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  1. Hello Chuck, thank you for the response. After doing some basic troubleshooting, found out that the problem occur due to water leaking into the control box from yesterday waterfall hunt, I think. I always checked the connectors before going into the water. Here is my dilemma since my awesome MX sports still under warranty; I'm on a 4 days road trip for relic hunt with secondary objectives going for freshwater hunt and have cost us around USD 200 on expenses and 9 hours away from hometown. Today is just a second day. We can't go back now, its not fair to my friends and we don't have spare metal detector too. I don't want to cancel the trip due to my faulty metal detector since we have planned this trip a long time ago. And what would I do without my beloved MX sport for another 2 days 😞. Long story short, I decided to open up the control box to dry up the circuit board and the display panel and hoping it will work (BTW I'm doing these because I'm familiar with electronics board, microelectronics). As you can see there are vapor inside the display Water droplet inside the control box I won't upload the control circuitry since its was the intellectual property of Whites and its wet. Still don't know where the water coming from but its works for now.
  2. Thank you Steve, the finds was from 17th centuries in a palm oil plantations 😩
  3. hello fellow detectorist out there, Hi from a land far far away, my maxy have problem which when i turn it off , i cant turn it back on. The only way to get it to turn on is to pull out the battery altogether. Even when its on, it will turn off randomly. The way its shut down is like something pressed the on/off button ( what im trying to say is its turn off randomly with beeps like proper shutdown. Sorry cant describe it properly since english is not native. ) I have already done the factory reset and change new batteries, but the problem are still there. Is there any way i can rectify this problem on my own, if possible. Sending back to Whites will cost me money ( which i can add a little bit more money and buy new coil 😥) and time. Thank you for your time and suggestion. Below is the findings for an hour of detecting before the problem arise 😣😣
  4. Hi guys , Tq for the reply, now it getting clearer, and what the difference between coin jewelry + salttrack on mode and beach mode, using both at beaches
  5. Hello there, After few months of heavy used at waterfall, beach and dirt, I'm happy that the MX sport didn't have crack, leakage issue . I'm still learning the language of the MX sports.. Still didn't understand about the threshold, what it use for, what does it tell me when the hum disappear in a brief of time especially at high mineralized ground like beach. And I still not confident using the relic mode, too much information its giving out for me . Thank you very much. HH
  6. Hello Shelton, I got my Maxy last week. Still testing everything out. I tried to simulate your problems, got few buttons but none of them double layer, i will try everything double layer from now. So far Maxy performs well, no tones/seperation issue, no pinpoint problem, no crack but then again I just got mine. Hope you can find the solutions for the bug u have now. HH
  7. Hi Tom, Thank you for the reply, I really hope the China distributor are aware of the MX Sports problems and not sending out wrong version. Its weird i didnt see any recent post of the mx sport reviews/comment .
  8. Hi Steve and Chuck, Thank you for the reply, In all my research to collect the good, the bad and the ugly of the MX sports, I followed your journey and Steve comment/review? on MX Sports very closely. At first its was 50-50 decision on to buy or not to buy the MX sports until chuck was satisfied with his MX Sport performance. Ill be contacting White to see either they doing international shipping and other things that need to be address before purchase. Thank you again HH to all
  9. Hi there, new member here , First off all, English is not my 1st language, learnt it through online gaming and professor google translator. OK I'm from Malaysia and I would like to buy the MX sports. After doing some research, its seems that the detector has some problem that need to be rectify via sending back to factory. This will be a problem for me if I needed to send the detector back to US, money and time wise. I read from various, sites and forum that some of the detectors are going great but some or not due to the software and crack issues. In other word, Is there any guarantee that I will get the latest version of the detector if I buy now or should I wait? Hope forumers understand on what I'm talking about. I try to explain more as best as I could if needed. Thank you in advance. HH to all
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