purchased a SDC 2300 MJD cover and a knuckle saver off eBay. Auspost was fairly quick with the knuckle plate coming from down under! And no the nugget doesnt come with it....Links below. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Miner-John-Designs-Heavy-Duty-Coil-Cover-for-the-Minelab-SDC-2300-Metal-Detector/273166309326?epid=11019977924&hash=item3f99fb17ce:g:adcAAOSwNSZa14T7:sc:USPSFirstClass!91942!US!-1 https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Knuckle-Saver-SDC-2300-Protector/332636217187?hash=item4d72a9df63:g:kdMAAOSwSelbbBfT
  6. Hey longhn! I would buy Steve's GPZ if I were you. I would love to own anything the Gold Godfather Steve has touched! P.S. Steve you selling that fresh Walco pick yet ? -Mike
  7. Radioworld in Canada is having a sale on Ebay for the Commander 15x12 Mono coils. Also Radioworld is an authorized Minelab dealer and they ship to the USA. Came out to $92.99 shipped to my door.
  8. Thanks for the comments everybody. There were a lot of high fives that day! Hardprospector knows where this place is...he's probably driven by it a 100 times!? Simon: I ran in the automatic 1 sensitivity level most of the time. I tried to run manual 10 but it is quite a bear to ground balance. Dropped it down to 7-8 and it ground balances out pretty good. Oh and did I tell you this machine has an obsession with hot rocks? I am really digging how easy it is to use. Now if Minelab would just release a transmitter that will plug into the monster and work with the Nox wireless headphones...I read one of your articles awhile back about how you used a transmitter and headphones on a Monster..did they work for you? -Mike
  9. Hit a really hard worked out area in the Mojave this last weekend. With a little know how from watching Bill Southern's videos on the Gold Monster, reading Steve Herschbach's literature on the Monster and a lot of persistence I managed to beep up some good gold! Bedrock and tailing piles were the cats meow in this situation. I also wanted to mention that I picked up an old pair of Koss TD/80's with the 1/8" inch plug and adjustable volume that work flawlessly. -Mike
  10. I purchased a Plugger Equinox 34" inch carbon fiber one piece shaft and I can say it feels a little lighter and very tight with no twist or movement. Very well made and his customer service is top notch.
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