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  1. yeah especially coin with ferrous core I think its better not to use stabilizer
  2. well I guess the coil is still unavailable anywhere 🙄 ...
  3. Ground mineralization's meter update? 😆
  4. Hello Bob, welcome to the forum.. what kind of noise? EMI? Ground noise? .. The manicure is a very powerful detector aka sparky detector aka prone to falsing detector. For me I'll isolate the problem first before doing anything else. In your case I will try to find what cause the noise and tame it first before moving to decipher what the machine tell me. For EMI noises - Long press noise cancel until its settle on a channel. Let the machine choose which channel to use. Make sure to keep the coil away from the ground (for me I scare the ground noise/targets could maybe imitates EMI somehow lol and confuse the machine in choosing the cleanest channel on that day on that time). Lower sensitivity if still noisy. After EMI noise eliminated only then I move to tackle ground noise..
  5. I am jelly... no news here too (asia)
  6. 4 x 2.5.. wow does the electronics can even fit in a coil that small? second this 😁
  7. Where do the clad resides on the 2d screen on air test? The good thing about manticore is I can modified the ferrous limit as custom as I want, assuming your ferrous clad is not on the center line... Its not 100% working as intended due to soil, masking etc.. same goes to bbq grill netting.. I can open up or close the ferrous limit on where the trace resides for that particular target Short pressed or long pressed noise cancel?
  8. I'll pass 9" round DD coil too in favor the m8 mainly because of water/stream hunting and I can only choose one. I promised myself I will buy manticore accessories with its find only lol... I have no problems with the EMI anymore since I use the machine. I have 2 relics site that close to cell tower which gave problems when running high sensitivity on other machines.. with the Manticore I can retrieve targets from another/deeper layer and that alone makes me very happy with the Manticore
  9. I'm bored at work, I stumbled upon this on youtube. I dont know man... Already set for the m8 when it become available.. Guess have to wait for confirmations from Minelab regarding the fourth coil.. concentric 9' coil maybe? If I have the option to choose between m8 and the "coil coming soon that is great for sites that have loads of small iron targets", I will choose the latter 😁.
  10. I'm at a point where I'm comfortable with the Manticore in iron. Now I can use AT general with upper 7 and below 2 using the old software in iron. I think I'm on the next stage of knowing the Manticore which is distinguishing bad iffy signal vs good iffy signal. Would love to know your method and experienced regarding this. Thank you in advance
  11. I'm using 5 regions all tones all metal for all my hunting (land and beaches has different tones for low conductor), I'm trying to get the continuity?/logical sounds? for iron tones/pitches and very low non ferrous tones that makes sense to me. As in the picture below: T1 volume at 10, t2 Start at 3 with pitch at 15, t4 end at 97 with pitch 50 and t5 linear pitch of 50 for 98-99 TID. it gives me more obvious tonal nuances for what is in the ground. As for bottlecap, If I have to investigate, I will circle around the target looking for the S shape from top ferrous to bottom ferrous and also using the wiggle method for bottle caps (This method would not work if I cant find clean ground under the coil and not all bottlecaps react the same). All these wont work all the time. I still dug the freaking bottle caps and I'm ok with that. As for me, I always stick to the rules if not sure, just dig it and move on.
  12. I wonder what can the 15 inch coil can gain apart from better coverage. I mean the 11 inch coil on Manticore obviously has max out the depth it can detect and its not even need very high sensitivity setting to achieve that, at least in my experience and soil with possibly insanely high price.. I don't know if its worth it. Since Manticore is awesome in EMI handling, I'm curious if it does makes any difference which for me when I used the 15 inch coil on the equinox, I didn't get any advantage over the 11 inch coil mostly because of the EMI limitation.
  13. Off topic a bit.. does anyone know where can I find the outer shell for minelab profind 35? the Power button is hard to press and now its become. Called Minelab distributor here, they said Minelab doesn't sell the spare part for pinpointer
  14. It will react to the ground.. This is what I learn so far and in progress regarding sensitivity on my ground: 18-22 If I want to hunt pleasantly with Manticore tonal language experience and stable ID 23 to 25 the language get distorted kinda and the ID still can be use as reference 26 to 29 back to basic dig or no dig tonally and just to check if something down there or not. Manticore tonal language will be thrown out of the windows when I use this setting.. lol
  15. I hope Minelab makes an exception for the Manticore. Its a usd 1500 detector and as @Yatahaze323pointed out a usd 250 detector has one. I feel the mineralization's meter will be very helpful tools to determine quick initial/rough setting to get the maximum performance, but then again what do I know.. lol. Yesterday I'm on a site of which within 25m radius I get 3 different GB reading of 2, 10 and 42. I don't know what kind of mineralization's are but I do test at 1 spot I can only detect 7' deep and the other 2 spot around 10' to 14' by using AT General. The site were in palm oil plantation near a river with clay soil. At all these spot the deep targets cant be detected using below 21 sensitivity. This coin in particular were found at 10' ish, The lowest setting it can detect ( with no ID, no trace just very faint whisper sound ) is sensitivity 22 with recovery of 4, using recovery of 6 the target disappear. The 'ok' setting that still has the Manticore tonal language is sensitivity of 24 with recovery speed of 4. The good the basic 'dig me' tonal setting for me is sensitivity 27 with recovery speed of 5. I'm for one is happy with the Manticore 35 sensitivity range is available to me. It is very helpful to check very deep targets. It is a tin coin leaching for 300 years in the ground. I didn't use any other modes to check.
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