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  1. A solid 10 ID, 8gram.. its gold.. something to do with the handphone camera that doesn't show right colour .. Its not mine but a friend found it with manticore.. when I'm getting tired of aluminium I remind myself about his find 😁..
  2. Much worse feeling at the beach man where everybody use bigger coil like 11' 15' and 17' and when I look the beach as far as the eyes can see makes me wonder why the heck I'm using m8 lol.. but I use m8 mainly because of necklaces hunt same like @okara gold .. would love to know your opinion on m8 at the beach later on..
  3. I also dug them all the time as long as its solid and not broad... As I learnt from this forum that these kind of signals were out of discriminations range but still within the detection limit
  4. I'm contemplating to run normal or overdrive to settle for future hunts since I cant find a target yet that lower sensitivity (22-24) cant detect and I tested a lot of targets until my button worn out like this.. lol Open hoop below were found in dry sand around 5' to 7' where I'm using m8 with 25-27 sensitivity.. the lowest sensitivity it can detect was 20.. so I wonder if the same scenario will happen if I'm using overdrive but until now its not happening to me.. I guess I will stay on overdrive for now and see what happen
  5. whelp.. I guess I'm hoping too much.. I figured with all the software/signal processing advancement that the machine maybe can 'separate/suppressed' maybe not much as long as can distinguish the good/whisper target signals even in those noises and possibly can get a little bit deeper too in overdrive and its worth to diving in. I also don't mind the erratic targets ID if its gives other advantage.. the closest I can get is using enhanced mode in overdrive but I guess its still not worth it as @Tony concluded in his other post
  6. Did you check what the lowest sensitivity it can detect? I'm asking because I did check on many targets for normal vs overdrive sensitivity.. To me the overdrive just makes the target sound louder + with ear fatique + eratics tones/target ID.. Im wondering if its worth of something that I didn't know of yet that I'll pass up if I didn't use the overdrive.. at the beach with m8 I can run with sensitivity 27 with manageable/acceptable noises just because... how to say .. better safe than sorry?
  7. I dont know if I correctly titled this post.. maybe "Tame vs Unleash"? 😄Would love to know your experiences in findings/targets dug between these 2.. are they any performance advantages between overdrive vs normal? .. lets say sensitivity of 18 to 24 vs 25 to 29 usimg the same recovery speed, modes and other settings at the beach or in land except in iron sites which for me have no choice to reduce the sensitivity accordingly and not in high mineralised soil.. If you using overdrive.. do you think that maybe some of the targets cant be detected or dug using normal sensitivity? Of course wihen using overdrive .. it needed more mental discriminations, posibility lof losimg whisper targets etc.. Would you say you finds more with overdrive than normal? p/s: I think "unleash" also is not proper word for increasing sensitivity alone.. for me Unleashing is about opening up ferrous limit too
  8. I don't know how I can ran sensitivity that high without too much noise maybe it has something to do with beach conditions on that day.. every other days on average I can run with max sensitivity of 27 without too much ear fatigue but I didn't. If I'm using m11 my max sensitivity will be at 25, m8 my max sensitivity is 27.. That is were I'm at now .. still learning and maybe in the future I can run much higher sensitivity (I dont know what it will reveal with much higher sensitivity because sensitivity of 22 can hear targets that sensitivity of 27 heard just fine) once I master the Manticore sound/language.. If not that's ok too,, I am perfectly happy with where I am now.. I agree with @abenson and others, to run low on the sensitivity especially to new users. Once you cranked up the sensitivity too high the 'language' and nuances will be a lost.. You could run sensitivity of 28 or 30.. just note that you entering the 'noise and falsing' area in finding a good target response not to mention the tiny/small good target sound may be lost too within all those noises/falsing and target ID/ good target tones degrading as abenson pointed out, If you are not familiar with how very high sensitivity noises and falsing sounds like, you inviting problems.. ferrous limit area in 2d screen will become 'ground and ferrous' area... and for me I'm still not seeing the advantages on running very very hot yet.. I mean why running hot if the performance is almost the same like running tame?.. or little bit hot.. I for one are very thankful to this forum and every experienced detectorist that are willing to teach, give out valuable information's and remarks about metal detecting in general. Heck even proper/slower swing speed I learnt from this website/forum
  9. I usw this one replacing my Cat s60. https://www.amazon.com/Ulefone-Power-Armor-18T-Ultra/dp/B0CMHRCWGV?th=1 . It uses flir Lepton 3.5 with 160x120 resolutions. Some pictures of Mantiocre turn on idle on AT High Conductor after 30 minutes.. looks like the battery doesn't generate heat. I guess the heat at the handle and the arm cuff comes from my hand and arm accumulated from 3 hours hunt before I took the earlier pictures
  10. yes.. took the picture after I smoke a cigarette maybe after 2 minutes? don't know if the heat from my hand gripped on the handle dissipated after 2 minutes though.. anyway its a normal operating temperature .. not even hot even though its shows the highest hotspot..
  11. I dont know if this help anybody.. took these picture after digging 20 + pulltab due to stress.. haha.. sigh... Maybe the heat at the handle were the heat transfered from my hand.. lol
  12. I am torn... I mean I want to make the m8 as my main coil for everything and left m11 at home but the m11 has the depth advantage on rings/coin size target.. I'm ok with m8 doesn't have the coverage advantage than the m11.. the m8 is more fun to use..
  13. Yeah... I can hear the target falling deeper and deeper through the tones from sounding good to whisper to nothing at all and its freak me out.. lol..
  14. As for me the m8 is a great coil for learning the language/behaviour and the best marriage 😁 of hardware between manticore and the ground. With m8 the ground noise and falsing is much more distinctive and clear than the m11 coil. I can "harness" Manticore full power/potential with the m8 much more than the m11. On the beach my sweet setting are between 25-27 sensitivity with recovery speed of 3 and in iron relics site which I only want to hear ferrous and non ferrous with no or minimal falsing i usually end up with sensitivity of 20-22 recovery speed of 5
  15. What @cuniagau said.. for me coming from equinox 800.. don't treat it like an equinox .. its a different beast, different language, different pixel.. changing setting like an equinox without knowing how the manticore response was a disaster.. at least for me lol.. Your 25 years of detecting experienced should be no problem to tame da beast me think . Happy hunting on whatever machine you decide to use 🙂 If you want to watch Manticore on youtube.. I suggest "Metal detecting oregon and beyond" channel.. His 1 year journey transitions from e trac to Manticore.. the hate.. the love.. etc..
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